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         Environment General:     more books (100)
  1. Performing in Extreme Environments by Lawrence E. Armstrong, 1999-12
  2. The Handbook of Environmental Voluntary Agreements: Design, Implementation and Evaluation Issues (Environment & Policy)
  3. Trade Liberalisation and the Environment: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis by Blair Townsend, Ravi Ratnayake, 2001-02
  4. Wastewater Biology: The Microlife (A Special Publication) (Special Publication (Water Environment Federation).) by Water Environment Federation, 2007-08-20
  5. The beauty of environment: A general model for environmental aesthetics by Yrjo Sepanmaa, 1993
  6. Trade and the Environment in General Equilibrium: Evidence from Developing Economies (Economy & Environment)
  7. Introduction to Energy and the Environment (General Engineering) by Paul Ih-Fei Liu, 1993-09
  8. Postsecondary Education: Multiple Tax Preferences and Title IV Student Aid Programs Create a Complex Education Financing Environment.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  9. ISO 16813:2006, Building environment design - Indoor environment - General principles by ISO/TC 205, 2007-08-23
  10. European Community Environment: General Policy by European Communities, 1992-10
  11. Securities Markets: Decimal Pricing has Contributed to Lower Trading Costs and a More Challenging Trading Environment.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony
  12. Newer Dimensions of Patient Care/Part 1: The Use of the Physical and Social Environment of the General Hospital for Therapeutic Purposes (Use of the Physical & Social Environment of the General Hosp) by Esther L. Brown, 1961-06
  13. Geology of the Human Environment: A Laboratory in General Geology by George P. Merk, 1990-06-01
  14. Recent Trends in the Fisheries and Environment in the General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (Gfcm) Area (Studies & Reviews) by General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean, 1991-12-31

1. Science: Environment Articles
environment general. about this site. Back to Science Technology mainsite, Find A Site. Acid deposition causes, effects, and resolutions;
Environment: General
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2. Business & Human Rights : Environment: General
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New Initiative Creates Partnerships on Water Projects Across Africa 09 Jun 2004 The World Economic Forum has launched a new matchmaking service designed to create public-private partnerships for the delivery, conservation and management of water projects in Africa...The initiative is co-chaired by...Alcan Inc...and RWE/Thames Water...Umgeni Water, a South African water utility, spearheads the Africa Water Project Exchange. World Economic Forum Water Initiative World Economic Forum Related topics ... US Court Rejects Mexico Trucks Environmental Study James Vicini, Reuters 08 Jun 2004 The Bush administration can allow tens of thousands of Mexican trucks on U.S. highways without conducting an extensive study of the environmental effects, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

3. SAPL: Websites - Environment: General Issues
San Antonio Public Library s staff selected environment general Issueswebsites. SAPL Websites environment general Issues. SITEMAP.
Official Website of the City of San Antonio Library SAPL: Websites - Environment: General Issues SITEMAP
Websites Environment General Issues Organizations Energy Recycling
EcoNet - Environmental Issues Resource Center. Envirofacts Natural Resources Defense Council - Topics cover agriculture, air, atmosphere, drinking water, energy, forests, and waste disposal. Scorecard - This site allows the Internet user to compare their communities to other communities about hazardous air pollutants and factory chemical releases.
ENERGY Critical Mass Energy Project - Information on decreasing reliance on nuclear and fossil fuels. RECYCLING
Global Recycling Network Recycling - Part of the Environmental Organization Webdirectory. Recycling : Texas - Site links to recycling projects in Texas. - This site offers proactive, community-specific environmental information and programs. For Texas and Bexar County information, type the zip code in the box that prompts "Enter Postal Code.".
The links in this section were selected and evaluated by the staff of the San Antonio Public Library for their high quality content.

4. BBC - Science And Nature - Beasts - Environment General Evidence
Environment The third programme in the series is set about 28 million yearsago, in the Oligocene period. See more evidence about the environment.
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9th June 2004
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Animals Prehistoric Life Genes ...
BBC Homepage

In Prehistoric Life Beasts Changing world Fact files ...
Like this page? Send it to a friend! You are here: BBCi Prehistoric Life Beasts Environment The third programme in the series is set about 28 million years ago, in the Oligocene period. Much of the World had been cooling and drying, and huge areas of land had changed from lush sub-tropical covered rainforests to open plains with scattered deciduous trees. Very large animals inhabited the huge grassless scrub plains across North America and Asia. Herbivores became huge, surviving the food and water shortages, and predators grew large to hunt these giants. Nowhere were they larger than in Asia, where the biggest land mammals of all time lived, defending their young against killers the size of rhinos. JavaScript is currently turned off on your browser. To view this site at its best please make sure that JavaScript is turned on.

