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         Ecology Miscellaneous:     more books (100)
  1. Framework for Management for Natural Disasters (Miscellaneous Report 43) by Vyas Sumeer, 1988-06
  2. Establishment of vegetation for shoreline stabilization in Galveston Bay (Miscellaneous paper - Coastal Engineering Research Center) by J. D Dodd, 1975
  3. Beach fauna study of the CERC Field Research Facility, Duck, North Carolina (Miscellaneous report - U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers, Coastal Engineering Research Center) by James F Matta, 1977
  4. Ecogeographic analysis: A guide to the ecological division of land for resource management (Miscellaneous publication) by Robert G Bailey, 1988
  5. Relationships between fish and aquatic plants: A plan of study (Miscellaneous paper) by K. Jack Killgore, 1993
  6. Riparian dominance types of Montana (Miscellaneous publication / Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station) by Paul L Hansen, 1988
  7. Miscellaneous paper / Oregon State University. Agricultural Experiment Station by C. B Rumburg, 1961
  8. Aquatic habitat studies on the Lower Mississippi River, river mile 480 to 530: Report 6 : Larval fish studies--pilot report (Miscellaneous paper / U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) by Harold L. Schramm, 1981
  9. A mathematical model of submersed aquatic plants (Miscellaneous paper) by Carol Desormeau Collins, 1985
  10. Tri-State comprehensive study, riparian wetland element (Miscellaneous paper) by Mary M Davis, 1997
  11. Geomorphological, geoecological, geoarcheological, and surficial mapping study of McGregor Guided Missile Range, Fort Bliss, New Mexico (Miscellaneous report of investigations) by Donald L Johnson, 1997
  12. Feeding habits and food of the fishes of Mississippi Sound and adjacent coastal areas: A bibliography with abstracts (Miscellaneous paper) by Douglas G Clarke, 1981
  13. Miscellaneous report by Patrick J Festa, 1974
  14. Disaster Recovery Comments on the Literature and a Mostly Annotated Bibliography (Miscellaneous Report No. 44) by E.L. Quanantelli, 1989-06

