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1. The Egyptian Pyramids Part 1: The Huge Stones
as a monument to the skill and determination of the egyptian pharaohs and miles awayand taken by boat to Giza and other places where pyramids were being
The Great Egyptian Pyramids More of this Feature Part 2: Why Were They Built?
Part 3: How Were They Built?

On This Site 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
An Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Civilizations
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Pyramids: The Inside Story
Part 1: The Large Stones We certainly know that the Pyramids existed because they're still with us. Rising out of the desert sands, the Pyramids of Egypt stand as a monument to the skill and determination of the Egyptian pharaohs and their ability to get thousands of people to do hard labor for generations. Huge blocks of rock were cut from places many miles away and taken by boat to Giza and other places where pyramids were being built. The slaves used a series of logs rolling on the ground to move the giant stones. Then, they put them in place as parts of a pyramid.

2. Egypt: Historical Pharaonic Egyptian Sites - Pharaonic Tombs Other Than Pyramids
Historical egyptian Sites Pharaonic Tombs other than pyramids. While most egyptian pyramids are considered tombs, they chose one of the worst places for his tomb, which has seen
Historical Egyptian Sites - Pharaonic Tombs other than Pyramids While most Egyptian pyramids are considered tombs, they are covered in our list and special section on pyramids . Also, while most royal tombs had mortuary and sometimes valley temple associated with them, most of these are covered in our special section on temples and our temple list ), though the temples associated with pyramids are covered in the section on pyramids . Finally, we also have a list of other monuments not specific to pyramids, temples or tombs. For additional comprehensive information see Monuments in Egypt Abydos by Marie Parsons Abydos, or Abjdu, lies in the eight nome of Upper Egypt, about 300 miles south of Cairo, on the western side of the Nile and about 9.5 miles from the river. It spreads over 5 square miles and contains archaeological remains from all periods of ancient Egyptian history. It was significant in historical times as the main cult center of Osiris, the lord of the netherworld. At the mouth of the canyon at Abydos, which the Egyptians believed to be the entrance to the underworld, one of the tombs of the 1st dynasty kings was mistaken for the tomb of Osiris, a thousand years later, and pilgrims would leave offerings to the god for another thousand years. The area is thus now called Umm el Qa’ab, "Mother of Pots."

3. Egyptian Pyramids, Temples, Mosques, Phillip Colla Photography
Photographs of Egypt by Phillip Colla, including pyramids of Giza, temples of Luxor, and mosques of Cairo. Ocean and Motion. places. Marine and Island Sites Search Options Stock List. egyptian pyramids, Temples, Mosques Hands of Ozymandius. other Luxor Features. Colossi of Memnon, Luxor
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Egyptian Pyramids, Temples, Mosques

4. Egyptian Pyramids - Links To Other Web Sites About Ancient Egypt
egyptian pyramids links to other web sites about Ancient Egypt. http// home/index.rage?loc=Egypt the Sphinx. other pyramids. Products for sale. egyptian Travel
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Ancient Egypt Sites Egyptology – Ancient Egypt * *

Ancient Sites – Egypt * * * home/index.rage?loc=Egypt Rediscover Ancient Egypt * * * * Crystal Links – Ancient Egypt * * Mark Millmore’s Ancient Egypt * * * These sites have been rated by the staff of More stars means that the site is more likely to have valuable information relative to the category. Suggest a site. about contact us advertise here Site Directory Search our Database for Books, Videos, Maps and other products on Egypt and the Pyramids General Links Egypt Egyptian Pyramids Egypt - Web Rings Specific Links Ancient Egypt Egyptology Egyptian Art Egyptian Antiquities Egyptian Mythology ... Photo Gallery Your Banner Ad could go here Find out how

5. Saqqara, Cairo, Egypt, Pyramids Of Djoser And Unis, Virtual Tour.
and object d art, as did all things egyptian. other places of interest at Saqqaraare the Tombs of the Apis Bulls and many tombs and pyramids in various states
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top Tour of Saqqara ~~~~~ Saqqara Site Menu~~~~~
Saqqara Weblinks Timeline of Dynasties
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... Home d Amenemhat III Egyptian Wallpaper for your PC From Pixel Paradox more Egyptian wallpapers Saqqara is a burial ground located near the old capitol of Memphis. Memphis remained an administrative center when the capitol was moved to Thebes (Luxor) in the New Kingdom. The nobles from Memphis and many pharaohs were buried there. Several pyramids are located there, the most famous and most visible is the Djoser Step Pyramid. This pyramid was built before the Great Pyramids at Giza. Its architect was Imhotep who was made a god for his services. The Djoser complex includes a miniature city constructed so that the Pharaoh could work in the afterlife, just as he did in this life. The Djoser Pyramid complex had a heavy influence on the art deco movement in architecture and object d'art, as did all things Egyptian.

