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1. OAI Registry At UIUC (SampleRecord.asp)
3. year 2001. cpyrt year 2001. collab Villanueva and Is subject limited inany activities because of c ca= left . p digestive system complications during

2. Web Server Statistics For University Of Virginia 3 http// .com/search?q=activities+on+the+ Endocrine+system hl=en lr oe=UTF8 q=digestive+system+exams+ and+answers btnG
Web Server Statistics for University of Virginia
Program started at Tue-05-Aug-2003 03:49 local time.
Analysed requests from Tue-01-Jul-2003 00:05 to Thu-31-Jul-2003 23:48 (31.0 days). Total successful requests:
Average successful requests per day:
Total successful requests for pages:
Average successful requests for pages per day:
Total failed requests:
Total redirected requests:
Number of distinct files requested:
Number of distinct hosts served:
Corrupt logfile lines:
Total data transferred:
722 424 kbytes Average data transferred per day: 23 312 kbytes Go To Monthly Report Weekly Report Domain Report Directory Report ... Error Report
Monthly Report
Go To Top Weekly Report Domain Report Directory Report ... Error Report Each unit ( ) represents 400 requests for pages, or part thereof. month: pages: - Jul 2003: 17211:
Weekly Report
Go To Top Monthly Report Domain Report Directory Report ... Error Report Each unit ( ) represents 100 requests for pages, or part thereof. week beg.: pages: - - 29/Jun/03: 2485: 6/Jul/03: 4421: 13/Jul/03: 3767: 20/Jul/03: 4214: 27/Jul/03: 2324:
Domain Report
Go To Top Monthly Report Weekly Report Directory Report ... Error Report Printing all domains, sorted by amount of traffic.

3. Grade Five Links
Storytelling Prince of Egypt. collab-O-Write. Harry Potter Kids Do Ecology. Recycling activities. Critical Ecoregions. Environmental The Weather Show. digestive system. Three States
Grade Five Links language arts the arts health and physical education environment ... extras Language Arts Writing Reading Communication A Letter to the Editor Study: Owls in the Family Sherlock Holmes Wacky Web Tales ... H.M.ReadingThemes The Arts Music Art Stage Types of Notes Examples of Texture For Young Actors Basic Conducting Patterns ... Impressionism Health and Physical Education Lifestyle Movement Activity Street Cents Soccer Skills Cycling Being Good to Your Body ... The Locker Room For Kids Environment Kids Do Ecology Recycling Activities Critical Ecoregions Environmental Changes ... Ways of Knowing Reference Tool Encyclopedias Libraries Maps/Atlas Dictionaries Encarta On-line Internet Public Library MapQuest Webster's ... Computing Webopedia Mathematics Numbers Measurement Geometry Patterns Data Management Matho Color Patterns Using Data Word Problems ... Calculator Museum Social Studies Canada and the World Timeline: Web Chronology Government at a Glance Encyclopedia Mythica Introduction to Canadian Government ... Guardians Egypt Catholic Links Immaculate Heart Catholic Youth Toronto My Friend Magazine St. Joseph Messenger

4. Semester I Calendar 2001
http// textchapters/activities. comparative digestive systems animation.
Semester I Calendar 2001-2002 home AP Bio Honors Bio CP Bio ... Visit the Lab CALENDAR KEY HW = homework assigned ** = due on that date This is the for the on-line chapter quiz- if it does not work, use the link for our book. Here is the link for our book: Look for "Resources" at the top of the left hand navigational field, and click on "Student Book Companion Sites" then scroll down to our book under "Introductory Biology" (Solomon, Berg, with the blue cover and owl) click on the book, and then click on "tutorial quiz" to check your knowledge. You will submit the quiz for each chapter to me on-line. Click on "Submit", fill in my email address (mhalsall at and your email address. Click on "send" to submit. week topics text chapters/activities supplemental readings/URLs see you in late August!! week 1 Aug 25-29
  • summer assignments intro to AP Bio
chpt. 1 and 22 due Aug. 24-your first day back!!** chpt. 1, handouts/AP website

