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61. Good Web Sites
rr/record/Soniccont.html Library of Congressfamous, some not us.html Flags of United States of America http//history http// This is a great
Good Web Sites
Sumter School District 17
Sumter High School SciWay (SC Site) Careers Citing References Clip_ Art/Pictures/Sounds Colleges/Tech/Universites ... Teacher Sites Careers
Internet Public Library

Berea High World Wide Web Subject Catalog

S.C. Employment Security Commission

Labor Market Information

Occupational Network is designed as a free tool to help high school students select a major by engaging them in a brief interview about their achievements, values and interests. Return to top of page. Clip Art/Pictures/Sounds Thousands of clip art sites. Hundreds of clip art Web sites General collection of clip art-go to and click on "C" and scroll down to clip art Click on the second folder and then search for pictures

62. Lukol Directory - Society History By Region North America United States
Museum of American history include famous, unusual, and http// onone individualized questions about American history for

Lukol Directory -
Society History By Region ... America's Story
Presented by the Library of Congress, a site with information about American people and historical events, and each of its states.
American Memory

Primary source and archival materials relating to American culture and history from the Library of Congress, as part of the National Digital Library. Research tools, educational resources, and related LOC collections provided.
The History Place

Informative website focussing on American history from the Colonial period to present-day. Many on-line exhibits include timelines, photographs and famous speeches.
USA 1840-1960
Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia, about the history of the United States, but from Britain. Today in History Each day, an event from American history is illustrated by digitized items from the Library of Congress American Memory historic collections.

4. Read some of Ben Franklin s famous sayings from Poor Richard s Almanac. BCP DRAFT hist 3. Second Grade American Civilization - Lesson 1 - The Constitution.
Baltimore Curriculum Project Draft Lessons Introductory Notes These lessons generally follow the grade-by-grade topics in the Core Knowledge Sequence, but they have been developed independent of the Core Knowledge Foundation. While the Core Knowledge Foundation encourages the development and sharing of lessons based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, it does not endorse any one set of lesson plans as the best or only way that the knowledge in the Sequence should be taught. You may feel free to download and distribute these lessons, but please note that they are currently in DRAFT form. At this time the draft lessons on this web site do NOT have accompanying graphics, such as maps or cut-out patterns. Graphics will be added to this site later. In participating BCP schools, these lessons are used in conjunction with the Direct Instruction skills programs in reading, language, and math. If you use or adapt these lessons, keep in mind that they are meant to address content and the application of skills. You will need to use other materials to ensure that children master skills in reading, language, and math. Second Grade - American Civilization - Overview
The concepts of the Constitution and the resulting government of the United States can be difficult for young children. An attempt was made to simplify the events and outcomes of the First Constitutional Convention. As you read over the following lessons you may wish to add activities to your study or simply use them in a bare bones fashion. The essential elements that your students should take away are:

64. History Hotline - American History, World History, The Past, Historical Document
Documents http// Major historical The American symbol, its contains links to three types of famous letters
American history was built on a chronological record of significant events, each event having a cause and subsequent effect on another event. Historical events are presented in history as being tangible, being tied to a date, or an exact happening. Offers 16th 17th, 18th and 19th century European and American history including from Native Americans thru African American Slavery, the Americans Revolution and all of America's Wars up until the present time. American History American West Amistad Ancient Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Ancient Japan Archives Barbarians Byzantine Empire Historical Documents ... Quotes Renaissance Roman Empire Timelines The 20th Century The United States of America Chronology ... US Vice Presidents Vikings Wonders of the World 7 Wonders of the World Veterans Abraham Lincoln Election 2004: Presidential Candidates We Must Choose One!

65. History Hotline - Window To The World
Calendar Teacher Gerald McDaniel presents famous people in on American history containing outlines of American history
History Hotline A Window to the World
1492: An Ongoing Voyage - Examines the first sustained contacts between
American people and European explorers, conquerors and settlers from 1492 to

20th: The Passing of a Century - Explore the past 100 years of events,
trends, discovery, milestones, people and society on this excellent 20th
century history site covering politics, media, war, transport, science,
leaders, art...

about European, US, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Military
History, and much more. Anatomy of a Murder - A trip through our nation's Justice System. AP Euro Homepage - This is a site designed to help AP European History students. This site offers research links and other information realtive to Advanced Placement European History.

