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         Europe History General:     more books (100)
  1. Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt, 2005-10-06
  2. Secrets of Nature: Astrology and Alchemy in Early Modern Europe (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
  3. The Cambridge Economic History of Europe from the Decline of the Roman Empire: Volume 4, The Economy of Expanding Europe in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth ... (The Cambridge Economic History of Europe)
  4. The Columbia History of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century
  5. The Struggle for Mastery in Europe: 1848-1918 (Oxford History of Modern Europe) by Alan J. P. Taylor, 1980-12-04
  6. The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, Vol. 8: The Industrial Economies: The Development of Economic and Social Policies
  7. Europe in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries (General History of Europe) by Denys Hay, 1989-10-16
  8. Europe since 1945: A Concise History by J. Robert Wegs, Robert Ladrech, 2007-01-26
  9. Russian General Staff and Asia, 1860-1917 (Routledgecurzon History of Russia and Eastern Europe) by Alex Marshall, 2006-06-13
  10. Seventeenth-Century Europe, Second Edition: State, Conflict and Social Order in Europe 1598-1700 (Palgrave History of Europe) by Thomas Munck, 2005-09-03
  11. A Political History of Western Europe Since 1945 by Derek W. Urwin, 1997-05
  12. A General History of the Robberies and Murders of theMost Notorious Pirates by Captain Charles Johnson, 2002-06-01
  13. General history of civilization in Europe from the fall of the Roman empire to the French revolution by Guizot, 1876
  14. The Making of Europe: An Introduction to the History of European Unity (The Works of Christopher Dawson, 3) by Christopher Henry Dawson, 2002-12

Main Page general Information and history, The College of Southeastern europe,The American University of Athens™, founded in 1982, is an independent
Main Page- General Information and History Message from the President Graduate School Schools and Programs of Study Southeastern Review ... Contact Us The College of Southeastern Europe, The American University of Athens™, founded in 1982, is an independent American University and offers the benefits of both larger and smaller American universities. Southeastern, incorporated in the state of Delaware under its corporate laws and regulations, is a private international University conferring Bachelor's degrees under authority of a charter granted by the Delaware Board of Education. Southeastern is an Accredited Member of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). ACICS is listed as a nationally recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education , under the provisions of Public Law 82-550 and subsequent legislation which requires the evaluation of such agencies and issuance of an official list by the Department.Our rates related with retention, career placement and graduating class participation for graduate studies places our institution among the 12% of the best American universities. Southeastern enjoys an international reputation for excellence in teaching, as well as for quality of faculty and students.

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43. General
Price $29.95 Customer Review AJP Taylor s The Struggle for Mastery in europe isthe book to start reading about those 70 crucial years in europe s history.
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... Europe's Last Summer : Who Started the Great War in 1914?
from Knopf
Customer Review: Fromkin writes two books. One is a good treatment of those days in the summer of July of 1914 that precipitated the Great War. However he sums up his conclusions in several short chapters that could have been condensed in one major chapter. He harps on certain details to "prove" his thesis that that... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Undaunted Courage : Meriwether Lewis Thomas Jefferson and the Opening of the American West Price: Customer Review: "Undaunted Courage" is historian Stephen E. Ambrose's masterfully told and compelling account of The Lewis and Clark expedition, one of the most historically significant journeys of exploration in American history. Relying extensively on the Journals of Lewis and Clark, Ambrose has put together a... more info Customer Rating: Click here for more information Buy from: United Kingdom Medieval Europe: A Short History from McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages Price: Customer Review: I, too, had the pleasure of using this book for an undergraduate class, and believe the material to be superbly organized. There seems to be just the right amount of subject headings, and the prose is clear and enjoyable to read. Moreover, illustrations and charts are equally well-placed. Rather...

44. Title Details - Cambridge University Press
New titles email For updates on new titles in history general. The CambridgeEconomic history of europe from the Decline of the Roman Empire.

45. Title Details - Cambridge University Press
history general. The Cambridge Economic history of europe from the Decline of theRoman Empire. Volume 1, Agrarian Life of the Middle Ages. Edited by MM Postan.

46. Booksurge
Booksurge Database Login. Search Results for history / europe / general. Displayingresults 1 10 of 29. - Account of a Voyage around the World by.

