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81. Technology
The Golden Book Talking Encyclopedia to research science topics. their writing using Kid Works or Claris Works For kids. Also check out our Library links Page and online.h
On-Line Projects Our Favorite Web Sites - Rhode Island Links Classroom Computers: EVERY CLASSROOM HAS A MAC.! Our school took a giant step into the age of technology during the school year of 1997-1998,when every classroom teacher got her own Power Mac and printer. Students happily learn math and reading with programs such as "Bailey's Book House" and "Millie's Math House." Third graders use CDs such as "Oceans Below" and " The Golden Book Talking Encyclopedia" to research science topics. Students can publish their writing using Kid Works or Claris Works For Kids. In October, every classroom computer was hooked up to the Internet via a router with a 56K line.Teachers received training at grade level workshops conducted by their peers. Enthusiasm was contagious as staff traded web site discoveries. Students realize that the whole world is their library which can be summoned at the touch of a keyboard. Technology update 1998-1999 iMacs are here! North Smithfield Elementary has 14 new iMacs in mint blue and tangerine, thanks to a state technology grant written by Mrs. Clarie McCorry. Each second and third grade classroom recieved an iMac so that the total number of computers in those classrooms is two. Four iMacs went to the publishing lab bringing the total to 13. The school library has a Powerbook laptop which teachers may take home for school projects and training. We also purchased two TV View Golds, a device which allows you to project computer images to a TV screen.

82. Awards And Links
It s a wonderful site where preschoolers use a picture dictionary with links. thank you Michael. Listed in the Teel family Just for kids, under Other

Other Links to Enchanted Learning Software

83. Educational Resources - MS Department Of Education
Parents and School Safety Parents family SchoolCity Schools Online Project science Space Day Sports Illustrated Online for kids Star Child
A Treasure Chest of Educational Resources
A compilation of Mississippi and Educationally Related WebSite Gems discovered and compiled by your MDE Web Managers. If you discover a broken link or wish to suggest a link, please contact us at Updated 04/20/04

84. From Time Warner Cable
Today s picks run the gamut from simple science for k3 students to sites Optics for kids. Both sites explore careers in optics and the science of light (in
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Java Games: Around Town Coloring Book Puzzle Web Sites for Kids: by BARBARA J. FELDMAN
Internet glossaries
from the Surfnetkids' mailbag
spectacular! wonderful! great!
sites that receive or are not listed Gardening The science of light Monkeys and other primates Amelia Earhart About Barbara J. Feldman No matter what your age or your level of expertise, technology changes so fast that we all need somewhere to look up technical jargon and obscure acronyms. Today's picks are online dictionaries specializing in Internet and computer terms; some are designed for elementary school students, and others for techies of all ages. Acronym Finder CyberCitzenship: Computer and Internet Glossary "Hacker: No, no. Not a person with a really bad cough! Hackers are computer experts who work at a high level of expertise with computer systems and software." Peppered with humor, this printable, illustrated 10-page glossary is perfect for elementary grades. Print out a few copies and post them in the computer lab for easy reference. You will need the latest, free version of

85. Jefferson School - PTA - Help Wanted
online exhibits on an array of science and technology family Safety and Health Articles http// children in K2. “Talking to kids about Terrorism
Principal's Corner P.T.A. School
Links HOME School
Archives ... Go Back Jefferson School "Learning Is A Shared Responsibility"
Parents and Teachers Working Together
Links to other web sites
updated 9-2-2003 Below are links to other web sites. These links are either of an educational nature or are links to organizations which strive to benefit the educational system or schools.
The Jefferson Web Design Team strives to bring you educational and family oriented web sites and is not responsible for links on these websites, should they send you to an undesireable place in cyberspace.

86. Early Childhood Resources
Early Childhood Education and family Web Corner index to series that features a wacky science teacher named Michael s kids Club regular features includes kids

4 Kids Treehouse

includes Entertainment, Playroom, Projects, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Study Resources plus safety information for parents 20 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids
games and activates for young children plus seasonal fun, too 101 Activities To Do With Your Toddler
Contains activities, songs, finger plays, and more for children aged 1-3 years. These constructive activities help encourage motor development and eye-hand coordination, and they will promote mental and social growth. As if that weren't enough, they are also a lot of fun! Ace Kids
everything from homework help to animate a bagel The Activity Cupboard
hundreds of craft ideas arranged by subject Activity Idea Place
over 1000 activity ideas for young children - theme based art, math, science, games, songs, dramatic play, etc. and lesson plans and curriculum ideas for preschool and toddler teachers Activity Search
searchable database of 400+ original K-8 classroom activities and lesson plans for teachers and parents - search for activities by both curriculum area and grade level Alex's Scribbles - Koala Trouble Stories
interactive stories about Max the koala bear, illustrated with drawings by his 5-year-old human friend Alex

