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In other words, if you are only interested in receiving documents that relate to access to public lands for recreational activities (or road closures) and do
Beginners Dual Sports Hardware Where to Ride ... About
March 1999
Land Use
GETTING INVOLVED AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE By Ron Schiller , High Desert Multiple Use Coalition; with some notes by Del Albright , Moderator, Land Use Network The purpose of this article is to give you a shortcut overview of how to get involved in the management of your public lands. It will also tell you how to have "standing" in legal actions and be a key participant in what happens to your favorite recreation area. By no means can everything about public input be covered in one short article; but you'll find most everything you need here to get started and be effective. Remember: public lands are your lands. You have the right to be included in the actions taken to manage your land. The public process as mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, and other laws require all federal agencies to solicit and consider public input during the development of management plans, programs, regulations and other actions. To fully participate in the public process, the first step is to notify the appropriate agency of your interest in becoming involved. This should be in the form of a letter requesting that your name and address be place on the mailing list for all information regarding the management of public land under that agency's jurisdiction. In most cases, one should specify the extent or range of information desired. In other words, if you are only interested in receiving documents that relate to access to public lands for recreational activities (or road closures) and do not care to review cattle grazing allotment plans, mining proposals, timber sales, or other such activities; your letter should state so. But be careful here as sometimes timber sales, for example, include road closures and re-routes.

2. Rincon, Puerto Rico Recreational Activities
Vacation Information Guide to Rincon Puerto Rico recreational activities in Rincon PR. Mountain Biking. Mountain bikes can be rented locally which turns onto a dirt road alongside the beach
Rincon, Puerto Rico - Recreational Activities
Property Resources, Western Puerto Rico
S wimming
Rincon has long been known for some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. The regular surf season usually lasts from November thru March. This "winter" surf season is dependent on the low-pressure systems and cold fronts that come off the U.S. East Coast. There are the occasional surf swells during the late summer months of August thru October; these isolated swells come from the tropical weather patterns generated off the coast of Africa, during the peak of hurricane season. If you are interested in learning how to surf, there are lessons available with experienced surfers who also supply the boards. Surfboards and body boards can be rented from the local surf shops in town.
Scuba Diving

The local dive operators also run trips for snorkelers. Desecheo and Mona also have excellent snorkeling. One of the best places to snorkel in Rincon is Steps Beach. A "proposed marine reserve" (not yet official), the area around Steps Beach is home to one of the best coral fringing reefs in the Caribbean, because it is home to the Elkhorn Coral (Arcopora palmata) which is highly threatened worldwide and on it's way to becoming an endangered species. When snorkeling in the area, please do not touch, bump, break, take or walk on the corals. Besides being harmful to the coral, you may get seriously cut and scraped up. Also, state and federal law prohibits the taking of corals.

3. Recreational Activities
the year for the purpose of recreation and fellowship the 4th Monday evening at 700 to plan activities. Camp Rules NO dirt bikes, mini bikes or ATV s on camp
Home iWorship Members Salem School ... Bible Education Activities Youth Group Stewardship Committees
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward
in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14) Several events are planned throughout the year for the purpose of recreation and fellowship including a picnic, dinners, golf outings and canoe trips to name a few. Anyone who wants to organize an event or a sports team should contact the fellowship committee. Volleyball

Salem has an adult Co-ed Volley Ball team that plays in the local rec league. The team plays in the class C league on Tuesday nights. Teams play in the Salem Family Center. This is an excellent opportunity for fun, excercise and meeting players from other community teams. Lutheran Pioneers Pioneers is a Scouting like organization whose purpose is to help its members to experience a variety of activities while encouraging growth in a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Pioneers is divided into a boys and a girls group. Pioneer Train #73 welcomes boys in grades 1 and 2 to join the Bucharoos. Grades 3 - 8 join as Pioneers. Girls in K - 8 may join the Girl Pioneers. The Pioneers meet regularly in the evening from 6:30 to about 8:00, usually on the 1st and 2nd Mondays of the month. The leadership council meets the 4th Monday evening at 7:00 to plan activities. In addition to the regular meetings, each group has special events such as a canoe trip, campout, caroling and a special shopping trip.

