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         Expert Systems Computer:     more books (100)
  1. Systems, Experts, and Computers: The Systems Approach in Management and Engineering, World War II and After (Dibner Institute Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
  2. Real-Time Expert Systems Computer Architecture by Robert F. Hodson, Abraham Kandel, 1991-07-24
  3. Expert Systems (Computer State of the Art Report Series 12, No. 8)
  4. Expert Systems and Computer Simulation in Energy Engineering: Selected Papers from the Second International Forum, Erlangen, Germany, 17-20 March, 1992 by Germany) International Forum on Expert Systems and Computer Simulation in Energy Engineering (2nd : 1992 : Erlangen, 1995-06
  5. Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing by William B. Gevarter, 1984-05
  6. Introduction to Expert Systems (International Computer Science Series) by Peter Jackson, 1986-04
  7. Expert Systems (Computer Science) by Peter S. Sell, 1985-05
  8. Verifying and Validating Personal Computer-Based Expert Systems by A. Terry Bahill, 1991-01
  9. Expert Systems 85: Proceedings of the Fifth Technical Conference of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Expert Systems (British Computer Society Workshop Series)
  10. Principles of Expert Systems (International Computer Science Series) by Peter Lucas, Linda Van Der Gaag, 1991-10
  11. Computer Modelling and Expert Systems in Marketing by Luiz Moutinho, Bruce Curry, et all 1995-02
  12. Expert Systems in Computer Aided Design: Proceedings of the Ifip Wg 5.2. Working Conference on Expert Systems in Computer-Aided Design
  13. Cognitive Engineering in the Design of Human-Computer Interaction and Expert Systems: Proceedings of the Second International Conference, Honolu (Cognitive ... in the Design of Human-Computer Intera)
  14. Investment Management: Decision Support and Expert Systems ([VNR computer library]) by Robert R. Trippi, Efraim Turban, 1991-01

1. DOE Document - Real-time Expert Systems Computer Architecture
Expert systems and realtime systems technology have been developed independently further development of this computer architecture. Real-time expert systems computer architecture

2. Expert Systems Computer
Expert Systems. Computer Artificial_Intelligence / Expert_Systems.

3. Expert Systems - Artificial Intelligence
expert systems computer Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems, Expert System Shells FAQ, Introduction. Expert Systems and Knowledge
Expert Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Expert System Shells FAQ

Introduction Expert Systems and Knowledge-Based Systems (National Research Council Canada)
Introduction Expert Systems (PC AI Magazine) 'Knowledge-based expert systems, or simply expert systems, use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would require human intelligence. These expert systems represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within
Introduction FAQS -
Introduction Expert Systems
Introduction AI in the news
Introduction Artificial Intelligence, etc. Events
Introduction Forthcoming Events on Artificial Intelligence Introduction Nb of links =

4. E LAW | Subject - Expert Systems Computer Science
E Law Home Search Subscribe Issue Index Subject Index Author Index Title Index Murdoch University. Subject expert systems computer science. Published works.
Subject: Expert systems computer science
Published works
Document author: Brett Lester
Document creation: June 11, 1997
HTML last modified: May 13, 2004 - 10:51 AM
Modified by: Archie Zariski , Technical Editor, E Law
Authorised by: Archie Zariski , Managing Editor, E Law
Murdoch University


5. Computer Help Desk Expert Systems - Software, Hardware, Services
KnowledgeStorm provides free research of Computer Help Desk Expert Systems related enterprise software and services. KnowledgeStorm Help Desk Expert Systems/C

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Summary Software
Featured Sponsors TechExcel HelpDesk
by TechExcel, Inc.
TechExcel HelpDesk Is a high-end and configurable solution for optimizing every aspect of your IT service support and internal help desk processes including incident tracking, more...
Discover more offerings from TechExcel, Inc.

Siebel CRM OnDemand Customer Relationship Management Made Simple
by IBM / Siebel Siebel CRM OnDemand is an innovative CRM solution for unifying, tracking, and managing customer information and processes across sales, marketing, and customer service. Brought more... Discover more offerings from IBM / Siebel by Infra Corporation more... Discover more offerings from Infra Corporation Topics Related to your Search: Help Desk and Call Management Customer Service (General) Call Center Management Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ... Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Search Results Next Page Filter results by: All result types Software Hardware Research Knowledge Center Knowledge Management Platform by SupportSoft Inc (SOFTWARE PRODUCT) The Knowledge Center for companies with 2000+ employees helps you provide fast access to a service and support knowledgebase, to get users' questions answered with greater speed and improved accuracy. We call it "knowledge automation." Designed specifically for service and support environments.

