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         Domestic Violence General:     more books (100)
  1. TANF: State Approaches to Screening for Domestic Violence Could Benefit from HHS Guidance.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony
  2. stalking and domestic violence: current issues
  3. Women Healing from Abuse: Meditations for Finding Peace by Nicole Sotelo, 2006-11-01
  4. He Was My Addiction : A Story of Domestic Violence by K. Hillery, 2004-11-23
  5. Everyday Harm: Domestic Violence, Court Rites, and Cultures of Reconciliation by Mindie Lazarus-Black, 2007-05-18
  6. Choice Not Chance: A Novel Based on the True Story of One Woman's Survival of Domestic Violence by Sue Potter, 2003-11
  7. Women at Risk: Domestic Violence and Women's Health by Evan Stark, Anne Flitcraft, 1996-03-26
  8. A Perfect Place to Pray by I.L. Goodwin, 2006-12-01
  9. It's My Life Now : Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence by Meg Kennedy Dugan, Roger R. Hock, 2000-04
  10. The Eleventh Commandment: Domestic Violence Through the Eyes of God by Rhonda Skinner Sullivan, 2007-10-01
  11. Locked in A Violent Embrace: Understanding and Intervening in Domestic Violence (SAGE Series on Violence against Women) by Zvi C. Eisikovits, Eli Buchbinder, 2000-04-15
  12. General contractors donate services for Becky's House 2 shelter: transitional housing project unveiled during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.(SPECIAL ... An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Molly Nance, 2007-10-15
  13. Prevalence of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, and Stalking.: An article from: General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony by Gale Reference Team, 2006-12-01
  14. Police departments draft strict policy on abuse by officers.(General News)(The rules set "zero tolerance" for domestic violence by law enforcement personnel): ... from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

101. Crime, Emergency, And General Assistance/ Domestic Violence
Crime, Emergency, and general Assistance. domestic violence Back to Crime Prevention Tips. The Harsh Reality Are you or someone you
News Crime Prevention Tips Know the Law Crime Statistics and Information ... Frequently Asked Questions Crime, Emergency, and General Assistance Domestic Violence
Back to Crime Prevention Tips

The Harsh Reality
Are you or someone you know a victim of domestic violence? By national statistics, many women are:
  • Every 9 seconds a woman is physically assaulted. Between 4 million and 8 million women are battered each year by their significant other. 98 percent of the victims are women. Domestic violence occurs among all races, ages, religious, and socio-economic groups.
Patterns of Abusive Behavior Read the following list of questions. If you answer yes to some of them, you are probably in a relationship that involves domestic violence. If you want to speak with someone about your situation, you can contact the Purdue Police Department at (765) 494-8221 or the Greater Lafayette YWCA Domestic Violence and Intervention Program at (765) 423-1118 locally. Or, you can call toll-free nationally (888) 345-1118 to locate the women's shelter nearest you. Physical Abuse
  • Everyone argues or fights with their partner or spouse now and then. When you argue or fight at home, what happens? Do you ever change your behavior because you are afraid of the consequences of a fight?

102. General Resources : Domestic Violence : Social Info : Harpweb
NASS and domestic violence. All forms of violence and harassment are dealt with by NASS Policy Bulletin 18. domestic violence Women s asylum news December 2002.

103. Domestic Relations: General Law: Internet Law Library
Internet Law Library domestic Relations general. California Family Code (table of contents); California Family Code (Text); domestic violence Statutes (compiled

104. Reported Frequency Of Domestic Violence: Cross Sectional Survey Of Women Attendi
frequency of inquiry about violence by general practitioners; and women s views on routine questioning about domestic violence by general practitioners.

105. Jewkes 324 (7332): 253
10. Bradley F, Smith M, Long J, O Dowd T. Reported frequency of domestic violence cross sectional survey of women attending general practice.

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Jewkes, R.
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Abuse (child, partner, elder)
BMJ 2002;324:253-254 ( 2 February )
Preventing domestic violence
Most women welcome inquiries, but doctors and nurses rarely ask about it Papers pp Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, or psychological. Physical and sexual violence by an intimate partner are common problems, affecting 20-50% of women at some stage in life in most populations surveyed globally. Between 3% and 50% of women have experienced it in the past year. Domestic violence has a profound impact on the physical and mental health of those who experience it. As well as injuries, it is associated with an increased risk of a range of physical and mental health problems and is an important cause of mortality from injuries and suicide.