6. Above Top Secret - Ancient & Lost Civilizations - Egyptian Pyramids Raised By...
History places the pyramids of Giza being at least 5,000 years Hebrews in MASS numberswere in Egypt at around 1,200 people who saw this show in the other forum
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7. Egyptian Pyramids
Some were built as burial places for kings and also is home to two other large pyramidsfor Although being influenced by the egyptian pyramids, the pyramids in
The pyramids on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. At far right is the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), in the middle and closer is the pyramid of Khafre (Chephren), and on left is the smallest of the three major Giza pyramids - that of Menkaure (Mycerinus). Three small subsidiary pyramids are at the extreme left. The photograph is a montage by Mark Rigby taken from a rocky outcrop to the southeast. There are 110 pyramids currently known in Egypt, many in a state of great disrepair and almost unrecognisable. Some were built as burial places for kings and others for queens. A pyramid also may have represented a stairway for the king to ascend to the heavens. Another possibility is that it was symbolic of the primeval mound on which the sun god/creator was born. How the Egyptians managed the complex organisation of labour and the physical movement of large stone blocks is still a matter for debate. Pyramid construction may have involved ramps being erected around the pyramid. Blocks of stone would have been pulled up on sledges and the ramps dismantled later. It is believed that most of the labour for the construction of the pyramids would have come from farmers who were available during the inundation season when the Nile River flooded and farmland was underwater. It would also have been an ideal time for the transportation by boat of large stone blocks from their quarries to the pyramid sites. The earliest pyramid was the Step Pyramid of king Djoser of the

8. New Age Links:Tarot, Astrology, Fengshui, Numerology
Do people who share the same Sun, Moon Ascendant resemble each other? places ofPeace and Power Stonehenge http// egyptian pyramids Index age.html
Numerology, Astrology,Tarot, FengShui, Chinese Astrology
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Who were you in a past life? Test your chakras How do you feel today? I ching reading -Excellent reading! Chinese Astrology Fun with Chinese Horoscopes!

9. Pyramids
brings to mind the three great egyptian pyramids at Giza. There are others, ofcourse, in the western hemisphere and China and other places, but none as
This page is not in final form yet, but should still be interesting The first thing we must consider is the origin of the name. It does not come from the Greek he pyr , "fire," but rather from ho pyros , "wheat." It seems that a sweet cake made from honey and wheat was often a prize in athletic or literary contests, and this cake was called ho pyramous , and apparently had a pointed top. A similar geometric figure was named after these cakes, and called , where the second form is the genitive singular and shows the stem for the other cases. This is, idos ending is a diminutive, so the the word apparently means simply "little wheat cake." The name of this geometric figure was then carried over, in all probability, to the immense Egyptian constructions, when they were first seen by Greeks. The Egyptian word for a pyramid, mn (vowel unknown), is something completely different, so "pyramid" is probably not derived from a non-Greek word, as suggested by Lidell and Scott. It was also probably not coined on the basis of any similarity between an Egyptian pyramid and a wheat cake. Geometrically, a pyramid is formed from any plane polygon by connecting some point not in the plane, called the