47. Europe TIMELINE
before WWI general. The Soviet Union, 19181939. europe before WWII. REFERENCE WorldCivilizations http// Page
Europe Chapters on Europe European Multimedia European History Timeline
Chapters on Europe
The Hebrew and Early Greek Civilizations
Chapter 4
Greek Civilization
Chapter 7
The Hellenistic Civilization
Chapter 8
Roman Civilization
Chapter 9
Christianity and the Transformation of the Roman World
Chapter 10
Rome's Three Heirs
The Byzantine, Islamic and Early-Medieval Western Worlds: Chapter 12
The High Middle Ages
Economic, Social, and Political Institutions: Chapter 13
The High Middle Ages
Religious and Intellectual Developments: Chapter 14
The Later Middle Ages
Chapter 15 The Civilization of the Renaissance Chapter 18 Europe Expands and Divides Overseas Discoveries and Protestant Reformation: Chapter 19 A Century of Crisis for Early-Modern Europe Chapter 20 The Economy and Society of Early Modern Europe Chapter 22 The Age of Absolutism Chapter 23 The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment Chapter 24 The French Revolution Chapter 25 The Industrial Revolution Chapter 26 Consequences of Industrialization: Urbanization and Class Consciousness Chapter 27 The Rise of Liberalism Chapter 28 Nationalism and Nation-Building Chapter 29 International Industrialization and Imperialism Chapter 30 The Middle Class Challenged Chapter 31 A Delicate Equilibrium Chapter 32 China, Japan, and Africa

48. Historical Map Web Sites - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Sioux Wars Atlas (US Army Command and general Staff College); South More Links toImages of Early Maps - europe (Map history / history of Cartography Site
Choose Search UTNetCAT-Online Catalog -Title -Title Keywords -Author -Author Keywords -Subject -Subject Keywords -Mixed Keywords -Call Number Electronic Journals UTLOL-Library Web Site UT Austin's web site AllTheWeb Altavista Google Web Crawler Yahoo! Maps
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Maps Home

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... PCL Map Collection - Historical Map Web Sites

Map Collection
Historical Map Web Sites
World Africa Asia Australia/Pacific ... Astronomy Updated 4/2/04 Featured:
  • Images of Early Maps on the Web Links arranged by geographic area
  • David Rumsey Collection Thousands of Historical Maps and Atlases
  • Oddens' Bookmarks 21,000 Map-Related Links
    The following are links to historical maps on other Web sites. Also see historical maps from our collection
  • 49. World History Compass Home Page
    States, Mexico, and the Caribbean from europe, Asia, and into a public tier, whichcontains general information about Not a history site, but probably the most
    World History Compass
    About WHC
    Main Index
    General and

    International History

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient, General

    Search WHC Editorial
    N.Y. Times Article, The Wonder Years: Homework Is Free Online Rediscovering 'The Great Peace'
    American Research Center in Egypt
    Announces Fall Lecture Schedule English Heritage lists sites that are closed due to spread of foot and mouth disease. World History Compass Select Sites Today in History from the Library of Congress A Few Words on the World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks. Add a Link ...
    Feedback and Comments
    New Links 22-Sep-2001 The Chinese Empire From the Great Unification through the Yuan Dynasty. Washington State University. Itihaas: The History of India Covers ancient, medieval, modern and independence. Nanking 1937 An exhibition of photographs and missionary documents of the Nanking Massacre. Princeton University. 21-Sep-2001 Boeing: The History Beneath Our Wings Boeing company site that includes also histories of McDonnell Douglas and North American, with videos. National Museum of Naval Aviation Over 140 restored aircraft representing Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aviation. Pensacola, Florida.

    50. Business History In Europe
    for the necessary reflection and for the discussion of more general issues. researchin Russia with the tradition of business history in europe and elsewhere
    Business History in Europe From previous issues of the EBHA Newsletter
    Business History in Italy: The ASSI Foundation
    The ASSI Foundation is the most important institution for the study of Italian business history. Created in 1983 as the association of Italian business historians (ASSI stands for Associazione di Storia e Studi sull'Impresa, i.e. the Association for the History and Study of Enterprise), three years later it was transformed into a foundation, thanks to the support of Italian corporations including Fiat, Montedison and Fratelli Dioguardi as well as the Milan Chamber of Commerce.
    ASSI's activities are divided into four areas. They include:
    Seminars and Workshops
    Each month a seminar is organised for the discussion of a research project of an Italian or foreign scholar. Recent scholars have included Mark Fruin from the University of British Columbia and Louis Galambos from Johns Hopkins. Another important initiative in this field is a once a year seminar dedicated to young researchers (the theme in 1995 was 'stories of entrepreneurs').
    In addition to the series of monthly seminars, since 1985 ASSI has organised every other year an international seminar (called the 'International Week on Business History') on a specific topic. Previous meetings have dealt with 'Small and Big Business in an Historical Perspective' (1985), 'Enterprise and Technology' (1987), 'Enterprise and Finance' (1989), 'Forms of Enterprise' (1991), and 'Markets, Hierarchies and Power' (1993). This initiative will be continued in 1996 as an international colloquium organised in collaboration with the Bocconi University. Primarily discussion-oriented, the topic will be 'The Rise and Fall of the State Owned Enterprise in a Market Economy'.

