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61. Ocean & Sea Animals Theme
Perpetual Preschool Songs, snacks, art, science, games, and misc. Dolphin Coloring Page A family of dolphins Pictures, Map National Geographic kids Orcas at

Pratt's Educational Resources

Aquatic Life
Coast Cnidaira ... k Books / Literature
This Is the Rain by Lola M. Schaefer Activity Cards, Games, and File Folder Games
You can use clipart from your computer program (or other sources), or images (reduce it if needed) to make activity cards, games and file folder games. If they are not colored images, paint it in a program and put it in a table to make the game. Write the letters (lower case and upper case or both together), numbers, words, etc. on each one. Laminate. Put in a sealable bag or place in a file folder.
Animal Themes
Under the Sea Craft
Make lots of fish, and other sea animals (octopus, whales, sharks, etc). Tape or hang them in a box. You can glue blue paper in the box or paint it blue.
Arthur's Water Creature Clip Art

Don Brutzman Navy Images

Information Gateway to online Natural History Notebooks by the Canadian Museum of Nature Information and pictures to color. Ocean Links Ocean @ Perpetual Preschool Songs, snacks, art, science, games, and misc. Ocean Life @ Preschool Education Aquatic Life (Sea Life) Aquademics Facts and Lesson Plans A to Z Stuff: Ocean Resources Birch Aquarium Virtual Tour Field Guide Simple statements about different animals, etc.

62. Science Methods
Earthquake Theme Page. Earth science For kids. Frank Potter s science Gems. Facts and Fun About Insects. Fire Safety. family of the Sun song. Frog Dissection.
ea K- 8 SCIENCE SITES National Science Standards Life Science - Animal Sites State Science Standards Life Science - Plant Sites ... GAMES AND PUZZLES Sites for Units of Study Science Rock - Music Animals Oceans Biomes ... Ben Franklin SCIENCE WEBQUESTS/SCAVENGER HUNTS Planet WebQuest Solar System Scavenger Hunt Bones Inside Us Rainforest Scavenger hunt CLICKABLE WORKSHEETS Living Things Food - Eating Out Mini Worlds Rainforests ... Electricity SCIENCE VIDEOS/ANIMATIONS PBS Nature Online Videos Tornado Online Videos Animal Houses Rainforest Video ... 45 Moments in NASA History ANIMATED LESSONS Exploring the Secret Life of Trees Let's Talk About Insects The Great Plant Escape Trees Are Terrific ... Frog Dissection Online SCIENCE TOPICS Africa Savannah Activities Arty-The Part-Time Astronaut All About Light - Interactive Site A to Z Science ... Earth and Sky - Great Sites Earthquakes for Teachers EcoKids Environment Explore Learning ... Mr. Bones

63. Lesson Plans
Dynamo s Lab (BBC); Kiddo science. Sesame Street Online; Starfall (Interactive books 4. Color´in Colorado (Helping kids learn to read and TAG family Resources.
Internet Lesson Plan Help/ Teacher Resources King's General (K-12) Help:
  • ABC Teach A to Z Teacher Stuff ( New site.... GREAT HELP) Adventures of Cyberbee ( Lessons, Internet Tips, and MORE) Argus Clearing House [Education] AskERIC Virtual Lesson Plans
  • Gateway to Educational Materials (database k-12 lessons) Berit's Best Sites for Children ( ranks over 1000 sites for children) Blue Web ( lesson plans, projects, etc) Busy Educator's Guide to the Internet Busy Teacher Website K-12 ( lesson plans and class activities) Children's Literature Web Guid e Dept. of Education
  • K-12 Resources ... Ed Helper ( LOTS of teacher help)
  • Family Page Kids Page Teacher Page Education world ( has great search tool to find Internet sites) Educational News Eduhound.. (Vast list of K-12 Resources) Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science Encarta lesson plan ( grade-level lesson plans with Internet links) eSchool News online professional development resource) Everyday Math for Teachers Fun Brain Activities [ Math / Language Activities.. Online Quiz maker]
  • 64. Web Sites To Help Parents Help Their Children (now Including Spanish Language Pa
    advice and suggestions to make your family s online experience Helping Students with Homework in science and Math; than just vacation time for kids; it s also a

