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         Drug Education For Parents:     more books (47)
  1. Alcohol and Drug Education for Parents by Sally S. Crawford, 1992-07
  2. Kids & drugs: Prevention education for parents by Darlene Golinowski, 1981
  3. Building blocks helping preschoolers grow up alcohol and drug free : guide for parents (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:393578) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1995
  4. Passbook series by Jack Rudman, 1983
  5. Understanding Drugs: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals (Manchester Metropolitan University Education Series) by David Emmett, Graeme Nice, 1996-11
  6. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors by H. Thomas Milhorn, 2003-08-01
  7. Ready! : your guide to drug use prevention ideas for preschool children (SuDoc ED 1.8:HE 75/DRUG) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1993
  8. Preventing Adolescent Relapse: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors by Tammy L. Bell, 1990-06
  9. Raising Drug-free Kids: 100 Tips for Parents by Aletha Solter, 2006-08-25
  10. Success stories from drug-free schools : a guide for educators, parents and policymakers (SuDoc ED 1.8:D 84) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1991
  11. Developing the resilient child a prevention manual for parents, schools, communities and individuals (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:382897) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1993
  12. Laws about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs a guidebook for California's parents and educators (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:379560) by U.S. Dept of Education, 1994
  13. Substance abuse education: A manual for developing outreach programs for parents and guardians by Joanne Boyle, 1991
  14. Checkpoint parent education implementation manual: A guide book for implementation of the ABC's for Parents and Families Meeting the Challenge Programs by Peggy Hendrickson, 1993

101. Sorting It Out Drugs Education Project
Schools should consult a wide range of interested groups in drawing up their drugeducation programmes and policies. parents, governors, pupils, the police
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Sorting it Out Teacher's Guide
6. Drug policy and guidelines
All schools should have a drug education policy. Schools benefit from the process of consulting, considering and drawing up a drug education policy that also covers handling drug-related incidents. Schools should consult a wide range of interested groups in drawing up their drug education programmes and policies. Parents, governors, pupils, the police, specialist agencies such as local Drug Action Teams and LEAs all have a role.
Role of Governors in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Protecting Young People and Circular 4/95 states that governors have a "key role to play in the development of their schools policy for drug education and drug prevention" It would be appropriate for any working party to include at least one governor, but the whole governing body should also see and ratify the policy. Schools should consider the role of governors in any whole staff training on drugs awareness, policy development and education in order to ensure that governors are able to fully support the school in the development and implementation of the policy. Funding may be available through the GEST programme for initiatives concerned with raising governors' awareness and their role in policy development and implementation. It would be appropriate for individual schools to approach their Local Authorities to identify the local situation. There are also specific governor training packs available.

copy of the UNT Intercollegiate Athletics drug education, Testing, and Signature of parent, legal guardian Date or
Policy Manual
University of North Texas Classification
Number: 18.4.11 Date Issued: 8/1/86;
Introductory Statement The Administration of the University of North Texas (UNT), as well as its health service professional, substance abuse counselors and coaches, strongly believe that the use and/or abuse of the drugs listed late in this policy (excluding those drugs prescribed by a physician to treat a specific medical condition) can: 1. Seriously affect the performance of individuals as students and as athletes; 2. Be detrimental to the physical and mental well being of its student athletes, no matter when such usage should occur during the year; 3. Be dangerous to the athlete and his/her teammates in athletic competition to practice; and 4. Be detrimental to the spirit of fair competition. Consequently, the use and/or abuse by a student athlete of the drugs listed later in this policy (excluding those drugs prescribed by a physician to treat a specific medical condition when taken in accordance with the prescription), or the failure of a student athlete to participate in alcohol and drug abuse counseling as required under this policy, is deemed a violation of the student athlete's intercollegiate athletic team rules and shall subject the student athlete involved to the sanctions provided later in this policy.

103. BBC News | Drugs | Drugs Lessons For Parents
Drugs in Schools. All schools wanting to take part in drugs education forpupils were asked to provide classes for parents and governors too.

Front Page



UK Politics

Monday, May 24, 1999 Published at 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
Drugs lessons for parents
The aim is to make parents more confident
Parents are being taught the facts about drugs so they can talk about them with their children. The lessons involve looking at plastic replicas of illegal drugs so the parents will know what they look like and how they are taken. Alcohol, tobacco and solvents are also covered. The London borough of Camden is one of the education authorities running the drugs awareness scheme, which is financed partly by the council and partly by the Department for Education. All schools wanting to take part in drugs education for pupils were asked to provide classes for parents and governors too. Camden's Personal, Social and Health Education Officer, Gill Morris, said that as much as anything it was about teaching parents how to broach the subject with their children. "We feel that the work with parents is useful in terms of educating them about drugs and getting them to talk to their children more openly," she said. 'Don't lecture' "Parents feel they don't know very much and don't know how to approach the subject of talking about drugs, and we are saying you don't need to 'have a talk' - just pick the moments that you feel would be useful.

