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         Email Miscellaneous:     more detail
  1. Email to the Universe by Robert Anton Wilson, 2005-09-15
  2. How much communication is enough in online courses?--exploring the relationship between frequency of instructor-initiated personal email and learners' ... International Journal of Instructional Media by Robert H., Jr. Woods, 2002-12-22
  3. Course ILT: Groupwise 5.5: Basic by Course Technology, 2000-11-07
  4. New Perspectives on Microsoft Outlook 2000 - Essentials by Robin M. Romer, Robin Romer, 2000-07-28
  5. Computer Mediated Communications: Bulletin Boards, Computer Conferencing, Electronic Mail, and Information Retrieval by Matthew Rapaport, 1991-03
  6. Course ILT: Microsoft Outlook 98: Basic by Course Technology, 2000-08-17
  7. Course ILT: Microsoft Outlook 2000: Advanced by Course Technology, 2000-07-14
  8. Mac Online!: Making the Connection by Carla Rose, 1993-01
  9. Teach Yourself Microsoft Outlook in 24 Hours (Teach Yourself Series) by Kim Spilker, Brian Proffitt, 1997-04
  10. Microsoft Entourage 2004 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide) by Steve Schwartz, 2004-11-08
  11. Hacking Skype (ExtremeTech) by Russell Shaw, 2006-04-10
  12. Shockwaveú For Director¨ 5 For Dummies¨ by Greg Harvey, 1996-10-15
  13. Microsoft Active Platform Sourcebook by Donald R. Brewer, 1997-10

1. Email Miscellaneous
email miscellaneous,

Web Server Talk
Email Servers Microsoft Mail Admin
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Email Miscellaneous
Thread Starter Replies Last Post Announcement: About Incorporating usenet newsgroups
(Administrator) outlook express Marcia 06-08-04 05:00 AM
by Marcia Outlook Express Email Chuckman69@swfl 06-08-04 05:00 AM
by Hal
Hostetler [MVP DTS]
outlook express 06-08-04 05:00 AM by NET Passport Gay Borne 06-07-04 07:55 AM by Gay Borne Outlook Express Losses Mail anonymous1@disc ussions.microso 06-06-04 07:51 AM by anonymous1@d iscussions.m Recover deleted messages from Outlook Express jricee@comcast. net 06-06-04 04:54 AM by J. Rice ADDRESS BOOK MCALUDA@COX.NET 06-05-04 09:55 PM by MCALUDA@COX. NET Is this email for Real? CSE 06-05-04 04:55 AM by CSE Blank Sender Chris 06-05-04 04:55 AM by Chris Unable to block undisclosed sender GLE 06-05-04 04:55 AM by GLE OUTLOOK EXPRESS Bev DeLozier 06-05-04 04:55 AM by Hal Hostetler [MVP DTS] OE won't open attachments William Moore 06-05-04 04:55 AM by Hal Hostetler [MVP DTS] Outlook Express Losses Mail William Moore 06-05-04 04:55 AM by Hal Hostetler [MVP DTS] Merging Email to New Computer Andrew 06-03-04 04:55 AM by Andrew Is this email for Real?

2. Email Miscellaneous Email Computer Software Online Shopping Store
email miscellaneous Email Computer Software Online Shopping Store Your onestop shopping place for the Best Shopping experience for Software.
Home By Brand Graphics Utilities ... Education 112 Shoppers Online Communication Driving Entert Multimedia ... Site Development Browse Shop By Merchant CompuExpert Fonts JandR MadeEZProducts NothingButSoftware PCConnection SoftwareNirvana SoftwareOasis Toshiba




Featured Stores
Compu expert

MadeEZ / Socrates
... Toshiba Featured Items Jumpstart Spanish 2003 Norton Internet Security 2004 - AntiVirus, Firewall, AntiSpam, Privacy, Parental Control Microsoft Money 2003 Deluxe Dogz 5 ... Quicken 2004 Deluxe Product Search: In Email Video Games DVD VHS Video All Products Books Computers Computer Games Electronics Software Home Miscellaneous Email A ... Display Images Hide Images (Text Only) OE5 E-mail Collector World Wide License SoftwareNirvana OE5 E-mail Collector Site License SoftwareNirvana OE5 E-mail Collector SoftwareNirvana BEMS - 1000 Addresses per File Limit SoftwareNirvana BEMS - 250 Addresses per File Limit SoftwareNirvana BEMS - Unlimited Addresses SoftwareNirvana BEMS - 5000 Addresses per File Limit SoftwareNirvana Note: Displayed Prices are subject to change without notice.

