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         Drug Enforcement:     more books (100)
  1. CG leases Navy ships, fights drug war: law enforcement teams utilize unique type of boarding. : An article from: Coast Guard Magazine by Brian Leshak, 2006-02-01
  2. Protection against Habit-Forming Drugs: A Survey of Law Enforcement and Other Activities of the United States Treasury Department in Dealing with the Narcotics Problem. May 1940. by United States. Department of the Treasury., 1940
  3. Measuring the deterrent effect of enforcement operations on drug smuggling, 1991-1999
  4. Federal officials laud Oregon's drug courts.(Crime)(Law enforcement: The U.S. drug czar views efforts against methamphetamine.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  5. Without A Badge: Undercover in the World's Deadliest Criminal Organization by Jerry Speziale, 2003-05-01
  6. Get it straight : the facts about drugs (SuDoc J 24.2:D 84/21) by U.S. Dept of Justice, 1996
  7. Illegal Drug Use in the United Kingdom: Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement
  8. ADMINISTRATIVE AND PUBLIC HEALTH LAW: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior</i> by LORRAINE GREEN MAZEROLLE, 2001
  9. DOGS IN DRUG DETECTION: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior</i> by CARL A. NEWCOMBE, 2001
  10. Community Drug Resistance: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior</i> by ROBERT C. DAVIS, ARTHUR J. LURIGIO, et all 2001
  11. Policing Places With Drug Problems (Drugs, Health, and Social Policy) by Lorraine A. Green, 1995-12-26
  12. Hunting Marco Polo: The Pursuit of the Drug Smuggler Who Couldn't Be Caught by the Agent Who Wouldn't Quit by Paul Eddy, Sara Walden, 1991-05
  13. Dead on Delivery: Inside the Drug Wars, Straight from the Street by Robert M. Stutman, Richard Esposito, 1992-06
  14. Drug diversion investigations by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary, ... Congress, second session, August 6, 1998 by United States, 2000

121. Pharmaceutical Diversion Education
Services in the area of education on prescription drug abuse. Awareness education for health professionals, law enforcement, and regulatory officials. Talks include diversion in the health facility, rx abuse in the workplace, and prevention tips for health professionals who encounter the prescription drug seeker. (Miamitown, Ohio)
Scope of
the Problem
Commander Burke
Drug Diversion and Pain Management

Health Care


Rx Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Law Enforcement and other Investigating
National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI)

Pharmaceutical Diversion Education is designed to assist a wide range of the population in understanding the potential abuse and addiction that can be associated with prescription medication. Year after year, Drug Enforcement Administration statistics indicate that pharmaceuticals are almost 30% of the overall drug problem in the United States, running a close second only to cocaine abuse. However, until recently, law enforcement, health care professionals, and the general public have placed little emphasis on this huge problem. Pharmaceutical Diversion Education (PDE) can offer extensive education in the area of prescription drug abuse. PDE offers training for health care professionals and their staff, law enforcement, and anyone responsible for reducing the incidents of drug abuse in the workplace. Private consulting work is also available in these same areas. PDE not only offers education on the problems of prescription drug abuse, but can help you identify the problems, and formulate prevention programs. Site designed and maintained by The Mezera Company. (614) 846-4600

122. Untitled Document
Organization dedicated in assisting law enforcement with tips by putting up a cash reward at every level; drug kingpin, street corner dealer, drug production facilities, and drug shipments.

123. Drug And Explosive Detection Canine Training For Law Enforcement Officers.
drug and explosive detection, scent discrimination, and law enforcement dog training.
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124. Walworth County Sheriff's Department
Annual report, crime prevention, D.A.R.E. program, registered sex offenders, drug and gang reports.
Sheriff's Department (SH)
County Home
(SH) Home Contact Us
Emergency 911 Table of Contents: D.A.R.E. Employment Jail/Huber Visitation Hours FAQ ... Related Links Mission Statement "As members of the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office, we pledge to preserve and enhance the quality of life within the community through efficient, effective and professional law enforcement services." Hello, I’m Sheriff David Graves. Welcome to our newly redesigned web site. Along with the new Walworth County design, we have added some new pages. We have also kept the information that many people have told us they find useful on our site. We will continue to update our site on a regular basis, so you may want to check back often to see what is new. The past year has brought about many staffing changes in our department, but one thing has not changed – our dedication to serving and protecting the public. We continue to implement new programs to promote public safety. We encourage the public to become involved in the community and to work with us through programs such as Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch. We now have a full-time Crime Prevention Officer who is available to meet with groups interested in becoming involved with these programs. Please take a look at our Crime Prevention page for more information and how to contact Deputy Smith directly. As always, your input and comments are welcome by our staff. Feel free to call our department or to email us.

