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         Drug Prevention:     more books (100)
  1. Drug Abuse: Concepts, Prevention, and Cessation (Cambridge Studies on Child and Adolescent Health) by Steve Sussman, Susan Ames, 2008-02-29
  2. Drug Abuse Prevention: A School and Community Partnership, Web-Enhanced Edition by Richard W. Wilson, Cheryl A. Kolander, 2000-01-15
  3. Nutrient-Drug Interactions (Nutrition and Disease Prevention)
  4. 101 Ready-to-Use Drug Prevention Activities: Curriculum Based and Reproducible for Grades 2-6 by Edited, 1999
  5. Drugs and Your Brain (Drug Abuse Prevention Library) by Beatrice R. Grabish, 1998-05
  6. Drugs and Emotions (Drug Abuse Prevention Library) by Arthur Myers, 1996-11
  7. Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention (Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research)
  8. Prevention That Works!: A Guide For Developing School-Based Drug and Violence Prevention Programs by Cynthia R. Knowles, 2001-06-27
  9. Crack (Hazelden/Rosen Drug Abuse Prevention Library) by Rodney G. Peck, 1997-08
  10. Complete Student Assistance Program Handbook: Techniques and Materials for Alcohol/Drug Prevention and Intervention in Grades 7-12 by Barbara Sprague Newsam, 1992-09
  11. Communities That Care: Action for Drug Abuse Prevention (Joint Publication of the Jossey-Bass Social and Behavioral S) by J. David Hawkins, Richard F., Jr. Catalano, 1992-08-19
  12. Teen Drinking (Drug Abuse Prevention Library) by Christine Bichler, 1999-08
  13. The Case for Legalizing Drugs by Richard Lawrence Miller, 1991-01-30
  14. Saying No to Drugs/Grades 5-6 (Drug and Alcohol Prevention Series)

1. Higher Education Center For Alcohol And Other Drug Prevention
The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other drug prevention is a project of Health and Human Development Programs, a division of EDC.
The Higher Education Center's purpose is to help college and community leaders develop, implement, and evaluate programs and policies to reduce student problems related to alcohol and other drug use and interpersonal violence . The Center favors a comprehensive approach to prevention. Central to this approach is a mix of environmental management strategies to address the institutional, community, and public policy factors that contribute to these problems. The Center supports the development of a prevention infrastructure, primarily by facilitating the work of statewide prevention initiatives and campus-community coalitions. The Center provides trainings, technical assistance, and publications to support these efforts. The Center also promotes innovative program development to improve student education, campus-based media campaigns (including social norms campaigns), screening and treatment referral, and enforcement.

2. IPRC Home
Indiana's primary source for alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention resources. planning and proposal writing assistance, drug prevention education and training and program
@import url("css/styles.css"); Browse by topic Home About the IPRC Resources Publications ... Sitemap Browse by role Youth Parents School Administrators Prevention Professionals In the Spotlight Dr. William Wooten Archive
Welcome to the IPRC
Web Site Redesign Notice Original Web Site (Archived) "We strive to promote a drug-free lifestyle by strengthening the Indiana prevention system." Welcome to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Indiana's primary source for alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention resources. We are excited and honored to be a part of a dynamic prevention system and hope that you find our services, which are at no cost to you, to be useful in delivering prevention programs in your community.
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The Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University is funded, in part, by a contract with the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Division of Mental Health and Addiction
The IPRC is operated by the Department of Applied Health Science and School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

