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41. Issues: Perspectives (February 2000): Commercial Publisher Web Sites For U.S. Hi
in American history and over 50 biographies of famous americans. from Jim Kapoun at the American Library Association Available from http//
l From the History, Information Science, and Technology column in the February 2000 Perspectives
Commercial Publisher Web Sites for U.S. History Surveys
By J. Patrick McCarthy To integrate technology effectively into your teaching, use it first as a tool to improve and possibly complement what you already do. The Internet and course web sites offer many teaching possibilities and options that generally fall into one of two categories: use the Web as a multimedia coursepack or as an interactive teaching tool. Traditional coursepacks and print readers rely heavily upon primary texts and occasionally include images of other historical sources. By using the web, one can customize a digital coursepack that includes a syllabus, texts, maps, images, audio, video, and other web sites. Students are able to view and print from the site, and it is an excellent way to store and organize digital presentations, which one can modify throughout the term. Using the web in this way is a natural extension of using primary source readers, coursepacks, and photocopies for assignments or showing transparencies, slides, and videoclips in the classroom. As an interactive teaching tool, a course web site via the Internet offers a different set of options. Just as e-mail has changed how we communicate, online features such as class bulletin boards, chat rooms that offer real-time communication, online recordkeeping and grade posting, and the submission and posting of assignments facilitate student-instructor and student-student interaction. In a range from supplementing traditional courses to forming the bases of online classes, these technological choices should initially assist and augment teaching processes already in place, rather than radically alter them. Once you first comfortably and proficiently integrate technology into current teaching, you will readily discover and create new ways to teach with it.

42. TIF B Seminar Web Sites - February 1999
of the Internet Web Andenberg hist of Internet Biographies ** American Founder Biog For biographies of some famous composers **
TIF - B seminar web sites PBS Online quiz PBS Online Librarians portrayed on stage and screen Librarians in Movies Tools for Librarians Librarian tools - (dead link 18 Feb 1999) Metadata Information Day - OCLC Metadata info day - (dead link 18 Feb 1999) The Special Librarians Association Special Library Assn. Council on Library Resources Council on Libr. Resources 9'h WWW Users Survey. (May, 1998) www users survey 5 1998 Reference Sources on the Internet (American Society of Indexers) Amer. Soc. of Indexers Digital Librarian Digital Librarian - not fingers Ready Reference Using the Internet K12 kids reference on Internet Site of College Courses Online New promises - college on internet (was

43. Homework Center - Explorers - Alphabetical List
The Multnomah County Library homework Center organizes over 3500 carefully reviewed K12 education and homework help resources for students, teachers, media specialists, and librarians. Detailed
School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! ... Tareas Escolares
Alphabetical List of Explorers:
A B C D ...
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Explorers are listed alphabetically, last name first.
[Alexander the Great]
Alexander the Great
Detailed information about the famous leader of Greece in the fourth century BC.
[Alexander the Great]
Alexander the Great
More information on Alexander, including real audio pronunciations of Greek words.
[Amundsen, Roald]
The Life of Roald Amundsen
Biography of Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole, from the Internet site, "ODIN," produced for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Norway].
[Armstrong, Neil]
Neil Armstrong
Learn about astronaut Neil Armstrong and watch a movie of man's first steps on the moon!
[Astor, John Jacob]
Astor's Beechwood
The Web site for the Astors' historic home in Rhode Island includes biographies of the family. This link takes you directly to the History page.

44. Mid Hudson Library System - Lifelines - Social Sciences - American History
org/expo/1492.exhibit/Intro.html); famous American Trials An (http//; The Underground and Web sites dealing with American history from the
Homework help resources for grades 5 - 12 Arts Biographies Economics Foreign Languages ... Sports More help: Other Homework Help Sites College Search K - 4 Home 5 -12 Home ... About Lifelines Lifelines was chosen by School Library Journal as the Site of the Month in the October 2002 issue. Lifelines is a project by:
Dutchess County BOCES
and Mid-Hudson Library System
Poughkeepsie, NY
Social Studies - American History Great Web Sites
  • Today in History
    From the American Library of Congress.
    ( America's Story
    Biography, politics, culture, sports, trivia - if it relates to American history, you'll find it here.
    ( The American Experience
    Here you'll be able to search an archive of PBS broadcasts about American history and culture through the ages. Download them to your computer and listen to history.

