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  1. Highway safety effectiveness of state .08 blood alcohol laws : report to congressional committees (SuDoc GA 1.13:RCED-99-179) by U.S. General Accounting Office, 1999
  2. Hang up and drive. (One-Track Mind).(driving and chatting, safety concerns): An article from: Rider by Mark, Jr. Tuttle, 2003-03-01
  3. Motor Carrier Safety: Preliminary Information on Challenges to Ensuring the Integrity of Drug Testing Programs.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony by Gale Reference Team, 2008-01-01
  4. 1987 Motorist Guide to the Division of Motor Vehicles by New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety, 1987
  5. Contemporary Issues Companion - Drunk Driving (paperback edition) (Contemporary Issues Companion)
  6. Drinking And Driving: A Decade of Development by Jonathan Black, 1993-01
  7. Is 16 too young to drive: teens behind the wheel are more likely than adults to crash, speed, and take dangerous risks. Should the driving age be raised?(personal ... An article from: Scholastic Choices by Denise Rinaldo, 2005-09-01
  8. Drunk Driving (Issues That Concern You)
  9. Putting the brakes on teen drivers: more and more, teenagers are facing limits on getting a license, and on driving at night or with friends. The feds ... it.: An article from: New York Times Upfront by Matthew L. Wald, 2003-01-10
  10. AA The Highway Code: Essential for All Drivers (AA Driving Test) by AA Publishing, 2007-07-24
  11. Pursuit Driving for the Police Officer by William Smith, 2002-07-15
  12. At Issue Series - Drunk Driving (paperback edition) (At Issue Series)
  13. Bob Bondurant on Police and Pursuit Driving (Bob Bondurant On) by Bob Bondurant, 2000-03-11
  14. Drugs, driving and the law: A report to the governor and General Assembly of Virginia by Alvin J Lorman, 1973

1. Texas Department Of Public Safety - Courtesy, Service, Protection
Information for the News Media New Traffic laws Take Effect. drivingrelated legislation taking About DPS general DPS Information DPS Online Services

Advanced Search
Home Contact Us Employment ... News Information for the News Media
Public Information Office
August 19, 2003 New Traffic Laws Take Effect Driving-related legislation taking effect September 1, 2003:
  • SB 45 makes it a state jail felony to drive while intoxicated with a passenger younger than 15.
    SB 193 requires drivers nearing stopped emergency vehicles-with lights activated -to either slow down or change lanes. The law states a driver must either vacate the lane closest to the stopped emergency vehicle if the road has multiple lanes traveling in the same direction or slow down 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. (If the speed limit is below 25 mph the driver must slow down to 5 mph.) Emergency vehicles include police, emergency medical service and fire vehicles. A violation is punishable by a maximum fine of $200. If the violation results in property damage, the maximum fine increases to $500. If the violation results in bodily injury, the offense is enhanced to a Class B misdemeanor.

2. VA DMV: General Information: Safety: Drinking And Driving
DMV safety Drinking and driving Fact Sheets laws. In Virginia, the BAC limit is .08 percent and for a first offense and the administrative
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DMV Safety: Drinking and Driving:
Fact Sheets Laws
  • In Virginia, the BAC limit is .08 percent and for a first offense and the administrative license suspension period is 7 days. (IIHS)
  • All but two states (MA and SC) and DC have per se laws defining it as a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above a proscribed level, usually 0.10 percent (VA is .08 percent). (IIHS)
  • Forty-one states and DC have administrative license suspension laws. Administrative license suspension allows an individual's license to be suspended when a driver fails or refuses to take a chemical test. (IIHS)

Privacy and Security Information
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269

