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         Europe History General:     more books (100)
  1. A History of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia, 2nd Edition by David M. Crowe, 2007-04-03
  2. Europe after Rome: A New Cultural History 500-1000 by Julia Smith, 2007-07-23
  3. A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present, Vol. 1 by Bonnie S. Anderson, Judith P. Zinsser, 1999-08-23
  4. Europe 1780 to 1830 (General History of Europe) by Franklin L. Ford, 1971-06
  5. 1968 in Europe: A History of Protest and Activism, 1956-1977 (Palgrave Macmillan Series in Transnational History) by Martin Klimke, Joachim Scharloth, 2008-04-15
  6. Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962 - 1154 (A General History of Europe Series, 3rd Edition) by Christopher Nugent Lawrence Brooke, Christopher Brooke, 1999-12-22
  7. The Eighteenth Century: Europe 1688-1815 (Short Oxford History of Europe)
  8. Europe: Hierarchy and Revolt: 1320-1450 (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) by George Holmes, 2000-04-14
  9. Europe in the Eighteenth Century: 1713-1783 (General History of Europe) by Matthew Smith Anderson, 1987-06
  10. Europe 1900-1945 (Short Oxford History of Europe)
  11. Europe in the Eighteenth Century 1713-1789: General History of Europe Series (4th Edition) by M.S. Anderson, 2000-09-11
  12. Eastern Europe, 1939-2000 (Brief Histories) by Mark Pittaway, 2004-06-24
  13. General history of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the French Revolution, by Guizot, 1857
  14. The Europe - General 2-In-1 Special: Saunterings / A History of the Early Part of the Reign of James the Second by Charles Dudley Warner, Charles James Fox, 2003-11

101. Sullair Europe : Leader In Rotary Air Screw Technology - Welcome.
Specializes in equipment incorporating rotary air screw technology. Manufactured products include industrial and portable compressors, pneumatic tools, and vacuum systems for construction and general manufacturing industries.
msg="SULLAIR+Welcome"; Home I Sullair Worldwide I Sullair Europe I Activities I Contacts I Applications I Shop
development magcom multimedia

102. Psychology Association Of Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual Psychologies (Europe)
Combats homophobia in general and in the field of psychology, stimulates and supports gay/lesbian/bisexual affirmative approaches in psychological science, in psychotherapy, and in all other psychological areas of work.

103. Albania: Main Page - World Sites Atlas
A collection of general and tourist information, plus Web links, maps, and photos.
National statistics adapted from the CIA World Factbook 1998 WEB DIRECTORY A thematic collection of links to web sites on Albania INTERACTIVE MAPS PLACES
= photos!
Political map
(49 Ko)
Physical map
(63 Ko)
Places of interest map
(28 Ko) Apollonia


World Sites Atlas

104. World Sites Atlas
A collection of general and tourist information, plus Web links, maps, and photos for places in Portugal.
You are being redirected to our new page for Portugal. Please wait... If you are not automatically transferred, click here

105. Culture Hydroponique Ou Hydroponie, Engrais, Substrats, Bouturage Avec General H
Distribution de produits et plants pour la culture hydroponique.

106. Macro-Dev: Market Strategy And Economic Analysis
independent London based research unit providing bespoke services on market strategy and economic analysis. Baseline economic and market forecasts for the US, Japan and europe are updated regularly for general access. A forward events calendar, links to official websites and a longterm international chronology is available.
About Macro-Dev
Macro-Dev's website provides many baseline economic and market projections free of charge.
The aim is to marshal information in a logical and coherent manner - so aiding intelligent debate about current economic and market events.
Our calendars and links provide all the necessary insights regarding upcoming G7 events. A separate chronology contains a summary of key factors impacting markets over the past fifty years.
News and Views
  • Following a temporary bout of weakness, our medium-term forecasts see the dollar's trade-weighted index stabilising close to current levels more…
    June may well prove to be a difficult month for equities as markets come to terms with the prospect of a long haul of monetary tightening more…
    We expect the Fed to hike interest rates at the end of June, starting a sequence of moves to 4% by end-2005 more…
    US Treasuries remain vulnerable with 10yr yields expected to challenge the 5.0% barrier before too long more…
    We have raised our Eurozone CPI inflation forecast for this year but weak underlying demand will see the ECB's target being met in 2005 more…
Research Market projections Currencies Short rates Bonds Equities ... United Kingdom Key events Market pulse Weekly forward look Month ahead calendar Chronology (50 years) Miscellany FAQs Links Downloads Search

