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         Delaware Indians Native Americans:     more books (52)
  2. The Delaware Indians: A History by C. A. Weslager, 1990-03
  3. The Delaware (Native American Histories) by Michelle Levine, 2006-11
  4. Legends of the Delaware Indians and Picture Writing (Iroquois and Their Neighbors) by Richard C. Adams, 2000-08
  5. Handbook of the Delaware Indian Language: The Oral of a Native People by Scott Hayes Wenning, 2000-08
  6. In Pursuit of the Past: An Anthropological and Bibliographic Guide to Maryland and Delaware (Native American Bibliography Series) by Frank W. Porter, 1986-01
  7. The Delaware Indians: A Brief History by Richard Adams, 1995-07
  8. The Lanape of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, And Ontario (The Library of Native Americans) by Anne Dalton, 2005-08
  9. Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians by Edwin Robert Walker, 2004-01-01
  10. The Grandfathers Speak: Native American Folk Tales of the Lenape People (International Folk Tale Series) by Hitakonanu'Laxk, 1994-03
  11. Trouble's Daughter: The Story of Susanna Hutchinson, Indian Captive by Katherine Kirkpatrick, 2000-02-08
  12. Peoples of the River Valleys: The Odyssey of the Delaware Indians (Early American Studies) by Amy C. Schutt, 2007-12
  13. Delaware's Forgotten Folk: The Story of the Moors and Nanticokes by C. A. Weslager, 2006-10
  14. Delaware Indians Eastern Fishermen and Farmers by Sonia Bleeker, 1953-06

1. ReferenceResources:NativeAmericans
Oklahoma. delaware. delaware. delaware indians. The Lenape Nation the Hopi indians. The Hopi. Hopi Tribe. How the Hopi indians Reached Their World. Hopi indians native americans of the
Reference Resources: Native Americans History Search Engine HistoryWizard : Search for resources and information about the American Revolution Native Americans FIRST AMERICANS: NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS Old World - New World Archaic Period - Spreading Out and Settling In Paleo Indian Period and Tradition Formative Period ... Who Were the First Americans and How Did They Get Here? ANASAZI Anasazi Anasazi, Desert People Anasazi Archaeology Explore the Anasazi Culture ... Who Were the Anasazi POWHATAN Powhatan Nation Powhatan Indians of Virginia Powhatan Indian Village Tell Me About the Powhatan Indians ... Virtual Jamestown: Powhatan THE WAMPANOAG Plymouth Plantation: A reconstructed Wampanoag Village The Wampanoag People Life as a Wampanoag Wampanoag ... What You Need to Know: Wampanoag Indians First Nations of Canada Canada's First Native Groups : Brief information about: Abenakis, Algonkins, Chippewas, Crees, Haida, Hurons, Inuit, Iroquois, Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl), Maliseet, Micmac, Montagnais, Naskapi, Nuu-Chah-Nulth (Nootka), Penobscots, Salish, Sioux, Tlingit, Tsimshian

2. Delaware
we can end some of the historical misinformation about native americans. You will find the ego at this September, 1996 as the delaware Tribe of indians with their tribal offices
(revised 2.25.00) [Note: This is a single part of what will be, by my classification, about 240 compact tribal histories (contact to 1900). It is limited to the lower 48 states of the U.S. but also includes those First Nations from Canada and Mexico that had important roles ( Huron Micmac , Assiniboine, etc.). This history's content and style are representative. The normal process at this point is to circulate an almost finished product among a peer group for comment and criticism. At the end of this History you will find links to those Nations referred to in the History of the Delaware. Using the Internet, this can be more inclusive. Feel free to comment or suggest corrections via e-mail. Working together we can end some of the historical misinformation about Native Americans. You will find the ego at this end to be of standard size. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments... Lee Sultzman Delaware Location Originally in 1600, the Delaware River Valley from Cape Henlopen, Delaware north to include the west side of the lower Hudson Valley in southern New York. The Delaware were not migratory and appear to have occupied their homeland for thousands of years before the coming of the Europeans. During the next three centuries, white settlement forced the Delaware to relocate at least twenty times. By 1900 they had lived in: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma. However, a government plan to move some of the Delaware to Minnesota was never carried out.

