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         Dance Hawaiian:     more books (37)
  1. Let's Hula! Hula schools and other businesses thrive as Japan's young and old take up Hawaiian dance. (Japan Journal).(Brief Article): An article from: Hawaii Business by Dawn Matus, 2002-08-01
  2. Nā Hula O Hawaiʻi: The songs and dances of the Beamer family (Hawaiian bicentennial library) by Winona Beamer, 1976
  3. Hula Pahu: Hawaiian Drum Dances - Vol. II The Pahu: Sounds of Power (Bishop Museum Bulletins in Anthropology 3) by Elizabeth Tatar, 1993-01-01
  4. The Hawaiian scene: grass skirts and dancing geckos.(DANCE MATTERS): An article from: Dance Magazine by Carol Egan, 2006-04-01
  5. The Hawaiian hula-dance by Martha Warren Beckwith, 1916
  6. Dance in the Society and Hawaiian Islands as presented by the early writers, 1767-1842 (University of Hawaii) by Mazeppa King Costa, 1951
  7. Traditionalists, innovators, and dance competitions: Aspects of preservation and transformation in Hawaiian dance by Amy K Sullivan, 1989
  8. Hawaiian warriors' Dance by schaum John W, 1965
  9. Halau hula o Missouri: Hawaiian Hula and Lei-making in Missouri featuring master artist John Kaleiowaiapua Kumia (Masters & their traditional arts) by Dana Everts-Boehm, 1999
  10. Hula kahiko (Dance fantasy) by Vikilani, 1994
  11. Hula kahiko choreographies (Dance fantasy) by Vikilani, 1994
  12. Hawaiian chant -: Its developing role in music education, by Beverly A Mendheim, 1972
  13. Hula: Hawaiian Proverbs and Inspirational Quotes Celebrating Hula in Hawaii
  14. PALS (play and learn sessions): an innovative child care program for Hawaiians.: An article from: JOPERD--The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance by Kalani Wong, 1998-01-01

61. Leisure Class - Hula Dance
, Recreation, Parks Community Services Home. hawaiian HULA dance CLASSES. Explore the exotic dance techniques of the hawaiian Hula dance.
Program Listing
ADULT SENIORS ADULT PROGRAMS Adult Sign Language Aerobics Archery Certification Basket Weaving ... Sewing I YOUTH PROGRAMS Archery Certification Dance Classes Fishing Class Hawaiian Hula Dances ... Sign Language SENIOR PROGRAMS Ballroom Dance Lessons Beginning Watercolor Class Ceramics Studio Duplicate Bridge ... Leisure Classes Homepage HAWAIIAN HULA DANCE CLASSES CLASS OR PROGRAM NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED, BUT WILL RETURN IN THE FUTURE Explore the exotic dance techniques of the Hawaiian Hula dance. Students can learn the basics of this dance and progress to more advanced levels. The instructor is an authentic Hula instructor with many years of experience. All students who enroll in continuous instruction throughout the year will perform at the annual Hula celebration in June. Come dressed as you are. Loose fitting clothes preferred without shoes.

62. Leisure Class - Hawaiian Hula Dance Classes
hawaiian HULA dance CLASSES. BEGINNERS CLASS CODE 240130A. Explore the exotic dance techniques of the hawaiian Hula dance.

63. Paul Waters Hawaiian Learning Center Hula
Paul Waters links Hula, hawaiian dance, history of the hula and its significance from the hawaiian Halau masters perspectives. Hula in Hawaii.

64. Merry Monarch Remembered - Hula Dancing Of Hawaii
What makes a hula halau authentic? What makes a dance successful and exciting to watch, while preserving its essential hawaiian qualities?
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April '97
Merry Monarch Remembered
By Sophia Schweitzer
"Hula is the language of the heart,
and therefore the heartbeat
of the Hawaiian people."
David Kalakaua,
King of Hawaii, 1874 to 1891.

Sixty years after Queen Ka'ahumanu, King Kamehameha's wife, had forbidden the dance in the name of Christian values, Kalakaua gave hula back its glorious crown. He became known as the Merrie Monarch. Under his reign, Hawaiian traditions revived and took on a new life. Ancient sports were once again celebrated and the hula was reborn. But with the King's death, hula, that indigenous expression of a whole culture, in dance and story telling, became once again a rare event. Some might even have wondered if the chants, the movements, the tradition, were lost all together. The missionaries, it seemed, had finally won. The overtly sensual movements, the scarcely clad men and women had been a disgrace to the education the church so desperately taught. Fortunately, hidden form exposure, the sacred knowledge lived on. And a few decades later, in the early and mid 1900's, hula reemerged to lure tourists to the islands, even though at first it was a commercialized "grass-skirt-girl" version of the ancient dance.

