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         Ecology Miscellaneous:     more books (100)
  1. Ohio Frog and Toad Atlas (Ohio Biological Survey Miscellaneous Contributions, No. 6)
  2. Population Trends of Breeding Birds of Ohio (Ohio Biological Survey Miscellaneous Contributions) by Brad A. Andres, Susan L. Earnst, 1996-06-15
  3. ENCOURAGING COFFEE ECOLOGY IN INDIA.: An article from: Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
  4. 'Green Maps' motivate activism.(ECOLOGY): An article from: National Catholic Reporter by Jeff Severns Guntzel, 2005-06-17
  5. Grading the automakers: the Ecology Center grades leading U.S. automakers on their use of sustainable plastics.(AUTOMOTIVE MATERIALS REPORT): An article from: Recycling Today by Claudette Juska, 2007-02-01
  6. Fatty acid signatures in fish: applications of chemometrics and marine lipids in ecology and food science.: An article from: Canadian Chemical News by Suzanne M. Budge, 2006-07-01
  7. Conservation Biology with RAMAS EcoLab by Susanne M. Shultz, 1999
  8. Studies on the biology and ecology of Michigan Phalangida (Opiliones), (Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan. Miscellaneous publications) by Arlan L Edgar, 1971
  9. The ecology and nesting behavior of the pompilidae (Hymenoptera) of the Northeastern United States (Miscellaneous publications of the Entomological Society of America) by Howard Ensign Evans, 1962
  10. Studies of biota in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah and Colorado (Utah. University. Division of Biological Sciences. Miscellaneous papers, no. 1) by Angus Munn Woodbury, 1963
  11. Rock and Mineral Collecting in Canada: Volume III- New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Foundland (Miscellaneous Report 8) by Ann P. Sabina, 1972
  12. Inspiring Progress: Religions' Contributions to Sustainable Development by Gary Gardner, 2006-08-25
  13. A study of the invertebrates and fishes of salt marshes in two Oregon estuaries (Miscellaneous report) by Duane L Higley, 1981
  14. Floodplain forests along the Tanana River, interior Alaska: Terrestrial ecosystem dynamics and management considerations (AFES miscellaneous publication) by Audrey J Magoun, 2000

41. NYSTAR Funding Opportunity News - Miscellaneous
miscellaneous. the environments, archeology, and human paleontology of the Miocene,Pliocene, and Pleistocene; into the behavior, morphology, and ecology of the
Press Releases NYSTAR e-Newsletter Funding Opportunity
News Briefing Papers NYSTAR in the News Speeches TOP Funding Opportunity News Back to Recent Grant RFPs
Previously Posted Grant RFPs Biological Science Engineering Environmental Sciences Information Technology ... Small Business
Miscellaneous Grant Available
Funds Proposal
Deadline Details Integrated Organic Program
Sponsored by Department of Agriculture Details Solve critical organic agriculture issues, priorities, or problems through the integration of research, education, and extension activities in two program areas: Organic Transitions Program; and Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative: Reference# USDA-GRANTS-041504-001. Health Protection Research Initiative Centers of Excellence in Health Promotion Economics Center Core Grant
Sponsored by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $1 Million Details Apply economic theory and methods to areas that have a high probability of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of priority health protection activities: Reference# RFA-CD-04-004.

42. Miscellaneous
4.8. miscellaneous. Topics covered in this section include Yes, Linux DOESmake coffee, and it tastes good. ecologyHOWTO , Linux ecology HOWTO.
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4.8. Miscellaneous
Topics covered in this section include: Section 4.8.1 Authoring / Documentation Section 4.8.2 Linux Advocacy / Getting (and Staying) Involved Section 4.8.3 Hobbies and Special Interests
4.8.1. Authoring / Documentation
  • DocBook-Demystification-HOWTO DocBook Demystification HOWTO Updated: Oct 2002 . Attempts to clear the fog and mystery surrounding the DocBook markup system and the tools that go with it. DocBook-Install DocBook Install mini-HOWTO Updated: Feb 2002 . A detailed practical guide for novices to quickly getting DocBook installed and processing SGML files into HTML, PostScript and PDF on a GNU/Linux system.