3. Native Americans
native American tribal websites. Links to over 100 sites on the web that have information about native americans. native americans. back to social studies link index Creek Muscogee (Creek) Nation Web Page. delaware. delaware (Lenape) Tribe of indians. delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma
Native Americans back to social studies link index Tribal Websites
  • Animal Legends and Symbols Animals played an important part in Native American tradition. This site shows you some of those animals and offers examples of their symbolic meanings. American Indian Law This page is designed for Indian law practitioners, Tribes or tribal members, law students, and anyone interested in Indian law. Features of this site include a list of the best law schools for Indian law, links to researching Indian law issues, and links of organizations related to Indian law. American Indian Resources American Indian Web page American Indians and the Natural World Through exploration of four different visions of living in and with the natural worldthose of the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, the Hopi of the southwest, the Iroquois of the Northeast, and the Lakota of the PlainsNorth, South, East, West: American Indians and the Natural World examines the belief systems, philosophies, and practical knowledge that guide Indian peoples' interactions with the natural world. Though all of these peoples have chosen different pathways and strategies for making a life in their various environments, one similar concept is voiced by allthat a reciprocal connection exists between people and the rest of the world. Authors - Native American First Nations Histories excellent data about many different tribes. Author proposes to add more tribes - as many as 200.
  • 4. Index Of Native American History Resources On The Internet
    in Time delaware Treaty History. Massachusetts State Archives Microfilm Card Index of native americans San Diego County. Chumash indians native People of Southern California
    WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
    Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet
    F requently A sked ... uestions for this site
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    Oral History
    American Indian History Collections on Microfiche on 30 audiocassettes, Norman Ross Publishing (Large PDF file) Comments On Carving Soapstone Dehcho: "Mom, We've Been Discovered!" Inuit Cultural Perspectives Memories Come To Us in the Rain and the Wind , (Extracts from) Oral Histories and Oral Histories of the Mi'kmaq People Oral Narratives and Aboriginal Pasts:
    An Interdisciplinary Review of the Literatures on Oral Traditions and Oral Histories
    Our Elders , Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders People From Our Side: A Life Story with Photographs and Oral Biography Spirit of White Earth: Winnie Jourdain, a survivor's spirit

    5. Indians/Native Americans Of Indiana, Ohio, & Michigan
    Ohio indians. indians/native americans of Indiana. The Miami. The delaware. The delaware A list of books about the indians/native americans of the Old Northwest Territory
    Below you will find links to sites containg information about the Indians/Native Americans found in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.
    Hot Links
    Ohio Indians
    Indians/Native Americans of Indiana

    The Miami

    The Delaware
    The Wyandot Tribe of Kansas

    If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

    6. American Indians, Native Americans, History Of A Proud People. History And Cultu
    native americans (American indians) make up less than one percent of the total U.S. population but represent Shawnee as Humaskogi, by the delaware as Masquachki and by the British
    Indian Nations are sovereign governments, recognized in the U.S. Constitution and hundreds of treaties with the U.S. President. The history of this continent's original inhabitants encompasses a broad range of cultures and experiences. American Indians varied greatly from region to region, as did their reactions to European settlement. This website will delve into the vast and storied background of most tribes and seek to supply the visitors with as much knowledge as possible about the proud history of Native Americans . Please join us on this journey into the past, experience the present and dream about the future of the American Indian. When Columbus landed on the island of San Salvador in 1492 he was welcomed by a brown-skinned people whose physical appearance confirmed him in his opinion that he had at last reached India, and whom, therefore, he called Indios , Indians, a name which, however mistaken in its first application continued to hold its own, and has long since won general acceptance, except in strictly scientific writing, where the more exact term American is commonly used. As exploration was extended north and south it was found that the same race was spread over the whole continent, from the Arctic shores to Cape Horn, everywhere alike in the main physical characteristics, with the exception of the Eskimo in the extreme North, whose features suggest the Mongolian...

    7. The Online Communicator: Native Americans
    native American political and social issues are still with us and provides a largepage devoted to indians of Pennsylvania and the delaware Valley
    Native Americans
    Some years ago I was hired to write scripts for a series of video documentaries about different groups of Native Americans. Even a "good education" did not prepare me for this eye-opening experience. I believe that a non-Indian person of good conscience can not learn this history without being saddened, sickened, and angered. The only relief is that the U.S. government (and other groups) did not totally succeed in eradicating all Indians (yes, it's okay to say the "I"-word) or their cultures. Efforts are underway, mostly by Indians, to recapture and retain as much of their heritage as possible. Shown here is the "Key Marco Cat", a wooden cougar figure from an Indian site at Key Marco, on Florida's southwest coast. The 16th-century figure stands 6-inches high, and is part of the collections of the National Museum of Natural History. Pictures of the Key Marco Cat have been published many times, recently on a U.S. postage stamp. Photo by Victor Krantz. (c) 1993 Smithsonian Institution. (Caption text from Smithsonian; see links below for more information.) The interest in Indian topics by non-Indians is sometimes a ticklish subject. Some people use the guilt trip to punish themselves for some unrelated personal anxiety. Others attribute near-divine mystical attributes to all Native Americans, a sort of superficial notion that, by stereotyping, continues to deny Indians their dignity. My goal is simply to help raise consciousness for some people, the way a happenstance writing assignment did for me. Native American political and social issues are still with us and will always be, and if nothing else, the information available through these links can help us all be more sensitive and better-informed.