3. The National Drug Prevention Alliance Website
drug prevention information for teens, parents and professionals. Help for users wanting to give up. Research digests.
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4. First Grade Plus, FREE Educational Drug Prevention Materials.
An educational website where primary grade teachers find free, supplementary drug awareness materials. free materials to supplement their drug prevention curriculum. Featuring Tuckertown and its
Welcome to FIRST GRADE PLUS An educational website where primary teachers will find free materials to supplement their drug prevention curriculum. Featuring Tuckertown and its fascinating cast of animal characters. Download this entertaining and fun program free Stories, coloring pages, follow up exercises, and teaching hints all included! Enter our site and discover one of the most innovative educational programs available anywhere....Tuckertown. Meet the cast of characters who live there. They're waiting to be invited into your classroom and give your children educational experiences they'll never forget! Drug awareness stories (values and ecology to be released soon) taking place in a little home for distressed animals called TuckerTown. Many first grade teachers abhor the idea of exposing their children to the world of drug abuse, but in Tuckertown they have nothing to fear. They'll find well conceived stories free of anything frightening or threatening..... educational entertainment in a fun atmosphere. On the following pages the TuckerTown program is presented for downloading You will find everything required to present the program in your classroom including stories, coloring pages, discussion questions, follow up exercises, and teaching tips. It's yours to use exclusively in your classroom

5. Online Continuoing Education Center
Distance learning health, ethics and interpersonal skill courses for fun or professional continuing education. drug prevention Course. Objective At the end of this course, you will 1 LWD101, drug prevention How to live drugfree, .
NURSES COUNSELORS LVNs about us ... home
Drug Prevention Course Objective: At the end of this course, you will 1. understand drug-testing, 2. describe the use and effect of drugs, 3. explain treatment and prevention strategies. Take this course for free. Or study this web-site for an approved (RN-CEP 11430, MFT- PCE 39) 3-hours Continuing Education Certificate (0.3 CEUs) and take the 12-question multiple-choice test that is linked to the bottom of this page. If you score 75% or better, you receive your certificate. If your score is less, you can retake the test once free.
LW-D101, Drug Prevention: How to live drugfree, Prevention quiz: and and For self-study and exploration: 1. TESTING FOR DRUG USE Describe in some detail your use of all harmful drugs, or if you have not used any, the use of harmful drugs by someone you know. Give types and kind, amounts in a given time, its history, and people, reasons and emotions that supported the described drug use. 1.1 The field of Drug-Abuse includes the use of all harmful drugs, namely 1) use of illegal drugs, 2) misuse of medications, and the 3) misuse of products with caffeine. Consider if you or those close to you fall into any of the above areas. If there is a chance that that is the case, first note and document your observations over a one-month period, and if needed and appropriate, test for drug use.

6. Higher Education Center: The Parent Connection
Alcohol and Other drug prevention The Parent Connection. Checking Out Colleges Questions to Ask School Officials About Alcohol and Other drug prevention .
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powered by FreeFind Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention: The Parent Connection Two of the biggest concerns parents have when they send their sons and daughters to college are whether they will be safe, and whether they will do well academically. Both of those concerns are legitimate, and both are closely related to alcohol and other drugs, whether used by the student or by their fellow students. So parents deserve to know what schools are doing to curb alcohol and other drug use, and college administrators must be prepared to answer tough questions about their alcohol and other drug prevention policies and programs. For Parents of College-Bound Students What Colleges Are Saying to Parents About Alcohol and Other Drugs Parental Notification Additional Resources For Parents of College-Bound Students The Center for Parental Freedom is a coalition of parents, teachers, pediatricians, psychologists, dentists and children who seek to have parental and personal rights respected in US schools and universities. This site is to provide accurate information, support, and resources to assist parents and others in raising children to be healthy, drug-free, productive adults. In pursuit of this mission, the Parenting

7. Parents. The Anti-Drug.
free. Find educational resources and classroom activities here. A drug prevention guide for faith leaders. More Information On
Select a Drug Alcohol Club Drugs Cocaine Ecstasy GHB Heroin Inhalants Ketamine LSD Marijuana Methamphetamine Ritalin Steroids Tobacco
Summer is the riskiest time of the year when it comes to teens and marijuana. Keep your teenager busy. Make a summer plan today and get tips on monitoring your teen. Help your employees keep their kids drug-free. Find educational resources and classroom activities here.
A drug prevention guide
for faith leaders. More Information On...
Teen Drugged Driving