61. Allen, TFH, SM Bartell, JF Koonce. 1977. Multiple Stable
1977. Multiple stable configurations in ordination of phytoplankton communitychange rates. ecology 5810761084. ecology 591200- 1210. Cowles, HC 1899. Reference Lists/Mis
Allen, T.F.H., S.M. Bartell, J.F. Koonce. 1977. Multiple stable configurations in ordination of phytoplankton community change rates. Ecology 58:1076-1084. Badger, C.J., R. Kellam. 1989. The Barrier Islands: A Photographic History of Life on Hog, Cobb, Smith, Cedar, Parramore, Metompkin and Assateague. Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pa. Birks, H.S.B., B.E. Berglund. 1979. Holocene Pollen Stratigraphy of Southern Sweden: A Reappraisal Using Numerical Methods. Boreas 8:257-279. Bolyard, T., G.M. Hornberger, R. Dolan, B.P. Hayden. 1979. Fresh-Water Reserves of Mid-Atlantic Coast Barrier Islands. Environ. Geol. 3:1-11. Brown, D.A., D.R. Upchurch. 1987. Minirhizotrons: A summary of methods and instruments in current use. In Minirhizotron observation tubes: Methods and applications for measuring rhizosphere dynamics. Amer. Soc. Agron. ASA special publication #50, Madison, WI. p.15-30. Campbell, G.S. 1977. An Introduction to Environmental Biophysics. Springer- Verlag, New York, 159 pp. Chapman, V.J. 1960. Salt marshes and salt deserts of the world. Interscience Publ. New York. 392 pp. Christian, R.R., K. Bancroft, W.J. Wiebe. 1978. Resistance of the microbial community within salt marsh soils to selected perturbations. Ecology 59:1200- 1210. Cowles, H.C. 1899. The ecological relations of the vegetation on the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. Bot Gaz. 27:95-117, 167-202, 281-308, 361-391. DeLaune, R.D., W.H. Patrick. 1980. Rate of sedimentation and its role in nutrient cycling in a Louisiana slat marsh, p. 401-412. In P. Hamilton, K.B. MacDonald (eds.), Estuarine and Wetland Processes. Plenum Press, NY. Dolan, R., B.P. Hayden, S. May, P. May. 1982. Erosion Hazards Along the Mid- Atlantic Coast. Appl. Geomorphol. 11:165-180. Dolan, R., B.P. Hayden, C. Jones. 1979. Barrier Island Configuration. Science 204:401-403. Dolan, R., H. Lins, B.P. Hayden. 1987. Frequency and magnitude Data on Coastal Storms. J. of Coastal Res. 3(2):245-247. Dolan, R., H. Lins, B.P. Hayden. 1988. Mid-Atlantic Coastal Storms. J. Coastal Res. 4:417-433. Dolan, R., P. Godgrey. 1973. Effects of Hurricane Ginger on the Barrier Islands of North Carolina. Bull. Geol. Soc. Am. 84:1329-1334. Dueser, R.D., W.C. Brown. 1980. Ecological correlates of insular rodent diversity. Ecology 61:50-65. Dueser, R.D., W.C. Brown, G.S. Hogue, C. McCaffrey, S.A. McCuskey, G.J. Hennessey. 1979. Mammals on the Virginia barrier islands. J. Mammology 60:425- 429. Dueser, R.D., W.C. Brown, S.A. McCuskey, G.S. Hogue. 1976. Vertebrate zoogeography of the Virginia Coast Reserve, p. 441-562. In R.D. Dueser et al. (ed.), Ecosystem Description:The Virginia Coast Reserve Study. TNC Arlington, Virginia. Eagleson, P.S. 1982. Ecological optimality in water limited natural soil- vegetation systems. 1: Theory and hypothesis. Water Resour. Res. 18:325-340. Ehrenfeld, J.G. 1990. Dynamics and processes of barrier island vegetation. Aquatic Sci. 2:437-480. Emory, K.O., R.L. 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A five-year record of aerial primary production and stand characteristics of Spartina alterniflora. Ecology 71:2209-2217. Newman, W.S., C.A. Munsart. 1968. Holocene geology of the Wachapreague Lagoon, eastern shore peninsula, Virginia. Mar. Geol. 6:81-105. Noest, V. 1991. Simulated impact of sealevel rise on phreatic level and vegetation of dune slacks in the Voorne dune area (The Netherlands). Landscape Ecology 6:89-98. Oliver, J. 1982. The geographic and environmental aspects of mangrove communities: climate, p. 19-2_. In: B. F. Clough (ed), Mangroves ecosystems in Australia - structure, function, and management. AIMS and ANU press. Pasche, E., G. Rouve. 1985. Overbank flow with vegetatively roughened flood plains. J. Hydraulic Engineering 11:1262-1278. Rice, T.E., A.W. Niedoroda, A.P. Pratt. 1976. The Coastal Processes and Geology: Virginia Barrier Islands. In R. Dueser (ed.), Virginia Coast Reserve Study: Ecosystem Description. Semeniuk, V. 1983. Mangrove distribution in northwestern Australian in relationship to regional and local freshwater seepage, Vegetatio 53:11-31. Sharpe, P.J.H., J. Walker, L.K. Penridge, H. Wu, E.J. Rykiel. 1986. Spatial considerations in physiological models of tree growth. Tree Physiology 2:403- 421. Sharpe, P.J.H., J. Walker, L.K. Penridge, H. Wu. 1985. A physiologically based continuous-time Markov approach to plant growth modeling in semi-arid woodlands. Ecol. Modeling 29:189-213. Shugart, H.H. 1984. A Theory of Forest Dynamics. Springer-Verlag, New York. 278 pp. Smith, R.J., N.H. Hancock, J.L. Ruffini. 1990. Flow through tall vegetation. Agric. Water Man. 18:317-322. Spenceley, A.P. 1976. Unvegetated saline tidal flats in north Queensland. Journal of Tropical Geography. 42:78-85. Stout, J.P. 1978. An analysis of annual growth and productivity of Juncus roemerianus Scheele and Spartina alterniflora Loisel. in coastal Alabama. Ph.D. Dissertation, Univ. Alabama, AL, 95 pp. Strack, O.D.L. 1971. Stroming zout grondwater: Staionaire problemen. Stichting Postacademiale Vorming Gezondheidstechniek, Delft. Stroud, L.M. 1976. Net primary production of belowground material and carbohydrate patternsof two height forms of Spartina alterniflora in two North Carolina marshes. Ph.D. Dissertation, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC. 140 pp. Teal, J.M. 1962. Energy flow in the salt marsh ecosystem of Georgia. Ecology 43:614-624. Turner, R.E. 1976. Geographic variations in salt marsh macrophyte production: a review. Contr. Mar. Sci. 20:47-68. Valiela, I., J.M. Teal, N.Y. Persson. 1976. Production and dynamics of experimentally enriched salt marsh vegetation: belowground biomass. Limnol. Oceanogr. 19:245-252. Vitousek, P.M, L.R. Walker, L.D. Whiteaker, D. Mueller-Dombois, P.A. Matson. 1987. Biological invasion by Myrica faya alters ecosystem development in Hawaii. Science 238:802-804. Walters H. 1977. Climate. Chapter 3 in: Wet Coastal Ecosystems of the World, volume I. Ed. V. J. Chapman. Elsevier Publ. Co. Woodward, F.I. 1987. Climate and Plant Distribution. Cambridge Univ. Press, Cambridge. Wu, Hsin-I, P.J.H. Sharpe, J. Walker, and L.K. Penridge. 1985. Ecological field theory: a spatial analysis of resource interference among plants. Ecol. Modeling 29:215-243.

