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         Europe History General:     more books (100)
  1. Europe 1880-1945: A General History of Europe (3rd Edition) by J.M. Roberts, 2000-09-25
  2. The Age of Nationalism and Reform, 1850-1890, Second Edition (The Norton History of Modern Europe) by Norman Rich, 1976-10-19
  3. Europe Divided: 1559 - 1598 (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) by John H. Elliott, 2000-04-14
  4. The History of Eastern Europe for Beginners (Writers and Readers) by Paul Beck, Edward Mast, et all 1997-10
  5. Europe Transformed: 1878-1919 (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) by Norman Stone, 1999-06-09
  6. Fractured Europe: 1600 - 1721 (Blackwell History of Europe) by D. J. Sturdy, 2002-02-08
  7. Magic and Superstition in Europe: A Concise History from Antiquity to the Present (Critical Issues in History) by Michael D. Bailey, 2006-11-28
  8. Exit into History: A Journey Through the New Eastern Europe by Eva Hoffman, 1994-10-01
  9. An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Europe: Economic Regimes from Laissez-Faire to Globalization by Ivan T. Berend, 2006-07-10
  10. Women in Twentieth-Century Europe (Gender and History) by Ann Taylor Allen, 2008-01-08
  11. Rebirth: A Political History Of Europe Since World War II, Second Edition by Robert English, Paul, C Helmreich, et all 1999-10-21
  12. Kings and Philosophers: 1689-1789 (Norton History of Modern Europe) by Leonard Krieger, 1977-06
  13. Nationalism in Europe 1789-1945 (Cambridge Perspectives in History) by Timothy Baycroft, 1998-11-13
  14. Europe in Crisis: 1598-1648 (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) by Geoffrey Parker, 2002-01-03

61. Eighteenth-Century Resources -- History
France (Desmond Hosford, Geocities) general introduction to Salon Life (ModernHistory Sourcebook, Fordham collection of documents on Revolutionary europe.
This page, edited by Jack Lynch Eighteenth-Century Resources on the Net.
General Resources
Internet Modern History Sourcebook (Paul Halsall, Fordham)
A huge and impressive archive of mostly primary material on modern European and American history, including much on the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries.
Documents in Military History (Dave Stewart, Hillsdale College)
Primary documents, many abridged, on Dettingen, Culloden, the American and French Revolutions, and miscellaneous military matters.
Current Value of Old Money (Roy Davies)
Pointers to information (on-line and in print) on the relative value of money through history. Very handy.
18th Century History: The Age of Reason and Change (Rick Brainard)
An attractive meta-site on C18 history, with a chronology, and extensive but miscellaneous original resources and links.
Eighteenth-Century Chronology (Jack Lynch, Rutgers)
An in-progress chronology on eighteenth-century world history, including literature, theatre, politics, science, religion, music, and art, from 1660 to 1800. Coverage is still spotty, and British culture is disproportionately represented.
The Romantic Chronology (UCSB)
A fine place to start on later eighteenth-century history. An extensive chronology with elaborate search capabilities:

62. EAWC: Medieval Europe
In history texts, medieval european history often goes by together of the forces ofthe RENAISSANCE in europe. twelfth century and the Middle Ages in general.
Medieval Europe
The Magna Carta

