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         Dance Hawaiian:     more books (37)
  1. Let's Hula! Hula schools and other businesses thrive as Japan's young and old take up Hawaiian dance. (Japan Journal).(Brief Article): An article from: Hawaii Business by Dawn Matus, 2002-08-01
  2. Nā Hula O Hawaiʻi: The songs and dances of the Beamer family (Hawaiian bicentennial library) by Winona Beamer, 1976
  3. Hula Pahu: Hawaiian Drum Dances - Vol. II The Pahu: Sounds of Power (Bishop Museum Bulletins in Anthropology 3) by Elizabeth Tatar, 1993-01-01
  4. The Hawaiian scene: grass skirts and dancing geckos.(DANCE MATTERS): An article from: Dance Magazine by Carol Egan, 2006-04-01
  5. The Hawaiian hula-dance by Martha Warren Beckwith, 1916
  6. Dance in the Society and Hawaiian Islands as presented by the early writers, 1767-1842 (University of Hawaii) by Mazeppa King Costa, 1951
  7. Traditionalists, innovators, and dance competitions: Aspects of preservation and transformation in Hawaiian dance by Amy K Sullivan, 1989
  8. Hawaiian warriors' Dance by schaum John W, 1965
  9. Halau hula o Missouri: Hawaiian Hula and Lei-making in Missouri featuring master artist John Kaleiowaiapua Kumia (Masters & their traditional arts) by Dana Everts-Boehm, 1999
  10. Hula kahiko (Dance fantasy) by Vikilani, 1994
  11. Hula kahiko choreographies (Dance fantasy) by Vikilani, 1994
  12. Hawaiian chant -: Its developing role in music education, by Beverly A Mendheim, 1972
  13. Hula: Hawaiian Proverbs and Inspirational Quotes Celebrating Hula in Hawaii
  14. PALS (play and learn sessions): an innovative child care program for Hawaiians.: An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Kalani Wong, 1998-01-01

81. Hawaiian Dance
train.JPG (73392 bytes). group5.jpg (470388 bytes). hawaiian2.jpg (204739 bytes). hawaiian4.jpg (203905 bytes). HW dance.jpg (285209 bytes).
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82. - Event Search Agent
By Deana Di Dio Show Tips This show contains A fun, familyfriendly atmosphere with hawaiian song and dance. Kid friendly Yes.

83. Hawaiian Luaus On Kauai Hawaii - Discounts On Kauai Luaus
Only a very few of the luaus in Hawaii are traditional hawaiian in that they will only provide dance and song that is specific to the culture of old Hawaii.
Today is
Kauai luaus are essentially a giant feast which includes Hawaiian entertainment such as the hula dancing and a considerable amount of socialization in the tradition of the "aloha spirit". THE FOOD: No Hawaiian feast is complete without luau food and the sharing of the "gift of food" is an integral part of every Hawaiian luau on Kauai. Other delicacies which are usually provided at Kauai luaus are chicken long rice, lomi lomi salmon, haupia (coconut desert), poi (very nutritious), veggies, salad, steaks, roasted chicken, fresh fish, rice, lots of specialty items, deserts and much more. An open bar is also usually provided on most Kauai luaus which includes Mai Tai's and other adult beverages. The children are provided with lots to drink as well. Although you will probably find a number of the items on your plate at your Hawaiian feast that are unusual to say the least, you can rest assured that there will still be plenty of luau food available that has some semblance of what you are familiar with. All Kauai luaus are held during sunset. Each luau will last about three hours or so in duration and there is no question that you will not only leave full and happy, but with an extra bit of the "spirit of aloha" that Hawaii is so famous for.

84. VIA Online: Hawaiian Luaus
You can play Tongan shuffleboard, weave hawaiian hats, and dance the Tahitian tamure. During the luau, dances are rendered in reverential detail.
May / June 2004 Home Weekenders Events Archives The traditional island feast can be
a colorful culinary tour of Polynesia. By Constance Hale I
"Make sure to get a big bowlful," our host taunted as we set off for the buffet, knowing most of us would pass. "You eat a little bit of fish," he said, "then a little bit of poi, then a little bit of pig, then a little bit of poi . . ." As we obediently ate our big bowlfuls, we saw that this famously bland, grayish purple goop is to the Hawaiian what le pain is to the French: the perfect pause between strong flavors and odd textures. The slightly tangy paste allowed us to make our way back and forth from macadamia-crusted mahimahi to smoky pork, from sweet potatoes to salmon ceviche. We hadn't come to the Royal to discover poi, per se, but we had come on a mission. I grew up in the islands and wanted to show my sweetie how Hawaiians chow down and party. Luaus are the way locals celebrate birthdays, launch campaigns, and raise money. At a Hawaiian hoedown, food and drink abound, uncles pluck guitars, aunties sing along, and anyone might dance the hula. Pass the poi Feast at Lele
Germaine's Luau
Helena's Hawaiian Foods
, 1240 N. School St., Honolulu, (808) 845-8044.

