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         Desoto Hernando New World Exploration:     more detail
  1. Pioneers of France in the New World; France and England in North America: a Series of Historical Narratives, Part First by Francis Parkman, 1878

1. European Explorers - Age Of Exploration
version of desoto s journeys from the Florida history site; hernando de Soto fromthe Thinkquest site Who Goes There European exploration of the new world;
European Explorers of the "New World" in the Age of Exploration
Project Ideas
General Links

2. Conquest Of America By Hernando De Soto And Cabeza De Vaca
Native American exploration and Conquest by hernando de Soto and Cabeza DeVaca, 16th century, including 14 States and hundreds of today's cities. a northern sea that desoto believed was the Pacific for new world settlement. In Spain, Vaca refused to join desoto's search
Conquest of America by Hernando de Soto and Cabeza de Vaca
Written by Donald E. Sheppard
Illustrated by Cheryl Lucente
The Natives
by STATE Translations
Acknowledgements and References
This Site describes the 15 year Conquest of Native America. Hernando de Soto
, Spain's main North America explorer, searched for a seaway to China in order to trade Spain's New World gold. He followed trails that we use as highways. His records describe Native Villages along those trails at places that are cities again today. Cabeza de Vaca's eight years in North America , starting in 1528, set the stage for Coronado and Hernando de Soto to lead armies deep into America: Coronado from Mexico City and DeSoto from Cuba, Spain's "Ellis Island." Vaca was the first European to describe this continent , but only near its southern shoreline. DeSoto, at age 39, was rich from Incan gold and wanted to colonize North America. To do so, he planned to open a passage to trade Spain's New World fortunes with China , the largest supermarket in the world. Intelligent Indians had told Vaca of a northern sea that DeSoto believed was the Pacific Ocean, the sea Balboa discovered beyond Panama, DeSoto's boyhood home.

3. WWW-VL: History: United States History Index: Discovery And Exploration
Maps of the new world. European Competition in exploration 15301675 explorations of Hernán desoto and the Conquest of Native of the Vicissitudes That Attended hernando De Soto
Click here for
The WWW-VL: History central catalogue
WWW-VL W3 Search Engines

Click Here to access the USA mirror.

4. Exploration
Vikings. Marco Polo. Crusaders. world exploration. Magellan. Dias. Balboa By Angela Martinez) hernando desoto was a Spanish adventurer and explorer in the new world. He was born in
Use the links below for easy access to the topic of your choice.
EARLY EXPLORATION Vikings Marco Polo Crusaders
WORLD EXPLORATION Magellan Dias Balboa
AMERICAN EXPLORATION Columbus Cortes Pizarro
VIKINGS (By David Lara)
The Vikings were bold seafaring people from Scandanavia. Between 700 and 1000, their population grew steadily and food was scarce. This caused the Vikings to turn their long boats west in search of new lands. In the mid-800s, they settled in Iceland.
From there, the Vikings pushed even farther west. In 982, a red-haired, great bearded explorer named Eric the Red sailed to an island he called Greenland. Actually Greenland had more ice and harsher climate than Iceland, but Eric hoped the pleasant-sounding name of Greenland would attract farmers.
In 1001, Eric's son, Lief Ericsson set sail to investigate reports of yet another new land. Lief's crew sailed west and south. In time, they came to a place where wheat and grapes grew wild. Lief named it Vinland or Wineland.
Viking sagas, or stories of brave deeds, described Vinland as a mild plentiful land. According to sagas, Lief returned to Greenland, but one of his friends, Thorfinn Karlsefni (KAHRL sehf ne), decided to build a settlement in Vinland. He took a group of about 150 settlers with him.

5. ThinkQuest : Library : The Rebirth Of Europe: Renaissance
exploration. hernando De Soto. Spaniard, De Soto was born in Barcarrota in 15oo, and was to become an explorer of vast areas within the new world C006522/exploration/desoto.php
Index Europe Renaissance
The Rebirth of Europe: Renaissance
The Renaissance was a dynamic and vicissitual era of change and development. During this time great minds and ideas arose, and from this time we have a rich heritage and history. This website investigates the people, their achievements and the developments they initiated that have helped shape our world into what it is today. Visit Site 2000 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Students Joanne The Wykeham Collegiate, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Amanda Glenbrook South High School, Glenview, IL, United States Vlad Saguna, brasov, Romania Coaches Jane Saguna, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

