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         Electric Vehicles:     more books (100)
  1. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle by Bob Brant, 1993-11
  2. Electric Vehicle Technology Explained by James Larminie, John Lowry, 2003-12-19
  3. Electric Vehicle and the Burden of History by David Kirsch, 2000-08-01
  4. Hybrid, Electric and Fuel-Cell Vehicles by Jack Erjavec, Jeff Arias, 2006-11-03
  5. The New Electric Vehicles: A Clean & Quiet Revolution by Michael A. Hackleman, 1996-04
  6. Modern Electric, Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Fundamentals, Theory, and Design (Power Electronics and Applications Series) by Mehrdad Ehsani, Yimin Gao, et all 2004-12-20
  7. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Design Fundamentals by Iqbal Husain, 2003-03-12
  8. Electric Motors and Control Techniques by Irving M. Gottlieb, 1994-02-01
  9. Convert It! by Michael Brown, 1993-11
  10. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Complete Idiot's Guide to) by Jack R. Nerad, 2007-08-07
  11. The Electric Vehicle: Technology and Expectations in the Automobile Age by Gijs Mom, 2004-03-22
  12. From Gasoline to Electric Power by Gary D. Powers, 1997-12-01
  13. Lightweight Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Design (Automotive Engineering) by John Fenton, Ron Hodkinson, 2001-06
  14. Electric Vehicle Battery Systems by Sandeep Dhameja, 2001-09-25

1. Electric Drive Transportation Association
EVAA is the industry association working to advance the commercialization of electric vehicles in the United States, Canada and Latin America.
U.S. Department of Energy announces $350 million in nationwide funding for
hydrogen research projects.
Click Here to Learn More.
Click Here for a Side by Side of the House and Senate Highway Bill Provisions for Electric Drive
Click Here to view
EDTA's Interview with Fred Hansen, General Manager of TriMet Transit Agency.
Click Here
to Encourage The House of Representatives to Include Energy Tax Incentives in FSC/ETI Bill

2. Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)
Light electric vehicles (LEV) LEVs range in size from electric scooters small enough to fit under a 20 100 mph) (transit your way) Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs)


... About us Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) LEVs range in size from electric scooters small enough to fit under a bus seat up to one-person cars capable of driving in freeway HOV lanes. LEVs provide local point-to-point transportation for one person and some cargo at speeds and costs that are moderate. For most of us, half of our errands and trips are less than 10 miles - within the range of most LEVs. For under $1000, you can be riding your first LEV. Enjoy the advantages of an extra car without the burdens. Replace that costly extra car with an e-bike or scooter, and use the savings to rent a car when you really need one. Or simply enjoy the fun and freedom of a vehicle that goes almost anywhere - including into public buildings. U sing clean, efficient vehicles saves money and time while helping the environment and improving our quality of life. And the benefits extend beyond the personal (you) to the global (everyone). Most folks find LEVs simply

3. Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Converter of commercial and passenger vehicles to electrically driven ones.
TEL: (250) 954-2230 FAX: (250) 954-2235 EMAIL:
OPERATING HOURS: MON - FRI 9AM - 5PM (PST) This page has been accessed times since July 29, 1996 DISTRIBUTOR OF: ADVANCE DC ALLTRAX/DCP CURTIS ZIVAN ZILLA For More Information, please contact CEV.
Last updated: Apr. 08, 2004

products. Shop here 24 hours a day! We are seeking dealers worldwide to distribute our electric cars and other electric vehicles.
dqmcodebase = "includes/" Welcome to!
ZAP is the world leader in advanced transportation including electric cars, electric bicycles, electric scooters, seascooters, and more...
Introducing SMART, one of the most fuel-efficient, gas-powered cars on the planet.
Click To Learn more.

A powerful off-road vehicle without all that noise and pollution.
Click To Learn more.

ZAP Auctions Off First Smart Car on eBay
William 'Rock' Hill Named to ZAP Advisory Board ZAP Unveils New Website at ... Home
Website developed by, Inc.