4. Recreational Activities: Why Regulations Would Be Good For The Environment
On the newer models of ATV’s and dirt bikes must be ensured by the manufacturers to meet the recreational activities Affecting Man or the Environment.
Recreational Activities: Why regulation will improve the environment
Travel in the United States Millions of Americans travel in pursuit of their sport and recreational interest. Travel by Americans increased by an enormous 45 percent between 1985 and 1995 (Wellner, 1997). Travel has been increasing because of the growth in the population, education level rising and expansion of the economy. The population increase cause more travel because of the obvious reason that there are more people to go to different places. The rising level of education causes more travel because the population learns there are many places that seem like a nice place to visit. The last reason for the increase in travel due to economic growth is because the more the population has to spend the more they will go on vacations. There were 1.2 billion personal trips taken by Americans in 1995 (Wellner, 1997). Personal Watercraft The use of personal watercraft such as wave runners and jet skis have grown a lot since the late seventies to the millennium. Nearly 5 percent of Americans rode a personal watercraft at least once in the past 12 months (Wellner, 1997). The riding of jet skis and wave runners are definitely more popular with young adults. This recreational activity is growing fast and is the future of water sports. Personal watercraft riding seems to be more popular for the upper or middle class of America. Fully 10 percent of those in households with incomes of $100,000 or more have done so (Wellner, 1997).

5. Recreational Activities
Lassen Land Trails Trust. recreational activities. HIKING. The Bizz Johnson Trail is an easy hike with but single gear bikes are suitable. The gravel and dirt on the trails

6. Effects Of Recreational Activities On The Environment
the effects of recreational activities on the landscape around mountain bikes are not allowed on any of the hiking trails, but are allowed on many of the dirt roads throughout
Effects of Recreational Activities on the Environment Environmental Studies Group Project #1 Mark Asmussen, Sander Brooks, Rosalie Stone, Winsy Dunwoody Introduction Cycling/ Mountain Biking: IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) tout the responsibilities of the users, such as keeping speed under control, yielding to pedestrians and horses, as well as stressing that each rider put in a couple hours of trail work every couple months to offset the damage done by daily riding. They advocate that water crossings should not be ridden if they are causing erosion, to stay on open trails only, and to leave as little evidence as possible of your presence. Certainly there are exceptions, just as there are in any situation, but efforts are being made with the environment in mind, as well as consideration for other trail users. IMBA which are trying to maintain the trail access that is currently slipping away from everyone.

7. Recreation Guide For Ottawa, Illinois
Ottawa offers many recreational activities to get your heart pumping! Whether you choose skydiving, dirt bikes, ATV s, or leisurely hiking and golfing, there
Experience the outdoor fun! ... Experience the history! ... Experience the excitement! From state parks to museums to skydiving and more, Ottawa has an adventure for everyone! Ottawa offers many recreational activities to get your heart pumping! Whether you choose skydiving, dirt bikes, ATV's, or leisurely hiking and golfing, there is an activity you're sure to enjoy! Ottawa is packed with recreational fun! STATE PARKS Buffalo Rock State Park
Dee Bennet Road
Ottawa 815-433-2220
Concession Stand, electricity, hiking,
picnic areas, public restrooms Illini State Park
Gentleman Road
Marseilles 815-795-2448
baseball diamonds, boating, camping,
concession stand, electricity, fishing,
hiking, picnic areas, public restrooms Matthiessen State Park
IL Rt. 178 Utica 815-667-4868 Concession stand, hiking, picnic areas, public restrooms, cross country skiing, public restroom Starved Rock State Park Utica 815-667-4726 Boating, cabins, camping, concession stand, electricity, fishing, hiking, tennis courts, shelters