3. Miscellaneous Email Scripts
A test webpage for email scripts a demo of an email link on a webpage that search the internet for email addresses on webpages. The email addy below is invisible
Email Script Demo
This is a demo of an email link on a webpage that is invisible to web-spiders that search the internet for email addresses on webpages.
The email addy below is invisible to spiders because it uses javascript to write the email addy. The script assigns variables to each part of the email addy and uses javascript "document.write" statements to construct the addy and display the email addy on the webpage.
Email harvesting web-spiders do not have javascript because they are programmed to search for the familiar email addy in text format within the wepage embeded code.
Here's the script for the above email link:

4. WWS - Miscellaneous Notes On Email
Miscellaneous Notes on Email. Network traffic like your email messageis broken up into pieces called packets or datagrams, which
Library Systems Office Miscellaneous Notes on Email Network traffic like your email message is broken up into pieces called "packets "or "datagrams," which have addressing information attached. They are moved through a LAN or the Internet to your recipient by network devices such as routers, bridges and gateways.
(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used for moving mail on the Internet. It is limited to the standard 127 key US ASCII character set.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. Provides method for applications to determine what type of data is in mail and provides standard encoding method for sending data, including attachments. MIME allows you to use other character sets by using "Quoted-Printable." Quoted-Printable takes non-US-ASCII characters and "translates" them into ASCII for the trip accross the Internet. Your recipient's MIME compatible mail reader translates the message back into readable characters. MIME allows readers to communicate data types with the "Content-Type" label. Next look at a US-ASCII message. Notice the "Content-Type." Eudora negotiates it automatically.

5. Miscellaneous Free Services
miscellaneous free services such as guest books, reminder services, free online storage space and more from the form will be sent to you automatically by email. You can specify that responses should be Mailing list managers. miscellaneous. Online file storage. Online translation tools
Miscellanous Free Services
Reviews that did not fit elsewhere on this site
01FTP offers a simple free online FTP gateway for you to upload files to and download files from a web server. You'll need to have an existing FTP account to use this service, as it simply provides a web-based interface to the FTP server. As well as uploading/downloading, you can also CHMOD files or directories, and copy, move, delete and rename them.
This service enables you to set up a simple one-page "calling card" with your "Age, Sex, Location" (hence the name!) as well as other information such as a photograph, a list of your favourite links, information about your hobbies and so on. This is convenient when you're in a chatroom for example and want to give people more information about yourself - just direct them to your ASL page!

Taking its cue from that old game where you pass a piece of paper around the table and each person gets to draw the funniest head, body, feet etc., ExoticCard lets you build up weird and wonderful "creatures" and send them on a free card to your friends. You can also send more conventional electronic cards as well. Lots of fun!
A real blast from the past, this service enables you to access Fidonet conferences, a text based community and communication service that predates the current internet. You can use a telnet program to access the service or communicate through your browser.

6. Blue Sky: Miscellaneous
blue sky miscellaneous. vast volumes of email. May 18th. Submitted by Jamie Zawinski to miscellaneous.
Skip to main content search mozilla:
  • Roadmap Projects Coding
    Intertwingle can be seen as a unification of a search tool and an address book. It is not, however, a mail reader. The presentation of query results could be done through a mail reader, but the intention is that ones choice of mail reader should be orthogonal to the use of this tool. The two kinds of tools just happen to operate on the same data. The design philosophy is that any time there is a visual representation of an object, the corresponding object should be accessible with a gesture: That chasing links is easier than composing search terms (but both are needed.)

Information on environment, diet, health, miscellaneous, email, rabbit books and some photos.
Click here for

8. Microsoft Exchange Server Resource Site
an update on how to restrict Exchange 2003 users from receiving and sending Internet based email. List Servers Mgmt. Log Monitoring. Migration. miscellaneous software. Outlook Addons

Anti Spam
Articles Authors Books ... Software Site Search
Anti Spam Section Exchange 2000 Exchange 2003 Exchange 5.5 ... Reporting Featured Product Poll Do you have an Exchange archiving solution?
Yes - KVS
Yes - EAS
Yes - Other
No - Not needed
No - But considering it
Recommended Sites
Welcome to
Latest Exchange Server Articles
Receive all the latest articles by email - Sign up to our Real-Time Article updates Status Monitoring
Date - Jun 08, 2004 Author - Marc Grote Section - Tutorials :: Exchange 2003
Exchange 2003 Standard and Enterprise offers the feature to monitor the Server status of the Exchange Servers in your Enterprise. If some of the monitored services and other Resources (RAM, CPU, Services) are in “Warning state” or “Critical State” you receive a status E-Mail or a customized action provided by a script notification. This article explains in detailed steps how to configure Monitoring and E-Mail notification. Exchange 2003 Service Pack 1 Review Date - Jun 03, 2004 Author - Amit Zinman Section - Tutorials :: Exchange 2003 Step by step guide to installing the latest Exchange service pack and quick overview of some of the new features.

