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         Dramatic Literature:     more books (100)
  1. Dramatic Literature for Children: A Century in Review
  2. Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature (Dodo Press) by August Wilhelm Schlegel, 2007-08-03
  3. Live Theatre and Dramatic Literature in the Medieval Arab World by Shmuel Moreh, 1991-11
  4. The Birth Of Hercules, With An Introduction On The Influence Of Plautus On The Dramatic Literature Of England In The Sixteenth Century (1903) by Malcolm William Wallace, 2007-11-03
  5. English Dramatic Literature by Sir A.W. Ward, 1966-06-28
  6. The Devil and the Vice in the English dramatic literature before Shakespeare, by L. W Cushman, 1970
  7. Preface to Drama, An Introduction to Dramatic Literature & Theater Art by Charles W. Cooper, 1955
  8. A History of English Dramatic Literature to the Death of Queen Anne Volume 2
  9. Classic curiosities of dramatic literature
  10. A History Of English Dramatic Literature To The Death Of Queen Anne V1 (1875) by Adolphus William Ward, 2007-11-03
  11. American Dramatic Literature by Jordan Yale Miller, 1961-12
  12. Chronology of Culture: A Chronology of Literature, Dramatic Arts, Music, Architecture, Three-Dimensional Art, and Visual Arts from 3000 B.C. by John Paxton, 1983-02
  13. Human Image in Dramatic Literature Essays by Francis Ferguson, 1970-10
  14. Dramatic Literature [Patterns of Literature--Vol.3] (Patterns of Literature, 3)

1. Department Of Dramatic Literature
dramatic literature. The Department offers a major in dramatic literature, the requirements for which are set forth in the College of Arts and Science Bulletin.
College of Arts and Science
Department Summary
See also the 1998-2000 College Bulletin section on this department.
Dramatic Literature
The study of Drama requires students to engage with one of the most venerable and complex of the arts. The Department of Dramatic Literature, Theater History, and Cinema recognizes the special nature of Drama, in particular its relationship to literary texts as well as to the performing arts, both theater and cinema. Accordingly, the Department allows students with a primary interest in Drama to study it intensively and comparatively within the fields of literature, theater history and production, and cinema. The curriculum brings students into a close intellectual engagement with the classical and contemporary texts of Britain, Europe, and America, while also providing opportunities for practical dramatic and theatrical experiences. The Department encourages students not only to pursue their interests through production and playwriting classes but also to take advantage of New York's thriving theater scene.
Academic Programs
The Department offers a major in Dramatic Literature, the requirements for which are set forth in the

2. Dramatic Literature, Classes With Anatoly
Dramatic name=description Department Theatre Fairbanks, Alaska of University Antohin, Anatoly prof. Literature, Must use email and Subscribe to dramatic literature Forum. Plays and Chapters must
var enabled = 'no'; Theatre with Anatoly: Click to View or Add Text. TOPICS drama comedy postmodern aesthetics ... plays
advertising space : webmaster No roaming or long distance charges coast-to-coast My Amazon Shop (new 2003) Fall 2002 THR F215
MWF 11:45-112:45 THR 101 Studies of drama and forms of plays such as tragedy, comedy, melodrama, farce, tragic comedy. Emphasis on reading plays of the classical theatre designed to give basic knowledge of masterpieces of the world drama. Site Map What's New Search

New UAF students must complete Assessment Form Mailing List days 'til the year 2005! Work! THR413 Playscript Analysis next level in your studies of drama! If this is your first class in Drama, use 200X Intro pages! Virtual Theatre If you don't ask questions about this page, I know that you do not visit the website! BTW, if you see mistakes on my website, tell me about it! Thanks. This is the main page for your class DramLit THR F215 Homework + Interactivity Must use email and Subscribe to Dramatic Literature Forum Plays and Chapters must be read in advance! There are four (4) major grades: Test 1 and 2, Midterm (3-5 pp. min), the Final Paper (6-10 pp. min). You have to have them all done. If you don't show up for your exam, you have no grade; this "no-grade" turns into "F" (in short, don't skip it)

3. Dramatic Literature --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopædia Britannica, dramatic literature Encyclopædia Britannica Article. MLA style dramatic literature. Encyclopædia Britannica. 2004.