ecology. We hear and read a lot of information about pollution. You can find informationon these species on the unwanted crabs page in the miscellaneous menu.
Ecommerce Solution Free Web Space Free Web Site Web Hosting ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 ECOLOGY
We hear and read a lot of information about pollution. Is it a real problem or something made up for personal and ideological purposes?
Rivers and creeks, may easily be effected. The worst problem can be caused by too many nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus (fertilizer).
Other problems are related to toxic chemicals, air pollution and landscape changes, along with sedimentation and the over-harvesting of living resources. Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, come from two types of sources: point and non-point. Excess nitrogen and phosphorus are harmful, because they cause algae blooms: uncontrolled growth of microscopic plants in the water. Algae blooms cloud water and block sunlight, causing submerged aquatic vegetation to die. When algae die and decompose, they use up oxygen needed by other plants and animals living in the water.
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The fertilizer put on lawns will eventually seep into the ground. The run off during a rainstorm will find its way into storm sewers of streams feeding directly into the bay. Sewers also carry trash of all sorts into the waters where bay creatures may swallow it or become hopelessly entangled and die.
With few exceptions, brooks and streams join major rivers that eventually reach the ocean. Nutrients vital to plant and animal life drain from the land and reach estuaries where they are used by these living resources.

44. Biol. Bull. -- Collected Resources : Miscellaneous Invertebrates
miscellaneous Invertebrates. ecology and Evolution Occurrence in the Field of a LongTerm,Year-Round, Stable Population of Placozoans Yoshihiko K. Maruyama Biol
Year: Vol: Page:
Miscellaneous Invertebrates
Citations 1-10 of 18 total displayed. Most recent content (1 Feb 2004):
Development and Reproduction
Waveform Dynamics of Spermatozeugmata During the Transfer From Paternal to Maternal Individuals of Membranipora membranacea
M. H. Temkin and S. B. Bortolami
Biol. Bull. 2004; 206: 35-45. [Abstract] [Full text]
Ecology and Evolution
Occurrence in the Field of a Long-Term, Year-Round, Stable Population of Placozoans
Yoshihiko K. Maruyama
Biol. Bull. 2004; 206: 55-60. [Abstract] [Full text]
Past content (since Aug 2001):
Physiology and Biomechanics
Twisting and Bending of Biological Beams: Distribution of Biological Beams in a Stiffness Mechanospace
Shelley A. Etnier
Biol. Bull. 2003; 205: 36-46. [Abstract] [Full text]
Development and Reproduction
Collection and Culture Techniques for Gelatinous Zooplankton
Kevin A. Raskoff, Freya A. Sommer, William M. Hamner, and Katrina M. Cross
Biol. Bull. 2003; 204: 68-80.

45. Mike Hudak's Miscellaneous Presentation List
miscellaneous Presentations by Mike Hudak. 1988. 2002. Jan 24, Presentation aboutforest ecology to 8th 9th grade students at Temple Concord, Binghamton, NY.
Home Back to Presentations Directory
Books ...

Miscellaneous Presentations by Mike Hudak
Jun Application of a Spatiotemporal Recognition Network to Phonetic Discrimination. nEuro'88, 6-9 June 1988, Paris, France Sep 8 Application of a Spatiotemporal Recognition Network to Phonetic Discrimination. First Annual Meeting of the International Neural Network Society, Boston, MA
Jul 12 RCE Networks: An Experimental Investigation.
Jan 5 California Wilderness Camping. Susquehanna Group, Sierra Club, Binghamton, NY Nov 17 Techniques of Environmental Activism: The Mono Lake Campaign as a Case Study. Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY
Feb 3 Milk From Supercow. May 11 Death Valley, Winter Vacation Land. AARP, Binghamton, NY
Jan 17 Hiking in New Mexico. Susquehanna Group, Sierra Club, Binghamton, NY
Feb 20 Great Hikes of the Southwest. Susquehanna Group, Sierra Club, Binghamton, NY
Jan 15 A Forest is More Than a Bunch of Trees. Presentation to middle school students. Hillel Academy, Temple Israel, Vestal, NY Jan 23 A Forest is More Than a Bunch of Trees.