87. Science SOL
Atoms family atomic theory brought to you by every ghost Cool science For Curious kids - (4-8) biology close-ups of the different science disciplines which
  • Academy Curricular Exchange Science Elementary School (K-5) - forty-four plans are titled for easy selection. Academy Curricular Exchange Science Intermediate School (6-8) - sixty plans here titled for easy selection. Academy Curricular Exchange Science High School (9-12) - twenty-three plans here are titled for easy selection. Access Excellence Collection - lesson plans and labs for biology and life science classes. This is an archive of favorite classroom activities submitted by high school biology and life sciences teachers participating in the access Excellence programs. Lots of practical, hands-on biology labs and activities. Excellent teacher resource for biology teachers. Ace on the Case : Secrets@Sea: This free site leads Grade 4-7 students through a fun story while teaching concepts in ocean science such as ocean foodwebs, tides, currents, and mapping skills. Acid Rain Project - choose to be a specialist in a specific field and research information in your field, compile data, analyze the data, and then meet with others in your group for their input. Students will then write a report on their topic. Active Media Robotics - watch and test drive robots online, see exhibitions and and pioneer robots, and you can win a robot science kit.
  • 88. Geological Society Of America - Earth Science Week - Reading List
    simple experiments explaining earthquakes that kids can do clear introduction to earth science, covering Earth s a stone wall around the family s property with

    K-12 Teacher Resources
    Distinguished Educator State Standards Biggs Award ... Earth Science Week
    Recommended Reading
    For Children For Young or Adult Readers For Adults Even if you want a book (or any other media) that's not on our list you can still benefit GSA Programs. Just go to You must use ths special link for the credit to apply.
    Nest of Dinosaurs: The Story of the Oviraptor by Norell, Mark A. and Lowell Dingus . Grade 5 (but interesting to anyone with an interest in fossil hunting). The authors chronicle the expeditions into the desolate area of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia where the first dinosaur nests were found. Hardcover: ISBN 0385325584.
    The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Fossils by Thompson, Carol Nehring . Grades 6-Adult. A great guide to the question: What kind of fossil is this? Paperback: ISBN 0394524128.
    Big Bang: The Story of the Universe by Couper, Heather and others . Grades 6-Adult. From the "Big Bang" to the present, the story of the Universe is told as an unfolding saga. Hardcover: ISBN 0789414848.
    The Big Rock by Hiscock, Bruce

    89. Kelley Elementary School: WEBLINKS
    Brainpop Solar System, NASA for kids, Solar System Info Skills Help science Brainpop science Scott Foresman Surface Tension, The Atoms family, Simple Machines
    Home Newburyport High R.A.Nock Middle Bresnahan Elementary Brown Elementary Kelley Elementary Valuable Web Resources Find Stuff: KidsClick!
    Great Resources: America's Library brainpop funbrain ... EBSCO HOST user ID= kelleyes / password= library
    McCarty's Favorites Fablevision Superthinkers
    First Grade Second Grade Third Grade ... Teacher Resources Kindergarten
    Kindergarten Skills Help

    Online Stories: Nick Jr. Chateau Meddybemps: Beantime Stories
    : Stories with Letter/Sound Concentration
    Activities with Numbers, Letters, Colors, Shapes, Rhyming:
    Sesame Street Workshop:
    The BBC Little Animals Activity Centre
    Wonderful music and voices combined with adorable, simple characters lead your Preschoolers or Kindergarteners through games involving numbers, word constructions, rhyming, stories, puzzles and more. * The Literacy Center: Hear Letters, learn how to write each letter or number. Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters. *Count Us In!

    90. Summer 2002 Web Sites
    Look, Learn Do the goal is to provide a clean and easy to use site for the whole family that will both Cool science for Curious kids - ( K - 3
    Summer 2002 Web Sites The following Web sites looked interesting : From the newsletter, Classroom Connect Summer 2002 Classroom Today - here you will find Internet activities to do every day. Lesson Plan Goldmines The Age of Exploration - ( 3 - 8) - hosted by the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, Virginia, contains extensive factual information about the age of explorations, from Ancient explorers to the Vikings to Columbus, Magellan, Cartier and Cook. NASA/MSU-Bozeman CERES Project Activities ( K-12 ) - a team of master teachers, university faculty, and NASA researchers have created a series of web-based astronomy and astrobiology lessons for the CERES, Center for Educational Resources, Project. Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle - ( 4 - 8 ) - students in this project are asked to estimate the cost of building a pyramid using modern materials and ancient methods. Music City - ( K - 6 ) - is the Web site of the music department of Eagle Creek Elementary School in Arlington, Washington. Contains many excellent music and general Web links as well as lesson plans for making instruments and online activities for students. Web English Teacher ( K -12 ) presents the best of K-12 English/Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities.