5. BBC - Walking With Beasts - Environment General Evidence
Environment Programme 5 is set 1 million years ago in South America, in a timeperiod known as the Pleistocene. See more evidence about the environment.
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9th June 2004
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BBC Homepage


[an error occurred while processing this directive] About the BBC Contact Us Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Environment Programme 5 is set 1 million years ago in South America, in a time period known as the Pleistocene. The continent had been an island for over 30 million years, and had its own, unique collection of animals, including some of the weirdest beasts that ever lived. When South America drifted north into North America, the two separate groups of animals began to mix. Once this mixing had settled down, South America had a stable population of animals from both continents living on it. This was a short-lived stability, however, as the joining of the two continents disrupted the ocean currents, affecting the Earth's climate dramatically. Those changes brought about the famous Ice Ages causing the extinction of many of the fantastic beasts that used to populate the world. The Ice Ages that started in the Pleistocene are still affecting us today. JavaScript is currently turned off on your browser.

6. Native Americans And The Environment: General
Pages Focused on natural resources and not the environment, but verythorough. Includes links to general environment catalogues.
Compact Histories

A very active source of environmental information from the Institute for Global Communications. Environmental Issues
A very good encyclopedia article. (David R. Lewis, In Native America in the Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia. Mary B. Davis ed. New York: Garland Publishing, 1994). Environmental Organizations Web Directory
Very comprehensive list of environmental organizations, either giving an address or internet site. I don't think it's being updated anymore. Fourth World Documentation Project
A key site on the internet, the FWDP archives numerous native government documents from around the world. However, the FWDP stopped adding documents some time in 1997. Headwaters News
An excellent daily roundup of environmental news in the Rocky Mountain region, from British Columbia to Arizona. They cover Native American news quite well. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
If not the most, then one of the most complete indices of Native American resources. (Karen M. Strom). Native American Home Pages
Lisa Mitten maintains one of the two best general directories of Native American resources on the Internet.

7. BUBL LINK: 333 Environment: General Resources
s....... 333 environment general resources. Titles,
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
333 Environment: general resources
Titles Descriptions
  • 3rd World Water Forum
  • Green Choices
  • the Environment
  • Biodiversity and Conservation ...
  • Yearbook of International Cooperation on Environment and Development
    All links checked August 2001 Comments:
    3rd World Water Forum
    Widely considered as the single most important international water meeting to date, the 3rd World Water Forum convened in March 2003 in Japan. Dealing with 38 interrelated themes pertaining to bringing safe water and sanitation to the world, this resource allows users to read numerous documents presented at the Forum, along with reading the daily newspaper produced at the meeting and its newsletter. Documents are available in PDF and Microsoft Word, and most are available in a variety of languages such as English, French, Spanish and Japanese. Also included is a video archive of select meetings and plenary sessions encompassing topics such as dam developments, flooding and water purification. Windows Media Player is required to access video clips.
    Author: World Water Forum
    Subjects: pollution, water management, water quality
  • 8. Nuclear Environment General
    and any harm to the environment. The different ethical and cultural values of thoseaffected should be taken into account. There is general agreement on these
    Each means of producing electricity contributes to the different environmental effects to different extents. Thus the fact that nuclear-electricity results in environmental effects is indisputable, but has little meaning unless considered in the context of the effects resulting from alternative means. The issue thus becomes whether the environmental effects of nuclear energy are greater or less than those of alternative means of generating electricity. From this point of view the environmental effects of nuclear energy are one of its greatest benefits. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), before licensing a nuclear plant, satisfies itself that any environmental effects are within acceptable limits. As part of the process, the CNSC requires the applicant to undertake a public information program in the proposed locality; and federal and/or provincial governments appoint a panel to conduct a public environmental assessment review. The environmental effects of nuclear-electricity production that receive most attention are atmospheric and water-borne releases of radioactive material: the very small amounts, well within regulatory limits ( Chapter 7 ) that are released day-to-day; the much larger amounts that are feared might be released if there were a reactor accident (

    9. Earth & Sky : Browse Alphabetically
    Z. Articles matching environment general. No results found. ScienceFAQs matching environment general. No results found. Radio (General)