4. Directing
Alumni. Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Faculty Brian Johnston. Brian Johnston. Professor of dramatic literature. Office Purnell 330. Phone 412.268.7220. email Johnston.htm
People Faculty Staff Students Alumni ... Faculty Brian Johnston Brian Johnston
Professor of Dramatic Literature
Office: Purnell 330
Phone: 412.268.7220
email: Brian Johnston taught at Cambridge University , England , Northwestern University , University of California-Berkeley , Yarmouk University in Jordan , University of Amman , Jordan , and from 1983 to 1986 at the University of Beirut, Lebanon. He has taught at Carnegie Mellon since 1986. He has published three critical studies of Ibsen: To The Third Empire (1980) Text and Supertext in Ibsen's Drama (1988) and a revised edition of The Ibsen Cycle (1992). Performances of his translations of Ibsen include A Doll's House (Center Stage, Baltimore), Ghosts (Alliance Theater, Atlanta; Berkeley Repertory Theater, Berkely), An Enemy of the People (Center Stage, Baltimore and Perseverance Theater, Alaska), Hedda Gabler The Lady from the Sea (George Mason University) Rosmersholm (Washington Shakespeare Company, DC); Little Eyolf (University of Toledo, Ohio) and various other college and university productions up to the present.

5. University Of Alaska, Anchorage - Department Of Theatre And Dance
Offers a liberal arts approach covering acting, directing, stagecraft, scene design, lighting, costuming, makeup, dramatic literature, theatre history, dramatic theory and criticism, and playwriting. View their mission, faculty, current season, and history.

6. NYU > CAS > Academic Programs > CAS Bulletin > Dramatic Literature, Theatre Hist
Department of dramatic literature, Theatre History, and the Cinema (30). Minor in dramatic literature Any four V30 courses offered by the department.
Close this window Overview Faculty Program Courses Department of Dramatic Literature, Theatre History, and the Cinema 19 University Place, New York, NY 10003-4556. (212) 998-8800.
Chair of the Department: Professor Guillory
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Associate Professor Harries
Drama, a universal and essential art form, provides a fitting focus of study in a liberal arts education. The special opportunities provided by New York as a world theatre center make the study of dramatic literature at NYU vital and intimately connected to other arts and disciplines. The department brings together courses from the entire University in dramatic literature, theatre production, playwriting, and cinema. To all undergraduates, it offers survey courses in the theory and history of drama as well as electives in more specific subjects. To the major, the department offers a coherent program of study centered on the history of dramatic literature from its origins to the contemporary New York dramatic scene. Majors supplement the study of dramatic literature with courses in theatre production, writing, and cinema. An honors program is available for qualified students, and the department also offers course credit for internships that allow them to apply their knowledge of dramatic literature and the theatre in a professional setting.

7. Shakespeare's Globe Center (USA) Center For Globe Research -- Home Page
Promoting activities that encourage people to see Shakespeare's work as works of theatre to be experienced, not simply as works of dramatic literature to be read.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

8. Dramatic Literature Fall'98
dramatic literature Class at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fall 1998, professor Anatoly Antohin new 2003) dramatic literature THR215 (next offer Spring'00 or by appointment. Dramatic
Classes * var enabled = 'no'; Theatre with Anatoly: Click to View or Add Text. TOPICS drama comedy postmodern aesthetics ... plays
advertising space : webmaster No roaming or long distance charges coast-to-coast My Amazon Shop (new 2003) Dramatic Literature THR215 (next offer Spring'00) Classes Gateway Page Also, see 413 Playscript Analyis Site Map What's New Search ...

New UAF students must complete Assessment Form Mailing List days 'til the year 2005! Work! Textbook Spring 2003:
How to Read a Film Subscribe to Open Class @ 200x Aesthetics
DramLit old * take my poll at: Readers Profile:
Take 1st Quiz
^ This is DramLit "showcase" ^ Classes METHOD acting Film Dir Books Index ... Russian-American Theatre (RAT) * Film-North Students Directory VIRTUAL THEATRE appendix ... Mailing List
Also, see THR 413 Playscript Analisis
Required for Theatre Majors THR 215 Dramatic Literature
Fall 1998
prof. Anatoly Antohin
474-7754 (o), 455-6149 (h)
Film Dir Books Index Theatre w/Anatoly ... Russian-American Theatre (RAT) Film-North Dram Lit TR 2-3.30 pm Grue 217