45. The Age Of Exploration
among European powers for control of North America. famous Hispanics Balboa http// http//
The Age of Exploration Goal : Students will trace the routes and evaluate early explorations of the Americas, in terms of:
  • The motivations, obstacles, and accomplishments of sponsors and leaders of key expeditions from Spain, France, Portugal and England The political, economic, and social impact on the American Indians The economic, ideological, religious, and nationalist forces that led to competition among European powers for control of North America
Student Produced Web Pages on Explorers Balboa WebChron/Americas/Balboa.html Famous Hispanics: Balboa html John and Sebastian Cabot 03126d.htm John Cabot's Voyage of 1498 cabot1498.html The Voyages of Jacques Cartier Cartier Samuel de Champlain

46. Web Sites For Physics Focuses Pictures of famous Physicists http// American Physical Society http// Includes
Physics Resources on the Internet General Sites Electronic Texts and Tutorials Formulas and Standards History of Physics ... Meteorology GENERAL SITES Eric Weisstein’s World of Physics

C ompiled by physicist and astronomer Eric Weisstein. Includes physics terms and concepts. Definitions vary in length, with longer entries often including illustrations and formulas, hyperlinks, related terms, and references. User can search site either alphabetically or by keyword. Physics Central

Site sponsored by the American Physical Society. Their stated aim with this site is to "answer...questions on how things work and keep [the user] informed with daily updates on physics in the news." They also state their intention is to "describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and...where to got for [more information] on the web." Physics 2000

An innovative and award-winning site from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Consists of a series of interactive appelets that explain and demonstrate basic physics concepts in an easy and fun way. Many demonstrations link to information for the more advanced student. (Click on the atomic table to pull up one of the best presentation of the table on the internet!) Available in English, Spanish, and German. PhysicsWeb

47. American History
First Ladies of the United States of America http//www2.whitehouse The official web site of this famous theater. Me Death http//



What is
We offer a place for students to access their teacher's website, pick up their assignments and link to great homework help. American History Documents From the Continental Congress
This site includes the documents of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention. Documents of Early Texas
This site has a comprehensive history of Texas including its early documents. Donner Online This site allows you to paste historical information, images and insights from the Internet into a multimedia scrapbook. Edison, Thomas Alva - At this site read all about Thomas Edison and his patents. Electronic Ellis Island This is a great site where kids share information about immigrating to the United States. Plus how they celebrate different holidays in their culture. Federalist Papers

48. Children's Page -- Beaufort County (SC) Public Library System
Name history Names (htttp// and Quick access to color reproductions of famous paintings American Psychological Association
Beaufort, SC Beaufort County Public Library Children's
Services Select a resource: Staff

Telephone Numbers

Children's and Family
Homework Sites

on the Internet
Internet Sites

Just for Fun!
Checking Out

Children's Books
Service Statement Homework Center (Grades 6-12) at Downtown Beaufort Location only Children's and Family Events at Beaufort Lobeco St. Helena Island Hilton Head Island ... Bluffton Choose your nearest library location: Click here for news and schedules for the " Step to the Beat Read !" Summer Reading Program!

49. Links
http// Germany, Italy, Axis Powers, Germany Takes Over Europe, America Gets Involved, America Goes to War, The famous Documents. Web PagesE/


Native Americans

Age of Exploration
Colonial Times
The American Revolutionary War
Click on this symbol to go to the top of the page. Native Americans Smithsonian Institute: Native American History and Culture First Nations Histories (history of all Native American Tribes) - Native American Chart, Native American Map, Famous Native Americans, Activities and Games, Native American Crafts, Native American Test, Native American Museum, A Native American Prayer, Teaching Native Americans - Age of Exploration The Mariners' Museum (Check out Menu or Timeline) - Before Columbus, Christopher Columbus, Explorers Chart, Early Explorers, Spanish Explorers, Spanish Settlements, French Explorers, French Settlements, British Explorers, Play Hangman with Explorers' Names, Play Challenge (similar to Jeopardy) -

50. Athens County Library Services -- Teens -- Gotta Study
http// famous Ohioans, 1128-01. http// World history. Literature and Authors. American Authors on the Web, 4-30-03.

book bag gotta study real life hanging out teens speak out book reviews
Gotta Study
Jump to: Homework Help Online Databases Reference Research
Homework Help
Black History
Born in Slavery Slave narratives from the Federal Writer's Project, 1936 - 1938. Seattle Times: Martin Luther King Jr. The Underground Railroad An interactive site developed by National Geographic
Native Americans
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians Information ranging from history, language, culture to Native American art.
Ohio History
African Americans in Southeastern Ohio Includes information on events, people and the underground railroad in Southeastern Ohio. Maintained by local researchers. Famous Ohioans Biographies on astronauts, Indians, inventors, presidents and women.