65. Hawaiian Language
nountransitive verb} 1. A dance characterized by rhythmic body movements, a hula dancer; to dance the hula. kanaka maoli {noun} Full-blooded hawaiian person.
You can learn more about the Hawaiian language here.
aloha 'aina
'a'ole pilikia
kai kama'aina kanaka maoli kapa ki'i pohaku kokua kumu kupuna lahui lei lu'au mahalo makai makua malama malihini mauka mele nalu 'ohana 'olapa 'olelo 'olelo no'eau oli 'ono pilikia pule 'ukulele wai wikiwiki

66. SURFING FOR LIFE -- Hawaiian Music & Hula
The authentic native hawaiian dance form has had a curious history over the past 180 years. At one time, there were some 300 distinct
Hawaiian Culture: 3 pages Previous page
Hawaiian Hula Today's hula girl in a ti-leaf skirt, as captured in Woody Brown's sequences in SURFING FOR LIFE, is as Hawaiian as poi. Contemporary hula is a medium of entertainment, with lovely hula hands and swaying hips telling a romantic story. In ancient times, hula was a sacred art, danced for the gods who aided mankind. The authentic native Hawaiian dance form has had a curious history over the past 180 years. At one time, there were some 300 distinct hulas in the Hawaiian repertoire. When Westerners arrived in Hawai'i, the hula was Hawai'i's living theater, danced as an accompaniment to an oral tradition of poetry. In 1819, the Hawaiians struck the first blow against hula when they destroyed their own temples, generally considered a consequence of contact with Westerners. Then the missionaries came and decreed the hula lewd and offensive to their puritan ethics. Once their authority was established, the missionaries made strenuous efforts to abolish this aspect of ancient Hawaiian culture. Though it never became extinct, the hula faded from public sight during the middle decades of the 19th century, performed only surreptitiously among the rural people. Hawaiian kings encouraged the revival of the hula despite missionary objections. King Kamehameha III attempted to revive hula about 1840, recognizing, along with other successive kings, that the extinction of the hula would mean the end of an important cultural aspect of the severely battered Hawaiian civilization. Hawaiians were already demoralized by the devastation that Western culture had wreaked on their way of life. However, it was not until the reign of King David Kalakaua ( "The Merry Monarch," 1874 to 1891) that hula was effectively revived as an art. During his reign, professional hula troupes became popular again, entertaining people at luaus, public occasions and the theater.

67. SURFING FOR LIFE -- Hawaiian Music & Hula
the Harry Owens dance orchestra with Webley Edwards as producer and Master of Ceremonies. The show s purpose was to showcase real hawaiian music performed by
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Hawaiian Music - A Brief History Hawaiian music is a unique blend of several early influences from abroad with ethnic Hawaiian chants. It has spawned the adaptation of guitar to several distinctly Hawaiian sounds and styles, notably slack key and steel guitar. This singular Hawaiian blend has given birth to such world-class musical talents as Gabby Pahinui, The Tau Moe Family, and The Sons of Hawai'i, who have all helped spread the Hawaiian sound and culture throughout the world. All of these great musicians are featured on the sound track of SURFING FOR LIFE which includes 17 songs of Hawaiian music. The general history of Hawaiian music begins in the mid 1800s, when visitors from all over the planet came by sea to Hawai'i, bringing with them instruments such as the violin, guitar, ukulele, piano, accordion and flute. Hawaiian music was rooted in old religious chants and hymns, which the native Hawaiians then mixed with the musical rhythms, sounds and instruments they heard from international visitors, immigrants and missionaries. Secular music was influenced by a variety of people including those of Mexican, Italian, German and Burmese descent. When early Mexican cowboys ( paniolo ), then still under Spanish rule, came to Hawai'i in the mid-1800s, they brought their guitars with them and taught the Hawaiians to play them in the Spanish style. The Hawaiians had innate musical talent and many became quite interested in the guitar. They largely followed the

68. WeddingSolutions Forums - First Dance Song
Posts 24. Send a message via AIM to hawaiian Bride. My fiance and I still don t have our first dance song picked out either. Him

69. WeddingSolutions Forums - First Dance Song
Posts 25. Send a message via AIM to hawaiian Bride. My fiance and I still don t have our first dance song picked out either. Him