    91. Websites
    family Info Center ERIC s family information center is Helping Students with Homework in science and Math; be more than just vacation time for kids; it s also
    Up There are some new items listed on the state website that may be helpful to you as a parent To visit this web site: Go to
    Sites to Help Parents Help Their Children When children try your soul, as they will,
    When they cause you grief, as they do,
    When they rouse your anger and provoke you to wrath, as is their way,
    When they reduce you to tears and prayers, as often happens,
    Love them. Don't bother about anything at all
    until you have first made clear to yourself
    that your love for the child in question is holding firmly,
    swelling warmly in your heart.
    Then, whatever you do will be as nearly right as it is possible for human judgment to be. by Angelo Patti links verified 10/18/03
    Math Discipline Family ... español Reading Help
  • The Compact for Reading Guide is a user-friendly handbook designed to walk your family-school compact team through the steps of building and implementing a Compact for Reading. It provides information, strategies, examples, and checklists to help parents, educators, and community members develop effective, workable compacts that can improve your school, increase family involvement, and increase student skills and achievement in reading.
  • Early Childhood Activity Calendar which is filled with helpful tips and special activities that promote reading and language skills for young children. Calendar sheets for June 1998 to May 1999.
  • 92. (¯`·.¸LINKS4KIDS Safe Sites - School Physics Sites¸.·´¯)
    Introductory Physics Introduces engineering science students to the Snap Crackle Jump - A physics experiment for kids in grades k-3. Seasons-World Book
    var keepstatic=1//specify whether menu should stay static 0=non static (works only in IE4+) var menucolor="#68a6d6" //specify menu color var submenuwidth=130 //specify sub menus' color Add-A-Link Free Games Guestbook JoinTopSites ... Weather document.write("" + day + month); document.write(myweekday + ", " + ""); Alien Clones


    ... HOME
    • About:Physics - with David Harris, Your Guide to One of Over 700 Sites
    • Academic Info - An independent physics directory compiled by Mike Madin.
    • ADFA Library - Australian Defence Force Acadamy, Physics resources.
    • AIP Physics - Once a week the American Institute of Physics sums up the latest advances in Physics, from cosmology to nanotubes.
    • Alexander's Book of Science Projects Learn how a jet engine works by building one. Cool science projects kids can do
    • All About Atoms A very basic overview of atomic structure. Students can click on particles to learn more about them.
    • AlphaSearch - Physics pages and links.

    93. Curriculum Web Resources
    states. Curricular Area kids/Parents Grade Level All Topic Help Your Child Learn science. family science Ideas.
    Curricular Area: Problem Solving
    Grade Level: 3-12
    Topic: Kids related topics Problem Solving Description: Answer any question using this website for how to use the six steps for problem solving. Curricular Area: Kid's Corner
    Grade Level: 3-12
    Topic: Homework help sites Homework Help Description: Beege" is 12 years old and has collected more than 550 resources to use for school homework. Curricular Area: Kid's Corner
    Grade Level: 3-12
    Topic: History The History Channel Description: Visit this Web site and try "This Day in History." Lots of historical facts, plus the top ten in music for past years. Curricular Area: Kid's Corner
    Grade Level: 3-12
    Topic: Questions, Questions FAQ's Description: If you have a question, this site probably has the answer! Curricular Area: Kid's Corner
    Grade Level: 3-12 Topic: Foreign Languages Languages Description: The British Broadcasting Corporation offers tutorials in French, Spanish, German, and Italian. Curricular Area: Kid's Corner Grade Level: 3-12 Topic: Library LibrarySpot Description: This site offers acronym dictionaries, biographical dictionaries, inventions and calculators. There are also links to hundreds of library card catalogs, magazines and newspapers, phone books, mapping programs, and much more.

    94. Bookmarks For Joan Berger
    Headbone Derby Internet kids and family Jean Polly s Experiences for and the Environment A Learning Tool science and Nature for kids - Welcome from
    AltaVista Search: Simple Query ASCII art
    ASCII Art!
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    World of Art ...
    webTeacher Tutorial
    CIA's Web Page
    Guide to U.S. Govt. for Kids
    NASA Information Service ...
    HUMAN BODY/Health, Medicine
    Achoo On-line Healthcare Services - Site of the Week
    American Heart Association Risk Assessment
    American Lung Association Homepage ...
    ADPRIMA Education Information Menu
    ALFY - The Web Portal for Kids - Site Map
    A to Z - Atlapedia Online Ask a question! ...
    Worksheets -
    BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
    FDA Kids Home Page
    The Games Page!
    Headbone Derby ...
    Aesop's Fables
    Books Stacks
    Carroll Texts On-line ...
    Writing Process for Secondary Students
    MATHEMATICS - Flashcards for Kids!
    APlus Math
    Brain Teasers ...
    What Good is Math?
    Cook's Thesaurus
    Crossword of the Day FREE Crossword Puzzles
    Currency Converter(tm)
    Electronic Greeting Cards ...
    ZIP+4 Code Lookup
    Animal Information Database
    Animal Search Engine
    AnthroLink: Related Links
    Anthropology resources on the Internet ...
    Athena, K-12 Science