6. American History, Page 1, Spanish Conquest Of Native America
Extensive North American Conquest site describing hernando de Soto and Cabeza de Vaca during the mid1500's, through 14 states and 100's of today's cities. exploration and. Conquest of Native America. hernando de Soto explored America for a seaway to China in order to trade Spain's new world INDEX. desoto world Maps. Cabeza DeVaca's Trail
For Handhelds Spanish Exploration and
Conquest of Native America
Hernando de Soto explored America for a seaway to China in order to trade Spain's New World gold. He followed trails that we use as highways. Spain's records describe Native Americans along those trails at places that are cities again today. Conquest Trails in Fourteen States are presented here.
Fast Facts

DeVaca Text Only ... Links
Conquest Starts HERE 1st Contact The Natives The Spaniards Complete Story State Map INDEX DeSoto World Maps Cabeza DeVaca's Trail Real Conquest Portraits Conquistadors were not sent deep into America after Hernando de Soto and Vasquez de Coronado. That is argument enough to believe that they searched the better part of this continent, given that Spain explored and/or colonized ALL of the NEW WORLD elsewhere. Add This Channel
TRANSLATIONS: deutscher, francais, espanoles, japanese, chinese, etc

7. Gunston Middle School Library: Explorers Of The New World
The European Voyages of exploration /Department of History / The Company at desoto National Memorial. hernando de Soto Calderon's Company, A 16th Century new world Garrison at
Explorers of the New World
An Internet Hotlist on European Explorers of the Western Hemisphere created by Elena Rodriguez
Gunston Middle School Library Media Center
Introduction Portuguese and Spanish Explorers
English Explorers
Viking Explorers
Who were the explorers of the New World? What motivated them to come to this hemisphere? What challenges did they encounter here? What did changes did they bring back to Europe? What is their legacy? After using books, magazines and reference materials, search these Internet links to find additional information about the European Explorers of the New World.
General Internet Resources
Portuguese and Spanish Explorers
  • Prince Henry the Navigator - The European Voyages of Exploration /Department of History / The University of Calgary - This is part of an outstanding tutorial on exploration.

8. Explorer.html
European explorers ships in the new world Evolution of Granted to Christopher Columbus 1492 exploration of Christopher hernando desoto Comprehensive coverage
More Explorer Resources Cyberlibrary Resources
Fairfax County Teacher Collection
Explorers and Discoverers
Latitude: The Art and Science of 15th Century Navigation - comprehensive and unique resources
- Chinese discover in 495 AD
Brendan the Navigator
- Did he discover America?
Northern Clans, Northern Traces
- new evidence to consider about where did the origins of the early people of North America
First Migrations to America
- could have come in three or four waves that correspond to language groups
Getting to the New World
- consider the DNA Evidence
Influence of the Spice Trade on the Age of Discovery
- good background
Eric The Red Sagas
- The North Atlantic Saga
Discoverers Web Homepage
This is one of the best pages on the web.
European Exploration and Colonization
Mr. Remm's hyperlinked outline Explorers list of resources Explorers of the Land Good background. The European Voyages of Discovery - great information Exploration and Discovery - many varied resources Native American Conquest Covers the Conquistadors Canada Hall Learn about the early history of Canada.

9. Kids_and_Teens: People_and_Society: Biography: Explorers
de Soto, hernando (2); Drake, Francis (7); Ericson Marquette, Drake, Columbus, Cortez,and desoto Kids/Teens European exploration of the new world Kids/Teens
Search: search the entire directory search this category only Top Biography Explorers
  • Byrd, Richard ...
  • Alonso de Ojeda [ Kids/Teens ] - Give a brief history and pictures of this Spanish Conquistador and explorer of the Americas.
  • Australian Explorers [ Kids ] - Provides detailed accounts of men who explored and mapped the continent of Australia. Designed especially for elementary school students.
  • Captain George Vancouver [ Kids/Teens ] - Biography of English captain George Vancouver and his exploration of the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the United States.
  • Conquistadors [ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Share the adventures of Hernan Cortes, Francisco Pizarro, Fracisco de Orellana and Cabeza de Vaca as series host Michael Wood retraces their journeys in modern-day South America and the southern United States.
  • Discoverers Web: Alphabetical List [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Links to information on the lives of dozens of explorers.
  • Discovery School's Exploration Station [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Collection of articles based on World Book Encyclopedia, tell about the most famous Europeans who set sail for new lands during the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Epic Voyages [ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers a look at historic voyages and the lives of key explorers who helped uncover the world. Requires Flash.

