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         Dominican Republic Culture:     more books (25)
  1. Peoples Voice: Culture and History (Culture and History Dominican Republic) by Rochester N Y, 1992-10
  2. Culture and Customs of the Dominican Republic (Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean) by Isabel Zakrzewski Brown, 1999-11-30
  3. Dominican Republic (Cultures of the World) by Erin Foley, Leslie Jermyn, 2005-10
  4. Dominican Republic (Many Cultures, One World) by Mary Englar, 2003-12
  5. The Militarization of Culture in the Dominican Republic, from the Captains General to General Trujillo (Studies in War, Society, and the Militar) by Valentina Peguero, 2004-11-01
  6. Dominican Republic (Countries & Cultures) by Susan E. Haberle, 2006-01
  7. Dominican Republic (Discovering Cultures) by Sarah De Capua, 2004-06
  8. Culture and Customs of the Dominican Republic (Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean) by Isabel Zakrzewski Brown, 1999
  9. History and culture of the Dominican Republic: A student supplemental text by Relton Roland, 1989
  10. Dominican Republic: A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture (In Focus (London, England).) by David John Howard, 1998-07
  11. Caribbean Pleasure Industry: Tourism, Sexuality, and AIDS in the Dominican Republic (Worlds of Desire: The Chicago Series on Sexuality, Gender, and Culture) by Mark Padilla, 2007-09-15
  12. Modern and Contemporary Art of the Dominican Republic
  13. Executive Report on Strategies in Dominican Republic, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Dominican Republic Research Group, The Dominican Republic Research Group, 2000-11-02
  14. Contemporary Caribbean Cultures and Societies in a Global Context by Teresita Martínez-Vergne, 2005-11-21

dominican republic A Guide to the People, Politics and culture (The in Focus Guides)David Howard / Paperback / Published 1999 Explore the dominican republic

62. Dominican Republic
dominican republic. The Year Program, far and away AFS s most popular option,is a yearlong educational exploration of another country s culture.
Dominican Republic
You're only limited by your imagination, and AFS opens up a world of adventure by offering exchange programs in over 50 countries. AFS programs present a variety of choices, allowing nearly 10,000 participants annually to adjust program focus according to their individual needs.
The Year Program , far and away AFS's most popular option, is a year-long educational exploration of another country's culture. The AFS Year Program student lives with a host family, attends a local school and becomes involved in community activities. Students completely immerse themselves in another culture by nurturing relationships with the local community, speaking the local language and taking part in their daily routines. Host school attendance is required, not optional, for Year Program participants.
The Semester Program lasts about six months over the course of an academic school semester. Like the Year Program, students stay with host families, attend local schools and take part in community activities. Host school attendance is required, not optional, for Semester Program participants.
The Intensive Program is a shorter-length option involving exchanges lasting from one to three months, usually during a break in the student's academic year. The Intensive Program student may select from a number of options, including a traditional homestay, a concentrated language program, an outdoor education program or a cultural studies program.

63. Mitochondrial DNA In The Dominican Republic
Mitochondrial DNA in the dominican republic Thus he made contact with a peoplewith a marginal culture characterized by a variety of subsistence patterns
KACIKE: Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology ISSN 1562-5028
Special Issue edited by Lynne Guitar

Mitochondrial DNA in the Dominican Republic
PDF Version for printing 461 KB

A brief introduction by the editor:
The physical-chemical bases of inheritance The method of selection of animal and vegetable lineages began back in the Neolithic with the aim of attaining more productive individuals. In a simple form, those agriculturalists and shepherds understood that characteristics were transmitted from generation to generation. This fact was affirmed by the monk Gregory Mendel, who, using worms, demonstrated that factors remained as mysterious entities, although he did not know their exact nature; thus they were transmitted from generation to generation. One hundred years later, those mysterious entities have been almost completely clarified and the theme of inheritance is perhaps one of the best known in biology. Since 1910 those “factors” have received the name of genes. [1]
Chromosomes and genes Living beings are the product of repeated divisions of an egg and zygote, which differentiate themselves from the sister cells in order to realize multiple functions. The zygote is nothing more than an initial male and female cell. These cells are known in scientific jargon by the names ovum and spermatozoid. These gametes carry a gene for each given character; that is, each zygote possesses two genes. [2]

