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1. Cyndi's List - City Directories
willing to undertake requested lookups in these United States; Primary Sources directories From the Public Library with excellent general information about
City Directories
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Planting Your Family Tree Online
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Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
In association with Ancestry Magazine GPC and Clearfield Company Genealogy Warehouse Submit a New Link Report a Broken Link Update a Link
    General Resource Sites
    • From the Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skill Building - May 1996.
    • Listing of microfilmed city directories organized by state. These directories are intended to be finding aids for using the 1930 census.
    • From " Along Those Lines... " by George Morgan.
    • For those who desire lookups in city directories such as the old directories found in many local and state public libraries, and for volunteers who are willing to undertake requested lookups in these directories. Archives: browse search
    • A register of known city directories, their years, and repositories for the United States.

2. Look Up Directories
Farmington Community Library Look Up directories http// LookUp directories. Recommended by Merry Beth Tacy and Kim which is a web directory, general and consumer information on individual cities
Search our Online Catalog Renew Items Using our Online Catalog Best of the Web Resources Connect To A Librarian All Subscription Databases All Metro Net Libraries Change Your Metro Net Passwrod Check Out Our E-Books Lookup Directories Quick Reference Tools Search the Web Metro Net Home Page
Look-Up Directories
Recommended by Merry Beth Tacy and Kim Mitchell,
FCL Reference Services
Finding People
Billed as "the world's first adoption-focused search engine" this site offers a birth relative search feature as well as adoption-related links. Offered as a free service by the subscription site Contains information provided by the Social Security Administration with over 64,000,000 records. Bigfoot maintains a huge database which you can use to find both people and their e-mail address, if any. Containing over 10 million names and 40,000 schools, this is a great starting-point to find old friends and classmates.
  • Finding People
Cyndi Howells maintains an award-winning site for genealogical researchers, but her series of links on finding people and related topics is a very fine compilation for anyone who is interested in looking up a person.

3. Michigan Lookups
a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time. general Michigan State lookups. Census look up information in these directories and will email the information to

Michigan Lookups
The USGenWeb Project is based on information at the county level. If you know which county your ancestor is from, always look at the county level info FIRST.
Michigan State Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers
WE NEED YOUR HELP!! As you can see, we don't have a lot of information available for you. If you have access to census records, or any other records that would be statewide in scope such as, military or shipping records, would you be willing to do lookups for us? If you are willing or have questions about volunteering, write the MIGenWeb State Coordinator: Jan Cortez. Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put Michigan State LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in. If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time.
General Michigan State Lookups
Reference Lookup Volunteer Comments U.S. census index 1607-1880

4. Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition: Overview
LDAP, which is a more generalpurpose directory to another directory server for lookups, similar to System Directory Server communicate with X.500 directories? How To Buy My Sun Worldwide Sites ... Directory Servers/Identity Management
Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition
Product Home Data Sheet
Delivering Secure, Highly Available, Scalable, and Easy-to-Manage Directory Services. Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition serves as the backbone to an enterprise identity infrastructure, enabling today's mission-critical enterprise applications and large-scale extranet applications to access consistent, accurate, and reliable identity data for significant operational and cost efficiencies. This solution provides a solid foundation for identity management by providing a central repository for storing and managing identity profiles, access privileges, and application and network resource information. It integrates smoothly into multiplatform environments, and provides secure, on-demand password synchronization with Microsoft Windows Active Directory.
Java Enterprise System helps Athens International Airport prepare for the Olympics
Best practices guide
Product Highlights

Providing industry-leading directory capabilities, Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition delivers highly available, scalable, manageable, and secure services that:

5. Reverse Telephone Directories, Finding Relatives , Reverse Lookups, Social Secur
Web Detective Service lets you Investigate anyone anywhere. reverse telephone directories, finding relatives , reverse lookups, social security number search, reverse telephone number search, this much information is available to the general public! I use your service every day
"WOW" Your do-it-yourself Investigation service really delivers some powerful results. I have tried other programs and they sucked. Thanks!
...and let me say I was impressed with how simple your Web Detective site is to use and how deeply you can investigate people. I'm surprised this much information is available to the general public!
I use your service every day in my business and would not be without it.
Use Your Computer To Investigate Anyone!
Most Complete Investigative Site On The Internet
Used by Professional Investigators Since 1995
We guarantee our product for 30 days from the date of purchase. We honor our guarantee that our service is as described in our material and in our FAQ
(CLICK HERE TO READ OUR FAQ for further information about our GUARANTEE COVERAGE)
Email us at:

CLICK HERE TO JOIN INSTANTLY. Only $29.95 for a Lifetime of Unlimited Use! Start Your Own Investigations Immediately
Instant Signup with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other Cards

6. "DIRECTORIES" Related Terms, Short Phrases And Links
SearchIQSearchIQ reviews and rates general and specialty search Reference (includes dictionaries, calendars, telephone directories, email lookups, etc.


Encyclopedia of Keywords
News Michael Charnine
Open project! Please edit the future version of this article
Categories Headline Links
Search Engines



... DIRECTORIES Review of Short Phrases and Links This Review contains major "DIRECTORIES"- related terms, short phrases and links grouped together in the form of Encyclopedia article.
  • Books about "DIRECTORIES" in Video about "DIRECTORIES" in Order a custom written Review from Encyclopedia Writing Service
  • Directories are like online yellow pages. (Web site) Directories are search engines powered by human beings. (Web site) Directories are the predecessors of the modern day phone book. (Web site) Directories are useful when you want clear categories or want to browse. (Web site) Directories are the operational linchpin of almost all middleware services. (Web site) Directories are listings of web sites separated into categories or topical areas. (Web site) Directories are very useful when you have no more than a general notion of what you are looking for. (Web site) Directories are organized by community/zip code, so contacts for your local media should be easy to identify.
  • 7. Telephone Directory And Directories, Reverse Lookups
    Telephone directory and directories, reverse lookups. Navigate bclinks bc-links home Shopping Browse listings Consumer Articles general Reference sites
    Navigate bc-links
    bc-links home

    Browse listings

    Consumer Articles

    Reference sites


    About bc-links

    Business owners
    FREE advertising
    Add your listing Advertise here Link to us ... Member Login Join our mailing list to be notified when new listings are added to Why join? Enter your email address and click Join! Internet Reference Directory Main Telephone Directory Browse the business and shopping listings by clicking here. BC Government directory A searchable directory of the telephone numbers for BC Government employees, Crown corporations, public agencies, the legislative assembly, etc. 00268 added: Dec 22 2003 Info-Tel Telephone Directory Online telephone directory for Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, South Okanagan, Shuswap (Salmon Arm, Revelstoke and area) and the North Thompson (Kamloops and area). Has both White pages and Yellow pages, users can search by Name, number (reverse lookup), or business category. 00264 added: Dec 19 2003 International dialing codes This utility, located at, allows you to quickly look up the Country and Area codes for dozens of countries around the world.

    8. Miscellaneous General Setting For Cern_httpd
    general W3C httpd Configuration Directives. directory.xbm for directories; back.xbm for parent directory; If DNS lookups become a bottleneck this feature can be
    General W3C httpd Configuration Directives
    Server's "home" directory is specified via ServerRoot directive. If server root is specified, but no AddIcon directive has been used in configuration file to set up icons, the default icon directory is under server root icons . The default icons that should be present are:
    • blank.xbm blank icon for aligning the header with listing
    • directory.xbm for directories
    • back.xbm for parent directory
    • unknown.xbm for unknown types
    • binary.xbm for binary files
    • text.xbm for text files
    • image.xbm for image files
    • movie.xbm for movies
    • sound.xbm for audio files
    • tar.xbm for tar files
    • compressed.xbm for compressed files
    If these defaults don't please you you can define all from the scratch. As an example of AddIcon directive, the defaults would be specified as follows: Pass /httpd-internal-icons/* /server_root/icons/* AddBlankIcon /httpd-internal-icons/blank.xbm AddDirIcon /httpd-internal-icons/directory.xbm DIR AddParentIcon /httpd-internal-icons/back.xbm UP AddUnknownIcon /httpd-internal-icons/unknown.xbm AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/binary.xbm BIN binary AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/text.xbm TXT text/* AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/image.xbm IMG image/* AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/movie.xbm MOV video/* AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/sound.xbm AU audio/* AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/tar.xbm TAR multipart/*tar AddIcon /httpd-internal-icons/compressed.xbm CMP x-compress x-gzip