6. Medical Expert Systems
Medical expert systems are active knowledge systems which use two or more items of patient data to generate casespecific advice. Whyatt and Spiegelhalter
Medical Expert Systems are active knowledge systems which use two or more items of patient data to generate case-specific advice Whyatt and Spiegelhalter This site intends to be a comprehensive source for world-wide available Medical Expert and Knowledge-Based Systems.
The purpose of this web site is to serve as a comprehensive resource for physicians, students and other health-care professionals in providing information on over 65 state-of-the-art Medical Expert Systems and Knowledge-Based Systems. Physicians are provided with detailed description of the programs, links to the online version, pricing description, clinical use, information about the developer, contact addresses and evaluation statistics - giving physicians the opportunity to get fast and easy access to the specific Medical Expert System they are looking for.
The user can either choose a program by selecting a special field or browse for a program by name

7. Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems And Computer-Assisted Instruction For W
expert systems, DECISION SUPPORT systems AND computerASSISTED INSTRUCTION management; support-systems; expert-systems; computer-assisted-instruction; bibliographies
Water Quality Information Center of the National Agricultural Library
Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems and Computer-Assisted Instruction for Water Resource Management(II)
Return to Bibliographies Return to the Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library.
Last update: April 27, 1998
The URL of this page is J. R. Makuch /USDA-ARS-NAL-WQIC/

8. OSHA ETools Page
expert Advisors are based solely on expert systems. eTools are available as downloadable files for offline use. Beverage Delivery ( 01/2001) computer Workstations ( 08/2003) Grocery
U.S. Department of Labor MyOSHA [skip navigational links] Search Advanced Search A-Z Index document.write(''+todayDate+'') Site Index: A B C D ... Find It! in DOL
Department of Labor OSHA eTools and Electronic Products for Compliance Assistance
OSHA recognizes the utility of distributing information through the Internet and CD-ROMs. The following electronic products for compliance assistance are available:
eTools are "stand-alone," interactive, Web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics. They are highly illustrated and utilize graphical menus. Some also use expert system modules, which enable the user to answer questions, and receive reliable advice on how OSHA regulations apply to their work site.
Expert Advisors are based solely on expert systems.
Selected eTools are available as downloadable files for off-line use.
eTools Expert Advisors Ergonomics eTools eTools en Español

9. Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems And Computer-Assisted Instruction For W
Descriptors Natural resources; expert systems (computer science); Artificial intelligence 5 A Descriptors Aquaculture; computer programs; expert systems (computer science) 13 NAL
Water Quality Information Center of the National Agricultural Library
Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems and Computer-Assisted Instruction for Water Resource Management (I)
Return to Bibliographies Return to the Water Quality Information Center at the National Agricultural Library.
Last update: April 27, 1998
The URL of this page is J. R. Makuch /USDA-ARS-NAL-WQIC/

10. Expert Witness - Failed Computer Systems, Computer Fraud, Intellectual Property,
expert Witness for computer Fraud, Intellectual Property Rights, Government Procurement, and Internet Law. Helps with System Failure, Data Recovery, Forensic Investigation, and Litigation Support .
Brooks Hilliard has been engaged for over 90 matters in 15 states as an expert witness and/or an expert consultant Abstracts of typical cases: System non-performance Missing/fraudulent data (computer forensics) Intellectual property System valuation ... Regulatory and procurement Contact Brooks Hilliard at:
(602) 264-9263 or
Around the Bizauto web site: Who is Business Automation? Our services Consulting projects EXPERT WITNESS PROJECTS Internet Strategy consulting Professional biography Home Brooks Hilliard has been qualified as an expert and testified in both state and federal courts, as well as giving testimony in arbitrations, mediations and formal governmental hearings. Attorney references and case captions are available on request. Descriptions of many of Mr. Hilliard's cases are provided below. Cases included involve failed computer systems, computer fraud, intellectual property, computer forensics, and other areas of computer-related litigation and support. For confidentiality reasons, the litigant and attorney names and case captions are not posted on the web. However, these references are available on request. In reviewing the following project descriptions, readers should note that the term "alleged" is used purposely