    Daily Dose of the Web
    Links for K-12 Teachers On-Line Practice Modules Sites to Help Parents Help Their Children When children try your soul, as they will,
    When they cause you grief, as they do,
    When they rouse your anger and provoke you to wrath, as is their way,
    When they reduce you to tears and prayers, as often happens,
    Love them. Don't bother about anything at all
    until you have first made clear to yourself
    that your love for the child in question is holding firmly,
    swelling warmly in your heart.
    Then, whatever you do will be as nearly right as it is possible for human judgment to be. by Angelo Patti links verified 3/6/04
    Math Discipline Family ... Summer Learning Reading Help
  • The Compact for Reading Guide is a user-friendly handbook designed to walk your family-school compact team through the steps of building and implementing a Compact for Reading. It provides information, strategies, examples, and checklists to help parents, educators, and community members develop effective, workable compacts that can improve your school, increase family involvement, and increase student skills and achievement in reading. Early Childhood Activity Calendar which is filled with helpful tips and special activities that promote reading and language skills for young children. Calendar sheets for June 1998 to May 1999.
  • 65. Teachers Corner
    Below 69 Your family is contributing to the problem. teachers and parents can do with their kids. Target Audience Life science, Biology, Advanced Biology/AP
    Teachers Corner
    There have been several requests for some ideas for classroom activities. This page is dedicated to addressing some of these issues in the hopes that teachers will find new ways to integrate Internet use into classroom activities. Not only that, but hopefully kids will also have lots of fun learning about frogs AND playing on the Internet!
    Things You will Find Here:
    Cool stuff for learning at Frogland
    has some of the teacher-preferred areas of this site outlined.
    Activities and Teaching Programs
    has some neat ideas and lesson outlines right here such as the Rainforest Study Personal Usage of Water Study , the Rate Your Family Conservation Study , and Attitude Slip
    Links to More Cool Ideas for Teaching Programs:
    Here you'll find all kinds of lesson ideas. If you have some ideas of your own posted, please send them to me
    Biology/Science Studies
    has all kinds of Biology and Life Science study lesson ideas. Life Cycle class ideas are popular and there are even several Online Anatomy Classes are available for those who wish to spare a few frogs.
    Environmental Studies
    such as lessons in recycling, litter, global warming and more. There are some great craft ideas here! There is also a whole section of

    66. Student Internet Links
    (family Education Network); FunologyScience is Fun Home Experiments; Get Net Wise - Information for parents regarding net safety. Safe web sites for kids.
    • - Links to subjects of interest to kids and adults. Try out IllusionWorks for optical illusions. Alex's Free Paper Airplanes American Forum for Global Education - Great links; resources for grades four and above. American Library Assoc. - Favorite websites for K-12 students. Ask An Expert - Find an expert by searching in the appropriate section. Ask Dr. Universe - A site by Washington State University's Graduate School and News Information Service. Ask questions and get answers. Lots of links. Ask Jeeves for Kids - Children type in a question for Jeeves to answer. Ask The Folklore Expert B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - (Discovery Channel School) - 580 educational links The Baseball Almanac - More baseball history, awards, records, fabulous feats, humor, legendary lists, quotations, and statistics than any other baseball almanac site on the Internet! Big Chalk: The Education Network -award-winning Web site assembles the best free Internet learning resources for K-12 teachers, parents and students, including: HomeworkCentral a free directory of educational Web links created especially for students and teachers; Lesson Plan Archives -offering more than 10,000 Web-based plans organized by topic and grade level; Newsletters monthly email newsletters, highlighting the best educational resources on the Internet; Virtual Field Trips interactive modules exploring everything from the life of slaves in colonial America to conservation efforts in the Congo