66. Team 7E -Social Studies
Biographies of famous People From the Revolutionary War. Popular Songs in American history.
Team 7E -Social Studies Mr. Germani's Homepage Updated: (6/4/04) Assignment Name/Number Comments on this assignment Due Date Bull Run Writing Assignment Friday, June 11th ANNOUNCEMENT : On Wednesday, June 23rd, we will have a "DBQ Experience"... Details discussed in class Contact Information Robert E. Bell Middle School 50 Senter Street, Chappaqua, NY 10514 Newsflash Guidelines Newsflash Web Links (...if you found any sites I should add to this list, let me know.) 1. Newsflash assignments are due every other Friday 2. Use current articles (no more than 1 month old...see me if you want to use an older one) 3. Avoid articles about sports or entertainment 4. Articles can be local, national, or global 5. Use a variety of sources during the year 6. Find your own articles 7. You will be sharing your articles with your classmates...choose articles that you find interesting, important, or controversial-these will increase they quality of your "News talk". h ttp ://

67. [famous Explorers]
One of the most famous events in American history was inhabited by groups of American Indians, people of dos Guarani Projeto de Informatizao - hist?rico-d



#1 Search:
moving supplies

for: "famous explorers"

    Research Famous Explorers at Questia

    Questia online library offers more than 400,000 books, journals and articles. Subscribe for complete books, automatic bibliography tools, thousands of research topics, and more.
    Famous Alumni

    THE OFFICIAL HERTFORD COLLEGE ALUMNI HOMEPAGE: This is the official site of Hertford College Alumni Calendar Tiger Year of the Tiger Tigers are said to be bold and adventurous, and are bestowed with initiative and charm. However, they have a tendency to be risk takers, making them act before they think about the consequences. They tend to make good bosses, explorers or racing drivers. Murray Cards - Cigarette cards, Trading cards, Sports cards Murray cards are the world's largest dealers in cigarette and trade cards. A stock of over 25,000,000 items caters for all interests. Space Forum: About Us Space Forum is a web site created to give you the chance to air your views about what should be happening in space. We do have other pages about the Planets, the Galaxies and the Universe, but these are not the most important thing about the Space Forum web site. The most important things are your

68. Curriculum
Primary source material from 18th Century America. has a searchable index of biographies of famous figures throughout http//

69. Starke County Public Library
Society, this site provides biographies on famous Hoosiers, Indiana web site from the Library of Congress American Memory project http//
Starke County Public Library SCPL Home Hours and Locations Links to Selected
Web Sites
... My Account Library Services

Readers' Advisory


... Computer Services About the Library
Our Mission

Director and Staff

Library Board

... Your Library Card Library Locations
Schricker - Main
Hamlet Koontz Lake San Pierre ... Friends of the Library Web Site Subject Catalog Business Government Local Information Search Tools ... Science Business Hoover's Online Business and industry information. Consumer Price Index All kinds of information on the CPI from the U.S. Department of Labor. Financial Calculators All kinds of financial calculators from the Motley Fool to help calculate loans, investments, and personal budgets. To The Top Colleges/Financial Aid FAFSA on the Web Free Application for Federal Student aid.

70. Hot List For Social Studies
Ages http// The American Revolution (The history Place); Major It includes Facts, Geography, history, famous Virginians in
M r. M c A uley
G arden C ity H igh S chool Home AP US US History 11/11R Power Pt. Presentations ... NYS Standards Teacher Links General Global History US History
General Links
Search Engines Social Studies Regents Review General History ... Current Events/News
Search Engines
Alta Vista Advanced Query
Back to Top
Social Studies Back to Top Regents Review

71. :: Ez2Find :: United States
URL http//; Early of diverse objects from the National Museum of American history include famous, unusual, and
Guide : United States Global Metasearch
Any Language English Afrikaans Arabic Bahasa Melayu Belarusian Bulgarian Catala Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Cymraeg Czech Dansk Deutsch Eesti Espanol Euskara Faroese Francais Frysk Galego Greek Hebrew Hrvatski Indonesia Islenska Italiano Japanese Korean Latvian Lietuviu Lingua Latina Magyar Netherlands Norsk Polska Portugues Romana Russian Shqip Slovensko Slovensky Srpski Suomi Svenska Thai Turkce Ukrainian Vietnamese Mode
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ez2Find Home Directory Society History ... North America : United States African-American Archaeology Archives By State ... Women Related Categories Kids and Teens: School Time: Social Studies: History: By Region: North America: United States Recreation: Living History: By Historical Region: North America: United States Reference: Archives: Regional: United States Regional: North America: United States ... Society: Issues: Terrorism
Web Sites

72. USA History
http// Speech Archives 80 years of Great American Speeches at Politics Out Loud - Web Site of famous speeches and
USA History Resources on the Internet Miscellaneous Colonial USA History Revolutionary Era History Web Sites With Links ... Timelines History Web Sites With Link Best of the History Web Sites - Large site which categorizes history web sites. Very good place to begin. History Matters: The US Survey on the Web - Web gateway linking hundreds of web sites related to USA history. Check this one out. Mr. Jenkins History Links This history research links site is designed for high school and college students in order to limit the endless search for quality academic historical research material. Striving to be the most comprehensive history research links site on the web, it is constantly upgraded for easy use and quality reference material. The New York Times Learning Network.. - Web Site maintained by NY Times On Line, World Affairs and Current Events seems to be a strong focus. EDSITEMENT - National Center For The Humanities - Excellent Site For USA History Topics America - Visit America - Entertaining Site From The Library of Congress Historical Travel - History Travel site, explore historic sites across America. History Happenings - History and History Homework Help Site - Four Sections of history, ancient, medieval, modern and USA history.