62. Miscellaneous
of original articles and reviews on the interrelationship between meteorology andthe fields of plant, animal and soil sciences, ecology, and biogeochemistry.
Home About AgBioResources AgBioForum AgBioMail List ... Journals
AgBioForum – A journal of Agro-biotechnology management and economics, AgBioForum is aimed at enhancing “the ongoing dialogue agbiotech management and economics”. URL: Type: Website Access: Partially free, Membership required for full access. Agrarforschung – “is the publication organ of the Swiss federal agricultural research stations Reckenholz, Posieux, Tänikon, Wädenswil, Liebefeld, the Department of Agriculture and Food Science of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (SIT) of Zurich, the Swiss College of Agriculture Zollikofen (SCA) and the Federal Office of Agriculture (BLW). The target public of AGRARFORSCHUNG primarily consists of technical agricultural engineers, food engineers, agricultural engineers, farm business consultants, agricultural advisers and teachers, and farmers. AGRARFORSCHUNG is published in German, with English and French summaries. AGRARFORSCHUNG is published 11 times per year, with a double issue in November/December.” URL:

63. SIP - ECOLOGY - 490 - 205
Major Group 38 (miscellaneous instruments), Major Group 39 (miscellaneous manufacturingindustries 205(2). Such a determination shall be approved by ecology.

64. Nature/Ecology - At Best Galaxy
Jazz Music; Karaoke; Latin Music; Literature; Manga; Martial Arts; miscellaneous;Music; Pop/Rock; Music Videos Soul; Musicals; Mystery; Nature/ecology; Non-Fiction;

sixth Lab, attending a second Field Trip, or completing three miscellaneous works 1.describe and illustrate such basic concepts of ecology as hierarchy of life
LANE COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCIENCE DIVISION; Spring, 2004 GENERAL BIOLOGY (Global Ecology/Reconnecting with Nature) COURSE Bi 103 G CLASS HOURS TuTh 8:00-11:50 am ROOM LOCATION 16(Sci)/115 INSTRUCTOR Jerry Hall OFFICE HOURS MWF 9-10am; TuTh 11-12 OFFICE LOCATION SCI 162A PHONE 463-5084 (w); 935-7714 (h); email: REQUIRED TEXTS Diversity of Life DIV AND Ecology and Behavior ECO both by Starr and Taggart. (OR th edition Global Ecology Packet by Jerry Hall ( P Plants of the Pac. N.W. Coast PM Pacific Intertidal Life , by Russo R OPTIONAL TEXTS Ethnobotany of Western Washington , by Erna Gunther Oregon’s Rocky Intertidal Habitats , by Mohler, et al. Audubon Field Guide to the Pacific N.W. , by Paulson DESCRIPTION In Global Ecology we ask these two questions: (a) Are we extracting resources at a sustainable level, or are we depleting the “capital?” and (b) Is the natural world able to absorb our wastes, or are we overloading and polluting our world? Too often we answer these two questions with glib catch phrases or with emotion. We will look instead toward (1) scientific information and ways of thinking that let us find accurate answers to these questions, and (2) indigenous people’s relationships with nature that allowed them to either deal with or circum-vent these issues.

