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21. Elementary Theme Pages By Jim Cornish
favourite stories for readers theatre through collaborative script writing StoryTelling, drama Readers theatre for Young Children and Young Adults Oral
Theme Pages
for Elementary Students and Teachers
prepared by Jim Cornish, Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
The background image is Sarracenia purpurea , the pitcher plant- the floral emblem of Newfoundland and Labrador.
March/April Features
Mission to Mars
TomatoSphere (A Mars-Related Project)
NEW! Dragons NEW!!
Maps and Map Skills
Number the Stars Novel Study
Homechild Novel Study ...
Newspapers in Education

NEW! Math Story Problems Cartooning Writing Prompts Literature Circles NEW! Hubble Space Telescope Space Shuttle Launch Profile HELP! Reading Resources For Parents and Teachers HELP! Other Themes by Subject Earth Science Ecosystems Life Science Meteorology ... Passages Search the Theme Pages Via STEM-Net Find: Choose a theme page from the list below to display lists of links. Earth Science Caves Dinosaurs Earthquakes Fossils ... Volcanoes Ecosystems Fresh Water Deserts Oceans Rainforests ... Boreal Forest Animals Ezines Ranger Rick OwlKids Canadian Museum of Nature Life Science Birds Fish Human Body Systems Insects ... ArtsSmarts: Newfoundland Pine Marten Meteorology Weather Clouds Hurricanes Tornadoes Space Astronomy Solar System Space Shuttle Hubble Telescope ... Canadian Astronauts Physical Science Simple Machines Matter Inventions Flight ... Paper Airplanes Archaeology/History Archaeology Ancient Egypt Anasazi Vikings ... Beothuks Geography Nations Maps Flags Nation Profiles ... Japan Language Readers Theatre Novel Studies Myths and Legends Children's Books Reviews ... Homechild Novel Study Arts

22. Theatre 9-12
Students in high school theatre arts courses will study those leadership and collaborative skills that a director used in theatre; identify various art forms in dramatic activities
Fine Arts
Curriculum Standards
Approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education
August 31, 2001 Jeanette Crosswhite , Arts Education Director
Standards, Learning Expectations, and Performance Indicators
Course Description:
Students in high school theatre arts courses will study, write, research, critique, create, design, perform and participate in a variety of theatre-based learning experiences. Three levels of instruction are included in the following framework. This plan allows for a total of four years of theatre arts classes. The courses will include instruction in performance and design techniques, style, historical motifs and genres - creating performance-based experiences while using appropriate technology and media. These courses will develop critical thinking, creativity and aesthetic perception and will reinforce skills in leadership and collaboration. The program of study will generate a heightened sensitivity to the arts and will explore theatre's significance and influence on society. Content Standard 1.0:

23. Drama
values and attitudes about. the collaborative nature of drama and theatre. dramaand the theatre as a community activity, a profession and an industry.
[Skip over navigation] Department
Public ... Yrs 11-12 Subjects >> Drama Home Finding a Public School Going to a Public School Learning and Teaching ... Calendar Drama This syllabus is designed for students to experience, understand, enjoy and value drama as a social, collaborative and creative art form and as an expression of culture through making, performing and critically studying drama and theatre. Students will develop: knowledge and understanding about, and skills in making
  • drama through participation in a variety of dramatic and theatrical forms drama and theatre using a variety of dramatic elements, theatrical techniques and conventions
values and attitudes about
  • the collaborative nature of drama and theatre
knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, performing
  • using the elements of drama and theatre in performance in improvised and playbuilt theatre, and scripted drama
values and attitudes about
  • the diversity of the art of dramatic and theatrical performance
knowledge and understanding about, and skills in, critically studying
  • the place and function of drama and theatre in communities and societies, past and present

24. Restoration And Eighteenth Century Drama And Theatre
There are two ways in which this investigation is collaborative. First, members ToFirst Prompt Back to Eighteenth Century drama and theatre Course Main
English 3236 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Drama and Theatre
Fall 1999 (six credit hours, one term)
MW 2:30 - 4:45; F 2:30 - 3:20
[A Word From Doctor Johnson]
    Johnson, indeed, had thought more upon the subject of acting than might be generally supposed. Talking of it one day to Mr. Kemble, he said, 'Are you, Sir, one of those enthusiasts who believe yourself transformed into the very character you represent?' Upon Mr. Kemble's answering that he had never felt so strong a persuasion himself; 'To be sure not, Sir, (said Johnson;) the thing is impossible. And if Garrick really believed himself to be that monster, Richard the Third, he deserved to be hanged every time he performed it.' James Boswell, Life of Johnson [October 1783].
Course Introduction
This course is organized and conducted very differently from most English courses. That's why this description of it is probably longer and more detailed than any you've ever seen, and why I'll offer you a chance to consider it at some length. It will be organized as what I call a "collaborative investigation" of the dramatic literature and the theatre of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century in England. In short, what that means is that the members of the class work together to explore and learn about the texts and their context, rather than reading, listening to lectures on, and discussing a pre-decided list of texts. I think of it this way: if there were a group of people who wanted to find out about a subject in this case, this literature how would we best go about doing that if there