64. Taino Survival In The 21st Century Dominican Republic, By Peter Ferbel
though, when simple biology—the way people look—is put aside in favor of discussionsabout culture—what people do—the dominican republic displays a
KACIKE: Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology ISSN 1562-5028
Special Issue edited by Lynne Guitar

Not Everyone Who Speaks Spanish is from Spain:
Dr. P. J. Ferbel
PDF Version for printing 425 KB
Hispanidad and Catholicism. In such a way, Dominicans have been disconnected from their African, their indigenous, and their mixed Afro-Mestizo Criollo (Creole) ancestry and cultural heritage, even though it is these ancestries and heritages which mark Dominicans with the significant emblems of their contemporary identity. [1] and use
this knowledge to help them find their path beyond Columbus's wake.
merengue Figure 1
Hatuey Soda Crackers
campo Figure 2 Traditional casabe making on a buren griddle at Guagui, La Vega Figure 3 Vandalism of petroglyphs, Rio Chacuey, Dajabon. Photo credit: Jason McIntire
Linguistic Features The Dominican Republic often uses its indigenous name Quisqueya as a common referent. Dominicans like to call themselves " Quisqueyanos "; the name even appears in the first words of the Dominican national anthem: "Quisqueyanos valientes..." [11]

65. Dominican Republic: Our People, Culture, History
People/culture/History…. *Note These Dates are based on the 2003 dominican RepublicCalendar*. January. 1 st – New Years Day. 21 st Dia de la Altagracia.
*Note: These Dates are based on the 2003 Dominican Republic Calendar* January st st - Dia de la Altagracia th February th th Independencia Nacional *Note: Celebrations take place every Sunday, leading up to Carnival on the 27 th of Feb. Places such as Santiago, Santo Domingo, La Vega and many other celebrates these month long events.* March th Miercoles de Ceniza th April th th th th - Dia de Las Secretarias May st th th June th Corpus Christi July th del Padre August rd th Santo Domingo th September nd th October th th November st Santos nd th th December th rd th th st ... (Provides Links for everything from Arts to Politics to Newspapers in the Dominican Republic *Note: DSA would like to be able to provide a lot of information about the Dominican Republic on its website, but that would be impossible. So we have provided links here that will take you to great sites that are devoted to the Dominican Republic and everything that comes with being Dominican. So please visit those links if you are interested in knowing more about the

66. Dominican Republic @ - Local Links And Information, Dominican Rep
and views, dominican republic news and media, dominican republic recreation andsports, dominican republic society and culture, dominican republic travel and

: Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic World Web

Arts and Entertainment Business and Economy Education Government ... Travel and Tourism

    Dominican Republic Page pop
    Detailed reference and travel guide to the Dominican Republic including business listings, tourism guides, and economic and cultural information. The Dominican Republic pop
    Articles and information about: living, banking, real estate, investing, and cooking. Offers a report one may purchase also. CedrosTec - Business Directory
    Provides contact information and locations of businesses in the Dominican Republic for products, services, and information. The information is organized by industry.

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67. SGI - Features
field of education, one of the dominican republic s oldest newspapers, La Información,has featured SGI President Ikeda s activities for culture and education
FEATURES Introduction SGI QUARTERLY Current Issue Previous Issues VIEWS ON SGI Articles
Around the World SGI's global activities for peace,
education and culture
Dominican Republic Report Cultivating the Seeds of Hope:
SGI-Dominican Republic
By Daniel Beriguete Gomez, SGI-Dominican Republic young men's leader
Daniel Gomez
The SGI movement in the Dominican Republic was launched by Japanese immigrants back in the 1960s. Between 1956 and 1959, 1,319 Japanese citizens, a total of 249 families, moved to the Dominican Republic in response to the government's appeals for immigrants. However, many of the locations where the immigrants settled proved infertile and incapable of supporting life. As a result, the government decided to send the immigrants back home, and during 1961 and 1962, 133 of the original 249 families returned to Japan. Another 70 families moved on to countries in South America.
Early Years
One of the immigrants who stayed behind, farmers of the "barren" land, was Kurato Kimura. In 1962, the fifth year after he immigrated, as he struggled to find a way to survive against the odds, he received a letter from his mother in Japan, encouraging him to test the effectiveness of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. Inspired by this, he decided to start practicing Buddhism. Around that time he met a man called Jun'ichi Nishio, who had started to practice Nichiren Buddhism in Japan before emigrating, and together they launched activities in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Nishio had come to the Dominican Republic with his family of seven in 1956. His son, Takashi, is currently general director of SGI-Dominican Republic.