3. An Investigation Of The Safety Implications Of Wireless Communications In Vehicl
enforcement of existing state laws to address inattentive driving behavior. Working with The cellular industry in general has placed considerable emphasis on safety, both from the
An Investigation of the Safety Implications of Wireless Communications in Vehicles
November 1997
Table of Contents Preface Executive Summary Report Summary Chapter 1 - Background 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Wireless Communication 1.3 Industry Focus on Safety 1.4 Legislative Issues 1.5 Objective and Scope 1.6 Approach 1.7 Organization of this Report 1.8 Definition of Terms Chapter 2 - Cellular Telephone Use in America and Perceptions of Safety 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Demographics: Who is Using Cellular Telephones? 2.3 Use Patterns: How are Cellular Telephones Being Used? 2.4 Use of Cellular Telephones for Emergency Response 2.5 Users Opinions: How Safe Is Cellular Telephone Use While Driving? 2.6 Public Comment 2.7 Conclusions Chapter 3 - Crash Data Relating to Cellular Telephone Use While Driving 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Fatal Analysis Reporting System 3.3 National Accident Sampling System 3.4 Oklahoma Crash Data 3.5 Minnesota Crash Data 3.6 Cellular Telephone Related Crash Experience in Japan 3.7 Case Studies 3.8 Discussion

4. VA DMV: General Information:
children riding in the beds of pickup trucks and safety belt laws. In addition, he frequently reports on driving under the influence prevention issues

5. General Assembly Passed Numerous Effective Driving Laws
More general Assembly passed numerous effective driving laws. While some cited this as a safety issue, I voted against it for several reasons Forums Classifieds ebay Write Us Help Sponsors Classifieds ... More...
General Assembly passed numerous effective driving laws
Return To Senator Roy Dyson's Newsletter Posted on July 09, 2003: This General Assembly Session was a good year for new and improved traffic laws some of which I would like to highlight in this letter.
For the past few Sessions, the General Assembly has reversed its course of casting a blind eye towards proposed drunk driving legislation. I’m pleased to see that my colleagues are starting to take drunk driving more seriously than they have in the past.
One of the strongest drunk driving laws that passed into law was called “John’s Law” named after a Naval Academy graduate who was killed by a driver who had been arrested three hours prior to the fatal accident on another drunk driving charge then was released into the custody of a friend. The friend then preceded to let the still-drunk driver back into his car. From there, the driver killed young John Elliott.
John’s Law prohibits a person who has been arrested for a drunk or drugged driving offense from driving within 12 hours after the arrest. The violator of this law is subject to a maximum fine of $400, imprisonment up to two months and a maximum fine of eight points on their driver’s license.

6. Massachusetts General Laws
with the general laws of Massachusetts. Here are links to selected laws that apply to highway and road safety 89, Sec 4B. driving in the lane nearest the
Massachusetts General Laws The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has put up a web site with the General Laws of Massachusetts Here are links to selected laws that apply to highway and road safety:
Chap 89, Sec 1
Meeting vehicles Chap 89, Sec 2 Passing vehicle traveling in the same direction Chap 89, Sec 4 Keeping to the right while view is obstructed Chap 89, Sec 4B Driving in the lane nearest the right side of the road Chap 89, Sec 5 PENALTIES Chap 89, Sec 7 Right of way of fire engines, patrol vehicles and ambulances Chap 89, Sec 7A Restriction on use of ways upon approach of emergency vehicles Chap 89, Sec 8 Right-of-way at intersecting ways; turning on red signals Chap 89, Sec 9 Designation of highways as trough ways; erection and maintenance of stop and yield signs and other traffic control device; obedience to traffic control signs and devices; PENALTIES Chap 89, Sec 11 Marked crosswalks; yielding right of way to pedestrians; PENALTIES Chap 90, Sec 7AA Child passenger restraints; FINES; violation as evidence in civil action Chap 90, Sec 13A

