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         Eritrea History:     more books (88)
  1. A history of Kagnew Station and American forces in Eritrea by John R Rasmuson, 1973
  2. Bees from Eritrea, northwest Africa (American Museum novitates) by Theodore D. A Cockerell, 1935
  3. Anatomy of An African Tragedy: Political, Economic and Foreign Policy crisis in Post-Indepence Eritrea by Kidane, 2005-08-15
  4. Towards Confederation in the Horn of Africa: Focus on Ethiopia and Eritrea by Tesfatson Medhanie, 2008-02-28
  5. Against All Odds: A Chronicle of the Eritrean Revolution With a New Afterword on the Postwar Transiton by Dan Connell, 1997-06
  6. Eritrea's War by Paul Henze, 2001-05-10
  7. I Didn't Do It For You by Michela Wrong, 2007-08-28
  8. Eritrea and Ethiopia: From Conflict to Cooperation
  9. Eritrea: The Making of a Nation, 1890-1991 by Redie Bereketeab, 2006-02
  10. Never Kneel Down: Drought, Development and Liberation in Eritrea by James Firebrace, Stuart Holland, 1985-02
  11. Africa company town;: The social history of a wartime planning experiment by E. Gordon Ericksen, 1964
  12. Eritrea and Tigray (TQM Practitioner Series)
  13. Eritrea & Ethiopia: From Conflict to Cooperation
  14. Financial Institutions in Eritrea by Ravinder, Rena, 2006-12-15

61. Eritrea Africa Regional English
Notes on geography ( FOC Country Profile eritrea ) history, politics,economy, international relations, travel, current affairs. English Deutsch Espa±ol ... Eritrea Eritrea : Regional Africa Eritrea: Localities
Arts and Entertainment

Business and Economy


Regional Africa Eritrea.
Includes an overview of the country and sections on its politics and media.
FOC Country Profile - Eritrea

Regional Africa Eritrea.
Notes on geography ( FOC Country Profile - Eritrea ) history, politics, economy, international relations, travel, current affairs. : Eritrea Regional Africa Eritrea. Including map and overview of history ( : Eritrea ) culture, economy and currency. CIA Factbook - Eritrea Regional Africa Eritrea. Features map and brief descriptions of geography ( CIA Factbook - Eritrea ) economy, government, and people. Our Story of Eritrea Regional Africa Eritrea. Provides history plus information on politics ( Our Story of Eritrea ) languages, cuisine, people, climate, religions and economy. Africa Online

62. - United States - New - Library - Society - Countries - Africa - Easter
7. eritrea history http// Describes theearly settlers and their various ethnic influences, Italian colonization, UN

63. FlyingFish - Eritrea, Ethiopia, War & Famine; Haile Selassie, Mengistu & IMF
A history of eritrea and Ethiopia how ideology warfare took precedence over life.
FlyingFish HOME Articles Links Contact Why Strawberries And Cream Made Me Cry, or
Everything You Wanted To Know About Eritrea But Were Afraid To Ask
It was a warm summer's day in 1985. I was facing the prospect of leaving home in order to continue my education at university and, like many others of my age, I was wondering what the big wide world held in store for me. But my immediate concern, reclining at the dining room table, was how full I felt after enjoying a nourishing lunch cooked by my mother. I switched on the TV, to be met, however, by a news report of starving Ethiopians, flies crawling over their eyes and into their mouths. When mother brought me a bowl of succulent strawberries topped with fresh cream, I broke down in tears. On a warm summer's day thirteen years later, a distant memory surfaced while I was reading a newspaper article about how Eritrea (now independent from Ethiopia) was trying to recover from the devastating legacy of years of war, drought and famine. Starvation, strawberries, tears and an infant state's first, uncertain steps on its own - a few pieces from a jigsaw of many thousands. I decided to try to put some of this jigsaw together, to see the wider picture of which these few pieces were a part. The picture turned out to be a case study of how millions of people suffer when trampled by the awesome human and natural forces of political and environmental disaster. Hopefully, it can also be seen as a lesson which warns us of some of the larger pitfalls of political folly and which teaches us to respect the demands of the physical environment while we make our demands upon it.