68. Dominican Republic
Through its land, culture, and people, the dominican republic offers you a wonderfulblend of Latin American cultures, past and present. Santo Domingo.
HOME The Country As the site of the first European settlement in the New World, the Dominican Republic occupies a fascinating place in world history. Geographically it does not disappoint either. Located within the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Consisting of valleys, plains, beaches, and mountains, the island presents a variety of topographies and a coastal zone that is blessed with a warm tropical climate, averaging about 80 degrees year-round. The Dominican Republic also has a rich political and cultural history, blending African, European, and American Indian influences, as seen in its food and people. Through its land, culture, and people, the Dominican Republic offers you a wonderful blend of Latin American cultures, past and present. Santo Domingo The Programs
Semester Programs
During the semester and academic year, Albany offers two separate programs.
Intensive Spanish Program: The Intensive Spanish Program offers students the opportunity for intensive Spanish language study at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels through the

Each course will involve oral and written assignments and fieldtripparticipation. Language and culture in the dominican republic.
Dominican Republic Study Abroad Summer Programme Sponsored by:
Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO)
The courses being offered to York students have been approved by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics (DLL) and by Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) and can be approved by other major departments by special permission. Students will have the opportunity to gain credit through both classroom and field experience. Each course will involve oral and written assignments and field-trip participation.
Language and Culture in the Dominican Republic This course is designed to develop introductory and intermediate level students' verbal and written Spanish skills through the study of Dominican culture. Students gain an appreciation of the country's diverse cultural blend and various linguistic dialects, interact with Dominican peers, and acquire greater ability and confidence in their ability to communicate in oral and written Spanish. The course will consist of a combination of lectures and group activities addressing various aspects of Dominican culture and Spanish grammar. Topics examined include the country's Taino, Hispanic and African Heritage, syncretic and popular religions, local cuisine and dietary habits, and Dominican music, festivals and art. Students also visit and observe several sites in urban Santo Domingo; neighbourhoods, markets, parks, bookstores, artists' workshops, etc., and describe and compare these spaces in written and oral projects.

70. Jay's Tour Of The Dominican Republic
This site provides general information about the dominican Republicand it s culture. It is not politically oriented. The intentions
This site provides general information about the Dominican Republic and it's culture. It is not politically oriented. The intentions here are to create a site that is entertaining and informative for everyone, from the first time tourist to other fellow dominicans. As you might have figured by now, I am Dominican myself. Although I live in the United States, I believe the DR is a beautiful and entertaining place for anyone to visit. So, I hope you enjoy this site. (Note: DR stands for Dominican Republic, not Doctor). Now, let's get to business... The Dominican Republic Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Dominican Republic covers an area of 18,703 square miles (48,440 square kilometers), occupying the eastern portion of Hispaniola (about 2/3 of the Island), the second largest island of the Antilles. It shares the island with Haiti but the two neighbors have little in common. The inhabitants of Haiti have French and African cultural roots. On the other hand, the population of the Dominican Republic is Hispanic in culture. Since the Dominican Republic is located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, the temperature varies little from season to season. Average temperatures range from the high 70s during the day and the low 70s at night.

71. Worldwide Classroom: About The Library
Study Destination dominican republic. It s easy and it s free! CountryResources Information on culture, language, travel and current events
Study Destination: Dominican Republic Country Information Currency Exchange Health Advisories Safety Tips Weather Conditions Country Resources Dominican Republic Resources Get It Before You Go Air Travel Car Rentals Travel Insurance General Information Academic Credit Culture Shock Selecting A Program Traveling Abroad
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    Listings include international schools and programs for primary/secondary students and teens. WWC member schools subscribing to the 'International Recruitment Standards' are listed first, followed by schools using the International Baccalaureate, US or UK curriculum. Last, are general school listings.
Program Finder
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    Fill out the 'Program Finder'. We forward your request to schools in the country of your choice. If these schools have what you want, they respond directly to you via E-mail. It's easy...and it's free!
Country Resources
Information on culture, language, travel and current events:

