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1. Endangered Species Update Magazine
on scientific and political aspects of current threatened and endangered species protection efforts. nondesert areas of Africa.wild dogs are cooperative hunters, they hunt
The Endangered Species UPDATE, published by the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, is the leading forum for information on scientific and political aspects of current threatened and endangered species protection efforts. In its 21 years of publication, the UPDATE has established itself as the primary forum for government agencies, conservation organizations, private consulting and law firms, zoos, museums educational institutions, and others to exchange ideas and information on endangered species issues. Rodriguez fruit bat
Pteropus rodricensis

Photo: Jim Schulz
Courtesy Brookfield Zoo Flying foxes roost outside in the sun rather than in caves and use eyesight more than echolocation, to locate their food at night. They are very effective pollinators. Rodriguez fruit bats are found exclusively on the island of Rodriguez, 1600 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.There are about 1200 individuals living in the wild. Threats to its survival include loss of habitat, electrocution, and poisoning. Source: Micke Grove Zoological Society Source: University of Michigan. Animal Diversity Web

2. : For Pet Owners : Endangered Animals : Endangered Animal Species
shopping, chat, dog, dogs, gift, gifts, cat, cats, pet, pets, fish, bird, birds, pet supplies, small animals, dog food, community, pet food, pet care, pet toys, cat food, cat toys, dog dogs. cats. birds. wild birds International Trade in endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora CITES endangered and threatened speciesThe UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
dogs cats birds wild birds ... Endangered Animals Endangered Animal Species Ways you can help endangered species Endangered Species Need Your Help! Here Are Some Ways That You Can Get Involved. The Endangered Species Act The Endangered Species Act (ESA), passed in on World Wildlife Fund endangered species We're working to ensure that the world our children inherit will be home to rhinos, tigers, giant pandas, whales, and other wildlife species, as well as people. Summary of CITES The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES, is a multinational agreement that regulates international trade in certain plant and animal species in order to prevent their overexploitation. Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy Our species is on the brink of causing, single-handedly, the worst mass extinction in 65 million years. Endangered and threatened species The UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre maintains this database of threatened species. Information is categorized by taxonomic class as well as common name. EELink Endangered Species Don't miss the wealth of information about endangered speceies available at the EELink website.

3. ENDANGERED In The Wild : Oceans
all eight species of sea turtles are now threatened or endangered. Leatherback they are laid. Domestic dogs and pigs, which accompany release of turtles to the wild. The permit fees
LEATHERBACK SEA TURTLE Global Oceans Unknown Once a male leatherback sea turtle struggles from its egg and makes its way to the sea as a 4-inch (10 cm) hatchling, it may never again return to land during its 80-year lifetime. Although they are air-breathing animals born on land, leatherbacks, like all sea turtles, spend their lives in the ocean. Females return to land only to lay their eggs.
Species Description and Range
The leatherback is the largest sea turtle. It can grow up to 6.5 feet (2 m) long and weigh 1,400 pounds (636 kg). The leatherback gets its name from its shell, which is like a thick leathery skin, with the texture of hard rubber. It is a circumglobal species, meaning that it can range throughout almost all the oceans of the world. It nests on tropical beaches in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Once abundant throughout the world's oceans, all eight species of sea turtles are now threatened or endangered. Leatherback populations have plummeted in recent years. In the 1980s the worldwide population was estimated at nearly 100,000. Breeding

4. Louisiana Department Of Wildlife And Fisheries
Home Page Programs Nongame Programs threatened endangered species. species LISTED AS threatened (T), endangered (E), CANDIDATE (C) IN LOUISIANA dogs. Panther tracks are almost never confirmed. The records indicate that we do not have a wild

5. Threatened And Endangered Species
raise money to buy guard dogs for ranchers who are worried Dont buy wild or exotic animals as pets. Dont buy products made from threatened or endangered species, like ivory
Endangered Species in Endangered Spaces
Part One: Endangered Spaces Part Two: Biological Diversity Part Three: Management Laws Part Four: Student Involvement Part Five: Montana's Threatened
Part Six: Black-footed Ferret Part Seven: Pallid Sturgeon
Part One: ENDANGERED SPACES "Man masters nature not by force but by understanding."
Jacob Bronowski
"We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."
Aldo Leopold
"The 'liquid gold' of the 21 st century won't be oilit will be water."
"The animals of the planet are in desperate peril.... Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen." Alice Walker Finding funding for science has never been an easy task. When asked by Queen Victoria what good was all this science, British physicist Michael Faraday replied, "Madam, of what use is a baby?" from Broca's Brain

