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  1. Hopes and Dreams: The Story of Barack Obama by Steve Dougherty, 2007-02-15
  2. A Dream to Follow (Return to Red River #1) by Lauraine Snelling, 2002-08

141. Field Of Dreams - High Vibrations
Movie review by Ed McConnell.
With the Spirit of The Harmonic Convergence still fresh in the air, in 1989 the Berlin wall unexpectedly went down and the movie Field of Dreams went up on the marquee.
Not expecting to see an especially meaningful plot from Field of Dreams I took it in as one of several movies I went to in those days. ( The Gods Must Be Crazy was the most "new age" that I'd seen up to that point.) As the movie progressed I felt tremendous deep inner feelings rise to the surface of my awareness followed by tears of joy popping out one after the other. Wow, what a shock. What a total shock that the mainstream public was being fed and embracing a totally new age movie of such hope and joy. Intuition, not logical and rational thought, what a concept! Miracles that flow, not planned-out and structured future events, what an idea! Unlimited dreams that by far surpass anything that our ancestors had taught us were possible to manifest.
McConnell (2001)
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142. Creative Invitations, Address Labels & Stationery: Birthday, Party, Animal, Ange
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143. Hoop Dreams: Something Approaching Reality For A Change
The World Socialist Web Site critic calls the movie Something approaching reality for a change . Interesting social aspects of the game. An interview with Frederick Marx, one of the movie's directors.
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1994 Toronto International Film Festival
Hoop Dreams: Something approaching reality for a change
By David Walsh 10 October 1994 Hoop Dreams , a film by Steve James, Frederick Marx and Peter Gilbert, follows two black teenagers from poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Chicago over the course of four and a half years as they pursue their ambition to be stars in the National Basketball Association. The documentary film says a good deal about this country, both about its economic and moral states. At 14, Arthur Agee and William Gates are recruited off the playgrounds and offered financial support to attend St. Joseph's, a Catholic high school in suburban Westchester, Illinois. Gates fares relatively well at St. Joseph's, although a knee injury hampers his playing. Agee, from one of Chicago's roughest projects, has a more difficult time adjusting. The film implies that his resultant financial difficulties at the school would never have arisen if he had had more success on the basketball court. As it is, he is forced to leave and enroll in a public high school, Marshall, where he excels once again. The film introduces the spectator to an entire cast of characters, among them: the mothers of William and Arthur, struggling with economic hardship and family pressures; Arthur's father, "Bo," who, after being laid off twice, becomes a crack addict for a time; William's brother, Curtis, who entertained basketball ambitions himself, but is now stuck in a dead-end job; St. Joseph's coach Gene Pingatore, who comes across as a typical representative of the coarse, pragmatic coaching fraternity; Isiah Thomas, who along with filmmaker Spike Lee, speak for the selfish black petty bourgeoisie; and Frank Du Bois, the director of the Nike basketball camp, who says bluntly, "It's a meat market, and we're trying to serve the best meat we can."

144. LWN: Dreams Of Longhorn (
dreams of Longhorn ( has an interview with Microsoft s Bob Muglia. The world has changed a bit. dreams of Longhorn (
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Dreams of Longhorn ( has an interview with Microsoft's Bob Muglia. " The world has changed a bit. If you went back 18 to 24 months ago, it was unclear what Linux would look like and how it would evolve. It was thought of as free. And there was a whole series of attributes that were attributed to Linux that in retrospect were inaccurate. As time has gone on, it's apparent that Linux is becoming a set of offerings from commercial vendors. When I think of Linux, I don't think about it as our competitor. I think about Linux as a technology that is used by our competitors to build competitive offerings. There's no question about who our biggest competitor is. It's IBM. Log in to post comments) Interesting (Posted May 20, 2004 23:28 UTC (Thu) by

145. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
Brief review and credits.