10. Exploring Florida Hernando DeSoto In America Photographs
The hernando desoto expedition landed on the east coast of Florida in 1539. Thissegment summarizes Spanish exploration of the new world. (48 photographs).
Home Photos Historic Site Map
Hernando DeSoto in America Gallery
This section contains still-photos and the dialog from the film "Hernando DeSoto in America." To watch this movie in its original format, select "Movies" from the main menu of this site. The images in this section have been grouped into 7 galleries. Click on a thumbnail photo to view all of the images in that gallery. The Expedition Arrives . The Hernando DeSoto expedition landed on the east coast of Florida in 1539. This segment summarizes Spanish exploration of the New World. (48 photographs) Juan Ortiz Found Alive . Among the first discoveries of the expedition was a spaniard who had survived a previous expedition, and who had learned the native languages. This segment summarizes early Native American life in Florida. (30 photographs) DeSoto Marches North . The first inland march of the expedition marked the beginning of many violent encounters with the local Indian tribes. This segment describes the typical confrontations DeSoto faced, and the expedition's first winter. (46 photographs) DeSoto Crosses the Appalachians . This segment details DeSoto's march through the Southeast, and his encounters with the Cofitachequi and chief Toscalusa

11. Background - Hernando De Soto's Conquest
of age; some had been in the new world before, some They sailed to Cuba, at desoto sexpense with stores of tools, seeds and plows - for exploration and long
DeSoto's Background
by Donald E. Sheppard
The study of DeSoto's conquest is inseparable from that of Panphilo de Narvaez. Both were Spanish conquistadors who are known to have entered and exited Florida near the same locations, within a dozen years of each other. Narvaez failed utterly. DeSoto followed and partially succeeded here. DeSoto's army became aware of native aversion to Spaniards, provoked by Narvaez and coastal slave hunters, shortly after landing. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca provides us with the only extant Narrative of the Narvaez Expedition , which was poorly executed and scantily recorded. DeSoto's chroniclers, who wrote their perceptions of Narvaez and described the place where he built his boats for escape, are relied upon here for additional intelligence of his "conquest." Once DeSoto marched to North Florida and established his winter quarters, he dispatched his "Thirty Lancers" to ride back down his trail to advance the troops and ships left behind at port. The Lancer's journal, questionably understood but factually related by Inca, is used here to establish distances between places which the chroniclers failed to record in their personal journals when they blazed that trail. Inca's account of the Thirty Lancers journey will, therefore, be discussed, at times, before we discuss DeSoto's arrival in North Florida. I know of no other way to substantiate this incredible journey as it unfolds.
As a young Spaniard in Central America

12. Trailing DeSoto, Then And Now
as a northern passage through the new world to trade saw in the 1500s to our worldtoday in the Southeast from the time of hernando desoto s exploration to the
Southern People Project: Trailing DeSoto, Then and Now
Overview . This online thematic project provides classes an opportunity to conduct research in order to compare and contrast the world Hernando DeSoto saw in the 1500s to our world today. From the geographic data in DeSoto's journals and in Spanish writings of his time, researchers in 1996 were able to locate his trails as the harbors and mountains, rivers, and lakes "then" remain "now." Students in this project will use this information, located at , as the main information source to develop their comparisons. However, students should also use other online as well as print sources for additional and comparative facts.
Project Summary.

