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         Democrats Political Party:     more books (100)
  1. Political Islam and Europe: The Rise of Muslim Democrat Political Parties of the South Mediterranean and Implications for Europe
  2. Affairs of Party: The Political Culture of Northern Democrats in the MidNineteenth Century. (North's Civil War Series, 7) by Jean Baker, 1998-01-01
  3. Political Powerhouses: Leading Republicans, Democrats, Lobbyists, Lawyers and Political Party Leaders Share Their Knowledge on the Future of Politics (Inside ... the Minds series) (Inside the Minds Series) by Joel Jankowsky, 2003-05-01
  4. Affairs of Party: The Political Culture of Northern Democrats in Mid 19th Century by Jean H. Baker, 1983-03
  5. WHAT IS A Democrat? What is A Republican?(political parties): An article from: Junior Scholastic by Amy Miller, 2000-10-02
  6. Democrats, republicans, and taxes: Evidence that political parties matter [An article from: Journal of Public Economics] by W.R. Reed, 2006-05-01
  7. Party of the People: A History of the Democrats by Jules Witcover, 2003-11-04
  8. The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life by Ramesh Ponnuru, 2006-04-24
  9. What a Party!: My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators, and Other Wild Animals by Terry McAuliffe, 2008-02-05
  10. The Stock Ticker and the Superjumbo: How the Democrats Can Once Again Become America's Dominant Political Party by Rick Perlstein, 2005-06-24
  12. Party Loyalty among Congressmen: The Difference between Democrats and Republicans, 1947-1962 (Harvard Political Studies) by David R. Mayhew, 1966-01-01
  13. Why the Democrats are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People's Party by Mark Stricherz, 2007-10-25
  14. Rebuilding The Democratic Party From The Grassroots: The Ultimate Guidebook For Democrats by Shawn M. O'Donnell, 2005-06-30

1. Independent DEMOCRATS . Back To Basics .
Political party founded by Patricia de Lille.
QUESTIONS VOLUNTEER ... JOIN THE ID Your email TO HAVE YOUR MESSAGE DISPLAYED BELOW - SMS PATRICIA ON 33811 Appreciation of your Support for the Independent Democrats I would like to take this opportunity to thank South Africa for the support shown in the 2004 General Election for me and my party. We are proud of our achievement in returning 14 members to legislatures. South Africans have embraced us with enthusiasm and hope. They have expressed their confidence in our members and we will make every effort to live up to the high expectations we have created. Our party supports a non-racial democracy based on the values and standards of the Constitution of South Africa. We are an independent voice in Parliament which will speak truth to power. We will work vigorously in the legislature and you can be assured that in this new Parliament the Independent Democrats will see to it that it is no longer business as usual. I am most grateful to you for helping us build a stable, transparent and corruption-free South Africa. Your contribution to strengthening our democracy is deeply appreciated.

2. Congress Of Democrats ::
Political Party in Namibia.
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Welcome to the Website of
Congress of Democrats
Brief Info Jan 2004: CoD President launches Grootfontein by-election Posted by: admin on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 03:12 PM CoD President launches Grootfontein by-election The Congress of Democrats president Ben Ulenga officially launched the by-election campaign of the party and introduced the candidate to a jubilant meeting in a packed hall. The event was held at farm Dornhugel in the Grootfontein district at the invitation of the farm owner. (104 Reads) Read more...

3. Australian Democrats - New England Branch Homepage
Information about the Australian democrats political party branch in the North West of NSW.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

4. Politics1 - Guide To American Political Parties
After the 2002 elections, democrats control several key governorships (including PA, MI, IL, VA ultraradical political fringe. As a political party, the American Nazi party has not
The Most Comprehensive Online Guide to American Politics search POLITICS DIRECTORY: Home The Presidency P2004 Race State/Fed Candidates ... Email Us DIRECTORY OF
- After the 2002 elections, Democrats control several key governorships (including PA, MI, IL, VA, NJ, NC and WA) and many state legislatures but lost control of the US House in 1994, narrowly lost control of the US Senate again in 2002 (but they still hold enough seats to block much legislation), and lost control of the White House in the 2000 elections. While prominent Democrats run the wide gamut from the near democratic-socialist left ( Barbara Lee Dennis Kucinich and the Congressional Progressive Caucus ) and traditional liberals ( Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy ) to the center-right ( Joe Lieberman , the Congressional Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democrat Network ) to the GOP-style conservative right ( Charlie Stenholm and Gene Taylor ), most fall somewhere into the pragmatic

