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         Drama Publications Teach:     more detail
  1. Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach : Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun : From Elementary to High School by Cass Foster, Lynn G. Johnson, 1992-03-13
  2. Plays That Teach: Plays, Activities, & Songs With a Message (Kids' Stuff) by Judy Truesdell Mecca, 1992-05
  3. Shakespeare, to teach or not to teach: Teaching Shakespeare made fun, from elementary to high school by Cass Foster, 2000

1. Martha L. King Center - Publications
drama Matters, vol. Articles are posted under three categories Draft publicationsare posted for peer online feedback Editor reviewed publications are posted
  • Newsletter Educational Reports Cultural Mosaics ...
    Drama Matters Drama Matters
    is a journal concerned with the theory and practice of teaching and learning with drama, the teaching of drama as a curricular subject, as well as the use of drama in teacher education. The journal's audience is teachers, both experienced and beginning, as well as academics. Brian Edmiston is the current editor and Lucila Rudge is the current associate editor.
    Four issues of the journal were published in hard copy. Some issues are now available online in PDF format. If an issue is available online, it's title will be underlined in the section below representing a hyperlink. Just click to download. Hard copies are available at $7.00 per copy or $20.00 per set. Checks, payable to the Martha King Center, should be sent to the associate editor: Drama Matters
    200 Ramseyer Hall
    29 West Woodruff
    Columbus, OH 43210

2. Martha L. King Center - Publications
The Center is involved in a number of publications, which include Educational Reports,Special Topic Issues, Literacy Matters, drama Matters, and Newsletters.
  • Newsletter Educational Reports Cultural Mosaics ...
    Publications at the Center The Center is involved in a number of publications, which include Educational Reports, Special Topic Issues, Literacy Matters, Drama Matters, and Newsletters. Educational Reports is a refereed monograph series that present ongoing scholarly research. The articles cover a variety of topics including literacy, language, children's literature, schooling and related fields. In addition to our monograph series, the Center has published six Special Topic Issues
    , which include, Cultural Mosaics, Volume I, II, and III, and Selected Papers from Children's Literature '97, '98, and '99. Cultural Mosaics Issues are designed to help teachers find literature and other resources that reflect a broad range of people and cultures. Selected Papers from Children's Literature are collections of articles designed to be a representative sample of the presentations at that year's Children's Literature Conference.

3. Drama Publications
Search For. drama publications. The Bobcat voice since 1921 dont get any here, how am I going to teach it later on
Tuesday, June 8, 2004 Search For
Drama publications
The Bobcat voice since 1921

A student, who walks up and down the stairs of the
College theatre, might notice many pictures. These
pictures represent a memory. The memory is of the
once-student and, above all, administrative-supported
theatre program.
Now, however, all that’s left of the program is an empty
stage and a prop room full of dusty costumes and
props. Drama has its many forms. Some plays are serious, some are comedies, and then there are the tragedies. The situation with Peru State College’s theatre problem is itself a tragedy; or for lack of a better word, the program is non-existent. Budget cuts have caused the administration to cut back on staff as well as the funding for certain programs. So what about the kids at this school who love to perform? Better yet, what about the Language Arts majors that would like, and need, the experience in theatre. According to the 2000-2001 Peru State College Quantitative Academic Report, released by the English Department, approximately 35 English/Language Art

002C Learning to teach in the Secondary School Capel, Leask, Turner 15.99 London drama Books Please make cheques payable toLondon drama. National drama publications only
LONDON DRAMA BOOK SERVICE email: ***There is a discount of 5% on all prices below if you are a member of London Drama*** Membership Form Back to Home Page (P) = Specific to Primary A Head Taller: A Hundred Ideas for Drama: Acting in Classroom Drama: Bolton 15.95 An Early Start to Drama (P): Griffiths 11.50 Another 100+ Ideas for Drama: Beginning Drama 4-11 Beginning Drama 11-14: Neelands 14.00 Building Bridges Clear Speech : Morrison 6.99 Costumes for the Stage: Jackson 9.99 Dance For All (KS1): Dance For All (KS2): Dance For All (KS3): Developmental Movement for Children: Sherborne 11.75 Lamden 5.99 Devising Theatre: Oddey 18.50 Directing on Camera: Watts 9.50 Dorothy Heathcote: Drama As a Learning Medium: Wagner 16.95 NATE 7.50 Drama in Primary English Teaching (P): Clipson-Boyles 15.00 Drama 7-11 (P): Drama for Learning: Heathcote and Bolton 18.50 Drama Handbook for Primary Teachers Drama Ideas for Infant Teachers (P): Fullwood 7.50 Drama In The Curriculum : Somers 15.99 (P): Winston 14.00 Drama Sets You Free: Secondary Heads Association 8.00