Medieval Proofs for the Existence of God

Selections from Aquinas' Summa Theologica
On War

On Killing

On Cheating with Regard to Buying and Selling

On Usury

In history texts, medieval European history often goes by its older soubriquet, the Middle Ages. Typically, the period stretches from the collapse of IMPERIAL ROME to the coming together of the forces of the RENAISSANCE in Europe. It was the intelligentsia of the Renaissance that labelled the years preceding their own as middle caught between the ethos of the archaic civilizations Greece and Rome and the revitalized learning of their own time. That the thinkers of the Renaissance were masters of hubris is not news; their less-than-generous characterization of the thousand or so years that separated them from Rome reflects their prejudices and their collective oversight.
For the Middle Ages were much less uniform and much richer than most Renaissance thinkers would allow. MICHELANGELO could sculpt a muscular David alive and full of motion though cut from stone; but it was a magnificent communal enterprise that designed and executed CHARTRES CATHEDRAL in the center of a sleepy town southwest of Paris some 800 years ago. The cathedral stands today as a symbol (for even such a cultural cynic as Henry Adams) of the extraordinary integration of religion and political life that characterizes the Chartres of the twelfth century and the Middle Ages in general. You can still see the spires of the cathedral rise out of the fields of grain as you approach on the train (no bullet train stops here), and the high-rise mentality of modern life is happily absent from the modern, burgeoning town, all of whose buildings bend low as if in homage to the heaven-reaching church. Then there was no division of Church and State: the Church became the State, and the city wore its cathedral like a holy badge of Christendom on earth.

63. SULAIR: 1.C. General Bibliographies And Other Guides
20, Medieval europe. Introduction. Social, Economic and Political history. ReferenceWorks; general Studies National and Regional Histories; Rural World; Urban World
skip to main navigation Articles A-Z Humanities and Area Studies Engineering Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Government Numeric Data Archive of Recorded Sound Biology (Falconer) Bing Wing Business (Jackson) Eng.(Swain) Earth Sciences (Branner) East Asia Education (Cubberley) Engineering Government Docs. (Jonsson) Green Library Hoover Institution Information Center Lane Reading Room Law (Crown) Map Collections Marine Biology (Miller) Sciences Media and Microtext Medical (Lane) Meyer Music Physics Special Collections Social Science Social Science Resource Center Stanford Auxiliary Library SLAC Library
Medieval Studies
1.C. General Bibliographies and Other Guides
3d ed., 1995, 2 v., Z6201.A55. Shelved at the Reference Desk.
Sect. 20, Medieval Europe
Social, Economic and Political History
  • Reference Works General Studies
    • National and Regional Histories Rural World Urban World, Commerce, Industry Demography, Family, Household Women Other topics
    Bibliography by period and region Politics and Government
Church and Intellectual History
  • Reference Church and Intellectual History 300-1050
    • General Studies Church in Late Antiquity and Early M.A.

64. Search Results
Can t find the author you were looking for? history europe England general.Sorted by author • Sorted by title • Sorted newest to oldest.

65. Czech Embassy
history The history of the Czech Republic is rich great influence over much of Centraland Eastern europe. Late in November, Secretary general of the Communist

66. Historical Sites
general Rhodes University history Guide Council for British Celts - Drynemetum sAcademic Research Center Pre-history of europe - Extensive Bibliography
Home This page contains links to web sites with online information about a range of historical topics, including: General
Rhodes University - History Guide
Council for British Archaeology (CBA) - Research Reports
British Archaeology - Online version of magazine
Internet Archaeology - University of York online journal
Time Team Book List - by period -
Library of Iberian Resources Online (Libro) -
Richard Britnell
- numerous online papers
Barry Cunliffe

Christopher Dyer
John Munro - see 'recent working papers' Historical climate studies / sites Notable weather events - pre 1500 AD Climate history - Do climate changes mean anything? Military history sites: De Re Militari - site of the Society for Medieval Military History Ancient World Sites Top Ancient World Web - at Internet Ancient History Sourcebook - at Hannibal Barca and the Punic Wars - (Carthage) Aksum - An African Civilisation of Late Antiquity A Trip in Time - Ancient History (Mesopotamia / Egypt) Ancient Route - ancient (principally Mediterranean) trade routes -

67. Historical Text Archive: Links : Europe: General
Use this site for costumehistory in general; Abridged history of europe by William Brinton (1316...... 17th Century Fashion Links Page (996 clicks)