72. Travel Book Review - Dominican Republic -
Columbus s logbook when this great explorer founded the dominican republic in 1642 alsobe interested in learning more about the people, culture and hospitality
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Rental Cars Youth Hostels Eurail Passes ... Travel Phonecard Also by Norman Montreal Travel Guide Provence, France An Artist's Paradise Sandbanks, ON ... Norm's Book Review website Dominican Republic By Norman Goldman For those of you who are not purchasing a package deal to the Dominican Republic and are travellers as distinguished from tourists, the handy sixth edition of Ulysses' softbound edition of Dominican Republic may prove very useful. This publication was authored by Benoit Prieur and Pascale Couture and is filled with an abundance of facts as well as exquisite photos of this beautiful island. Even if you are not a traveller and you do decide to purchase the all-inclusive package, you will nevertheless find the book of interest, especially if you are planning some side trips once you arrive at your destination. At the beginning of the book we notice an extract taken from Christopher Columbus's logbook when this great explorer founded the Dominican Republic in 1642. The log so aptly states:

73. Dominican Republic Ministers
See also dominican republic Parliament. Suárez 197072 Secretary of State for Industryand Trade 1972-74 Secretary of State for Education, culture and Public
The Dominican Republic/ Republica Dominicana (Female suffrage 1942) The Spanish Colony of Haspinola 1492-1822 was concord by Haiti and became independent 1844. 1916-24 under American occupation See also Dominican Republic Parliament Secretary of State = Minister 1966-70 Secretary of State for Labour Dra. Altagracia Bautista de Suárez
1970-72 Secretary of State for Industry and Trade
1972-74 Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Public Worship 1973-78 Subsecretary of State for External Relations
1975 Acting Secretary of External Relations
1990-93 Secretary of State of Finance
1993-96 Secretary of State in the Office of the President and President of the National Petroleum Refinery Licelott Catalina Marte Hoffiz de Barrio
Minister Councillor 1966-68 and 1968-71 Ambassador and Alternative Delegate of the Permanent Mission to the United Nations and Delegate to the General Assembly and other committees until 1978, also Plenipotenciar y Delegate to the General Assembly to the Organisation of American State, 1978 Ambassador at Large, Leader of the Association of Advocates, from Secretar y of Electoral Affairs of the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano (PRSC)
and MP.

74. Cage Culture
Cage culture (dominican republic) Phase I, Prev Project 62 of 164 Next.Ramon B. Buzeta Post Project Abstract. Experimental and prototype
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Catherine Shearer
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Cage Culture (Dominican Republic) - Phase I Project 62 of 164 Ramon B. Buzeta
Post Project Abstract
Edited Abstract
Inland fish is the cheapest source of animal protein to be found on the market in Dominican Republic (even cheaper than sea fish or chicken) and is perhaps the most direct way to satisfy this nutritional need in rural communities. Simple cage-culture systems to crop fish resources in the lakes, dams, canals, and ponds available in the country will help improve the nutritional levels and incomes of fishermen and small producers in rural areas and contribute toward an improved attitude regarding water use in their environment. The project will test cages and enclosures of various designs under different local conditions with native and introduced species that can be farmed singly and in combination. Dominican Republic LACRO/BRALA Brian Davy Closed Research Project Ramon B. Buzeta

75. Study Abroad - CIEE Summer Study Abroad In The Dominican Republic
CIEE Summer Study Abroad in the dominican republic visit the web site by subjectareas culture, Intensive Language, Latin American Studies and Spanish.
Dominican Republic city: Santiago
country: Dominican Republic term: Summer
dates: early June - late July CIEE Summer Study Abroad in the Dominican Republic
visit the web site by clicking here!

7 Custom House Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, ME 04101-4739
United States
phone: 1-800-40-STUDY
web site:
visit CIEE's web site by clicking here subject areas: Culture, Intensive Language, Latin American Studies and Spanish description: Immerse yourself on a sunny Caribbean island, by volunteering in rural clinics and experiencing public health. This program is designed for students with an interest in Spanish language, medicine, and the allied health professions. The highly intensive summer program, established in 1997, is ideal for students with an interest in medicine and the allied health professions. The program at PUCMM is designed to enable students to achieve advanced language skills in Spanish and also to provide an introduction to basic health care issues in a Spanish Caribbean context, both rural and urban. Students are exposed to both theoretical public health issues as well as elementary practical medical skills. highlights:
- Dominican homestays - Field research in semi-rural health clinics and urban community service project - Cultural activities and excursions - Work with local public health experts - All courses taught in Spanish The goals of the program are to provide students with an introduction to basic health care issues in a Hispanic Caribbean context and to increase their Spanish language ability to an advanced level. These goals are achieved through advanced Spanish conversation and grammar, course work focusing on pre-professional health care issues and a community health practicum, as well as by a family homestay. In addition, there are excursions throughout the island, work in an urban community service project, and a field trip with a semi-rural health clinic.