5. Electric Vehicles: Electric Vehicles International LLC
Manufacturers of electric vehicles such as buses, trolleys, trams, trucks, passenger trailers and delivery vans

6. Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Homepage for the US Department of Energy s Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Program. Search. HEV Program Background Auto Manufacturer
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7. Electric Bikes Northwest / EbikesNW
Electric Bikes NW specializes in the sales and service of electric power assisted bicycles. We are authorized LaFree, Heinzmann, and Panasonic dealers. Electric Bikes Northwest. ( electric vehicles Northwest, Inc.) The electric (or electricassisted) bike is an emerging new category of vehicle
@import url('main/main.css');
Sales and Service of the World's Leading Electric Bikes
Augmenting, not replacing, human power. 110 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103 Map
ph: 206/547-4621
fx: 206/634-0263
News and Events
Electric Bikes Northwest
(Electric Vehicles Northwest, Inc.)
One of the nation's leading electric bike dealers, established in 1996. "If it doesn't have pedals, we won't sell it!" Check out the spectacular LAfree Lite by Giant Bicycle Company, acclaimed in reviews as the best electric bike. Its system invites you to participate in the amazing new experience of augmented human power bicycling. We not only sell and service electric bikes we enthusiastically ride them ourselves. Visit our Online Store
or call our toll-free order line:
1-866-EHYBRID Home Electric Bikes Products Specials ... Company Policy
Electric Bikes Northwest has worked since 1996 to bring the world's best electric bikes to the North American market.
The electric (or electric-assisted) bike is an emerging new category of vehicle. Its design is based on the principle of augmenting, not replacing human power. The bikes we carry are of advanced design but proven and fully consumer-ready. The bikes have evolved in Taiwan, Japan and Europe by major manufacturers. New models have been specifically developed for the North American market. In 2003 half a million electric bikes were sold in China, about 200,000 in Japan, and tens of thousands in Europe. While sales numbers are still modest in North America the customer base is amazingly broad, uses quite varied and owner satisfaction for our brands exceptionally high. This would indicate a dramatic upturn in consumer acceptance over the next few years.

8. Electric Auto Association - Electric Vehicles
EV List's main focus = electric vehicles using batteries. electric vehicles for Sale Canadian electric vehicles Ltd. ( EV conversions components in BC) Cloud electric vehicles
Chapters Merchandise EVs For Sale EV Charging ... EAA News EAA Links EAA Flyers: EV Information Auto Emissions EV Conversions EV History ... Fuel Prices These links or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a general knowledge base of EV information. Common TERMS:
EV, Electric Vehicle
: generally a car, truck or van that performs same as a fuel vehicle
nEV, neighborhood EV, low speed vehicles (lsv)
: operates below highway speeds. Not for highway use.
Grid, electric utility power
: is inexpensive compared to fossil fuel, and can come from RE sources.
RE, Renewable Energy
: solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, tidal, wave, biomass.
PV = Photo-Voltaic, aka solar
hybrid vehicle
: has electric components, but uses a fuel source to power the vehicle, aka hev.
fcv, fuel cell vehicle

9. Electric Highway Vehicles
Information about EVs, featuring a conceptual technology for dualmode high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), powered by onboard batteries plus other power sources.
R egenerative
P ower
M otion
Electric Highway Vehicles
An integrated systems approach to dual-mode high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), powered by onboard batteries plus external/in-transit power supplied to them, from grid/solar/wind/flywheel power sources
Dual-mode EVs and Infrastructure for Practical Long Distance Private Transit Picture this: You get into your EV, whose onboard batteries are fully charged from household power. It automatically retracts (fig. at right) its two power contacts from the power strips beneath it, in your garage. Or it may have been charging from solar power, from its PV (photovoltaics) on all of its top surfaces and windows. Then, on battery power, you drive to a freeway that can supply in-transit power. Your EV accelerates to ~60 mph on battery power, and reaches the electrified EV lane. When its automatic steering acquires lane center, it extends (see fig. at right) its two power contacts to power strips embedded on and parallel with the roadway beneath it. Now your EV gets most or all of its power (for propulsion and battery charging) from the power strips. Or the power strips may be installed in a center divider (see fig. at left). Your EV would read this information from bar-code on the highway. So it would instead extend its two power contacts at its side, to make contact with the power strips. In either case, the power strips are recessed within insulation, to prevent inadvertent contact with people or animals on the freeway (who are at far greater risk of collision with conventional vehicles), or wayward conventional vehicles (which may be out of control or involved in accidents).