    10. GM - GMability Environment: General Motors To The Nature Conservancy
    SPRING HILL (April 23, 2003) — General Motors today donated a 2003 Saturn Saturnis committed to conservation of our vital resources and our environment. .
    GM Brand Web Sites Automotive Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC HUMMER Oldsmobile Pontiac Saab Saturn GM Buypower GM Canada Holden Opel Vauxhall GM Certified Used GM Fleet GM Defense Companies ACDelco Allison Transmission Electro-Motive Genuine GM Parts GMAC GM Accessories GMAC Bank GM Cardmember Services GM Goodwrench Service GM Mobility GM Performance Parts GM XM Radio OnStar Powertrain GM Network Fiat Fuji/Subaru Isuzu Suzuki GM Powered Duramax Hydra-matic Northstar Vortec outputMenu("blue","Company","co"); outputMenu("green","Automotive","auto"); outputMenu("orange","Services","beyauto");
    General Motors Donates to The Nature Conservancy
    Saturn Spring Hill donates Saturn VUE for use by Tennessee Chapter of Conservation Group
    "We're proud to support an organization with a tradition of conserving the national treasures of Tennessee," said Saturn Vice President of Manufacturing Dennis Dougherty said. Mike Herron, UAW Manufacturing advisor, added, "We're excited to be able to provide a VUE to an organization that does such important work, especially with our Duck River, right here in Middle Tennessee. Saturn is committed to conservation of our vital resources and our environment."

    11. Agribusiness In A Global Environment General Teacher Notes
    General Teacher Notes. With only slight modifications, the Agribusiness ina Global Environment materials are adaptable to nearly any situation.
    General Teacher Notes
    These instructional materials are intended for a high-school agriculture class to use as a short (2-3 weeks) unit. However, the materials could also be used for many other classes, age groups, time periods, and even as stand-alone lessons. With only slight modifications, the Agribusiness in a Global Environment materials are adaptable to nearly any situation. Transparencies and Electronic Slides


    Evaluation Instruments
    Links to Teacher Notes for Each Lesson

    Transparencies and Electronic Slides Back to Top of Page Activities One specific activity has been more fully developed for each lesson. These activities together make up a unit project walking the students through the process of creating to selling a product. The activities could also be used individually. Some of them refer to previous activities and accomplishments, complimenting the student on a job well done. If you are using one of the lessons out of sequence or an activity by itself, tell the students to assume that it's all true. The teacher notes pages also include a list of supplemental or additional activity ideas, ranging from very simple discussions to field trips to complex projects. They may be incorporated instead of or in addition to the featured activity.

    12. Johns Hopkins University Press | Books | Books In Print
    2004, 164 pp. RFF Press. Geography environment general EnvironmentAdd hardcover to shopping cart, $33.95 Getting the Word Out & Environme

    13. General Discussions
    MRFenvironment general Discussions Forum New entry Look for new entries Search Show all , Login . Subject, Posted by, Posted, Replies.

    14. Frontiers In Ecology And Environment
    GENERAL INFORMATION. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment is the newmembers journal of the Ecological Society of America. International
    Preview Current Issue Back Issues Subscribe General Information ... Staff
    Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment is the new members' journal of the Ecological Society of America. International in scope and interdisciplinary in approach, Frontiers focuses on current ecological issues and environmental challenges. Frontiers is aimed at professional ecologists and scientists working in related disciplines. With content that is timely, highly relevant, and understandable, even to those reading outside their area of expertise, it has a broad, interdisciplinary appeal and is relevant to all users of ecological science, including policy makers, resource managers, and educators. Frontiers covers all aspects of ecology, the environment, and related disciplines. You'll read about global issues, broadly impacting research, cross-disciplinary or multi-country endeavors, new techniques and technologies, new approaches to old problems, and practical applications of ecological science. The journal is sent to all ESA members as part of their membership, and is also be available by subscription to non-members and institutions.

    15. EUROPA - Environment DG
    European Commission environment DG - On this page you will find information about European Commission environment DG environment DG. The environment DG is one of 36 Directorates-general (DGs)
    es da de el en fr it nl pt ... Resources
    Environment DG
    The Environment DG is one of 36 Directorates-General (DGs) and specialised services which make up the European Commission. Its main role is to initiate and define new environmental legislation and to ensure that measures, which have been agreed, are actually put into practice in the Member States. The Environment DG is based largely in Brussels and has around 550 staff. Further information: Environment DG Mission Statement To promote Sustainable Development, preserving the rights of future generations to a viable environment. To work towards a high level of environmental and health protection and improvement of the quality of life. To promote environmental efficiency. To encourage the equitable use, as well as the sound and effective management, of common environmental resources last update:
    E-mail this page
    Glossary Site Map Index ... Top

    16. Aecportico - Environment, General
    environment, general.
    Housing Minister Exits Israeli Cabinet
    Mill redevelopment
    gets the green light
    housing minister quits cabinet
    BBC Pacific
    Quay gets green light
    New call
    for demolition of deathtrap dairy
    Housing Minister Resigns

    No impact on housing market from repo rate rises
    Hse Publish
    Multilingual Leaflets For Summer Gas Safety Checks

    Awards for aecportico

    Environment, general Categories Environment General Here are some selected links you might like to try: BREEAM BREEAM is BRE's environmental assessment method, used to assess the environmental performance of both new and existing buildings. It is regarded by the UK's construction and property sectors as the measure of best practice in environmental design and management. CEEQUAL CEEQUAL is an awards scheme assessing the environmental quality of civil engineering projects, and is being promoted by ICE, BRE, CIRIA and a group of committed industry organisations. Its objective is to encourage the attainment of environmental excellence in civil engineering projects, and thus to deliver improved environmental performance in project specification, design and construction.