76. Japan Forum - Local Discussions - Japanese Community/culture In Dominican Republ
Local discussions about Japan Japanese community/culture in dominican republic? Forum dominican republic - Japanese community/culture in dominican republic?

77. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > Caribbean > Dominican Republic > Societ
Society and culture Subjects Regional Caribbean dominican republic Society and culture. Sort by Most Popular.

78. Dominican Business Culture And Doing Business In Dominican Republic
The reports are published by International Cultural Enterprises, Inc., leadersin Doing Business in dominican republic, Doing Business in dominican republic
Top Catalog Dominican Rep. Tuesday 08 June, 2004 Cart Contents Checkout Categories Algeria



Dominican Rep. W elcome to a country-specific business and cross-cultural page! Learn about business customs and protocol, social etiquette and negotiating tactics. Get practical tips on business contacts, resources, management and much more. The reports are published by International Cultural Enterprises, Inc., leaders in international business information, in cooperation with top US executives. The information is current and constantly updated. Below please find the titles of the reports with a brief summary of the topics. The reports will be delivered to your e-mail immediately after receiving your order - anytime, anywhere.
Special discounts are available now! Buy 3 reports - get 20% discount. Buy 5 or more reports - get 30% discount. Discounts are available for any combination of reports or countries.

Product Name
Price More Info Doing Business in Dominican Republic
Greetings and Introductions .... Names and Titles .... Proper Manners .... Developing Relationships .... Proper Conversations .... Business Dress ... Exchanging Favors .... Being on Time ... Women in Business .... Communication Style ... Negotiating .... Gift Giving ... Business Entertainment ... Useful Addresses...
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79. :: Ez2Find :: Society And Culture
Guides, Society and culture. ez2Find Home Directory Regional Caribbean dominican republic Society and culture (10) History (7). Related Categories
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80. Designing Tobacco Control In The Dominican Republic Understand
3312.0 Monday, November 8, 2004 Board 8. Abstract 92749. Designing tobaccocontrol in the dominican republic Understand the culture first.
3312.0: Monday, November 8, 2004 - Board 8
Abstract #92749
Designing tobacco control in the Dominican Republic: Understand the culture first Ann M Dozier, RN, PhD , Deborah Ossip-Klein, PhD , Nancy Chin, PhD , Scott McIntosh, PhD , Sergio Diaz, MD , Timothy D. Dye, PhD , Susan Fisher, PhD , Essie Sierra, MPH , Zahira Quiqones, MD , and Latoya Armstrong . (1) Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, University of Rochester, 601 Elmwood Avenue Box 644, Rochester, NY 14642, 585-273-2592,, (2) Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, Autopista Duarte Apartado Postal 822, Santiago, Dominican Republic Background: Among Latin American Countries, the Dominican Republic (DR) ranked 1st or 12th in smoking rates. Tobacco use increased nearly 4-fold in 30 years, with tobacco-related morbidity and mortality concomitantly rising. Published research on DR tobacco use, attitudes/beliefs is limited as are their tobacco control and intervention programs. Methods: To guide such program development a Rapid Assessment Procedure provided a current snapshot of the DR smoking culture. During a 2-week period (2003) six communities were targeted (2 urban, 2 peri-urban, 2 rural) for 2-3 days each. Two interdisciplinary teams (mixed gender and nationalities) conducted participant observations and interviews. Results: Over 150 individuals across the communities representing key leaders and the general community participated. Smokers, quitters and never-smokers were included. Intercommunity differences were identified. Communities’ perceive that “everyone smokes”. This was not substantiated. Never smokers ‘thank god’ that they did not have this habit/custom or vice/addiction. The former is a lifestyle while the latter is a problem. Smoking and coffee drinking are inextricably linked. Older individuals and rural residents are perceived to smoke more. Community knowledge about the affects of smoking is limited to the package warning (it hurts one’s health). Tobacco advertising is ubiquitous. Cigarettes are universally available (singles or packs (10/20)). Smokers are price sensitive. While passive smoking effects are not well known, smokers are respectful of non-smokers and children.

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