10. DIDIK DESIGN Site Covering Electric Cars, (ev's), Stereo, Lenticular, 3d, And Va
electric vehicles, electric vehicle, electric cars, electric car. Solar power. Alternative energy. Electric automobile. How to build an electric vehicle. Welcome to the DIDIK DESIGN Electric Car web site!
electric vehicles, electric vehicle, electric cars, electric car. Solar power. Alternative energy. Electric automobile. How to build an electric vehicle.
www. DIDIK .com Welcome to the DIDIK DESIGN E lectric C ar web site! Electric, Solar, Hybrid and Human Powered Vehicle s
(Click below for further information or photographs)
Didik Sun Shark
(a solar-electric-human powered safety motorcycle)
DIDIK Muscle Car
(A three person human-electric-solar hybrid vehicle)
Foldable Didik Muscle Car
(a foldable 3 person human powered vehicle)
Didik Shooting Star
(a "space age" gas-electric hybrid vehicle)
Solar Energy Research Main Menu
(information on our solar energy program)
Didik Hovercraft
(two person hovercraft)
Didik Long Ranger
(a Citicar modified to be a gas-electric hybrid)
Didik Simplicity
(A two passenger solar-electric human powered vehicle)
Didik Arctic Explorer
(a heated enclosed floating snowmobile for 4) Didik Duplexity (a 3 person scooter) Thank you for choosing to visit the Didik Design Website. DIDIK alternate energy vehicles are unique, safe, practical and, are indescribably fun to drive. The vehicles are powered by a variety of propulsion systems including human, solar, electric and hybrid systems. The vehicles are designed to require a minimum amount of maintenance and can usually be serviced by the driver. Presently, the vehicles are produced on a custom, made to order basis therefor specifications can be modified to fit the individual buyers specific needs. It is possible to rent or lease the vehicles. To consider the advertising and publicity potential of our electric vehicles, be sure to go to our

11. Electric Fuel Batteries - For Military Applications, Electric Vehicles And Safet
Researches, develops and commercializes an advanced zincair battery technology for electric vehicles, portable consumer electronic devices and defense applications. (Nasdaq EFCX).
Military Batteries Electric Vehicles Safety Products Contact Military Batteries Electric Vehicles Safety Products Contact ... Legal Notice

12. Electric Vehicles UK : Home
EVUK, UK Campaign for Real, longrange electric vehicles, clean car, clean air, clean(er) power, clean(er) politics, featuring cars driven by Hollywood
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SEARCH suggestions: 'Hollywood', 'Tom Hanks', 'Congestion Charge', 'Hydrogen Hype', 'Lithium Ion', 'John Kerry', 'Schwarzenegger', 'Spacey', 'Sting', 'Michael Moore'. EVUK's " e -MISSION" STATEMENT
Contact us

SOS - Support Our Site?

13. Hybrid Electric Vehicles: What Is An HEV?
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle with the battery and electric motor of an electric vehicle

What are HEVs?

Why HEVs?

HEV Advantages
HEV Fact Sheets
What Are HEVs?
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the internal combustion engine of a conventional vehicle with the battery and electric motor of an electric vehicle, resulting in twice the fuel economy of conventional vehicles. This combination offers the extended range and rapid refueling that consumers expect from a conventional vehicle, with a significant portion of the energy and environmental benefits of an electric vehicle. The practical benefits of HEVs include improved fuel economy and lower emissions compared to conventional vehicles. The inherent flexibility of HEVs will allow them to be used in a wide range of applications, from personal transportation to commercial hauling.
Why HEVs?
Hybrid power systems were conceived as a way to compensate for the shortfall in battery technology. Because batteries could supply only enough energy for short trips, an onboard generator, powered by an internal combustion engine, could be installed and used for longer trips. In the old days, we thought that by biasing the system toward battery-electric power and operating on wall-plug electricity as much as possible, efficiency and emissions would then be about as optimal as we could hope for until better batteries came along. The natural conclusion of this concept was that, with better batteries, we probably would not need hybrids at all. But after 20 years of study, it seems that hybrids are taking center stage and electric vehicles are only being used in niche market applications where fewer miles are traveled.

14. ZAP! Electric Vehicles
The group has started production on several different types of light electric utility vehicles for urban transportation and commercial use.

15. EERE: FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program
U.S. Department of Energy Alternative fueled vehicles, electric vehicles, encouragement of clean cities .

