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1. Finding People In And Around Conservation
misc US Zipcode directories are available from Telphone areacode lookups are available from AmeriCom Inc. s Area Decoder An Area/City/Country Code Lookup
Finding People
In and Around Conservation This page has tools for finding people involved in the conservation and allied professions. These resources are listed here as a service to the conservation community. Listing here does not imply endorsement of any products or services offered by these entities nor does absence of a listing imply any criticism of a product or service. Please reread that sentence. Now read it again. Thanks. See also Finding a conservator below
Updated: Friday, 04-Jun-04 15:25:30
Search ConsDir
Browse Alphabetical Indices
Browse ConsDir by Person's Name ... Country
The two alphabetical indices are especially useful if your browser chokes on large files
Full ConsDir
Caution : This file is at least 2165 Kilobytes long and may take a long time to retrieve (or cause your browser to run out of memory).
The ConsDir is a directory of people involved professionally with the conservation of museum, library, and archive material. The list is derived from the Conservation DistList , whose partipants fill out a questionnaire giving information about how to contact them, their professional interests or specialties, etc. It currently contains 6820 entries If you are listed in the ConsDir, please check your entry and report any changes, errors, etc. to

2. Freeware Downloads Multimedia - Misc. MP3 Tools -, We Download It
Freeware Multimedia misc. The program supports online freedb database lookups for selected files 1by1 plays whole directories of MP3 with absolutely no need to
WebAttack? SnapFiles Pro PocketPC Top 100 ... Help The address of this page has changed to

Please update your links, and click here to access to most current listing in our Misc. MP3 Tools category
Misc. MP3 Tools

Our Rating: Popularity: Updated: 03/29/2004 K-MP3 is a tool to manage and rename your MP3 files. You can rename files based on FreeDB album information and automatically apply ID3 tags (v1 and v2). In addition, you can create export lists of your audio files, perform bulk file name cleanups (convert spaces, capitalize etc.), create playlists and more. K-MP3 supports mp3, ogg, vqf, wma, wav, mpc and ape formats.
Add to CD
View CD 1739 kb 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Screenshot Developer Full Page
v 2.18 Freeware Our Rating: Popularity: Updated: 02/29/2004 Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit ID3-tags and OGG Comments of MP3- and Ogg Vorbis files. It can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words from tags and filenames, import/export tag information, create playlists and more. The program supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing you to automatically gather proper tag information for select files or CDs (if available). Add to CD View CD 1110 kb 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Screenshot Developer Full Page v 1.3

3. Improving File System Performance For Lookups In Large Directories - Siladin (Re
The purpose of a directory is to maintain information about files and directories contained in it. Each file or directory is described by a directory entry which contains its name and an misc{ siladin97improving, author = "T. Siladin", title = "Improving file system performance for lookups in large directories
Improving File System Performance for Lookups in Large Directories (1997) (Make Corrections) (1 citation)
Tin Siladin
Context Related View or download:
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Abstract: The purpose of a directory is to maintain information about files and directories contained in it. Each file or directory is described by a directory entry which contains its name and an identifier which allows access to more information about the corresponding entry. Most filesystems implement a directory as a regular file containing a non-sorted list of directory entries. When a process needs to access a file in such a filesystem, its directory entry must be found within its parent directory. ... (Update)
Context of citations to this paper: More ...access from within the system lab for the reason that the physical network is assumed to be insecure. Novel File Systems An MS project and an undergraduate honors project[2] used the unused third local disk partition of client machines as the physical storage for Cited by: More A Secure Unrestricted Advanced Systems Laboratory - Mayo, Kearns (1999)

4. Free People Lookups-Multiple Search Of White Page Databases
misc The Ultimate White Pages. KnowX free public record lookups. ChoicePoint Inc. Webgator Investigative Resources On the Web-Telephone Email directories.
Use our easy All-In-One search page for White Pages and other direct search services including professional and military locators
White Pages
Advanced InfoUSA AK AL AR AZ CA CO CT DC DE FL GA HI IA ID IL IN KS KY LA MA MD ME MI MN MO MS MT NC ND NE NH NJ NM NY NV OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WI WV WY Internet Address Finder SmartPages Select Alabama Alaska Alberta Arizona Arkansas British Columbia California Colorado Connecticut D.C. Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Manitoba Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Brunswick New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York Newfoundland North Carolina North Dakota Northwest Terr. Nova Scotia Ohio Oklahoma Ontario Oregon Pennsylvania Prince Edward Isl. Quebec Rhode Island Saskatchewan South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Yukon Superpages Nationwide Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware D.C.

