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         Eritrea History:     more books (88)
  1. Conflict and Intervention in the Horn of Africa by Bereket H. Selassie, 1982-07-01
  2. War Clouds on the Horn of Africa: A Crisis for D±Etente by Tom J. Farer, 1979-06
  3. Building a New Nation: Collected Articles on the Eritrean Revolution (1983-2002) by Dan Connell, 2005-05-30
  4. A Painful Season & A Stubborn Hope: The Odyssey of an Eritrean Mother by Abeba Tesfagiorgis, 1992-05
  5. Demobilization in Subsaharan Africa: The Development and Security Impacts (International Political Economy)
  6. Conversations with Eritrean Political Prisoners by Dan Connell, 2004-01-15
  7. Identity Jilted or Re-Imagining Identity?: The Divergent Paths of the Eritrean and Tigrayan Nationalist Struggles by Alemseged Abbay, 1998-07
  8. Anatomy of the African Tragedy: Political, Economic, and Foreign Policy Crisis in Post-Independence Eritrea by Kidane, 2005-07
  9. U.S. leadership in resolving African conflict : the case of Ethiopia-Eritrea (SuDoc Y 3.P 31:20/74) by John Prendergast, 2001
  10. Weapons of construction: Lessons from war and famine in the horn of Africa by Alfred S Alschuler, 1989
  11. Aksum: An African Civilization of Late Antiquity by Stuart Munro-Hay, 1992-09
  12. Hot Spot Horn of Africa: Between Integration and Disintegration
  13. Women and the Eritrean Revolution: The Challenge Road by Amarit Wilson, 1991-06
  14. To Asmara by Thomas Keneally, 1989-10-01

101. - Ethiopia, Eritrea Assure Albright They Want Peace Accord - September 9
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Davos protesters face tear gas
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Ethiopia, Eritrea assure Albright they want peace accord

102. U.N. Council Set To Lift Ethiopia-Eritrea Arms Ban

103. Eritrea Flags Eritrean Flag
Images in several sizes.

  • Flag Identifier
  • Country Facts
  • Geography ...
    Flags of Eritrea
      Asmara 23-May-00 ( AP via Yahoo!
      This flag of Eritrea is intended for representational purposes and no claim to technical accuracy is made. Click on the link above to read the terms for use of this Eritrean flag on your web page.


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  • 104. Eritrea Bilaterale Beziehungen
    L¤nderinformation vom ausw¤rtigen Amt in Deutschland mit Reisehinweisen, Anschriften, Konsularische Hilfe, Infos zu bilateralen Beziehungen, Wirtschaftsf¶rderung und Kulturpolitik.

    105. LO-TCO Bistandsnämnd
    Historia och nutida status.

    106. Eritrea Says Ethiopia Has Troops In Buffer Zone

    107. Eritrea Cz
    Informace, odkazy na vl¡dn­ i opozičn­ str¡nky, mapy a popis konfliktu s Etiopi­.

    108. Eritrea's Leader Accepts Border Ruling

    109. Ethiopia, Eritrea Border Demarcation To Go Ahead

    110. Global Geografia - Africa, Eritrea
    Scheda con informazioni generali.
    STATI E DIPENDENZE » ERITREA Repubblica di Eritrea

    Superficie: 117.357 Km²
    Abitanti: 4.298.000 (stime 2001)
    Densità: 37 ab/Km²
    Forma di governo: Repubblica
    Capitale: Asmara (400.000 ab.)
    Altre città: Massaua 35.000 ab.
    Gruppi etnici: Tigrini, Tigrè, Hedareb, Afar, Bilen, Kunama e altri
    Paesi confinanti: Sudan a OVEST, Etiopia a SUD, Gibuti a SUD-EST Monti principali: Jabal Hamoyet 2780 m Fiumi principali: Non esistono fiumi perenni Laghi principali: Isole principali: Isole Dahlak Clima: Temperato - arido Lingua: Tigrino, Arabo (ufficiali), Inglese, Italiano Religione: Musulmana 50%, Copta, Cattolica, Protestante, Animista Moneta: Nakfa dell'Eritrea

    111. Eritrea - Cuisine
    of the cuisine with ten recipes such as Tsebhi derho (spicy chicken) and Injera (flat bread).......
    Eritrea . be
    Maps of Eritrea

    Location and geography

    Eritrean history

    Border conflict with Ethiopia

    Eritrean Cuisine Parts of Eritrea are very fertile and produce good crops of cereals, vegetables, fruit and a wide range of Red Sea fish. Most meals are eaten at a low table, with the hands. Before eating, one of the women of the household will bring a basin of water where to wash the hands. People eat (in Tigrinya: bla ) together, sharing the food The two staples are kitcha, which is a very thin, baked unleavened wheat bread or pancake and injera , a spongy pancake made from teff, wheat and/or barley, maize or sorghum. The grains are ground up, made into a watery dough and then left to ferment for a couple of days before being fried or baked. Injera is eaten with stew, usually called zigni, made from whatever is available (meat or fish, vegetables or a combination of the two). It is simmered for hours, in a tomato sauce spiced with berbere , chili powder and other spices. Tsebhi or qkoolewaa Some Eritreans cannot afford a meat-based diet and they eat shiro a chickpea porridge made in many different ways with the injera.