68. Yasui —m‘, History, Europe, General
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
˜a‘ —m‘ ƒGƒŒƒNƒgƒƒjƒNƒX ƒJƒeƒSƒŠ[•Ê ...
ƒuƒ‰ƒEƒY Albania Andorra Austria Belgium ...
‰¿Ši:  8,159
»‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: ¬ŠwŠÙ
‰¿Ši:  2,940
»‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: “Œ‹ž“°o”Å
‰¿Ši:  1,365
»‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: u’kŽÐƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒiƒVƒ‡ƒiƒ‹
‰¿Ši:  1,260
‰¿Ši:  735
»‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: Šâ”g‘“X
‰¿Ši:  1,344
»‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: ƒOƒ‰ƒtƒBƒbƒNŽÐ ’ʏí24ŽžŠÔˆÈ“à‚É”­‘—‚µ‚Ü‚·B
‰¿Ši:  7,665 »‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: Šâ”g‘“X ’ʏí24ŽžŠÔˆÈ“à‚É”­‘—‚µ‚Ü‚·B
‰¿Ši:  7,980 ’ʏí24ŽžŠÔˆÈ“à‚É”­‘—‚µ‚Ü‚·B
ˆß•ž‚Ì•`‚«•û (ƒX[ƒcEƒZ[ƒ‰[•ž•Ñ)
‰¿Ši:  1,523 »‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: ƒOƒ‰ƒtƒBƒbƒNŽÐ ’ʏí24ŽžŠÔˆÈ“à‚É”­‘—‚µ‚Ü‚·B
‚ ‚郈ƒM‚ÌŽ©–“`
‰¿Ši:  4,410 »‘¢‹ÆŽÒ: X–ko”Å ’ʏí24ŽžŠÔˆÈ“à‚É”­‘—‚µ‚Ü‚·B ƒy[ƒW 1 ƒy[ƒW 2 ƒy[ƒW 3 ƒy[ƒW 4 ... ƒy[ƒW 5 Å‚à‚æ‚¢ƒvƒƒ_ƒNƒg: ’©‘NŒêŽ«“T ‰¿Ši:  8,159 ‰¿Ši:  2,940 •Žm“¹ ‰¿Ši:  1,365 ‰¿Ši:  1,260 ‰¿Ši:  735 ”ü­—ƒLƒƒƒ‰‚Ì•`‚«•û ‰¿Ši:  1,344 LŽ«‰‘ ‰¿Ši:  7,665 ƒŠ[ƒ_[ƒY‰p˜aŽ«“T ‰¿Ši:  7,980 ˆß•ž‚Ì•`‚«•û (ƒX[ƒcEƒZ[ƒ‰[•ž•Ñ) ‰¿Ši:  1,523

69. ACTCM Library Catalog
history (general) and history of europe. Page 1 of 4 Total32 Records. TitleA concise history of India. Author Watson, Francis, Call No. DS436.W38c.1989.
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 455 Arkansas Street San Francisco, CA 94107 Tel: 415-282-7600 Fax: 415-282-0856 Email: Introduction New books Article Abstracts ... Home History (General) and History of Europe Page of Total: Records. Title: A concise history of India Author: Watson, Francis Call No.: Publisher: Thames and Hudson PubPlace: London PubYear: Pagination: BookSize: ISBN: Subject: India-History;; Title: A history of Japan: 1334-1615 Author: Sansom, George Call No.: Publisher: Staford University Press PubPlace: Stanford, CA. PubYear: Pagination: BookSize: ISBN: Subject: Japan-History-1334-1615;; Title: A history of Japan: to 1334 Author: Sansom, George Call No.: Publisher: Stanford University Press PubPlace: Stanford PubYear: Pagination: BookSize: ISBN: Subject: Japan-History-Ancient;; Title: A history of japan:1615-1867 Author: Sansom, George Call No.: Publisher: Stanford University Press PubPlace: Stanford, CA. PubYear: Pagination: BookSize: ISBN: Subject: Japan-History-1615-1867;;