5. City Directories
Recs 1917on. misc. Recs. Newspapers. City directories. City directories help in several ways will generously perform lookups into various Brooklyn directories in her private collection
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Gael Eire 2 Home Page City Directories Mil. Recs 1600s-1898 Mil. Recs 1917-on ... Newspapers City Directories
City directories help in several ways: they track family in between censuses, provide addresses for the censuses and tell us occupations. Most directories have been microfilmed and are in the possession of libraries and archives. Usually the head of household is the one who is listed. In cases where the male head of household has died, you will see the wife listed. It may appear as: Jane Smith, widow of Thomas. You will also encounter some letters in the directory listing: h means home address and b means business address. City Directories at the LDS
The New York State Library has the following directories and telephone books available: Bronx
telephone books (microfilm): 1929-1973/1974 Brooklyn
directories (microfiche): 1822-1826, 1829-1860/1861
directories (microfilm): 1796, 1802-1803, 1811-1812, 1822-1910, 1912-1913, 1933-1934

6. Dave's Online Memory: Misc Documentation
directories. Tool ASCII codes ASCII html codes gimp scriptfu vrml misc weblayout. other stuff about you) ping, traceroute, nslookup whois lookups Rwhois lookups
Dave's Online Memory This Site Dictionary Google AltaVista dave's online memory: Misc Documentation You: Tuesday Jun 8, 2004 4:51PM EDT
admin apache apps crack-zines ... zwicky HOME
Projects Reference

personal calendar

My Bookmarks

Ithaca, NY
local doc's

linux doc's

GNU info pages
unix man pages ... unix tips and tricks presentations - aug 2003 OpenBSD stuff WWW Web Developer's Tools Apache docs CSS Properties CSS Reference ... html validator (check your page's html) Web Color Tool ASCII codes ASCII html codes gimp script-fu ... weblayout Network search RFC's browse RFC's ip/cidr network calculator IPv6 calculator ... what is my IP address? (and other stuff about you ping, traceroute, nslookup whois lookups Rwhois lookups ORG whois lookups ... Country Codes Admin Resources Backup Test Suite what Y2K problem? linux sysadmin's guide linux netadmin's guide ... WinTV streaming server Collections Photos + Movies Legal Forms ASCII Art ascii animations ... wiretap Web Sites server info BSCB siamese child minus abuse ... Ithaca Radio Misc My seti@home stats Enjoy a session with Eliza Finger Spelling Guitar Barre Chords ... FEEDBACK welcome

7. The Seeker, Site Seeking - Other Miscellaneous Directories
Refunds •Seeking IRS Refunds •Seeking State Tax Refunds •Seeking misc. Work Buddies. World Email directories You have to sign in. Yearbook lookups.
Personal Endorsement: When you need to have someone take care of you, or a loved one, Kitt and her company take personalized care of their clients. Linda Hammer
Generally Seeking
Seeking Classmates
Seeking Ex-Coworkers
Seeking Ex-Neighbors
Seeking Ex-Lovers Relatively Seeking
Seeking Missing Parent
Seeking Birth Parent
Seeking Adopted Child
Seeking Missing Siblings Seeking Other Relatives Seeking Heritage Answers Seeking Missing Children Militarily Seeking Seeking Miscellaneous Military Seeking Military Brats Seeking Navy Veterans Seeking Army Veterans Seeking Air Force Vets Seeking Marine Veterans Seeking Coast Guard Vets Seeking Beneficiaries Beneficiaries Seeking Treasury Dept. Refunds Seeking IRS Refunds Seeking State Tax Refunds Seeking Misc. Insurance Policy Holders Place Your Own Message Site Seeking Miscellaneous Database ... Radio
Other Miscellaneous Directories
The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you. While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search

8. Free Genealogy Look Ups
Also, from old residential and miscellaneous Trade directories I check the DAR library for all states. Can do lookups in Sweden.
Search for Ancestors Cheap ISP On This Page
Genealogy lookups for countries outside the US, and US lookups that do not fit on a state, CD or family genealogy book page, including immigrant records.

Miscellaneous Free Genealogy Look Ups
These GeneaSearch visitors have generously volunteered to do genealogy lookups in their offline genealogy resources. If you have offline genealogy books or other resources. Volunteer here to do look ups for others . Please do not use the volunteer form to request information. Links to other states are below the look up volunteers.
On GeneaSearch Research Tools Find Surnames Locations ... Home Add your surnames to over
6,000 records in the
Surname Registry

to connect with others! Instructions: Click on the email address next to the source you want checked. Please limit to ONE REQUEST FROM A VOLUNTEER PER MONTH. Avoid general lookup requests like "the Smiths". Be sure to include dates, locations, etc. to make it easier to look up your information. If you find an email address that is no longer valid, please contact us so we can remove it.