13. The Age Of Exploration In Georgia
sailors may have visited the new world as early Moving north from Florida, Spanishexploration may have hernando desoto became one of the earliest Europeans to
The Age of Exploration in Georgia Georgia History 101 by Col. Samuel Taylor U.S.M.C. (Ret.)
exclusively for Our Georgia History Although Portuguese sailors may have visited the New World as early as 1454, it is Christopher Columbus, an Italian sailing under a Spanish flag, who is generally credited with the first landing in North America. The initial thrust of the Spanish sailors was into the Caribbean, continuing the search for a route to the West Indies. It became apparent that no quick route would be found and the thrust of the Spanish flag vessels became exploration and conquest. 1513 brought Juan Poncé de León to the Florida coast. Moving north from Florida, Spanish exploration may have touched the present-day Georgia coast before 1520. In 1526 an attempt was made to establish a colony on the coast of Georgia or South Carolina by Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon. Although the exact location is unknown, historians now believe it is more likely to have been in Georgia, perhaps in the vicinity of St. Catherine's Island. The expedition ended in disaster, with Vasquez de Ayllon and many others dead and the rest barely escaping. Hernando deSoto became one of the earliest Europeans to see the state (1540), leaving a path of destruction in his wake. The Moundbuilder culture, already in decline, would cease to exist in Georgia by 1560, when Tristan de Luna revisited the area of deSoto's initial expedition. Juan Pardo reported a similar finding in 1566. Pardo had been sent to the interior of Georgia by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, who established a colony and Jesuit Mission on San Pedro (St. Catherines) near the Creek town of Guale (pronounced Wah-le) earlier that year.

14. Books For Purchase
hernando De Soto and the exploration of Florida (Explorers of the new world) PurchaseInfo Faye Gibbons Bruce Dupree hernando desoto A Search for Gold and
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View All Products (click to view) The Hermes Project: A Novel of Industrial Espionage and Interracial Romance (Empire State Fiction) Hermes and the Golden Thinking Machine Hermetic Pumps: : The Latest Innovations and Industrial Applications of Sealless Pumps. The Hermetic Tradition: Symbols and Teachings of the Royal Art The Hermetic Whore: Fictions Hermetica : The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius in a New English Translation, with Notes and Introduction Hermetica volume 2 Hermetic volume 3 Hermione Stationery Hermit Crabs (Heinemann Read and Learn: Musty-Crusty Animals) Hermit Of Peking: The Hidden Life Of Sir Edmund Backhouse The Hermit Thrush Sings Hermit With Landscape (Yale Series of Younger Poets, No 85) The Hermit and the Wild Woman The Hermit and the Wild Woman The Hermit of Eyton Forest: The Fourteenth Chronicle of Brother Cadfael The Hermit of Eyton Forest The Hermit of Far End Hermit's Peak: A Kevin Kerney Novel The Hermit: A Personal Discovery of Prayer The Hermit Hermitage of the Heart: Contemplative Practices from Hundred Acres Monastery Hermogenes on Issues: Strategies of Argument in Later Greek Rhetoric Hernan Cortes Hernan Cortes: Conquistador and Explorer Hernando Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico (Explorers of the New World) Hernando Cortez Hernando County Map Hernando County: City Map Hernando De Soto Hernando De Soto (Historical Biographies) Hernando De Soto Among the Apalachee: The Archaeology of the First Winter Encampment (The Ripley P. Bullen Series)

hernando De Soto. expedition that had ever set out for conquest in the new world. inthe Bay of Achusi which Maldonado had discovered during his exploration.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... D > Hernando De Soto A B C D ... Z
Hernando De Soto
Explorer and conqueror, born at Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz, Spain , 1496 or 1500; died on the banks of the Mississippi the latter part of June, 1542. He was given the rank of captain of a troop of horsemen in 1516 by Pedrarias , set out from Panama with an expedition which explored Nicaragua and Honduras , conquering and colonizing the country as they proceeded. In 1532 he joined the expedition of Francisco Pizzaro starting from Panama for the conquest of Peru . Recognizing his importance, Pizzaro made de Soto second in command, though this caused some opposition from Pizzaro's brothers. In 1533 he was sent at the head of a small party to explore the highlands of Peru , and he discovered the great national road which led to the capital. Soon afterwards he was selected by Pizzaro as ambassador to visit the Inca Atahualpa, lord of Peru , and he was the first Spaniard who spoke with that chief. After the imprisonment of Atahualpa, de Soto became very friendly with him and visited him often in his confinement. De Soto played a prominent part in the engagements which completed the conquest of Peru , including the battle which resulted in the capture of Cuzco , the capital. Upon his return from an expedition, he learned that