5. Teachit's English Teaching Resources
anyone who has attempted to teach a cover invaluable recruitment tool for English,drama and Media starters, English and Media Centre publications and Collins
Home About us Help Tell a friend ... Links Search Teachit Advanced search
Part of the National Grid for Learning
Association of Teacher Websites approved site
Welcome to Teachit's library of free English teaching resources Come and join us. You know you want to :-)
Whenever we ask you for feedback about Teachit the same words come up again and again:  practical, useful, accessible, relevant, organised, comprehensive, up to date, supportive.  I’m really proud that we’ve been living up to this list and saving you time for all the other important things in life.  Whether you’re into wasp tickling, salt stacking, dust bunny sculpting (all genuine - they’re on Google!) or just want a bit of time for you we hope we can help. But no matter how many resources on offer we all know that it can be nigh on impossible to find the perfect worksheet for a particular class / teacher / objective / context.  It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the task that works perfectly for, let’s say, 10A first thing on Monday may not go down so well with 11D last lesson on Friday, particularly if you’ve tried to join the normal people on Thursday and go out – on a school night!  And, for many of us, creating or adapting the materials is a vital part of the planning process; as anyone who has attempted to teach a cover lesson using someone else’s resource can testify, these things can, and should, be personal.  Join as an individual online now

6. Pearson Education - Schools Title: Pretending To Learn
Learn provides you with ownership, confidence and skills to teach drama. play andits relationship to drama education, with several publications in this
Home Primary Secondary Magazines ... Search Pretending to Learn Details Author : Prof John O'Toole, Griffith University
Julie Dunn, Education Queensland
ISBN : 0733999530
Edition : 1
Price (inc GST): $42.95
Published: August, 2002
Winner Australian Publisher’s Award – Best Primary Teacher Reference for 2003
Winner Drama Victoria Award - Best New Drama Education Publication for 2002 Teachers have long recognised the positive effects that come from using drama in their classrooms. It is a powerful teaching tool that can be used to develop a child’s written, visual and oral literacy leading to better academic results right across the curriculum – regardless of social or cultural background. Covering the pre-school and primary years, and leading into lower secondary it provides a conceptual background of the teaching structures and strategies of drama education.
Pretending to Learn provides you with ownership, confidence and skills to teach drama. The book is organised in three sections: Section A Provides a rationale for drama and drama teaching in the primary classroom, and a conceptual background of the teaching structures and strategies of drama education. It details the dramatic techniques and approaches you can use, with extensive help on planning and assessing your drama, as well as thoroughly discussing all the classroom management issues

7. - The Essential Elements Involved In Planning And Assessing Drama
that they do not see how they can teach literacy in their subject Although the point is to the Curriculum NEAB 1997 National drama publications Neil Progression Chart SfE course
THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS INVOLVED IN PLANNING AND ASSESSING DRAMA AT KEY STAGE 3 "How and by what means do we assess drama? Any assessment should provide a fair, reliable and objective means of placing a student's progress in drama." Neelands, J (2000) Beginning Drama 11-14, David Fulton Publishers.
The essential elements involved in planning and assessing drama at key stage 3.
Note! The sentences in this essay are shuffled, making this essay unusable
If you want to read the essay in it's original and proper state, click here.
We use this page for our internal search engine, and it's not meant to be viewable.
Home Essays [LOGIN] ... 1995-2004, Loadstone

8. The Arts, Media And Literacy: Publications And Reports
as toys, computer games and comics to teach literacy in Pathways to Publication. teachingliteracy through drama creative approaches,by Patrice Baldwin and
Email Newsletter
Building a literate nation NLT Home Resources Arts, creative writing and media resources Arts for all: encouraging learning through arts and culture. Report by NIACE and the DfES on that celebrates the work taking place with young people, adults and communities in projects across the country, to encourage people into learning. It includes a section on the barriers that must be tackled in order to widen access and a checklist of good practice points.
Contact: NIACE, 21 de Montfort Street, Leicester LE1 7GE. Tel: 0116 204 4200. Audit of Media in English

Contact: BFI Education Resources, PO Box 105, Rochester, Kent ME2 4BE. Tel: 0870 241 3764. Fax: 01634 290175. Basic Skills and The Arts. Booklet produced by the Basic Skills Agency to provide examples to arts organisations (and basic skills providers looking for a more innovative approach) of ways in which the arts can utilised as a way into improving basic skills.
Contact: The Basic Skills Agency, Commonwealth House, 1-19 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1NU. Tel: 0870 600 2400.