6. African Wild Dog: WhoZoo
Personal Observations The survival of African wild dogs is threatened by a reductionof prey The wild dog has been on the endangered species list since 1984
African Wild Dog Name: African Wild Dog Scientific name: Lycaon pictus Range: South Africa and east of Sahara Habitat: Grasslands, Savannas, and Woodlands of East Africa Status: Endangered Diet in the wild: Warthogs, zebras, water bugs, ostriches, rhinos, Grants Gazelle, elephants Diet in the zoo: Carnivorous diet Location in the zoo: Not currently on exhibit Physical description Wild dogs have a canine body shape like a wolf's, but they have larger, bat like ears and white tipped tails. They have splotches of black, yellow, white, and dark brown, with no two dogs marked exactly the same. General information Wild dogs have a highly developed social structure. They live in packs that vary from 10 to 15 animals, including males, females, and young. Their packs are nomadic, and they roam across a range of 1 to 30 miles a day. Members of the pack cooperate when hunting and raising their young. Normally, only the highest ranking male and female breed. However, other pack members help protect and raise the pups. Wild dogs greet one another through vocalizations, body posture, and licking. They have a ritualized midday greeting ceremony of squeaking and thrusting their muzzles into one anther's faces. Wild dogs are vulnerable to the diseases of domestic dogs from nearby human communities. They are also threatened by ranchers and trophy hunters.
Alpha female with pups courtesy of Africam Special anatomical, physiological or behavioral adaptations

7. Threatened Species
of rats, cats, stoats and dogs, the populations Videos wild South Videos, TVNZ NaturalHistory Unit Zealand nightmare Saving New Zealand s endangered birds The
@import url(/includes/style-modern.css); Home Learn Teacher Units Threatened Species ... Camouflage
Threatened Species at Wellington Zoo
Teacher's Notes

Threatened native animals at Wellington Zoo

Threatened exotic animals at Wellington Zoo
Useful resources
Teacher's notes
Education staff at Wellington Zoo are available to help with planning a study unit to suit your students' needs and can provide you with further resources on this topic. This page contains information and activity sheets (listed to the right hand side of this page), that are suitable for: Living World
3:3 Research and describe how some species have become extinct or are endangered
3:4 Research where and how a range of New Zealand animals live
6:4 Investigate a New Zealand example of how people apply biological principles to animal management. Biology
6:3 Identify and explain effects of introduced plants and animals on New Zealand's native flora and fauna, and methods for controlling their impact. Social Studies
Place and Environment: Levels 2, 5, 6
Time, Continuity and Change: Level 7

8. Eco Media
an attempt to reduce wild dogs numbers in Pests, wildlife and threatened speciesTheBush administration that may reduce protection for the endangered species.

9. Louisiana Department Of Wildlife And Fisheries
species accounts about threatened and endangered species in Louisiana areas, and pointto some other animal, typically dogs. we do not have a wild population of

10. Endangered Species (bird Dog Endangered Prairie Species )
dedicated to propagation of assurance colonies for the survival of threatened andendangered species of turtles Prairie dogs in the wild, Information on
endangered species
Central Jersey Bird Club
Mission and club information, their meetings and events. Serving the Somerset, Union and Middlesex counties.
The Central Jersey Bird Club is committed to excellence in aviculture. We gather and share informationt with all who desire to promote the health and welfare of all avian species, particularly those kept or bred as pets and identified as endangered species
Exotic Bird Rescue

List of links on general bird information along with some rescue links and information.
Bird Mag Dot Com

Pet bird breeder resources, including articles on building aviaries, rare avian species, conservation, legislation, bird clubs, bird laws by state, bird business, ecotravel, bird sounds, parrot pictures, bird parks and zoos, and wild birds.
Online Magazine for Aviculturists, cage and aviary construction; care booklets; rare species; legislation; changing environment: food, disease, weather; bird theft; interviews; clubs, laws by state, bird business info by state; tax tips for aviculturists
Berkshire Bird Paradise Sanctuary

Sanctuary for disabled and unwanted birds. Information about the facility, programs, membership, and resident birds.

11. Colong Foundation For Wilderness
attempt to control wild dogs and conserve for protection under the threatened speciesConservation Act recovery plans under endangered species protection laws
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Dingo? Friend or Foe? Current wild dogs management in NSW aims to protect Dingoes in their core habitat areas. But, as the Regulatory Review Committee of the NSW Parliament recently noted, “it is however anomalous that the main NSW initiative to conserve existing Dingo populations is being undertaken under an Act that will classify them, statewide, as a pest requiring eradication.” This intended protection program will be through plans developed by Rural Lands Protection Boards that are concerned with stock losses, not Dingo conservation. Aggressive eradication of wild dogs and tokenistic conservation efforts are not going to reverse the extinction of the Dingo, which is primarily caused by interbreeding with feral dogs. Meanwhile, the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is conducting lethal experiments on endangered Quolls in the wilderness areas of Kosciuszko to justify its wild dog management to farmer critics and is preparing environmental studies to support its aerial 1080 poison baiting programs in the parks of northern NSW. Download Adobe Acrobat version of the text of Colong Foundation's nomination of Dingo Populations as endangered under the Threatened Species Conservation Act