5. - Connecting Dot Com Democrats
electoral prospects this fall in the House and Senate political terrain that Democratswere encouraged by recent polls showing their party had gained

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Novelty Items June 8, 2004
The Republican media won't tell you this simple truth: Reagan was LESS popular than Clinton!
Today's Quote
"30 years ago, three companies controlled 90 percent of everything we heard or saw ... It has been reconstituted. Instead of it being three channels that were controlled by a few people, there are now 500 controlled by a few people." On NOW with Bill Moyers, PBS
Barry Diller, 04-Apr-03 DAY: 1308 Clarke Accuses Bush of Abusing Terror Warnings for Politics
"Former White House counter-terrorism adviser Richard Clarke on Sunday accused members of the US administration of using terror warnings to manipulate voters ahead of the presidential election in November. Clarke, who resigned last year, said the conflicting assessments of the risk of terror attacks presented by US Homeland Security Department Secretary Tom Ridge and US Attorney General John Ashcroft last week showed how some officials sought to inflate the threat for political gain. 'That was ass-covering, or perhaps, dare I say it, politics in an election year,' said Clarke, who was in Berlin on a book tour to promote his unflattering account of US President George W Bush's anti-terrorism policies, entitled Against All Enemies."
Without Fixing 2000 Voter Purge Mess, Florida Purges 47,000 More Voters

6. New MNDFL Website -- Rally With John Kerry In Minnesota!
Attend an Event. The Worst political Advertising in Minnesota democrats Unify toelect John Kerry President. most unified convention in recent party history as
Volunteer DNC Youth Essay Contest Attend an Event Attend a Meetup ... NEWS Attend an Event Democratic National Convention - Boston, MA
(Monday, July 26, 2004)
Current News Wetterling's a great candidate
Kerry visit to Minnesota huge success

John Kerry's record of heroic service to America

Ultra-conservative Republicans throw last moderate from party
Key unanswered questions about Bush's National Guard record

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Rally with John Kerry in Minnesota!
Thank you to the over 6000 Minnesotans who joined John Kerry, the next President of the United States, for his most recent visit to Minnesota. The rally marked national Veterans for Kerry Day. Kerry declared that as President, he will not "break faith" with our veterans as George W. Bush has, saying "we're not going to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the expense of those who are owed health care in the VA system." Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War hero, was surrounding by hundreds of veterans, including his former crewmates and Senator Max Cleland, at the event.

7. Political Resources On The Net - USA (I)
Politics Real live debate between democrats and Republicans about policy issues York State Conservative party. National Mini Convention political party. Prohibition party

United States of America
(1:5 Parties) Last updated:
Republican American Samoa Guam Puerto Rico Northern Mariana Islands ... Elections in the United States of America by Wilfried Derksen Political Resources on line Over 3000 professional political organizations, Campaigns on line, Publications on line, etc The Clinton Impeachment (index) Politics 1 Political Parties and Youth Organizations in the United States of America Contacting National Political Parties National Political Index National Political Index Public policy news, research and analysis Geniusfind Politics Mondo Politico A non-partisan political voice Understanding Politics Real live debate between Democrats and Republicans about policy issues! Political Crossfire Network Political Discussions Politically Independent Politics, News and Information Forums Other parties Reformers: The Reform Party Ross Perot's party The reformist Commentary, Opinion and Punditry for the Reform Party Libertarians: US Libertarian Party Libertarian Party of New York Libertarian Party of Tennessee