9. YouthPastor.Com-Resources For Youth Pastor, Minister, Worker & Volunteer
drama publications. covers script selection, props and costumes, acting, trainingstudents to be ministers, types of drama, and ways of using drama to teach.
June 8
2:54 PM PST Home Page Resource Directory White Pages Publications ... About YP SERVICES Email Services Ministry Funding Contact Us Videos That Teach 2 List Price:
Our Price:
Drama Publications
18 listings found.
Aliens by John Cosper, Jr.
Through playful science fiction symbolism and an assortment of clever characters, this collection of scenes and monologues illustrates the message of 1 Peter 2:11-12, that we are aliens in this world. Following is one of the play's most powerful moments, a monologue by a young alien (Christian) dying of AIDS, and how she came to encounter the God she calls her High Commander.
Bag Minds by Shane Yancey
It involves boys putting on a Good little Christian Boy face infront of their pastor and Sunday school teacher, but when Jesus walks up one of the boys can't keep up the act.
Dear Mr. President by Shane Yancey
God wants us to interact with Him in prayer not just throw up words. This skit shows his desire to speak with us in prayer.
Drama Ministry for the Dramatically Challenged by John Cosper, Jr.

10. Drama
shares inventive, simple ways to teach the Gospels to children through drama. It offers nineteen presentations Parker, John Audra. Parker publications. 1998 " drama For Worship" is a
Theology and Worship Drama ResCode: Title Copies Author Publisher Pub Yr Deangelis, William Twenty-Third This book shares inventive, simple ways to teach the Gospels to children through drama. It offers nineteen presentations including scripts and instructions for set design, staging, applying clown makeup and making puppets. 878.006: Art Of Clowning Cooperative Extension Designed for a 4-H clowning program, this is a hand book for those who are developing a troupe of clowns. Included are instructions on make-up, communicating as a clown, costumes, skit writing, puppetry, pantomime, and balloon artistry as well as clown etiquette. 878.018: Chips And Salsa! Bohler, Carolyn Bridge Resources This book contains five plays that children and youth, as well as the whole congregation, will enjoy. All the plays are biblically based, avoid gender stereotypes, require little or no musical ability, and need only minimal staging. Topics include: New Testament books, Ten Commandments, prayer, Psalms, and environmental stewardship. 878.024: Christ Incognito

11. Learn And Teach - Foundation Stage
drama characters are available to bring the historical objects to life and to supporta visit to the More Downloadable activity sheets and printed publications.

visiting exhibitions online let's talk ... printed publications
Foundation Stage
Visiting the Museum with the foundation stage can be a productive and memorable experience. Use the following information to plan your visit effectively. Don't try to do too much in one day and make sure that you book the interactive galleries, shows, and drama well in advance. Be creative - why not consider reading stories, drawing or writing poetry in the galleries?
Planning and booking a visit
Please ensure you book your visit in advance. For further information about booking click here or go straight to our online booking form
Hands on areas
These are specifically designed to provide hands-on experiences and are often themed by age and content. They are great for exploratory learning and science investigation skills. Of particular relevance for younger children are:
  • The Garden (for 3-6 years olds) is divided into three zones - Water, Building and Eyes and Ears. Puppets and role-play add another dimension to learning in the gallery. Ask Explainer staff for the Discovery Bags to add an element of focussed exploration. A printed resource is available see below; Pattern Pod this gallery for under 8s provides a first introduction to contemporary science and technology through patterns in the world around us. Five types of pattern are explored: visual, time, sound, movement and texture. Activity sheets are available see below;