25. Graceland University - Theatre
Goal 2b, 10. + THTR2470 Modern drama (Also ENGL2470) 3 sh Study Goal 3. + THTR2490Collaboration in the theatre 3 sh The collaborative process of theatrical

26. Drama 1304 Homepage
Design class, drama 2310, we participate in several projects performed by membersof drama 1304. theatre is a collaborative performance art and group activity.
DRAMA 1304 Spring, 2004

Steven L. Gilliam, Professor
Professor Gilliam's Office: RTT 118 Telephone: 999-8587
William M. Razavi, Playwright/Director
OFFICE HOURS CLASS MEETING: RTT ATTIC THEATRE T R 9:55 - 11:10 COURSE CONTENT : Drama 1304 satisfies the course requirement within the Common Curriculum entitled: Understanding Aesthetic Experience and Artistic Creativity . " Understanding the arts as one of the principal ways of expressing and enriching the human spirit, approached through involvement with artistic creation, performance, appreciation, history or criticism, or an integration of cognitive aims with the experience of artistic creation." This course examines the lively art of theatre, and the multiple art forms involved in this creative discipline. Through our examination and experiential process, the art forms of acting, playwriting, theatrical design, and public performance will illuminate the collaborative art form of theatrical endeavor. ATTENDANCE : Attendance and active participation in class sessions, at scheduled theatre events, in rehearsal and during the performance of the class production is required and will be noted.

The collaborative art of mounting a theatre production is a For the remainder ofthe semester, members of drama 1304 (Introduction to theatre) will
MATCHBOX THEATRE PRODUCTION Spring 2004 Most individuals have experienced the challenges and excitement of being a member of a team. Whether it be in athletics, on a science team, or in a church group, the collaborative ensemble undertakes a process to achieve an objective. The collaborative art of mounting a theatre production is a team effort. In many respects, the process is no different than that of any other team endeavor. All group activities require coordination, compromise, dependability, initiative, preparation, practice and team spirit. Each member must strive for excellence and fulfill his/ her share of the project or the entire group will suffer. For the remainder of the semester, members of Drama 1304 (Introduction to Theatre) will collaborate in a process which will ultimately lead to the creation of a show for public presentation. This semester's MATCHBOX THEATRE Production will be written and directed by William M. Razavi. Willy has been actively involved with Matchbox Theatre since 1995. He received his MFA in playwriting from Brandeis University. A published playwright and director, he had written 25 plays specifically for this class and has directed on numerous occasions. A collection of Matchbox Theatre plays written by Razavi can be found at

28. Colorado Model Content Standards For Theatre
drama through history and history through drama. awareness and knowledge about communicationthrough theatre. the creative thinking, collaborative working, and
Adopted January 14, 2000
Suggested Grade Level Expectations
Voluntary Theatre Standards CONTENTS
Colorado Model Theatre Standards Task Force


Colorado Theatre Model Content Standards Task Force
Tony Catanese Graland Country Day School
566 Monte Vista Road
Golden, CO 80401 Susan Seager Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School
3409 D Parkmoor Village Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80917 Carol Ann Hixon Poudre R-1 School District 2407 La Porte Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80521-2297 Kristine Segura Mitchell Elementary School 3715 Benton Street Denver, CO 80212 Joni Kiesecker Broomfield Heights Middle School 7766 Arlington Drive Boulder, CO 80303 Mitch Travis Elizabeth High School P0 Box 664 Elizabeth, CO 80107 Rita Kotter 1407 Bradley Drive Boulder, CO 80303 Colorado Department of Education Staff: Mary Martin University of Northern Colorado 819 19th Street #27 Greeley, CO 80631

29. Drama (Day) BA(Hons)
The analysis and practice of drama in social range of performance activities includingcollaborative projects with local community based theatre companies
Drama (Day) BA(Hons) Course Information Introduction and course aims Fees
The Admissions tutor
Tel 01484 478455
Fax 01484 478428
E-mail Entry requirements
See General minimum Entry Requirements
In addition, applicants are expected to be able to provide evidence of their practical interest in drama and in the academic study of theatre and performance.
Index to all courses offered
Further Information Welcome
University of Huddersfield

A place to live
Opportunities abroad ... Partnership Statement This course offers an opportunity to work towards a degree in Drama on a part-time day basis. You may attend classes alongside full-time students. This degree course aims to offer students a challenging and coherent programme of study that combines the following elements:
  • An introduction to academic and practical methods of investigating drama, theatre and performance.