Risks of Steroids

Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse
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Our New Anti-Drug Ads
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Keep Your Teen Athlete Drug Free
Know the risks of using steroids and marijuana. Check out the Playbook for parents New Report: Youth’s First-Time Use of Marijuana, Cigarettes or Alcohol Report shows a 40 percent increase in first-time youth marijuana use during June and July, compared to the rest of the year. Read More Get More Information About Drugs Test your knowledge about marijuana, alcohol and other illegal drugs. Visit the

8. Partnership For A Drug-Free America
The Partnership For A DrugFree America is the online drug prevention and substance abuse resource and guide for parents, grandparents, kids and teens. PDFA exists to help kids and teens reject
Donate eNewsletters Sign Up Contact Us Careers ... FAQ Drug Resource Search by Slang Names 2C-B,2C-T-7 Alcohol Barbiturates Cocaine Crystal Meth DMT DOM,DOB,MDA DXM Ecstasy GHB Hashish Herbal Ecstasy Heroin Inhalants Ketamine Khat LSD Marijuana Methamphetamine Methamphetamine Pills Methcathinone Mushrooms OxyContin PCP Peyote PMA Prescription Stimulants Pseudoephedrine Ritalin Rohypnol Steroids (Anabolic) Tobacco I am interested in... a local Partnership affiliate a prevention guide for teens a prevention guide for parents public service announcements making a donation learning about the Partnership the dangers of illegal drugs prescription medication abuse the latest research the latest press releases recursos en español pseudoephedrine learning about meth cough medicine abuse Tuesday, June 08, 2004 Help Us Help Kids
Make a Donation to the Partnership

Please support the Partnership’s communication and education programs to help kids make better, healthier decisions for themselves and ultimately for society.
In Memory: Make a Memorial Donation

Make a personal remembrance to commemorate the life of a friend or loved one.
In Honor: Make an Honorary Donation

Honor a friend or loved one for their achievements and send a message of love and hope.

9. Teachers. The Anti-Drug. -- Get Involved -- TeachersGuide -- Articles And Column
Media Campaign. We provide teachers with ideas and resources for incorporating drug prevention messages into the classroom. As part
Select a Drug Alcohol Club Drugs Cocaine Ecstasy GHB Heroin Inhalants Ketamine LSD Marijuana Methamphetamine Ritalin Steroids Tobacco
TEACHERSGUIDE TeachersGuide Classroom Activities Education Resources Order Materials Articles and Columns ... TeachersGuide Home Developed by The New York Times Newspaper in Education Program with sponsorship from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, these guides did not involve the reporting or editing staff of The New York Times.
Classroom Activities
Select Peer Advice Design Ads Drug Rules/Laws Most Don't Use Role-play/Puppets Role-play/Cartoon Setting Goals Drug Effects Featured Drugs


Club Drugs

Teacher to Teacher

Share ideas. Read others. TeachersGuide is a drug education resource that was developed by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. We provide teachers with ideas and resources for incorporating drug prevention messages into the classroom. As part of Web site, TeachersGuide is able take advantage of other drug prevention resources that are available for adults to use when talking to kids about drugs. TeachersGuide was created and designed with input from veteran educators and behavioral experts. 2003 Monitoring the Future Survey
From 2001 to 2003, current marijuana use among 8th, 10th, and 12th graders declined 11 percent, exceeding the President’s goals for reducing youth drug use.