5. NIDDK's Draft Strategic Plan On Minority Health Disparities
Institute of Diabetes and digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). We Current activities Current activities include support of the United States Renal Data system, which performs
April 3, 2000
TO: Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.
Co-Chair, Trans-NIH Working Group on Health Disparities
Yvonne T. Maddox, Ph.D.
Co-Chair, Trans-NIH Working Group on Health Disparities
FROM: Director, NIDDK
SUBJECT: NIDDK's Draft Strategic Plan on Minority Health Disparities
Attached please find the current working draft of the Strategic Plan on Minority Health Disparities developed by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). We have prepared this draft in the context of the format and fiscal planning guidance provided by the Trans-NIH Working Group on Health Disparities.
In generating this draft Plan, we have sought proposed initiatives from NIDDK scientific staff and have shared those concepts with our National Advisory Council and with a representative group of individuals from organizations having particular expertise and interests with respect to minority health issues.
I particularly wish to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of Dr. Lawrence Agodoa to this planning process. Dr. Agodoa provided scientific leadership and direction across the NIDDK in his capacity as Managing Editor for the NIDDK draft Plan. Dr. Agodoa is the End Stage Renal Disease Program Director of the NIDDK Division of Kidney, Urologic and Hematologic Diseases, as well as the Minority Health Program Director for that Division.
We recognize the need to gain broader public input to our planning process as we continue to revise our draft Plan. Therefore, we expect to post the attached draft on the NIDDK web site as soon as possible and to actively seek additional comments and suggestions.

6. Free Stuffs
integrate handson and online classroom activities and assessments acid rain, groundwater,solar energy, the human digestive and circulatory systems,and pets Stuff&db=freebees&collab=ou

7. The Guide
Home Page is dedicated to digestive disorders. All material text Apr 02. EtherMed- http// cfm Learn the basics about the immune system. 12 Apr 02
This page was updated:
The Guide Refresh your page to view any changes Topics in Medical English
Many medically related links listed by specialty.
27 Apr 02
Active Learning Centre Home Page

Active Learning Centre is a compilation of self-assessment tests/databases in different areas of knowledge. All tests follow the same format and are capable of asking either multiple-choice, matching or essay-type (self-graded) questions. All databases are searchable by keywords/phrases.
27 Apr 02
Veterinary Science Web Links The Internet provides access to many interesting websites that provide up-to-date and quality information. It could be conceded that information provided by sites on the Internet have not been peer reviewed; therefore it is suggested that the researcher verify any information found on the Internet by completing a search for comparable information in a peer reviewed and referred journal. 27 Apr 02

8. UNT\ERIC Digest\School Counselors Collaborating For Student Success
An unencumbered system has clear lines of authority and the DeWitt Wallace Reader sDigest Fund have the education reform and restructuring activities which are
School Counselors Collaborating for Student Success Jackie M. Allen Living and working in a world class society with information age technology at their finger tips, all educators are challenged to improve their communication and collaboration skills. Current trends and issues in education, and specifically in school counseling, indicate the importance of collaborating for student success. THE ISSUES From a business and industry perspective Total Quality Management principles are being applied to educational reform. The concept of inclusion of all major publics in school improvement planning has led to the development of strong linkages between internal and external stakeholders. Support networks at the regional and local levels are being formed to foster system improvement and facilitate optimum student learning. Many educators believe that the school should be a community of both adult and more youthful learners. An essential ingredient in the development of such a community is the quality of interpersonal relationships. Those relationships need to be collegial, cooperative, and interdependent. School improvement requires efforts both from within and from outside the school in order to develop a community of learners. Collaboration for student success is an integral part of educational reform. School counselors have often been perceived as being apart from, or separate from, the mainstream of education. Over the last 15 years well known national education reports, such as "A Nation At Risk", have had a conspicuous absence of references to school counseling. In the current educational reform literature a specific role for the school counselor has not yet been defined. School counselors themselves must define their part in educational reform.