66. PRBO Conservation Science: Landscape Ecology & GIS
GPS Information; Geostatistics and Modeling Links; Landscape EcologyLinks; miscellaneous Tools Tidbits. back to top Print Page,

miscellaneous Biological novels/films Academic Papers on ecology and Science Fiction From Earth to Ecosphere Science Fiction, spaceships, and ecology , by
If You Like This, You'll Like That

Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
May be posted electronically provided that it is transmitted unaltered, in its entirety, and without charge. We examine both works of fiction and important contemporaneous works on non-fiction which set the context for ecological Science Fiction and Fantasy. There are hotlinks here to authors, magazines, films, or television items elsewhere in the Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide or beyond. Most recently updated: 25 Sep 2000 [28 Kilobytes] Related web page on themes such as Clones, Mutants, Intelligent Animals, Life Undersea , and The End of the World may be found at: If You Like This, You'll Like That [warning: very long text page, about half a megabyte, may load slowly] To find more books by these authors, see: Science Fiction Authors Two leaders in Science Fiction explorations of Ecology and Biology are Frank Herbert ("Dune"), and Joan Slonczewski . Frank has, sadly, passed away (or been recycled). Joan is currently a Professor of Biology at Kenyon College, and is very effectively using Science Fiction books and films as tools for teaching Biology at the college level. Other sources of information on this web page are noted or hotlinked. Some questions we study include:
  • How do living organisms grow and reproduce? (Tribbles, TV:

68. All Sites - Misc.
All Sites. miscellaneous Information. Links. Lomako Forest Pygmy Chimpanzee ProjectFemaleBehavior, ecology and Genetics; News from the KahuziBiega National Park;
All Sites
Miscellaneous Information
Related Links of Interest
Other Field Sites

69. CPCESU Keywords
and Economic Issues; Archeology; Land Use; Grazing; miscellaneous. ecology/Ecosystems.Protocols / Reference Materials; Social and Economic

About Us
CESU Network NPS Research Needs BLM Research Needs ... Contact Us
  • Air / Weather / Noise
Surveys / Monitoring Protocols / Reference Materials Social and Economic Issues Quality Assessment Management and Applications Modeling Impacts on Ecosystem Miscellaneous
Surveys / Monitoring Protocols / Reference Materials Social and Economic Issues Herptofauna Birds Mammals Fish Invertebrates Miscellaneous
    Cultural Resources
Surveys Protocols / Reference Materials Economic Issues Modeling Management Native American Historic Sites Miscellaneous
Protocols / Reference Materials Social and Economic Issues Maps Tectonics / Structural Geology Seismic Studies Subsidence Mineral and Energy Resources Geochemistry Volcanology Hydrogeology Caves / Karst Environments Sedimentology / Stratigraphy Paleontology Miscellaneous
Protocols / Reference Materials Social and Economic Issues Maps / Inventory Fire History Forest Recovery / Post-fire effects (monitoring) Prescribed Burns Fire Ecology

70. Ecology Webpage
miscellaneous photos of the intertidal at the Giant Stairs, Bailey sIsland, Maine. View north, the black zone is to the left and
Miscellaneous photos of the intertidal at the Giant Stairs,
Bailey's Island, Maine
View north, the black zone is to the left and the barnacle zone to the right. Typical lichens growing in the Lichen Zone Typical winter wave action at the Giant Stairs. These waves were observed tearing up Chondrus fronds. Refuges : In the center of the photo can be seen a cluster of small littorine snails using the larger barnacles ( Balanus ) as a shelter. This a very sheltered location compared to the Giant Stairs. It is rare to find many mussels of this size on the exposed coast, although they are very abundant there. These aggregations are frequently observed, and especially in winter months. This one is one the Cribstone Bridge. Fissures in the bedrock form surge channels for wave action, acting to funnel water higher into the intertidal than it would otherwise. This permits localized extension of species ranges into higher tide levels than they would otherwise occupy. Open rock space (primary space) is typically first occupied by a variety of algae, diatoms, and cyanobacteria, species that reproduce and settle fairly quickly. Examples of these "opportunists" are shown above.