9. American Drama
Scholarly studies of dramatic literature from the earliest to the most recent playwrights, featuring critical examination of trends and discussions of diversity.
WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICAN DRAMA WEBSITE! From the founding editor of American Drama, NORMA JENCKES This is the journal's official website at the University of Cincinnati server. This website will be both an informative and content-rich site. We are including the index of the back issues of the journal, and we are also planning to include interviews and essays and items published as part of the PLAYWRIGHT'S FORUM section of the journal. We will also publish the abstracts of articles which have been published in the last five years of American Drama. We provide these essays and interviews as a resource for people doing research in the area of American drama. We see this as part of the educational function of the journal. We are of course hoping to lure you to subscribe to American Drama and to ask your University or local public library to subscribe. We hope that you are intrigued enough to wish to read more. I also have created a companion website - SPOTLIGHT on AMERICAN DRAMA - which may be reached at the web address

10. The Drama In The Eighteenth Century
A history of dramatic literature as it developed during the 18th century.
Home Theatre Links Advertise Here Email Us The Drama in the 18th Century This article was originally published in The Development of the Drama . Brander Matthews. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912. pp. 263-295. Restoration , the managers had to gratify new likings which king and courtiers had brought back with them from France. Even though the plain people in London continued to prefer the plays of Shakespeare to belauded adaptations from Corneille or Racine and to icily decorous imitations like the CATO of Addison, and even though the plebeian folk in Madrid still relished the plays of Lope de Vega and Calderon , the English men-of-letters and the Spanish men-of-letters were united in taking an apologetic tone toward the earlier dramas which had pleased their less cultivated forefathers. In England as in Spain the learned critic was willing to admit that these earlier dramas had a certain rough power which might move the uneducated, but he had no desire to deny that they wanted art. For instance, Doctor Johnson, when he brought out his edition of Shakespeare in the middle of the eighteenth century and when he ventured a timid suggestion that possibly the so-called rules of the theater were not absolutely infallible, seems to have felt almost as though he was taking his life in his hands.

11. Lectures On Dramatic Art And Literature
Mystery, Suspense, History, Gothic, Literature, Books, Arts Romantic Poetry and ArtDivision of dramatic literature; the Ancients, their Imitators, and the Romantic has given a course of dramatic literature at Vienna, which comprises every
Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature
August Wilhelm Schlegel, trans: John Black

  • Produced by Anne Soulard, Tiffany Vergon and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. Address on the opening of the Eton Library LECTURES ON DRAMATIC ART AND LITERATURE BY AUGUST WILHELM SCHLEGEL. CONTENTS. Preface of the Translator. Author's Preface. Memoir of the Life of Augustus William Schlegel. LECTURE I. LECTURE II. LECTURE III. LECTURE IV. LECTURE V. LECTURE VI. LECTURE VII. LECTURE VIII. LECTURE IX. Comparison between the Choephorae of Aeschylus, the Electra of Sophocles, and that of Euripides. LECTURE X. LECTURE XI. LECTURE XII. Acharnae , by way of Appendix. LECTURE XIII. LECTURE XIV. LECTURE XV. LECTURE XVI. LECTURE XVII. LECTURE XVIII. LECTURE XIX. LECTURE XX. Oedipe Merope Oreste Brute Mort de Cesar Catiline Le Triumvirat Zaire Alzire Mahomet Semiramis , And Tancred LECTURE XXI.

    12. Dramatic Literature --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    dramatic literature Encyclopædia Britannica Article. To cite this page MLA style dramatic literature. Encyclopædia Britannica. 2004. literature

    13. The Medieval Drama
    A history of dramatic literature as it developed during the Middle Ages.
    THE MEDIEVAL DRAMA Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 This article was originally published in The Development of the Drama . Brander Matthews. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912. pp. 107-146. THE Greeks , from the rudest beginnings, and by the aid of their incomparable instinct for form, brought to perfection a lofty type of tragedy and an original kind of comedy. The Latins The desire for the drama, which seems to be instinctive in human nature the wide world over, from the Aleutian Islanders to the Bushmen of Australia, the impulse to personate and to take pleasure in beholding a story set forth in action,this may have been dormant during the long centuries, or it may have found some means of gratifying itself unrecorded in the correspondence of the time or by the chroniclers. Acrobats there were, and wandering minstrels The reason for this uniformity is obvious enough. It was due to the double unity of the medieval world,that which resulted from possession of the same religion and that which was caused by the consciousness of a former union under the rule of Rome. All the peoples of western Europe had inherited the same customs and the same traditions, because they had all been included in the Roman Empire, which had stretched itself from the Black Sea to the Atlantic. When, at last, the vigor of the Roman government was relaxed, the barbarians of the north had broken in and had swept through southern Europe into Africa and into Asia. The Franks had taken Gaul for their own, the Goths had repopulated Italy, and the Vandals had traversed Spain; and as they had all of them accepted Christianity, sooner or later, the most distant lands had once more come under the sway of Rome.