7. NHTSA: People: Injury Prevention: Impaired Driving: Program Update
public support for .08 BAC laws, economic issues 1991, the National Highway Traffic safety Administration has and behavior of the general driving age public
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D-F G-I ... V-Z [ A-C ] .08 BACFederal Agency Activity Update (posted 12-00)
A Presidential directive was issued to the Secretary of Transportation in March 1998 to promote a national legal limit across the country including Federal property. Congress passed .08 BAC as the national standard for impaired driving as part of the Transportation Bill in October 2000. This lists accomplishments of Federal agencies in addressing .08 BAC. Alcohol Beverage Control Agencies - Partners In Prevention (posted 11-25-02)
This product is a how-to-manual that provides detailed guidance, program by program, in a variety of approaches to prevent underage drinking. Moreover, specific examples of program materials/resources to combat this problem are included in an accompanying CD-ROM. Alcohol Highway Safety: Problem Update, posted 04-1998
For those in the traffic safety community, having information on the latest research in alcohol-impaired driving is a critical necessity. Since 1968, the Department of Transportation has conducted periodic reviews on the "state of knowledge" about alcohol and traffic safety. This newest state of knowledge report focuses on alcohol-crash targets. Alcohol Problems Among Emergency Department Patients: Proceedings of a Research Conference on Identification and Intervention (posted 11-22-02)

8. Driving In Germany- Traffic Laws & Regulations
general laws. However, you may not use a child safety seat in the front seat if You must leave your doors unlocked while driving (to facilitate rescue in an
Home Getting Around Germany Driving Below is a rather complete overview of the German traffic code based on my interpretation. This information is from a variety of sources including the 1987 Fahren Lernen driver's education manual and the 1993 official Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung (Road Traffic Ordinances) distributed by the Federal Transport Ministry as well as numerous contributions by readers. Special thanks to Tino Haderlein and Wolfgang Meyenberg for their review of these pages. CONTENTS
  • Licensing General laws Right-of-way Speed limits Parking regulations Urban traffic regulations Traffic calming zones Autobahn traffic regulations Special prohibitions Accidents
The most important section here for foreigners is the right-of-way discussion. LICENSING If you are visiting Germany and will not be establishing residency, then your current driver's license is valid in Germany indefinitely. If you will be residing in Germany, your driver's license is valid for six months from the date when permanent residency is established. After that, you will have to obtain a German driver's license. (If your residency will be for longer than six months but less than one year [you will need proof of this], you can obtain a six month extension to use your existing license.) If you're using a foreign license to drive in Germany, you're supposed to carry an official translation of your license in addition to the license itself, but if you speak the language well enough, I've found that you should be OK. If you should get into a situation where you need to have a translation, you can get one from the ADAC automobile club for about €40. If you want to have a bit of "insurance", you can take care of this before arriving by getting an International Driver's License (IDL) in your home country. In the US, these are available from AAA for about US$20. (My recommendation: get an IDL before you go better safe than sorry.) Keep in mind that an IDL does not replace your official driver's license it is just a translation of it in an internationally recognized format. You must carry your official license with your IDL.

9. General Motors 2001-02 Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report: Product
support the passage of these graduated license laws. crashes, we support traffic safety initiatives focused age drinking through Mothers Against Drunk driving.
There is much evidence to show that encouraging safer motor vehicle use can help improve safety for road users.
  • Automotive markets with high levels of safety belt and child restraint use have lower fatality rates than countries with lower restraint use rates. Countries with strong anti-drunken driving laws experience lower incidence of alcohol-involved driving fatalities. Programs that enable young drivers to learn to drive over time, under graduated licensing laws, are proven to reduce the disproportionate fatality involvement of inexperienced drivers. Guidelines to help reduce distractions for drivers are intended to help reduce the incidence of crashes by helping drivers maintain their focus on the driving task.
We fully support such initiatives and support programs that encourage safe driving behaviors.
Child restraint and safety belt use
Together with the UAW in 2001, we recommitted our support of SKBU by agreeing to fund child safety seat donations for low-income families and at-risk children and establishing 30 new permanent child safety seat inspection stations. In April 2002, with the UAW, we donated 30 Chevrolet Express vans to local SAFE KIDS Coalitions across the nation. These new Chevrolet Express vans joined the 51 Chevrolet Venture vans donated in 1999 to establish the nation's first-ever fleet of mobile car seat check-up vans one for each state and the District of Columbia. The fleet of SKBU Venture and Express vans are fully equipped with everything needed to hold a travelling child safety seat check-up event, including tents, traffic safety cones, and signage.