9. The JavaScript Source: Miscellaneous: Remove Duplicates From Email L
This script removes duplicate entries from a list. It was designed to process a list of emails, but will work with any list of values (one value per line). When evaluating values, case is ignored
Click Here
Miscellaneous Remove Duplicates from Email L
This script removes duplicate entries from a list. It was designed to process a list of e-mails, but will work with any list of values (one value per line). When evaluating values, case is ignored. Paste list to be de-duped here
(one value per line) The JavaScript Source: Miscellaneous: Remove Duplicates from Email L Simply click inside the window below, use your cursor to highlight the script, and copy (type Control-c or Apple-c) the script into a new file in your text editor (such as Note Pad or Simple Text) and save (Control-s or Command-s). The script is yours!!!
Did you use this script? Do you like this site? Please link to us!
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JavaScript Forum

Submit Your Script!

JupiterWeb networks: Search JupiterWeb: Jupitermedia Corporation has four divisions:
JupiterResearch JupiterEvents and JupiterImages
Legal Notices
Licensing Reprints ... E-mail Offers

10. Miscellaneous Net Hoaxes, Chain Letters, Rumors, Etc.
Search. Urban Legends and Folklore Current Netlore miscellaneous. Internethoaxes, email rumors and urban legends Hoax = False, deliberately
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Urban Legends and Folklore Home Essentials ... Submit a Hoax/Rumor/UL zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Automobiles Celebrities Crime Errata ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Urban Legends and Folklore newsletter. Search Urban Legends and Folklore Current Netlore: Miscellaneous Internet hoaxes, email rumors and urban legends Hoax = False, deliberately deceptive information
Junk = Flotsam and jetsam of the Net NOTE: You can also locate specific items by typing relevant words into the Search box at the top of any page. Air Force Jets Fly in 'USA' Formation Over 'Taj Mahal' [Hoax]
Photo purports to show a Veterans Day flyby of T-38 Talon jet fighters in a formation spelling out "USA" over the "Taj Mahal" building at Randolph Air Force Base. Allah or Jesus?
Email describes an encounter between a Christian minister and a Muslim imam in which the latter admits that his religion requires violent jihad (holy war) against all infidels (non-believers in Islam). AOL to Charge for Instant Messages [Hoax]
Age-old false rumor targeting America Online members.

11. Largest Directory Of Miscellaneous Email Software
miscellaneous email Software Directory. Largest Directory of Misc email Software! miscellaneous email Software Directory lists other email tools related software, such as email auto

12. Miscellaneous
How to Advertise. email multi-car 4X4 hi low range, diff lock with three way tipping body.
A Note To All Advertisers on this site: Please tell us when you have sold your items, Thank You. If you have any farm machinery books and farming literature you would like to buy or sell, advertise on this site for only How to Advertise email:
4x4s and Trucks Pattinson 'Bonzer' horticultural truck. Honda 10 H.P electric start engine,
3 forward, one reverse gear. Dual seats, very manoevrable. Ideal for
Located Cambridgeshire. Tel. 07855 988709 1950s Commer fire engine which has been in the series " Heart Beat ".
Unfortunately, due to illness, he is unable to carry out further restoration on the vehicle and it is currently parked in the drive of my house.
It seems a shame to send a piece of history for " scrap " and I was wondering if anybody would like to add it to their collection. email: 1988 multi-car 4X4
with three way tipping body.
Deisel engine,
taxed as agricultural tractor. Ring for more details 01300 320852 1952 Commer Q4 Ex auxiliary fire service hose layer . 4X4 dropside lorry, full frame canvas roofer 3.5 litre petrol engine, 6 cylinder engine.Only 001736 miles from new!!!! Free of road tax, MOT exempt. Very historic vehicle in excellent condition. (never used in service) Move forces sale. Open to serious offers, no time wasters please.