    51. History Of Europe --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    history and social thought; The language of Aufklärung; The Enlightenment throughoutEurope. Revolution and changes; Napoleon’s influence. general character of

    52. History : Europe : General
    Subjects history europe general. Click For Book Details Humanities in WesternCulture A Search Humanities in Western Culture A Search
    Search By: Keyword Title Author ISBN This Subject Only

    Children's Books

    Christian Books

    ... Europe : General You may browse this category by title or by publication date
    3247 titles
    (showing 1-20) 1492 : The Debate on Colonialism, Eurocentrism, and History
    by James M. Blaut
    Hardcover - September 1992
    List price: $35.00
    1492 : The Debate on Colonialism, Eurocentrism, and History

    by James M. Blaut
    Paperback - March 1993 List price: $14.95 1492 : The Poetics of Diaspora by John Docker Hardcover - August 2001 List price: $89.95 1492 : The Poetics of Diaspora by John Docker Paperback - August 2001 List price: $29.95 1848 : A European Revolution? International Ideas and National Memories of 1848 by Axel Korner (Editor) Hardcover - September 2000 List price: $69.95 The 1848 Revolutions in German-Speaking Europe by Hans Joachim Hahn Paperback - September 2001 List price: $28.40 1914, the Coming of the First World War by F. R. Bridge Paperback - January 1983 1945'den Gunumuze Turkiye Ile Bat Dunyas Arasndaki Kulturel Iliskiler by Tamer Muftuoglu Yavuz Sabuncu Book - January 1993 2000'den Kesitler I : Osmanl'da Mekanlar, Zamanlar, Insanlar Doktora Arastrmalar Sempozyumu 11-12 Kasm 1999 Bildiriler

    53. UVa Library: Subject Guide: History
    George Crafts, 509 Alderman Library, 9244984, Continental europe, Africa,Asia, the Middle East, Latin America. history Selectors. general history.
    Purchase Requests History Department User Education Uncover ... Faculty Services
    History Web Resources
    History Subject Librarians Gary Treadway North America, the British Isles, Australasia George Crafts 509 Alderman Library Continental Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America History Selectors Ming Lung 535 Alderman Library Far East Philip McEldowney 507 Alderman Library South Asia
    General History
    Asia Latin America U.S. and Canada ... Subject Guides
    General History
    Historical Text Archive
    Besides links to archives, history departments, www servers, e-mail directories, reviews, and more, this site sponsored by Mississippi State University provides access to a large number of full-text documents. Repositories of Primary Sources
    A collection of over 900 links to websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, photographs, and other primary sources. Online Data Archive
    A collection of machine-readable data provided by the University of Wisconsin Data and Program Library Service. A number of the sets contain historical data, on topics such as the 18th and 19th century slave trade, French provincial intendants, 1661-1790, the Russian imperial bureaucracy, 1762-1881, and 15th century catasti for Florentine domains and Verona. The Avalon Project
    This collection of over 150 historical documents ranges from some pre-18th century titles through the 20th century. A "major collections" category contains sets of related documents, such as Franco-American Diplomacy, Papers of the Confederate States of America, the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. Includes a title and author index to all documents.

    54. SuperLinks Directory
    followings. Site Listings. 20th Century europe Allyn Bacon /Longman Catalog - europe 1880-1945 A general history of europe;
    Please visit our sponsors. SuperLinks Directory
    Free web page design
    Home Travel Europe ... Request a Link Sites depicting the history of Europe, the evolution of religions, individual governments and societal structures, as well as the European Union, current events, and legislative bodies. Links addressing historical periods, wars, and changes in dominance throughout time. Descriptions of past and present leaders and their followings.
    Site Listings

    55. World History Archives: History Of Southern Europe In General
    World history archives history of southern europe in general. Home / / Worldhistory archives history of southern europe in general You are here.