85. Aprilami
dancers of Killeen, Texas The Kamaaiana hawaiian Hula dance Troupe of Killeen, Texas, performs for private organizations, and churches throughout Texas.
If you want to see our Web in Spanish click here
Hawaiian Dancers of Killeen, Texas
The dancers are wearing a Paho blouse and a Pau skirt with a ti-leaf skirt. See the article on page for further description of the dress and accessories.
Make the selection from the next menu. Martenitsa, The Secret Amulet of Bulgaria Hawaiian Culture, Hula Ho'oponopono Hula is the language of the heart ... Main Menu
Hawaiian Dancers of Bedford, Texas
Shown in the photo is Kelki Chang with dancers from "Halau Ho'olaameho'oulu Kamana'o Hawaii" from Bedford, Texas at the Killeen Hula competition (1st place winners in Hula Kahiko [ancient hula]).
For more information call International Folk Culture Center
Located on the campus of Our Lady of the Lake University
411 S.W. 24th Street
San Antonio, TX 78207-4689
210-436-8888 (Voice) 210-436-8889 (Fax-weekdays)(Data-weekends) Internet - IFOLKCULTU@AOL.COM America on Line - IFOLKCULTU.

86. Hawaiian Polynesian Revue

87. SFW 40015: Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants
logogosh.gif (3544 bytes)hawaiian Drum dance Chants Smithsonian Folkways 40015 TO ORDER CD These recordings made between 1923 and 1989, feature solo chants or
Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants
Smithsonian Folkways 40015
These recordings made between 1923 and 1989, feature solo chants or chanting accompanied by dancers, drum, and percussion. Chants for prayer, chiefs, and documenting history and genealogy are rich traditions still maintained by a handful of Pahu masters.
"Hawaiian musical styles are as unique and dynamic as any of the 'world beat' rhythms populating the European charts." Pulse!
Track Listing
1. Mele Pule
2. Mele Kahea
3. Mele Komo
4. Kau Ka Hali'a I Ka Manawa/ Kauliua I Ke Anu Wai'ale'ale
5. Aloha E Ke Kai O Kalalau
6. Hanohano Ka Uka O Pihanakalani Noho Ana Ke Akua I Ka Nahelehele Ke Ala Ke Aloha Me Ka Hikina Ku'u Wahine I Ka Ua 'Ulalena Kaulilua I Ke Anu Wai'ale'ale O 'Oe 'Ia E Wailua'iki/ Kaulilua I Ke Anu Wai'ale'ale Kau Ka Hali'a I Ka Manawa/ 'Au 'A Ia E Kama E Kona Moku 'Eia O Kalani Kamanomano Ke Akua I Ka Uwalo I Ka La'i E/ Eia O Kalani Kamanomano Ke Akua I Ka Uwalo I Ka La'i E/ A Hamakua Au 'Ike I Ka Pali

88. Hawaiian Lua
means to dance in ranks, but also to perch on a shelf. In other words, to shelve or save in reserve, but not to use. For generations, hawaiian objects were haka
Getting Out Of The House:
Hawaiian Lua
by Bob Reish
from The Kiai Echo - Spring 1996
U pon first hearing that Professor Okazaki incorporated Hawaiian Lua into his system, I have been trying to find out where the lua was hidden, which techniques were of Hawaiian origin, and why these lua techniques were kept so secret. No one seemed to know where the lua was among the hundreds of techniques contained within the system Professor Okazaki called Danzan Ryu . For more than thirty years, I sought answers to these questions by searching libraries across the country and within various Hawaiian island communities. It seemed as though Hawaii, itself, had lost the mysterious art of lua , or possibly that someone or group had painstakingly combed through the public archives and removed all traces of this ancient art. After personally interviewing several of Okazaki's former students, talking to many older generation Hawaiians, and following several leads, I was able to make contact with a lua group in the summer of 1995. A time and place was set, and I prepared to meet with these warriors who practice the ancient way of bone breaking. Acutely aware of my own limitations, I was somewhat apprehensive about our first meeting. In retrospect, my friends had voiced a sense of fear based on stories they had heard about lua . As I followed the 'olohe-lua (instructor) to a private location at the base of a rugged mountain range, foremost in my mind were stories told to me by the old Hawaiians. One tale described of how the