104. Dear Colleague - Protect Children And Parents From Psychotropic Drugs!
are forcing parents to place their child on psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalinor Adderall, in order to keep the school from refusing to provide educational
News from the
Committee on Education and the Workforce

U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES March 6, 2003 Protect Children and Parents from Psychotropic Drugs! Sign on as an Original Cosponsor of the Child Medication Safety Act Dear Colleague: Parents face many challenges when raising a child. No challenge is more important than ensuring that their child receives a good education. When a teacher, principal, or other school official raises the possibility that a child may no longer be allowed to attend school, parents pay attention. Some school officials around the country are forcing parents to place their child on psychotropic drugs, such as Ritalin or Adderall, in order to keep the school from refusing to provide educational services to the child. This is unconscionable. We plan to introduce the Child Medication Safety Act to call on States to establish policies that prohibit school personnel from forcing parents to place their child on a psychotropic drug in order to attend school. These psychotropic drugs are listed as controlled substances under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act, and can be addictive and easily abused.

105. Drugs And Pregnancy
For a pregnant woman, drug abuse is doubly dangerous. Continuing drug usealso increases the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.
DRUGS AND PREGNANCY A Double Danger When a woman becomes pregnant, it is very important for her to lead a healthy life: to eat plenty of nourishing food, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly. It is also vital that she avoid anything that might harm her or her baby-to-be. It is especially important to give up alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. For a pregnant woman, drug abuse is doubly dangerous. First, drugs may harm her own health, interfering with her ability to support the pregnancy. Second, some drugs can directly impair prenatal development. Which Drugs are Dangerous? Virtually all illegal drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, pose dangers to a pregnant woman. Legal substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, are also dangerous, and even medical drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, can be harmful. For her own health and the health of her baby-to-be, a woman should avoid all of them as much as possible, from the time she first plans to become pregnant or learns that she is pregnant. Drugs and the Stages of Pregnancy Some drugs can be harmful when used at any time during pregnancy; others, however, are particularly damaging at specific stages.

106. Emergency Planning - Office Of Safe And Drug-Free Schools
This website provides information about emergency preparedness to help schools and communities plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts. Reading .

School Safety - NCLB
School Safety - Teachers Get More!
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Emergency Planning
Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools
More Resources Press Release
Emergency Planning for America's Schools
MS WORD Additional Emergency Planning Resources As schools and communities across the U.S. prepare and develop plans for responding to potential emergency situations, U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige has unveiled this new web resource to help. It is designed to be a one-stop shop that provides school leaders with information they need to plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts. The site will be regularly updated. Secretary Paige and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge unveiled this new resource at Blair High School in Montgomery County, Maryland, which has a model emergency plan in place. For more information about what families and communities can do to be ready for an emergency, please visit

107. Pride Youth Programs
PRIDE Youth Programs mission is to educate, promote and support drugfree youthwho care for the safety and health of self, peers, family and community.

NEW! PRIDE2004 Updates, Reports, Awards and Lots of Photos


April 2004 Newsletter

is now online! PRIDE Youth Programs'
vision is a world where safe, drug-free youth are equipped to lead healthy, productive lives.
PRIDE Youth Programs' mission is to educate, promote and support drug-free youth who care for the safety and health of self, peers, family and community. This year marks our 27th Anniversary. Do you have what it takes to join the
PRIDE Youth Programs'

International Training Team

4th Annual Advisors' Meeting and Youth Leadership Summit!

Read This GOOD NEWS RELEASE! Home For Your Information ... PYP People! PRIDE Youth Programs Office: 4684 S. Evergreen, Newaygo, MI 49337 (231) 652-4400 (v) - (231) 652-2461 (f) - (800) 668-9277 Web design and maintenance by NewPage Publishing

108. Parents Against Drugs Homepage
NEW! NEW! NEW! parents Against Drugs is now. Parent Action on Drugs. ThePAD Website has now moved. PAD has a new name Parent Action on Drugs.
NEW! NEW! NEW! Parents Against Drugs is now Parent Action on Drugs
The PAD Website has now moved. See our new exciting site at PAD has a new name - Parent Action on Drugs. Formerly Parents Against Drugs, the new name reflects PAD's mandate to help parents and others make informed choices about substance abuse issues that affect their children. As it has for the past 20 years, PAD continues to provide parents, teens and the community with the tools they need to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Last updated on January 8th, 2003 Parent Action on Drugs
7 Hawksdale Road
North York, Ontario
M3K 1W3, Canada
Phone: (416) 395-4970
Fax: (416) 395-4972

109. D.A.R.E.
The Official site for the national DARE program. The DARE program gives kids the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. DARE is a police officerled series of


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