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         Drug Education School Guidance:     more detail
  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Schools: A Practical Guide for Administrators and Educators for Combatting Drug and Alcohol Abuse by John F. Lewis, 1992-03
  2. Creating Drug-Free Schools and Communities: A Comprehensive Approach by Shirley E. Forbing, C. Lynn Fox, 1992-01
  3. Children of Prenatal Substance Abuse (School-Age Children Series) by Shirley N. Sparks, 1992-11
  4. Turning Troubled Kids Around: The Complete Student Assistance Program for Secondary Schools by Anonymous, 1998-09-15
  5. PLUDRUG, drug abuse education: UWM computerized guidance programs by Russell Napoleon Cassel, 1972
  6. Drug use to facilitate learning in the hyperkinetic elementary school child (Alternate plan paper / Mankato State University. Counseling and Guidance) by Martha M Bartholow, 1971
  7. Substance Abuse Prevention Activities for Secondary Students: Ready-To-Use Lessons, Fact Sheets and Resources for Grades 7-12 by Patricia J. Gerne, Timothy A. Gerne, 1991-07
  8. 1993 test-interpretation workshops by Gaylynn L Becker, 1992

1. PRIDE USA Website
Behind (HR1) Better education for Students and Teachers school, or classroom (pdf file right click to download) Guidelines for Safe and drug-Free schools and Communities guidance
The PRIDEUSA.ORG website has moved to PRIDESURVEYS.COM. If you are not redirected there in a few seconds, please click here.

2. Archived: Manual On School Uniforms
This manual examines the idea of school uniforms, and provides suggestions to schools on how to adopt a school uniform policy. Results According to guidance Counselor Sharon Carter, "The questions about school programs with uniforms, please call the U.S. Department of education Safe and drug Free schools
A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n
Updates on Legislation, Budget, and Activities
Manual on School Uniforms
School Uniforms: Where They Are and Why They Work
A safe and disciplined learning environment is the first requirement of a good school. Young people who are safe and secure, who learn basic American values and the essentials of good citizenship, are better students. In response to growing levels of violence in our schools, many parents, teachers, and school officials have come to see school uniforms as one positive and creative way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safety. They observed that the adoption of school uniform policies can promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. The potential benefits of school uniforms include:
  • decreasing violence and theft even life-threatening situations among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers;
  • helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school;
  • instilling students with discipline;

3. Drug Policy Alliance: School Drug Education: Policy Position Paper For APSAD
a lack of support and guidance.(6) school drug education has been the preferred approach to the observable benefits from school drug education have been limited despite the
Home Publications and Library School Drug Education: Policy Position Paper for APSAD
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Join the Drug Policy Alliance's work to promote drug policies based on science, compassion, health, and human rights.
What's New Search Our Collection Lindesmith Library Database ... Features Reform Rockefeller Drug Laws!
Australian Police to Randomly Test Drivers for Drugs
Medication Assisted Treatment for the 21st Century: Community Education Kit Illicit Drug Data Report 2002-03
Rossford Officer Earns National Award For Anti-Drug
Blade, The (Toledo, OH) [06/04/04]
Oxfordshire Council on Alcohol and Drug Use
Habit Smart: A Practical Approach to Addictive Behavior Do It Now Foundation
School Drug Education: Policy Position Paper for APSAD Compiled by Cecile McKeown. 1998.
  • Harm reduction is the dominant framework used at both national and state levels to define responses to drug related issues. Broad strategies directed at the reduction of harm able to be used effectively within schools include strengthening policy and guidelines development in the alcohol and drug area, working with other department and government personnel, creating and sustaining health-promoting settings within schools, strengthening individual motivation and capacity to avoid harm, supporting action in the local community in which the school is situated, and working with the local health and social welfare as well as criminal justice systems.
  • 4. Harm Reduction: An Emerging New Paradigm For Drug Education
    in the field of drug education. This strategy guidance in developing harm reduction measures. Holcomb, Sarvela, Ritzel, Sliepcevich and Jellen 20 surveyed 3 348 secondary school
    Sign the Resolution for a Federal Commission on Drug Policy Contents Feedback Search ... Other Publications related to drug policy
    Harm Reduction: An Emerging New Paradigm for Drug Education
    David F. Duncan, Dr.P.H., C.A.S.
    Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
    and Department of Community Health
    Brown University
    Thomas Nicholson, Ph.D., M.P.H.
    Department of Public Health
    Western Kentucky University
    Patrick Clifford, Ph.D.
    Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
    and Department of Psychiatry
    Brown University
    Wesley Hawkins, Ph.D.
    Department of Mental Hygiene
    Johns Hopkins University
    Rick Petosa, Ph.D. Department of Health Education Ohio State University
    Address correspondence to Dr. Duncan at Center for Alcohol and Addiction Sudies, Brown University, Box G-BH, Providence, RI 02912 Published in: Journal of Drug Education, 1994, 24(4), 281-290.
    Harm reduction is a new paradigm now emerging in the field of drug education. This strategy recognizes that people always have and always will use drugs and, therefore, attempts to minimize the potential hazards associated with drug use rather than the use itself. The rationale for a harm reduction strategy is presented, followed by an example of the kind of needs assessment which may be needed for planning a harm reduction strategy.
    A major paradigm shift is underway in the field of drug education. It is the shift from a strategy of use-prevention to a strategy of abuse-prevention or harm-reduction. This new paradigm expands and transforms traditional concepts of the purposes and methods of drug education. It can serve as a model for a more rational and comprehensive organization of prevention resources likely to yield the greatest benefit to society.