107. Animal Pictures At Animal Trial
View wildlife animal pictures with general facts. Covers animals ranging from North and South America, europe, and Africa.
Animal Pictures at Animal Trial Animal pictures Lion Pictures Animal Puzzle Pictures Elephant pictures ... Try our animal quiz find out some interesting answers A TO B Aardvark Aberdeen angus Adder Snake Agouti Albatross bird African elephant Alligator Alpaca Anaconda snake Anteater Antelope Armadillo Artic fox Ass Avocet bird Baboon K TO M Koala bear Komodo dragon Lark bird Lemming rodent Lemur Leopard Lion Lizard Llama Lynx Lyre bird Man-o-war bird Mandrill Baboon Manx cat Marten Check out my animal list here from A to Z B TO B Bactrican camel Badger Bald eagle bird Barn owl bird Bat Bighorn sheep Beaver Bittern bird Black bear Black snake Blackbird Bluebird Boa snake Bobolink bird Bobcat lynx M TO O Meadow lark brid Mink Mole Mongoose Moose Mouse rodent Mule deer Musk deer Musk ox Muskrat rodent Nutria Ocelot Okapi Opossum Orangutan B TO C Bobwhite bird Booby bird Bower bird Buffalo Bunting bird Bushmaster snake Camel Capybara Caracal lynx Cardinal bird Caribou Cassowary bird Cat saimese Cavy rodent Chamois O TO P Oriole bird Osprey bird Ostrich bird Otter Owl bird Oyster catcher bird Panda Pangolin Parakeet bird Parrot bird Partridge bird Peacock bird Peccary wild pig Penguin bird Petrel bird C To C Cheetah Chickadee bird Chimpanzee Chipmunk Civet Cobra snake Condor bird Cony rodent Coral snake Cormorant bird Coyote Creeper Bird Crocodile Crow bird Cuckoo bird Curlew bird P TO R Phalanger marsupial Phalarope bird Pheasant bird Pigeon bird Platypus Plover bird Polar bear Porcupine Prairie dog Promghorn Puffin bird Puma Python snake Quail bird Rabbit D TO F Deer Dingo Dog Dromedary camel Duck Egret bird Elk Elephant Emu bird

108. Western European Art History Resources, Virtual Tours, Links & Timelines
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Timeline of Art history - europe - Beautifullydesigned interface to european art history, via the Met s extensive holdings.
YOUR GUIDE to the Best Sites
LOCAL Search Features Business ... Art History European Art
From ancient Greece to modern times, this collection of links provides the very best look at European art on the Web.
Asia Africa Europe ... Web Gallery of Art - Our highest rating goes to this, the premier site for European art and sculpure, with an easily searchable database of historic proportions. And don't miss their generous Guided Tours
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Timeline of Art History - Europe
- Beautifully designed interface to European art history, via the Met's extensive holdings.
Renaissance - Symmetry, Shape, Size
- Part of an Annenberg CPG Exhibit with a brief overview of art, music and architecture of the period. The links to further study are what make this site worth the trip. Art Gallery - Christus Rex - The Vatican collection, and more.

109. ! Pass A Pass, Cycling Passes And Climbs Of Europe
Cycling Information of passes and climbs above 1000m and with paved, surfaced roads. Includes pictures, a Top 100 list, wallpapers, profiles, travelogues and general information for races, organisations, books, maps, magazines, software, formulas, and tourist resources.
! Pass a pass, cycling passes and climbs of Europe
Information of cycling especially passes and climbs of Western Europe above 1000m: data,pictures,photos,profiles, races,organisations, books,maps,magazines, travelling,tourist information,dictionary,traveloques, technics,formulas,software This site is designed to be viewed using Frame features. If you are seeing this message, please consider upgrading to a frames-compatible browser or higher version such as (version 2.0 or higher) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 3.0 or higher) No Frames version of the site Keywords:
girls,bicycle girls,
professional racing: tour de france,vuelta,giro,giro d'italia,
cyclosportieven,cyclosportives: marmotte,oetztaler radmarathon,dolomitenmarathon,maratona delle dolomiti,
galibier,alpe d'huez,tourmalet,veleta,stelvio,mortirolo,
cyclists: pantani,marco pantani,armstrong,lance armstrong,ullrich