9. Tech-kern: Re: Misc Layerfs Questions
Subject Re misc layerfs questions To de SAINT LEGER Rodolphe From The last problem I encounter is for shadow directories ( .. lookups).
Subject: Re: Misc layerfs questions
To: de SAINT LEGER Rodolphe
From: Bill Studenmund
List: tech-kern

10. Tech-kern: Misc Layerfs Questions
Subject misc layerfs questions To None From de SAINT LEGER The last problem I encounter is for shadow directories ( .. lookups).
Subject: Misc layerfs questions
To: None
From: de SAINT LEGER Rodolphe
List: tech-kern

11. Reverse Email Lookups
reverse email lookups. BANKRUPTCY RECORDS SEARCH misc lookups. 7xr2g. reverse address directoryemail reverse searchinternet detective spy softwareemail address lookuptelephone directories
Free Web space and hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
reverse email lookups
reverse email lookupsCU DIGEST - Assessment DB VERMONT UNCLAIMED PROPERTY LIST - Sex Offender Public DB ARIZONA LOBBYIST DATABASE REFERENCE - Laguna Nigel 95 California Child Support Enforcement Program name or other hard to receive banned newsgroups.
reverse email lookups
reverse email lookups reverse email lookups reverse address directory email reverse search internet detective spy software email address lookup ... rsnkb

12. Index Of /manual/bind0-9.2.2
For DNS lookups, they can also use the new getrrsetbyname see the Zone Transfers section in doc/misc/migration. STD_CINCLUDES System header file directories.
Index of /manual/bind0-9.2.2
Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 29-Oct-2003 22:52 - Bv9ARM.ch01.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 20k Bv9ARM.ch02.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 6k Bv9ARM.ch03.html 17-Feb-2003 07:55 23k Bv9ARM.ch04.html 17-Feb-2003 07:55 41k Bv9ARM.ch05.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 5k Bv9ARM.ch06.html 17-Feb-2003 07:55 180k Bv9ARM.ch07.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 9k Bv9ARM.ch08.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 5k Bv9ARM.ch09.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 28k Bv9ARM.html 06-Aug-2002 07:54 12k EXAMPLE-CONFIG-named 05-Oct-2003 01:19 16k EXAMPLE-CONFIG-ndc 05-Oct-2003 01:19 1k FAQ 17-Feb-2003 02:29 12k dnssec 17-Feb-2003 08:05 4k 26-Jul-2001 23:31 1k index 19-Jun-2001 03:08 3k 09-Jan-2001 22:50 4k migration 21-Sep-2001 19:49 10k migration-4to9 19-May-2001 03:20 2k options 23-Jan-2002 02:55 13k rfc-compliance 10-Apr-2001 23:51 2k roadmap 09-Jul-2001 23:43 2k sdb 31-May-2001 01:02 6k

13. File-Archive | Category Listing
misc. management tools can rename or move song files and entire directories. The program supports online freedb database lookups for selected files, allowing

14. Genealogy Helplist Pennsylvania
Possibly lookups at Blessed Sacrament and St. directories which are located at our public library Schellsburg Church Marriages, Everett area JP marriages, misc.
Genealogy Helplist Pennsylvania
General Page Index Bottom
Branching Out Online
An Internet Genealogy Primer Please read the instructions before requesting help!
Read this before e-mailing anyone!
Recently, a volunteer on this list sent me the following note. Please read it and consider it carefully. Volunteers are precious resources that the genealogy community can not afford to abuse. I am no longer able to do lookups due to the volume of emails I receive for help not related to my resource. I have people emailing me to get them birth certificates, to offer general genealogy advice, to do tombstone rubbings () - all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with my resource. It is out of hand and I can't sit here going through my email weeding out this garbage every day. I have had it. I am very sorry, and I know I have helped several people and I am glad of it - but there are too many people out there who are emailing me inappropriately. Please remove my address from your site. Read this next!

15. Utilities/Drivers/System Files › Email Misc. Utilities
Email misc. Utilities. Features Perform RBL lookups on multiple domains. (iii) Sort extracted attachments and create sub directories according to sender s
Registry First Aid
Cleans the registry to speed up your computer and stop program crashes! S EARCH: Site News Index
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Email Misc. Utilities

16. PRIVACY Info Source (credit,medical,personal,etc)
site (also posted to news.answers and misc.consumers) in V. CDROM phone directories Widely available. Many provide only name-to-number lookups, not the reverse Info Source.h
Subject: PRIVACY Info Source (credit,medical,personal,etc)
Newsgroups: alt.privacy misc.consumers alt.answers misc.answers ... - with links to book info, and pro-privacy people and groups. Editors note: see the PGP web pages for info on using PGP for mail security...

