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         Equestrian Olympic Sports:     more books (21)
  1. Olympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney by Jennifer Olson Bryant, 2000-05
  2. Galloping to the Gold: The Olympic Sport of Equestrian (Inspiring Athletes Non-Fiction) by Teresa Lobosco, 2002-10
  3. American Gold - The Story of the Equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics
  4. American Gold The Story of the Equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics by no author stated, 1984
  5. AMERICAN GOLD, The Story of the Equestrian Sports of the 1984 Olympics by Chronicle of the Horse, 1984
  6. Olympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney by Jennifer O. Bryant, 2000
  7. Olympic Equestrian: A Century of International Horse Sport by Jennifer O Bryant, 2008-06-01
  8. A Basic Guide to Equestrian (Official U.S. Olympic Committee Sports Series)
  9. A Basic Guide to Equestrian (Olympic Guides)
  10. Sprints, Hurdles, and Other Track Events (The Olympic Sports) by Jason Page, 2008-03-15
  11. Equestrian Excellence: The Stories of Our Olympic Equestrian Medal Winners from Stockholm 1912 Thru Atlanta 1996 by Barbara Wallace Shambach, 1996-11
  12. Trailblazers: Australia's First Olympic Equestrians by Petronella McGovern, Wyatt Thompson, 2008-03
  13. Games of the XXI Olympiad - Montreal 1976.Equestrian Sports by 1967 Olympics - Montreal, 1976
  14. So Far, So Good by Mark Todd, 1999-04

1. Olympic Sports
Equestrian is one of the few Olympic events where men and women compete equally Rules of the Game"; "Summer Games Access"; "What's What in Sports" More Olympic sports »
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More Sports

Equestrian Basics Show jumping 3 Day Event

Equestrian is one of the few Olympic events where men and women compete equally. Medals are awarded for team and individual efforts in three disciplines.
The rider puts the horse through a series of moves at different gaits. This displays control, pace, fluidity and the rider's posture.
Flying change
The horse changes the leading leg at every stride while cantering. Piaffe The horse trots in place, lifting the knees in a majestic cadence. Passage A bouncy suspended trot. Pirouettes Half or full turns at the canter while horse remains in one spot. The Arena It is an indoor sand- surfaced ring. A seven to seven and a half test is judged from zero to 10 for the quality and correctness of each movement. Sources: International Olympic Committee; Olympic Coordination Authority; United States Olympic Committee; The World Almanac 2000; "Rules of the Game"; "Summer Games Access"; "What's What in Sports" [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive] [News] [Sports] [Business] [Showcase] ... [Home] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

2. Olympic Sports History - Equestrian
Olympic Sports History. EQUESTRIAN. Equestrian events have a unique place in Olympicsport they are the only events where humans are teamed with animals.

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Olympic Sports History EQUESTRIAN Equestrian events have a unique place in Olympic sport - they are the only events where humans are teamed with animals. It is also the only Olympic sport that pits men and women against each other as absolute equals. The Olympic history of events involving horses can be traced back to 682 BC, when a four-horse chariot race was run at the Hippodrome in Olympia at Greece's 25th Olympiad. In the modern era, show jumping was part of the 1900 Games, but the full program of dressage, show jumping and three-day eventing was introduced in 1912 and in all three disciplines, individual and team medals are awarded. Each of these disciplines has its own unique history. Dressage has its origins in the French military. It began as a method of training for military horses. Indeed, only commissioned officers were allowed to compete in equestrian events until 1952 when the sport was opened to civilians, including women for the first time. The sport has also been described as horses performing ballet.