10. Astronomy
was part of the ancient religious Mysteries of Elefsis and other places. of such templesor monuments from south America, egyptian pyramids, French megalithic
Ancient people could understand the world around them much better than the flat earth that was the centre if the universe, as we suggest for them. If we take a look at Greek mythology we can see a lot of knowledge hidden behind some myths. Some movements of known stars are saved on this form. As example we can see the myth of Kronos that eat his children until Zeus comes and changes the situation Mars (the God of war) had two followers: Fovos and Deimos, they have been found recently as two small satellites of planet Mars, invisible with simple telescopes! There is also a strange related report at "the Gulliver's travels" from Jonathan Swift. He reports also the amazing detail that one of the two satellites moves with the double speed of the other. Swift described that 150 years before the 'scientific' finding of these satellites. A lot of indications forces us to conclude that at the religious ceremonies of the ancient times, known as Mysteries to Greece, there were given a lot of knowledge about astronomy and cosmogony. This knowledge was only for the few chosen people and was forbidden by the penalty of death to talk about this knowledge on other people. This could be done only with symbolic level of myths that could be safe and useful for anyone. Ipparhus reports that he was using geodesy methods able to determine every place on earth. If we check the accuracy on placing some ancient monuments in exact distances from others, this seems to be true. The result that this measuring method was giving is directly comparable to the methods that we use today! Only with the help of our artificial satellites we can get better results.

11. Cairo The Capital Of Egypt, History, Characteristics And Tips For Tourists
egyptian pyramids of Giza Although the pyramids and Sphinx are in you like to beclose to the pyramids you can although it is not hot as other places in Egypt
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Egypt Guide
with photos of Egypt
Cairo the Capital of Egypt
Cairo is the capital of Egypt since its construction one thousand years ago. It was built by the Fatimate leader Jawhar Al Sekelly on the orders of Al Moez Le'Deen El Allah the caliph who wanted to have a protected capital to the jewel of his crown Egypt. Since that time Cairo has been expanded considerably until it has become the largest capital in the Arab world and Africa with a population of about 20 million comprising nearly the third of Egypt population. One of the famous names of Cairo has been "The Capital of one thousand minarets" although this name is not accurate since there are more than ten times this number of mosques in Cairo today. Cairo has the Islamic characteristics of Egypt while the Pharaonic features are part of the character of its neighboring city Giza. Every body knows that the famous Egyptian pyramids are in Giza while few people know that Giza is one of three cities that comprise Greater Cairo. These cities or governorates according to the Egyptian administration system are Cairo, Giza and Kalyobia. Each of these three governorates has a governor appointed by Egypt president. Places you should visit in Cairo When you are in Cairo don't forget to visit these places and take you camera with you to keep memories of your trip. These are not all the places you can visit in Cairo, in fact you can never visit all of Cairo in several days or even years but they are the most important places you can visit.

12. Picture Of Ancient Egyptian In
Use the Links page to find other places on the World Wide Web Tatenen, ancient, hieroglyphs,pharaohs, kings, Nile, pyramids, egyptian, gods, goddess, goddesses Add to Favourites Search the directory for document.cookie="metasearch=1866496010.20480.0000"; listings for "Picture Of Ancient Egyptian" (1 - 20 of 45)
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Picture Of A Egyptian
Picture Of Egypt Ancient Egyptian God And Goddess Pictures Rosetta Stone ... Picture Of Ancient Egyptian People View By Relevance View By Search Engine The History Channel UK
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Pictures from
Ancient Egyptian sites
Back to the homepage. Pictures from Ancient Egyptian sites. Images from several historic sites in Egypt. Alicante, Ancient Egyptian sites. ...
Gods and Goddesses

This section uses frames. Hieroglyphics ... Screen Savers Ancient Egyptian Book Shop Egyptian picture of an eagle ... ANCIENT EGYPT AND EGYPTIANS. Pyrmaids, Pharaohs, early classical history.

13. Spirit-21: Spirit & Travel
seen movies, pictures and paintings of the great egyptian pyramids. is another greatexperience we had in Egypt. Luxor and Karnak were two other places that we

Tribute to Khiron

Spirit and Astrology

Spirit and Love

Spirit and Psychology
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Introduction Spirit-21 opens the travel section with a trip to Egypt, a place many associate with history and Spirit. This story is told by Tanya Pashkova, a Ukranian woman who met most of the Spirit-21 team on a study travel tour to the U.S. in 1993. A strong friendship developed, and we have remained friends through time in cyberspace. Tanya, when not working at the Kyiv Post, sits atop her suitcase, waiting for Spirit to guide her next adventure. Her story clearly shows Spirit weaving people together through the urges of the traveller.
Seeking Spirit in Egypt
This story started when I browsed and clicked on the picture of the Avenue of the Sphinxes .It was a hectic time at the office, putting together the advertising for our Kyiv Business Directory, with deadlines (love that word) to meet. People were screaming and shouting at each other, and papers were flying around, and the atmosphere was one reminiscent of some impending natural disaster. To calm myself down and stop reacting to the office storm, I made the Avenue of Sphinxes the background wallpaper for my desktop. For two weeks I enjoyed the wonderful Sphinx Avenue, and peace came to me. The deadlines passed, and we celebrated the finale at a local nigh club. I did not want to go there without an escort, so my friend, who was also single, accompanied me.

