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         Diversity Social Studies Teach:     more detail
  1. Practicing What We Teach: Confronting Diversity in Teacher Education (Suny Series, Social Context of Education)

1. Social Studies Web Quests
Web quests for social studies teachers! Arizona Indians. ArizonaLand of diversity. Asians in the U.S. All rights reserved. teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is
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Daily History

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2. Social Studies Songs: Using Music To Teach Social Studies
Kahn, Jane Sapp. Harriet Tubman *teach The Children. Essay by Michael Mitchell. Books With social studies Songs. Build an Appreciation of diversity *. Folk Music
@import url(; Songs for Teaching Shop Online
See our Multicultural Songs
Using Music to Teach Social Studies
Sound clips are available from these pages.
Presidential Election 2004
Democratic Presidential Primary 2004 Songs

A special collection of songs that can be individually downloaded.

American Government
The Bill of Rights
Musical Media for Education
Elephants and Donkeys
Musical Media for Education
I'm Just A Bill
Schoolhouse Rock The Preamble Schoolhouse Rock
American History and Patriotism America the Beautiful Katherine Lee Bates St. John's Children's Choir American Labor Musical Media for Education The Battle Hymn of the Republic Battle of New Orleans Jimmy Driftwood Causes of the Civil War Coming to America Neil Diamond Dust Bowl Blues Woody Guthrie Elbow Room Schoolhouse Rock The Erie Canal The Weavers Farm Song Musical Media for Education Fifty Nifty United States Ray Charles Gettysburg Address Musical Media for Education God Bless America Irving Berlin St. John's Children's Choir

3. MiddleWeb History And Social Studies Resources
entire design is oriented to teach independence, interactivity teaches about diversity and history by looking at a lesson plan for social studies and mathematics
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Articles, E-Mail and Web Links about History
= Article or E-mail you'll find right here on MiddleWeb
= A good link on the topic we've checked out ourselves Basic Resources

American History

The Civil War
ASK ERIC Social Studies Lesson Plans
- Lots of well-documented lessons.
Reading Comprehension in the Social Studies
This page at " (University of Virginia) offers social studies and language arts teachers access to many strategies to help students comprehend non-fiction, fact-filled text. To name just a few resources: Column Notes (a learning guide arranged in columns); Comparison-Contrast Charts (for comparing two concepts by looking at similarities and differences); Concept of Definition Map (a visually organized word chart for enriching understanding of an unfamiliar term); Graphic Organizers; and History Frames/Story Maps (a graphic organizer that looks at key actors, time & place of events, problem or goal, key events, outcome, and larger relevance).
Primary Source Material from the National Archive
To encourage teachers of students at all levels touse archival documents in the classroom, the Digital Classroom provides materials from the National Archives and methods for teaching with primary sources. Includes information on workshops and summer institutes for educators and opportunities for collaboration with the National Archives and Records Administration's education program.

4. Social Studies Development Center
General social studies. Academy One social studies Curriculum Exchange This site contains the full text of dozens of lesson plans. subject sections such as archaeology, diversity sources, electronic texts, books and teachers. social studies Sources (Indiana University School of Education) teach With Movies
General Social Studies Academy One Social Studies Curriculum Exchange This site contains the full text of dozens of lesson plans. The original group of 700 lesson plans were developed in the Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops by a consortium of teachers from 14 states dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural, western, United States, particularly the quality of math and science education. These lesson plans are available with permission from Big Sky Telegraph, which distributed these lesson plans. Alberta Social Studies Council: One World Web Site Features council news, links, a discussion forum, and a social studies events calendar. CUBE (The Center for Understanding Our Built Environment) Educational "architivities," workshops, and publications. CSS (Computers in the Social Studies) Journal According to its website, this electronic educational journal is "dedicated to the promotion of computers and related technology in social studies classrooms, at all levels." "Connections+" from the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) Connections+ consists of Internet resourceslesson plans, activities, curriculum resourceslinked with corresponding subject-area content standards in the arts, behavioral/social sciences, civics, economics, foreign language, geography, health/PE, history, language arts, math, and science, as well as multi/inter-disciplinary lesson plans.