146. Dreams Alive Magazine - The Online Home And Garden Magazine
Search dreams Alive Magazine Our Current Issue Click Me To Open The Free Spring 2004 Issue of dreams Alive Magazine The Home and Garden Magazine.
Search Dreams Alive Magazine: Our Current Issue
Spring Issue

Welcome! Each issue of Dreams Alive Magazine is a testament of the wonderful talents in the world. Keep sending your material and be positive that being a part of this web-zine will make a significant impact in your life. We love to grow and continue to grow. In Your Home In Your Garden In Every Issue How To Kids Advertisements Subscribe to our Newsletter
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Each preceding issue of this visually stunning online magazine, remains just as it was when originally released and provides exposure for many years to come. Our previous issues are packed with all kinds of decorating and interior design ideas, tips and stories. Bookmark this page and come back time and time again to read them all. Winter

Spring ... Christmas Free Content Articles: To find out more, please see our

147. Electric Dreams Movie Review
Review by Lynda Dale MacLean.
Tuesday June 08 2004 Search INTERVIEWS Alphabetical Directory Top-30 Newest Interviews ... Cross Linking Advertiser Links Alphabetical Directory What's New What's Cool Top Rated ... Science Fiction : Electric Dreams
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Electric Dreams
Miles (Lenny Von Dohlen) is a brilliant architect, who in his spare time is developing an earthquake-proof brick. Miles is oddly charming with striking eyes, who is in a major if not desperate need of de-clutzing and organizing his lifestyle.
Miles buys himself a home computer with all the fringe benefits included, such as electronic home security, timed coffee maker, and even his tooth brush is power operated!
After Miles downloads every file from his boss's computer to his, it has a complete meltdown. Panicked, Miles pours champagne on it to cool it down.
From then on, the computer who goes by the name of Edgar (Bud Cort) terrific voice for the computer starts to respond and take on human qualities. Gee, what was in that champagne!
Enter the beautiful and talented cellist Madeline (Virginia Madsen), who just moved upstairs in Miles' apartment.

148. Canoe-dreams - Infos Rund Um Den Kanusport
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149. Index Of /naughtybunny88
Collection of assorted dolls from punk, rocker, to Goth dolls.
Index of /naughtybunny88
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150. Field Of Dreams: On Line Film Music Publication.
GUY GROSS, there are 88 notes, I put them in a certain order Talking to composer Guy Gross I often joke with myself that Williams
GUY GROSS ...there are 88 notes, I put them in a certain order...
Talking to composer Guy Gross
I often joke with myself that Williams scored Lost in Space around the age I am now, scoring Farscape. And he did OK for himself. So there's a path that would be fun. JEFF RONA At the end of the day it is characters telling a story.
Talking to composer Jeff Rona
Hans is obviously a very in demand composer, and he does not have the time to score every film he gets offered. Hans is like a very good casting agent; he can say 'Oh, I know what you're looking for, musically; you should talk to Harry, or you should talk to John, or you should talk to Jeff', depending on the situation. Harry Gregson Williams, John Powell, Nick Glennie Smith, Mark Mancina.....they are probably far better mimics then I am at that particular style. They can nail that sound and that sort of approach; and it is more than just the notes, it is also a certain way of thinking, that is part of that particular Mediaventures sound. They can get into that Hans Zimmer/MV flow.
PAUL VERHOEVEN Paul Verhoeven: A brief encounter
Xander Storms talks to director Paul Verhoeven
...I'm keeping Basil for my big movies with bugs, spaceships and soldiers...

151. Biker Dreams (1998)
Plot summary, cast, and reviews.

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Biker Dreams
Directed by
Adam Berman

Add to MyMovies
IMDbPro Professional Details Genre: Documentary (more) Plot Summary: A documentary about the people who ride their motorcycles around America. Filmed during the 1996 annual biker run held at Sturgis... (more) User Comments: (more) User Rating: (8 votes) Credited cast: 'Liddo' Jim Cornett 'Scorpio' Cornett Andy Grow Alex Landes ... (more) Runtime: 73 min Country: USA Language: English Color: Color BIKER DREAMS Also available: Auctions Memorabilia Books All Products User Comments: NeilEv (

152. DNA Publications: Dreams Of Decadence, Vampire Poetry And Fiction
dreams of Decadence, Vampire Poetry and Fiction, publishes authors such as Laurell K. Hamilton, Tanith Lee, Josepha Sherman, Charlee Jacob, Wendy Rathbone

Current Issue
Back Issues Book Reviews Music Reviews ... Links If vampires are what you're after, then check out Dreams of Decadence . Each issue features poetry and fiction by award-winning writers such as Laurell K. Hamilton, Tanith Lee, Josepha Sherman, Charlee Jacob, Wendy Rathbone, Tippi N. Blevins, Sharon Lee, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Brian Stableford. Subscribe todaylife is too short to miss a single issue! Join us on our journey down the crimson path as we explore eternity.
Current Issue
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153. What Dreams May Come (1998)
Cast and crew information, plus links.