71. "Information Resources On The Care And Use Of Molluscs"
miscellaneous. Descriptors ecology, environmental pollutants toxicity, immunotoxinstoxicity, Mollusca immunology, biological markers, environmental pollutants
Laboratory Care / Research Miscellaneous Galloway, T.S.; Depledge, M.H. (2001) Immunotoxicity in invertebrates: measurement and ecotoxicological relevance. Ecotoxicology NAL call no: RA565.A1E27 Abstract: Descriptors: ecology, environmental pollutants toxicity, immunotoxins toxicity, Mollusca immunology, biological markers, environmental pollutants immunology, hemocytes immunology, hydrocarbons, halogenated immunology, hydrocarbons, halogenated toxicity, immunotoxins immunology, metals, heavy immunology, metals, heavy toxicity, organotin compounds immunology, organotin compounds toxicity, oxidants immunology, oxidants toxicity, pesticides immunology, pesticides toxicity, polycyclic hydrocarbons immunology, polycyclic hydrocarbons toxicity, biological markers, environmental pollutants, hydrocarbons halogenated, immunotoxins, metals heavy, organotin compounds, oxidants, pesticides, polycyclic hydrocarbons. Snyder, M.J.; Girvetz, E.; Mulder, E.P. (2001) Induction of marine mollusc stress proteins by chemical or physical stress.

Publications from The Department of ecology. miscellaneous publications availableon this website Systematisk botanik CD-ROM m. illustrationer
Click HERE if the page doesn´t change in a second.

73. Image Collections And Miscellaneous Resources
site on the Internet, but rather a guide to image collections and to miscellaneousresources in natural history, systematics, conservation and ecology, and the
This is not an exhaustive listing of every possible natural history site on the Internet, but rather a guide to image collections and to miscellaneous resources in natural history, systematics, conservation and ecology, and the history of science that are hard to classify anywhere else, as well as anything else that seemed like a good idea at the time. Please note that most of the images available through the servers listed here are in the public domain and may be copied freely for non-commercial purposes; however, you should make certain of this before making use of any images found on any of the sites listed here. Check the other collections listings for resources dealing with specific groups of plants and animals. For on-line journals and newsletters in the natural sciences, consult the list maintained on the UCMP server
Arctic and Antarctic Research Center, University of California at San Diego : archive of satellite data
Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates
Biodiversity and Biological Collections: Biology Images Archive
British Geological Survey
National Data Collections ...
Classics on Evolution: on-line writings of Darwin and Wallace (maintained at the University of Bergen, Norway)
Classification Society of North America
Sequence Analysis and Comparison: A Bibliography
Environmental Protection Agency: Terms of Environment
World Species Lists: Plants, Animals, Microbes

74. Ecology & Environment
Industrialization; Measures to Preserve the ecology; Environmental Management of byCompanies; Offences by Government Departments; miscellaneous; Cognizance of
Master of Science in Ecology and Environment It is Two Years Distance Learning Programme with Annual Examinations to be held in June / December every year. There will be 10 papers including the paper related to Master's Thesis. The first five papers will be in first year and the remaining five papers will be in second year. Admission : Interested persons having a Bachelor's Degree or higher qualification in any discipline may fill in the application form and send the same alongwith four copies of passport size photograph, xerox copies of all certificates and marks sheets and a bank draft for the first instalment of fee i.e. Rs. 4625 payable to "Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi". The second instalment of fee i.e. Rs. 4500 is payable before the commencement of second year. Tuition Fee for First Year Admission and Registration Fee Tuition @ Rs. 250 per month Land and Building Development Fee TOTAL Tuition Fee for Second Year Tuition @ Rs. 250 per month

75. Production Resources, Miscellaneous Reports
(MR) miscellaneous Reports Abstract for MR099 Catalogue; Abstract for MR078,Ecozine - The Green Zine - Issue Three - Fire, Avalanches, and Landscape ecology;
Miscellaneous Reports Abstract Listing
Please choose the publication you wish to view from the listing below, and then click on it. This will take you to the applicable Abstract for that publication and you can then open the HTML file and or view the PDF file. We thank you for your visit to our site. (AR) - Annual Reports
  • Listing , Forest Science Program Annual Reports Listing , Annual Reports of the British Columbia Forest Service, 1911-1992 Listing , Annual Reports of the British Columbia Forest Service, 1993 to present
(IWR) - Integrated Wildlife Intensive Forestry Research
  • Abstract for IWR44 , Vegetation Response to Slashburning on Central Vancouver Island: A 7-Year Progress Report Abstract for IWR43 , Deer and Elk Habitat Workshops: Job Completion Report Abstract for IWR42 , Quantifying Arboreal Lichens for Habitat Management: A Review of Methods Abstract for IWR41 , Integrating Lichen Enhancement with Programs for Winter Range Creation Part 1: Stand/Lichen Model Abstract for IWR40 , Development of a Habitat Assessment and Planning Tool: A Problem Reference and Project Working Plan Abstract for IWR39 , Vegetation Response to Slashburning: A 3-year Progress Report

76. NUI Galway Ecology Society 'End Of Year Report' - National Miscellaneous - Indym
NUI Galway ecology Society End of Year Report by Sylvia Pankhurst ecologySociety Friday, May 23 2003, 1019am national / miscellaneous / news report.