46. WE Online Fall 2000: Factoids
Accomplishments by faculty and staff…, Factoids. miscellaneous tidbitsof information. URBAN ecology LECTURES. A unique new honors course
Aquino Cooks
for guiding Continuing

History Project Goes Nationwide
Grant allows local family

photo project to go

Program Focuses on Abilities
WorkAbility helps

Dollars and Sense
Personal finance

Million-Dollar Legacy Former mayor leaves Landing Good Jobs in Aviation Grads boast 98 percent Pure Jazz Power KSDS-FM boosts signal, Chancellor's Column Factoids Miscellaneous tidbits of Newsmakers Factoids Miscellaneous tidbits of information YOUNGEST STUDENTS. The Miramar College Child Development Center has been granted a three-year accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a distinction conferred on only seven percent of early childhood programs seeking accreditation nationwide. According to Sally Nalven, center director, NAEYC accreditation is a rigorous, voluntary process by which early childhood programs demonstrate that they meet national standards of excellence. Child care centers, preschools, kindergartens and before- and after-school programs are eligible to pursue NAEYC accreditation. The process includes self-study, research and evaluations, and site visits. MORE MIRAMAR GRADUATES. Miramar College held its 24th Annual Commencement in May 2000 and celebrated a large increase in graduate numbers. More than 800 degrees and certificates were conferred to 578 graduates, up 31 percent from one year ago. Other significant statistics include the dramatic increase in graduates receiving associate degrees and certificates of completion with honors, up 58 percent and 47 percent respectively

47. Ecology Center Of The Siskiyous (ECOS)
Western Massachusetts Association of Concerned African Scholars miscellaneous 102 Ecologyof Hope, The Communities Collaborate for Sustainability Bernard, Ted
ECOS Libraries Website Library
1. Western Reptiles and Animals: Peterson Field Guide- Stebbins
2. Pacific States Wildflowers: Peterson Field Guide- Niehaus/Ripper
3. California and the Pacific Northwest: Peterson Field Guide- Kricher/Morrison
4. Stalking the Healthful Herbs: Field Guide Edition- Euell Gibson
5. Stalking the Wild Asparagus: Field Guide Edition- Euell Gibson
6. Stalking the Blue Eyed Scallop: Field Guide Edition- Euell Gibson
7. The Birder's Handbook: A Field Guide to the Natural History of the American Bird- Ehrlich DobkinWheye
8. Field Guide to the North American Birds: Western Region- National Auburn Society
9. Chasing Monarchs: Robert Michael Pyle
10. The West Wind Review: 17th Anthology 1998 11. Intricate Homeland: Collected writings from the Klamath Siskiyou 12. Earth Poems: To Honor the Earth- Ivo Mosley 13. The West Wind Review: 16th Anthology 14. The Left Hand of Eden: William Ashworth

48. USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Miscellaneous Publications
NWRC Publications miscellaneous Publications. Last modified May 11, 1999. Bioinformaticsmathematical challenges and ecology (letter to the editor).
NWRC Publications:
Miscellaneous Publications
Last modified: May 11, 1999 Allen, J.A., and H.E. Kennedy. 1989. Bottomland hardwood reforestation in the lower Mississippi Valley. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Forest Service. 28 pp. Carter, J., and S. Castille. 1997. An introduction to visual programming for biologists. Society of Wetlands Scientists Bulletin 14(2):13-15. Craig, L.J., and D.S. Dobkin. 1993. Community dynamics of small mammals in mature and logged Atlantic white cedar swamps of the New Jersey pine barrens. New York State Museum Bulletin 487. 32 pp. (sponsored by NWRC) Farris, G.S. 1989. Wetlands survey goes high-tech. Fish and Wildlife News November-December 20. Farris, G.S. 1990. Groundbreaking marks beginning for new research facility. Fish and Wildlife News September-October:14. Farris, G.S. 1991. National Wetlands Research Center presents grant to Saturday Science Academy. Fish and Wildlife News Fall:16. Farris, G.S. 1992. New center is latest word in wetlands research. Fish and Wildlife News 17, 23. Farris, G.S. 1993. New resident rediscovers herself here. The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette, LA, February 25 G, 5.