12. AFT: Publications: American Educator: Fall 2002: Opening Minds
AFT Home publications American Educator. Fall 2002. Table of Contents Opening Minds. Why I teach. By Patrick Welsh kids want to be and where a great human drama plays out
AFT Home Publications Fall 2002
Table of Contents
... Previous Issues
Fall Opening Minds
Why I Teach By Patrick Welsh Light in August I was well aware that most of those people would have felt sorry for me had they known that I’d soon be in front of a bunch of high school kids. In fact, whenever I answer the question "What do you do?"the mantra of social gatherings inside the Washington, D.C., beltwaythe reactions I get are not exactly envious. Sometimes, the conversation becomes strained and I get looks that seem to say, "What’s wrong with this guy? Can’t he find decent work?" At other times, people react not so much with condescension as puzzlement"You must be brave. How do you do it?" as if teaching today’s kids has to be a form of torture. Of course, for some, teaching is torture. But for those who truly love teaching, the classroom is a place like no other, a place whose magic is deeply felt but hard to articulate. I felt that magic first in the fall of 1965, when I walked into my first class as a teacherfreshman composition at Loyola University in Chicago. All summer I had been dreading it; I felt I just didn’t know enough. When I entered the room of some 20 girls and a handful of guys, I was so nervous that I was sweating and my glasses fogged up. It didn’t help matters that a tall blonde girl in the front row whispered, loud enough for everyone to hear, "This guy will be a pushover." After about 10 minutes, I began to relaxand from that moment I knew that the classroom was for me.

13. Learn And Teach - Primary
There are also printed publications to order by post or buy from the Also ScienceShows, gallery drama characters, gallery tours, touch table object handling

visiting exhibitions online let's talk ... printed publications
Primary teachers area
Here you will find information about the range of galleries, activities and resources offered by the Museum for pupils and teachers at KS1 and KS2. Use this information to help you plan a successful visit, or for classroom activities independent of a visit.
Planning and booking a visit
Structure your time in the Museum to include a range of galleries and resources such as hands-on areas, a film in the IMAX cinema, an encounter with a drama character and so on, to change the pace and tone of the day, thus keeping pupils motivated and inspired. Carry out work in the classroom beforehand to prepare children, and afterwards to consolidate ideas and experiences from the visit. Please ensure you book your visit in advance. For further information about booking click here or go straight to our online booking form
Hands-on galleries offer exciting opportunities to motivate pupils. For primary children:
  • Launch Pad has a range of exhibits investigating light, sound, electricity, forces and materials. You can also see our

14. Drama (Course Description & Syllabus)
Syllabus) Yearbook (Course Description Syllabus) publications (Course Description Syllabus drama is a course designed to teach basic acting techniques...... Course

15. OELP Online English Language Center, OELP Publications And Resources
HTML DOC Creative Writing Fiction and Poetry. HTML DOC drama, Role Play,and Improvisation. HTML DOC Professional Organizations publications.

Office of English Language Programs (OELP), U.S. Department of State

Site Map:

Learn English

Teach English

Popular Topics
OELP Publications

OELP English Language Teaching Resources
This page contains links to sets of resources on topics that teachers of English as a foreign or second language have requested in previous OELP workshops. These handouts can be copied and distributed for educational, non-commercial purposes. They are available in two formats: HTML (Web pages in hypertext mark up language) DOC (MS Word documents) Directions
If you want to see the handout in web page format, click on the blue HTML link below to view the topic of your choice. Note: this web page remains open and the HTML handouts open in additional windows. Simply close the additional windows when you are finished with them. If you want to see a handout in MS Word format, click on the blue DOC link below to download the file to your computer. You can then view the topic of your choice with MS Word. Resources HTML DOC Authentic Materials in the Language Classroom HTML DOC Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry HTML DOC Drama, Role Play, and Improvisation

16. Olive Leaf Publications - Children
teach children to apply the power of God's Word to their unique situations The Bible story teacher then taught the lesson after the drama. Olive Leaf publications
Ministry to children requires a clear connection to the Master teacher and the keys to His storehouse of resources.
Here are some tools, stories and songs that have helped my ministry over the past 20 years.
[ Creation Verses ]
[ Evolution Vs. Creation ] [ Fearfully Made PP ] [ BWmasters ] ... [ Joy ] Creation Verses
Here is a reference list of verses that talk about creation. Add to it any others you find in your own personal study of the Word. Send them to us and as we have time we'll add them to our database.
Evolution Vs. Creation
This document contains 10 truths that can help children defend their belief in creation against the theory of evolution.
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Power Point
Here is a biblical presentation on how we were created in the womb for a purpose. These are not our photos and this presentation is only for educational use. We combined it with the song "One of a Kind" and a fun fingerprint activity.
Getting the Word into the Herd BW Masters
Notebook covers to go with verses on the same subject in a black and white format that you can print them.
Getting the Word into the Herd Color Masters
These notebook covers that go with verse lists are easy to use if you don't have time to draw your own or color.