10. DEA - Publications - Get It Straight! - Cover
the facts about drugs. Prevention Posse. Just click on our picture to GET IT STRAIGHT! A drug prevention Book. Drug Enforcement Administration. Go Forward.
U.S. Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Administration
Get It Straight!
the facts about drugs
Just click on our picture to GET IT STRAIGHT!
A Drug Prevention Book
Drug Enforcement Administration
Travel to DOJ Kid's Page

11. Scientology Technology To Help Children
Parenting information presented by the Church of Scientology International. Includes information on drug prevention, how to help the child study, how to deal with morals and behavior problems, and building good parent/child relationships.
Scientology Books, Literature and Courses for Parents
The Church of Scientology International has created this web site to help parents by making Scientology literature and courses easy for parents to find. What skills do parents need to have? What can be done to help a child who has learning difficulties Are there Scientology books or courses that present solution to behavior problems Do you have to put your child on drugs to handle problems he or she is having at school Why do children turn to drugs and violence How can parents establish strong enough relationships with their children that they will come to them when they are in trouble? And what can parents do to make sure their children gain the skill and judgment they will need to survive in the highly technological and often impersonal and uncaring civilization they are about to enter as young adults? At churches of Scientology around the world we have been helping parents with these and other similar questions for years. There are many Scientology books, articles and courses that provide effective solutions to these problems.

12. Research Group On Drug Use - Toronto Public Health
The drug prevention Grants was first established in 1990 to build community capacity for local initiatives in drug prevention. Drug
Public Health Home A - Z Index RGDU Resources ... Drug Prevention Grants Research Group on Drug Use
The Research Group on Drug Use (RGDU) is a committee of representatives from more than twenty agencies, working in various aspects of drug prevention, treatment and enforcement in Toronto.
The group was founded in 1989 by Toronto Public Health, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (formerly the Addiction Research Foundation), the Toronto Police Force and the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario. Monthly meetings include information sharing with respect to emerging issues in local substance use. The RGDU model has been replicated in 14 cities across Canada with the assistance of Health Canada and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse(CCSA).

13. Drug Prevention Grants- Toronto Public Health
drug prevention Grants, Our mandate is to build community capacity that will support local drug prevention and/or harm reduction initiatives.
Public Health Home A - Z Index Drug Prevention Grants About the grants ... Contact us Drug Prevention Grants
The Drug Prevention Grants provides funding opportunities for non-profit organizations to address illicit drug use within the City of Toronto.
Our mandate is to build community capacity that will support local drug prevention and/or harm reduction initiatives. Funds are awarded on a yearly basis in July.
The Drug Prevention Grants is part of a comprehensive strategy under Public Health substance abuse prevention programming.

14. Drug Prevention Lesson Plans
drug prevention lesson plans. More and more schools are under pressure to educate their students about substance abuse sometimes
Drug prevention lesson plans More and more schools are under pressure to educate their students about substance abuse sometimes during the school day, sometimes in after-school activities. The following lesson plans are provided to help you with that assignment. Below are links to lesson plans for different grade levels. Each lesson plan describes the objective of the lesson, background on the topic, resources and teacher tips, and then the activities to plan for this class time. There are also downloadable PDF files containing activity worksheets for you to share with your class. If you would like to make suggestions for lesson plan topics, please e-mail Kindergarten through 3rd grade 4th through 6th grade 7th through 8th grade ...
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15. Facts For Educators
drug prevention education is more than teaching the facts about drugs it is teaching children and youth about themselves, what is possible in their life now
Drug prevention education is more than teaching the facts about drugs it is teaching children and youth about themselves, what is possible in their life now, and what is possible for the future. How the subject is taught is at least as important, and perhaps more important, than what is taught. Because many parents do not talk with their children about the dangers of drug use, educators are often left to fill the void. Teachers can help students learn the complete story about drugs , balancing the misinformation youth generally receive about drugs from their friends, the street and the media.
Facts for Educators has been designed to help you in this challenging role. We hope that the information that you find here will support your efforts in the classroom.
Tips for talking about drugs in the classroom
Age-appropriate lesson plans Creating and maintaining drug-free schools Signs and symptoms of drug use ...
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16. Church Holds Drug-free Program - Neighbors - Battle Creek Enquirer - Battlecreek
Scientology drug prevention group works with Battle Creek neighbors to help keep kids off drugs. Battle Creek Enquirer





