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61. - Useful References...
BACK TO TOP CLICK HERE TO TELL ME ABOUT NEW, BROKEN, CHANGED OR EXPIRED LINKS. Newsgroups access. Deja News. Telephone directories, people lookups.
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62. RensSearch: Phone Books
addresses, maps directions for Business and people in the US Includes white pages, yellow pages, reverse lookups, toll free, and international directories.
Home Resources Reference Room Home ... Site Index
Directories for Telephone Numbers, Area Codes, and Email Addresses
North American Telephone Directories
AnyWho: " Use AnyWho to find: phone numbers, addresses, maps & directions for Business and People in the U.S." Includes white pages, yellow pages, reverse lookups, toll free, and international directories. Click 411 Canada : the Canada Phone Directory. Includes Canada white and yellow pages, and US and international directories. Reverse Lookup from InfoSpace : "Find business name & address in reverse by simply using a phone number. Available for Canada too! " by Verizon: search for people and for businesses, direct and reverse lookups. Also available in Spanish : nationwide residential and business directory, including reverse lookups; search businesses by category or location; offers maps and directions. Email search available.

63. Houston/Texas Hotlist
White Pages, Yellow Pages, Toll Free, Reverse Lookup directories; people Search ; MelissaDATA lookups people Spot WhoWhere?
Harris County Demographics Child Support Harris County Auctions ... Convictions Database
Courts and Law Enforcement
US Supreme Court Court Decisions
  • Harris County Courts ...
  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 190 (Re Small Claims Courts)
  • Harris County District Clerk Harris County District Courts Juror Information ... Tax Assessor-Collector Harris County Auctions
  • (HC Purchasing Dept.)
  • [Click on "Tax Sale Property Listings"]
    Current Harris County Constable Sale Properties (re Delinquent Tax Foreclosures) (Harris County) Child Support
  • Child Support Child Support Registry
    Extension Service
  • Texas Cooperative Extension Service
  • Harris County Extension Program Texas Cooperative Extension Bookstore
  • Harris County Community Development Dept. ...
  • H-GAC Online (Houston-Galveston Area Council)
  • Houston RealTime Traffic Map METRO Weather
    Houston (City of Houston) ...
    Utilities (Telephone, Electric, etc.)
  • Public Utilities Commission on Telecommunications Telephone Rate Comparisons
  • Texas Area Codes Area Code Lookup ... Texas Electric Choice (Deregulation in Texas)
  • Texas Electric Choice FAQ Public Utilities Commission on Electricity
  • Reliant
  • 64. Free World Wide Phone Directories - FREE Directory Assistance And
    InfoUSA Reverse lookups plus.. - people, an address book, and contact help - in one place. RingThem.Com - World Telephone directories.

    65. CSULB Library - Virtual Reference - Telephone And Zipcode Directories
    Phone Book For quick access to people and businesses the USA and other countries; reverse lookups on phone (Formerly Telephone directories on the Web
    Virtual Reference

    A toll-free directory by Anywho that connects you to people and national businesses in the United States and Canada. Includes toll free, reverse lookup, international links and web sites.

    Email lookup database. The best way to find email addresses is to mail or phone someone, but failing that, Bigfoot is the best site.
    Global Yellow Pages

    Contains links to about forty yellow pages directories from around the world.
    Google Phone Book
    For quick access to people and businesses, follow the directions below.
    You will find the answer next to the image phone at the top of the page. Answers come with links to Yahoo and MapQuest maps.
    To find listings for a US business , type the business name into the Google search box, along with the city and state. Or type the business name and zip code. Entering the phone number with area code will also return a complete business listing. To find listings for a US residence , type any of the following combinations into the Google search box: - first name (or first initial), last name, city (state is optional)

    66. Telephone, Address, And Email Directories Internet Subject Guide - Newark Public
    International lookups http// US directories. Switchboard http// Search for people, email addresses
    Telephone, address and email directories Multipurpose directories
    Telephone numbers

    Government offices and officials

    Other useful directories
    Multipurpose directories: AnyWho


    Extensive email, white pages, and yellow pages directories as well as free email. Infospace - The Ultimate Guide

    White pages, email addresses, reverse lookups for telephone and email, celebrities, government officials, fax numbers, and business listings. Some international directories are also available. International Lookups
    An extensive list of links to international directories. U.S. directories. You can also look for email addresses and home pages from this site. Internet Address Finder This directory of nearly seven million email addresses is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Reference USA Information about over 12 million U.S. companies plus a residential directory. This commercially produced database is accessible at all Newark Public Library facilities and, to cardholders, from home or from work. Switchboard