106. NAAG Commemorates National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, including a candlelight ceremony for victims and survivors of domestic violence; the Attorney general’s Advisory
NAAG Members, log in here to enter the backpages.
For media inquiries and other press-related questions, please contact the NAAG Press Center at (202) 326-6027. News Releases
NAAG Commemorates National Domestic Violence Awareness Month
October, 2002 The National Association of Attorneys General joins the nation in commemorating October 2002 as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As the chief legal officers of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands, and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, and the Virgin Islands, Attorneys General are committed to ending domestic violence and helping women and children whose lives are devastated by violence. On October 15, NAAG will sponsor a Conference on Multidisciplinary Responses to Family Violence in Washington, D.C. The event will feature law enforcement officials, health care providers, faith-based organizations, and experts from several other disciplines who will address family violence from diverse perspectives. A number of my colleagues also are highlighting this important month with a number of initiatives and activities designed to increase public’s awareness in their own communities. Here’s just a sampling of some of these events:

107. North Carolina Domestic Violence Orders Statistics
enacted laws strengthening existing NC domestic violence laws, primarily the domestic violence Act found in the North Carolina general Statutes Chapter 50B.
North Carolina Domestic Violence Orders Statistics
In 1995 and 1996, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted laws strengthening existing NC domestic violence laws, primarily the Domestic Violence Act found in the North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 50B. Effective April 1, 1996, the Sheriff of each county is required to provide for the immediate entry of all Domestic Violence Protective Orders into the State Bureau of Investigation's (SBI) Division of Criminal Information Domestic Violence Order File. Two types of Domestic Violence Orders may be issued: Ex Parte Orders and Protective Orders. Ex Parte Orders are usually issued by the District Court judge, but may be issued by a magistrate if authorized by the Chief District Court judge. Ex Parte Orders protect alleged victim and minor children prior to a domestic violence court hearing. These Orders may also provide limited emergency relief. If issued by a magistrate, the Ex Parte Orders are valid for 72 hours from filing for relief, or until the end of the next day on which district court is in session in the county, whichever is earlier. (If the Order is issued by a magistrate, a hearing is scheduled before a District Court judge who may issue another Ex Parte Order.) If the Ex Parte Order is issued by a District Court judge, the Order is valid for the period of time specified in the Order, which can be up to one year.

Go Back to News Page. January 13, 2004. MORE THAN 100 OFFICERS GRADUATE FROM ATTORNEY general S domestic violence COURSE. TRENTON – Advancing
Peter C. Harvey, Attorney General
Vaughn L. McKoy, Director

Chuck Davis
January 13, 2004 MORE THAN 100 OFFICERS GRADUATE FROM ATTORNEY GENERAL'S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COURSE The course, which concluded Friday, Jan. 9, is designed to provide police officers and investigators an in depth understanding of the dynamics of domestic violence and the laws needed to effectively investigate and prosecute a case. The course is part of the continuing advanced in-service training provided to law enforcement by the Prosecution Supervision and Coordination section with in Criminal Justice to enhance investigative and prosecution techniques. Domestic violence is a significant problem in New Jersey, effecting nearly 80,000 woman, children and elderly statewide. In 2002, 52 people were murdered during a domestic violence incident, a 30 percent increase over 2001 homicides. "Domestic violence tears and the inner-fabric of every family. Victims and family members are devastated by the fear and isolation they suffer when placed in a violent home setting," said the Attorney General.

109. Domestic Violence Programs
In 2001 the NC general Assembly voted to keep additional domestic violence funds in the recurring budget, bringing the total amount of funds distributed to
N.C. Council for Women
Domestic Violence Commission
Mission/history Staff Programs DV Commission Bylaws
Domestic Violence Programs Overview and History State funds were dispersed to 17 domestic violence programs in fiscal year 1982-83 through the N.C. Council for Women. Programs received an average grant of $10,000. By 1987 the number of funded programs had increased to 49. The N.C. General Assembly began funding sexual assault programs in 1984. The initial appropriation was $181,933 which was distributed among 14 programs. In 1991 the General Assembly increased the Marriage License fee and used the money to create the Domestic Violence Center Fund. In 1992 SB 1256, Ch. 988 authorized the fund to be administered by Department of Administration's Council for Women. By 1999 the Council for Women was funding 77 programs and the Domestic Violence Coalition with grants of $33,910 each. Ten additional counties were funded for start-up programs with average amounts of $10,500. Programs also received $17,400 from marriage license fees. In 1999 the Governor created the Domestic Violence Commission as the state's first permanent commission to coordinate strategy, policy, programs and services to combat domestic violence.

110. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood
domestic violence. The Attorney general’s Office hosted a statewide conference on domestic violence. The Conference was designed
Home Divisions About This Office
Official Opinions
... D2 Interactive

111. Domestic Violence
For immediate release Thursday, March 12, 1998. Miller and Attorneys general Call for New Curbs on domestic violence. National
For immediate release Thursday, March 12, 1998.
Miller and Attorneys General Call for New Curbs on Domestic Violence
National Association of Attorneys General Urges "Zero-Tolerance" Policy on Violence Against Women
WASHINGTON. Attorney General Tom Miller and the National Association of Attorneys General today declared a commitment to a "zero tolerance policy on violence against women." The Association adopted a resolution today advocating a strong new package of steps targeting domestic abuse in Iowa and across the nation. The Attorneys General called for recognizing "stay-away" protective orders across state lines, enhancing penalties for persons who batter partners in front of children, and victim-counselor confidentiality. "Ninety-four Iowans have been killed in domestic abuse murders since January 1, 1990, including ten children," Miller said. "And that's just the tip of the iceberg. We know of thousands more Iowans who are injured or terrorized every year, and countless more cases go completely unreported. It's a major problem and we have to keep up the pressure to solve it." The resolution adopted at the spring meeting in Washington of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) called for action at the state and national level:
  • Full funding of the federal Violence Against Women Act, which created grants for local law enforcement efforts and barred batterers under protection orders from crossing state lines to pursue partners.

112. Domestic Violence -- Eaton County (Michigan) Prosecuting Attorney
(Surgeon general Antonia Novello, as quoted in domestic violence Battered Women, publication of the Reference Department of the Cambridge Public Library
March 05, 2003

Site Web (via FreeFind
Domestic Violence statute

Natalie Clinkscales

Domestic Violence Specialist

Help for domestic violence victims

What does it mean?

Did you know ... ?

What to do?
Michigan's Domestic Violence Statute
Michigan laws define "domestic violence" as an assault or battery by a spouse former spouse person residing or having resided in the same household as the victim person having a child in common with the victim person with whom he/she has or has had a dating relationship Michigan uses two classifications of domestic violence:
Domestic Assault [MCL 750.81]
Victim need not be injured!
Criminal penalties (+ possible probation, counseling, community service, etc.):
1st conviction (misdemeanor): up to 93 days in jail and/or $500 fine
2nd conviction (misdemeanor): up to 1 year in jail and/or $1,000 fine
3rd or more conviction (felony): up to 2 years in prison and/or $2,500 fine
Aggravated Domestic Assault [MCL 750.81a]
Victim must receive serious or aggravated injuries (such as injuries requiring immediate medical attention)
Criminal penalties (+ possible probation, counseling, community service, etc.):

113. Safe Horizon Domestic Violence Shelter Tour
domestic violence Shelter Tour learn about domestic violence, find help What is domestic violence? Take the QUIZ and see how Tour a domestic violence Shelter. Join us as we go find suggestions on preventing domestic violence in your area and
What is domestic violence?
Take the QUIZ and see how much you know
Tour a Domestic Violence Shelter
Join us as we go from room to room. Hear the voices of women who have sought shelter with Safe Horizon, see pictures of the inside of a shelter, and find answers to the questions battered women entering a shelter might ask. When you exit the tour, you will find suggestions on preventing domestic violence in your area and what corporations can do to help. Find Help in the USA Use our map to locate domestic violence resources in your state. Find links to other domestic violence resources on the web. Links to Resources Throughout the World Links to over 150 sites throughout the world. Resources in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Italy, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, South Asia, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela. Essential Information for Battered Women How to make a safety plan and how the police can help.