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EERE Information Center

June 4, 2004 Government and Industry Representatives Meet to Discuss Diesel Engine Idling in Heavy-Duty Vehicles May 27, 2004 More News
FutureTruck 2004
June 9-17, 2004 Alternative Fuel Training Sessions June 22, 2004
June 23, 2004
August 18, 2004 More Events
Fact of the Week:
New Vehicle Attributes June 7 , 2004 More Facts
Technologies that will significantly improve fuel economy, comply with projected emissions and safety regulations, and use domestically produced fuels
Lightweight, high-strength materials for improved energy efficiency without compromising safety, performance, recyclability, and cost New fuels and lubricants that can reduce our dependence on petroleum-based products with fewer environmental impacts Innovative strategies for gasoline- and diesel-powered engines that offer efficiency and emissions improvements Printable Version The FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program serves as the Executive Secretariat for the federal government for the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership and the 21st Century Truck Partnership , as well as conducting technical research and development activities that support these partnerships.

16. EV Challenge Home Page
High school students learn about the need for alternative fuels by designing, constructing and racing electric vehicles.
Smart Kids, Clean Cars, Green World Home Contact Forms Rules and Specs ... Calendar Mission : To educate schoolchildren and the general public on innovative electric vehicle technology and its energy and environmental benefits to society. Watch a 5-minute video about the Challenge (RealVideo) About EV Challenge... The development of the EV Challenge program began in 1993 with three high schools participating in the construction of electric vehicles. Since then, the yearlong, hands-on program has increased its educational services and grown to include 30 high schools from seven states. A middle school program using the principles of the Junior Solar Sprint was added to the EV Challenge in 2000, and has grown to include 14 middle schools throughout the state of North Carolina. The Junior Solar Sprint provides the middle school students with a solid foundation in sustainability energy content that they will need to progress to the advanced EV Challenge program at the high school level. During the 2002-2003 school year an estimated 4500 students from various backgrounds actively participated in the design and construction of solar and electric vehicles. Students also have access to the EV Challenge Mobile Classroom, a twenty-five foot enclosed trailer that features educational displays, a student built electric Triumph Spitfire, a middle school solar car, and a bi-fuel natural gas tow vehicle. The Mobile Classroom will be viewed at various schools, the North Carolina State Fair and several alternative fuel conferences throughout the region.

17. ZAP! Electric Vehicles
ZAP is the leader in the electric car market and manufacturer of the ZAPPY electric scooter.

18. Ecostar
Manufacture electric drive systems, electric drives, electric motors, transaxles, electric transmissions, power converters, power electronics, and inverters for electric vehicles.

19. Electric Vehicles UK
Hanks appears on Letterman Show to plug electric vehicles(..and his new film Ladykillers) Clip 1(short) CBS Clip 2(extended) EV Charger News

Hot News You Missed?!....

Geneva Motor Show 186 mph electric Kaz steals limelight...

TZERO electric sports car smacks the a!*se (US=a!s) of a Ferrariin San Francisco.

June, 2004
International Conference for Renewable Energies in Bonn is virtually ignored by US-UK mainstream media. - Despite oil and petrol price volatility, despite wars for oil, oil-linked conflict and terrorism, despite global warming and, yes, despite Hollywood's "The Day After Tomorrow" - the mainstream media in the US and UK appear to have collectively decided to all-but ignore this high-powered make-or-break "Weg Vom Oel"( "Away From Oil" ) eco-event attended by many of the world's leading politicians and environmental organisations and enterprises. By contrast, German TV, radio and newspapers have provided almost round-the-clock coverage. Here's just one fine example(in English!) from Deutsche Welle TV: Ushering in a "New Age" of Renewable Energy The International Conference for Renewable Energies - website includes links to the International Action Programme and Political Declaration (It could be of course that the BBC's flagship(so they say) 'environmental' programme CountryFile - or indeed Jeremy Clarkson's Top Gear team - are currently busy preparing fulsome "Away From Oil" reports from the conference to be aired at a later date. Holding of breath not recommended however.)

20. EVHome
EHV Headline News! GM s Latest Option on electric vehicles. NEW USERS, please click here.
EHV Headline News! GM's Latest Option on Electric Vehicles
NEW USERS, please click here

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