73. Teacher Res.
profit organization dedicated to working with American teachers to http// guess who said a variety of famous quotes.
Teacher Resources What do you want to use technology for? - University of Michigan Site To help you answer this question, we've outlined some teaching/learning activities below that are used across the disciplines and tried to suggest through examples from the Web how each might utilize a certain kind of technology or a combination of different technologies to accomplish specific learning objectives. Each example represents a different discipline, and there are over 40 disciplines represented in the examples. Each example is associated with one or more interactive tool, and information about each kind of technology—what it is and how to use it—appears in the technologies section. - Online Site For helping teachers integrate technologies in the curriculum. Site has a variety of useful links. - Online Site for helping teachers integrate technology into the curriculum. Teaching history with technology - North Carolina school site. Teacher Created Materials - Links to web sites useful for teachers, including lesson plans, special education sites, government data sources, major newspapers. ERIC Site - Education Resources Information Center - Site is loaded with all kinds of resources and suggestions for educators.

74. Reciprocal Links
famous Women from history Feminist Foremothers. hist 410/510 Gender history Declaration of Sentiments and HIS/WSP302 Women in American history Homepage.
Sunshine for Women
Reciprocal Links I thought you might enjoy finding out what sorts of people link to Sunshine for Women. I was really surprised at the variety of interests exhibited by my "fans".
  • 7th Grade - Social Studies
    Women in WW II
  • 17th Century
    Margaret Lucas Cavendish
    Rachel Speght
  • 19th Century American Writers
    Grimke, Sarah Moore, 1792-1873, Letters on the Equality of the Sexes, and the Condition of Woman, Addressed to Mary S. Parker
  • Timeline
    Marie de Gournay
  • Timeline
    Sarah Grimke, Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women
  • Charter of NOW or here by Professor Cunnea of the Academic Assistance Center at America Online
    1876 Declaration of Rights and
  • ABC's of Gender and Technology
    Biographical Dictionary about Women and Pro-Feminist Men
  • A. P. Giannini Middle School, San Francisco Unified School District
    Gage's Links Page
    Gage Page
  • About WWII: Women in the Military
    Women in WW II
  • About Genesis
    Christine de Pizan
  • English Culture France
      Olympe de Gouges
  • 75. Milpitas Unified School District-Teacher Resources
    Exploration http// famous Birthdays - http// Flags of the United States of America - http//www

    Catagories English/Reading Internet/Computer Info. Science Social Studies ... Homework Help English/Reading Aaron Shepard's RT Page - About the Literature Web Guide - Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By - Bartleby Library: Great Books Online - Candlelight Stories - Children's Stories - Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide - Encyclopedia Mythica: Home - English language lessons. Instant Lessons - Guide to Grammar and Writing - Inkspot: Writing Resource, Writers' Community - Jan Brett's Home Page-books/authors - Just For Kids Who Love Books -

    76. Links For 2a. Italian Reunification [Beyond Books - Modern European History]
    Visit http// of Garibaldi from his youth in South America to his html Verdi was one of the most famous and prolific
    Hello, GUEST
    Log in

    Click on pictures to visit websites.
    Garibaldi and his volunteers
    Giuseppe Mazzini
    Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
    Vatican City
    Search BB Program Contents Page Modern European History [Introduction] 1. Conservatism and Liberalism After Napoleon 1a. The Congress of Vienna 1b. Metternich's Vision: The Concert of Europe 1c. The Liberal Reaction 1d. The Revolutions of 1848 2. Nationalism and Unification 2a. Italian Reunification 2b. German Unification: The Age of Bismarck 2c. French Nationalism: Making Peasants into Citizens 2d. The Austro-Hungarian Empire 2e. The Russian Empire under Alexander II 3. Industrialization and Industrial Society 3a. The Industrial Revolution: 18th century Britain 3b. Advances in Science and Industry 3c. The Social Costs of Industrialization 3d. Marxism and Socialism 4. The New Imperialism 4a. The British Empire: Jewels in the Crown 4b. The Scramble for Africa 4c. The Heart of Darkness 4d. East Meets West: Opium Wars, Open Doors, and Boxers 4e. Darwinism and Its Social Implications