64. Disinformation | Feed Or Fight: Eritrea-ethopia At War
River. Italy declared eritrea their colony, and brought it under asingle, central rule for the first time in eritrea s history.
Abuse Your Illusions - the follow-up to Everything You Know Is Wrong You Are Being Lied To is in the store and every bit as essential. The long-awaited Disinformation DVD is in too!
U.S. Weighs Military Intervention in Liberia
What The European Papers Say
Violence Mars Nigerian Strikes
Religion in the News: June 2003
feed or fight: eritrea-ethopia at war
by Preston Peet ( - December 28, 2000
Since May 1998 a horrific war in the Horn of Africa has been waged between Ethiopia and Eritrea. One gruesome war picture showed thousands of dead Ethiopian bodies, mowed down as their insane leaders ordered them to attack Eritrean positions in human waves. Where are these two poor, famine-ravaged countries getting their arms to fight this bloody conflict? Just who is it profiting off one of the largest land wars since World War II? According to one researcher, Ethiopia is being goaded into the war by the US, to destabilize Eritrea, one of the only small, independent, nearly-self sufficient countries in the African continent today. Thomas Mountain, founding co-chair of the Hawaii Black History Committee in 1985, and founding vice-president of the Hawaii Alliance for Peace and Justice in the Middle East in 1982 (and a founder of the Hawaii Green Cross, a medical-marijuana activist organization) has reported that the US is financially backing the conflict.

65. Eritrea - Current Events
General Education eritrea history Social aspects Politics and education Politics Current Events Africa - East - Ethiopia history Theory
Eritrea - Current Events
Eritrea: Even the Stones Are Burning Roy Pateman
Politics and government ... Political Science

66. Reporting History - Eritrea
Suggestions? Contact us. Can t find what you re looking for? See By Theme or SubjectMatter . To link to this site, please contact us. Reporting history. eritrea.
The United Nations Human Rights Treaties
Home Introduction Text of the Treaties Amendments to the Treaties Documents BY STATE BY CATEGORY BY THEME OR SUBJECT MATTER How to Complain About ...
Human Rights Treaty Violations
Working Methods of the Treaty Bodies Reform of the UN Human Rights
Treaty System
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Reporting History
Information is at May 2004. The reporting history of a state includes periodic reports (the regular reporting cycle) as well as specific requests for special reports or additional information.

67. Travel In Asmara - Eritrea - Africa - History -®-®Information about Asmara,eritrea,Africa,history,Gallery,Photos,Restaurants,Hotels,CarRental,Rentals,Campings,Travel Agencies.!
Asmara - History Between 1000 and 400 BC, a semitic group of people known as the Sabeans crossed the Red Sea into the region known as present Eritrea, and intermingled with the Hamitic inhabitants who had migrated from the northern Sudan. The region was then controlled by various foreign invaders such as the Axumite kingdom, the Funji Sultans of Sudan, the Egyptians, the Portugese and the Turks. Each of these foreign occupiers had a distinct impact on the development of present day Eritrea as a nation and in the formation of an Eritrean identity. The former Italian colony of Eritrea was merged into Ethiopia in a federal arrangement brokered by the UN in 1952 and incorporated fully into Ethiopia ten years later. An Eritrean Liberation Front emerged in exile in 1958 and later evolved into the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF). The EPLF led the fight against the communist government of Haile Mengistu Mariam which took control of Ethiopia from the Emperor Haile Selassi in 1974. After a decade of changing fortunes for both the Government and the EPLF, the guerrillas finally expelled government forces from Eritrea in early 1991. The Tigrayan People's Liberation Front, which led the final assault which overthrew the Mengistu regime in 1991, was armed and trained by the EPLF, although relations between the two have not always been good. In 1992 the EPLF-controlled Provisional Government of Eritrea announced a referendum over the future status of the area. With 99.8% support registered in favour of independence at a UN-supervised referendum in April 1993, the EPLF made arrangements to move to full nationhood, which was declared the following month.