    112. U.N. Mission Protests, Says Eritrea Blocks Peacekeepers

    113. Flora Of Ethiopia And Eritrea
    Describes the Ethiopian Flora Project managed by the Botanical Museum of the University of Copenhagen.
    Rosularia simensis (A. Rich) Ohba (Crassulaceae) An endemic species from the high Semien Mts. sometimes placed in the monotypic genus Afrovivella A. Berger because of the distinctive large campanulate corolla. Illustration, drawn by Eleanor Catherine for Vol. 3 of the Flora of Ethiopia. The "Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea" Project Ethiopia and Eritrea - the countries Ethiopia and Eritrea are countries on the Horn of Africa covering 1,127,750 and 125,750 Sq. Km. respectively. Ethiopia and Eritrea are mountainus countries, and the highest peak is Ras Dejen in the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia (4543 m). At least seven other mountains reach above 4000 m. The two contries are located in Sudanian and Sahelian vegetation zones, and they should therefore be expected to have a dry climate and a vegetation dominated by woodland, wooded grassland and subdesert scrub. While this is true for the lowlands, the Ethiopian and Eritrean highlands have a climate and a vegetation much modified by altitude, and much more plant diversity than should be expected. One of the collaborators of the Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Prof. Chr. Puff, Vienna, has made a number of photographs of the Semien Mountains available, both from the

    114. Eritrea Vacation Guide: Romantic Eritrea Vacations, Eritrea Safaries
    eritrea Overview. COUNTRY DESCRIPTION eritrea is a poor but developingeast African country. Formerly a province of Ethiopia, eritrea

    Site Index

    Africa Luxury Vacations: Call 1-415-662-2683 to book. Open every day!
    Places in Africa

    Eritrea: Overview
    COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Eritrea is a poor but developing east African country. Formerly a province of Ethiopia, Eritrea became an independent country on May 24, 1993, following a 30-year struggle that culminated in an overwhelming referendum vote for independence. Tourism facilities are very limited.
    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A passport and visa, which must be obtained in advance, are required. There is an airport departure tax, and residents of Eritrea generally must obtain an exit visa from Eritrean Immigration in advance of their departure. Entry information (and information on the departure tax) may be obtained from the Embassy of Eritrea, 1708 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20009; telephone (202) 319-1991; fax (202) 319-1304. Overseas, inquiries may be made at the nearest Eritrean embassy or consulate.
    Registration/Embassy Location: U.S. citizens are encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy in Asmara and to obtain updated information on travel and security in Eritrea. The U.S. Embassy address is: Franklin Roosevelt Street, P.O. Box 211 Asmara, telephone (291-1)12-00-04; fax (291-1)12-75-84.
    Eritrea Overview
    Eritrea History Eritrea Culture Eritrea Geography ... Africa Tour Vacation Packages Submit Free, Full Service Africa Vacation Planner Here

    115. Italy Expels Eritrea Ambassador

    116. Conflict Between Ethiopia And Eritrea
    Background to the current conflict.
    Conflicts in Africa
    You are here:
  • Home Geopolitics Conflicts in Africa
  • Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea
    by Anup Shah
    • This page: To print full details (expanded/alternative links, side notes, etc.) use the printer-friendly version: Africa in general, has suffered from artificial borders drawn by former imperial and colonial rulers, akin to what is usually attributed to Imperial Britain as the "divide and conquer" policy, but practiced by almost all power brokers throughout history, ancient and modern. A combination of Italy drawing the maps in this region and later, Cold War support for dictators, has been part of the historical contributary factors, amongst others, that have led to troubles today.
      Maps courtesy of ITA 's
      Quick Maps
      Ethiopia's Haile Selassie was supported for decades by the United States for geopolitical and Cold War reasons. The Soviet Union had supported Somalia in their claim that parts of Ethiopia and Kenya were part of Somalia. There was actually a reversal of support by the two superpowers in the 1970s as well. [Check out this link for a historical look into the US role in Somalia and neighboring nations.]

    117. Eritreadivers Diving In Eritrea Dahlak Islands Massawa <
    Find information on instruction, staff biographies, hotel details, trip dates, and contact particulars.
    eritreadivers wird geladen...

    118. Website Disabled
    Archaeological research of the consortium of the University of Asmara and the University of Florida.
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    119. Venskabsforeningen Danmark - Eritrea
    Arbejder for at udvikle forholdet mellem det danske og det eritreanske folk og s¸ger at skabe en forst¥else for udviklingen i eritrea.
    Andet Nyheder Det Frie Forum Gæstebog Om Eritrea ... Indhold FAQ Hvordan kan jeg blive medlem af foreningen? Kan jeg skrive mine tanker, holdninger, idéer m.m. til hjemmesiden? Hvad er formålet med foreningen? Hvem sidder i bestyrelsen? ... Hvordan kan jeg kontakte foreningen? Vores målsætning Formålet med Venskabsforeningen Danmark - Eritrea er at arbejde for at udvikle forholdet mellem det danske og det eritreanske folk. Foreningens aktiviteter består af at skabe en forståelse for den sociale, kulturelle og økonomiske udvikling i Eritrea. Foreningen, som er upolitisk, skal yderligere medvirke til at oprette og udvide forbindelserne mellem de erhvervsmæssige, samfundsmæssige, på det personlige plan og videnskabelige organisationer i Danmark og Eritrea. Foreningens opnåede resultater: sept. 2002 - april 2003

    120. WorldRover - Country History A To Z
    Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El SalvadorEritrea Estonia Ethiopa Fed. home, guides, history, stats, culture, embassies.
    Country History Welcome! Click on a country link below to find a brief history for your selected country. Check out the other country liks for more info including, travel guides, embassy addresses, and vital statistics. Free Internet Access A to G



    Antigua and Barbuda

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    Hong Kong

    ... Portugal Q to Z Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda ... embassies

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