    14. The Drama In The Nineteenth Century
    A history of dramatic literature as it developed during the nineteenth century.
    Home Theatre Links Advertise Here Email Us The Drama in the 19th Century This article was originally published in The Development of the Drama . Brander Matthews. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1912. pp. 296-324. One species was the THIRTY YEARS OF A GAMBLER'S LIFE is a typical example of this French melodrama, none the less typical that one of its most striking incidents had been borrowed from a German play. The and the melodrama of the boulevard theaters were fortunately fettered by no rules, obeying only the one law, that they had to please the populace. They grew up spontaneously and abundantly; they were heedlessly unliterary; they were curbed by no criticism,which was never wasted by the men-of-letters on these species of drama, deemed quite beneath their notice. The Now, as we look back across the years, we cannot but wonder why the task of ousting the dying and the dead should have seemed so arduous or have caused so much commotion. We marvel why there was a need of a critical manifesto like Victor Hugo 's preface to his CROMWELL or of a critical controversy over the difference between the Classic and the Romantic. Even then it ought to have been easily evident that there was nothing classic about the comedies and the tragedies which continued to be composed laboriously in accordance with the alleged rules of the theater; and even the defenders of the traditional faith might have suspected that there was really nothing sacrosanct about mere pseudo-classicism.

    15. Theatre History And Dramatic Literature
    Dra 102 INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE Theatre and dramatic literature Before 1800 Theatre History and dramatic literature Audition Speeches. Guest Book.
    Dra 102 INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE: Theatre and Dramatic Literature Before 1800 This course provides students with an introduction to theatre history and to some of the important plays of various historical epochs. One of the focuses of the course is the socially created meaning of theatre, including interaction between audience and stage, the role of the theatre professional in society and the connections between theatre and religious institutions. The course will also introduce various theatrical styles. The dramas themselves are interpreted as blueprints for performance., not just as examples of literature. Dra 201 CONTEMPORARY CANADIAN DRAMA Canadian drama from 1967 on, including the plays of Tremblay, French, Thompson, Walker, Highway, and McDonald. Dra 203 CONTEMPORARY EUROPEAN DRAMA European drama since 1960 through examination of works of influential playwrights and dramatic theorists.

    16. Dramatic Literature And Criticism
    dramatic literature and Criticism Library Session is a general introduction into finding literary criticism of dramatic literature. This is intended to get you started on
    Dramatic Literature and Criticism: Library Session
    This is a general introduction into finding literary criticism of dramatic literature. This is intended to get you started on the right path; it is likely you will have questions as you do more research. Always check to see if there is a bibliography at the end of an article that you read; this should lead you to more articles/books on the same subject. Bibliographies are also good sources, as periodical indexes in electronic format do not (in general) cover much printed information prior to 1980. Always feel free to ask a librarian at the Reference Desk or sign up for a Library Lab; it is likely that they will be able to share with you not only the information that you seek, but a tip on doing better research as well.
    Reference Items
    The Reference section is located on the first floor of the library. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, directories and other reference books are kept here. It is often useful to browse the reference materials by subject matter. PN 2000 is the beginning of the Theater section, while the Ps in general deal with literature in all languages. Some specific items that will help you in this class include: Ancient and Medieval Theatre : A Historiographical Handbook 1st floor The Cambridge Guide to Theatre Ref A Companion to Medieval Theatre Ref Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism Ref Shakespearean Criticism Ref
    Searching the Catalog
    Keyword searching
    Keyword searching is useful when you have a topic/subject area that you want to find more information about, but do not have an author or title in mind. Below are some examples of useful keyword searches. You will notice that an * allows you to truncate your search; for example, "critic*" will search for critics, criticism, critical, etc.