49. Angel City Books: Science, Math, Technology, Ecology,
Metaphysical. miscellaneous Subjects. Music. Religious Studies and Comparative Religion.Science, Math, Technology, ecology. Shamanism, Native American, Aztec, Maya.
Acting, Technique, Monologues (all) Alternative Health (all) Alternative Health, Ayurveda Alternative Health, Chinese and Japanese ... Women's Studies, Feminism Your Search: Science, Math, Technology, Ecology, - 81 found.
Matches 1-50 of 81

Moore, William; J. H. Tull Walsh (revision) A MANUAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE AND HYGIENE FOR INDIA Date:
Sri Satguru
Place: Delhi
Edition: Reprint
Format: H
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(you can always remove this later) Buy Now Details: 680pp., Appendix, Index. Book is NEW from publisher, however there is minor soiling to covers (publisher's flaw) and we have reduced the price; issued without DJ. Available to SHIP TODAY. FAST SERVICE: ALL ORDERS WITH PAYMENT RECEIVED BY 3:00pm PST, M-F, SHIPPED SAME DAY!!! BOOKS WITH DJs COME WITH FREE CLEAR PROTECTIVE MYLAR COVER! Weber, R. L. A RANDOM WALK IN SCIENCE: AN ANTHOLOGY Date: Publisher: Place: Format: H Price: Add this item to your cart! (you can always remove this later) Buy Now Details: 206pp. Hardcover Book and DJ: some slight soil on the front blank page else inside is Bright and Clean, no marks, no names, no underlining; DJ has rubbing wear to edges else nice. FAST SERVICE: ALL ORDERS WITH PAYMENT RECEIVED BY 3:00pm PST, M-F, SHIPPED SAME DAY!!! BOOKS WITH DJs COME WITH FREE CLEAR PROTECTIVE MYLAR COVER! Bronowski, J.

50. Miscellaneous Herpetological Publications
miscellaneous Publications. 2001. Biogeography and ecology of paedomorphosis in Triturusalpestris (Amphibia, Caudata). Journal of Biogeography. 28(12711280.
Miscellaneous Publications The following papers have been sent to me for inclusion on this web site.
To have your papers listed here, please send them to:
Breck Bartholomew
P.O. Box 58355
Salt Lake City, UT 84158-0355
USA Back to contents page Added 13 May 2004 . Natur und Museum. 2(3):35-65. [LD:
Dirksen, Lutz and Ignacio De La Riva. 1999. The lizards and amphisbaenians of Bolivia (Reptilia, Squamata): checklist, localities, and bibliography . Graellsia. 55(199-215. [
Studien an Anakondas 2: Zum taxonomischen Status von Eunectes murinus gigas (Latreille, 1801) (Serpentes: Boidae), mit neuen Ergebnissen zur Gattung Eunectes Wagler, 1830 .- Salamandra 34(4): 359-374. [ Added 20 April 2004 Assembling an Arsenal: Origin and Evolution of the Snake Venom Proteome Inferred from Phylogenetic Analysis of Toxin Sequences . Molecular Biology and Evolution. 21(5):870-883. [
Added 23 March 2004 . Revue Suisse de Zoologie. 110(3):483-490. [