10. Colorado Safety Association | Driving Safety General
Dowell) Reviews the twosecond rule other defensive driving techniques D-100.13, Helmet laws Whose Freedom (Insurance Institute for Highway safety) Shows brain
Driving Safety General
D-100.02 A Most Dangerous Place
14 Minutes D-100.04 Beating the Statistics: Preventing Driving Accidents (Dowell)
24 Minutes D-100.13 Helmet Laws: Whose Freedom? (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)
Shows brain damage in a man who had a motorcycle accident without a helmet on. 8 Minutes D-101.01 Road Rage: How To Protect Yourself (NSC)
15 Minutes D-100.33 The Hidden Danger, Low Water Crossings (National Weather Service)
How to handle water crossings, with pamphlets. D-100.21 The Right Distance (Dowell)
Safe following distance to prevent rear-end collisions 5 Minutes D-101.00 Traveling Alone In America (Film Ideas, Inc.)
Safety precautions for women traveling alone. 34 Minutes D-100.23 When You Least Expect It (Aurora Pictures)
How to prevent "Least Expected" driving situations from developing. 22 Minutes

11. General Information
to the same financial responsibility laws as valid of Retired Persons, National safety Council, California about the relationship between age and driving skills
California Home DMV Home Page Online Services Publications ... Forms New Arrivals
  • New to California? FAQs Site Map
    Vehicle Registration
    ... Boat Registration
  • License and ID Card Information
  • Driver License ID Cards Commercial License
  • Special Plates
  • Personalized Plates Disabled Placards
  • Other Information
  • Your DMV Records Other Services About DMV Contact Us

  • My CA This Site
    General Information Tips to shorten or eliminate your visit to DMV We realize your time is important. Appointments are available at all offices for faster service. When you call to make your appointment, ask for general information regarding your transaction, the name of the forms you may need, and the

    12. Teen Driving Safety - Traffic - 9News, Weather, Doppler Radar, Sports,
    Teen driving safety Watch the interview video Click here general Teen driving Tips. Know your area s laws regarding talking on cell phones while driving.
    ENQUIRER POST WCPO CIN WEEKLY ... Customer Service Currently:
    Sunny Weather Traffic
    NEWS ...
    Teen Driving Safety

    Teen Driving Safety
    Reported by:
    Web produced by: Liz Foreman
    Photographed by:
    Last updated: 9/10/03 11:31:12 AM

    More teenagers die in auto wrecks than from any other cause. Watch these video clips from Good Morning Tri-state's series of reports on teen auto crashes. Dr. Keith King: Sharing his experience
    Dr. King, a professor in the health promotion and education program at UC discusses how a teen's brain is different from that of an adult. Watch the interview video: Click here Dr. Anthony Borzotta: Sharing his experience One man who knows about treating teen crash victims first-hand is Dr. Borzotta, trauma services director at Bethesda North Hospital. Dr. Borzotta is also the father of a teenage son. Watch the interview video: Click here General Teen Driving Tips Advertisers var zflag_nid="215"; var zflag_cid="104/4"; var zflag_width="120"; var zflag_height="90"; var zflag_sz="3"; var zflag_nid="215"; var zflag_cid="104/4"; var zflag_width="120"; var zflag_height="90"; var zflag_sz="3"; Search our site by keyword: More Searches: News Weather Sports Video ... CINCINNATI.COM

    13. Full Circle Of Care Caregiver Website
    Older Driver Relicensing laws By State. physicians with information about older driver safety and assessment drivers who should no longer be driving, tips for
    Home Topic Index Tips For Using This Site Caregiver 101 ... Register for E-Mail Updates Some external links on this website require the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.
    Triangle J Area Agency on Aging Driving Safety as a Family Member Ages General Information Websites Related to Older Adult Drivers Medications and Driving Alzheimer's and Driving ... Older Adult Driver Education Older adults, like everyone else, value their independence. In the United States, there are many areas where that independence is tied into the ability to drive. For many families, there comes a time when an older family member's driving becomes an issue. There are many reasons why a person's driving skills might decline. Diminished eyesight, slowed reflexes and reaction times, shorter attention span, lack of concentration, medications - these and many more may contribute to family concerns about the safety of an older driver and the safety of the community. For families, it can be very difficult to discuss this issue since the underlying theme is independence and self-sufficiency. Caregivers don't want to upset the family member. Many don't want the inevitable conflict that will come of the discussion. And, who in the family wants to be the "bad guy"?

