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1. District Of Columbia Education Statistics By Race, Ethnicity And Gender
district of columbia Statistics on education and Equity Issues, By Race and Ethnicity Public Schools. district of columbia laws/regulations/policies governing equity and access issues in education. DC Voice
District of Columbia Educational Profile

Student Achievement Statistics By Race, Ethnicity and Gender

Resident Population
DC USA total, 2001 estimate percent White, not of Hispanic/Latino origin, 2000 percent Black or African American, 2000* percent American Indian or Alaskan Native, 2000* percent Asian, 2000* percent Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, 2000* percent Hispanic or Latino Origin, 2000 percent language other than English spoken at home, age 5+, 2000 percent below poverty, 1999
* includes only persons reporting one race.
** greater than zero but less than half unit of measure shown Source: U.S. Census Bureau, State and County Quickfacts - District of Columbia,

Student Enrollment, 1999-2000
(recorded October 7, 1999) Race/Ethnicity Number Percent Asian American Black Hispanic Native American or Alaskan Native White Total S ource: District of Columbia Public Schools

2. State Regulation Of Private Schools - District Of Columbia
This page provides the regulations governing the district of columbia's private schools. Municipal regulations 2100.2. Registration/Licensing/Accreditation The district of columbia Board of education is D.C. Municipal regulations 2100.2
A r c h i v e d I n f o r m a t i o n
State Regulation of Private Schools - June 2000
District of Columbia
To award credit for compliance with the District's compulsory school attendance law, independent, private and parochial schools must submit satisfactory evidence to the Superintendent of Schools that the amount of instruction, character of instruction, qualifications of staff and other conditions, such as class size, facilities, counseling services, and attendance recordkeeping, are acceptable to the Board of Education. D.C. Municipal Regulations 2100.2. Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: The District of Columbia Board of Education is responsible for establishing requirements to govern acceptable credit for studies at independent or private schools. D.C. Code Ann. 31-402(d). Schools must provide satisfactory evidence to the Superintendent of Schools that the amount of instruction, character of instruction, qualifications of staff and other conditions, such as class size, facilities, counseling services, and attendance record-keeping are acceptable to the Board. D.C. Municipal Regulations 2100.2. Institutions that submit proof of accreditation or that they are undergoing the process of accreditation by an accrediting body approved by the Board will be deemed to have presented satisfactory evidence. D.C. Municipal Regulations 2100.3. The parochial nature of an educational institution or sectarian nature of instruction cannot be a factor for the Board's determination. D.C. Municipal Regulations 2100.5.

3. District Of Columbia -- Sources [ ALSO! -- U.S. Law ]
American Law Sources Online. United States district of columbia. Legislation. Codified Laws. Court Rules. Administrative Law. Law Reviews. Other Commentary. Court Information. Legal Forms. Other Resources. D.C. Contents of district of columbia Municipal regulations and district of columbia Register These Bar Continuing Legal education . Court of Appeals Committee on

4. Cooperative State Research, Education, And Extension Service (CSREES) Of USDA
district of columbia Public Postsecondary education Reorganization Act. An Act October 26, 1974, Public Law 93471, 88 Stat. 1423, D.C. Code 31-1701 et seq. TITLE I-SHORT TITLE, PURPOSES, AND DEFINITIONS. SHORT TITLE. SEC. 101. provided by legislation enacted by Congress, or regulations adopted pursuant thereto, and applicable to such
CSREES advances knowledge for agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being, and communities through national program leadership and federal assistance. About Us buildhome("1"); Emphasis Areas buildhome("2"); Funding Opportunities buildhome("3"); Business with CSREES buildhome("4"); Newsroom buildhome("5"); National Emphasis Areas Quick Links Agricultural Systems Pest Management Research Education ... Local Extension Offices Search CSREES Web site
Advanced Search
Newsroom Highlights Stacking the deck: Dealing a handful of grasses Maximizing the anti-cancer power of broccoli Plant disease under the homeland security microscope U.S. Department of Agriculture ... Web Comments?