5. Teach The Children Well-Social Studies
the Edge Curious Kids Currency Conversion Discover Our Earth diversity Calendar Flags Planet Say Hello to the World Shocking Geography social studies for Kids
To view a category, click on the shell to the left Home Animals The Arts Early Learning Language Arts Math and Science Social Studies Other Topics Links for Parents and Teachers
To locate a particular topic, click on the shell to the left Africa Ancient Civilizations Antarctica Around the World Asia Australia Canada Cape Cod Egypt E-mail Me Europe Flags Germany Japan Massachusetts Medieval Life Mexico and Central America Native Americans South America United States Washington D.C.
Africa Focus
Africa for Kids

In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trail

Motherland Nigeria
Welcome to Africa
Ancient Civilizations
Aboriginal Art and Culture
Ancient Art

Ancient China Index

Ancient Civilizations
Walking With Cavemen
Antarctica 2001
Frozen Under
POP Goes Antarctica Under Antarctic Ice ... Wild Kids Antarctica
Around the World
4 to 40 Atlapedia BalloonHat Experience Biomes of the World ... Xpeditions
About Korea Afghanistan AskAsia Borneo ... Virtual China
Australia Down Under Australia for Kids Australia: The Land and Its People Australia the Land Down Under ... Wild Kids
Arctic Information Arctic Studies Center Canadian Geographic Cariboo Gold Rush ... Saskatchewan Stories
Cape Cod
Around Cape Cod with Cap'n Goody Bass River Cruise Katharine Lee Bates Buttonbush Trail ... Zooquarium
Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptians Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple Astronomy of the Pharoahs ... Egypt, Secrets of an Ancient World

6. ProTeacher! Culture Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades K-6 In
Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for A lesson plan using grocery store items to teach students about global diversity source.
Quick Jump to.. BUSYBOARD PRIMARY K-3 GRADES 4-6 THE VENT ARCHIVE MAIN INDEX Child Dev. Class Mgt Humanities Mathematics Reading LA Soc Studies Science T Supplies Teaching P
Classroom Library HELP!

Grades 4-6
] 4 Replies How do you integrate socst/science and use reading basal?
Primary Themes
] 4 Replies New Student - a bit long
] 4 Replies Computer grading program
] 4 Replies Parent driving me crazy
] 4 Replies The Race has begun!
] 4 Replies New Teacher Committee
] 3 Replies School Policy on Tardies
] 3 Replies Book sets for Science Primary Themes ] 3 Replies What do you want? Primary Themes ] 3 Replies Ocean poetry and songs Primary Themes ] 3 Replies Navajo The VENT ] 3 Replies Curious The VENT ] 3 Replies How to teach cross curricular Grades 4-6 ] 3 Replies public education issues Grades 4-6 ] 3 Replies teacher site BusyBoard ] 2 Replies summer camp BusyBoard ] 2 Replies 1st grade reading tutor ideas Primary Themes ] 2 Replies Homework sheets Primary Themes ] 2 Replies Social Studies Culture Social Studies - Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students!

7. Social Studies
lesson for teachers of social studies at grades 4 to 12 on diversity, patriotism and freedom of expression bibliography you can use to teach social studies concepts. .,1607,7-140-6525_6530_6568-19452--,00.html
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Social Studies The purpose of social studies is to develop social understanding and civic efficacy (the readiness and willingness to assume citizenship responsibilities and to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a democratic society.) The social studies curriculum builds four capacities in young people: disciplinary knowledge, thinking skills, commitment to democratic values, and citizen participation.
Social Studies Content Standards and Benchmarks To provide schools and parents with a set of learning expectations, parents, educators, business leaders and university professionals developed Michigan Curriculum Framework What's New Due Process International Organizations and Agreements That Encourage International Cooperation
INSTRUCTION Developed by the Michigan Department of Education in cooperation with hundreds of teachers and several Intermediate School Districts, MI CLiMB Diversity, Patriotism, Freedom of Expression And the Star-Spangled Banner A lesson for teachers of social studies at grades 4 to 12 on diversity, patriotism and freedom of expression. Glossary of Social Studies Terms This glossary is a tool to help teachers understand the language of social studies. The 35 page document is intended for

8. Other Resources
experiences. teach with Movies. Calendar. The University of Kansas presents a diversity Calendar useful in the social studies K12 classroom. The
Boards and Departments of Education Government Resources History-Social Studies References Latino Resources ... Museums and Exhibits Online
Boards and Departments of Education
California Department of Education. Information on all facets of K-12 state education programs with links to a variety of resources on the Internet.
Los Angeles County Board of Education. LACOE provides over 400 programs and servicesranging from Educational Programs and Educational Services, to Business Services and Technology. Use their PowerSearch engine to find exactly what you're looking for.
Los Angeles Unified School District. School district resources which include classroom management tips, success strategies, and helpful hints.
State Departments of Education. This site provides links to the 50 state departments of education in the United States.
U.S. Department of Education. Contains a Teacher's Guide to resources offered by the Department as well as programs and services, additional publications and products, news releases, and links to other sites of interest to teachers. You can also search the Department's document collection by entering key words.
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Government Resources
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.