    9. General Reference: Directories
    general Reference directories It searches several reverse phone directories in the United States and for people and business phone number lookups within the
    General Reference: Directories

    Chamber of Commerce Directory

    National and international in scope, this site allows users to search for the web sites of Chambers of Commerce or of cities, states, and provinces worldwide. Global Directories
    This page provides links to online phone directories from around the world The List of ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
    Intended as an ISP buyer's guide, this site displays lists for ISPs by area code, country code, and the U.S. and Canada nationwide. Martindale Hubbell Directory and Attorney Locator
    This site provides easy navigation through a plethora of lawyer and legal-related topics. Searching is allowed by name of lawyer, location of practice, law firm, agency, and law school. Information on legal careers, professional resources, legal personnel, and dispute resolutions is furnished. Reverse Phone Directories
    This web site allows users to locate a person's name and street address by inputting a telephone number. It searches several reverse phone directories in the United States and Canada by the phone number provided and retrieves the name and street address of the person if known. SuperPages
    Similar to AnyWho, Verizon's SuperPages allows for people and business phone number lookups within the United States. Yellow Pages, City Pages, and Reverse Lookup are among the other features offered at this site.

    10. General Sources
    Lookup Directory ZIP codes, phone directories, street lookups, etc; Verizon formerly Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages;
    Robert H. Goddard Library Web Site Library Information Library Catalog Databases and Indexes Internet Reference Sources ... What's New ?

    11. Connecticut Free Genealogy Look Ups From GeneaSearch Lookup Volunteers
    Other Look Up Sites. lookups from Books. Ancestry. RootsWeb general Search. Hartford, Connecticut City Directory, 188992; Ansonia, Connecticut directories, 1887-91;
    Search for Ancestors Cheap ISP On This Page
    Connecticut genealogy free look ups for Connecticut census, marriage records, cemetery records and other offline Connecticut genealogy resources from our volunteers.
    Connecticut Free Genealogy Look Ups
    These GeneaSearch visitors have generously volunteered to do Connecticut genealogy lookups in their offline genealogy resources. If you have offline Connecticut genealogy books or other resources. Volunteer here to do look ups for others . Please do not use the volunteer form to request information. Links to other states are below the look up volunteers.
    On GeneaSearch Research Tools Find Surnames Locations ... Home Add your surnames to over
    6,000 records in the
    Surname Registry

    to connect with others! State Genealogy AK AL AR ... WY Instructions: Click on the email address next to the source you want checked. Please limit to ONE REQUEST FROM A VOLUNTEER PER MONTH. Avoid general lookup requests like "the Smiths". Be sure to include dates, locations, etc. to make it easier to look up your information. If you find an email address that is no longer valid, please contact us so we can remove it.

    12. General Legal Resources
    GETTING STARTED general LEGAL RESOURCES, LEGAL SEARCH ENGINES AND HELPFUL PRACTICE MATERIALS. Back to the main page. Subject indexes, or directories, organize links to vast quantities of information. reverse.htm Reverse lookups for telephone directories, street addresses, and email
    presented by Sibyl Marshall Table of Contents General Legal Subject Indexes
    Legal Search Engines

    Specific Legal Resources
    (legal dictionaries, encyclopedias, forms, the Blue Book)
    Legal News

    courts, court reporters, experts, private investigators, process servers, law schools and law reviews, attorneys and law firms)
    General Resources for Attorneys
    (researching companies and individuals, travel, general news)
    Back to the main page
    General Legal Subject Indexes Subject indexes, or directories, organize links to vast quantities of information. In legal subject indexes, the organization may be by topic, by jurisdiction, by type of material (primary materials, secondary materials, forms, and so on), or by all three. There are many excellent legal subject indexes. Some of my favorites are:
    • Findlaw [
      Findlaw organizes primary materials and secondary materials by jurisdiction and by topic. It also has directories of attorneys, law schools, and experts, as well as forms and additional materials.
      Cornell Legal Information Institute [