8. AdventureZine Camping Info. For The Rv Camping Community Plus RV Video Magazine
is full of links to websites for outdoor activities and adventures. ATVs dirt bikes. Airborn activities. Caving Rock Climbing. Mt.Biking Hiking. Fishing. recreational Trails
This site currently is full of links to websites for outdoor activities and adventures.
Be it: white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, hunting and fishing, riding your atv or anything your wild heart desires, whatever it is you do out there we will try to offer links and in the future, cover the action! If you are into RV Go Visit RV Video Magazine There are many organizations that address the participants of outdoor activities, a past National Trails Symposium
Here are some of the outdoor sports we will be covering, let us know if you have any suggestions - we can add on. Camp Grounds in The United States
Water Sports
Snow Sking
Airborn Activities
Recreational Trails
Outdoor Products and Services

OHV 4Wheeling RV Video Magazine For your Travels Outdoors, Many will use a Sport Utility Vehicle to get there! Don't Miss the current issue of: Back to the top

9. Web Site Directory, The Best Sites For The Student In The Web, Provided By Stude
Search for information and links in 8 categories and over 100 subcategories. Students Directory Sports Entertainment recreational activities dirt bikes. Web directory For now

10. Sky Cabins: Cabin, Vacation Rental, Lodging, Washington
Reiter pits (ATV s and dirt bikes); Reiter ponds (fishing); Historical mines; Beautiful is known for its abundance of outdoor recreational activities during all Info.html
South Fork Skykomish River Wallace Falls Mt. Index Near by attractions
  • Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area
  • Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Natl Forest
  • Bridal Veil, Eagle, Deception, Canyon, Wallace and Sunset Falls
  • Index Town Wall (rock climbing)
  • Boulder drop (rafting/kayaking)
  • Pacific Crest trail
  • Stevens Pass ski area
  • Iron Goat Trail (original RR grade)
  • Historic suspension bridge
  • Reiter pits (ATV's and dirt bikes)
  • Reiter ponds (fishing)
  • Historical mines
  • Beautiful, rugged Cascade Mountains
  • Wellington train disaster site
  • 7.8 mile Cascade train tunnel
  • Sunset Falls fish elevator
  • Towns of Baring, Index and Skykomish
  • Numberous lakes and rivers with crystal clear water
  • Bavarian theme town
  • Sightseeing in Seattle
  • Everett Boeing Plant Tours
Cascade Cottage/Foss River Lodge
is 4 miles east of Skykomish on a secluded spur off Foss River Road in a heavily forested area. Foss River Road is popular in the winter for snowmobiling, snowshoeing and cross country skiing and leads to Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area trails for summer/fall hiking. More information about the cabin may be obtained by clicking the link. Whispering Waters is located near Baring, WA on the south fork of the Skykomish River with a beautiful river and mountain view. Click the link for more information.

11. Noise Center
while we’re enjoying recreational activities— can be firearms for competitive and recreational shooting are from riding motorcycles, dirt bikes and motor
New York:
71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010-4162

917-305-7700 (Voice) 917-305-7999 (TTY) 917-305-7888 (Fax) Florida:
2800 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 306, Oakland Park, FL 33311

954-731-7200 (Voice) 954-731-7208 (TTY) NOISE: Double Trouble Recreational Noise You should know
  • Noise levels at video arcades can be as high as 110 dBA.
  • Firecrackers create sound levels ranging from 125 - 155 dBA at an average
  • distance of 10 feet and pose a serious hazard to hearing.
  • Sound levels at live music concerts can be measured at 120 dBA and beyond.
  • Sitting closer to the speakers will create an even greater risk. Dance clubs, personal headsets and audio systems from car stereos are also measured at these dangerous levels.
  • The noise level of gunshots can be measured at 150 dBA. Hearing loss can result from just a few shots of a high powered gun, if appropriate hearing protection is not worn.
  • It is estimated that 50 million Americans who own and use firearms for competitive and recreational shooting are considered at risk for noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Sports such as speed boating, auto racing, snowmobiling can pose a risk for both operators and spectators.