    17. FDU: Dramatic Literature And Performance Minor, Page Communication Arts
    dramatic literature and Performance Minor. The dramatic literature and performance minor provides grounding in theatrical history
    Academic Bulletins Becton College
    New College
    Go : Undergraduate Studies Bulletin Graduate Studies Bulletin CourseFinder MyCatalog ...
    • Minors: Multidisciplinary
      Bachelors American Diversity Studies Minor American Studies Minor Criminology, Law and Society Minor Dramatic Literature and Performance Minor ...
      Main Page

      this page: get details of all courses on this page print this page email this page ask about this page
      Search the full text of all majors:
      Dramatic Literature and Performance Minor
      The dramatic literature and performance minor provides grounding in theatrical history, theory and performance practices as a cultural enrichment and as preparation for advanced study or employment in the theater. Three options are available. Option 1 is designed for students majoring in English language and literature: literary studies or communications specialization. Option 2 is for students majoring in fine arts: theater specialization. Option 3 is for Students majoring in other disciplines.
      Option 1
      For English Language and Literature Major:
      Literary Studies/ Communications Specialization
      Option 1 requires the completion of:
      • 3 credits of Shakespeare I 6 credits in English courses 18 credits in visual and performing arts
      Students must take the following 9 credits as part of their major:
      Shakespeare I (3 credits) (required for Literary Studies) Students select two courses (6 credits) from the following 3-credit courses: Studies in Drama Greek and Roman Drama

    18. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Autos Sacramentales
    A form of dramatic literature which is peculiar to Spain, though in some respects similar in character to the old Morality plays of England.
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Autos Sacramentales A B C D ... Z
    Autos Sacramentales
    (Sp. auto , act or ordinance; sacramental , sacramental, pertaining to a sacrament) A form of dramatic literature which is peculiar to Spain, though in some respects similar in character to the old Morality plays of England. The auto sacramental may be defined as a dramatic representation of the mystery of the Eucharist. At least this is the definition that would apply to the auto Easter . But it is not until the beginning of the sixteenth century that we have the first true auto sacramental having for its theme the mystery of the Eucharist. It was "El Auto de San Martin", by Gil Vicente. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries these Autos The auto sacramental was always presented in the streets in connexion with the celebration of the feast of Corpus Christi. It was preceded by a solemn procession through the principal streets of the city, the houses along the route being decorated in honour of the occasion. In the procession appeared the priests bearing the Host under a splendid canopy, followed by a devout throng, in which, in Madrid, often appeared the king and his court without distinction of rank, and last of all, in beautiful cars, came the actors from the public theatres who were to take part in the performance. The procession usually halted before the house of some dignitary while the priests performed certain religious ceremonies, the multitude kneeling meanwhile as if in church. At the conclusion of these, the

    19. Pennsylvania High School Speech League
    Pennsylvania High School Speech League Master Ballot Oral Interpretation of dramatic literature dramatic literature is defined as a stage, screen, television, or radio play. The selection must be serious in nature.

    POETIC AND dramatic literature For Composition students Prose and poetry Differences General concept of rhythm - Shared origins of the poetic and musical
    For Composition students
  • Prose and poetry: Differences - General concept of rhythm - Shared origins of the poetic and musical rhythms - The parts of rhythm (foot, kòlon, period, strophe).
  • Rhythm and melody: musical thetic, acephalous, unstable, syncopated and so on rhythms).
  • Italian poetry rhythm: correlations between the poetic and musical rhytmic sequences - verses and strophes - different forms.
  • Development of the lyric poetry: troubadors and trouvères - Italian troubadors - earlier forms of the Italian lyric poetry (motto, sound, tone, etc.) - Forms of the Italian lyric poetry that come from Provençal poetry (especially lament, sirvente, song and madrigal) - Forms of the Italian popular poetry (villanella, caccia, lauda, carnival song, strambotto, rispetto, stornello, etc.). Forms of classical derivation (ode, carme, elegy, dithyramb, etc.) - Further development of the lyric forms.
  • Literary prose compositions: novel, short story, fable - Their origins and value as subjects of melodramatic works.
  • Epic poetry: legends - myths - history - The most important international literary works (Oriental, classical and modern) - The heroic poem and the mock-heroic poem - Information and examples.
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