13. Free Email Address Directory Your Guide To Free Email And Much
The Free email Address Directory carries listings for hundreds of free email providers in 30 languages, reviews of other free services, a guide to forfee email options, email tips, help on Welcome to the best email resource on the Web Mailing list managers. miscellaneous. Online file storage. Online translation tools

14. Internet Guide. Links For Websites Around The World. Web Resources, Email, Domai
News Services, Software and Scripts, Web Design, Web Hosting, Free email, miscellaneous Exchanges, Paid Links, Affiliate Programs, Auto Responders and email, Promotional Web Sites
Search Engines
Search the most popular
search engines from here: What are you looking for? Find the best internet sites here:
Software Internet Animals ...
Other Search Engines
Most of the services listed on these pages have been recommended to us. If you used any of these websites and found their service unsatisfying, please use this box to send us a short complaint. We will then review the site and probably delete it from our directory. Many thanks for your help.
(Please use the box at the bottom of this page for other feedback)
Sorry, there are no entries in this category yet.
Cosmetics Diet Food Supplements ... Shopping Malls Animals Pet Supplies Art Supplies Craft Products Paintings ... Classifieds Vehicles Cars Accessories Car Insurance Motorcycles ... Miscellaneous Communications Telephones Mobile Phones Internet Phones Pagers ... Internet TV Fashion Clothing General Childrens Clothing Fashion Accessories Lingerie ... Office Supplies Movies Video Music CDs and Records MP3 and Internet Music Instruments Memorabilia ... Miscellaneous Printed Material Books Audio Books Magazines Comics ... Catalogs Real Estate Real Estate for Sale Foreclosures Home Loans Miscellaneous Sport Equipment Football Golf Other Sports Travel Flights Hotels Tour Operators Travel Agencies ... Miscellaneous
SERVICES Financial Services Credit Cards Cartoons Jokes Education Childrens Education Educational Services Online Courses CDRoms ... Chat Rooms Miscellaneous Family History Greeting Cards Ticket Agents Others
Computer Computer Systems Computer Software Peripherals (Printer etc.)

15. Free Miscellaneous Backgrounds And Graphics For Web Page, Wallpaper + Email Stat
Free miscellaneous background graphics for wallpaper / web page / email Mike sIcons + Bars Mike s Animated Stars + Bars Textures, many colors Roxy s
Welcome to Roxy's Renditions™
Free Miscellaneous Graphic Backgrounds
Free Miscellaneous background graphics for wallpaper / web page / email:
Mike's Icons + Bars : Mike's Animated Stars + Bars
Textures, many colors : Roxy's Miscellaneous Bars + Icons : Wild Tiger
Free (no $$ cost, requires a link back to my site) personal, school, church, and non-profit [501(c)(3)] use graphics, clipart, web page sets, backgrounds for email stationery, wallpaper, etc. + HTML help, web page information, Tutorials, and Tubes for PSP 5,6+7!
thanks for
supporting +
our sponsors
Links to the other themed graphic sections are below.
  • terms-of-use page. By using any graphics, you are agreeing to these ... Thanks!
    Do not directly link to graphics on my server, or ANYone's server (aka hot linking) . Doing so is bandwidth theft , and when (not IF - WHEN) you are caught, you will be sorry. Read why this is bad!
    For customized / personalized graphics made for your personal or business website, please consider our free graphics site's sponsor, Autumn Web's graphic services . Prices are very reasonable!

16. Links To Miscellaneous Stories
Military. miscellaneous. Missing Persons. Pleas for Help. Mysterious woman on theroadFiction! Forward an email to see your lover s name on the screen-Fiction!
a Truth Or Fiction .com
View Stories By Subject Search New or Updated Anatomy of a Rumor Contact Us ... Privacy Notice
CLICK HEADLINE TO SEE DETAILS Man who died at his desk at work, but wasn't noticed-Fiction!
Free towing through Texas roadside emergency number-Fiction!

Sprint phone bills will list all calls to Israel as being calls to Palestine-Fiction!

Petition for a girl who says her father was shot and killed because of racism-Fiction!
Picture of Palestinian baby dressed as a suicide bomber-Truth!

17. Miscellaneous Mail Tools, Software Listing
miscellaneous Mail Tools. Emoticons Mail 3.0 Quickly insert graphical smileysinto your Outlook email messages. Shareware, N/A, 1557 KB, 275.
document.body.leftMargin = document.body.topMargin = Home Search Categories Help ... E-Mail Tools > Miscellaneous Mail Tools
Miscellaneous Mail Tools
Title and Description License Rating Size Downloads Mihov Mail Sender 0.7
Mihov Mail Sender sends the same message to more people.
N/A 337 KB
MAPILab NNTP for Outlook 1.0