    77. Jewish Studies Undergraduate Offerings - Fall 2003
    The famous discoveries (inscriptions, architecture) and important sites Samuel Heilman, Portrait of American Jews Last Half MAX 100 (50 JS, 40 REL, 10 hist).
    The Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies Undergraduate Courses Fall 2003 JS 190-01P: Freshman Seminar: Current Issues in Israeli Politics and Society (same as MES 190-01P) Hary , TTh, 2:30-3:45, MAX: 18 (5 JS, 13 MES) Course Description: Israel has been facing continuous turmoil in the last two years. This situation has caused rapid changes in Israeli politics and society. This course examines in depth current issues facing Israeli society from the center to the margin. Topics range from divisions in Israeli society, consensus in the society, Arabs in Israel, Mizrahim in Israeli society, the Arab/Israeli conflict, foreign workers in Tel Aviv, women in Israel, current state and local politics, and more. Students will read scholarly materials but will also regularly read printed Israeli press in English and will keep a journal. Classes will be devoted to specific topics, however, current issues will be dealt with regularly. Class discussions are the main mode of instruction. Texts:
    • The Second Republic: Politics in Israel , Asher Arian;

    78. All
    K12 Resources Primary Sources US hist Library of Washingtonians THINGS TO DO WASHINGTON famous PEOPLE Murray s All America Reads Lit Circle pdf Literature
    Return to library web page
    All Subjects
    Ancient Civilizations
    Ancient Egypt, Africa
    Mali Empire and Djenne Figures Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Egyptian Pyramid Wild Egypt - The Nile Adventure Egypt: Gods of Ancient Egypt Main Menu ... Egypt: Animals and the Gods of Ancient Egypt
    Ancient China
    The Road to Ancient China
    Ancient Greece
    The Ancient Olympics The Ancient Greeks - the Athenians of Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece Project TOC
    Ancient India
    Ancient Japan
    A Witness to History/REKIHAKU 121 Japanese Chronological Table Astronomy Sites in Kyoto
    Ancient Rome
    All Ancient
    Ancient Culture Links World and Ancient History from Discovery MacTutor History of Mathematics The Ancient World Web ... Civilizations in America
    Arab/Islamic Studies
    Gods and Goddesses Islam Al-Islam Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East ... Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
    Art and Artists
    WebMuseum: Famous Artworks exhibition - Research Library - Artist Biographies Artcyclopedia: Browse Artists Alphabetically by Name ART HISTORY RESOURCES ON THE WEB: Contents ... Arts
    Your Sky APOD: 2002 January 31 - EUVE Sky Map Cernan Center: The Current Sky Windows to the Universe ... Views of the Solar System
    The Academy of American Poets - Home The Newbery Medal - Biographies and Reviews at Embracing The Child
    Carnivorous Plants- Bremson
    The Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) The Carnivorous Plant FAQ California Carnivores

    79. American Date History Important In
    http//, who became famous the world over on this date Question 10 May 5, 1961 Name the American
    The World's Largest Dating-Related Link Directory! Affiliate Program Advertising HOME
    On This Date in North American Indian History by Phil Konstantin
    This Day In North American Indian History By Phil Konstantin in North American Indian History" IT IS NOW of my book in the USA look at the important events in of North American Indian history, culture over 4,000 important events involving North America in a unique This Week in North American Indian History." The "Dates an exact date. This page The Avalon Project : Chronology of American History Project at Yale Law School American History : A Documentary Record 1492 of the Settlers at Exeter in New Hampshire, August 4 Province of West New-Jersey, in America; November 25 1682 Province of East New Jersey in America 1683 - The King On This Date in North American Indian Historys Link of the ... He has included pictures and excerpts from important documents of the time. Go To On This Date in North American Indian History Main Page Go To

    80. Date History World
    in history, the national shaped fort is world famous as the Did you ever taste Beer Beer in America Recent history http//,
    The World's Largest Dating-Related Link Directory! Affiliate Program Advertising HOME
    This Date in Baseball History- October 26
    Features Fluttering With History A Tribute to Hoyt Excerpt Select a Date January February This Day in Baseball History - October 26 "Don in Game 6 of the World Series. Jorge Orta Marlins their first World Series title with contract in major league history when he agrees to History Channel The History Channel The History Channel The History Channel History... Channel - This Day in History Choose a date and category below Vietnam War Wall St. World War II Send a History Greeting! ADVERTISEMENT Enlightening the World," the statue was Channel, The History Channel®, and The History Channel Classroom World War I Never in the history of mankind had the world witnessed such Never in the history of the world had mankind of the First World War.On the Fire Warfare A brief history of trench warfare have shaped world history. Learn about

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