    67. "LinkOn Center" Kids/Family
    family Fun are great all around family Sites Site that has links to 100 s of kids Sites is'.htm
    "Discover the Best of the WEB" Search This Site Main Menu See What's NEW Email Us CATEGORIES Detailed Menu Arts/Culture Business Computing Educational Entertainment Finance/Investing Freebies Games Government Grab Bags Health/Medicine History Hobbies/Pets Kids/Family Music News Politics Science/Tech Shopping Sports Travel Weird/Wild Translation Page Guest Book Visit our Holidays Page Tables on this Page: Kids' Portal Sites Interactive Sites(K1) Young Kids Sites (K2) Teen Sites (K3) Other Pages in this Category: Holidays Parents Page Want to Send your Name to Mars on the next Rover-2003 ? Click on to this NASA Site Take time with your Kids to help them choose Sites from the Resources listed below. Send us your favorites and we'll try to include them in the Tables below...or Suggest some new Tables. Concerned about where your Kids are Surfing? Check out the program below. Family Point provides a convenient Online Meeting Place for Family Members. FirstGov for Kids is a Kids' Portal Site run by the Federal Consumer Information Center. Another Great WEB Portal for Kids is KidsConnect ... check it out!

    68. TEACHERS' MENTOR - PreK-3 Science
    need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.) Cool science for Curious kids This graphic This family runs a fifth generation dairy farm and lets anyone
    PreK - 3 Language Arts PreK - 3 Math PreK - 3 Social Studies PreK - 3 Science ... Grades 4 - 5 Social Studies
    PreK - 3 Science
    For Virginia Teachers
    Virginia Standards of Learning: Instruction, Training,and Assessment Resources TECH TIP: Many websites for children are very graphic intense. To save instructional time, you can download the website into your cache prior to using the site with the students. Many sites also require plugins such as Shockwave, RealOnePlayer, or Quicktime, as well as needing JavaScript and ActiveX. Previewing a site before using it with students is always a good idea.
    Links to Other Sites
    Animal Bytes
    SeaWorld and Busch Gardens sponsor this animal database. The animals are categorized by class. A picture is available for most animals. This is a very good, uncluttered research site for younger children. However, those reading below the third grade level will probably require some reading help.
    Animal Printouts
    Part of the Enchanted Learning site, these illustrated printouts offer information that can be handled by younger children.
    Animal Sounds Matching Game
    This site takes a bit of time to download all the sounds.

    69. Printable Worksheets
    Space science. Software Worksheet Generator Worksheets Online The Parker family Neuroscience for Fact Sheets A TWINKIE PROJECT`S A TWINKIES kids Printables A
    Last Modified: Printable Worksheets B. Timme's Resources
    Part 1
    Adobe PDF Document Search

    A Worksheet Finder for Middle and High School Subjects

    High SchoolTeacher Worksheets

    A Learning Page Themesheets
    ... Zoo - Electronic
    Part 2
    A Custom Worksheet Creator
    A Worksheet Creator
    A Workshetts Online Free

    A Jill's Worksheets to Print
    October 28th 2001
    A Kid's Domain Brain Builder
    A teacher Worksheets
    A CopyCat Press K-3 Grade Levels
    A Tutor World Math - Eng. Sci Gr 1-6 ...
    Spring Pictures to Color