UNITED STATES district COURT FOR THE district OF columbia 348 F States, the district of columbia. Code, and their own regulations to provide a publiclysupported education for these

6. Amendments To D.C. Municipal Regulations
EEFSC Escheated Estates Fund Application Screening Committee. ELC education Licensure Commission. UDC University of the district of columbia.
As of March 1, 1999
NOTE: This page has been superseded. Click here to go to the new page. DCMR Title: Title 1 Title 3 Title 4 Title 5 ... Title 31 Below is the cumulative index of amendments to the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR). An asterisk (*) indicates that the particular DCMR Title is still in progress and not yet available in final form. . A list of agency abbreviations appears at the end of this document. This document is updated each month.
[Chapter amended, sections amended, nature of amendment, D.C. Register citation, date, and agency promulgating amendment]
DCMR Title 1
/Mayor and Executive Agencies (March 1986 ed.)
Chapter 1, Sec. 108.1, Fee for Dishonored Checks, 38 DCR 7204 (11-29-91)(BE) Chapter 3, Sec. 302.5, District of Columbia Register Fee Increase, 38 DCR 5665 (9-6-91)(OM) D.C. Register , 42 DCR 566 (1-27-95)(ODAI) Chapter 4, Sec. 408.10, Fee for the Publication Indices , 38 DCR 5666 (9-6-91)(OM) Chapter 4, Sec. 408.10, Fee for the Publication Indices - Amended, 44 DCR 2984 (5-16-97)(OM)

7. District Of Columbia Public Schools Guidelines On Education For Limited English
district OF columbia. PROCEDURES FOR THE IDENTIFICATION, ASSESSMENT. AND PLACEMENT OF LANGUAGE MINORITY STUDENTS. district of columbia Public Schools. Language Minority Affairs Branch. Special Programs and Alternative education. Dr. Franklin L. and the district of columbia Municipal regulations, Board of education Rules, 20023 (Student
Language Minority Affairs Branch
Special Programs and Alternative Education Dr. Franklin L. Smith
Chief State School Officer
Superintendent, District of Columbia Public Schools INTRODUCTION According to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, "No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, ornatlonal origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of; or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial asslstance." Related Federal Regulations state, "School systems are responsible for assuring that students of a particular race, color, or national origin are not denied the opportunity to obtain the education generally obtained by other students in the system" (33 Federal Register, 4956). This law has been specifically interpreted as applying to school children classified as non- or limited-English proficient (NEP/LEP) by reason of having an other-than-English home language background. Such a condition is held to preclude the student from an equal learning opportunity in an all-English-medium classroom ( Lau vs. Nichols

STATE LAWS regulations GOVERNING EQUITY ACCESS ISSUES IN education. DELAWARE, . district OF columbia, DC Public Schools Policy Directive on
DELAWARE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA D.C. Public Schools Policy Directive on Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for Limited English Proficiency Students (April 27, 1992) D.C. Public Schools, Procedures for the Identification, Assessment and Placement of Language Minority Students MARYLAND Report on the Status of Implementation of Education That Is Multicultural in Maryland PENNSYLVANIA Guidelines for Educational Programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Limited English Proficient Children Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (Section 8 - Educational Program) Secretary of Education's Policy Statement on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, May 1995 VIRGINIA Virginia State Department of Personnel and Training, Policy and Procedures on Sexual Harassment WEST VIRGINIA West Virginia Board of Education, Legislative Rules on Racial, Sexual, Religious/Ethnic Harassment and Violence

9. District Of Columbia Board Of Education
This section contains the complete text of rulemakings either currently or recently under consideration by the district of columbia Board of education. Once adopted, these rules become part of the Title 5 of the D.C. Municipal regulations.
Board of Education Menu Board Home
Board Calendar

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes
DCPS Strategic Plan for Reform

This section contains the complete text of rulemakings either currently or recently under consideration by the District of Columbia Board of Education. Once adopted, these rules become part of the Title 5 of the D.C. Municipal Regulations. Written comments on any of these emergency and proposed rulemakings are invited from interested citizens. Such comments should be addressed as follows:
Mr. Russell Smith

10. District Of Columbia Regulations
any public records or Title II of the district of columbia Administrative Procedure B. Orientation and education of employees on insurance fraud prevention
Regulatory Requirements Back to state listings District of Columbia Fraud Warning Section 22-3825.9 (Section 125I (d) of Enrolled D.C. Act 12-595) No later than 6 months after the effective date of this act [October 27, 1999], all insurance applications forms and claim forms shall contain a conspicuous warning in language the same or substantially similar to the following: "WARNING: It is a crime to provide false or misleading information to an insurer for the purpose of defrauding the insurer or any other person. Penalties include imprisonment and/or fines. In addition, an insurer may deny insurance benefits if false information materially related to a claim was provided by the applicant." Mandatory Reporting Section 22-3825.8 (Section 125h (a) of Enrolled D.C. Act 12-595) (a) Based upon a reasonable belief, an insurer, insurance professional, and any other pertinent person shall report to the Metropolitan Police Department or the Department of Insurance and Securities Regulation, actions that may constitute the commission of insurance fraud, and assist in the investigation of insurance fraud by reasonably providing information when required by an investigating authority. Bulletin 99-FR-001-5/1 Attachment 3 Recommendations for the Development and Application of the D.C. Insurance Fraud Prevention and Detection Plan