51. Links
Environmental Links. Organisations, Academia, Herbaria. ecology, miscellaneous.This page is regularly updated, so keep checking! Organisations.
Environmental Links
Organisations Academia Herbaria Ecology Miscellaneous This page is regularly updated, so keep checking!
    Institute for Global Communications HomePage
    Environmental Science Journals
    Green Party of England and Wales Home Page
    Greennet Home Page
    Friends of the Earth Home Page
    Greenpeace International Home Page
    Natural Environment Research Council
    Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (Environment Canada)
    International Society of Environmental Botanists
    Quantum Networking Solutions, Inc.
    Global Futures Homepage National Geographic Online Dynamac Corporation: Environmental Services
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    Biology Department at the University of Regina University of Arizona Herbarium Home Page Conservation Hypertext Book Aberystwyth University Biological Sciences California State University Bioweb
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    Liverwort Database Mosses and Liverworts in Wales American Bryological and Lichenogical Society Home Page University of Michigan Herbarium TAMU Image Listing - families A-K TAMU Image Listing - families L-Z Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW Server The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Greenhouse Home Page Taxacom List Serve Archives The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, WWW server

52. Robert H. Gardner - UMCES Appalachian Laboratory
miscellaneous, Other program files including RULE and CAPS for LINUX; pdf s andPowerPoint presentations for Landscape ecology class; miscellaneous images, etc
@import "../umcesal.css"; @import "../umcesal-print.css";
UMCES Appalachian
301 Braddock Rd.
Frostburg, MD 21532
Tel: 301.689.7100
Fax: 301.689.7200
Dr. Robert H. Gardner

Interim Director
Tel: 301.689.7125
Search UMCES: Advanced search Robert H. Gardner
1975 Ph.D. North Carolina State University , Raleigh, NC - Zoology 1967 M.A. The College of William and Mary , Williamsburg, VA - Biology 1966 B.A. Taylor University , Upland, IN - Biology Phone: 301.689.7125 Fax: 301.689.7200 Email:
Research Interests
  • Landscape ecology; systems analysis; disturbances. Analysis and prediction of changes in ecosystem dynamics with changes in scale Development of new approaches for predicting ecological dynamics in spatially heterogeneous systems
Back to top
Professional Experience
2004 - Present Interim Director and Professor Appalachian Laboratory University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science , Frostburg, MD Professor Appalachian Laboratory University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science , Frostburg, MD Senior Research Scientist Environmental Sciences Division Oak Ridge National Laboratory , Oak Ridge, TN Adjunct Professor Dept. of Ecology

53. Miscellaneous
miscellaneous. Departmental Activities. Colloquiums. ecology assistantshipwith the Center for Statistical ecology and Environmental Statistics;

54. Craig W. Osenberg
miscellaneous information (biographic data). Integrative Principles I II (requiredfirstyear graduate course) Zoo 6927 Concepts of ecology (graduate course
Craig W. Osenberg
  • Miscellaneous information (biographic data)
Ph.D. Michigan State University: Zoology, 1988
B.A. University of California, Santa Barbara: Biological Sciences, 1980
Academic Appointments (since 1988)
Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Florida (1998-present)
Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Florida (1995-1998)
Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley (1992-1995)
Assistant Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara (1989-1996)
Research Associate, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University (1988-1995)
Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara (1988-1992)
Post-graduate Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara (1988-1991)
Courses taught at UF:
Zoo 6927: Concepts of Ecology (graduate course)
Zoo 6927: Research Reviews in Ecology and Evolution (graduate seminar)
Zoo 6927: Readings in Population and Community Ecology (graduate seminar)
Zoo 6927: Quantitative Methods and Ecological Inference (graduate course) Zoo 4905: Independent Research (undergraduate research) PCB 4044: General Ecology BSC 2011: Integrative Principles of Biology (introductory biology for majors)
Grants and Contracts (since 1990)
National Science Foundation
“Out of the frying pan and into the fire: assessing stage-specific predation in a complex life history”. Dissertation research award for James Vonesh, 2000.