    70. Earth Sites
    Teach Space Space and Earth science lesson plans for Space photos and movies, family activities, and careers articles Volcano World kids Door This site has all
    A Fun Fossil Activity for Kids
    This site contains a fun fossil activity you can do with your students. [ Edit A Virtual Journey into the Universe
    An interactive tour of the solar sytem and detailed pages on other areas related to space. [ Edit ABC Teach: Volcanoes
    A great resource for teachers in studying the theme of volcanoes. It provides many printable resources. [ Edit Ask an Earth Scientist
    Ask questions to an Earth Scientist. Find valuable science links. [ Edit This site has curriculum and resource links for various science topics. [ Edit Beyond our Skies
    This site is for the beginning astronomer who wants to know about the terms, methods, and history of astronomy. [ Edit Black Hole Gang
    Explore the site to learn about the science adventures of Matt, Wei Ling, Rosa, A.J., and Newton. Find the hidden links about Einstein, bats, rainforests, and other cool science topics. Check out the Science Sleuth page! [ Edit Cam for Kids
    he most comprehensive and easily navigated reference directory for locating live video cameras on the Internet. You can browse sites by category or travel via geographical region. Besides being the Internet's only searchable index of live cameras, EarthCam creates and produces live webcasts and provides Internet webcam solutions. [ Edit Cascades Volcano Observatory Pictograms
    They say a picture is worth a thousands words ... these 20 "Pictograms" are "annotated photo stories" covering various aspects of volcanic features and eruptions, including Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Hawaiian Volcanoes, and the Cascade Range ... [

    71. NWREL Child And Family
    includes teaching units that correlate with the science topics kids Feedback To Subscribe - http//mail.nwrel
    Phone: (503) 275-9487
    Fax: (503) 275-9152
    Vol. 2 No. 4, July 2002 Search Archived Newsletter Multiracial Children vol.3(8) Education Issues for Children with Special Needs vol.3(7) Universal Pre-Kindergarten vol.3(6) Transitions vol.3(5) Nutrition for Young Children vol.3(4) Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness – Part II vol.3(3) Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness – Part I vol.3(2) Learning to Read the Heart: Nurturing Emotional Literacy vol.3(1) Growing Up Male in the 21st Century vol.2(10) More Music Please vol.2(9) Poverty vol.2(8) Volunteers: Recruit, Train and Retain vol.2(7) Minority Student Achievement vol.2(6) Brain Development vol.2(5) Science in Early Childhood vol.2(4) Inclusion vol.2(3) Full-Day Kindergarten vol.2(2) Children's Authors Web Sites vol.2(1) Creating Optimal Learning Environments vol.1(11) Numeracy Development vol.1(10) Public Support for Pre-K Programs vol.1(9) The Effects of Violence in the Media vol.1(8) Needs of Children During Traumatic Times vol.1(7) Program Evaluation vol.1(6)

    72. Grade One
    World Meet all the members of the worm family. Additional areas of interest are kids Place, and sections for reading/language arts, science, social studies
    Grade One Internet Curriculum Links
    Student Search Engines Language Arts Science Social Studies ... Teacher Resources
    Student Search Engines
    Yahooligans - This is a search engine developed by Yahoo! especially for kids. This is a safe search engine for them. AJ (Ask Jeeves) - This is a very different search engine than you are used to seeing.Kids can enter in a question that they would like answered and Jeeves will search the Internet to find them the answers. Education World Search Engine - Contains links to resources for teachers and students. Language Arts Grouchy Ladybug WebQuest - This site goes beyond story retelling. It requires students to work as a team to produce an exciting project from resources on the internet. KidBibs - This site seeks to achieve its objective to support children's reading, writing, and learning by providing access to lists of exceptional books for all ages and by supplying teachers with articles that will improve the way they teach Language arts. The Children's Literature Web Guide - Contains topics such as features, quick reference and more links. This site categorizes the growing number of Internet resources related to books for children; authors on the web are also available. Doucette Index - This site is an excellent resource for finding literature teaching ideas with an index for books and additional web sites.

    73. Educational Subjects From Art To Science
    Newton s Apple family science Show on PBS. of the Ice An Antarctic Expedition National science Education Standards A tour of the White House, just for kids!

    What About Socialization?