11. ETI - Expert Center For Taxonomic Identification
ETI is a nongovernmental organisation in operational relations with UNESCO. Their mission is to develop scientific/educational computer-aided information systems, to improve general access to, and to promote use of taxonomic and biodiversity knowledge worldwide.
ETI is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in operational relations with UNESCO. Our mission is to develop and produce scientific and educational computer-aided information systems, to improve the general access to and promote the broad use of taxonomic and biodiversity knowledge worldwide. Enter the site by clicking the logo,
or take one of these shortcuts:

12. IEEE Intelligent Systems
More results from Medical expert systems utilization review system is an expert system, which performs The panel agrees with the computer about 70 This contrasts with commercial systems, not using ES

May-June 2004
Semantic Web Challenge
What kind of applications can you create with today's Semantic Web techniques? Seven entries from the 2003 Semantic Web Challenge illustrate the answer.
Also in this issue: AI tackles money laundering, helping the Mars rover land, cognitive engineering, and more
The following articles are available without an electronic subscription in PDF or HTML format: From the Editor in Chief
" Plenty of Room at the Bottom " by Nigel Shadbolt
Nanotechnology might be really tiny, but it has big implications for computer science and artificial intelligence.
Feature Article
" CS AKTive Space, or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Semantic Web ," by Nigel Shadbolt, Nicholas Gibbins, Hugh Glaser, Stephen Harris, and m.c. schraefel
CS AKTive Space lets users quickly determine who’s doing what and where in UK computer science research.

13. Welcome To PasTech Computer Consulting
Offers expert consulting advice, development and implementation of MultiValue/Pick information systems. Located in Cookeville, Tennessee, USA.
document.write(urlString); Home About Us Services Clients ... I am interested in...
PasTech Computer Consulting
Big business solutions for small business clients
Companies in all facets of our economy rely on competitive IT solutions to keep their business going, but for most small to mid-sized businesses, having a full IT staff is far too expensive. Across America and across the world more and more of these businesses are choosing reliable computer consulting firms to get them past this hurdle, and this is where we come in. PasTech Computer Consulting works with businesses to give them the expert advice, development, and implementation of data and information systems to keep their companies competitive in the marketplace.
We build relationships with our clients, and all of our clients have come to trust us with their IT and computer needs, we hope that you will do the same. Contact us with your IT needs and let us get you up to speed with the ever changing world of computers and information systems. E-mail:

14. World Power Systems // Tom Jennings
World Power systems machine art and obsolete forgeries are the topics of this Los Angelesbased artist and computer expert. Includes bio.
Projects Reference data About WPS Table of Contents Overview and list of projects, artwork, research, writing; mostly things I've made or written. Technical reference data; obsolete, obscure, hard to find, and sometimes just plain old; mostly things made or written by others. What WPS is about; my curriculum vitae, resume, history, meta-data, past and present projects, and some really old stuff I can't bear to throw away. Index/table of contents and search engine for this site. There are many items here that do not appear in the categories. World Power Systems WWW server online since 1993 WWW server online since 1993

15. Expert Systems - A CompInfo Directory
human intelligence. These expert systems represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer. These rules and
CompInfo - The Computer Information Center
The top one-stop reference resource for corporate IT, computers and communications
Millions of IT users world-wide rely on our Web-based support resources
Tell your colleagues and friends, and bookmark us at Computer
Computer ...
and Conferences

Expert Systems - Outline "Knowledge-based expert systems, or simply expert systems, use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would require human intelligence. These expert systems represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer. These rules and data can be called upon when needed to solve problems" ( Expert Systems (PC AI Magazine) ) Topic Outline KnowledgeBases Newsgroups and FAQs Magazines and Ezines ... Key Training Providers Expert Systems - Knowledge Bases Back to Top Expert Systems - Newsgroups and FAQs