    13. Law Library Reference Resources Guide
    general directories. P 1.10/8. Also available electronically on the Internet at http// general Encyclopedias and Almanacs.
    This script is not required to run for usability and simply loads a more complex navigation system for modern browsers. Expand All Collapse All + Library Info Contact ... SABIO
    We have some new "Friends of the Law Library" information available. NEW-Members of the bar can now access the Community User Card policy and application online.
    General Dictionaries
    Acronyms, Initialisms and Abbreviations Dictionary (Gale Group): Assists researchers in identifying acronyms, initialisms and abbreviations. Law Library buys every other year.
    Location: Law Reference PE 1693 .G3. The Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford 1989): Provides one of the most comprehensive compilations of definitions to words.
    Location: Law Reference PE 1625 .O87 1989.
    Also available electronically on Sabio at
    General Directories
    National Five-Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory (U.S. Postal Service): Provides zip code reference information for the United States. Annual.
    Location: The current edition is kept at the end of the Reference Collection at P 1.10/8.

    14. 800 Number Directories At
    International Calling Codes The International Marketplace Study WEB The general Store Employment Study WEB directories and lookups a comprehensive
    800 Number Directories search results and 800 Number Directories sites at List Your Business Advertising Sponsorships Needs and Leads ... Log in ACCURATE WEB SEARCH:
    Every site reviewed to guarantee accuracy TOP RESOURCES

    US Yellow Pages
    US White Pages Canada Yellow Pages Reverse Yellow Pages ... Free Business Resources
    You are here: B2B Directory B2B Directories 800 Number Directories
    Viewers that searched for "800 Number Directories" have also searched for:
    Hipaa Regulation
    Windows 98 Aol Yellow Page
    Top Sites for 800 Number Directories Learn More

    World's largest email address directory and database. SEARCH FREE!
    Web Results for 800 Number Directories Learn More
    Offers toll-free number s for business, including custom toll-free number s. Includes number s, 866 number s, 877 number s, and 888 number s. GotVMail: Advanced 800 Toll Free Numbers Offers advanced toll free number s and voicemail for small businesses. Multiple mailboxes, live call forwarding, music-on-hold, and more. RingCentral: Private Toll Free Numbers with Voicemail Provides toll free number s as part of a complete unified messaging solution that includes voicemail, faxing, call forwarding and calller ID.

    15. Reverse Address Directories At
    people with reverse cell phone lookups to search United States Wholesale Source directories BEST SELLING DIRECTORY 2003 general MERCHANDISE WHOLESALE
    Reverse Address Directories search results and Reverse Address Directories sites at List Your Business Advertising Sponsorships Needs and Leads ... Log in ACCURATE WEB SEARCH:
    Every site reviewed to guarantee accuracy TOP RESOURCES

    US Yellow Pages
    US White Pages Canada Yellow Pages Reverse Yellow Pages ... Free Business Resources
    You are here: B2B Directory B2B Directories Reverse Address Directories
    Viewers that searched for "Reverse Address Directories" have also searched for:
    Jackson Hole Wy
    Kenya Coffee Mtume Pie Plate ... Mba
    Top Sites for Reverse Address Directories Learn More
    KnowX - Reverse Address Search

    Search by address to find or verify the owner.
    Find Phone Numbers, Email, Cellular and Unlisted

    All in one search site. Find phone numbers, cellphone numbers, email. Includes unlisted and unpublished info. Web Detective Online People Finder Find out the truth about anyone. Locate missing people, friends, old loves, e-mail address es, phone numbers, FBI files, SSN's, driving, criminal, adoption records and more. Affiliate site. Web Results for Reverse Address Directories Learn More Experian - Collection Services Provides collection and skip tracing tools and services for debt recovery. Includes

    16. Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindness -- Pennsylvania
    obits, newspaper articles research and copying, local directories. of tombstones and Public Records lookups and copying and address lookups; general information
    Before submitting your request, please read the FAQ page on how to submit your requests, along with other information. Try to be as specific in your requests as possible and avoid asking for generalized searches. Request SPECIFIC information and only in the areas for which the volunteers are offering Do NOT ask a volunteer to do anything outside of his/her area or to do anything for which he has not volunteered. Do NOT request the same information from every volunteer listed in the area of your research. Find the County for a U.S. Town or City
    A B C thru E F thru L ... S thru Z County Volunteer Act of Kindness Beaver John McGreal
    Beaver Mary E. Chidester
    Beaver George Craig
    Public Records research and copying, obits, newspaper articles research and copying, local directories. Census lookups (most years indexed) other research as needed. Beaver Eileen Druzak
    Digital photos of gravestones in Hopewell, Aliquippa, Center, Monaca, Beaver and Rochester. Bedford Lee Ann Schwarz