The best way to read and post messages to newsgroups from Microsoft Outlook
N/A 1549 KB
WAB Cleaner 1.0.0 Beta
Maintenance tool for Windows® Address Book (WAB) Demo N/A 981 KB Express Assist 7.0.10 Outlook Express Backup, Restore and Synchronize Utility Commercial N/A 3403 KB Emoticons Mail 3.0 Quickly insert graphical smileys into your Outlook email messages. Shareware N/A 1557 KB PSTCompactor (SOHO Edition) 1.4 Recover wasted Outlook PST file space and speed up Outlook Shareware N/A 2970 KB AutoSpell for Outlook Express 6.2 Add full-featured, automatic spell checking to Outlook Express with AutoSpell™. Demo N/A 3297 KB ABC Outlook Express Backup 1.20 Backup and Restore outlook express messages, accounts, rules and address book. Shareware N/A 1836 KB Big Smileys

18. EPolitix - Miscellaneous
To register to receive the email bulletins, please complete the details requestedbelow. Alert Notification email. Full - Full content in an email.
Westminster Scotland Wales Northern Ireland ... European Union Search ePolitix for...
Advanced Search
Login Contact Terms ... Publications Register News is a unique electronic news service that provides the latest political and parliamentary news direct to your computer. Up to three times daily, our news bulletins provide a comprehensive overview of the day's political agenda, along with an outline of the following day's business. Invaluable as an information tool, News is delivered completely FREE of charge and subscriptions within organisations are unlimited. To register to receive the email bulletins, please complete the details requested below. If you wish to unsubscribe from any or all of our bulletins, please select "none" in Step 3 for those bulletins which you no longer wish to receive. You will then need to Save the changed details.
STEP 1 - Your Details:
Company name:
Job title:
Industry sector:
Choose... Charity Corporate Government Agency/NDPB Government Department Local Government Media MP/Peer/MEP/MSP/AM/MLA Parliamentary Staff PR / Public Affairs Consultancy Public Services Student / Research Institute Think Tank / Pressure Groups Trade Assoc/ Professional Body Union [required] Other industry: Phone: Fax: City/Region: Country: Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia Herzegovina

19. Miscellaneous Software For Exchange
URL email Screenshot clickhere. Price URL email

Anti Spam
Articles Authors Books ... Software Site Search
Anti Spam Section Exchange 2000 Exchange 2003 Exchange 5.5 ... Reporting Featured Product Poll Do you have an Exchange archiving solution?
Yes - KVS
Yes - EAS
Yes - Other
No - Not needed
No - But considering it
Recommended Sites
Misc. Exchange server software
Back to software index
Sort by Rating Name Date Showing products of Next 10 products
Imanami WebDir Update
[Listing updated: April 11, 2003] Allows users to maintain their own directory attributes through a Web browser. Drop-down lists ensure accuracy and consistency. Simple and affordable Web-based directory management tool. :: Company :: Imanami Corporation :: URL :: :: Email :: :: Screenshot :: click here :: Price :: :: Users' Rating :: 4.47 [94 votes] - Vote :: Comments :: comments - Post Neverfail for Exchange [Listing updated: February 6, 2004] :: Company :: Neverfail Group :: URL :: :: Email :: :: Users' Rating :: 4 [19 votes] - Vote :: Comment :: 1 comment - View Post Exchange Resource Manager [Listing updated: July 4, 2003]

20. - Your Free Downloads Resource. Freeware, Shareware, Computer G
Utilities (4510). Automation, Disk Utilities, File Utilities, Hardware Utilities,miscellaneous ProgramFiles Bulletin FreeTechMail Alert email Full Name All Categories Educational Entertainment Financial Game Internet Lifestyle/Hobbies Linux Media Office Programming Utilities Web Authoring Login Search Help ToolButton
Not too often we come across one of the best new utilities ever. But we have a gem for you - ToolButton. This is an Internet Explorer add-in function that provides a ton of value. It is better than the Google search bar and has a reader for your favorite newsfeeds or blogs. Toss in a bunch of additional "plug-in" applications and you have an indispensable tool. ToolButton
Top Programs
PC PowerScan

Tweak Manager

Recover My Files 2

Top Tricks
8808 downloads SpyNet 4907 downloads Doom 95 4313 downloads Registry First Aid 3.1.1 4304 downloads Burnout: Championship Drag Racing 3135 downloads
Total downloads : 584306

Top Tricks
8636 downloads X-Cleaner 2124 downloads Recover My Files 268 downloads Secura Backup 26 downloads Secura Archiver 15 downloads
ProgramFiles Bulletin FreeTechMail Alert
Email: Full Name: Your daily listing of new downloads Click to personalize

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