9. Great Picture Books To Teach Social Studies, 4–6
Great Picture Books to teach social studies, 4–6. Africa, this unique book explores diversity in the the National Council for the social studies as National

10. NCSS DataBank - Resources For Social Studies Educators
teach political, social studies Education Site. Features social studies, diversity, NBPTS, Sister Cities, Profession, Multimedia, and numerous Links. Hokanson's social studies
DataBank Main Menu NCSS Home Page Discussion Board NCSS Position Statements ... NCSS Standards Welcome to NCSS DataBank Tuesday, June 08 2004 @ 05:18 PM EDT
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Teaching Resources Resources are categorized by the ten themes of the Curriculum Standards for Social Studies. For an explanation of these themes, click here
Global Connections
Civic Ideals and Practices
Professional Resources
Notable Social Studies Books Student News and Views Worth Watching ... NCSS Information Services resources
Web Links Add A Link
X Civic Ideals and Practices
Affiliated Councils

11. Great Picture Books To Teach Social Studies, K–3
Great Picture Books to teach social studies, K–3. saga depicts the past and present diversity of the the National Council for the social studies as National

12. Social Studies Lesson Plans And Resources
social studies Lesson Plans and Resources. Click on "Current Events" in the site index for lesson plans related to September 11, 2001, the oneyear anniversary of those horrific events, or the current war with Iraq. See also Curriculum Why teach Current Events? about family changes. Cultural diversity The American Family - Past, Present, and Future
Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
Click on "Current Events" in the site index for lesson plans related to September 11, 2001, the one-year anniversary of those horrific events, or the current war with Iraq. Click here to find social studies standards and curricula from all 50 states. This page contains lesson plans for all social studies subjects except geography and history. Lesson plans for those two subjects have been moved to separate pages, but can still be accessed from the index below. This site was last updated 5- 16-04.

13. Integrating Language And Culture In The Social Studies
for Research on Cultural diversity and Second the academic language of social studies and implemented instructional lessons designed to teach language and
Center for Applied Linguistics
Integrating Language and Culture in the Social Studies
The National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning . (This Center was one of 21 research centers funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement of the U.S. Department of Education.)
This five-year research project investigated ways in which classroom teachers could promote students' academic language competence and social studies knowledge in their second language, develop and implement social studies lessons that are sensitive to the cultural and educational backgrounds of language minority students, and help these students adapt to the school-based culture. From 1991-1995, we had examined American history and world studies in middle school classrooms in multiple sites across the nation to identify which academic language and culture demands of this content area pose difficulties for these students and which strategies lead to student success. The classroom-based research was accomplished through observations, interviews, and the development of exemplary lesson plans and curricula that integrate language learning with content objectives. One component of this project, focused on the academic discourse in social studies classes, by analyzing samples of the language competence students need to succeed in the classes from textbooks, assignments, classroom interaction, and teacher talk. Another part of the research investigated ways to make language minority students familiar with common activities that occur in social studies classes, such as role playing, research reporting, and cooperative learning. Overall, the project identified promising practices that effective teachers use to help language minority students participate actively in class, develop English proficiency, and learn about American and world cultures while sharing information about their own.

14. Integrating Language And Content Instruction In Middle School Social Studies Cla
The National Center for Research on Cultural diversity and Second Language and English as a second language (ESL) teachers to teach social studies material to

Adult ESL Literacy

Bilingual Education


Foreign Language
Two-Way Immersion
Resources for Integrating Language and Content Instruction in Middle School Social Studies Classrooms
The National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning and the Center for Applied Linguistics produced three publications for middle school social studies teachers. The two thematic units, Protest and the American Revolution and Conflicts in World Cultures , are designed to accommodate English language learners (ELLs) in sheltered social studies or mainstream classes where native English speakers and ELLs study together. In each lesson students relate new information to prior knowledge, practice and apply new knowledge, and review what they have studied. They develop academic language skills through social studies vocabulary, reading, and writing tasks. All lessons emphasize student participatory activities and the cooperative learning approach. Both units come with lesson plans, extension activities, project-based assessment, and teacher resources, as well as language, content, and thinking skill objectives.
Protest and the American Revolution
Organized around the theme of protest, 15 individual lessons focus on events and issues that led to the American Revolution, types and symbols of protest (such as songs and political cartoons), and the roles that several ethnic, racial, and gender groups played during the 1760s and 1770s. Student readings, poems, songs, political cartoons, worksheets, and graphic organizers are included, as are instructions and materials for sentence strip activities, role plays, craftwork, jigsaws, and background information for the teacher. (170 pp.) ($10.00)