    67. Where To Find People Search By Cell Phone
    Reverse Phone Number lookups Lookup people with reverse phone number directory lookups to find and free online people search engines and directories
    where to find people search by cell phone
    where to get information on people search by cell phone website
    INFORMATION IS POWER!! With the Web Detective service you can now discover all the SECRETS that are available on the Internet
    Additional search listings
    Welcome to
    ... 2004 Sports Scores Video News Weather People Family Groups Kids Latino Technology Downloads Go ... Watches MSN Internet Software MSN on your cell phone Staying Safe Online Tour the new Try ...
    Howstuffworks "How Cell Phones Work"
    Cell phones are a worldwide phenomenon that has completely changed the way we ... ? Shop or Compare Prices Digital cell phone from Nokia Millions of people in the United States and around the ... Home ... investigators will search for unlisted phone numbers, DMV / VIN information, cell phone records, non ... using a reverse best people search by address, phone number or cell phone

    68. Cellular Phone Numbers Directories
    telephonenumber lookup telephone directories, telephonenumber lookup search, reverse lookups, people finders wwwboard.html http
    cellular phone numbers directories
    Recommended cellular phone numbers directories Sites: person lookup, look up reverse phone numbers , fbi public records, reverse ... number search, free online criminal reco
    person lookup, look up reverse phone numbers , fbi public records, reverse phone number search, free online criminal record, search social security, phone number reverse lookup, reverse phone numbers Cellular phone numbers Cellular number lookupReverse phone number lookup ... Search Multiple Yellow Pages Directories . Look ... Reverse Phone
    Motorola StarTAC 130 GSM
    Cellular Phone
    ... Motorola StarTAC 130 GSM Cellular Phone . Price: $ discontinued ... Phone based directories Phone numbers ) Last Ten Calls: ...
    Life in the Third Millennium

    phone numbers phone directory ... phone numbers . cell phone antenna booster. cricket cellular . cell phone accesories. free phone logos. marketing communications. cell phone number directories
    Find Telephone
    Numbers . Click here for Find Telephone

    69. Telephone Directories
    Telephone directories InfoSpace White Pages, yellow pages, reverse toll free numbers, email, reverse lookups, TollFree WhoWhere Lycos - find people on the web
    Telephone Directories

    White Pages, yellow pages, reverse lookups, email.
    White Pages, yellow pages, toll free numbers, email, reverse lookups, Toll-Free Internet Directory.

    Lycos - find people on the web.
    Yahoo! People Search

    USSearch - search for phone numbers, email addresses, home and businessaddresses.


    White pages, yellow pages, city guides, maps. International White and Yellow Pages International inquiry names, addresses, telephones and faxes from Wayp Internet Group AtHand Yellow Pages from Ameritech, BellSouth, Nevado Bell, Pacific Bell, Southwestern Bell, SNET, Switchboard and US WEST Yellow pages on the Web. World Directories Global Yellow Pages: phone directories from around the world. Telephone Directories on the Web International phone books, white pages, yellow pages.

    70. GENUKI: Norfolk: Genealogy: Volunteers: Lookups
    More people are always welcome to join the volunteers would like to help with lookups, please contact microfiche of the originals, directories, censuses, parish
    Norfolk Lookups and Simple Queries
    Please see

    71. Internet Spy Toolkit - People Resources
    people directories/SEARCHES. Allows you to search for people using their other search utilities including email address and company lookups.

    Offers various search packages for finding anyone in the United States. 555-1212 People Finder

    Offers multiple database searches from one search engine for locating email addresses and phone numbers. Ameridex Database for People Tracing

    A searchable database service that consists of over 200 million names, 170 million with date of birth, compiled from multiple public, private, and proprietary sources. America People Finder

    Allows you to search for people using their name, address, or phone number. Big Foot White Pages

    Allows you to search email and white page listings using a person's name. Civilian Records Facility - NPRC Civilian Records - CR stores IRS records, civilian personnel and medical records, and government employee records. College Email Search

    72. NEWSWEB :: Directories / Maps
    Search people / businesses, use as an email directory, or find driving directions. Telephone directories on the Web. Includes reverse lookups and area codes.
    PROVIDENCE JOURNAL NEWSWEB MAPS Directories Any Who Big Yellow:Business Or White Pages Or Reverse Phone Look-UP Phonebook pages for the whole country. Also search for State Area Code Listings Associations on the Net Leads to 1100 sites to organizations on the web. Business Resource/ THOMAS REGISTER Simply REGISTER FIRST for FREE, to search for brand names, products/services, and businesses in their database. Colleges and Universities A directory compiled by Indiana Universities , Bloomington Libraries - Contains an American University List, College Catalog links, U.S. Community College List, University Index, and Rankings. Or try the well-known Petersons Guide Editor and Publisher Online Media Directory Email Lookup (MESA) Largest online email service. Federal Government Blue Pages Federal government contacts. Has web pages, numbers, etc. Takes on a "blue pages" structure and also includes a database that will return local area contacts only. International Area Country Codes Find international numbers Martindale-Hubbell or West - Lawyer Directories News Directory Search for newspapers and magazines by title or regional news links by zip code. Also contains other news related links.