    An article written by Mary Gardner

    A virtual learning environment for exploring the world of art!
    Art education for kids of ALL ages! Over 650 lessons!
    Homeschool Arts:

    Pastel, Watercolor and more!
    Crayola Creativity Central:
    Search lesson plans for K-12.
    Access to information, resources, and ideas that
    support the arts as a core subject area. K-12 curriculum. Step-by-step tutorial to produce pen and ink drawings by hand. ArtsConnectedEd: Classroom: A huge database of educational materials. Search by grade, learning area, or format. Find thematic units, activities, tours, and much more. Discipline Based Art Education: Ideas on how to increase your creativity and broaden your awareness of the arts, as well as ideas on how to teach children, and others, that art is valuable. Artserve at the Australian National University: This is a really cool site where you can view various art and architecture. Browse through images of clocks and watches in England or France

    74. Kindergarten
    especially for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and kids. holiday activities, math and science, selfconcept Early Childhood Educators and family Web Corner
    Teachers Classroom
    Computer Lab

    ... Library Early Childhood and Kindergarten
    • Preschool Express Between the Lions This is for teachers of early readers and pre-readers, ages four to seven. Have you seen the PBS television series "Between the Lions" which helps young children learn to read? WGBH Boston just launched the companion website, which also works work well just by itself. It provides the text of the original stories, along with several games and activities for childrenall meant to spur interest in words, sentence structure, and other aspects of early literacy. Kindergarten Resources A hotlist of kindergarten resources compiled by Sue Roseman, an Educational Technology Integrator for the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, with lots of resources and tools for the early childhood educators. KidSmart for Early Learning IBM, in partnership with Bank Street College, the United Way and EDC, has launched KidSmart. Designed specifically for parents and teachers. Early Childhood Web Sites Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project The Innovative Teaching web site is updated for 2003 and ready to surf!

    75. Websites For Early Elementary Education
    Interactive science activities from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Invention at Play. MI kids. Early Childhood Educators and family Web Corner.
    Jacki's Technology Literacy Page HOME WORKSHOPS MATERIALS RESOURCES ... CONTACT ME Great Websites for Teachers of
    Most of these sites work best with high speed connections. You may have to download flash players to make the interactive games work. Some sites have a subscription service to gain access to more games and activities... but hey, why pay when you can get plenty for free?! Sesame Street Games, Stories, Art, Music. May have to download flash player. High speed connection. Crayola Creativity Center Have fun being creative and colorful. Includes lesson plans. UptoTen Kid-safe site with games, activities, and more. Very well done. Enchanted Learning Theme related pages filled and activities. Not as nicely designed as some of the other sites, but lots of good info. Learning Planet Interactive games and activities. Teachers may subscribe for $39.95 year for full access. Toon University Interactive demo games (math, reading, science, social studies). Adult + 2 children membership is $39.95 year. Kaboose Play the free games. Adult + 2 children membership is $19.95 year.

    76. Family Information System
    Developing Young Children As Readers. This website is designed by PBS kids. Fun Brain Games. FunBrain games is a family Education Network which Reading/science.
    Main Webpage Calendar of Events Class News Class Links ... Brain Injury (TBI Traumatic Brain Injury) Traumatic Brain Injury Technical Resource Center Top 20 web results. Congress Congress info and current events with a realistic perpsective Endangered Animal Pathfinder American Aligator This is a site that has information about the American Alligator Famous Ohioan Project Authors and llustrators who live in Ohio This site offers an alphabetical list of authors an illustrators who currently live in Ohio. Categories of Famous Ohioans This site provides categories of Famous Ohioans with brief biographies. Famous Ohioan Pathfinder This pathfinder offers links for information on specific famous Ohioans. Famous Ohioan Research Famous Ohioans Categories of Famous Ohioans Short biographies of selected Ohioans Films/Critiques Independence Day Critique An example of a subjective review. Not very thorough. Geometry and Spatial Sense Buzzing With Shapes Beginning shapes game for 2 players. Match a numeral to a shape with that number of sides. Ladybug Mazes Use forward/backward and turning movements to program a ladybug to move through a maze. Learn to visualize the results of turning through 90 and 45 degree angles. Be patient – program is slow to load.