30. PArt-time Study - Theatre Studies BA(Hons)
The analysis and practice of drama in social a wide range of performance activitiesincluding collaborative projects with local community theatre companies
University Home About Courses Index ... Search You are here: University of Huddersfield Courses Part-time : Theatre Studies BA(Hons)
Part-time prospectus - 2005
Theatre Studies BA(Hons)
School Entry Requirements Standard degree entry qualifications . In addition, applicants are expected to be able to provide evidence of their practical interest in drama and in the academic study of theatre and performance. Fees £94 per 10 credit module Course Length TBA Number of Places TBA Contact Deborah Kathleen Middleton
Telephone: 01484 478416
Fax: 01484 478428
E-mail: Deborah
This course offers an opportunity to work towards a degree in Theatre Studies part-time day time study. You may attend classes alongside full-time students. We aim to offer a challenging and coherent programme of study that combines the following elements:
  • An introduction to academic and practical methods of investigating theatre and performance. The acquisition of appropriate study and theatre skills. The study of theatrical and performance phenomena of major historical periods and of contrasting cultures.

31. Studentzone
cultivates practices that are artistic, critical and collaborative. its kind, thisprofessional drama company is province with much needed theatre skills, and
Student Zone Future Students / Studies / Ac Depts / Drama 23:48 8 June 2004 View this document in PDF Theoretical inquiry, creative application, experiential participation- these are the hallmarks of the Rhodes Drama courses. At Rhodes Drama, the theatre is a creative site for investigation, innovation and industry; a LABORATORY in which to encounter - through appreciation, making and performing - the multi-faceted nature of theatre. Rhodes Drama is regarded as a leading department in the country generating original and acclaimed theatre works and performance styles, as well as contributing to knowledge, development and education about theatre in South Africa. Academic Staff
GE Gordon, BA (Hons)( Natal), MA (CNAA, Great Britain)
Associate Professors
AF Buckland, BA (Hons)( Rhodes)
FE de Wet Reardon, BA (Free State), BA( Hons)( Cape Town), MA (UNISA)
J Finestone Praeg, MA (Rhodes)
Junior Lecturer
AEM Sutherland, BA (Hons)( Hons)( Natal) Why study drama?
Drama provides training in the creative and technical skills associated with theatre: acting, dance, design, directing, mime, physical theatre, stage management, theatre administration and voice. On a personal level, drama also encourages growth, self-esteem and confidence by developing communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills - essential life-skills for all careers.

32. Welcome To The University Of Alberta's Department Of Drama
The Department of drama has an international reputation for the quality and depthof its programs. Recognizing that theatre is a collaborative art, we
Home Page Welcome Department Information Contact Us Timms Centre for the Arts Library and Archival Faculty and Staff ... Studio Theatre Program Information Bachelor of Arts BA Honours BEd Drama Major BFA Acting ... Joint PhD Course Information Academic Calendar Course Listings Undergraduate BFA - Acting BFA - Design BFA - Technical ... Graduate How to Apply Application Deadlines (NEW!) Request Application Forms Tuition Fees International Students (NEW) Image Gallery Web Site Credits Welcome to the University of Alberta Department of Drama Theatre is found in every corner of the world in thousands of different forms. From the primitive tribal celebration to the splashy Broadway musical., it is an integral part of the cultural fabric which binds us all. At the Department of Drama, this fundamental belief underlies all of our programs. From its early days providing drama instruction techniques to education students in a portable classroom in 1949, to its current home in the high-tech Timms Centre for the Arts and the Fine Arts Building, the University of Alberta's Department of Drama continues to be an exciting place to explore your potential, broaden your horizons and hone your craft. Our programs are supported by the state-of-the-art facilities found in the Timms Centre for the Arts and the Fine Arts Building.