51. American History - Gananda School Library hist/ civwar2 Flapper culture Rochester s most famous flapper has Chapter 9 of Perspectives in American Literature A

Gananda Library


Area Libraries
Research Links


Quick References

Teacher Links
News Online
Citing the Internet
Click on these subject headings to locate information about American History. General American United States Geography Native Americans Native American Affairs ... Unit III
TIMELINES: This Day in History From The History Channel, this page allows you to type in any date and find out what was happening in the United States and the world on that day. Yahoo! - This Day in History Find out what happened on this day and any day in history. Go to the bottom of the page to type in the date you are interested in. History Timelines History timeline websites, compiled by The Librarians' Index to the Internet. GENERAL LINKS: Subscription Research Databases - Available only through Gananda Central Library The History Net A great site to locate information on Social Studies and History topics. Social Studies School Service

52. 300 Social Science
a site that was developed for the Thinkquest competition, that will help you learn famous Trials Provides links to many famous American Trials from the Salem
Home Staff Directory Site Map Faculty E-mail ... Weather
300-399 Social Sciences

300 Social Science
320 Politics/Government 340 Law 360 Social Problems ... 390 Customs
300s Social Sciences 301: Sociology Back to Top
320s Politics and Government Systems of Government Civil Rights Movement Political Process Careers ... Money 321: Systems of Government and States
  • The Electronic Embassy "This site provides the address and phone number of each of the foreign embassies in Washington, DC, along with a link to the embassy's web page if they have one." 50 States and Capitals Provides a set of basic facts about every state in the United States. Government and Politics "Here's a list of great links to Web sites about the American government. Visit the White House, the Pentagon, and even the FBI." The Great American Web Site "The goal of the Great American Web Site is to help you find information you need from the American government. Links to many government agencies and branches of government, as well as the Smithsonian Institution."
    State and Local Governments
    "Do you need to know about government? Then this is the place for you! This list of resources provides access to information about each state's government, plus maps of states and some information about local governments."

53. Geography & History - Childrens - WTPL
com A presentation of the history and development of the American West from Includes the railroad, gunfighters, Indian Wars, cattle driving, famous people, and
Waterford Township Public Library
5168 Civic Center Drive • Waterford MI, 48329 • 248.674.4831
Contact Us
Home Kids Library Catalog ... Home
Geography and History (900-999)
World Politics
The Library of Congress Country Studies
This site presents a description of 101 countries and regions of the world.
Since the focus is on lesser-known areas of the world where U.S. forces
are deployed, it is not all-inclusive.
910.5 - World Politics

The World Factbook This site is very useful for student reports. It presents information, maps, and images of flags from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. 912 - World Geography All the World's Maps This site provides the user with national maps and maps of major cities for countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

54. Alaska Social Studies
about Ancient Alaska, go to American Archaeology, state by including history, culture, statistics, famous people, and
Alaska People History Social Studies Home Alabama Alaska Arizona ... Wyoming For information about Ancient Alaska , go to American Archaeology , state by state. About Alaska You will find just about everything you want or need to know about Alaska from the state flower and gemstone to fish and fossil. Yep, Alaska has an official State Fossil and I'm not it. - illustrated - From Department of Community and Economic Development - Alaska A great resource including history, culture, statistics, famous people, and good links. - illustrated - From Infoplease - Alaska Beyond Your Dreams. Within Your Reach A great place to plan your Alaska vacation. " Alaska speaks to you like no other place can! The people, the places, the beauty- its like nothing on earth. Incredible fjords, breath-taking ocean coasts, rushing rivers, green temperate rain forests, majestic mountain peaks, glorious glaciers, abundant wildlife and beautiful people." - illustrated - From Alaska Travel Industry Association -

55. Bookmarks For Sharon Weiller
here also for Black hist. America s Library Interactive website with biographical information , games Classical of biography links for many famous people AZ.
Bookmarks for Sharon Weiller
Good example of appropriate web sites for Grades K- 5.
Students Take A Look!
Fact Monster: Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
Students can research topics of choice, then read articles. Games and fun available here.
Science Fair
Steps to Science Fair Proj.
Shows steps neatly, has samples, you can browse topics done. Has judging component.
Science Projects
Kid friendly site, clear project steps, kids' pages. Cute animal mascots
Successful Steps for Science Fair Projects
This could be printed out for 2 page quick guide.
Whelmers: McREL's Accessible Science Series
These hands-on science activities are based on Steve Jacobs' Whelmers. They have been adapted to the McREL Web site and have been aligned with the National Science Education Standards
KidsClick! Web Search
Students can research a variety of topics from Ghosts to Grammar. Then the students have a long list of choices of links to look at.
A good example of kids’ writing on the internet, including particularly good games and puzzles in an online format.
Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers

56. American History
South Carolina history http// AHA famous Battles http American Revolution The Struggle for Independence http//www
American History General Links American Revolution AP U.S. History The Twentieth Century ... Thirties The Decades / American Studies Television Show Be sure to check Beyond and GaleNet's Student Resource Center For Primary Sources General Links **Biography of America African American Almanac America's Story From America's Library AmDocs: Documents for the Study of American History American History 102 (college lecture notes) American Memory Learning Page American Memory Collection Finder American Social History Project American Studies Crossroads Project American Studies Web Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

57. 30 Best Internet Sites
Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls, famous American Trials, Gateway to American and British history Resources on the
Candy's picks - 30 sites of value for teachers of American History, particularly at the secondary level
Lesson plans and helps
Reference material
Primary resources
And more
An information service for social studies educators from National Council for the Social Studies
This National Council for the Social Studies site includes links to information of awards and grants, internet resources and links, professional development, standards and position statements, and teaching resources.
Interesting Education Links of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This site contains a list of links to information on a variety of topics of interest to teachers or to general reference materials such as dictionaries.
Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12: History
The busy teachers' history site lists web locations for references and search tools; historical exhibits and collections, both global and US; and lesson plans / classroom activities. The Teachers' Reference Section
Lesson plans and helps

58. Content Connection
Kids Almanac Use this site to help you with your from the Library of Congress The American Memory features of flight, try experiments, and meet famous aviators,3138,5764-202015-4-66900,00.html

Home Page


ADHD: Signs

ADHD: Spec. Ed.
Reference: President

Reference: S.S./Geo.
Reference: SAT / ACT

Reference: Writing


Nominate this site for the Showcase Longwood Special Education PTA Content Connection Great Links for Social Studies The TerraServer The TerraServer has an impressive collection of satellite photos of the world. Work your way through the site and you'll find remarkably clear images of the famous Area 51, the Great Wall of China, and perhaps even your very own home! Be patient when you visit this site. Because of the graphics involved, it's sometimes very slow loading. Kids' Almanac Use this site to help you with your research. You can search for a word or phrase or choose from topics such as people, sports and fun facts. The New York Times Learning Network. Student Connections Visit this site for news summaries, a news quiz ,and Ask a Reporter (to name a few). You can also learn about this day in history and other historic events. Scholastic News Zone Get your current events here! News Zone provides you with today's top stories and links to other kids. magazines. American Memory from the Library of Congress The American Memory features multimedia collections of digitized documents, photographs, recorded sound, moving pictures, and text from the Library of Congress Americana collections.

59. 2-5: A Student's History Of American Literature - Edward Simonds
more personal reference, see The Samuel Sewall Papers Mass.hist.Soc and in volume eight of The World s famous Orations Burke s Conciliation with America, 1775
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Literature: Classic Home ... Read Mark Twain zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); About Books Find a Writer Find Literature For Students ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Literature: Classic newsletter. Search Literature: Classic More E-texts A Student's History of American Literature
by Edward Simonds
Chapter 1: I II III IV ... IV Chapter 2. V. THE CLOSE OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY. TRANSITION: POETRY, DRAMA, FICTION, PERIODICAL LITERATURE. Coincidentally with the satires, the epics, the songs and ballads, which owed their measure of inspiration immediately to the spirit of that strenuous time, we note also the appearance of a different school of verse which meant infinitely more in the development of our literary art. Philip Freneau Among the satirists of the Revolutionary epoch, there was none whose pen was readier or sharper in its thrusts than Philip Freneau; and among the poems of the war itself, none holds a firmer place in our literature than Freneau's brief elegy on the valiant who died at Eutaw Springs . One line of this poem was thought worthy of adaptation by the author of Marmion . But Freneau's strongest claim for remembrance lies in a few compositions which mark the beginning of nature poetry in America. Philip Freneau owed his foreign name to Huguenot ancestry, but he was born in New York and was graduated, in 1771, at Princeton, where he had been a classmate and room-mate with James Madison. In the early part of his career Freneau engaged in commercial ventures in the West Indies and made frequent voyages, commanding his own vessel. Once (in 1780) he was captured by the British and was for several weeks confined in an English prison ship in New York harbor. The hardships of this experience are rehearsed in a poem entitled

60. World War Ii Bond ::
http// VISA, MC, American Express and Discover Card accepted. formula developed by two famous economists in the
World War Ii Bond goes beyond traditional search technologies to provide a simple yet comprehensive process for efficient access to World War Ii Bond. It delivers results World War Ii Bond from a broad range of sources and helps you reach highly targeted information quickly and efficiently.
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World War II
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