16. Bibliography
Da Gama, Vasco. Explorers of the new world. desoto, hernando. The world Book Encyclopedia,1985, Volume D, pages 134a Estavanico. The world Book Multimedia Book/bibliography.htm
Bibliography Alper, Ann. Forgotten Voyager , Minneapolis: Calolrhoda Books, Inc. 1991. "Amerigo Vespucci." The World Book Encyclopedia, Volume U-V, page 341. Armento, Beverly. America Will Be . Boston: Ligature, Inc. 1997. Adler, David A. A Picture Book On Christopher Columbus , New York: Holiday House, September 1992. Bains, Rae. Christoper Columbus , U.S.A.: Troll Association, 1985. "Balboa". Groliers Electronic Encyclopedia, Volume 2, 1998. Baqueda, Elizabeth. Aztecs . New York: Doring Kindserly, 1993. Bard, Roberta. The World's Great Explorers . Rock Hill: Childrens Press, 1992. "Bartolomeu Dias." Explorers and Discoverers, 1995, volume Ch-He, page 311. "Bartholomeu Diaz". The World Book Encyclopedia, 1998, Volume 5, page 185. Beverly J. Arnento. America Will Be . USA: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997. Buehr, Walter. The Portuguese Explorers . New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1966. Buehr, Walter. Westward With American Explorers . New York City: Longmans Canada Limited, Toronto, 1963. "Cabral, Pedro Alvares." The Cambridge Biographical Dictionary, 1996, Volume 1, page 86. Carson, Robert.

17. Explorers Of The World
Columbus Timline, Christopher Columbus Journey to the new world. Discovery and Explorationof Florida, hernando desoto s Trails Through North America.

DISCOVERY.CA DISCOVERER'S WEB BIOGRAPHY.COM ... Saint Brendan Lists of Explorers: National Library of Canada - List of Explorers Museum of Civilization - Explorers Discoverers by alphabet Discoverers Web European Explorers Resources ... Explorers - Nice site with lots of information Explorers Site - many links Explorers Link Site Explorers of the Millennium - excellent Explorers Theme Page The Age of Exploration Curriculum Guide Biographies of European Explorations of America Early Explorers ... Return to top Individual Explorer Sites Vasco Núñez de Balboa Vasco Núñez de Balboa - History Vasco Nuñez de Balboa - Netherlands Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Site Pacific Ocean Balboa: His Great Discovery Vasco Núñez de Balboa - history Vasco Nu ez de Balboa and pictures Balboa Balboa - Germany Vasco Da Balboa: First European To Sight Pacific Ocean Vasco Nunez De Balboa by Thomas Quimby Vasco Núñez de Balboa The Great Explorers East Hampton Middle School ... Return to top J ames Cook BBC Education: James Cook Discovery School: James Cook The explorer Captain James Cook Captain James Cook ... Return to top Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert Zoom Explorers: Sir Humphrey Gilbert Image of Sir Humphrey Gilbert Sir Humphrey Gilbert ... Sir Humphrey Gilbert's Voyage To Newfoundland, 1583

18. Explorers - A To Z
from Letters on the Texas Explorers at Armadillo EduScapes DE; Dampier, William (1)new world Voyages of desoto, hernando (1) hernando DeSota, (2) DeSota from
Explorers - A to Z
Here is an indexed listing of biography sites for Explorers - A to Z. This is a companion page for the main Explorers page, one of many projects from EduScapes

the Spanish Empire; Columbus and the new world, 1493; de Soto Expedition; SpanishExploration and Conquest; The PEARL QUEEN greets hernando desoto; CHIEF TUSKALOOSA
Many of the resources listed below are on individual explorers. I suggest that you check all sources not dedicated to one individual as well as checking out the sources dedicated solely to your explorer. Many of the sites on all explorers will give you a good view into your subject. Also, please do a search using one of the accepted search engines we have discussed. I would like for you to include the name and location of the search engine you used to find your own information on your explorer. Please forgive any duplication of sites which may occur in this list. Remember, you may only include pictures in your report if you check them through Mrs. P. first.
There is also a great site which you may visit that will lead you to create a very complete research project based on your explorer. The site is called Biography Maker . Click on the link and see how much it can help you!
  • The Explorers of Canada
  • European Explorers in the "New World"
  • Early Explorers
  • Discovery and Colonization of America ...
  • 20. 4th 5th Grade Student Research Resources- Explorers
    Getting to the new world consider the DNA Evidence of the old and new explorersZoom Explorers Cabot Very well done hernando desoto Comprehensive coverage.

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