11. Charter School Autonomy -- Updated March 2002
district of columbia and Puerto Rico, charter schools receive an automatic waiver from most state and school district education laws, regulations and policies.
StateNotes Charter Schools Education Commission of the States 700 Broadway, Suite 1200 Denver, CO 80203-3460 Fax: 303.296.8332 Charter School Autonomy Most Recently Updated in April 2003
This ECS StateNote examines policies dealing with charter school autonomy across the states and answers the following questions: Are the state’s standards and assessments applied to charter schools? Are there any restrictions on a charter school’s budgetary authority? What rules are waived for charter schools?
Thirty-nine states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico apply state standards and assessments to charter schools. Twenty-three states do not place any restrictions on a charter school’s budgetary authority. Eight states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico place restrictions on a charter school’s budgetary authority. In six states, restrictions, if any, on a charter school’s budgetary authority are specified in the charter. Restrictions on budgetary authority in two states, Massachusetts and Texas, depend on the type of charter school. In 22 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, charter schools receive an automatic waiver from most state and school district education laws, regulations and policies. In five states

12. Boating Regulations By State
Yes. district of columbia, No details available. Yes. Home study is accepted. Yes. Guam, No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A.
Boating Courses Boating Tips Boating Contest Safety Links ... Contact Us Boating Regulations by State
Boating Education Requirements
Laws Boating Education Regulations Reciprocity
accepts boating safety certificates from other states and/or NASBLA-approved courses. Alabama Minimum age to operate 12. Boating license required - proctored exam required to obtain license. Non-residents may operate up to 45 days without a license. Alaska No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arizona No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A Arkansas No mandatory boating education requirements. N/A California No mandatory boating education laws. Minimum age to operate is 16. California boating information. Yes Colorado Colorado residents - age 14-15 - who operate PWCs required to complete boating safety course. Home study is not accepted for this age group. Yes Connecticut All operators of vessels registered in, or who own property in, CT must successfully complete an approved boating course or pass the CT challenge exam. PWC operators must take proctored, state-approved PWC classroom course regardless of residency. Other vessel operators may take the CT challenge exam. No Delaware Delaware residents born after 1/1/78 must complete an 8 hour boating course.

13. District Of Columbia License Information & Regulations
State Board Information district of columbia Board of set forth in the Statement of Standard for Formal Continuing Professional education Programs adopted
Washington, DC ( District of Columbia) State Board Information:
District of Columbia Board of Accountancy
Department for Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
941 North Capital St. NE, Room 7200
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 442-4461
Fax: (202) 442-4528
Do PES courses qualify for CPE in the state of Washington, DC? YES
We are approved specifically by the board. Also, the board accepts (but does not require) courses from NASBA sponsors. PES is a registered sponsor with NASBA and has issued credits in DC without any problems. License Renewal Information:
License Term and Expiration Information:
Registrant must register biennially by 10/31 on even years. CPE Completion Due By: CPE must be completed by 10/31 of renewal year.

14. Electronic Code Of Federal Regulations:
Delaware River Basin Commission, 18 CFR Chapter III. district of columbia, Court Services and Elementary and Secondary education, Office of, 34 CFR Chapter II.

15. Columbia Public Schools
These files contain the policies and regulations of the columbia Public School district and contain Section L, education Agency Relations, Section L Index.
Policies and Regulations
Policy Revision Dates

Guidelines for Transfer to Hickman High School

Policy on Access to Student Records

Procedures for Identifying and Assessing ESL Children
... Evaluation of School Board Procedures Section C: General School Administration CA Administration Goals CB School Superintendent ... Administrative Reports/School District Annual Report Section D: Fiscal Management DA Fiscal Management Goals DB Annual Budget ... School Properties Disposal Procedure Section E: Support Services EA Support Services Goals EB Safety Program ... Property and Liability Insurance Section F: Facilities Development FA Goals for Facilities Development FB Facilities Planning ... Closing of Facilities Section G: Personnel GA Personnel Policies Goals GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making ... Non-School Employment of Support Staff Members Section I: Instruction IA Instructional Goals/Priority Objectives IB Academic Freedom ... Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse Prevention