    14. CHART: Drunk Driving Law, Legal Alcohol Limits, Laws For Each U.S. State.
    The Insurance Institute for Highway safety, Highway Loss this information is for general informational purposes or revising their drunk driving laws, and the _alcohol_limits_CHART.htm
    Drunk driving laws by U.S. State. Blood and breath alcohol limits while driving. OHS Health and Safety Services, Incorporated DRUG TESTING. DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE PROGRAMS. DRUG-ABUSE PREVENTION. Welcome ...and... thank you for your interest in our company!
    We invite you to visit our new sister-company's website, today, too! Health-Tests Direct Drunk driving laws by each U.S. State. Blood and breath alcohol limits while driving. This site you are now visiting, is
    for drug testing and drug-abuse prevention information!
    to see our Official Validation Seal ... most-popular web pages
    In 2002...
    When you drink...please don't drive...we are NOT getting any safer at it!
    Drunk Driving Laws by State, and the Penalties for DUI/DWI Violation.
    DUI/DWI LAWS as of March 2004
    (Chart of all states and penalties is below.)
    as of March 2004
    All 50 states and the District of Columbia have per se laws defining it as a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above a proscribed level, usually 0.08 percent.

    15. III - What Are The Driving Laws In My State?
    STATE laws CURBING DRUNK driving, Not specifically for drunk driving; Attorney general Transportation, National Highway Traffic safety Administration; Insurance
    AUTO What are the driving laws in my state? AUTOMOBILE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY LAWS
    Most states require car owners to buy a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance before they can legally drive their cars. All states have financial responsibility laws. This means that people involved in an automobile accident will be required to furnish proof of financial responsibility up to certain minimum dollar limits. To comply with financial responsibility laws, most drivers purchase automobile liability insurance.

    Liability limits (1)


    Liability limits (1)
    Liability limits (1)
    Alabama Kentucky North Dakota Alaska Louisiana Ohio Arizona Maine Oklahoma Arkansas Maryland Oregon California (2) Massachusetts Pennsylvania Colorado Michigan Rhode Island Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina Delaware Mississippi South Dakota D.C. Missouri Tennessee (7) Florida (3) Montana Texas Georgia Nebraska Utah Hawaii Nevada Vermont Idaho New Hampshire (4) Virginia Illinois New Jersey (5) Washington Indiana New Mexico West Virginia Iowa New York (6) Wisconsin (4) Kansas North Carolina Wyoming (1) The first two figures refer to bodily injury liability and the third figure to property damage liability. For example, 20/40/10 means coverage up to $40,000 for all persons injured in an accident, subject to a limit of $20,000 for one individual, and $10,000 coverage for property damage.

    16. Driving And Local Transportation
    Drunk driving is considered a serious highway safety problem. Traffic laws vary somewhat from one jurisdiction to another, but there is a general
    Driving and Local Transportation
    Driving in the U.S
    "You can always tell when a car is being driven by a foreign student," said a Midwestern chief of police. "You don't have to be able to see the driver. They just don't drive the same way we do." Foreigners' driving is noticeable anywhere. Driving entails not just the mechanical manipulations of the carstarting the engine, shifting gears, steeringbut customary styles of driving as well. Driving customs vary from place to place, so foreigners' driving is often different from that of the natives. Driving customs in America differ from one part of the country to another. In Pittsburgh, for example, a driver waiting at a red traffic light and wanting to turn left will race across the intersection in front of the oncoming cars just as the light turns green. Denver drivers will not do that; instead, they will wait until the oncoming traffic has passed and then they will make the left turn. While there are marked regional differences in American driver behavior, there are some commonalities that foreign visitors who drive in the States will want to know about. After giving some general information about cars and driving in the United States, we will consider traffic laws, attitudes toward driving, and driving aids.

