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101. Harrold's K-12 Study, Library, Dictionary, Encylopedia, Online Books, Teaching L
or kids.Net.Au + a dictionary thesaurus and and critique the physical science textbooks in
A True Patriot. President of the United States Ronald Wilson Reagan, Born: Monday, February 6, 1911 - Died: Saturday, June 5, 2004 The Military District of Washington ( MDW State Funeral Information.
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102. Subject Area Sparks
Subject Area Topic links. Activity 3 Subject Area links Click on a subject area for some suggested websites. Reference Resource links Pages.
Sparks: Web-Based Resources
A campfire starts with a spark. You need matches to ignite the flame and logs to keep the fire going. What's your teaching area? What do students need to learn? What resources do you already have available? In what areas could you use some additional information, examples, or excitement to build the learning environment? Start with a few good websites. For your first experience, you may wish to focus on just one website. However, keep in mind that this website could be unavailable when you need it. In addition, students may need varied perspectives or multiple sources to support their point. Some students are more visual learners, while others will gain more from reading the text or listening to an oral reading. Consider the needs and interests of all your students as you select web-based resources.
Activity 1: Search Tools
Locate resources using two of the following tools that you haven't tried before. Compare the results.

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