114. Metropolitan Nashville Police Department - Domestic Violence Division
domestic violence Division. Call 8803000 8am-10pm; 862-8600 after 10pm.
Police Home Investigative Services Bureau Features Citizen Police Academy Cold Case Unit (DA) Crime of the Week Crime Stoppers Wanted Law Enf. Torch Run Missing Persons Unsolved Homicides Wanted Fugitives
Domestic Violence Division
Call 880-3000 8am-10pm; 862-8600 after 10pm The Domestic Violence Section of the Metro Nashville Police Department thinks that you should know some of the warning signs of Domestic Abuse and the responses you can receive. Look through our sections below and see if there are multiple warning signs that are occurring in your life. Then look to see the responses available, which can help you and your family out of this type of situation. Remember domestic violence does not tend to end but escalate in both severity and frequency the longer a victim waits before taking action. There is help and information available for you to break this cycle of violence. Call 880-3000 if you need assistance. Phones are manned from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with evening investigators who may be in at other hours. For help, call 862-8600; Call

115. Family Violence Prevention Fund End Abuse
Family violence Prevention Fund end abuse The Family violence Prevention Fund quot;works to end domestic violence and help women and children whose lives are devastated by abuse. quot; This Web

116. Mental Help Net - Domestic Violence
In 2002 the Metropolitan Police were called out to 104,000 incidents of domestic violence, from Hampstead to Hackney. This abuse knows no social barriers.

117. Nevada AGO Domestic Violence
domestic violence awareness and prevention information site domestic violence Prevention Council. domestic violence in Nevada THE NEXT MILLENNIUM CONFERENCE. domestic violence in Nevada - QUARTER 2 - 2000. April June. domestic

118. The Problem
The National Coalition Against domestic violence depends upon public donations to continue its Barriers to Leaving A Violent Relationship. Predictors Of domestic violence. Checklist
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence depends upon public donations to continue its work. You can help! Making a donation through our secure server is fast and easy, and when we receive your donation, we will send you an acknowledgement in the mail for tax purposes. Click on the Give button to make a donation. Thank you for your support!
The Problem

119. Illinois Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Services Directory
domestic violence AND SEXUAL ASSAULT SERVICES DIRECTORY. For information on full service rape crisis centers or domestic violence
Skip Navigation Home Press Room Legislation ... MethNet DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT SERVICES DIRECTORY For information on full service rape crisis centers or domestic violence programs please enter at least one of the following pieces of information: por favor provea por lo menos uno de los datos siguientes: Name of the Program County Served Select One Adams Alexander Bond Boone Brown Bureau Calhoun Carroll Cass Champaign Christian Clark Clay Clinton Coles Cook Crawford Cumberland DeKalb DeWitt Douglas DuPage Edgar Edwards Effingham Fayette Ford Franklin Fulton Gallatin Greene Grundy Hamilton Hancock Hardin Henderson Henry Iroquois Jackson Jasper Jefferson Jersey JoDaviess Johnson Kane Kankakee Kendall Knox Lake LaSalle Lawrence Lee Livingston Logan Macon Macoupin Madison Marion Marshall Mason Massac McDonough McHenry McLean Menard Mercer Monroe Montgomery Morgan Moultrie Ogle Peoria Perry Pike Platt Pope Pulaski Putnam Randolph Richland Rock Island Saline Sangamon Schuyler Scott Shelby St. Clair Stark Stephenson Tazewell Union Vermillion Wabash Warren Washington Wayne White Whiteside Will Williamson Winnebago Woodford Select the Service: Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault

Additional services for sexual assault victims

Servicios adicionales para victimas de asalto sexual
Additional Services for domestic violence victims ...
Servicios para abusadores
Database Printable Version [ PDF Format Word Format
Texto ... Contact Us

120. Domestic Violence: A Selected Bibliography
domestic violence A Selected Bibliography. Minnesota Center Against violence and Abuse. Causes and maintenance of domestic violence An ecological analysis.
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Domestic Violence: A Selected Bibliography
Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse Publication Date: Not Available
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2 Carlson, B. E. (1984). Causes and maintenance of domestic violence: An ecological analysis. Social Service Review, 58 Dutton, D. G. (1995). The domestic assault of women (2nd ed.) Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press. Family Advocate, 17 The dark side of families: Current family violence research . Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Current controversies on family violence . Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Iles, C. (1996). Out of control: Stories of men who are leaving violence and partner abuse behind . Wellington, New Zealand: Pacific Education Resources Trust. Family violence . Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Radomsky, N. A. (1995). Lost voices: Women, chronic pain, and abuse . Binghamton, NY: Hawthorn Press. Ringold, S. J. (1985). Spousal abuse in Rabbinic and contemporary Judaism . New York: National Federation of Jewish Sisterhoods. Steinman, M. (Ed.) (1991).

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