    17. GetDP: A General Environment For The Treatment Of Discrete Problems
    A scientific software environment for the numerical solution of integrodifferential equations, open to the coupling of physical problems (electromagnetic, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, ) as well as of numerical methods (finite element methods, boundary element and integral methods, ).
    GetDP: a General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems
    Patrick Dular and Christophe Geuzaine
    Version , 24 April 2004
    Description Documentation Mailing lists Download ... Links
    GetDP is a general finite element solver using mixed elements to discretize de Rham-type complexes in one, two and three dimensions. The main feature of GetDP is the closeness between the input data defining discrete problems (written by the user in ASCII data files) and the symbolic mathematical expressions of these problems. See GetDP's reference manual for a more thorough overview of GetDP's capabilities
    We need your help to build a library of examples all GetDP resources documentation mailing lists archives
    Mailing lists
    • getdp is the public mailing list for GetDP users. You should send all questions, bug reports, requests or pleas for changes related to GetDP to this list. The list is archived here
    • getdp-announce is a moderated (i.e. "read-only") list for announcements about significant GetDP events. You should subscribe to this list to get information about software releases, important bug fixes and other GetDP-specific news. The list is archived

    18. Environment
    general's environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for enforcing the many laws enacted to prevent damage to our environment Remarks by Attorney general Eliot Spitzer, February
    Home Press Releases Tour the AG's Office Contact the AG's Office ... Index
    Updated 1-24-03
    he Attorney General's Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for enforcing the many laws enacted to prevent damage to our environment, and among its powers is the authority to commence affirmative litigation on behalf of the State of New York to protect the public. It also prosecutes, civilly and criminally, violators of the State's Toxic Dumping Laws. Acting on the request of the State Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health, and the Adirondack Park Agency, the Bureau may initiate actions to enforce environmental standards and defends those State agencies when their regulatory actions are challenged in court. In addition, the Bureau's attorneys and technical staff investigate and respond to citizen complaints and, when requested, prepare reports on environmental issues.
    Speeches and Press Releases Complaints Reports and Studies prepared by the Environmental Bureau's lawyers and scientists

    19. EUROPA - Environment
    The Directorate general responsible for environment, nuclear safety and civil protection.
    es da de el en fr it nl pt ...
    Sixth Environment Action Programme
    What kind of environment do we want to live in? What kind of environment do we want our children and grandchildren to inherit? This is the starting point for the sixth Environment Action Programme: Environment 2010: Our Future, Our Choice
    What's New?
    Information Note: Regulation on Persistent Organic Pollutants entered into force
    Environmental integration: Further efforts needed to put environment at the heart of EU policy decisions. New stocktaking of the Cardiff Process
    Call for proposals in the field of the Community Mechanism to facilitate reinforced co-operation in civil protection assistance interventions - Mechanism training

    Draft Agenda of the 29th meeting of the SRG and Draft Agenda of the 30th meeting of the Committee on Trade in wild fauna and flora
    New LIFE publication: "A Cleaner, greener Europe: LIFE and the European Union waste policy"

    Communication: Reinforcing the Civil Protection Capacity of the European Union

    EU Environment related indicators

    Updated IMPEL website
    Updated Eco-label website
    Consultation: Development of an EU Mercury Strategy List of the leading cases and judgements of the ECJ on environment Handbook for environmental project funding Launch of the Green Week 2004 website ... More...

    20. Extended Producer Responsibility And Stewardship
    Describes and inventories practices that shift responsibilities for managing productrelated waste from general taxpayers to producers and consumers of products.



    Many countries, including Canada, have actively implemented policies and programs to prevent pollution and promote waste minimization. Yet, environmental pressures are still increasing and the generation of wastes and the management of their disposal continues to be a concern. In the face of these challenges, and in the interests of supporting sustainable development objectives, new policies and programs are being evaluated, developed and implemented both by government and by businesses. Key among these approaches are Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and stewardship What's New About Us Topics Publications ... Canada Site The Green Lane TM , Environment Canada's World Wide Web site Important Notices

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