12. Threatened Birds Worldwide - The Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds
settled in the islands bringing dogs, cats and still survives in the wild in very SourceThreatened and endangered species wildlife information factsheet (3/03

13. Endangered Species
African wild dogs AUTHOR Gentle, Victor ISBN 0836830946 Publish Date January2002 Format A Guide to endangered and threatened species in Virginia AUTHOR
Book Reviews and Compare Prices for Endangered Species
Home Browse Books Bookstore List Top Selling Books ... Rate Book Stores Search: Title/Author/Keywords/ISBN
Endangered Species Book Review and Price Comparison
Pages: Next Top Selling Books for Endangered Species Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?
AUTHOR: Bill Martin, Eric Carle (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0805017585
Publish Date: July 2003
Format: Hardcover
Compare prices for this book
Will We Miss Them? Endangered Species
AUTHOR: Alexandra Wright, Marshall H. Peck, III (Illustrator)
ISBN: 0881064882
Publish Date: January 1993 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book The Future of Life AUTHOR: Wilson, Edward Osborne ISBN: 0679450785 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Conservation of Exploited Species AUTHOR: John D. Reynolds (Editor), et al ISBN: 0521787335 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book Tigers at Twilight (Magic Tree House Series #19) AUTHOR: Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca (Illustrator) ISBN: 0679890653 Publish Date: August 1999 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book The Biology of Rarity: Causes and Consequences of Rare-Common Differences (Population and Community Biology Series , Vol 17)

14. Wildlife Science Center: Conservation
Many endangered and threatened species throughout the world would also home to twoNew Guinea Highland dogs. research has revealed that this wild dog is unique
The Wildlife Science Center (WSC) is the proud participant in the Species Survival Plan for the red wolf and for the Mexican gray wolf. Both were reduced to near extinction before public and private efforts to restore these predators. The Wildlife Science Center is a proud participant in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for the red wolf and the Mexican gray wolf. Both were reduced to near extinction before governmental and private efforts to restore them began. Conservation trapping efforts in the 1970's located only 14 reproductively viable red wolves and 7 Mexican gray wolves; these animals formed the base for all future endeavors to keep extinction at bay. In 1980, both animals were effectively considered extirpated from the wild. This meant that their survival would rely completely on captive facilities. Reintroduction projects for both Mexican gray and red wolves depend upon cooperators like the WSC to provide safe housing for education, exhibit, and breeding. WSC is also home to two New Guinea Highland dogs. Preliminary research has revealed that this wild dog is unique. The Center's provision of space is done so with the hopes that someday these wild dogs can be restored to their native land.

15. International Wildlife: NWF Seeks Protection For Prairie Dogs To Help Save Weste
NWF Seeks Protection for Prairie dogs To Help Featured on Keep the wild Alive posters,educational web site are 25 threatened and endangered species NWF has
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YOU ARE HERE Articles International Wildlife Nov, 1998 Content provided in partnership with
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Tell a friend Find subscription deals NWF Seeks Protection for Prairie Dogs To Help Save Western Grasslands - includes other wildlife news from around the globe
International Wildlife
Nov, 1998
Wolves are back! So convincingly, in fact, that federal officials believe the gray wolf is now ready to stand on its own in some parts of the country without the protection of the Endangered Species Act, and to thrive with lesser protection in other regions. It's an extraordinary comeback for an animal that had been virtually exterminated from the 48 states by the 1920s. For nearly two decades, the National Wildlife Federation has played a pivotal role in that comeback, first leading the fight to gain Endangered Species Act protection for wolves and then to restore populations to the Yellowstone region and central Idaho. In recognition of NWF's efforts, Federation President Mark Van Putten represented the only environmental group invited to participate in the recent ceremony in which Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Jamie Clark announced plans to reduce federal involvement in wolf management.

16. Genetic Savings And Clone - The Leading Provider Of Pet Gene Banking And Pet Clo
that work to repopulate endangered canids, including varieties of wolves, foxes,and wild dogs. mother (when cloning a threatened species, researchers perform
SOCIAL BENEFITS Endangered Species
Every day, approximately 100 living species disappear due to hunting, poaching, competition between humans and other animals for scarce resources, and, most of all, loss of habitat. With the advent of cloning, wildlife conservationists have a new tool in their efforts to protect endangered species from extinction. Cloning is the new last line of defense for these animals; after habitat preservation, poaching control, and captive breeding. Although those other methods are more efficient than cloning, they don't always succeed (for more information about this, see "What impact will cloning have on genetic diversity?" in our Ethical FAQs ). In those instances, cloning may be the only way to prevent the loss of a species forever. in vitro fertilization, IVF, and cloning) to organizations that work to repopulate endangered canids, including varieties of wolves, foxes, and wild dogs. The first threatened animal to be cloned was the cattle-like Asian gaur ( Bos frontalis ). Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a Massachusetts-based company, used its experience in cattle cloning to produce a gaur clone using a cow as a surrogate mother (when cloning a threatened species, researchers perform an "interspecies embryo transfer," which means the cloned embryo is transferred to a surrogate mother of a different, though related, species). Noah, the gaur, was born in January 2001, and died of dysentery two days later.