8. Alexandria Democratic Committee - Home
The local committee for citizens of Alexandria who share the political beliefs and aims of the Democratic party. The site offers news, candidate and membership information, links and a calendar of events.
The Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) is the local committee created by and composed of citizens of Alexandria, Virginia who share the political beliefs and aims of the Democratic Party. The ADC welcomes new members and encourages political participation on every level. Latest ADC News
Click any headline for the complete story, or click here for the main news page... The AlexandriaDemocrat now available online! posted Tuesday, June 1, 2004 Annual ADC Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner posted Tuesday, May 25, 2004 Calendar Events for Today, Tuesday, June 08, 2004:
Click here
for the main calendar page... JUNE 2004 Tuesday, June 08, 2004
  • Democratic Congressional Primary
    6:00 am-7:00 pm. 8th District Democratic Congressional Primary. Vote at your regular polling place.
  • Chair
    Susan B. Kellom

    Fay Slotnick
    Deputy Chair for Precinct Operations - West
    John Irvine
    Deputy Chair for Precinct Operations - East
    Justin Wilson
    Mary Lyman
    Treasurer Elizabeth Campbell Public Information Officer Todd Ruopp Technology Officer Judy Lowe Resolutions Officer Richard R.G. Hobson

    9. DNC: Democratic Party History
    The Jacksonian democrats created the national convention process the party s nameto the Democratic party. now the longest running political organization in the
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      Our Democratic Values
      Jobs Nat'l Security Education Health Care ... Environment
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      Taking the fight to the red states Open Thread 6/8 Open Thread 6/7 Statement from Senator John Kerry on the Death of Ronald Reagan ... Weekend Open Thread 6/5
      In 1848, the National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, now the longest running political organization in the world. The Convention charged the DNC with the responsibility of promoting "the Democratic cause" between the conventions and preparing for the next convention. As the 19th Century came to a close, the American electorate changed more and more rapidly. The Democratic Party embraced the immigrants who flooded into cities and industrial centers, built a political base by bringing them into the American mainstream, and helped create the most powerful economic engine in history. Democratic Party leader William Jennings Bryan led a movement of agrarian reformers and supported the right of women's suffrage, the progressive graduated income tax and the direct election of Senators. As America entered the 20th Century, the Democratic Party became dominant in local urban politics. In 1912, Woodrow Wilson became the first Democratic president of the 20th Century. Wilson led the country through World War I, fought for the League of Nations, established the Federal Reserve Board, and passed the first labor and child welfare laws.

    10. The Independent Party
    We debate current political and ethical issues facing society today. Our members include democrats, Republicans, Socialists and others at Yale University.
    You, sir, are a goat. Get a real browser!

    11. The Socialist International
    Worldwide organization of major socialist, social democratic and labour parties (e.g. the British Labour party, French Socialist party, and Swedish Social democrats). Largest political organization in the world. Site includes background, membership, resolutions, meeting reports, regular newsletter.

    12. Politics1 - 2004 U.S. Presidential Election (P2004)
    into three parallel blog sections democrats, Republicans and rules largely excludethird party candidates (even the about how the US political process works.
    The Most Comprehensive Online Guide to American Politics search POLITICS DIRECTORY: Home The Presidency P2004 Race State/Fed Candidates ... Email Us P2004 PAGE LEGEND:
    = Candidates with Filed Presidential Campaign or Exploratory Committees
    = Draft Presidential Candidates
    All Others = Potential or Speculative Presidential Candidates Presidency Politics1 presents our profiles of the White House hopefuls. President Bush, John Kerry plus all the third party and Independent candidates you can find them all here, plus lots of other P2004 resources!! Cast an informed vote on Election Day Tuesday, November 2, 2004

    Premier Ad. Click to view rates for placing your ad here on Politics1. REPUBLICAN PARTY: President George W. Bush (R-Texas) OTHER / FORMER REPUBLICAN PARTY CANDIDATES DEMOCRATIC PARTY: US Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) OTHER / FORMER DEMOCRATIC PARTY CANDIDATES
    P remier Ad. Click to view rates for placing your ad here on Politics1. THIRD PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: AMERICAN PARTY: Diane Templin (California)
    Presidential Nominee
    Al Moore (Virginia)

    Vice Presidential Nominee CONSTITUTION PARTY: Michael Peroutka (Maryland)
    Presidential Nominee
    Chuck Baldwin (Florida)
    Vice Presidential Nominee
    + Note: Provisional Nominees, subject to ratification at the