    77. Caithness CWS - Links - Kid's Links
    Your home page. kids Channel. Kinetic City. RSPCA. Maths or check out Maths links. BBC Education. NASA for kids. Cool science. Learn 2. Yomag. National Geographic.
    Kids Links Buy Children's Books Here Kids Photo Section School Days Pictures ... Lego
    More Lego Links than you will ever need
    More Fun Maths Links
    Calling Caithness and Sutherland Kids
    Have You Got Something To Write About?
    Would you like to write about something and get it published on We were recently contacted by a Jazmyn Boulware from the USA who at 12 years old is already writing for several web sites. We would like to offer a few young folk the chance to see their writing online. Take a look at Jazmyn's items at Time For Kids and then contact us if you have a topic you would like to write about. We will build the pages and index them in a new section of local kids writing. For now we would like factual items based on your own research or observations but it can be on any topic. We will consider fictional items at a later date. All we ask is that your parent or guardian is aware of what you are doing and that they have given permission for us to print your item on the web site. Items should be sent in by email only to

    78. Curriculum Resources: Elementary/Intermediate Science
    This kids site can also be found at http//www The Atoms family A great place to learn about The Franklin Institute science Museum These awesome exhibits and
    Elementary/Intermediate Science Links All About Nature
    This website has pictures of almost every animal you can name. Pictures are designed for colouring. Amazing Insects Project
    Join 3rd-grade students as they learn about insects. What kinds of insects
    are in your area? Take an "Insect Safari" and have students observe, describe,
    identify the insects they find. Use the online lesson plan, or design your own. insects.html Animals
    Students can learn about animal classification and animal habitats.
    Animal/AnimalHomePage.HTML Amazing Space
    Amazing Space is a set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use. Animals Students can learn about animal classification and animal habitats.

    79. Science Linkages In The Community -- A Guide To Internet Resources
    HTML Check out these chemistry activities for kids in grades The Atoms family http// science Made Simple Static Electricity http//www
    A Guide to Internet Resources Compiled by Nathan E. Bell May 2000
    American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
    Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) Programs
    Science Linkages in the Community (SLIC) Institute
    1200 New York Ave., NW
    Washington, DC 20005
    Fax: (202) 371-9849
    Table of Contents

    About this Document: This document provides a starting point for you for finding Internet Resources. When you find resources that meet your needs, be sure to check to see if the Web page has a "links" section. Use those links to continue surfing the Web to locate helpful resources. The web sites listed in this document are not intended to be an endorsement of any service, product, or company, nor do they necessarily reflect the views, philosophy, will, intent, or participation of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. These web sites have been reviewed by scientific organizations; were created by schools, scientists, or other reputable organizations; and/or have won awards for quality. Given the nature of the Internet, however, changes may occur which might affect the accuracy and availability of the information presented. This document is in the public domain. Authorization to reproduce it in whole or in part for educational purposes is granted.

    80. Favoritewebsites
    back to top. science Fair Sites. The Atoms family mighty molecules. The Atoms family - spectroscope. Build Our Milky Way. CELLS alive! kids Farm.
    Scott Libby Curriculum Websites Arizona Learning Caliber, Inc. Reference Materials Art ... Writing Arizona: Arizona Governor's Kids Site Arizona Capitol Museum Atlas: Arizona Arizona ... back to top Art: 4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources Welcome to the @rtroom! Edible Crafts - Edible Play Dough FamilyFun: Activities-Crafts ... back to top Clip Art: Animation Factory - Free Animated GIFs and 3D... Clip Art Listing Classroom Clipart : Free Clipart, Illustration - see the web ... back to top ENCHANTED LEARNING SOFTWARE HOME PAGE Enchanted Learning Government: White House for Kids Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Library of CongressAmerican Memory Project back to top History: American Revolution Civil War Colonial Pioneer ... Square Dancing American Revolution American Revolutionary War WebQuest back to top Civil War The American Civil War Homepage Civil War Documenting the American South: North America... ... back to top Colonial America American Colonies Archiving Early America A Colonial Family and Community The History Place - American Revolution ... back to top Famous Explorers Amerigo Vespucci 3 Mast Sailing Ship Amerigo Vespucci 500 balboa.JPG 480x640 pixels

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