    17. Office Of Traffic Safety Home
    CPS Program Gives child safety seat information and Legislation - Covers general traffic laws and new alcohol concentration for impaired driving to .08
    Tuesday, June 08, 2004 OTS Home Department of Public Safety Home Advanced Search Search Topics ... General Info Welcome to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety
    The mission of the Office of Traffic Safety is to reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes in Minnesota. Our efforts focus on changing people's behaviors as they use our roadways. Topic Areas
    Bicycle Safety
    off-site link)
    Child Passenger Safety

    Impaired Driving

    off-site link)
    Safe Communities

    Underage Drinking

    Governor Pawlenty signed
    the 0.08 bill into law
    on May 27, 2004 Take the Belt Bulletin reader survey Last Call training materials are for businesses, unions and other organizations to educate employees about the consequences and alternatives to impaired driving. Minnesota Traffic Deaths To Date: Are You Buckled Up?

    18. - Aggressive Driving
    voluntary compliance with traffic laws in general and those criminal acts related to aggressive driving. National Highway Traffic safety Administration, Traffic
    Aggressive Driving
    Aggressive driving is defined as a progression of unlawful driving actions such as:
    • speeding exceeding the posted limit or driving too fast for conditions;
    • improper or excessive lane changing: failing to signal intent, failing to see that movement can be made safely, or
    • improper passing failing to signal intent, using an emergency lane to pass, or passing on the shoulder.
    • The "aggressive driver" fails to consider the human element involved. The anonymity of being behind the wheel gives aggressive drivers a false sense of control and power; therefore, they seldom take into account the consequences of their actions.
    • Aggressive Driving vs. Road Rage. There is a difference. Aggressive driving is a traffic offense; road rage is a criminal offense.
    • Road rage is defined as "an assault with a motor vehicle or other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of another motor vehicle or an assualt precipitated by an incident that occurred on a roadway."
    • Road rage requires willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others.
    • A national survey sponsored by NHTSA of 6,000 drivers over the age of sixteen showed that the public supports increased enforcement including photo enforcement, increasing sanctions, increasing intervention by vehicle occupants and increasing public awareness of risks, as ways of reducing these types of unsafe driving practices.

    19. Massachusetts Laws/ Including Massachusetts General Laws And Find A Massachusett
    Find Attorneys handling Traffic and driving law matters Connecticut State laws and legal Worker safety Construction Site Accidents National
    Welcome to a free service provided to the public. The site features links to most Massachusetts laws, court opinions and regulations. If you are in need of a lawyer please visit Massachusetts Lawyer Referral
    Accused of a crime? Visit: Massachusetts Criminal Lawyers Online
    Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws

    Find out if a Massachusetts attorney is Licensed and in Good Standing in Massachusetts HERE

    Laws of Massachusetts M.G.L.

    Search the Massachusetts Laws and Statutes Database by chapter or section number, or keyword for individual laws and statutes from the Massachusetts General Laws before July 1, 1998. Results provide abstracted links to full text excerpts of the Massachusetts General Laws.
    General Court Homepage
    which has session laws current to 2000, and also links to the Governors and House Ways and Means budget. Main Commonwealth Homepage
    Massachusetts Legislative Tracking System
    Search the Massachusetts Legislative Tracking System for the history of Senate and House bills from the Massachusetts Legislature 1999-2000 by bill number of keyword. Results provide text file links to Senate and House bill histories.
    The Massachusetts State Constitution
    The General Laws of Massachusetts M.G.L.

    laws and circumstances constantly change Source Forums general Living, Working Retiring Toluca; safety - Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta; driving safety - Hermosillo;
    Archived Forum Discussion Threads
    The Mexico Connect Forums produce much information that is worth keeping.
    The following Discussion Threads and relevant articles have been edited for your viewing pleasure.
    Please remember that suggestions made in these Threads should always be validated before action.
    Laws and circumstances constantly change.
    Source Forums:
    Living, Working Retiring Ajijic-Lake Chapala
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