    13. Dubois County (Indiana) Democrat Party
    Countywide political organization. Voter and organizational information, contacts, calendar, elected officials.
    Democrats of Dubois County (Indiana)
    Welcome to the Dubois County (Indiana) Democrat web page. We hope to be a source of information on local, regional, state, and national Democrat activities.
    Contact Information
    Central Committee Officers:
    Officers: Name: E-mail:
    Dan Mundy Vice-chair Darlene McNelis Secretary Janice Sermersheim Treasurer Pete Murphy
    PO Box 203, Jasper, IN 47547-0203
    General Information:
    Send mail to;
    with questions or comments about this site.
    Last modified: August 11, 2001

    14. Taegan Goddard's Political Wire
    All the political news, buzz, gossip and polls in one place! member of the president's own political party " Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman gets more stubborn when pressured " democrats "should be putting their energies into

    15. Progressive Democrats :: Liberal Political Party, Republic Of Ireland :: Home
    The Progressive democrats is a liberal party which was formed in 1985 by DesmondO Malley and Mary Harney to break the mould of Irish politics and give the
    SITE SEARCH Select Search Press Room Our People Our Policies
    Content Menu Home About Us Our People Our Policies ... Site Map
    Latest News Kenny Running Scared From Harney Debate On His Own Home Ground
    Progressive Democrats Local Election Candidate Greg Jackson has accused the Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny, of running scared from Tanaiste Mary Harney's challenge to a head-to-head debate. Full Story
    No data to prove penalty points targeting accident black-spots

    Full Story

    Statement by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform

    The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform Michael McDowell TD today welcomed the weekend polls on the citizenship referendum. Full Story
    In Your Area Click on the map to see who is the local Progressive Democrats Representative for your area
    Or select a constituency. Constituencies Carlow/ Kilkenny Cavan/ Mon Clare Cork East Cork N-Central Cork N-West Cork S-Central Cork S-West Donegal N-E Donegal S-W Dublin Central Dublin M-West Dublin N-C Dublin N-East Dublin N-West Dublin North Dublin S-C Dublin S-East Dublin S-West Dublin South Dublin West Dun Laoghaire Galway East Galway West Kerry North Kerry South Kildare North Kildare South Laois/Offaly Limerick East Limerick West Longford/Ros.

    16. Progressive Democrats :: Liberal Political Party, Republic Of Ireland :: Our Peo
    from the Fianna Fail party in 1985 over her support for the AngloIrish Agreement,she co-founded a new political party, the Progressive democrats with Desmond
    SITE SEARCH Select Search Press Room Our People Our Policies
    Content Menu Home About Us Our People Our Policies ... Site Map
    Our People Name Tanaiste Mary Harney, TD
    Party Leader
    Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Constituency Dublin M-West Address Department of Enterprise,
    Trade and Employment
    Kildare Street
    Dublin 2 Web Phone Fax Mary Harney was a founder member of the Progressive Democrats and was elected party leader in October 1993. She succeeded the legendary Des O'Malley, who had led the party since its foundation eight years earlier. She recently marked her 10th anniversary in the job and is now one of the longest serving elected political leaders in Ireland. Mary Harney was born in Ballinasloe in County Galway in March 1953. Her family background was in agriculture and not long after her birth, the family moved to a new farm near the village of Newcastle on the western outskirts of Dublin. She began her education in the Convent of Mercy, Inchicore and later moved on to secondary school in Presentation Convent, Clondalkin. She attended University in Trinity College Dublin and in 1976, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Studies. It was during this period that she scored two historic firsts by becoming the first female auditor of the college's premier debating forum, the Historical Society. It wasn't long before her name was being mentioned in political circles and in 1977 she was appointed a Senator by the then Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Jack Lynch. At 24 years of age, Mary was the youngest ever person to serve in the Seanad (Senate) which is the Upper House of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament). She was subsequently elected to Dail Eireann (Lower House) in 1981 representing the constituency of Dublin West.