70. Europe - Compare Prices, Reviews And Buy At NexTag - Price - Review
Life Work in Medieval europe. Prosper Boissonnade. Rating No user ratings.Category Books history europe general. $7. Compare Prices.
var isGatorAlreadyDisplayed = false; var isShowwhenuAlreadyDisplayed = false; Before You Buy - Compare Nex Tag UK in All Categories Books History Europe Automotive Baby Books Computers Electronics Internet Services Magazines Movies Music Musical Instruments Office Products Software Toys Travel Video Games Computers Electronics Clothing Cars ... Mortgages See More... Recently Viewed
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Peace, War and European Powers Rating: No user ratings Category: Books : History : Europe : General $24 to $27 Compare Prices at 3 Sellers 1812: The Great Retreat Rating: No user ratings Category: Books : History : Europe : General $40 to $50 Compare Prices The Book and the Sword A Life of Learning in the Throes of the Holocaust
David W. Hativni Rating: No user ratings rate this item Category: Books : History : Europe : Eastern Buy at Seller European Culture In the Great War
Rating: No user ratings rate this item Category: Books : History : Europe : General Buy at Seller Europe's Romantic Era AD 1789-1848
Time-Life Books Editors Rating: No user ratings rate this item Category: Books : History : Europe : General Buy at Seller Byzantium in the Seventh Century: The Transformation of a Culture Rating: No user ratings Category: Books : History : Europe : Eastern $29 to $37 Compare Prices at 3 Sellers The Radical Reformation Rating: No user ratings Category: Books : History : Europe : General $22 to $23

71. Powell's Books - War And Society In Revolutionary Europe 1770-1870 (War & Europe
1900. Subject Modern 19th Century Subject europe - general SubjectMilitary - general Subject history Edition Number Rev. ed

72. Search Europe: History: By Region: France
The WWWVL history Index. This is the central catalogue for the WWW-VL network ofindexes to Historical materials on-line. It is intended for general public use
Search Web Search Photos Country Guide Directory Weather Home ... By Region : France
Historical Personages

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  • The Nieuport Pages Nieuport aircraft (France) 1909-48 Photographs, drawings, profiles, serial numbers, engines (Added: Fri Apr 16 1999)
  • Documents, lettres et manuscrits autographes historiques This site contains a wide collection of AUTHENTIC historical documents, letters, manuscripts covering the periods ranging from the 14th to the 20th century. All are available for purchase. (Added: Sun Oct 03 1999)
  • Voyage en Terre d'Oc, le catharisme Interactive Encyclopedia about Cathars, Catharism, the Albigensian Crusade, ... (Added: Thu Nov 11 1999)
  • La France pittoresque : histoire, culture, gastronomie, tourisme Balade parmi les coutumes, traditions, légendes, métiers, personnages, lieux pittoresques, faune et flore de la France d'autrefois. Anecdotes, chroniques anciennes, extraits d'ouvrages. Dictionnaires anciens. Annuaires thématiques : communes, régions, départements, musées, artisans, anciennes provinces, produits du terroir. Envoi de gravures anciennes virtuelles par mail. Ephémérides, almanachs anciens. (Added: Mon Apr 17 2000)
  • The U-boat bases of the Second World War in France The U-boat bases of the Second World War in France (Added: Wed Jan 17 2001)
  • Mediterranean Archaeology Resources Mediterranean Archaeology Resources (Added: Fri Apr 06 2001)
  • Jacques Cousteau Jacques Cousteau
  • 73. Books On-line: Call Numbers Starting With D
    A general history for Colleges and High Schools (ca.1889) by Philip Van Ness Myers(Gutenberg text); history of Modern europe, 17921878 (popular edition

    74. Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Vikings? Such Friendly Folk, Say Textbooks
    There is a general consensus that But europe s history is about more than commonality;it is about conflict and that should be admitted and even celebrated. .,6109,936579,00.html
    @import url(,,,00.css);
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    Sound of Bloomsday comes 100 years later
    John Sutherland: Blood on the page Well, I'll go to the foot of the page... Japanese Delia puts Britain on her menu ... The rebel, the lady, and the resurrection
    Vikings? Such friendly folk, say textbooks
    Schoolchildren are getting rewritten histories of Europe that are politically correct but cut out the awkward facts
    Amelia Hill
    Sunday April 13, 2003