    73. Directories
    and Address AT T search for people or businesses or residential; match for last name lookups, maps of Boise State directories Page Employees (a searchable list

    Articles Catalog Hours ... Services
    Electronic Reference Resources AskUs/AnswerXpress Almanacs Biography Careers ... Zip Codes, Postal
    Associations, Foundations and Organizations American Hospital Directory Free summary data for over 6,000 hospitals are provided as a public service. ASAE's Gateway to Associations Online The American Society of Association Executives' directory of over 6,500 association websites searchable by name, category and location. Associations on the Net A searchable "collection of over 2200 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided." From the Internet Public Library, University of Michigan School of Information. Foundation Finder "Use the Foundation Finder to search by name for basic information about foundations within the universe of more than 70,000 private and community foundations in the U.S." From the Foundation Center GuideStar Produced by Philanthropic Research, Inc., a 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 1994, its searchable database lists over 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations.

    74. J-Files: Searching The Net
    University of Texas list of telephone and email directories; Phone numbers (including reverse lookups), e-mail - Lycos people finder.
    Search strategies and tools
    Search Strategies Tutorials Directories, Catalogs, Lists
    Search Engines/Indexes
    ... Hot news, new sites
    Directories, catalogs and lists of Internet resources
    Search engines and indexes
    Some specialized search engines
    Search several indexes simultaneously
    Search tool collections
    Searching listservs

    75. UE Web Links: Directories And Search Engines
    Name lookups for US, Canada and some European countries. for a number of other people Finders including Phone Directory Links to phone directories from more
    Link with
    the World!
    Daily Life

    Directories and Search Engines

    Alphabetical List

    UE Search Page:
    search UE or the web with more than a dozen top search engines ...
    Back to UE Links main page
    Home UE Web Links UE Web Links
    Directories and Search Engines
    Want to find something, someplace or someone on the net? Here's a great place to start: the major search engines, people finders, place finders (with maps and stuff), labor lists, and the U.S. government are all here! Whenever possible, we've listed websites by using their own descriptions (indicated by the use of opening and closing quotes). Links verified: 10/24/2003. Search the Net Web Search! Whattayasay?! Give it a try! ... Begun in 1997as "The Mining Company," this site has evolved to become one of the most comprehensive directories on the internet. "Each site in our unique network is run by ... professional Guide(s) who ... build a comprehensive environment around each of their specific topics, including the best new content, relevant links, how-to's, forums, and answers to just about any question. ... ." Returns results from the About directory, the web in general, and About's partner sites. Strengths: original content (more than 50,000 subjects; over 1 million links); weakness: not a good place to do complex por in-depth searches.

    76. Oceanic - Around Town Hawaii - Leisure - Reviews - Internet Tips & Tricks By Jan
    goes with it. », WorldPages International directories. people and business lookups for the US, Canada and beyond. The International

    Member Services Downloads Calendar ...
    Sign up for Cable Modem Service HERE!
    Online People Finders
    White Page and Email Directories by Jan Zastrow You've probably heard those great stories of long-lost loves being reunited, old high school classmates finding each other after decades, war buddies presumed dead getting together through the Internet. How did they do it? Well, they probably used online directories to search for phone numbers, addresses, home pages and email addresses. Before we get too excited about the possibility of discovering the whereabouts of any person in the world, though, there are a couple of caveats: online phone directories are linked to the databases of their print counterparts so if someone has an unlisted number, they're probably not going to be in the Internet White Pages either. And as for finding email addresses, those are generally private unless someone lists theirs in a directory or posts to Usenet-type newsgroups (consider yourself warned!). One neat feature offered by many online directories is the useful "map maker" function, tied to

    77. Online Phone & Zip Directories
    pages, white pages, business directories, email addresses World Pages Best for government telephone lookups. Includes people, business, government, SIC code
    Online Directories Businesses Associations, Organizations, and Institutions ASAE Member Associations On-line - Includes American Society of Association Executives member associations with Internet Web sites. Contains a search engine and an alphabetic listing to more than 1,900 associations. Associations on the Net - The IPL Associations on the Net (AON) is a collection of over 1100 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided. CCD Information on Public Schools and School Districts in the United States College and University Rankings The purpose of the rankings site is to draw together and provide context to various online sources of information on the ranking of institutions of higher education. Produced by the university of Illinois - Urbana. Foundation Center - Provides grant maker information, funding trends and analysis, training and seminars, the Philanthropy News Digest (archived and searchable), and Foundation Center publications. There are annotated searchable links to more than 200 private, community, and corporate foundations, plus federal grants and public charities. Also ranks foundations by assets and total giving.

    78. Yellow Pages Integrated Media Associationsm
    lookups made up less than 3 percent of the $14 billion print directories took in, according to the Kelsey Group. In the end, roughly the same number of people

    79. LII - Results For "telephone Directories"
    AT T allows reverse phone number lookups and provides maps and directions for people and businesses Subject United States Telephone directories Created by;query=phone books

    80. Euclid Public Library
    Ultimates Phone Directory Search several directories at once and email addresses, and do reverse lookups. people Search Search for addresses, phone numbers, or

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