Links to many of the systems may be found at http// AnotherLotus system called Information Digest, is also
March 16, 1996 Berkeley, CA
Summary of Proceedings
Less than five years old, the concept of collaborative filtering has already spawned dozens of publicly available systems, several experimental proprietary systems, and even a few commercially available systems. On Saturday, March 16, 1996, 50 researchers in the academic and business worlds gathered at the University of California-Berkeley to exchange ideas and experiences about these emerging filtering tools. The workshop was organized by the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS), University of California at Berkeley and the Fisher Center for Information Technology and Management at the Haas School of Business; and sponsored by Infonautics Corporation and Verity Inc. The systems presented were: . Links to many of the systems may be found at: Additionally, an application called UPrint1 (Xerox Parc) and two enabling platforms for collaborative filtering were discussed. This summary of proceedings provides an overview of the systems, application and infrastructure discussed at the workshop; highlights the development concerns they share in common; and touches upon some issues up ahead. The summary concludes with a list of next steps suggested at the workshop and information about joining a Web forum on collaborative filtering.

10. Updates For Staff Development
in Spring and Summer for daytime activities. Simply put, the California State University. system. Thursday, April 8, 1999 at 7 Styles and the 4mat learning system. http//volcano.und

11. Updates For Staff Development
Update 5/03/99. STAFF DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 5/03/99. 1. Remember the PC Boot Camp, LRC 205, this Weds, 5/5/99, and Thurs, 5/6/99, 10 130 PM information on PC Bootcamp is located at http// bootcamp/ 2. in Spring and Summer for daytime activities. Simply put, the Styles and the 4mat learning system. http//volcano.und
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Update 5/03/99
Date: 1999, May 02
From: Staff Dev
STAFF DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 5/03/99 1. Remember the PC Boot Camp, LRC 205, this Weds, 5/5/99, and Thurs, 5/6/99, 10 - 130 PM information on PC Bootcamp is located at 2. Join in Web Project, and help us develop and implement new webpages at Mission 3 museum of modern art (new york) 4. if you need to order last minute gift for Mothers Day, then use (the right gift, right away) 5. the leading resource for information executives on line 6.. concepts of collaboration 7. gardening on the web 8. twenty seven ways to remember students names 9. Laws of wisdom, great thinkers, and visionaries. Chinese laws of creativity and wisdom IChing, and Theory of Inventive Problem solving

12. Websites Cooperative Learning - Coöperatief Leren
http// taketurns sorting them into categories according to body system.
21 mei 2002 Onderstaande websites bevatten veel informatie over Coöperatief Leren (CL). Deze site is gemaakt op 21 mei 2002. Het kan zijn dat sommige sites sindsdien een ander adres hebben gekregen of zijn opgeheven. IASCE - Logo International Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education (IASCE): Website van Ted Panitz. Het meest uitgebreide adres over CL. Het bevat veel teksten en hoofdstukken over CL, waaronder: de voordelen van CL, alternatieve evaluatievormen bij CL, cooperative versus collaborative learning, CL in het wiskunde-onderwijs, CL in het hoger onderwijs, waarom zo weinig leerkrachten CL gebruiken, ervaringen van leerkrachten en leerlingen met CL en nog veel meer. Ook bevat dit adres veel verwijzingen naar andere CL-sites. De CL-links van Ted Panitz zijn hieronder opgenomen (gecorrigeerde versie; niet meer bestaande sites zijn verwijderd).