125. LEAP: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - Homepage
Current and former members of law enforcement who support drug regulation rather than prohibition.
Current and former members of law enforcement who support drug regulation rather than prohibition.
Anyone can join us as a "Friend of LEAP"
"Dedicated to our brother, Constable Gil Puder , a good cop and a fearless fighter for sensible drug policy."
LEAP Mission Statement
Get The Myths

War On Drug Clock Get The Facts
truth: the Anti-Drugwar

126. DEA Resources, For Law Enforcement Officers, Intelligence Reports, The Forms Of
print friendly page. drug Intelligence Brief. Southeast Asian methamphetaminetablets are produced by large drug trafficking organizations in Burma.
HOME CONTACT US SITE DIRECTORY [print friendly page]
Drug Intelligence Brief
April 2002
INTRODUCTION Commonly referred to on the street as speed, meth, ice, crystal, or glass , methamphetamine is a synthetically produced central nervous system stimulant that produces effects similar to cocaine. Because it metabolizes much slower than cocaine, methamphetamine has longer lasting effects. It produces a number of dose-related effects including increased alertness and euphoria, as well as increases in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature. Agitation, tremors, hypertension, memory loss, hallucinations, psychotic episodes, paranoid delusions, and violent behavior can result from chronic abuse. Withdrawal from high doses of methamphetamine often produces severe depression. Methamphetamine may be either injected, ingested orally, snorted, or smoked. Illicit methamphetamine, which is almost exclusively methamphetamine hydrochloride, is sold in powder, ice, and tablet forms. Powder methamphetamine, the most common form available in the United States, is produced domestically and also is smuggled into the country from Mexico. Traditionally, Asian-produced ice was almost exclusively found in Guam, Hawaii, and parts of California; however, increased domestic production of this form of methamphetamine has increased availability to several other areas of the country previously untouched by exposure to ice. Methamphetamine tablets, primarily manufactured in Burma, have been smuggled into the United States, especially to northern California and the Los Angeles area.

127. Network Environmental Systems,Envrionmental Health And Safety Training, HAZWOPER
Training in hazardous waste, bioaerosols, and clandestine drug laboratory safety for law enforcement. Course information and schedule.
Home Clanlab Safety Academy Courses Products ... About NES NES Courses
  • NEW!! 8-hr California
    Hazardous Waste Generator Refresher on-line course.
    for on-line refresher.
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  • 8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher on-line course-you can: The 2004 Clanlab Safety Academy (CSA) Course Calendar is now available!
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    Network Environmental Systems, Inc.
    A professional environmental health and safety training and consulting company.
    • HAZWOPER (OSHA 40-hr Hazardous Waste Operations, 8-hr Refresher, First Responder, HazMat Technician [Emergency Response], Supervisor and Incident Command) - 40-hour and 8-hour classes held monthly.
    • RCRA and Title 22 Hazardous Waste Generator (Hazardous Waste Technician and Hazardous Waste Management; Basic and Refresher)
    • DOT HazMat Employee (HM 181 and HM 126F)
    • (8 Continuing Education Credit Hours (Provider # 113723, Course # 148819)
  • 128. U.S. FDA / Center For Food Safety And Applied Nutrition
    Run by the Food and drug Administration. Program areas covering production and hazards, biotechnology, food additives, cosmetics, pesticides, dietary supplements, foodborne illnesses, labeling, import and export, and inspection and enforcement. Page Lists history of the facility and meeting times.

    FDA Home Page
    Search Help
    Prior Notice
    ... Food Facility Registration Overview Overview and History
    FDA and the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition CFSAN Activities Other FDA Internet Sites Other regulatory agencies
    with responsibilities for foods FDA Documents FDA Dockets Guidance Documents FOIA Requests Laws Enforced by FDA ... Videos on the Web Interacting with CFSAN Comment on Proposed Regulations E-Mail and Phone Numbers Public Meetings / Advisory Committees Report Problems to FDA ... Toll Free Information Line
    Recent News

    129. Home
    Proactively problem solving illicit drug trafficking within the DuPage County, so as to achieve maximum operational effectiveness.
    Warning to Club Drug Users

    Warning to Parents About Club Drugs

    MDMA Fast Facts

    About Rave Clubs
    ... PowerPoint Rave Drug Presentation LINKS: DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration) Drug Conversion/Pharmacists Awareness Bruce Talbot Drug Recognition
    Our Mission DuPage County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (DUMEG), is a county-wide management approach linking local, county, and state police agencies in partnership pro-actively problem solving illicit drug trafficking within the county, so as to achieve maximum operational effectiveness. DUMEG is dedicated to serving our communities in such a manner as to bring credit upon DUMEG, the participating agencies, and the parent agencies of the assigned sworn officers. To demonstrate our commitment to these communities, and our policy board, we subscribe to the following values: DUMEG as professional law enforcement officers. We commit to the fair and impartial treatment of all individuals; placing the highest emphasis on respect for fundamental human rights. DUMEG is committed to maintain a welcoming environment of inclusion through which communication is open to all in facilitating solutions to problems of mutual concern. We therefore solicit and support contributions from all employees; partnership agencies, and policy board.