    8. Native Americans - Delaware
    delaware indians http// Information and links related tothe delawares in northeastern Also site of Museum of native American Culture
    Delaware Walum Olum, it depicted Delaware migrations and changes; its claim to antiquity, however, is somewhat doubtful. See D. G. Brinton, The Lenâpé and Their Legends (1884, repr. 1969); M. R. Harrington, Religion and Ceremonies of the Lenape (1921); F. G. Speck, A Study of the Delaware Indian Big House Ceremony (1931) and Oklahoma Delaware Ceremonies, Feasts, and Dances (1937), C. A. Weslager, The Delaware Indians
    Delaware [Lenape] Tribe of Indians: Homepage
    Some of the information available deals with men's and women's traditional
    clothing, a game called football, (which bears little resemblance to the
    modern game we know), and music and dance.

    Delaware First Nation
    Get some good information about education in this First Nation's community
    in Ontario, Canada.

    Warriors for the Union "Of a total of 201 eligible Delaware males between the ages of 18 and 45

    9. Lenape Language And The Delaware Indian Tribe (Lenapé, Unami, Lenni Lenape Indi
    of European colonization, the Lenape indians had been is now New Jersey, delaware,eastern Pennsylvania the Lenape, like many native americans, were decimated
    Index of Native American languages Support our organization What's new on our site today!
    Native Languages of the Americas:
    Lenape (Unami, Delaware, Lenni Lenape)
    Language: Lenapé, also known as Unami or Delaware, is an Algonquian language once spoken in New Jersey and Delaware. Today there are no fluent speakers of Lenape Delaware, though many elders in Oklahoma still know some of the language. As with many dying Indian languages, there has been a resurgence in interest among some of the younger generation of Lenapes, and efforts to revive the language are underway. Two closely related languages are considered dialects of Lenape by some linguists and distinct Algonquian languages by others Nanticoke or Southern Delaware, which was last spoken in the mid-1800's, and Munsee Delaware , which is still spoken by a few elders in Ontario.
    People: The Lenni Lenape or Delaware Indians are often said to be extinct. This is not so; there are about 11,000 Lenape people in Oklahoma, where they were sent by the US government (which only recently stopped incorrectly classifying them as Cherokees), and another 5000 Lenape descendents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, though they do not have federal recognition. The Munsee Delawares , in Ontario and Wisconsin, consider themselves a distinct tribe.

    10. Native Americans: Delaware/Lenape History And Culture
    American Books Evolving list of books about Lenapes and native americans in generalLinks, References, and Additional Information. delaware indians v delawares
    Native American language index Support our organization What's new on our site today!
    Lenape Culture and History Links
    As a complement to our Lenape language information , we would like to share our collection of indexed links about the Lenape people and various aspects of their society. The emphasis of these pages is on American Indians as a living people with a present and a future as well as a past. Lenape history is interesting and important, but the Lenape are still here today, too, and we try to feature modern authors as well as traditional folklore, contemporary artwork as well as museum pieces, and the issues and struggles of today as well as the tragedies of yesterday. Suggestions for new links are always welcome
    Lenape Tribal and Community Links
    Delaware Tribe of Indians
    Homepage of the Bartlesville Lenape Band, providing information about Lenape history, legends, and dances
    Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma

    Homepage of the Anadarko Lenape Band, with governmental and cultural information
    Sand Hill Lenape-Cherokee Band
    v The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians v Pennsylvania Lenape Nation
    Thunder Mountain Lenapé Nation
    v Piney Lenape Center
    Homepages of tribal groups of Lenape descendents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
    Lenape Delaware History Net

    History, genealogy, old photographs, and links

    11. ThinkQuest : Library : Colonial Kids: A Celebration Of Life In Southeastern Penn
    The delaware indians. I have some friends who live in this area who were scary atfirst, but now we get along just fine. They are native americans who belong to
    Index United States
    Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the 1700's
    Visit Site 2000 ThinkQuest USA Awards Gold Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