    75. ABM -- General Books About Belarus, Including History - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    the Study of Nationalities (USSR and East europe); Editorin acomplished a feat uniquein the history of the is a translation of the Soviet general Staff Study
    This File Last Updated: 2003/07/10
    General Books about Belarus, including its History
    Go to the A Belarus Miscellany Topic List Go to the top of Section about Books Go to the Books about Mensk, Belarus section Search the A Belarus Miscellany Web site Note: Any Cyrillic Belarusian on this page (and any accented Latin characters) are in Unicode (UTF-8) font encoding
    Although some of the books listed here discuss the Belarusian people in many countries, a section of this Web site, Belarusians in the USA , provides information about books that specificially discuss the diaspora in the USA.
    The 1863 Uprising in Byelorussia: "Peasants' Truth" and "Letters from Beneath the Gallows," Byelorussian Institute of Arts and Sciences, The Krecheuski Foundation, New York, 1980. Text and commentaries by Jan Zaprudnik and Thomas E. Bird. [71 pp.; 15 cm x 23 cm; 6" x 9"], Library of Congress Card Catalog No.: 80-65533; Call Number: PG2834.4.K95 1980
    • Includes a facsimile page of the original, plus text in Belarusian (Cyrillic and Latsinka ) and English.

    76. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Travel Europe / General Books At
    We found 358 results for Travel europe / general Books. Umer, Teresa Lowest price$18 Compare Prices Compare Rick Steves europe 101 history and Art for

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    Compare Rick Steves' Germany, Austria, and Switzerland 2003: Includes Prague
    Steves, Rick
    Lowest price:
    Compare Let's Go 2003 Europe
    1 consumer review
    Lowest price: Compare Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring Wagle, Vivek Lowest price: Compare Rick Steves' Mona Winks: Self-Guided Tours of Europe's Top Museums Lowest price: Compare From Here, You Can't See Paris: Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant Sanders, Michael S. 1 consumer review Lowest price: Compare Europe by Eurail 2003: How to Tour Europe by Train Ferguson-Kosinski, Laverne Lowest price: Compare No image available. Hostels European Cities: The Only Comprehensive, Unofficial, Opinionated Guide 1 consumer review Lowest price: Compare Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Europe 1 consumer review Lowest price: Compare Rick Steves' Best of Europe 2003 Steves, Rick Lowest price: Compare Lonely Planet Eastern Europe Greenway, Paul

    77. Cleveland Public Library: Links Library
    Search the europe history category Enter a keyword(s to scholarly resources onAmerican and British history. Academic, political and general information are

    78. Shia News | Europe | Discover 1,000 Years Of Missing History
    Architecture Education Engineering Geography history general and Old Technology TheScience of history Town Asia.
    low graphics advertisement promotion feedback ... Letters to Editor
    Published on: Friday, 23 Ramadhan 1423 (29 November 2002)
    Discover 1,000 years of missing history
    United Kingdom, is a unique online Education Community, that brings together Muslims and Non-Muslims seeking to advance Civilisation through the study of Muslim Heritage . Pioneered by the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (FSTC Limited) in the UK, it is an ambitious project that aims to raise global awareness on the importance and relevance of Muslim Heritage and its mostly unaccounted contribution to current world civilisation.
    A vast repository of knowledge and historical data on the critical role of the Muslim contribution to science, technology and world civilisation is available in library archives throughout the world. This knowledge if comprehensively extracted, documented and popularised, would provide stronger intellectual foundations for Muslims to begin to reassert their identity as major pioneers of human civilisation.
    "This website is run by FSTC who have no affiliation with, and do not advocate support of, any particular country, nationality, religious sect or political group," Tariq AL-Tayeb, of the FSTC told Shia News.

    79. Target : Entertainment : Books : History : Europe : General
    Medieval europe A Short history by C. Warren Hollister, Judith Bennett Avg.Guest Rating Usually ships in 24 hours, Our Price $54.70. Why Switzerland?

    80. The History Of Europe As A Whole
    The history of europe as a whole. Hartford Web Publishing is not theauthor of the documents in World history Archives and does not
    The history of Europe as a whole
    Hartford Web Publishing is not the author of the documents in World History Archives World History Archives home page table of contents The history of western Europe
    The history of southern Europe
    Culture, media and telecommunications in Europe as a whole

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