17. Teach English-E Newsletter
publications and Books. of free English teaching resources with over 2000 pages ofphotocopiable and online resources for teachers of English, drama and Media

18. HLT Magazine, March 04: Publications
from a fearful place I can teach from curiosity of SEAL members in a publicationthat aims drama in Education, Eastern Philosophies, Kinesiology ( Touch for
Would you like to receive publication updates from HLT? You can by joining the free mailing list today. Humanising Language Teaching
Year 6; Issue 2; March 04
1. The Courage to Teach
Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life Parker J, Palmer, Jossey-Bass Inc, Cal, 1998 If you like this article click over to our teacher educator's journal This "review" will be almost entirely in the author's words, as his depth and eloquence tell their own story more than adequately. In Chapter 2 A Culture of Fear: Education in the Disconnected World, Palmer writes: " ….After thirty years of teaching , my own fear remains close at hand. It is there when I enter a classroom and feel the undertow into which I have jumped. It is there when I ask a question- and my students keep a silence as stony as if I had asked them to betray their friends. It is there whenever I feel I have lost control: a mind-boggling question is asked, an irrational conflict emerges, or students get lost in my lecture because I myself am lost. When a class that has gone badly comes to a merciful end, I am fearful long after it is over—fearful that I am not just a bad teacher but a bad person, so closely is my sense of self tied to the work I do. My own fear is matched by the fear within my students, though in my early years of teaching I conveniently forgot that fact. From where I stood, exposed and vulnerable at the front of the room, my students seemed enviably safe, hidden behind their notebooks, anonymous in the midst of the crowd.

19. Professor Uses Drama To Teach Students
Professor uses drama to teach students. COBY HESS Collegian. In my classes, dramaprovides an Copyright 1995, Student publications Inc. All rights reserved.
Professor uses drama to teach students
COBY HESS Collegian It is hard to find a class that can bring out the best in a student, much less a teacher who never gets tired of teaching the class. Norman "Doc" Fedder, distinguished professor of theater, uses drama to help students learn about themselves. Fedder, who has written more than 30 plays, said he uses drama to get people to gain self-esteem. "Through drama and drama therapy, people are hailed," he said. Fedder's most recent play, "Never Let 'Em Catch You At It," was presented at Hutchinson Community College. The play featured William T. Brewer in a one-man show, portraying Milburn Stone, who played Doc Adams on the TV series "Gunsmoke." Fedder, who was commissioned to write the historical play, took interest in writing about the native Kansan when he was presented with more than 300 pages of material about Stone's life. Fedder said the play was difficult to write. "It's not easy to write about something you haven't experienced, and the question of conflict is hard to portray with just one actor," he said. "I had never written a one- person drama, which was a daunting enterprise for me." Fedder said as a playwright it is important to find a through line to the audience.

20. Courses For Autumn 2000
will leave with clear ideas about how to plan, teach and assess talk A copy of eachof these EMC publications and the teachers Basic Skills for the drama Novice.
A '*' symbol means this is part of a linked course. Click on the title for further details. Telly Talk* Diploma in Media Education * On with AS: Teaching Enduring Love Into A2: Teaching towards the Synoptic Assessment for AQA B ... Basic Video Editing
On with AS: Teaching Enduring Love
  • Thursday 20th September
  • Course Tutors : Barbara Bleiman and Lucy Webster
  • Course number
  • Price
Enduring Love is a popular and challenging set text for AS (AQA A Unit 1, AQA B Unit1). This one day course will explore routes through the novel; student writing; ways of thinking about contexts and interpretation; developing skills and understandings for the rest of AS and into A2. It will use material from the EMC A Level Series publication, The Modern Novel: Critical Approaches Into A2: Teaching towards the Synoptic Assessment for AQA B
  • Wednesday 26th September
  • Course Tutor: Peter Buckroyd
  • Course number:
  • Price:
This course will focus on preparing for the A2 Synoptic Unit. It will consider: how to prepare candidates effectively; how to address the Assessment Objectives; materials to use for practice; how to draw on what students already know; the relationship of this unit to the rest of the course; ways of encouraging independent judgement and evaluation.
Peter Buckroyd is a freelance consultant, writer of A Level books and former Chief Examiner for NEAB A Level Literature. He was involved in writing the AQA B specification

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