89. MAKALINA--Dance Of Polynesia
Makalina and JT are members of the hawaiian Steel Guitar Association, an organization devoted to preserving, and promoting hawaiian music and dance.
Dance of Polynesia Born in Guam, Makalina has lived on the Marianas, Caroline and Hawaiian Islands most of her life. With a B.A. in Theater from Fordham University, she has studied ballet, jazz, modern and tap dance, but has always come back to her first love, Polynesian Dance. She has performed with dance companies, including ALLNATIONS (with whom she toured throughout the US and Asia), appeared in theatrical productions, such as South Pacific, and the national tour of
Makalina has her own company; , and with her husband, JT, performs Hawaiian music with traditional Hawaiian steel guitar and ukulele.
The more than 100,000 islands that dot the Pacific Ocean form three groups; Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesiathe biggest being Polynesia meaning "many islands." It contains, among others, the Society Islands, Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand. The languages of these islands are similar in nature, but the dance forms are varied, and students of Polynesian dance will learn repertoire from many different traditions, including Tahiti's "Otea" and "Tamure," fast-paced rhythms of the hips and log drums, and Samoa's rhythmic dances. Both Ancient (Kahiko) and Modern (Auwana) Hawaiian Hula are taught in a separate class, along with the games of skill and coordination of New Zealand's Maori tribe. For information on
bookings for
call (212) 627-1660
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90. Dance Lessons - Belly Dance Instructors In Texas
Corpus Christi, Texas Type of lessons weekly class, workshops, private instruction dance style Egyptian Raqs Sharqi,belly dance, hawaiian, Tahitian Phone 361
Find dance lessons in Texas with the belly dance instructors directory. Biography Resume Photos Email Me
Belly Dance Instructors in Texas
Add Yourself
Chanson de Vie Dance Studio
Nassau Bay (Houston)
Type of lessons: Weekly Classes, workshops
Dance style: Oriental, Egyption, Raqs Sharqi
Phone: E-mail Web-site
Hurst, Texas
Type of lessons: Weekly classes
Dance style: Oriental dance ( Belly dance )
Phone: E-mail Web-site
Houston, Texas Type of lessons: Weekly classes Dance style: Oriental dance ( Belly dance ) Phone: E-mail Web-site Isis Bedford, Texas Type of lessons: Weekly classes Dance style: Oriental dance, Westernized Nightclub Phone: (1) (888) 918-ISIS; E-mail Web-site Jessenia Houston, Clear Lake and Galveston Type of lessons: Weekly classes, private insturction Dance style: Oriental Dance Phone: E-mail Little Egypt San Antonio, Texas Type of lessons: Weekly classes Dance style: Egyptian/Modern Phone: E-mail Marisela Ali Houston, Texas Type of lessons: Weekly teen class, private instruction Dance style: Oriental/Egyptian E-mail Web-site Meleea Dallas / Rockwall, Texas

91. Haleakala Times Current Edition Content Page
Robert Cazimero and Leina‘ala Heine (premier of the Brothers Cazimero dancers) are two of the most respected kumu of hawaiian dance today.
Alan McHughen, molecular geneticist, discusses GMOs
By Jan Welda Fleetham
McHughen, who was a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Saskatchewan for many years, and was on the Executive Board of the Genetics Society of Canada, currently is a Biotechnology Specialist for the University of California at Riverside, and Chair of the International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR).
Dr. McHughen was here on Maui recently, to speak to several local groups on the subject of genetically modified organisms.
Before one of his speaking engagements, I met with him and with Sally Irwin, who teaches biotechnology at Maui Community College. Irwin, by the way, mentioned a biotechnology class for high school students that will be available at MCC in the last two weeks in June; call 984-3566 for details.
He mentioned having just completed two years of participation in a twelve member Institute of Medicine/National Academy panel (commissioned by the USDA, FDA and the EPA) investigating the health effects of genetically engineered foods, results of which will be released at the end of July 2004.
You can contact McHughen by telephone at (909) 787-7532; his book is available locally at Borders.