55. Biological Sciences Miscellaneous
Field Courses Semiarid ecology in northcentral Chile, 28 July-14 August 1998; NIUat Oxford University in England past offerings in botany, contact Dr. Gabe
Biological Sciences Opportunities at NIU SCHOLARSHIPS/AWARDS ( that have been recognized at Biological Sciences' Honors Convocation in April)
  • Jerrold H. Zar Endowed Scholarship in Biology , $1000, to a full time Biological Sciences major going into senior year, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in courses required for the major and a cumulative overall GPA of 3.0 or better. First to be given 2002. Harvey A. Feyerheim Award : $200, for a biology junior entering a healthfield Gorenz Award : undergraduate or graduate student studying plant biology; nomination by faculty David R. Layman Scholarship : $2000/yr for up to 4 yrs; biology student, with preference to those interested in teaching and from a public Chicago high school Amanda Mangold Scholarship Award : $1000, for a full time jr/sr in biology or pre-med with 3.2 GPA overall and in major who has been working for the past 2 years to pay for school; contact Dr. Peter Meserve Charles E. Montgomery Award : $200, biology major in teacher certification program Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award : $300 from Phi Sigma Biology Honor Society NIU general : Dean's Award, Outstanding Woman Student Award, University Scholar, NIU Outstanding Junior Award

56. Yale Department Of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Richard O. Prum, Ph.D. Bio Publications Research People Teaching.miscellaneous Research Projects. Even with a diversity of
People Courses Undergraduate Program Graduate Program ... Home Richard O. Prum, Ph.D. Bio Publications Research People ... Teaching Miscellaneous Research Projects Even with a diversity of primary research projects, there are still many research interests which don't fit into any of the other categories. So, here are some brief descriptions of additional efforts. Suboscine Syringeal Morphology The syrinx, or vocal organ, of suboscine passerines is extremely diverse in morphology. Having described the syringeal morphology of manakins (Pipridae) and broadbills (Eurylaimidae), and having nearly completed description of the syringes of Cotingas (Cotingidae), I am interested in a monograph on the syringeal morphology of the entire suboscine bird clade. Syringeal Complexity and Vocal Complexity The suboscine birds are distinct from the oscine passerines (or songbirds) in lacking extensive song learning capability. Consequently, their syringeal diversity provides a great opportunity to investigate the relationship between syringeal structure and vocal complexity. Within the suboscines, there are multiple independent origins of intrinsic syringeal musculature, fused tracheal drums, and many other morphologies. Comparative analyses of structural diversity and vocal complexity (e.g. rapidity of vocal modulations) could document for the first time how selection on vocal features contributes to morphological diversification in birds.

57. Plant Ecology Group
Seed Science Research 9, 165170. miscellaneous Milberg P, Lamont BB Pérez-Fernández MA. Plant ecology, 145, 125-132. Year 1998.
Plant ecology group List of publications, 2004-04-26 Articles in Reviewed International Journals 1995-2004
Submitted manuscript
Vegetation ecology
Seed biology
Viburnum tinus
(Caprifoliaceae), a characteristic shrub of Mediterranean vegetation. Miscellaneous
Year 2004 Vegetation ecology
Phenological changes within a growth season in two semi-natural pastures in southern Sweden
. - Annales Botanici Fennici 41, 15-25. Seed biology
Capsella bursa-pastoris
and Descurainia sophia originating from high northern latitudes. - Weed Research 44, 60-68. Miscellaneous
Parthenium hysterophorus
L.) in grain sorghum in smallholder farming system in Eastern Ethiopia. - Weed Technology 18, 100-105.
Year 2003 Vegetation ecology
Weed vegetation response to chemical and manual selective ground cover management in a shaded coffee plantation.
- Weed Research 43, 68-75.
Yield loss in spring-sown cereals related to the weed flora in the spring.
- Weed Science, 51, 418-424. Seed biology Seed dormancy pattern of the annuals Argemone ochroleuca and A. mexicana ... (Papaveraceae) . - Flora 198, 329-339. Miscellaneous Year 2002 Vegetation ecology Highlighting differential control of weeds by management methods using an ordination technique . - Weed Technology 16, 675-679.