15. NCSS DataBank - Resources For Social Studies Educators
to increase awareness and validate the diversity found in media, and they can teach students to to compose, edit, and illustrate social studies research reports

16. NCSS DataBank - Resources For Social Studies Educators
settings; ability to advance department s commitment to diversity; excellent team Duties teach social studies methods for elementary and middle school and

17. What Current Events Can Teach Social Studies Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activit
What Current Events Can teach By Brandy McClellan Subject - social studies Grade Level - 5th Lesson Plan for a Fifth Grade Unit on diversity Lesson What
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What Current Events Can Teach
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Printable Version for your convenience! Title - What Current Events Can Teach
By - Brandy McClellan
Subject - Social Studies
Grade Level - 5th
Lesson Plan for a Fifth Grade Unit on Diversity
Lesson: What current events can teach
I. HEADING Brandy McClellan Social Studies 5th Grade- 24 Students Instruction Time- One hour II. RATIONAL AND BACKGROUND The purpose of this lesson is for students to get acquainted with other towns and countries around the world by using the local newspaper. History is being made everyday, but many students do not read the paper to find out what things did happen. The students will be able to look through the local paper and find articles that they feel show a country that they never heard of before or know a lot about. III. LESSON OBJECTIVES

18. Using Stories About Heroes To Teach Values
TIME USING TRADE BOOKS TO teach VALUES. Sanchez, Tony R. The social studies teacher s Lament How in Dealing with Knowledge of Ethnic diversity and Attitude
Using Stories about Heroes
To Teach Values
ERIC Identifier:
Publication Date:
Sanchez, Tony R.
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education Bloomington IN.
There has been a renewal of concern during the 1990s about teaching and learning valuesstandards that everyone should have about what is good or bad. And leading educators have recommended stories about heroes as a main means of teaching and learning values.
Teaching methods that stress only cognitive skills in the analysis and clarification of choices about values have fallen from favor. The current trend is against teaching neutrally about values. Rather, the trend is for teaching values in concert with methods of analysis and judgment that yield answers about right and wrong, better and worse concerning personal behavior and the common good (Leming 1996).
Prominent educators recommend that certain widely held values or virtues should be at the core of the school curriculum for the purpose of systematically developing the character of students. They stress the integration of cognitive development and character development through "perspective-taking, moral reasoning, thoughtful decision-making, and moral self-knowledge" (Lickona 1993, 9). And they also urge the use of personal modelsheroesin history, fiction, and current events to exemplify and encourage emulation of particular virtues or desirable traits of character, such as honesty, civility, courage, perseverance, loyalty, self-restraint, compassion, tolerance, fairness, respect for the worth and dignity of the individual, responsibility for the common good, and so forth (Leming 1996; Lickona 1991).

19. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Teacher Lesson Plans : Social Studi
GENERAL social studies. pictures of items related to current courses of study. Children s Books teach diversity, Respect Submitted Joanne E. Hughes Students
EdWorld Internet Topics
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Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Archives Social Studies SOCIAL SCIENCES GENERAL SOCIAL STUDIES An Experiment in Unfair Treatment/Prejudice Pauline Finlay, who teaches at Holy Trinity Elementary School in Torbay, Newfoundland (Canada), submitted this lesson, which offers a simple experiment to help launch a discussion of unfair treatment and prejudice/bias. (Grades 3-12) Outgroup Experiment Reveals Bias, Stereotyping Marcie Pachter, who teaches at Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida, submitted this week's lesson, which includes an activity to let students experience the bias and stereotyping often experienced by people who are different. (Grades 6-12) Puzzle Boxes for Any Subject Submitted by Pauline Finlay This lesson can be done daily or used as a special weekly lesson. Students love the anticipation of a Puzzle Box: It's an opportunity to challenge students and reward them for using critical-thinking skills. (Grades 3-5, 6-8)

20. Education World® : Site Reviews Center : Archives : Social Sciences
2002); Resources for diversity (Jan. Page (May 2001); The Smithsonian (May 1996); social studies School Service teaching 911 (Sept 2002); teach with Movies (June
EdWorld Internet Topics
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