    130. Our Children Are Drowning In Drugs
    Facts and figures regarding alcohol and tobacco versus illegal drugs, a proposed solution to the drug war, and information on law enforcement scandal.

    131. Northeast Counterdrug Training Center - Drug Law Enforcement Training
    Providing free training, lodging and meals to drug law enforcement officers in the Northeast United States. Various 35 day courses available.
    Privacy and Security Statement Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Privacy and Security Statement Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

    132. Fern Gulch Canine Services
    Provides certified drug detection dogs to schools, corporations, drug rehabs, law enforcement, and concerned parents throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
    About Us Our Dogs Services Clients ... Home
    Fern Gulch Canine Services provides certified drug detection dogs to law enforcement, school districts, and corporations. Confidential residential searches are also available. The dogs are trained to respond to the odors of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and their derivatives.
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    133. Redirecting...
    Sales of law enforcement dogs and training of service dogs in drug, narcotic, bomb, explosive, arson, accelerant detection, tracking, and patrol. Also equipment sales, K9 expert testimony. Gretna, Nebraska.

    134. N.J. Drug Recognition Experts Assoc.
    Trains law enforcement agencies to recognize the side effects of various substances. Includes bylaws, news, and a message board.
    Mike Flaherty
    Voorhees Twsp., P.D. Vice President
    Mike Grasso
    North Brunswick P. D. 1180 White Horse Road
    Voorhees, New Jersey 08043 856-627-5858 ext 103 Fax: 856-882-1117 'Systematic Standardized Evaluation' Secretary
    Ed O'Connor
    N.J. Office Highway Safety Treasurer
    SFC Mark Kolodzieski
    The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 1st at 10:00am at the Middlesex Fire Academy. The Drug Recog nition Expert program and procedures were initially developed in the1970's by the Los Angeles Police Department. This procedure trains officers to use a standardized twelve-step evaluation process that allows the officer to determine whether the suspect is under the influence of drugs, and to determine the category of drug that is causing the observable impairment. The twelve-step procedure also allows the officer to rule in or out many medical conditions, such as illness or injury, which may be contributing to the subject's impairment.

    135. Welcome!
    Coalition of law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and citizens organizing National Night Out, an annual crime and drug prevention event. Includes membership information, event registration, and photos.
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    136. Downey Police Department
    Provides recruitment and wage information, Neighborhood Watch program and crime information, links to other law enforcement related agencies, and the D.A.R.E. (drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. Includes information about the patrol, detective and administrative divisions of the force.
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    137. :: MCPC ::
    Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has served as the lead agency in representing every municipality in Macomb County to unite law enforcement, education and community leaders in a partnership to ensure safe, drug free environments for youth.
    The MCPC serves as an umbrella organization for ten local community coalitions , which represent every municipality in Macomb County. Coalition membership includes youth, parents, businesses, elected officials, media, schools, organizations serving youth, law enforcement, religious organizations, civic groups and health care professionals. The Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has served as the lead agency since the Coalition's inception in 1994.
    Safe and Drug Free Schools offers the training, technical assistance and resource coordination to help districts keep students healthy, safe and drug-free. [ more
    Macomb County Prevention Coalition
    c/o Macomb County Prosecutor's Office
    One South Main, 4th Floor
    Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
    FAX: (586) 469-7335
    Email: Ken Lampar , Co-Chair
    Patti Steele
    , Co-Chair

    (586) 228-3489 voice (586) 286-2809 fax
    Meghan Cassidy
    , Program Coordinator Local Community Coalitions: You may click on the underlined names of coalitions for more information.

    138. Justice & Youth Grant Programs Home Page
    Information on state and federal grants offered to cities and towns, nonprofit agencies and state agencies for the purposes of law enforcement, crime prevention, youthoriented drug, gang and violence prevention.
    Welcome to the Home Page! The Policy Development and Planning Division . These state and federal grants to nearly 250 grantees, which include cities and towns, non-profit agencies, and other state agencies, are for the purposes of law enforcement; crime prevention; youth-oriented drug, gang, and violence prevention; and improvement of criminal justice information systems in the state. Additionally, the Justice Planning and Grants Management Unit supports a wide range of state-level human service and criminal justice policy initiatives. The following is a comprehensive list of and topic areas. Each associated link gives a brief description of the program, the application process and the required reporting forms.

    139. Index Of /
    Provides support, training and education for school resource, drug abuse resistance education (DARE) and other youth based law enforcement officers in and around the greater Maury County area in middle Tennessee.
    Index of /
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    140. Saluda Police Department
    Meet the force, find out about drug and law enforcement, or check out the Kid's Corner.
    Created by Hwynet 2002

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