16. IT Expertise, IT Expert Witness / EDV-Gutachten EDV-Sachverständiger
Official approved and sworn expertwitness for ITsystems (computer forensic, hardware, software, internet, telecommunication, digital photogr.) entitled by the chamber of commerce BodenseeOberschwaben, Germany. (¶.b.u.v.EDV-Sachverst¤ndiger)
1st-Aid-EDV: IT-Expertise (EDV-Gutachten)
Looking for competent and court-approved IT-Expertise in the fields of
pre-trial or trial investigation / argumentation, particularly with one party
located in Germany or Switzerland? We're here to help!
Entitled by the chamber of commerce Bodensee-Oberschwaben, Germany as
official approved and sworn expert witness for IT-Systems and IT-Applications.
(Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Sachverständiger für Systeme und
Anwendungen der Informationsverarbeitung, EDV-Sachverständiger / EDV-Gutachter)
IT-Expert Witness (EDV-Sachverständiger)
Holger Morgenstern
(Master of Science in Computer Science)
Breslauer Str. 24, D-72501 Gammertingen, Germany
fon +49 7574 914-01, fax +49 7574 914-03
We are serving the law as well as the commercial community since 1988. Our offer includes consultation, expertises, estimation and evaluation for commercial companies, insurance companies, private people and the German Justice.
Problems in the field of IT and data processing can a priori very rarely be assigned to exactly one subrange (hardware, software, telecommunications, ...) and often arise at interface points. Our services cover therefore the holistic entire range of the data processing field:

17. Department Of Computer Science, University College Cork, Ireland
Department of computer Science. Research areas Algorithms, Unified Computing, computer Communications, Security, computer Simulation, Constraint Based Reasoning, Digital Video Compression, expert systems, Intelligent Information Agents, Neural Networks, ObjectOriented Database systems, Distributed and Parallel Processing, Semantics of programming languages, Theory and Formal Methods.
Quick Search Prospective Undergraduate / Graduate Students


Boole Centre for Research Informatics
Centre for Efficiency Oriented Languages
Cork Constraint Computation Centre

Centre for Unified Computing
ISPDC 2003


UCC occupies a unique place in the history of Information Technology. Boolean algebra, which provides the mathematical basis for computer design, was named after George Boole the first Professor of Mathematics at UCC. Today the Department of Computer Science is one of the largest and fastest growing of the academic departments within University College Cork
  • 18-22 April 2004: EGEE First Conference, Cork, Ireland ( more... July 5-8, 2004: International Workshop on Algorithms, Models and Tools for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Networks HeteroPar'04 In conjunction with ISPDC 2004 3rd International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing July 5-8, 2004 Cork, Ireland 16-18-June-2004: The 14th ACM International Workshop on: Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video Official Website 05-Nov-2003: CEOL Software Research Centre Opening November 10th ( more...

18. Expert Systems
expert System computer programs for analysis of Archaeological material. 1988. Fundamentals of expert systems. In Annual Review of computer Science, Vol.
Expert Systems THE TOPICS AI in the news AI Overview Agents Applications Cognitive Science Education Ethical/Social Expert Systems FAQs History Interfaces Machine Learning Natural Language Philosophy Reasoning Reference Shelf Representation Resources Robots Science Fiction Speech Turing Test Vision What's Left?
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Today's expert systems deal with domains of narrow specialization. For expert systems to perform competently over a broad range of tasks, they will have to be given very much more knowledge. ... The next generation of expert systems ... will require large knowledge bases. How will we get them? -Edward Feigenbaum, Pamela McCorduck, H. Penny Nii, from The Rise of the Expert Company

19. Computer Science Department, University Of Regina
Department of computer Science. Major research areas include artificial intelligence, graphics, image processing, expert systems, mathematical software and modeling, distributed computing, and theory of computation.
The University of Regina's B.Sc. and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Computer Science have been accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society's (CIPS) Computer Science Accreditation Council (CSAC). The CSAC works with academic institutions to ensure that educational programs prepare students for the demands of the Computing and Information Systems profession. Completion of accredited computer information systems programs, assist graduates in pursuing the Information Systems Professional of Canada (I.S.P.) designation. More information about CIPS and the professional certification program can be obtained at or (905) 602-1370. This WWW page is an official communication of the University of Regina.
Best viewed with a 1024x768 High Color (16 or 24 bit) resolution.
If you experience any problems with this server, please email

20. Computer Generated Music Composition
A Master's thesis on generative music, using an expert systemsbased process.

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