110. First Dutch DeLorean Site The Netherlands
DeLorean backgrounds, Site with general, technical, purchasing and import information for DeLorean enthusiasts in europe.
If you have an outdated browser and want to view my old site
Then press this button:
DeLorean World Old Website

111. Awardmasters Awards, Promotional Products, Metal Detectors
Online stamp auctions. United States, Great Britain and Commonwealth, europe, and general Worldwide.
Welcome to Awardmasters.
Remember, you are safe shopping with Awardmasters. We will never sell, trade, share, or give your personal information to anyone and we do not store your credit card information on our web server.
To enter one of our sites, just click on the appropriate link below.
Awards and Promotional Products
"Awards, Trophies, Plaques, Name Badges, Full Color Imprinting, and much more"
Awardmasters Metal Detectors
"Quality Tesoro metal detectors for coin/jewelry hunting, prospecting, relic hunting, beach hunting, and more."
Awardmasters Philatelic Auctions Online

Contact Us:

112. RTC Hiking Club In The Netherlands
Hiker club in the Netherlands. Find membership information, many photos, and general hiking tips for europe.
The RTC hiking club is a group of people who like to make hiking trips in the Netherlands and abroad. Most of the ideas are being realized in weekends. The RTC hiking club members are being informed about the hiking trips by e-mailings. To receive mailings from the RTC hiking club the e-mail address should be send to the RTC hiking club administration. However, all the mailings are written in Dutch! The hiking club is a non-commercial group.
this banner for your Web Site.
Click here to send an e-mail message to the RTC backpacking and hiking club. To send a message online (without e-mail adres) to the RTC you can click right here Welcome at the trunk-table for chatting about hiking and backpacking and all related subjects. E-mailings in Dutch In the RTC photo archive Best RTC photo election award Vosges (France) backpacking report ... Pictures of a hike in French Pays Basque
Link of the month
Welcome to the " International 100 km Death March of Bornem " of our organisation Kadee in Belgium. It is the ever-returning ambiance, 50.000 spectators, and not to forget the thousands of spectators along the tour and in the several checkpoints, the excellent organisation and the really splendid surroundings, which distinguishes our 100 km Death March of Bornem from the other walking tours and which makes it into a unique event. (Nederlands / Français / English / Deutsch) A hiking trip of an extra 10 kilometers...

113. MainMarineMaritime Home Page
This gallery contains photographs of Tall Ships and Sailing. Most of the shots hae been taken in the UK and some from europe. It also contains some photograghs of barges and general maritime shipping.
Welcome to this photographic gallery of ships. It is a collection of shots that have been taken over the years and have now been put together as a web site. The subject matter includes tall ships, offshore rigs, barges, yachts and other general shots of anything to do with people and boats. If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames. Don't worry, you can still enjoy this site. All the pages can be viewed by clicking on the links below!
Please use the back button on your browser to move back to this noframes Home Page

114. Home - Home
Nonpartisan comment by John Bean critical of the effects of mass immigration in Britain in particular and europe in general. As a veteran British Nationalist and author, John Bean gives politically incorrect comment on home and overseas affairs on this page.
Although this site is supportive of the main objectives of the BNP, and we recommend that UK viewers give them their vote, it is an independent website. Views expressed here are not necessarily those of the BNP.
Some of the comments below also appear in John Bean's monthly "Nationalist Notebook" feature published in the BNP's "Identity" magazine. For sample copy and subscription details, send six lst class stamps to:PO Box 841, Balsham,Cambs CB1 6WF.
This site last updated: 28.05.04
It is noticeable that the kept press of the old parties (particularly the "Telegraph") have been subtly promoting the UK Independence Party at the run up to the Euro Elections. It is pretty obvious that this is to try and deter some independent minded voters from voting BNP. Those visitors to my site who might be tempted by the 'respectable' UKIP , should read this lead letter from the "Daily Telegraph" of 27th May.
UKIP Is A pointless Protest Vote
SIR - The UKIP today, I fear, is entirely unworthy of support, even as a protest party. It has had four MEPs who have achieved little or nothing in the past five years: one even called for increased powers for the European Parliament vis-a-vis the European Commission; another made an almost incomprehensible maiden speech in Devonian dialect.