3. Uk Horse Products - Equestrian - Magnetic Therapy Products For Horses, Humans An
A guide to the equestrian olympic sports of Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping Resourcefor the UK equestrian includes news, breeding info on horses and ponies
Equestrian Online Store UK
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buy equestrian goods online, direct from manufacturers to you.... Equestrian Health - Magnetic Therapy - Hot and Cold Therapy - For Horse and Rider - Canine Magnetic Therapy Horse Bridle - Horse Harness - English Leather - Synthetic Softweave - Lightweight Sealed - Leather Look Rubber sitemap equestrian

4. Olympic Sports
more sports. choose one. auto racing. basketball. bowling. cricket. equestrian. extreme. fishing. football. golf. ice hockey. olympic. soccer. tennis. volleyball. waterskiing. home. services. event
more sports choose one auto racing basketball bowling cricket equestrian extreme fishing football golf ice hockey Olympic soccer tennis volleyball water-skiing home home services event of the month ... contact IDS You are here: sports olympic sports Olympic Sports For the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, IDS provided services and support to NBC Sports. For all of the major sports covered by NBC each of these Olympics, IDS provided state-of-the-art broadcast interface systems. These systems simultaneously process scoring and timing information from the official results system and from the official timing system. This data was made available instantly on the NBC graphics systems for broadcast and was also databased for later access. Due to the time difference between Sydney Australia and the United States at the Summer Olympics, NBC produced a large amount of broadcast material on tape. This required an interface system that let NBC go back to a completed event and access information at any point in time during the event. The IDS broadcast interface used the official results to create an event database. This gave NBC the flexibility to edit previously recorded events and insert graphics as if they were receiving live data.

equestrian olympic sport since 1900, ABOUT equestrian events were includedin the olympic Games for the first time in 1900 and then

6. Wonderful Sport Horses - Warmblood Stallions For Dressage, Eventing And Jumping!
Hanoverian stallions at stud. German Warmblood sport horses for olympic equestrian sports. Photographs, video, wanted, foals and horses for sale. Palo Alto, California.

equestrian is the ultimate in team sports, a horse and Greece s ancient Games, butmost of the equestrian programme as we know it began in the olympic Games of

8. Equine Canada
Recognized by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) and the Canadian olympic Association as the governing body for equestrian sport in Canada. Offers news, calendar of events, membership information, information about horses and the equestrian sports.
QUICK ACCESS TO..... About Equine Canada
Horses in Canada

Equine Canada Store

HorseLife Magazine
... Employment Opportunities Access 2004 Equine Canada Sport License Invoice- Renew your sport and horse licenses, pay official and coaches fees and update personal info [read more in the news Welcome to the Equine Canada Officials Directory!
[read more

Equine Canada
Sport Recreation ... Members
This Site Last Updated:: Wednesday May 19 2004

9. Sports And Olympic Games Coloring Pages
sports and olympic coloring pages suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten Summer sports, Summer olympic sports and YearRound sports equestrian * equestrian 1 Coloring Page Poster
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Sports and Olympic Games Coloring Pages
Home Themes Coloring Pages Enjoy free Sports and Olympic Games Coloring Pages suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Use print button provided or click on image to open in a new window and print. Careers related to sports Cameraperson Coloring Page Poster Coach (Figure Skating) Coloring Page Poster News Reporter Coloring Page Poster Sports Commentator Coloring Page Poster General Sports Theme Ball alphabet: poster coloring page DN tracer ZB tracer Olympic Games Visit Kids Olympics Activities Olympic Medallist Coloring Page Poster Olympic Torch Bearer Coloring Page Poster Summer Sports, Summer Olympic Sports and Year-Round Sports

10. British Equestrian Federation
The governing body for the olympic equestrian sports in the UK, affiliated to the FEI. Includes information about the sports, international events, member links, and news.

11. Sports 123: Equestrian: Olympic Games: Jumping
Year, Location, 2004, Athínai (gre), 2000, Sydney (aus), Jeroen Dubbeldam(net), Albert Voorn (net), Khaled Aleid (sau). Sjiem, Lando, Khasm alAan.
Olympic Games