33. Bachelor Of Arts (Honours)
The University of Alberta Department of drama has an international reputation forthe quality and depth Recognizing that theatre is a collaborative art, the
Home Page Welcome Department Information Contact Us Timms Centre for the Arts Library and Archival Faculty and Staff ... Studio Theatre Program Information Bachelor of Arts BA Honours BEd Drama Major BFA Acting ... Joint PhD Course Information Academic Calendar Course Listings Undergraduate BFA - Acting BFA - Design BFA - Technical ... Graduate How to Apply Application Deadlines Tuition Fees International Students (NEW) Image Gallery Web Site Credits Bachelor of Arts - Honours
Goals and Objectives
Program Details Program Requirements Courses Offered ... Request an Application to this Program
The University of Alberta Department of Drama has an international reputation for the quality and depth of its programs. Recognizing that theatre is a collaborative art, the programs are structured to allow students to experience the interdependence of writing, directing, acting, design, production and scholarship on a daily basis. Continual contact with distinguished visiting directors and artists, who are instrumental in shaping theatrical activity at local and international levels, also plays a vital role in ensuring our graduates emerge from their studies as skilled theatre scholars and practitioners. Goals and Objectives The four-year BA (Honours) in Drama program offers the student an opportunity for intensive study in Drama. The objects of exploration include the performed play, knowledge of dramatic literature, theatre aesthetics, as well as familiarity with the creative process of theatre art. The student is encouraged to take both practical and theoretical studies and to participate in Departmental productions and projects. The Honours program provides an excellent foundation for students who wish to train further as directors, dramaturges, theatre historians, or scholars.

34. Beijing BISS International School - Extracurricular Activities
by Bob Carlton, was performed at the Beijing Qi Se Guang Childrens theatre on the Thiswas a huge collaboration between the Upper school drama and Music
Our Mission "Enable all students to realise their full potential in a caring and positive learning community." January 2003
Beijing BISS International School
- Extracurricular Activities -
Drama and Music In music, students participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities including Rock Band, Singing Group and various instrumental ensembles. We are currently establishing a tutoring system for private instrumental lessons. Students perform at UN Day celerbrations, School concerts and assemblies, community events and inter school festivals. Drama and Theatre Arts is part of the BISS school curriculum and also plays a major role as an after school activity. All students in Grades 6 to 8 study Drama, and in the years 9 to 12 students have the opportunity to extend their studies by opting for IGCSE Drama and later IB Theatre Arts. Due to the friendly and outgoing nature of our students, Drama is a popular option and as a result of this, we also offer after school Drama activities from Lower School through to Upper School. This year the Drama activity within the school has been vibrant. In October 2001 the year began with a day of stilt walking workshops provided by 'Pearshape Theatre Company', a UK based company on route for the Beijing Arts Festival. They ran a series of workshops for students in Middle and Upper school and later performed their 'Beatle Mania' show for the whole school. After school Drama activities at the beginning of the year focused on performances for UN Day celebrations (Upper and Lower school alike). The UN Day celebrations were excellent.

35. Drama Resources, Indexes And General Directories - Academic Info
The World of London theatre, 16601800 a collaborative project produced HenrikIbsen (1828-1906) is considered the father of modern drama and one
Academic Info
Drama Links - Directory of Online Drama Resources

Search Index Contact ... Drama Links
See also Start with:
University Libraries Information Gateway: By Subject - Drama

A well organized collection of academic resources
By Liz Fugate, Librarian, University of Washington WWW Virtual Library: Theatre and Drama
"Here you will find pointers to resources in more than 40 countries around the world, for professionals, amateurs, academics and students of all ages. We are trying to make the site multi-cultural and multi-lingual."
By Barry Russell Continue on with
The Drama Teacher's Resource Room
Sections include Lesson Plans ; Backstage ; Texts and Seminars ; Great Drama Links. An Electronic Eugene O-Neill Archive Sections include: Library ; Theatre Guide ; Biography ; Reviews ; Essays ; Audio Archive ; Production Archive ; Reference Catalogue ; Eugene O'Neill Papers ; Eugene O'Neill Collection ; Agnes Boulton Collection.
  • Forum Academic discussion list.