12. Riverside State Park (page 1 Of 2)
supports a wide variety of recreational activities and is Bird Watching; 1 Fire Circle; Interpretive activities; road vehicle area for dirt bikes and snowmobiles

13. Mtn_bike_tours
Mountain Bike Tours. Mountain biking has truly become one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the world. dirt bikes are for sissies!
The Mountains Colorado Vacations - Summit County Vacation Lodging, Activities and Transportation Toll Free: 866-433-2244 220 Main Street Frisco, CO
Send Us An Email
Need Lodging? We Search, You Select, You Save $$$'s Click Here: The Lodging Finder
Mountain Bike Tours
Mountain biking has truly become one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the world. If you're an outdoor enthusiast looking for real adventure, why not try some mountain biking in the type of terrain that will really test your skills, in The Mountains! We offer several different guided tours:
  • Beginner tours for those that want to get out there under their own power, free of the exhaust fumes of the cities and suck in some clean mountain air but are not looking to beat themselves up; Intermediate tours for those that have done some mountain biking but are looking to push their skills to the next level or;

14. Yosemite Association - Visitor Information
recreational activities. There is also a fourmile trail where bikes can be ridden There are numerous dirt roads available in the national forest units just
Frequently Asked Questions About Yosemite RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES Where can I walk and hike?
Are there guided trips?

Where can I rent a bike? horse? raft?

Where can I rent a tent? sleeping bag? hiking boots? backpack?
Can I hang glide?
Where can I walk and hike?
Visitors should refer to the hiking section of the Yosemite Guide for descriptions of the most popular trails in Yosemite Valley. There is more complete information at park visitor centers, the Wilderness Center, and information stations on hiking trails throughout the park. For people wanting detailed information, suggest they purchase trail maps or books. Please encourage people to stay on the trails, pack out trash, beware of seasonal hazards, know their limits and carry water, food, map, compass, matches, layered clothing, sun protection, etc. Are there guided trips?
The Yosemite Mountaineering School will be conducting guided day hikes and fishing trips in 2001. Contact the Mountaineering School.
Where can I rent a bike? horse? raft?

Honda and Yamaha market dirt bikes, ATVs, and SUVs driving through term given to largescale, privately provided development-intensive recreational activities.
Development on Public Lands For many Americans, public lands’ recreation means hiking, canoeing, or fishing in their local National Forest. For the last hundred years, most recreation on public lands has been relatively un-commercial and non-motorized. Hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, and bird watching do not require heavy infrastructure, and usually have minor ecological impacts. Today, however, large corporations are marketing recreation on public lands as a product, and causing large-scale damage to public lands in the process. Multinational corporations such as Intrawest seek to expand ski resorts into sensitive wildlife habitat to sell nearby real estate. Honda and Yamaha market dirt bikes, ATVs, and SUVs driving through wetlands and streams, encouraging irresponsible and ecologically destructive use. From these high-impact activities, natural quiet and solitude are being lost, wildlife habitat is being destroyed, sensitive soils are being eroded, and the millions of Americans who treasure our public lands for their beauty and quiet are being cheated out of their heritage. What Is Industrial Recreation?

16. Introduction To Dirt Bikes
for racing and for offroad recreational use Prepare a report that analyzes dirt bikes using the value chain What activities at dirt bikes create the most value
Introduction to Dirt Bikes Dirt Bikes USA is a small company headquartered in Carbondale, Colorado that manufactures and sells its own brand of off-road motorcycles.  It was founded in 1991 to produce dirt bikes that could be customized for racing and off-road recreational riding using the best quality components and parts from all over the world.   The company has continued to grow and now faces a new set of challenges and opportunities.  You have been asked to serve as a consultant to apply your information systems knowledge to help Dirt Bikes solve some of the problems it is encountering. There is an assignment awaiting you to accompany each chapter of the Laudon and Laudon Management Information Systems text.  In order to complete the assignment, you should review the corresponding text chapter and any information provided by your instructor related to the topic you are investigating. You can complete each project individually or in teams, depending on your instructor’s requirements.   To develop solutions, you may need to do Web research and to use spreadsheet, database, or Web browser software tools, and you will need to use a word processor to write up your findings.   Many projects recommend you use electronic presentation software, if possible, to summarize your findings for management.  Each assignment will list the software tools that you will need to use and the questions you will need to answer.