    17. Montgomery College, Maryland - General Reference: Directories (incl. Phone, Addr
    general REFERENCE SOURCES CALENDARS directories Calendars directories. directories. USPS Zip Code Lookup http//
    [Back to Web Subject Guides] CALENDARS The Calendar Zone
    Festival Finder -
    A searchable site which lists more than 1,500 music festivals which can also be browsed by genre.
    This site lets you search for Information Technology (IT) conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc.
    The National Address Server
    Furnishes zip code (and, if you want, printable "postnet" barcode) when you type in the address.
    Welcome to WhoWhere?
    Finds people’s addresses, phone numbers, and/or e-mail addresses.
    ASAE Gateway to Associations Online E-MAIL
    Bigfoot Commercial site offers free e-mail accounts, and lets you find e-mail addresses of people.

    18. LDAPzone: General Interest
    general Interest. need for speed and scalability also play well to the strength of directories. per second and upwards of 25 million directory lookups per day.
    "); document.write(" "); document.write(" General Interest Directory, Database, or Both? By Vikas Mahajan
    Few questions stir up as much controversy and confusion as that which asks, "Should I use a Directory or a Relational Database?" This single question can bring a directory project to its knees as directory engineers and DBAs hammer out the benefits of their technology while quickly showing skepticism and doubt about their counterparts' gaudy visions for their respective systems.
    But the battle doesn’t end there; if either system is poorly implemented, the performance of the system suffers, resulting in blame and abandonment of the technology which, perhaps, was simply tasked with doing something it wasn’t designed to handle.
    In this article, I hope to tackle some of the major issues surrounding this controversy. Furthermore, I hope to demonstrate that Directories and Relational Databases are complementary solutions. By gaining an understanding of each system’s suitability to task, you can analyze your data requirements and more easily determine the types of data each system should hold. The heated discussions with your DBA are still likely to take place, but now you can enter those meetings with the knowledge you need to stand your ground regarding the business and data needs your directory will satisfy. And, with a little work on your part, your DBA will soon find that you are a colleague working to solve the same business needs rather than a radical technologist looking to replace his or her database with the latest technology "buzzword."

    19. Genealogy Helplist California
    general Ventura County lookups. Ventura County, CA. Kate Faulkner Ventura City and County, California, USA. Ventura city directories.
    Genealogy Helplist California
    California's 58 Counties: Alameda - Alpine - Amador Butte - Calaveras - Colusa Contra Costa Del Norte El Dorado ... Humboldt - Imperial - Inyo - Kern - Kings - Lake Lassen Los Angeles Madera - Marin - Mariposa Mendocino Merced - Modoc - Mono - Monterey Napa Nevada Orange ... Placer - Plumas - Riverside Sacramento San Benito San Bernardino ... Sierra - Siskiyou - Solano Sonoma Stanislaus - Sutter - Tehama - Trinity - Tulare Tuolumne Ventura - Yolo - Yuba Links (These pages are not part of or affiliated with the Helplist. We provide them as additional places to look up California records) California Vital Record Information Guide

    This guide will give you all the details on ordering vital records from a particular county. California Mayflower Society
    California Death Index 1940-1997
    California Birth Index 1905-1995
    State Volunteers Deborah Johnson
    • 1790 census
    Margaret Posehn

    20. Massachusetts City Directories
    In general however, most small town directories simply have We utilize city directories as part of an overall we do not provide individual lookups or requests
    Massachusetts City and Town Residential Street Directories.

    Massachusetts city and town directories offer an abundance of terrific clues and research tips about finding people from the past. Most of this information cannot be found elsewhere. The older city directories are much like today's telephone books except they offer a better panorama or "birds eye view" into the makeup of a community at a particular time period. For example, do you need to know the names of all Boston Methodist church organizations in the year 1900? Do you need to find the names of all cemeteries that were in existence in Lowell in 1870? Do you need a list of all civic and social organizations in 1880 Worcester?

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