    12. Facts For Kids: Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe (Delaware Indians, Lenapes)
    modern Lenape people from the delaware Tribe of In the past, Indian children had morechores Lenape mothers, like many native americans, traditionally carried
    Index of American Indian languages Support our organization What's new on our site today!
    Lenni Lenape Indian Fact Sheet
    These Facts For Kids sections are being added in response to the many emails we've been receiving from young people looking for information about the Lenni Lenapes for school or home-schooling reports. We encourage students, especially older kids, to look through our main Lenape language and culture pages for more in-depth information about the tribe, but here are some straightforward answers to the questions we are most often asked by children, with Lenni Lenape pictures and links we believe are especially suitable for all ages.
    How do you pronounce "Lenape?" What does it mean? It's pronounced "Leh-NAH-pay," and it means "the people" in their own language. They are also known as the Lenni Lenape ("true people") or the Delaware Indians (after the Delaware River, which runs through the original Lenni Lenape territory).
    Where do the Lenni Lenape Indians live? The Lenni Lenapes were original inhabitants of the mid-Atlantic area: New Jersey, Delaware, and parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Most of them were driven out of their homeland by the British, and eventually relocated by the Americans to Oklahoma, where they live today. Other Lenape descendants live with their near kinfolk the Munsee or Nanticoke , in small Lenne Lenape communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, or hidden in the general population at one of the many points along their forced travels
    How is the Lenni Lenape Indian nation organized?

    13. Links
    americans (American indians) native American Languages Indian Jeep Cherokee Kickapooindians (Kickapoo tribe Lenni Lenape language (delaware language, Unami
    Ataniel homepage (chronicles) (gameworld) (encyclopedia) ... pages and LiveJournal
    Orrin's personal page

    Lora's CRPG Reviews

    Baldur's Gate 2 Walkthrough (Shadows of Amn)
    Shadows Over Riva
    (and Riva cheats

    Ataniel sitemap

    Orrin's page
    and ODP profile
    Laura's page
    and ODP profile
    Storyboard page
    Computer games page quests ... Wizardry gadgeteers

    Cree Fonts; delaware indians; Flagstaff Mission To The History of the Cherokee White Indian s Homepage; American Tribes and Nations; native americans in Winona;
    Home Page Safety Net Newsletter Teacher Resources Libraries ... Projects
    First Nations
    Table of Contents
    Government and Law General History Culture ... The Environment Tribes First Nations Native Americans Links to Other Aboriginal Sites
    Government and Law
  • Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online ABORIGINAL SUPER INFORMATION HWY. Assembly of First Nations B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs WWW Site ...
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  • A history of the NW Coast. All about the Oregon Trail Arctic Circle: Exploring the Past: An archeological journey CMC - Canada Hall, phase 1 ...
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  • Aboriginal Music Project American Indian Ethnobotany Database Arctic Circle Artist's Profile: ROY HENRY VICKERS ...
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  • "DUCK BAY SCHOOL'S HOME PAGE" "Oscar Blackburn School's Home Page" Aboriginal Youth Network - Home Page About this Community - Wanipigow/Hollow Water ...
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  • First Perspective On-line Red Ink On-Line - Gopher Links The Nunatsiaq News Home Page!
  • 15. Delaware Indian Civilization
    in my report indians was the historical name for native americans, and not to confuseyouth researching on this website.Most present day delaware appreciate
    Delaware Indians History Anthropology Home Native Americans - Canada/US General resources By peoples, tribes, associations Abenaki Alabama-Coushatta Algonquin Anishinabe/Ojibwe/Chippewa ... Yakima/Yakama By Regions Eastern Woodland page 1 Eastern Woodland page 2 Pacific Northwest page 1 Pacific Northwest page2 ... Southern Plains Special Pages Native Americans in the Military Catholic Encyclopedia: Delaware Indians A good overview of the Delaware Indians and their history. "An important tribal confederacy of Algonquian stock originally holding the basin of the Delaware River, in Eastern Pennsylvania, U.S.A., together with most of New Jersey and Delware. They call themselves Lenapé or Leni-lenapé , about equivalent to "real men". - From Catholic Encyclopedia - Delaware A concise and detailed history of the Delaware. "Originally in 1600, the Delaware River Valley from Cape Henlopen, Delaware north to include the west side of the lower Hudson Valley in southern New York. The Delaware were not migratory and appear to have occupied their homeland for thousands of years before the coming of the Europeans. During the next three centuries, white settlement forced the Delaware to relocate at least twenty times. By 1900 they had lived in: Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Ontario, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma. However, a government plan to move some of the Delaware to Minnesota was never carried out." - By Lee Sultzman