    95. Sciencelinks
    Exploratorium science facts and information, featured exhibits ,search Lets kids do research and share results. family Health Home Page-Site for students to
    Science Butterflies -Complete information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education Adam's Fox Box - Facts, legends, literature, songs etc. Everything one would need to do a unit on foxes. Exploratorium - Science facts and information, featured exhibits ,search engine Zoonet - A list of links to zoos in the US and the world plus images. Virtual Petting Zoo - Wonderful photos. Touch animals with cursor and they move, also make sounds. Gorgeous pictures, Interactive Lowry Park Zoo - Hours, prices, what's new, classes, petting zoo. Description and images of each category in the park . Great info and pictures of animals. Panda Resources - Extensive list of links and resources for pandas. "Just for Kids" - Provides educational and fun materials for all ages including fact sheets, teacher guides, quizzes, and virtual wildlife. Project wild - This site offers info on materials, the organization, partners. and WILD news, activity guides. e-mail National Geographic -Kids network. Kids type their response to questions or read messages from others. Computer based program that connects school worldwide. Lets kids do research and share results. KinderGarden -K-3 Gardening for children in school or community Health-Net Food Finder - Nutritional info about fast foods Family Health Home Page -Site for students to listen to the latest health info.

    96. Parents'Source Family Net: Parenting, Kids & Educational: Parenting Sites
    ZOOM http// ZOOM TV show site by kids, for kids includes cool science, hot ideas Back to Top. family kids Finance.
    Psychiatry Facts for Families
    Online series of 69 pamphlets provides parents with concise, up to date information on problems families may encounter, including depression, children and divorce, drug use, learning disabilities and discipline. National ADD Association Kids' Area
    Focusing on how ADD affects situations at home, school and with friends, this site includes "Good Stuff About ADD" for kids to think about. Parents: The Anti-Drug
    This anti-drug tool box includes drug information, news, expert and parent-to-parent advice and what kids are saying about drugs. Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
    This national initiative encourages parent/child communication about tough issues like sex, HIV/AIDS, violence, alcohol and drug abuse. WholeFamily Center
    [Back to Top]
    Become a Mentor or a Volunteer Search engine to match volunteers with opportunities. Berks Community Television

    97. ENC Online: Elementary Science Resources To Share With Parents
    emphasize the importance of science and the role of family involvement in how you can inspire and interact with your kids to learn the science of weather

    98. The ILTLI's Primary Grades' Links
    k3 Education links
    The ILTLI's Links for Primary Grades
    Our Newest Links
    The LIST News for Kids News For Teachers ... Institute Home Page
    Parental Advice

    99. Science Lesson Plans And Resources
    science Lesson Plans and Resources. This page provides links to lesson plans and resources for all grade levels and all science areas typically taught in K12 schools. Click on a topic from the list
    Science Lesson Plans and Resources This page provides links to lesson plans and resources for all grade levels and all science areas typically taught in K-12 schools. Click on a topic from the list below. If you need lesson plans for health or nutrition, click here. If you need science homework help, click here. All links on this page were checked and updated January 11, 2003. Multi-Subject Science Pages; Rubrics; Scientific Method/Nature of Science; Astronomy; ... Go to the National Science Education
    Didn't locate what you need here? Find it fast with LookQuick:
    With You Earn money, JOIN NOW!

    100. Science For K-3
    This site was created for the enhancement of the science curriculum for k3 teachers/
    The Franklin Institute Science Museum
    This is a great, informative science site fit for all ages. National Geographic For Kids
    They crammed the whole world (well, sort of) into one Web site. It’s just waiting for you, and there’s always something new to check out. So dig in! Look around! Explore! Kids Science
    A science and nature guide for kids. Bill Nye The Science Guy
    You will find guides of each Bill Nye episode and lots of science information and links. Sea and Sky
    A very nice site: great design and layout, good use of graphics, great content, and ease of navigation.
    Living Things
    Sea World
    This site has a great animal information database. National Aquarium
    This site is just full of information on animals: who they are, what the National Aquarium in Baltimore is doing as an organization to protect and preserve their future, and how they do it. Whales
    This web document provides a thematic unit for cooperative learning across an integrated curriculum which is an interactive resource for teachers, students and parents. National Zoo
    Another great database. You can do a search within the National Zoo homepage

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