17. Hennepin County Lookups
Please remember these are all "volunteers" and are doing this on their own time. Do not abuse their services, and follow their guidelines for requests.

(Also see the Cemetery Pages Susan Morrow has transcribed tombstone records from 1865-2002 and burial records for the years 1882-1992 and will do lookups. Please contact Susan. Susan Morrow The Grave Markers of Hennepin County Vol 1 and 2 Includes ONLY the townships of Maple Grove, East Osseo, West Osseo, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Dayton. This cemetery began burials in 1853 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Minneapolis. Susan Hunter-Weir will do lookups. Joyce Bakke Obituaries after 1931. Cemetery Photos in Plymouth, Wayzata, Orono, Long Lake, Maple Plain & Medina. "MN LOOKUP" MUST BE IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Linda Pelak Digital still photos of gravestones (or anything I can reasonably photograph) in the Twin Cities metro area.

18. Will County Lookup Volunteers
misc lookups (Click above for more information) Has about 7000 records, Cemetary 1962 and 1986 Joliet City directories, Will lookup names, Marge Rice.
Will Co, IL USGenWeb
Will County Lookup Volunteers
Volunteers are needed to do look-ups for Will County, Illinois with references that you own or are at your local library. You can e-mail me with your references and I will add them to the following list. Note: Please be as specific as possible with your request. Include Full names if known, dates, and places. This will help both you and the volunteer.
Please don't forget to thank the volunteer for his or her time. Cemeteries Census History Misc Records ... Vital Records Reference Information Volunteer Census 1850 Census (Online) Click Here for online version 1850 Census Family Tree Maker's CD #301 which is the "Census Microfilm Records: Illinois, 1850" Susan Kuhar Epple 1850 Census
(Crete Twsp only)
Sharon Galitz 1860 Census Volunteer Needed 1870 Census Volunteer Needed 1880 Census The complete 1880 Census is online at the following site: 1900 Census Volunteer Needed 1910 Census Volunteer Needed 1920 Census Partial online listing of Crete Washington and Will Townships is located Here Volunteer Needed Need Volunteers. If you have access to Census Records for county Please contact

19. PostgreSQL Backend Directories
PostgreSQL Backend directories. hash routines are used by the cache and memorymanager routines to do quick lookups of dynamic utils/misc - miscellaneous stuff.
PostgreSQL Backend Directories
by Bruce Momjian Click on any of the section headings to see the source code for that section.
bootstrap - creates initial template database via initdb
Because PostgreSQL requires access to system tables for almost every operation, getting those system tables in place is a problem. You can't just create the tables and insert data into them in the normal way, because table creation and insertion requires the tables to already exist. This code jams the data directly into tables using a special syntax used only by the bootstrap procedure.
main - passes control to postmaster or postgres
This checks the process name(argv[0]) and various flags, and passes control to the postmaster or postgres backend code.
postmaster - controls postgres server startup/termination
This creates shared memory, and then goes into a loop waiting for connection requests. When a connection request arrives, a postgres backend is started, and the connection is passed to it.
libpq - backend libpq library routines
This handles communication to the client processes.

20. Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness -- New Zealand
Some early directories. Still photos of tombstones, Museum, Library lookups copying, misc. Still photos of tombstones and Public Records lookups and copying.
New Zealand
Before submitting your request, please read the FAQ page on how to submit your requests, along with other information.
Try to be as specific in your requests as possible and avoid asking for generalized searches. Request SPECIFIC information and only in the areas for which the volunteers are offering
Do NOT ask a volunteer to do anything outside of his/her area or to do anything for which he has not volunteered.
Do NOT request the same information from every volunteer listed in the area of your research. Region Area Volunteer Act of Kindness All ALL Terri Provan
Still photos of tombstones and Public Records lookups and copying All All Bethel Clark
Still photos of tombstones Auckland North Shore Lynne Mee
Locate and transcribe information from headstones, from cemetaries on the North Shore in Auckland. Particularly Birkenhead and Albany areas. Auckland ALL Vicky Hones
Auckland Auckland Diane Wilson
Will do lookups of the 1881 and 1893 Electoral roll for New Zealand and Purewa Cemetery Auckland NZ. Also WW1 Service Personnel for New Zealand. Aucland ALL Alan Scott

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