14. Pyramids
to the unfinished pyramids at Zawiet el Aryan and other places. was interested inconstruction methods, and examined egyptian and Mexican pyramids from an
A Brief Bibliography for Pyramids
Education Department
Gayle Gibson Pyramids are the most enduring monuments that mankind has built. They are endlessly fascinating. Many good books on pyramids are widely available. This bibliography discusses most of the books that can be found in libraries or purchased from good bookstores. The notes on each book are intended to help you to choose which books suit your needs best. If you can only afford one book, this is the one to buy.
  • Lehner, Mark. The Complete Pyramids: Solving the Ancient Mysteries London: Thames and Hudson, 1997. 556 illustrations, 83 in colour. 256 pages, with index.
Mark Lehner has been working at Giza since 1979, since 1984 as Director of the Giza Plateau Mapping Project. He writes clearly, and has the benefit of the most recent research. This book covers all the currently known pyramids of Egypt, and gives six pages to the pyramids of Sudan. The book begins with an overview of Egyptian religious beliefs (the why of pyramid building , and proceeds to early accounts of pyramids by Greeks and Romans, Copts and Arabs, goes on to describe the first European explorers, and continues with accounts of the more famous expeditions, current explorations and recent discoveries. Construction techniques are described, and the evidence for various methods is carefully considered. Lehner discusses methods of quarrying and transporting stone and other supplies to the sites of pyramids. The towns for those working on the pyramids are also described. *****

15. Pyramids
Some were built as burial places for kings and a Great Court and various other structures. Althoughbeing influenced by the egyptian pyramids, the pyramids in
Head Office : 145 Praed Street London W2 1RL Representation Office in Cairo Tel Fax : Head Office in London : Tel Fax : E-mail Pyramids Home Gallery [ Pyramids ] Mummies Ancient Life Places to visit Egyptian Musium ... Special Offers The ancient Egyptians built their tombs on the west side of the Nile River and their temples on the east. This practice corresponded to the rise and setting of the sun which represented the cycle of life itself. The east signified rebirth and the west signified death. With the tombs on the west or left bank, the spirits of the dead would be ready to journey into the cycle of life. The Egyptians believed strongly in the afterlife and made complete preparation for this journey. The three pyramids are actually tombs of three pharaohs of the Old Kingdom. In its most common form, a pyramid is a massive stone or brick structure with a square base and four sloping triangular sides that meet in a point at the top. Pyramids have been built by different peoples at various times in history. Probably the best-known pyramids are those of ancient Egypt, which were built to protect the tombs of rulers or other important persons. Pyramids were also built as platforms for temples by pre-Columbian civilizations in Central and South America. Still other pyramids exist in Sudan, Southwest Asia, and Greece. In the 26th century BC, as Egyptian civilization was reaching its height, three kings Khufu, his son Khafre, and his grandson Menkure ordered the construction of three huge pyramids that would serve as their tombs. The first of these, the Great Pyramid, is the largest ever built. It stands with the other two pyramids and the Great Sphinx in a cluster near the town of Giza.