Jumping Year Location Athínai (gre) Sydney (aus) Jeroen Dubbeldam (net) Albert Voorn (net) Khaled Aleid (sau) [Sjiem] [Lando] [Khasm al-Aan] Atlanta (usa) Ulrich Kirchhoff (ger) Wilhelm Melliger (swi) Alexandra Ledermann (fra) [Jus de Pommes] [Calvaro] [Rochet M] Barcelona (spa) Ludger Beerbaum (ger) Piet Raymakers (net) Norman dello Joio (usa) [Classic Touch] [Ratina Z] [Irish] Seoul (sko) Pierre Durand Jr. (fra) Gregory Best (usa) Karsten Huck (wge) [Jappeloup] [Gem Twist] [Nepomuk 8] Los Angeles (usa) Joe Fargis (usa) Conrad Homfeld (usa) Heidi Robbiani (swi) [Touch of Class] [Abdullah] [Jessica V] Moskva (rus) Jan Kowalczyk (pol) Nikolay Korolkov (sov) Joaquin Pérez (mex) [Artemor] [Espadron] [Alymony] Montréal (can) Alwin Schockemöhle (wge) Michael Vaillancourt (can) François Mathy (bel) [Warwick Rex] [Branch County] [Gai Luron] München (wge) Graziano Mancinelli (ita) Ann Moore (gbr) Neal Shapiro (usa) [Ambassador] [Psalm] [Sloopy] Mexico City (mex) William Steinkraus (usa) Marian Coakes (gbr) David Broome (gbr) [Snowbound] [Stroller] [Mister Softee] Tokyo (jpn) Pierre Jonquères d'Oriola (fra) Hermann Schridde (ger) Peter Robeson (gbr) [Lutteur] [Dozent] [Firecrest] Roma (ita) Raimondo d'Inzeo (ita) Piero d'Inzeo (ita) David Broome (gbr) [Posillippo] [The Rock] [Sunsalve] Stockholm (swe) Hans-Günter Winkler (ger) Raimondo d'Inzeo (ita) Piero d'Inzeo (ita) [Halla] [Merano] [Uruguay] Helsinki (fin) Pierre Jonquères d'Oriola (fra) Oscar Cristi (chl) Fritz Thiedemann (ger) [Ali Baba] [Bambi] [Meteor] London (gbr) Humberto Mariles (mex) Rubén Uriza (mex)

12. Sports 123: Equestrian: Olympic Games: Dressage
Translate this page Kronos, Absinth, Nero. 1932, Los Angeles (usa), Xavier Lesage(fra), Charles Marion (fra), Hiram Tuttle (usa). Taine, Linon, olympic.
Olympic Games

Dressage Year Location Athínai (gre) Sydney (aus) Anky van Grunsven (net) Isabelle Werth (ger) Ulla Salzgeber (ger) [Bonfire] [Gigolo] [Rusty] Atlanta (usa) Isabelle Werth (ger) Anky van Grunsven (net) Sven Rothenberger (net) [Gigolo] [Bonfire] [Weyden] Barcelona (spa) Nicole Uphoff-Becker (ger) Isabelle Werth (ger) Klaus Balkenhol (ger) [Rembrandt] [Gigolo] [Goldstern] Seoul (sko) Nicole Uphoff-Becker (wge) Margit Otto-Crepin (fra) Christine Stückelberger (swi) [Rembrandt] [Corlandus] [Gauguin de Lully] Los Angeles (usa) Reimer Klimke (wge) Anne Grethe Jensen (den) Otto Hofer (swi) [Ahlerich] [Marzog] [Limandus] Moskva (rus) Elisabeth Theurer (aut) Yuriy Kovshov (sov) Viktor Ugryumov (sov) [Mon Chérie] [Igrok] [Shkval] Montréal (can) Christine Stückelberger (swi) Harry Boldt (wge) Reiner Klimke (wge) [Granat] [Woycek] [Mehmed] München (wge) Liselott Linsenhoff (wge) Yelena Petuchkova (sov) Josef Neckermann (wge) [Piaff] [Pepel] [Venetia] Mexico City (mex) Ivan Kizimov (sov) Josef Neckermann (wge) Reiner Klimke (wge) [Ikhov] [Mariano] [Dux] Tokyo (jpn) Henri Chammartin (swi) Harry Boldt (ger) Sergey Filatov (sov) [Woermann] [Remus] [Absent] Roma (ita) Sergey Filatov (sov) Gustav Fischer (swi) Josef Neckermann (ger) [Absent] [Wald] [Asbach] Stockholm (swe) Henri St. Cyr (swe)