13. Course Catalog: 2003-2004
to engage in research activities with scientisits at local be all the varied activities necessary in planning, organizing intitial phases of system analysis and system design. This
Course Catalog: 2003-2004
This is the course catalog for the current bulletin year. Click on a letter below to view the course subjects that begin with that letter. A B C E ... T Academic Foundations ACAF 099 - Course to be Added
1.00 to 6.00
Other: 1.00 to 6.00
College: Undergraduate Programs
Department: Academic Foundations
ACAF 100 - Academic Achievement Seminar
Undergraduate Programs
Department: Academic Foundations
ACAF 101 - Core I: Speech Communication Credits: Employs a selected theme, which is "Self and Society," this required course explores the prespectives of the various disciplines on common issues and questions. In addition, the course serves as an orientation to college and the liberal arts and sciences. The course will also develop competencies in oral communication. The course is interdisciplinary, involves common lectures, cultural events and readings. It is required of all freshman students, and serves as a prerequisite for Core II. Lecture: College: Undergraduate Programs Department: Academic Foundations Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Campus(s): Main ACAF 102 - Core II: College Writing II Credits: Continues the inter-disciplinary exploration of the liberal arts and sciences and the common topics exlpored in Core I. The course will provide students with extensive practice in writing persuasive and referential prose with an emphasis on the process of research and writing from sources.

14. Site Map
Windows Profiles in Science Projector system Contest Science Hounds with Rocky ScienceActivities for Curious PBS SCIENCELINE Philanthropy News Digest K12

15. AD HOC BIBLIO - Auteurs_N Compilé Le 02/08/22
Vol. Vol. 8 Musculoskeletal system. Nieoullon, A., collab .
  • Nadeau, Denis, sous la dir.
  • Nadeau, Isabelle
  • [m]
  • Nadeau, Pierre
    Pneumologie... [m]
  • Nadeau, Pierrette
  • [m]
  • Nadon, Michelle, dir
  • Naeyaert, Kathleen
    S'accommoder des pertes sensorielles : la vue... [m]
  • Nahmiash, Daphne
  • [m]
  • [m]
  • Nass, Terri
  • Nathanson, Ilene
    Elder practice : a multidisciplinary approach to working with older adults in th... [m]
  • Nathanson, Ilene L.
    Gerontological social work : theory into practice... [m]
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • [m]
  • Standard for the installation of standpipe and hose systems... [m]
  • Standard on Halon 1301 fire extinguishing systems... [m]
  • Natow, Annette B.
    Geriatric nutrition... [m]
  • Nazerali, Najmi
  • Nazerali, Najmi ... [et al.]
  • Neff, Walter S., ed.
    Rehabilitation psychology : proceedings of the National Conference on the Psycho... [m]
  • Nelson, Ramona
    Health care informatics : an interdisciplinary approach... [m]
  • Nelson, Roger M., ed.
    Clinical electrotherapy... [m]
  • Vivre avec un malade... sans le devenir!... [m]
  • Nerron Marsan, Marcelle
  • Nespoulous, Jean-Luc, dir.
  • [m]
  • Netter, Frank H.
  • 16. Untitled
    steps requiring multidisciplinary collab orations. Since, the Japan). Interhospital network system using the worldwide web interho spital network system using the worldwide web
    <.001), and for col poscopic impressions with histology within one level of disease severity, 86% (k appa=.78, P < or =35.5%). The speed of reading and writing files was slowest in DPCM. However, the actual time of reading and writing was fast enoug h ( < 0.01). The disc omfort on a visual analogue score for the videosigmoidoscope was 3.0 (1.8), whic h was significantly less than for the conventional sigmoidoscope 5.5 (2.7) (p < 0.01) that increase s (r = 0.983, P < 0.05) than the unencrypted files. The same trend was seen with the T1 connection, although the differences often were not significant. When T1 transmission times were compared with modem times with other variables held constant, modem times were significa ntly longer (P <. 005) for all dermatologists. Simil arly, when cases of above average image quality were considered, agreement incre ased to 84% to 98%. Again this difference was substantiated by means of a chi-sq uare test between adequate and poor images, with statistical significance for tw o dermatologists (P <0. 00 1). NIHSS scores ranged from 1 through 24. Based on weighted kappa coefficients, 4 items (orientation, motor arm, motor leg, and neglect) displayed excellent ag reement, 6 items (language, dysarthria, sensation, visual fields, facial palsy, and gaze) displayed good agreement, and 2 items (commands and ataxia) displayed poor agreement. Total NIHSS scores obtained by bedside and remote methods were s trongly correlated (r=0.97, P