17. Spang V. James D. Morrissey, Inc.
of the land. The Act defines sport and recreational activities to include operating or riding dirt bikes. Despite case law cited
Our Services How We Work Who We Are Latest News ... Return to Real Estate Cases REAL PROPERTY; LANDOWNER'S LIABILITY ACT - For the purposes of protection under the Landowner's Liability Act, the touchstones of evaluating whether a property qualifies as rural are the size and nature of the property and the quality of the hazard. - Spang v. James D. Morrissey, Inc., A-1319-98T5 and A-1681-98T5 (N.J. Super. App. Div. 2000), Unpublished; March 3, 2000:
Return to Real Estate Cases

18. National Realty Exchange, Inc.
recreational activities that have taken place at the Lodge Marina hunts. Outfitting (already licensed). Nearby sand dunes for sand buggies and dirt bikes.
  • A major houseboat rental operation with virtually no competition within 500 miles A unique lodging operation Lake and stream fishing for 29 species of fish Elk, deer, bear, chukker, goose, sage hen, and quail hunting Sporting clays "Cast and Blast" - fishing and hunting clinics Fishing tournaments Weddings (a chapel site has already been started) Corporate meetings Family vacations Connections with nearby white water outfitters in Hells Canyon (North America’s deepest gorge) All water sports - skiing, personal watercraft, possible parasailing, etc. Private buffalo hunts Outfitting (already licensed) Nearby sand dunes for sand buggies and dirt bikes Backpacking Mountain biking Mountain man rendezvous Birds of prey watching Residential, second, and retirement home lot sales

19. All The News That Fits--Winter 2002/03
highway vehicle (OHV) use is among Minnesota s fastest growing outdoor recreational activities. Over 250,000 allterrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, and 4x4
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly Winter 2002/03 by Gus Breiland *World Round USA Observed Trials Motorcycle Raffle *Iron Range OHV Recreation Area Opens *Triumph Recall on Single-Sided Swing Arm Daytonas *Roy's Open House Called Due to Inclement Participants *I-Cycle Derby and Other Winter Riding Activities *Can't wait to see you out there * AMA Eagles Class
World Round USA Observed Trials Motorcycle Raffle
Make your check out to "World Trials Championship" and send it along with a self-addressed stamped SASE envelope to Tim Hunt, 915 Central Ave. Fairbault, MN 55021. When your check is received, Mr. Hunt will mail you back a raffle ticket with a unique number. The drawing will be held after all 250 tickets are sold, keep your eyes on for more information. Do your part and you just might find a new toy under your tree this year. Iron Range OHV Recreation Area Opens
This fall, the Minnesota DNR opened the Iron Range OHV Recreation Area in Gilbert MN. Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use is among Minnesota's fastest growing outdoor recreational activities. Over 250,000 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, and 4x4 jeeps and trucks are currently being used off-road in Minnesota. The development of an OHV recreation area is one effort to meet the growing demand for OHV opportunities in a way that minimizes environmental damage to public lands.

20. Who's Using Back Roads? -The Olympian
Motorized activities include riding dirt bikes, snowmobiles, allterrain The other recreational activities include camping, sightseeing, hunting, fishing
News South Sound Communities Northwest ... Read for Life
News for your wireless device var pageName="" var server="" var channel="" var pageType="" var pageValue="" var prop1="Outdoors" var prop2="" var prop3="Who's using back roads?" var prop4="" var prop5="" var prop6="news" var prop7="" var prop8="" var prop9="" var prop10="" var s_code=' ' The Olympian, Olympia Washington Friday, January 17, 2003 News
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Who's using back roads?
Originally published Friday, January 17, 2003 N.S. NOKKENTVED THE OLYMPIAN By the numbers Activities in which fuel was used on back roads and off roads: Motorized activity: 5 million gallons or 20 percent. Nonmotorized activities: 7.9 million gallons or 30.6 percent. Other uses: 12.7 million or 49.4 percent. Total: 25.7 million gallons. Activities reported by survey respondents: Hiking: 31.8 percent. ORV: 14.8 percent. Skiing: 10.9 percent. Biking: 8.4 percent. Equestrian: 4.8 percent. Snowmobile: 2.6 percent. Other activities include: Hunting: 7.9 percent.

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