13. - Olympics
Offers full olympic sports coverage including a calendar for upcoming olympic events and qaulifying competitions. VIP ·. Shop. olympic Games Home Racquet/Target ·. Riding. sports Groups ·. Results 5/1415. equestrian - Jumping. Del Mar, Calif.
document.write(''); ID: Password: Register Help Web SportsLine Home NFL NBA MLB ... Nations K E Y D A T E S U.S. Diving Trials U.S. Gymnastics Trials U.S. Swimming Trials Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony OLYMPICS Olympics Store OPINION Ones to Watch EXCLUSIVES History

MESSAGE BOARD Olympics Heading home Athens hosts its first Games since 1896.(Getty Images) In 776 B.C., the Olympics was born in Greece, before its revival in 1896. This August in Athens, we come full circle for the Summer Games. Here are some early favorites. Full story Related Links: U.S. Qualifying: Schedule Results Summer history Upcoming U.S. Olympic Trials/Qualifying Events Date Sport Location Cycling - Road Redlands, Calif. Gymnastics Anaheim, Calif. Swimming Long Beach, Calif. Sacramento, Calif. Complete Schedule Exclusives
Current Photos: What's going on around the world? Tour de France: Check out how Lance won his fifth America's Cup: Recap Alinghi's historic win S P E C I A L S E C T I O N S CBS Swimsuit Arena
Check out this week's gallery of our Hawaiian Tropic models. Fantasy Racing Challenge
When the smoke clears, where will you be? Play now and win weekly cash prizes.

14. Athens Housing - Athens Olympics 2004 Sports List, Venue List
olympic Velodrome at the Athens olympic sports Complex, while Parnitha olympic MountainBike Venue, in Mount for cycling visitors equestrian equestrian events

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Sports during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Click here for an Olympic Sports Event Schedule
Swimming - Diving - Synchronized Swimming - Water polo

For the first time in Olympic Games history, all Aquatics events will take place in a single venue, the Olympic Aquatic Centre of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex. The Aquatics program spans all 16 days of the Games (14 to 29 August 2004). Swimming starts off the Aquatics program, followed by Diving, Water polo and Synchronized swimming.
The Archery competition in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games will take place at the Panathenean Stadium (Kallimarmaro) . This is the Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, and it is built on top of the ancient Stadium dating from 329 B.C. The competition will be held from 15 to 21 August in the following categories: Archery, individual events, men's Archery, individual events, women's Archery, team events, men's Archery, team events, women's.
During the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athletics events will be staged at the Athens Olympic Stadium in the Athens Olympic Sports Complex with the exception of The Marathon and the road walk events. Competition will take place over the span of ten days (August 20-29).

15. Olympic Sports
Cycling. Decathlon. Wrestling. Bobsled. Softball. equestrian. Table Tennis. Basketball How many olympic sports can be played at your school or in your community
Olympic World
Lesson # 3 Olympic Sports What you will learn:

This lesson will introduce you to all of the sports that are included in the
summer and winter Olympic Games. You will learn about the sports that
you can participate in at school and for the rest of your life. Possible Partnerships and Research Locations

Individual sports books, Griffin Publishing Group

Sports magazines and newspaper articles


International Olympic Athletes Association

Jobs in Sports

Sports Illustrated for Kids
International Olympic Committee Research and Portfolio Content
1. Reading Can you read the names of the sports that are in the Olympic Games? Snowboarding Speed skating Diving Soccer Gymnastics Cycling Decathlon Wrestling Bobsled Softball Equestrian Table Tennis Basketball Fencing Judo Figure Skating Skiing Badminton Archery Rowing Shooting Sailing Water Polo Swimming Triathlon Ice Hockey Luge Kayaking Volleyball Tennis Boxing Weightlifting Pentathlon Athlete Competitor Slalom Sailing Pentathlon Handball Curling Biathlon Baseball Scoring Field Hockey Judge Canoeing Kayaking 2. Math