    56. Europe: The New General Education Program
    courses have been approved to fulfill The europe general Education Requirement. Classics.A CLC 110 Great Ideas of Greece and Rome A CLC 133 history of Ancient
    The New General Education Program

    Learning Objectives for General Education Europe Courses (Developed by Focus Group of UAlbany faculty)
    The following courses have been approved to fulfill The Europe General Education Requirement
    Music Classics
    Religious Studies
    ... Political Science
    A CLC 110: Great Ideas of Greece and Rome
    A CLC 133: History of Ancient Greece
    A CLC 134: History of Ancient Rome
    A CLC 301: Rome and the Mediterranean World
    A CLC 310: Women in Antiquity (WSS 311)
    A FRE 201: Perspectives on the French World: Medieval Women
    A FRE 360: Evolution of French Literature and Civilization
    A HIS 130: History of European Civilization I
    A HIS 131: History of European Civilization II
    A HIS 235: Early Medieval Christianity
    A HIS 250: The Holocaust in History (JST 250)
    A HIS 253: Medieval Jews Among Muslims and Christians (JST 253; REL 253)
    A HIS 257: Jews, War and Revolution: West European Jewry, 1770-1918 (JST 257)
    A HIS 258: Jews, War and Revolution: West European Jewry, 1772-1918 (JST 258)
    A HIS 263: Art, Music, and History I

    57. Regions Beyond Europe: The New General Education Program
    courses have been approved to fulfill The Regions Beyond europe general EducationRequirement. and Modernity (HIS 357; WSS 357) A EAC 379(Z) history of China I
    Regions Beyond Europe
    The New General Education Program

    Learning Objectives for General Education Regions Beyond Europe Courses (Developed by Focus Group of UAlbany faculty)
    The following courses have been approved to fulfill The Regions Beyond Europe General Education Requirement
    Africana Studies Latin American and Caribbean Studies Anthropology ... Judaic Studies
    Africana Studies
    A AAS 269: Caribbean: Peoples, Histories, Cultures (LCS 269; ANT 269)
    A AAS 286: African Civilizations (HIS 286)
    A AAS 287: Africa in the Modern World (HIS 287)
    A AAS 386: Race and Conflict in South Africa (HIS 386)
    A ANT 145: Continuity and Change in Latin America (HIS 145; LCS 145)
    A ANT 233: Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas (LCS 233)
    A ANT 236: American Indian Archaeology
    A ANT 240: The North American Indian
    A ANT 243: Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East (JST 243)
    A ANT 269: Caribbean: Peoples, Histories, Cultures (LCS 269; AAS 269)
    A ANT 341: Ethnology of Mesoamerica (LCS 341)
    East Asian Studies
    A EAC 160: China: People and Places in the Land of One Billion (GOG 160)
    A EAC 170: China: Its Culture and Heritage
    A EAC 357: Chinese Women and Modernity (HIS 357; WSS 357)

    58. History Guide NG
    general history of europe (355 results, order by title).

    59. Europe And Asia - Catholic Church Local History And Ancestors Genealogy Research
    Website of the Catholic Church in europe currently run Genealogy Macedonia, by JillJugloff For general Genealogical and history information and
    Select Geographic Country / Region
    South America Australia and Oceania
    Do you have a site link suggestion?

    [ Contact: Webweaver
    New College English-German, German-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English

    ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form

    Excite Travel Guide for Europe
    - The European Business Directory
    Yellow Pages
    in Europe
      Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences (FABC) - Members include Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos-Cambodia, Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Thailand and Vietnam. Associate Members include: Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia and Nepal. China Georgia (Asia)
    • Apostolic administration Kaukasus Hong Kong India Iran
      • Eparchy of Ispahan (Armenian Catholic)
      Archdiocese of Urmya - (Chaldean Catholic) Diocese of Salmas - (Chaldean Catholic)
        Eparchy of Ahwaz - (Chaldean Catholic) (contains brief contact information for parishes in Lebanon and the Middle East including Ahwaz, Akra, Aleppo, Alqosh, Amadia, Zakhio, Arbil, Basra, Caire, Diarbakir, Kerkuk, Mosul, Salamas,Urmia, Tahran, Turquie and overseas)

    60. OPC Europe: Events History
    Events history. The OPC Foundation will organize an OPC Interoperability Workshopin europe. April 10. european general Assembly 2003 (members only).

    Events History
    Back to Events October 2003
    Oct. 21-23
    Paris Expo, Portes de Versailles. Hall 7.1, 18° Edition
    October 21 / 22 / 23, 2003
    Paris, France Pictures from AUTOMATION 2001: September 2003
    Sept. 22-26
    OPC Interoperability Workshop
    The OPC Foundation will organize an OPC Interoperability Workshop in Europe. This workshop will take place from Noon on Monday, September 22nd, 2003 through Noon on Friday, September 26th in Nuremberg, Germany. Siemens will host this session within its facility in Nuremberg-Moorenbrunn. All OPC Foundation members are once again encouraged to use this upcoming test session as not only a mechanism to validate their products, but to also debug and diagnose any interoperability problems that may be discovered. This year's session will allow up to a maximum qty (40) participants to validate Data Access (V1, V2 and ) interoperability, XML-DA Details
    Sept. 23

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