17. Lists
Birds Satellite Tracking of threatened species The Migratory Swift Fox ReintroductionProgram Are Wolves endangered? Wolf Page FAQ on African wild dogs Foxes
Species Index by Category Endangered and Extinct Species Lists Endangered Species (EE-link) Endangered Species by Region ... Endangered Species Home Page
Losses in Biodiversity Maine's lost species Vanishing and Extinct Species of Birds and Mammals of Korea Extinct vertebrates of the U.S.A., U.S. territories and Canada since 1492
Floral gems: Flower power saves ecosystem, ENN Daily News September 25, 1997 Alabama's Endangered Plants Page California Department of Fish and Game - Special Plants List California State Listed Threatened and Endangered Animals and Plants (1992) ... Demise of the plants
Canada-Mexico Declaration Monarch Watch The Butterfly Website: Conservation and Ecology Monarch butterflies: The Miracle of Migration ... Maryland DNR Fish Fun Facts
1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals U.S. Listed Vertebrate Animal Species by Lead Region and Status
NAAMP III Deformed Frogs Amphibian Declines in Australia Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Disappearing amphibians (1992) ... World-wide Web Meeting on Amphibian Monitoring and Deformed Frogs
Center for Endangered Reptiles, Quebec

18. Keeping Wildlife In Massachusetts
or listed on the Massachusetts list of endangered, threatened, and special dog hybridsor other hybrids between domestic dogs and any wild canine species
KEEPING CAPTIVE / EXOTIC WILDLIFE Introduction People who want to acquire various wildlife species frequently contact MassWildlife for information . Some people already have an animal and may be disappointed or frustrated to learn they cannot lawfully keep it in Massachusetts. To avoid such problems and concerns, the public is encouraged to learn the laws pertaining to the possession of wildlife in Massachusetts before they acquire an animal. A summary of these laws is below. This is only a summary and people should refer to the appropriate Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) and the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) for details. Background: Massachusetts pet stores are inspected and regulated by the Department of Food and Agriculture but the stores must follow MassWildlife laws regarding the animals that they may sell. Purchasers can reasonably assume that an animal for sale in a Massachusetts pet store may be lawfully sold and possessed. Do not assume that animals for sale in other states, including those states adjoining Massachusetts, are lawful in Massachusetts. Similarly, be wary of animals advertised for sale on the Internet or in newspapers. These animals may be lawful at the point of origin, but not in Massachusetts.

19. Future Of The Endangered African Wild Dogs Looking Brighter After Big Litter - A
Even with the births, Africa s most threatened predator faces extinction The numberof African wild dogs a critically endangered species - in Zululand s
SITE MAP WILDLIFE NEWS Wild Net Africa News Archive Future of the endangered African Wild Dogs Looking Brighter after Big Litter. (16 September, 1998) Even with the births, Africa's most threatened predator faces extinction
The number of African wild dogs - a critically endangered species - in Zululand's Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve has doubled with the recent birth of a litter of twelve puppies. The arrival of the litter is particularly good news, not just for the Reserve, but also for the species which had reached the shadow of death's door because of human persecution, disease and severe lack of living space. With only 5 000 of these animals left in the world, the wild dog is in big trouble. It is Africa's most endangered predator. The recent births in the Umfolozi section of the Reserve follow the introduction less than a year ago of two adult males and two females from the Kruger National Park and a private reserve in Mpumalanga. Although more than twenty dogs were released in the Reserve in the early 1980's, their numbers had dwindled to just six towards the end of last year. Some had died and others had moved out of the Reserve to establish new packs, while the small pack in Hluhluwe had not bred for nearly four years. However, the Hluhluwe pack produced a litter late last year and now the Umfolozi pack has gone ahead a produced a bumper litter. Michael Somers, head of the Zululand wild dog project, said he was extremely heartened by the latest addition. However, he warned that the population could plummet if the pack came into contact with the domestic dogs infected with rabies.

20. EPA: Federal Register: Endangered And Threatened Wildlife And Plants; Proposed R
with other canids, such as domestic dogs or coyotes. List of Subjects in 50 CFR Part17 endangered and threatened iii) All wolves found in the wild within the
Federal Register Environmental Documents Recent Additions Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Federal Register FR Years FR Months ...
and Regulations
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Proposed Revision of Special Regulations for the Gray Wolf
EPA Home Privacy and Security Notice Contact Us

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