92. Hawaiian Energy Dance, By Serge Kahili King
Add to cart. hawaiian ENERGY dance Kalana Hula, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. $29.95 47minute video available in VHS or DVD formats.
Back to Storefront Back to Video Shelf
Add to cart HAWAIIAN ENERGY DANCE: Kalana Hula
, by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. $29.95 47-minute video available in VHS or DVD formats. Serge teaches a powerful form of moving meditation with the assistance of Susan Pa'iniu Floyd on a secluded Kauai beach. Based on elements of the sacred hula and the Hawaiian martial art of lua, these movements are designed to harmonize your personal energy as well as the energy of your environment. In the FEEDBACK section of the order form please specify VHS (NTSC or PAL video) or DVD format. Otherwise, we will send you the VHS format appropriate to your mailing address. Important! Name, address, email address, credit card number and expiration date are required to process the order. For check orders see below. Shipping Charges
Always Airmail. Due to an increase in shipping costs we have had to raise our rates, but we are still keeping them as low as possible. These charges are determined by weight and destination (USA and Non-USA) and will be added to your order. Please select the proper rate on the shopping cart page for your convenience and ours. However, the proper rate will be applied even if you forget. Because of matters beyond our control, shipping rates are subject to change. To order by check or to request a printed catalog, write or call

93. ArenaFan Online : Hawaiian Islanders - Dance Teams
TEAM LINKS. Official Site. hawaiian Islanders Official Site. Islander Girls dance Team. Press Sites. Honolulu StarBulletin. Honolulu Advertiser. STANDINGS.

94. Hawaii's Visitor Guides: Hawaiian Dictionary
hukilau A net; to fish with a net. hula A lovely hawaiian dance form. huli To turn or flip over. kumu hula Teacher of hawaiian dance. eg.
Hawaii's Best Stuff Hawaii's Finest Travel and Visitor Information Center
Receive Guides

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Hawaiian Glossary
Puke wehewehe 'olelo
I n the first section, click on the words to hear the pronunciation.
C onsonants are pronounced as they are in English, with the exception of W. After I and E, W is usually pronounced like V.
A is usually pronounced like A in ABOVE.
E is usually pronounced like AY in PLAY. I is usually pronounced like EE in SEE. O is usually pronounced like O in GO. U is usually pronounced like OO in BOO. V owels are each pronounced individually when one after the other. For example, ali'i is pronounced AH LEE EE. T he Basics: Aloha A greeting, also used when parting. Both hello and goodbye. Love. Mahalo Thank you. The Islands: O'ahu Maui Kaua'i Hawai'i ... Ni'ihau and Kaho'olawe F or the really adventurous: 'aina The land, earth. eg. Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono. The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. (Hawaii's state motto.) 'akahi One. (Especially when counting in a series.)

95. Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants CD
. The earliest of these recordings were made in 1923....... Email this to a friend. hawaiian Drum dance Chants CD, Price, Qty, US$16.00, Detailed

96. Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants CD
. The earliest of these recordings were made in 1923....... Email this to a friend. hawaiian Drum dance Chants CD, In Stock, Price, Qty, Y, US$16.00, Detailed

97. Features - Hawaiian Traditions Attract More Than Just Tourists
ISLAND dance Hula is only one facet of a resurgence of hawaiian culture that is gathering momentum here. There is also interest

98. The Hawaiian Luau - Luau Music Suggestions And What To Expect At A Hawaiian Luau
Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand all have distinctly different yet tropical dance and music styles, and of course great hawaiian music and dance will be in
Entertainment at the Luau
Most luaus feature entertainment from all the Pacific Islands. You'll love the beat of the Polynesian drums and the allure of the seductive Tahitian dancers. Samoa, Fiji, and New Zealand all have distinctly different yet tropical dance and music styles, and of course great Hawaiian music and dance will be in abundance. The evening is usually topped off with the amazing Samoan Fire-Knife Dance!
Entertainment you can enjoy at home
We've put together a list of some of our favorite Hawaiian music and divided it into two categories, the Classics and Popular Hawaiian Music. Click on the links to go to where you can hear samples of the albums.
The Classics
Tiny Bubbles - Don Ho
Blue Hawaii - Elvis

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters

Best of Hawaii - Various Artists
Mapuana Hits of Hawaii
Popular Hawaiian Music
Self Portrait - Teresa Bright
Hawaiian Style Band

Alone in IZ World


99. VCU Dance | About VCU Dance
Performing Arts Center. Presently, she teaches ballet, modern dance, hawaiian dance (hula) and dance in world cultures. Jung is also
var section = "About"; About
VCU Dance
archive Contact us Overview Undergraduate major Undergraduate ... J. Steel Faculty Audrey Jung, assistant professor
Virginia Commonwealth University

School of the Arts

Department of Dance and Choreography

Date Last Modified: September 3, 2003

100. Hawaiian Eyes Hula Dancers
Hula dancers A collection of images showing the clasic dance and story Images and text opyright © 2004 hawaiian Paradise Trading Co.

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