68. Travel In Keren - Eritrea - Africa - History -®-®Information about Keren,eritrea,Africa,history,Gallery,Photos,Restaurants,Hotels,CarRental,Rentals,Campings,Travel Agencies.!
Keren - History D uring the 1960's, the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) led the Eritrean independence struggle. In 1970, members of the group had a falling out, and a group broke away from the ELF and formed the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF). By the late 1970's, the EPLF had become the dominant armed Eritrean faction fighting against the Ethiopian government, and Isaias Afwerki had emerged as its leader. Much of the materiel used to combat Ethiopia was captured from the Ethiopian army. By 1977, the EPLF was poised to drive the Ethiopians out of Eritrea. That same year, however, a massive airlift of Soviet arms to Ethiopia enabled the Ethiopian army to regain the initiative and force the EPLF to retreat to the bush. Between 1978 and 1986, the Derg launched eight major offensives against the independence movement. All failed. In 1988, the EPLF captured Afabet, headquarters of the Ethiopian army in northeastern Eritrea, prompting the Ethiopian Army to withdraw from its garrisons in Eritrea's western lowlands. EPLF fighters then moved into position around Keren, Eritrea's second largest city. click to go back

69. Mediterranean, WW2, Italy, Fleet, Cunningham, Libya, Eritrea, Massawa, Red Sea,
Image © Gordon Smith 2001; to use, please quote the Sudanand Somaliland are the linked Italian colonies of eritrea, Ethiopia (Abyssinia
back to
Campaigns of World War 2
Map - Mediterranean theatres
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Campaigns of World War 2

Strategic Situation
There are three main theatres - the Mediterranean itself, the oil production regions of the Near East , and the Red Sea area. Mediterranean - In the western half, Britain and France between them control Gibraltar at the narrow entrance from the Atlantic, southern France, Corsica, Algeria and Tunisia. Malta at the centre is a British colony. In the eastern half, Britain maintains a hold on Egypt and the Suez Canal, Palestine and Cyprus. In the Levant, Lebanon and Syria are French. Map outline, courtesy Univ. of Alabama
Image © Gordon Smith 2001; to use, please quote Italy stands astride the central basin, with Italy itself, Sardinia and Sicily to the north and Libya with its provinces of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica to the south. Albania on the Adriatic Sea and the Dodecanese Islands in the southern Aegean off Turkey are Italian.The Neutral countries in the western Mediterranean are Spain, and in the east, Greece and Crete, Yugoslavia and Turkey. Near East - Iraq, Persia (Iran) and the Persian Gulf area are within the

70. Eritrea
history The story so far. eritrea is a small country with a lotof interesting history that dates back to the 1 st century AD.

71. Eritrea Books - A Short History Of Eritrea
Books. history Books Africa eritrea. Search. Pg. 8 of 8, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8. more info on A short history of eritrea. A short history of eritreaBook.
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History Books Africa Eritrea
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(66 books) Pg. 8 of 8 A short history of Eritrea Book Eritrea (World Bibliographical Series, Vol 181) Book Pg. 8 of 8 Home I About Us I I Contact Us I Help

72. HoE
history OF eritrea.
HOME ABOUT US CURRENT EVENTS HISTORY OF ERITREA ... LINKS O n January 1st 1890, Italy set the boundaries of Eritrea and ruled it as a colony until 1941, when the British defeated the Italians in Africa and took over the administration. After the Italian defeat in World War II, Britain administered Eritrea. Following a decision by the United Nations, Eritrea was federated to Ethiopia in 1952, with a certain amount of autonomy.However, during the federation with Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie's government systematically violated the rights granted by the UN. The oppression culminated with the dissolution of the Eritrean parliament and the annexation of Eritrea as Ethiopia's fourteenth province in 1962. In 1961, an armed struggle for independence began. The thirty years of fighting ended in May 1991, when the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) liberated Asmara and established the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE). In an internationally supervised referendum in April 1993, 99.8 per cent of the Eritreans voted for independence, which was officially declared on 24 May 1993