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What Dreams May Come
Directed by
Vincent Ward

Writing credits WGA Richard Matheson (novel) Ronald Bass (screenplay) Add to MyMovies IMDbPro Professional Details Genre: Drama Fantasy Romance (more) Tagline: After life there is more. The end is just the beginning. Plot Outline: Chris Nielson (Williams) dies in a car accident and goes to heaven. He then searches for his wife (Sciorra) after she commits suicide in grief, overcoming his growing confusion along the way. (more) (view trailer) User Comments: An Epic Adventure which explores the afterlife and Beyond!

154. Canarian Dreams International
Canarian dreams International Are specialists in the complete, nonpackage holiday market. Caribbean dreams and Naturist Holidays.

How to get in touch with us. Latest News
Keep up to date with the Latest News and Special Offers. Mailing List
Subscribe to our Mailing List. Canarian Dreams International
Are specialists in the complete, non-package holiday market.
We know the main Islands of the Canaries intimately, with many years
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155. Artist Name
Profile, sound files, and review of A Good Thief Tips His Hat.

156. America Dreams
and experience the richness of the library collections defend your ideas, create products that show your understanding of others dreams then share your
The Library of Congress
This WebQuest challenges you to investigate the American Dream ...look through the eyes of those who lived before us ...use the American Memory collections, The Library of Congress, to visit America's past ...learn research skills and experience the richness of the library collections ...defend your ideas, create products that show your understanding of others' dreams ...then share your dream for America's future. The past is intelligible to us only in the light of the present; and we can fully understand the present only in the light of the past.
...Edward Hallet Carr, Historian Leni Donlan and Kathleen Ferenz
American Memory Fellows, 1997
Teachers Students Resources Overview Implementation The task The process ... Contact us Last updated 12/21/2002

157. Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams @ Spy Kids 2: The Island Of
Synopsis, multimedia, review, and partial cast list.

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Exclusive! "The Chronicles of Riddick" Premiere Photos Attention Wizards! Here's Your Complete Guide to "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" News, June 8: MTV To Edit Eminem's Mooning Incident, Marc Anthony Dodges Questions About Lopez, Halle Berry Gets Restraining Order on Stalker, More... ... DSL
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
The sequel to "Spy Kids," exploring the further adventures of Carmen and Juni Cortez, who have now joined the family spy business as Level 2 OSS agents. Their new mission is to save the world from a mad scientist living on a volcanic island populated by an imaginative menagerie of creatures. On this bizarre island, none of the Cortez's gadgets work and they must rely on their witsand each otherto survive and save the day.
Movie details continue below
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Family Rating: MPAA PG Runtime: 99 mins.

158. Gazing Into A Dream ...                             Â
a friendly domain where you an get to know just about anyone. You can see what Vanilla dreams has to offer. We have from scans to free layouts.
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159. Lionheart's California Dreams Page
Songs from the series available for download, as well as music videos.

160. Viaggi EDreams : Agenzia Viaggio (viaggi), Le Migliori Offerte Voli, Biglietti,
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Nessuna preferenza AFRICA E MAR ROSSO Egitto Nilo Sharm El Sheikh Hurghada Marsa Alam Capo Verde Kenya Tunisia CARAIBI Cuba Santo Domingo Messico Honduras EUROPA E MEDITERRANEO Amsterdam Berlino Cophenagen Francia Parigi Costa Azzurra Grecia Atene Creta Kos Mikonos Rodi Santorini Lisbona Londra Monaco Mosca Praga Spagna Barcellona Baleari Canarie Madrid Stoccolma Turchia Istanbul Vienna ITALIA Calabria Puglia Sicilia Sardegna Isola d'Elba Dolomiti Valle d'Aosta Veneto OCEANO INDIANO Maldive Seychelles Mauritius Zanzibar Madagascar Scegli l'attività:
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