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Local News

News from Battle Creek
Today's obituaries from the Battle Creek Enquirer Neighbors Your community connection Local Sports Area high school and college sports Outdoors Hunting, fishing, recreation Opinion Editorials, letters, columnists Occasions Wedding, engagement, anniversary, and birthday announcements Weather Forecast and latest conditions Nation/World Breaking headlines from The Associated Press Technology Your guide to the 'Net, gadgets, games and more. Saturday, July 20, 2002

17. National Drug Prevention Alliance
Award winning website of the UK s premier drug prevention organisation.Scientific evidence about drugs.Information for parents, professionals and youth.
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18. Office Of Safe And Drug-Free Schools
and development of ED program policy and legislative proposals and in overall Administration policies related to violence and drug prevention; drafting program

19. Drug Info Clearinghouse
Alcohol Findings PDF 394 KB Latest Premier s drug prevention Council report covering alcohol findings from the 2003 Victorian Youth Alcohol Drug Surveys.
Need to find out information on a drug? Everything from alcohol to tobacco... Select a drug... Alcohol Amphetamines Benzodiazepines Buprenorphine Caffeine Cannabis Cocaine Ecstasy GHB/Fantasy Heroin Inhalants Khat LSD/Hallucinogens Naltrexone Methadone Tobacco DrugInfo website maintenance
VYADS 2003 Illicit Drug Findings
[PDF: 541KB]

Report just released by the Premiers Drug Prevention Council of 2003 Victorian Youth Alcohol and Drug Survey. This accompanies the previously released report
VYADS 2003 Alcohol Findings [PDF:394KB] Inquiry into Amphetamine and Party Drug Use in Victoria: final report

Report just released by the Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee Illicit Drug Data Report 2002-2003
Produced by the Australian Crime Commission, this report contains data provided by federal, state and terrotory police, forensic laboratories and the Australian Customs Service Vic to introduce world first saliva tests
In a world first, Victorian police will start using saliva swabs to randomly test drivers for drugs. It will begin in a matter of weeks as soon as the tender for the technology for the technology to test drivers is finalized. The drugs able to be tested include cannabis and methamphetamine.
The Australian, p3, 28/5/04

20. School-Based Drug Prevention: What Kind Of Drug Use Does It Prevent?
SchoolBased drug prevention What Kind of Drug Use Does It Prevent? Chapter Three LIFETIME DRUG CONSUMPTION WITHOUT PREVENTION
School-Based Drug Prevention: What Kind of Drug Use Does It Prevent? Jonathan Caulkins, Rosalie Pacula, Susan Paddock, James R. Chiesa
$24.00 (paperback, 186 pp.)
ISBN: 0-8330-3082-5
All materials below are free, downloadable PDF files.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.
Contents Preface


Are Prevention's Effects Large Enough to Be Worth the Effort?
Background and Goals of This Study
Our Approach: Its Strengths and Weaknesses Organization of This Report Chapter Two: SOCIAL BENEFIT AND COST RESULTS How We Estimate Prevention's Social Benefits Social Benefit Results School-Based Prevention's Social Costs Sensitivity of Findings to Variations in Assumptions Other Results of Interest Conclusions and Discussion Chapter Three: LIFETIME DRUG CONSUMPTION WITHOUT PREVENTION How Much Do Users Consume over Their Lives? What Is the Probability That Someone Will Become a User? How Should Present and Future Quantities Be Compared? (The Discount Factor) Chapter Four: SCHOOL-BASED PREVENTION'S EFFECTIVENESS AT THE END OF THE PROGRAM Selection of Programs upon Which Composite Estimates Are Based Measures of Effectiveness Individual Program Effects Aggregate Program Effects Chapter Five: SCHOOL-BASED PREVENTION'S EFFECTIVENESS AT REDUCING LIFETIME DRUG USE Measuring Decay of Short-Term Effect Taking Account of Length of Initiation Delay Translating Effectiveness Predictors to Results Chapter Six: ADJUSTMENTS TO PREVENTION'S EFFECTIVENESS Causation Versus Correlation Qualifier

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