16. Sacred Places And Teachings
The Stone Circle Join Now Ring Hub Random < Prev ... CRYSTALINKS MAIN PAGE
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17. CULTUREFOCUS: Ancient Egypt. Pictures Of Egyptian Pyramids And Temples.
Please do not copy photos to other websites. THE COMPLETE pyramids, by Mark Lehner Anote about chronology Dates are approximate because egyptian chronology is
HOME Temples and Tombs Pyramids of Giza Thebes Valley of the Kings Egypt TEMPLES AND TOMBS A journey along the Nile The waters of the mighty Nile allowed the otherwise dry land of Egypt to become a cradle for one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations. From the start of the Old Kingdom around 2686 BC, an era of rule by pharaohs of more than 30 family dynasties continued almost unbroken for nearly 3000 years. After the glorious New Kingdom, the age of the Egyptian pharaohs ended with decline and rule by the Ptolemies. Today, we can travel along the Nile and explore a succession of old temples and tombs that are testimonies to the remarkable achievements of the people of ancient Egypt. The Old Kingdom: AGE OF THE PYRAMIDS The ancient Egyptian civilization of the Nile Valley came of age under Old Kingdom rulers of dynasties 3 to 6. Their greatest legacies are the huge Giza Pyramids, the results of a spectacular program of pyramid building. The Pyramids of Giza epitomize ancient Egypt, but they were the results of a short period of pyramid building during the Old Kingdom. The Giza Pyramids were built as tombs for the fourth dynasty kings Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure who ruled Egypt through 2589-2504 BC. The largest is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But the ancient Egyptians did not think of the pyramids just as resting places for the dead. They believed their rulers were divine god-kings who would ascend from the pyramid to take their place among the gods in the afterlife.

18. Egyptian Antiquities--Ancient History/World History Lesson Plan (grades 6-8)--Di
Students learn that ancient builders overcame great obstacles in erecting monuments. With the passage of time, some ancient monuments are deteriorating. speak of the pyramids and other colossal

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6-8 > Ancient History Grade level: 6-8 Subject: Ancient History Duration: Two class periods
Materials Procedures Adaptations ... Credit
Find a video description, video clip, and discussion questions.
Sneferu: King of the Pyramids

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Students will understand the following: Ancient builders overcame great obstacles in erecting monuments. With the passage of time, some ancient monuments are deteriorating. For this lesson, you will need: Art history and archaeology books Access to the Internet Introduce students to the Great Sphinx, as it stands today near Cairo. You can use an image from an art history textbook or the clear photograph at touregypt According to the Web site just mentioned, the word sphinx Tell students they must research the history and the status of conservation efforts over the course of the last 20 to 30 years, coming up with answers in writing to the following questions:

19. An Introduction To Ancient Egypt Part 4: Pyramids Of Power
An Introduction to Ancient Egypt so high in the air to put on top of the pyramidsis still miles away and taken by boat to Giza and other places where pyramids
An Introduction to Ancient Egypt Part 4: The Pyramids How the ancient Egyptians got those heavy stones so high in the air to put on top of the Pyramids is still a mystery. But they did it. Huge blocks of rock were cut from places many miles away and taken by boat to Giza and other places where pyramids were being built. The slaves used a series of logs rolling on the ground to move the giant stones. Then, they put them in place as parts of a pyramid. The first pyramids were called "Step Pyramids" because they looked like giant steps. The pyramids we most recognize today, the smooth ones, were built later. Why were these pyramids built? The pharaohs wanted to use them as tombs. The Egyptian people had a strong belief in the afterlife. They believed that life here on Earth was just a stage in a long journey. They believed that the spirit continued on after the body died. That's why you can find so many earthly things in the tombs of the times. The pharaohs were buried with gold, jewelry, and other goods that they would find familiar in the afterlife. The tombs were also decorated with the names of the pharaohs and pictures and messages wishing them well. These pictures were believed to give the pharaoh whatever was in the picture. To make sure the pharaohs made it to the afterlife, the people made them into mummies.

20. World Mysteries - Mystic Places - The Great Pyramid Of Giza In Egypt
of the walls There seem to be no other possibilities so place of burial was knownin later egyptian times, when the fact that the Great Pyramid was his
... Home You are here: mystic places » the great pyramid
Mystic Places
Nazca Lines The Great Pyramid The Sphinx Stonehenge ... Kailasa Temple
The Great Pyramid
Mystic Places
Statistics Geometry Construction AmazingFacts(E) ... Links (E) - external links "The Great Pyramid has lent its name as a sort of by-word for paradoxes; and, as moths to a candle, so are theorisers attracted to it. The very fact that the subject was so generally familiar, and yet so little was accurately known about it, made it the more enticing; there were plenty of descriptions from which to choose, and yet most of them were so hazy that their support could be claimed for many varying theories." Sir Flinders Petrie
The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh

Southern face of the Great Pyramid.
The base originally measured about 230.33m square.
The original height was 146.59m.

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