16. Australia: The Games And The New Millennium
mountain bike riders at the olympic Games By Ryan, equestrian VENUE equestrianCentre, Horsley Park DATES September 16 to October 1, 2000 This sport is for
Let the Games Begin!! Links: Rochedale State School I Sydney Morning Herald I Official Olympic Games Page I IOC I Australian Olympic Committee Main Australian Medals Photos of the Games ... Email
Olympic Sports:
There are 28 sports represented at the modern Olympics, compared to the very first Olympics back in 776 BC where a "stadion" footrace was the only event held. A thletics:
Olympic Stadium, Race Walk Course at Sydney Olympic Park, Marathon Course, North Sydney to Olympic Stadium

sports. Life. Tech. Weather. olympic sports. olympics home May 2223 equestrian, olympic trials (jumping); San Juan Capistrano, Calif.
var layerTop = Click Here Cars Jobs Tickets Travel ... Weather Olympic sports Olympics home Olympics briefs Winter sports Future Games ... Olympic Glory International sports Index British review Asian review Tools Game matchups Sheridan's odds Live odds Sagarin ratings Indexes Scores Columnist index Sports briefs TV listings ... Sports index 06/08/2004 - Updated 07:14 PM ET USADA: 4 guilty of doping Meet Team USA Athlete of the Week Cantwell's feat of strength is world's best this year. Who's going to Athens? Check rosters and qualifying status for each sport. Inside Olympic sports Olympic flame headed around the world Graphic: See where the torch relay goes before Athens. Photo gallery Olympians in Action; more photos: Gardner, Byers Summer sports Track Olympic qualification, follow major events and meet U.S. athletes:
Select one: Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Boxing Canoe/kayak Cycling Diving Equestrian Fencing Field hockey Gymnastics Judo Modern pentathlon Rowing Sailing Shooting Soccer Softball Swimming Synchronized swimming Table tennis Taekwondo Team handball Tennis Track and field Triathlon Volleyball Water polo Weightlifting Wrestling Olympic action The week's events June 7-13: Diving, Olympic trials, St. Peters, Mo.

18. Sports Web Search--USA Olympic Sports
2000 Games. olympic Index. olympic sports. USA sports. Canada sports. Australia sports. Brazil sports CYCLING. USA Cycling. equestrian. U.S. equestrian Team
The Official Kristine Lilly Web Site More Olympics 2000 Games Olympic Index Olympic Sports USA Sports Canada Sports Australia Sports Brazil Sports Great Britain Sports France Sports Germany Sports Italy Sports Olympic CommitteesThe Americas Olympic CommitteesAfrica Olympic CommitteesAsia Olympic CommitteesEurope Olympic CommitteesOceania Archery Athletics Badminton Baseball Canoe/Kayak Fencing Gymnastics Rowing Soccer Swimming Volleyball U.S. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE
Official Site
Official Site
Local Media
Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News
National Archery Association
USA Badminton
USA Baseball
USA Basketball

19. ThinkQuest : Library : The Olympics On Internet: The Game_ite
The olympic summersport Modern Pentathlon. Trackand-field. Basketball. equestrian. Judo. Soccer. Volleyball
Index Olympic Games
The Olympics on Internet: The Game_ite
In this site, each Olympic gathering is described , highlighting the statistics about medals, dates, and country participant .The athletes are described, with attention paid to women participants. The Olympic oath, the Olympic Flag and the Olympic Fire are included. Olympics in antiquity are featured and the corruption scandal is explored. This is a place on the Net for true Olympics enthusiasts. Languages: English, Dutch. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Dutch Students Gerhard Zernike College, Groningen, Netherlands Peter Zernike College, Groningen, Netherlands Chris Zernike College, Vries, Netherlands Coaches Sjoerd psychologist, Groningen, Netherlands Mathilde librarian, Groningen, Netherlands Aad Zernike College, Winsum, Netherlands Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

20. The Infoplease Crossword Puzzle: Olympic Sports
This week s theme olympic sports. 4. Hair styling product 5. Adam s hangout 6. *olympic event 7 8. * Sound made by a horse during an equestrian competition at
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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    Across They determine what OLYMPIC medals some Athletes will win
    Chariot Races were featured events at them: _ OLYMPICS
    Name seen on gear for Water Events at the OLYMPICS
    Materials used for Shuttlecocks for Badminton at the SYDNEY GAMES
    Symbol on a Staff
    Turner of Tunes
    Golf term Entertainment co. To the what degree? Part of a command made at the start of some Races at the OLYMPICS Mr. Donaldson

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