    16. Native Americans
    indians delaware (LENAPE) delaware (Lenape) Tribe of World Links to American IndianLangauge Sites Civilizations in America native American Language Cultures
    Updated July 19, 2003

    Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans

    The Avalon Project : Statutes of the United States Concerning Native Americans

    World History Archives: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

    IMAGES: The Illustrating Traveler: Customs of the Country

    More primary documents are available within some of the sites listed below.
    Alphabetical Listing of Reservations


    Native Ways..A journey through modern Native America
    Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Native American Resources ... Linkpage: Native Web Pages Listings For info on the Maya, Inca, Aztec and other Central and South American native cultures, please visit my Meso and Latin America page. NATIVE AMERICANS - LEGISLATION - ISSUES - AGENCIES CODETALK: Code Talk is the official website of HUD's ONAP Legislation Affecting the American Indian Community Legislation Impacting American Indians American Indian Liaison Office ... American Indian Gambling and Casino Information Center TIMELINES TIMELINE: Native American History Native American Timeline TIMELINE: Canadian St. Lawrence River Valley Native Tribes

    17. Native Nations
    ArapahoTribes Concho, Oklahoma; The delaware/Lenni Lenape Tahlequah, Oklahoma; UnitedTribe of Shawnee indians; A History of native americans in Portland; Citizen
    Native Nations by State
      Note: Green indicates Federally Recognized Tribes Of key importance to Indian tribes in terms of their sovereignty and selfdetermination as well as their eligibility for federal benefits and services is recognition or acknowledgment by the federal government . Many tribes have long been recognized because of treaties with the United States or because they had organized governments under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 Wheeler-Howard Act , June 18, 1934). In more recent years, other entities have been recognized by administrative action of the secretary of the interior or by special acts of Congress. Since 1979 lists of recognized tribes have been published by the Federal Register." As of March 3, 2000, there are

    18. Native Americans
    delaware tribe of indians; The Original People; Lenni Lenape First americans; Mythology.Nez Perce; Ohlone Ohlone indians; California native americans.
    about us contact HOME ... SOCIAL STUDIES War and relocation Eyewitness accounts of the battle with the Apache, 1872 Eyewitness account of the Battle of Little Bighorn, 1876 Eyewitness accounts of the ... Trail of Tears.....2 Famous Native Americans General information . . . . . . . Tribes . . . . . . . . . . . .

    19. Delaware Indians
    A large majority of delaware indians are native americans that love the land andare proud of their ancestry.Unfortunately many of them nolonger reside on the




    Portraits By L.J. Mauser

    Delaware Indians
    A large majority of Delaware Indians are Native Americans that love the land and are proud of their ancestry.Unfortunately many of them no-longer reside on the grounds their ancestors once cherished.At this website i'd like to share historical facts passed down through the generations pertaining to these great people. I am blessed to walk the grounds that many Delaware,Lenni Lenape once called home...Kreidersville, Pennsylvania along the Hokendauqua" Creek.Hokendauqua(Hachiundochure)"means "searching for food".The walkers of the Walking Purchase were said to have spent their first night at the Hockendauqua Creek.The village was called "Hockyondocquay".As I walk along the banks of the Creek and swim in its mystifying waters I feel a connection to the spirits of our ancestors,the Delaware.Why am I here enjoying their lands when so many Delaware aren't? I suppose to be their voice in the distance,far from the lands they now call home. Stories passed down through the generations state that my great great grandmother was a Delaware.I believe she was since I feel a stong connection to Native Americans and their beliefs,customs,and traditions.I have chosen my sacred rock and taken it to the waters as my ancesters did generations ago.Their spirit lives on through me and hopefully in you via the

    20. Native American Links @MATO.COM
    delaware Tribe. United American indians of delaware Valley. Edisto indians SouthCarolina. Erie. native americans - Iroquoian - The Harley School. Kickapoo.
    Native American Links
    Native American Art

    Native American Crafts and Suppliers

    Native American Language Links

    Native American Music Links
    Native American Stories and Legends

    Native American Art Links AICAP - American Indian Cultural Arts Project - Native American Artists' Home Page.
    Artists' Views of Native Americans

    Coalition to Save the Institute of American Indian studies
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