    5. Dealing With Drug Abuse - Drug Education
    a Total school Involvement * Outof school drug-education Programs * The National Media Teacher and guidance counselors should provide the link between the school and treatment
    Sign the Resolution for a Federal Commission on Drug Policy Contents Feedback Search ... Dealing With Drug Abuse
    Dealing with Drug Abuse
    A Report to the Ford Foundation THE DRUG ABUSE SURVEY PROJECT STAFF PAPER 2
    Drug Education
    by Patricia M. Wald and Annette Abrams GOALS OF DRUG EDUCATION "Prevention through education" has become the newest panacea of the drug-abuse field. Law enforcement has failed to stem the supply of illegal drugs, and rehabilitation efforts have thus far failed to reclaim many abusers. Everyone now talks of pouring money into education to stop the problem before it begins. As of any educational undertaking, the first task of a drug abuse-prevention program is to define the goals sought. If objectives are not understood, developing the educational effort and the techniques to be used is difficult. At present, this is a major problem of drug education. No one is sure what goals are realistic or desirable, and proponents of massive efforts cannot agree on what they hope to accomplish. The most that can be said is that there are a number of possible objectives for youth-oriented, drugeducation programs: Stopping all experimentation with foreign substances Keeping experimentation at the minimum and limiting it to relatively safe substances Preventing casual experimenters from becoming habitual users Preventing addiction or severe dependence Reinforcing the anti-experimentation tendencies of those who have not yet tried drugs Presenting information for students to use in making drug decisions for themselves

    6. [articles_frameset]
    The I National Healthy school Standard (NHSS) /I has launched a new resource offering guidance on implementing drug education in schools. About the Author. school drug education guidance on

    7. School Counselor Resources
    Broughal Middle school guidance Information (PA) Chuck Eby's Counseling Resources (NJ of education Safe and drugfree schools. U.S. Department of education school-to-Work Internet
    School Counselor Resources
    K-12 School Counseling Centers
    A Site for Teachers and Families of Gifted Children With Special Needs
    Anacortes High School Counseling Center (WA)

    Antigo High School Career Center (WI)

    Bill McCane's Counseling Corner (MO)
    Wamego High School Guidance Center (KS)
    College and University Counseling Centers Student Counseling Centers on the Internet: A Directory
    Career and College Information
    100 Top College, University and Scholarship pages
    2001 Colleges, Universities and Scholarships


    American Universities
    CollegeEdge: Information on Careers, Colleges, Scholarships and More

    College and University Home Pages
    College and University Ranking Services (compendium)
    CollegeNET Home Page College News Online College Parents of America ... FutureScan Magazine (interactive career guide for teenagers) Going Right On (Tool for college guidance for middle level ) Guidelines for On-Line Instruction in Counselor Education Indiana Career and Postsecondary Advancement Center National Health Council: Guide to Careers in the Health Field NCRVE Home Page ... Trauma Info Pages (David Baldwin) Western Michigan University, Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

    8. Love4Life Unlimited
    Sober homes for women recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. education, quality housing, and moral and spiritual guidance enhance their reentry to society. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. May not work for all browsers.
    Where Real Recovery.....
    and living sober begins....
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    9. Drug Education/Guidance And Character Building - Part Of NIMCO Inc. Online
    The best in researchbased substance abuse prevention curriculums, CSAP approved programs, award winning displays, teen pregnancy programs, character-building, and tobacco prevention promotions
    Advanced Search

    10. Emergency Planning Office Of Safe And Drug-Free Schools
    Emergency Planning Office of Safe and drugFree Schools quot;As schools and communities across the U.S. prepare and develop plans for responding to potential emergency situations, U.S. Secretary

    11. Partnership For A Drug-Free America
    The Partnership For A drugFree America is the online drug prevention and substance abuse resource and guide for parents, grandparents, kids and teens. PDFA exists to help kids and teens reject
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