    17. Uttlesford Liberal Democrats Home Page
    News and information from the local political party. Includes details of councillors, press room, elections, candidates and members.
    Uttlesford Liberal Democrats
    Home Page
    "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity."
    (Preamble to the Party Constitution). HOME Marketplace Search Councillors Elfreda's Page Saffron Walden ... Help Us, Join Us! Axe the TAX Liberal Democrat controlled Uttlesford District Council votes to replace Council Tax with the fairer system of local income tax. Read More
    The Liberal Democrats are now the leadership group on Uttlesford District Council.
    Stop treating older people like a commodity, say Lib Dems Free education - not if you have faith Lib Dems work to combat pensions crisis Uttlesford planning services to be bolstered ... Lib Dems attack "Short-sighted" Tory Budget When you see this symbol it means that the relevant document is available as an MP3 audio file for those who prefer it. Just click on the symbol. See Also: Liberal Democrat Councillors

    18. Understanding Politics - Republicans, Democrats Political Debate Forum
    political Debate democrats vs. Republicans, Conservatives vs. Liberals. Politicsis not about just the political party that you are affiliated with.
    Understanding Politics - Your resource for Political Debate
    Understanding Politics is about Republicans, Democrats, and Independents,
    everyone welcome! just be sure you know your facts! We discuss political ideology, the issues of the day, the 2004 election, the presidential election (Bush and Kerry), the different political parties and the different political candidates with a variety of people from all different political persuasions (Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, etc.), experiences, and backgrounds. This is the place to hear the multiple views out there. If you vote you affect policy decisions, be sure that you make an informed choice. Because this is an interactive forum, we rely on you to help us achieve the goal of understanding politics, so participate, let us know your opinions on the political, government, and current event issues. This is a free and easy-to-use message board forum, it is also designed to be challenging and stimulating. So get your facts ready, read up on the issues, and enter the messsage forum of understanding politics. With the presidential election coming up in seven months, it is our responsibility to be informed! Recommended Reading Latest Forum Posts
    Political debate is the key to Understanding Politics.

    19. Natrona County Democrats
    officers and scheduling for political party, plus political information
    Natrona County Democrats
    One Stop Shopping for Democratic News Our offices are located at 111 W. Second Street, Suite 106 Petroleum Building Casper, Wyoming 82602 Our mailing address is P.O. Box 151 Casper, Wyoming 82602-0151 Phone: 307 234 1992 Fax: 307 472 1928
    Welcome to an exciting adventure in PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY
    Located in the Heart of Wild, Wonderful Wyoming Natrona County Democrats are seriously outnumbered. We continue to press for representative government, a strong multiparty system and ethics in government. The Natrona County Democratic Party is committed to maintaining a just and open society, protecting the poor from illness and want, preserving our environment and natural resources, and continuing this country's leadership role in world affairs. What follows expresses the aspirations and ideals of the Natrona County Democratic Party. Our party seeks to preserve an open, free and just society, to reverse growing inequities in the distribution of wealth, to protect our neighbors and our children from illness and want and to support continuing efforts to achieve peace, prevent hunger and enhance international trade.

    20. Texas Democratic Party
    checking here for a more informal commentary on political news of can click on “GetInvolved” and “Join the party!” Be sure Why democrats? Submit your

    See James Carville at the Annual Jefferson-Jackson-Johnson Dinner in San Antonio! Make Your Plans Today!

    Need To Find Out What Happened in Texas Politics last Week?
    Read the Political Week in Review Here!
    New! Read Some New "Why I am a Democrat" Entries Here! See Pictures from our Recent Killer D Reception Here! Want to Learn How to Use the New Site? Read Below! Welcome to the TDP Web Site! Never before has there been a more powerful organizing tool for Democrats than the internet. Now for a very low cost we can reach millions of supporters and undecided voters all around Texas with our attractive new site! We are committed to organizing the grassroots and the “netroots” with and so we are glad that you have stopped by and we hope that you will explore our multitude of tools and the extensive information available here. There are some exciting new features on our site! Now, you can help us keep Democrats all around Texas involved and informed with some of our new interactive features. Home : If you want to get back to the front page at any time, simply click the photo banner bearing the words “Texas Democratic Party.” This will take you back Home.

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