    17. Using The Ten Internet Collaborative Tools In K12 Education
    each tool http// Each Some listservs keep a digest ofpast messages, and settings, and evolved from a gaming system called Dungeons
    Using the Ten Internet Collaborative Tools in K-12 Education The core challenge the Internet presents to educators is how best to bring learners together, online, to learn together, in a collaborative inquiry-based learning context. We are all discovering a major impact of the Internet is through email, and other collaborative Internet tools, the quantity and quality of relationships are increasing. There is no known limit to the impact one individual's creative contributions can make on others via Internet. The emphasis is beginning to shift from that of establishing the "physical infra-structure," to that of creating a common sense "social info-structure," combining learning, caring, and connectivity. At the core of most Internet innovations is a collaborative relationship. If every time you hear the word "information" you substitute the word "relationships," you may be surprised at the clarity it provides. Instead of the "information age" we have the "relationships age." "Information managers" become "relationship managers." As we all gain more experience with the many collaborative tools available free on the Internet, our understanding will grow as to how to use them in increasingly effective ways. There is no limit to the potential benefits of a good educator/learner online mentoring relationship, or of the global impact of one good educator’s self-published learning resources. Many mentoring models have emerged, showcasing how good educators combine caring, and connectivity, to produce motivated students and empowering learning outcomes.

    18. [yak@collab] Re: [work] [yak@collab] Tools For Discourse
    web pages collaborative activities; projects, systems, organizations The yak@collabRe work yak@collab tools for of something new or digest of what
    yak Top All Lists Date Advanced ... Thread
    [yak@collab] Re: [work] [yak@collab] tools for discourse
    from [ Tom Munnecke Bookmark Link Original To From "Tom Munnecke" < Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 17:29:16 -0800 Message-id 068201c3db06$fecd25d0$6401a8c0@tomdesk Let's look at a kind of continuum of communication channels (not quite sure what the dimensions are, certainly not only one) Face to Face interpersonal Voice telephony SMS (and other mobile phone asynchronous messages) Chat room/Instant Messaging Email News groups Forum/bulletin boards Wikis Blogs Syndication readers Data bases Static web pages Collaborative activities; projects, systems, organizations The web as a whole Taxonomies/Ontologies Pattern Languages Speech Communities/Cultures Let's throw all of these into the same communications space, allowing folks to interact according to whatever channels they find most appropriate. Rather than starting with the assumption that things are going to be happening in one particular channel (email, wiki, blog or whatever), start from the perspective of a conversation within an ensemble of people and agents. They converse within a context of nomenclatures, taxonomies, natural languages, patterns, etc. which can be declared or left implicit, and which can change over time (diachronic). For example, a Wiki word in an email message could refer to a wiki namespace, a Blog FOAF list could relate to the participants in the ensemble. The envelope would hold the various state information about who had seen what message in which channel, etc.

    19. UnRev-II - Headers Sorted: Re: [unrev-II] Collab Doc Rqmts, V0.5
    in AUGMENT, Douglas C. Engelbart, COMPCON 84 Digest Proceedings of One wonderswhat such a system will look Eric Armstrong Re unrevII collab Doc Rqmts
    Re: [unrev-II] Collab Doc Rqmts, v0.5
    From: John J. Deneen (
    Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 14:41:36 PDT
  • Next message: Eric Armstrong: "Re: [unrev-II] Collab Doc Rqmts, v0.5" References

    OHS - the critical missing piece of the technology to enable dynamic
    distributed collective work.
    XML - a system for encapsulating data in a versatile and portable way, while
    retaining usefulness and customizability. Note: XSL stylesheets are of
    particular importance to users with special requirements. For example,
    someone with a sight defect will require larger fonts and pictures so that
    they can make things out clearly. Or they may wish certain passages of text to be read out to them, either by a speech synthersizer or by an optional download of a binary sound file. Users with varying screen resolutions, or
  • 20. Industry Focus
    strength in analgesics and digestive remedies which and developments of both competitorsand collab American Management Systems Having Your Trade Finance

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