36. RI K-12 Arts Framework
storytelling, puppetry, pantomime, improvisational drama, etc comprehensive knowledgeof the theatre process; analyze directors) to the collaborative process of
RI K-12 Arts Framework
Theatre Standards
You may page through the complete set of standards, descriptors, and benchmarks, or go directly to the following areas: Standard 1. CREATION/PERFORMANCE (Theatre)
Standard 2. PERCEPTION (Theatre)

Standard 3. CONTEXT (Theatre)

Standard 4. TOOLS (Theatre)
Standard 5. INTEGRATION (Theatre)
Standard 1. CREATION/PERFORMANCE - All students will engage in self or group expression by creating original or interpreting works of art. CLASSROOM CONNECTION Storytelling Descriptor By Grade 4 By Grade 8 By Grade 10 By Grade 12 Apply knowledge of concepts and structures to create original and interpretive works of art Create improvisation based on personal experience, history, heritage, literature, imagination, and concepts from other sources; develop scripted material. Participate collaboratively in a production from scripted work; plan, execute and record improvisations. Develop and refine scripts; design environments which allow for individual and/or group expression. Write scripts and develop characters for theatre, film, television, and electronic media which clearly demonstrate a quality, emotion, concept or narrative.

37. Performing Arts And Music: Theatre Activities
Art Critiques (Russian ITI Centre in collaboration with the of the University ofthe theatre of Nations to MASA 2001 with workshops in drama and Composition
Cultural Policy Resources Issues on Culture and
From Diversity to Pluralism ... United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO Sitemap Glossary Links News and Events ... Search Languages English Français Español Publications Statutory Texts Write to us Frequently Asked Questions About Culture Anniversaries, Days and Decades Fellowships Funding and Patronage Prizes Recruitment and Internships Who's Who?
Performing Arts and Music Theatre: Activities Monodrama Festival
Itinerant Workshop and Seminar for Young Actors and Art Critiques (Russian ITI Centre in collaboration with the German ITI Centre)
u Date:
October 2001
u Place: Moscow (Russian Federation) Session of the University of the Theatre of Nations - The Mediterranean through its narrations (Tunisian ITI Centre)
u Date:
25 August - 13 September 2001
u Place: Tunis (Tunisia) ITI Meeting for ITI Centres of the Americas and the Caribbean (Mexican ITI Centre)
u Date:
24 - 31 March 2001
u Place: MASA 2001: Marché du Spectacle Africain
Moral support to MASA 2001 with workshops in Drama and Composition Training for 10 artists u Date: 3 - 10 March 2001 u Place: Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) International Seminar and Festival of Indigenous Theatre (Bangladesh ITI Centre)

38. New Page 1
understanding and appreciation of theatre concepts and and expand communication skills,collaborative problemsolving self-expression through the drama process. Syllab
Drama Syllabus
Drama I
Syllabus Mrs. Sandy Hall This course is designed as an introduction to drama focusing on the actor. It is important to understand that the process of performing is not the same as the finished performance. We will be working each class period on activities designed to reach both intellectual and emotional levels. Through this process, student performance will have more depth, integrity, and power. Every activity and skill we learn will build on what we have done in previous lessons. It is therefore important for the student to participate in all activities! Although some activities may seem silly or pointless, everything we do has a purpose. I expect every student to approach each activity with effort and enthusiasm. I. Objectives: To develop understanding and appreciation of theatre concepts and the dramatic process. To develop and expand communication skills, collaborative problem-solving, and modes for self-expression through the drama process To relate and understand the relevance, implications, and consequences of theatre to its social, cultural, and historical context To develop skills and information to form individual aesthetic judgments in the informal drama process and for formal theatre presentations.

39. Program Detail: DC Arts & Humanities Education Collaborative
The theatre History Initiative is a collaboration of the Education Department ofThe Shakespeare theatre and the year THI program, integrates drama and theatre

40. Theatre Museum - What's On - Activities
Children’s activities in collaboration with new exhibition 2D A lively introductionto British theatre from Shakespeare s drama workshop for 812 year olds
Jump to navigation menu Contact Us Links Site map
Activities for Families
Every visitor to the Theatre Museum can participate in a daily programme of workshops, demonstrations and guided tours, run by a team of professional theatre practitioners and educationalists. Here you can operate puppets, try out make-up and costumes, and walk on stage.
All activities are free
Daily Costume Workshops
Razzle Dazzle
(*combined with make-up demonstration)
Daily theatrical make-up demonstrations
Observe or become a model for demonstrations of period styles, ageing and special effects which show how make-up prepares the actor for a variety of roles. 11.30 (Sats 12.00), 13.00, 14.30, 15.30* and 16.30
(*combined with costume workshop)
Join in or just have fun at these interactive storytelling sessions inspired by different museum exhibits. First Saturday of the month 14.00-14.30 plus Wednesdays, Fridays during school holidays
Daily Guided Tours
A lively introduction to British Theatre from Shakespeare's
day to the present.
Activities for Children
June Half Term Activities
The Museum's families programme offers a wide range of performing arts-related activities.

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