77. Ecology Game Of Man Nature
ecology Game of Man Nature (1970). Submit Corrections. GameID 7458. ViewAll Images. Thumb Browser. miscellaneous Back To Top. Ad sponsored by mdavis.
News Latest News Recent Additions Recent GeekLists Alt Recent Additions ...
Search Advanced Search User Search Marketplace BGG Marketplace BGGM Account Info BGG User Manual Board Game Wiki Browse GeekSpy Avatars Game Reviews Games By Name ... Sessions By Date Online Games Game Manager Your Games Profile View Your Profile Edit Your Profile Buy An Avatar Edit Your Avatar ... Edit Your GeekBadge GeekLists! View All GeekLists Create New GeekList View Your Favorites View Your GeekLists GeekGold Give Gold Find Gold View Collectors View Spenders ... Recent Claims FAQ View FAQ Ask A Question Game Glossary Collections View Collections Edit Collection Rate It Or Not? Statistics Top 10's Top 50's Games Played Games Played Graphs Miscellaneous Submit A New Game WGD (Gamer's Database) Contact Aldie or Derk License Agreement Geek Wear Submit Corrections GameID: 7458 View All Images Thumb Browser Designer: N/A Publisher: Urban Systems Inc. Players: Playing Time: 180 Minutes Alternate Names: N/A Category Card Game


Territory Building

Mechanics Hand Management
Dice Rolling

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78. Extinction The Game Of Ecology
miscellaneous Back To Top. Ad sponsored by Aldie. BoardGameGeekMarketplace. Buy and Sell games in the marketplace.
News Latest News Recent Additions Recent GeekLists Alt Recent Additions ...
Search Advanced Search User Search Marketplace BGG Marketplace BGGM Account Info BGG User Manual Board Game Wiki Browse GeekSpy Avatars Game Reviews Games By Name ... Sessions By Date Online Games Game Manager Your Games Profile View Your Profile Edit Your Profile Buy An Avatar Edit Your Avatar ... Edit Your GeekBadge GeekLists! View All GeekLists Create New GeekList View Your Favorites View Your GeekLists GeekGold Give Gold Find Gold View Collectors View Spenders ... Recent Claims FAQ View FAQ Ask A Question Game Glossary Collections View Collections Edit Collection Rate It Or Not? Statistics Top 10's Top 50's Games Played Games Played Graphs Miscellaneous Submit A New Game WGD (Gamer's Database) Contact Aldie or Derk License Agreement Geek Wear Extinction: The Game Of Ecology Submit Corrections GameID: 8434 No Image Found Designer: (Uncredited) Publisher: Carolina Biological Supply Company Players: Playing Time: 120 Minutes Alternate Names: N/A Category Territory Building


Mechanics Area Enclosure
Area Movement

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79. Internet Links For Ecology
Biodiversity and Conservation ecology, Marine ecology, Geographic InformationSystems. Global Change, miscellaneous, Professional Societies and Organizations.
Internet Resources for Ecology
Professional Societies Government Agencies Academia Journals and Publications ... Miscellaneous
Professional Societies and Organizations
Government Agencies

80. ARC-PPRI Insect Ecology
Locust biology, behaviour and field ecology. miscellaneous services Developmentand implementation of alternative, more sustainable and environmentally




Visitors Book
Products, Services and Courses
  • Rearing of locusts for laboratory trials Laboratory bioassays for new insecticides Field efficacy trials of new locusticides Development of new locusticides Development of new more effective application strategies for locusticides.
SERVICES At the ARC-PPRI Locust Research Unit we are able to provide the following research and development services on locusts:
  • Locust ecology
      Locust population and damage surveys. Locust biology, behaviour and field ecology.
    Miscellaneous services
      Development and implementation of alternative, more sustainable and environmentally acceptable integrated pest management (IPM) practices in locust control. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) of locusticides in agricultural and natural ecosystems. Technology transfer of scientific and technical information through consultancies. Supply of biological material. Specimen identification and information service.
    COURSES Training courses on locust control are given on an ad hoc basis. These courses cover such topics as:

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