16. Search Enhanced Regulations - Sec. 300.702 Definition.
of all LEAs in the 50 States and the district of columbia); plus. average daily attendance to whom those agencies provided free public education during that
Search-Enhanced Regulations Print-Friendly Version
(1) The aggregate current expenditures, during the second fiscal year preceding the fiscal year for which the determination is made (or, if satisfactory data for that year are not available, during the most recent preceding fiscal year for which satisfactory data are available) of all LEAs in the 50 States and the District of Columbia); plus (2) Any direct expenditures by the State for the operation of those agencies; divided by
(b) The aggregate number of children in average daily attendance to whom those agencies provided free public education during that preceding year. (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1411(h)(1)) Back to Previous Page Browse Web-Enhanced Full Regulations * The Search-Enhanced Regulations are divided into individual sections to produce more accurate search results and better print results. For full viewing and easier navigation of the regulations, please use the Web-enhanced version These Final Regulations were taken from the Federal Register. They were formatted by Education Development Center, Inc. for the IDEA Practices Web site, a service of the OSEP-funded ASPIIRE and ILIAD IDEA Partnership Projects at The Council for Exceptional Children. Every attempt has been made to faithfully reproduce the original content of the Regulations

17. Partnership For Civil Justice Legal Defense&Education Fund
here to read more and get a copy of the current postering regulations. Testimony on proposed surveillance cameras for the district of columbia February 25
Home About the PCJ~LDEF Defending Constitutional Rights In the Courts Freedom of Expression and Assembly ... Contact Us This masked and armed D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer is on an intelligence operation in which police agents provocateurs used violence and pepper spray to beat peaceful protestors who were standing along Pennsylvania Avenue protesting the Inauguration of George W. Bush The MPD denied they participated in this operation, and denied that this was a masked MPD officer, until litigation brought by the Partnership for Civil Justice forced the government to admit their involvement.
Protestors run in terror and pain, as this agent provocateur uses pepper spray against a crowd of peacefully assembled demonstrators in order to disrupt their protest and dissent. The Government admitted to its domestic spying operation in COINTELPRO only as that program was terminated. The constitutional rights litigation brought by the Partnership for Civil Justice is intended to force disclosure of, and to terminate today's unconstitutional domestic spying operations before more damage is done. Click here to read the sworn testimony and cross examination of Assistant Chief Alfred Broadbent.

18. Task Force To Examine The Implications Of Special Ed Regulations
organization of public officials who head departments of elementary and secondary education in the states, the district of columbia, the Department of

Press Releases
Newsletters Chiefline
Council Quarterly
New Publications
select Alabama Alaska American Samoa Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Col... DoDEA Florida Georgia Guam Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Northern Marian... Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virgin Islands Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
Task Force to Examine the Implications of Special Ed Regulations Contact:
Patricia F. Sullivan

Washington, DC, February 17, 2004 The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) announces the members of its newly created Task Force on Special Education. This task force has been assembled in an effort to better understand the implications of federal regulations and other legislation aimed at helping students with disabilities learn to their potential, namely the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB). “Educators in every state in our nation want to improve the learning outcomes for student with disabilities,” said Terry Bergeson, Washington State’s Superintendent of Public Instruction and chair of the CCSSO Task Force. “We must take advantage of this opportunity to move away from our heavy emphasis on compliance to a stronger focus on higher learning and achievement levels for all students with special needs.”

19. District Of Columbia Fishing Regulations :: Water Works Wonders
district of columbia Fishing regulations. Free Fishing Days Boating Information DC Boater education Programs; DC Boating Registration Guidelines.

20. Continuing Legal Education
Continuing Legal education, New regulations. An attorney who has practiced law in another state, the district of columbia, any territory of the United States
CLE Home Rules
(22 NYCRR 1500)
- Regulations - New Regulations Attorney Info: - FAQ's - Special FAQ's for New Attorneys Provider Info: - FAQ's - Pro Bono FAQ's - Provider Reports - Partial Credit / Repeat Attendance ... CLE Publications
Continuing Legal Education New Regulations Forthcoming Revisions: Pro bono CLE credit (section 3[D][11])
Effective July 1, 2004, pro bono CLE credit will not be awarded for (1) legal services provided by assigned counsel who receive compensation for those services from any source, or (2) legal services provided by legal services organization attorneys within the scope of their employment. See revised section 3(D)(11) Approved jurisdiction policy (section 6)
approved jurisdiction list and approved jurisdiction policy
for additional information.

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