73. Eritrea: Ethiopia At War With Itself
Ethiopia at that time had 100 years of history as a new (modern times) empire (unitedstate). Should eritrea alone have its unique federation or confederation
Front Page Bookmark it! Sellassie Forum Interview with Eritrean President , April 2000 It doesn't look as if the internal conflicts in Ethiopia will have any resolution tomorrow or even in near future. The country entered the era, known in the past as the Era of Princes. Decentralization under different names will continue. The Eritrean Issue is the most obvious example in this process. Africa has to go through a long period of ecomonic development before its people will have people capable of leadership. Right now the people are too poor to think beyond their immidiate needs. Of course, the power in such a situation belongs to those to propogate the ethnic, not mutual causes and this is the basis for further disintegration.
Sellassie Cyber Museum Ring
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Haile Sellassie Family Web H.I.M. Web-Biography from Sellassie WWW pages HISTORY History pages from Sellassie Family Web FAMILY Origins, Members, Generations, Tree, photos Ethiop Village Books, Music, Art, Gifts References Sellassie WWW sites DIRECTORIES: Listing from all Sellassie sites
Letters to EthioForum
From my email post on EthioForum on Feb. 14, 1999:

74. Ethiopia And Eritrea -- The WAR -
First problem is history eritrea is the part of Classical Ethiopia and culturaly is extremely close to the Tigrean mold.

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75. Eritrea (Africa) Genealogy: Resources For Family History Research
Space. eritrea (Africa) Genealogy. FREE 14Day Access to almost 2 BillionRecords @ history Culture. Miscellaneous Resources.
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76. The Permanent Mission Of Eritrea To The United Nations
history. On 1 January 1890, Italy set the boundaries of eritrea and ruled it asa colony until 1941, when the British defeated the Italians in Africa and took


The Ambassador

Mission Personnel

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77. Exerts From "Amharic Verb Morphology: A Generative Approach"
A brief summary of a possible history of the origin and development of South Arabian (or North Ethiopian ) type of civilization in eritrea, later centering
1.1 The Linguistic Setting
Not only are the languages spoken by most Ethiopians genetically related, but (as Ferguson and has shown) the phenomenon of diffusion of traits over a large area has resulted in even more sharing of common features than one would expect among languages of three coordinate branches of a super-family. In fact, the Afroasiatic languages of Ethiopia and adjoining countries constitute an impressive example of a language area, clearly set off from surrounding Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Kordofanian languages by the features identified by Ferguson. This phenomenon gives rise to a problem of cause and effect in discussing other-language influence on Amharic, as we shall see in section 1.3 below. In order to keep the relationship of languages clear in what is to follow, simplified family-tree diagrams will be presented here. Names of languages and groups with Ethiopian representation are underlined. Hetzron l975 Amharic Argobba (Adapted from Hetzron 1972
1.2 The History of Amharic and Related Languages

78. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - History Of Eritrea
http// eritrea history. eritrea officially celebratedits independence on May 24, 1993, becoming the world s newest nation.

79. GlobalEDGE (TM) | Country Insights - History Of Eritrea
LIFE EXPECTANCY. 53.18 years. print version. history. eritrea officially celebratedits independence on May 24, 1993, becoming the world s newest nation.

80. Afrol News - Eritrea Dismisses US Report On Religious Freedom
The eritreans ad that peaceful coexistence and religious harmony have been a partof eritrea s history for centuries, a history in which we take great pride.
afrol News
Latest News Subscriptions Countries ... Contact Us See also:
29.03.2004 - Eritrean govt rejects human rights ruling

10.03.2004 - Landmark human rights ruling against Eritrea

20.02.2004 - Torture fears for Eritrean Jehovah's Witnesses

21.10.2003 - SA, Benin best, Eritrea worst on press freedom

Eritrea dismisses US report on religious freedom afrol News , 6 January In the latest annual US government report on the state of religious freedom worldwide, the situation in Eritrea was particularly condemned. Today, however, the Eritrean government strikes back, saying "the report is full of sweeping and slanderous accusations." The US State Department, in its annual world religious freedom report, published in December - had concluded that respect for religious freedom in Eritrea had deteriorated during 2003. Members of unsanctioned religious groups had been harassed, detained and tortured, the report said.
Only four religious groups are officially sanctioned in Eritrea; namely the Orthodox Coptic Church, the Catholic Church, Muslims and the (Lutheran) Evangelical Church of Eritrea. Other groups were ordered to cease their activities in May 2002, awaiting government registration.
However, the US government report says, in the one and a half year after the decree was issued, no other religious group has yet been recognised in Eritrea. Members of these unregistered religious groups meanwhile had been detained, tortured and sexually abused, the US report said.

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