115. British Beavers :: Index
The communtiy is a group of tight knit snowboarders. Started from BC Canada, going all the way to europe, they discuss snowboarding, and anything in general.

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British Beavers Forum Index
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116. Pekao Cargo International Inc. - Home
Based in Toronto Canada. Air and ocean forwarding services. Specialists in general cargo transport between Canada, Asia and Eastern europe.
Pekao Cargo International is committed to providing expert management of your international transportation and logistics functions.
Our efficient and low cost service features:
  • Pre-shipment check of letters of credit and purchase orders. Consultative approach to shipment management. Vendor compliance. Single port to multi-country consolidation and deconsolidation services. Web-based shipment tracking. Full documentation and Marine Insurance services. Complete North American logistics services including direct distribution to retail centers. Contract negotiations with foreign and domestic carriers. Timely, personalized and professional services. Ethical business practices and observances.

117. CNN - Russian General Says Warning Grozny A Humanitarian Move - December 7, 1999
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Russian general says warning Grozny a humanitarian move
Kazantsev said the warning is a final humanitarian gesture for innocent Chechens to leave the war zone
Chechens given 5 days to leave capital
December 7, 1999 Web posted at: 3:28 a.m. EST (0828 GMT) In this story: Clinton: Russia will pay 'heavy price' Another 20,000-plus refugees expected RELATED STORIES, SITES From staff and wire reports MOZDOK, Russia (CNN) Leaflets dropped on the Chechen capital telling civilians to leave by Saturday or face massive bombardment were a humanitarian warning, not an ultimatum, the Russian commander in Chechnya said Tuesday. Russian Gen. Viktor Kazantsev told reporters that the leaflets dropped Monday on Chechnya's capital, Grozny, were aimed at protecting civilians. The messages warn Grozny residents to leave the city by December 11.

118. Books On European History
The Struggle for europe The Turbulent history of a Divided Continent19452002 by William I. Hitchcock (Hardcover - January 2003).
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European History
Books on English, French, German, Italian, Spanish... Home History > European History Related Books History Index
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History Magazines

History Software

Resources History Books UK Powells: History Best Sellers Magazines History Magazines Posters Art Prints The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the Making of the Modern World Economy. by Kenneth Pomeranz (Paperback) Cistercian Europe: Architecture of Contemplation by Terryl N. Kinder, Michael Downey Explores the architecture and the monastic life of many famous Cisterian abbeys from the middle ages. Listed under Medieval History The Embarrassment of Riches : An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age by Simon Schama Listed under Dutch History On the Natural History of Destruction: With Essays on Alfred Andersch, Jean Amery, and Peter Weiss by Winfried Georg Sebald (Hardcover - February 2003) Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling by Ross King Listed under Michelangelo How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It by Arthur Herman Listed under Scottish History Iberia by James A. Michener

119. CV Beauvais Nicolas Resume, Presentation, Collaboration, Creation !
Sales director experienced in IT B2B sales looking for a new position as general Manager in an international software or computer company, preferably one that is either startingup or expanding in europe.

120. Organisations: Ukraine
Society of the Ukrainian Native Faith's webpage providing book resources, a mission statement and some general Ukrainian Pagan information.
Society of the Ukrainian Native Faith
Kyiv, Ukraine
(See also the Declaration dated 25th August 1998.)
The society was founded in Kyiv in 1993 and was registered in 1997 (certificate No. 829)
The name
Ukrainian heathenism is a generic term referring to the national religion of our Ukrainian ancestors 1000 years ago, prior to Christianity, and which is now enjoying a revival in Ukraine.
We reject the term Paganism imposed by the Christian priests, as the Latin paganus has a negative connotation in the Ukrainian language, suggesting bad , in Ukrainian pohany . In the English language, we use the transcription Yazychnystvo and the full name Confession of the Ukrainian Native Faith Pravo -
The name Pravoslavya , originally an ancient heathen term, was adopted by the Christian Orthodox church to deceive the faithful during the first centuries following conversion to the Christian religion. Prav means peace of Gods and the Divine Law
is a ceremonial divine heathen service, as well as the name of the Godess Slava. Thus, the term means the laudation of the Gods
Holy Scriptures The Ukrainian heathens have the ancient Ukrainian chronicle (oaken boards) The Book of Veles , written in V-IX centuries. This document contains various historical mythological and perspective sources of Ukrainian Native Faith, as well as the approaches to:

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