58. Ecology
Online letters and articles by Wallace and Darwin, Lyell, Hooker and Gray. Evolution;ecology; Biology general miscellaneous; -history. Darwinism, The Ecotron.
Ecology Articles / Papers / Reports / Abstracts / Proceedings Antplants of Costa Rica Descriptions of a variety of ant-plant associations.
  • Ecology -animal ecology -plant ecology Zoology -animal ecology Botany -plant ecology
entomology, insects, ants, Cordia, Cecropia, Azteca Biological Control; A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America Mainly information on insect and mite natural enemies.
  • Ecology Zoology -Invertebrates
insects, chelicerates, entomology Birds as Indicators of Riparian Vegetation Condition in the Western U.S. Information on riparian obligate and riparian dependent birds.
  • Zoology -animal ecology Ecology -animal ecology
birds, riparian, bioindicator Bryozoa Information on the biology, morphology, systematics and fossil record of bryozoa.
  • Zoology -Invertebrates Ecology -marine ecology -freshwater ecology
bryozoa, moss animals, fossil, morphology, taxonomy, paleontology CAMASE - Guidelines for modelling Guidelines for validation, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and calibration
  • Ecology -models
model, simulation

59. Miscellaneous Reports/Papers - Publications - NWFSC
miscellaneous Reports/Papers. 2002. Northwest Fisheries Science Center,Fish ecology Division,. National Marine Fisheries Service. 2000.

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Miscellaneous Reports/Papers
Adams, P., C. Grimes, J. Hightower, S. Lindley, and M. Moser. 2002.
Status Review of the Green Sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris. Southwest Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service, Santa Cruz, CA.
Berejikian, B., D. Van Doornik, E. Volk, T. Johnson, B. Smith, and R. Endicott. 2001.
Evaluation of conservation hatchery rearing and release strategies for steelhead recovery in the Hamma Hamma River. Annual report to the Hatchery Scientific Review Group, IAC Grant #01-042. 21 p.
Frost, D. A., W. C. McAuley, D. J. Maynard, and T. A. Flagg. 2001.
NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center report to NMFS Office of Protected Resources for captive broodstock rearing of Redfish Lake sockeye salmon from January through December 2000 under ESA Section 10 Propagation Permit 1148, 21.
Neely, K., O. W. Johnson, K. W. Myers, and J. J. Hard (rapporteurs). 2001.
Proceedings of the 20th Northeast Pacific Pink and Chum Workshop, Seattle, Washington.

UMMZ miscellaneous Publications. Populations in a fluctuating environment the comparativepopulation ecology of the iguanid lizards Sceloporus merriami and
UMMZ Miscellaneous Publications


MP 10 Wood, N.A., 1923. A preliminary survey of the bird life of North Dakota. 97 pp., 6 plates,1 foldout map. $6.80
MP 19 Van Tyne, J., 1929. The life history of the toucan Ramphastos brevicarinatus. 59 pp., 8 plates, 1 map. OOP
MP 27
MP 33 Van Tyne, J., 1936. The discovery of the nest of the Colima Warbler ( Vermivora crissalis ). 17 pp., 3 plates, color frontispiece, 1 map. $1.50
MP 37 Van Tyne, J. and G.M. Sutton, 1937. The birds of Brewster County, Texas. 128 pp., 5 plates, color frontispiece, 1 map, index. $9.00
MP 41 Hyde, A.S., 1939. The life history of Henslow's Sparrow, Passerherbulus henslowi (Audubon). 79 pp., 4 plates, 3 figures, 1 map, 2 tables. OOP
MP 44 Trautman, M.B., 1940. The birds of Buckeye Lake, Ohio. 495 pp., 15 plates, frontispiece, 2 maps, 9 tables. $24.75 MP 55 Brodkorb, P., 1943. Birds from the gulf lowlands of southern Mexico. 88 pp., 1 foldout map, 12 tables. $6.60 MP 74 Sutton, G.M., 1949. Studies of the nesting birds of the Edwin S. George Reserve, Part I: The Vireos. 45 pp., 5 plates (1 color), 1 table. $3.60

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