70. Native Tongue The Language Of The Hawaiian Islands
dance characterized by rhythmic body movements, a hula dancer; to dance the hula distinguished from a visitor. kanaka maoli {noun} Fullblooded hawaiian person tongue/
statewide natural hawaii :native tongue Search for articles: Within this site All of Hawaii
HAWAII MUSEUMS ... hawaii /native+tongue/
Petroglyph Artwork Carved in Lava
Author: E. Kalani Flores
Click on the bold hyperlink to play a .wav sound file of the word and explore the Hawaiian language:



aloha 'aina

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PGA Grand Slam
Hawaii Marathon
Bishop Museum ... Tsunami Marketing

71. Green Street Studios -- Hawaiian/Tahitian
Students will learn the basic Hula (hawaiian dance) and Tahitian movements, dances in the ancient (Kahiko) and modern......Intsructor Marta Moussa
Intsructor: Marta Moussa
Students will learn the basic Hula (hawaiian Dance) and Tahitian movements, dances in the ancient (Kahiko) and modern style and Oteas and Aparimas (Tahitian dance) as well as the meaning of the dances. NOT recommended as a drop-in class for beginners.
When: Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:30pm
Cost: single class $12, four consecutive classes $40
Contact: call 781-729-2252

72. Hollywood Portrayals Of Hawaiian Music And Dance
Hawaii search guide and directory for Hollywood Portrayals of hawaiian Music and dance with all of the best sites for Hawaii on the Internet.

73. San Francisco Bay Area Hawaiian Events
June 26, 2004 (Saturday) Hula Halau ‘O Pi‘ilani presents 40th Anniversary hawaiian Lu au IFES by Hula Halau O Pi ilani 730 pm 900 pm dance Music 9
San Francisco
Bay Area
Hawaiian Events
June 2004
June 5, 2004 (Saturday)

, 230 Jackson Street (between 5th and 6th Streets in Japantown), San Jose
9:00 pm - 12:00 midnight
Information: (408) 279-4888
June 6, 2004 (Sunday)
Aloha Sunday Open Mic
Host Band: Charlie St. Germaine with Kem Kanikapila and Friends
, 984 University Avenue, Berkeley 3:30 pm Reservations Recommended Information/Reservations: (510) 548-9888 [Business Hours], (510) 524-6403 [Message], or June 11, 2004 (Friday) Konane Hukilau , 5 Masonic Avenue (Southwest corner of Masonic Avenue and Geary Blvd.), San Francisco 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Information: (415) 921-6242 June 12, 2004 (Saturday) Kaukini Enterprises presents "3rd Annual Lu'au and 10th Anniversary Celebration" Featuring: Music by Island Blend and Pupule' Boyz Hula and Tahitian Dancing by Ke Ola Loa Elk's Lodge, 1680 Martin Avenue, Santa Clara Doors Open: 4:00 pm Luau Dinner: 5:00 pm Menu: Kalua Pig, Lau Lau, Chicken Long Rice, Steamed Rice, Macaroni Salad, Sweet Potato, Squid Luau, Poi, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Aku Poke, Opihi, Raw Crab, Haupia, and Cake

74. Hawaiian Dolls And Figurines
Presents. hawaiian HULA danceRS, SURFERS AND PA U RIDERS. Below Small and Medium hawaiian Hula dancers (2 6 high). Hula means dance in hawaiian.
Below: Small and Medium Hawaiian Hula Dancers (2"- 6" high)
Hula The Hula dancers are made in small, medium and large sizes. They can be costumed in a large variety of styles and colors with brightly colored fringe, natural raffia or tapa printed fabric. The wahines, (women), wear head and neck leis of colorful flowers. The kane, (men), can be found blowing a conch shell, strumming a ukulele or surfing on a Koa Surfboard. The men are available in the medium size only and wear either Hawaiian tapa print shorts or a malo (loincloth). Also available is a mini palm tree which can be added to accent the realistic look. It has a ceramic trunk and fabric leaves. ORDERING INFORMATION AND PRICES Large Hula Girls 6 - 10" high The surfboards these men are riding are made from hawaiian Koa wood and are made by Kandice's husband Rodney. They are also sold separately. Medium Hawaiian Surfers

75. And Hawaii Culture, Traditions, And Language Information
The Hula The hula is a beautiful flowing hawaiian dance that tells a story. The music is comprised of repetitive chants, called

Exotic Hula hawaiian dance Entertainment in postWar Australia. Perfect Beat 2/1 (July 1994), 68-87. Visible and Invisible in hawaiian dance. In Human
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF HAWAIIAN MUSIC AND DANCE Compiled by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman Updated November 26, 2003 N.B. This bibliography contains citations to supplement the bibliography of Hawaiian music by Elizabeth Tatar in George Kanahele (ed.), Hawaiian Music and Musicians: An Illustrated History (1979) and the bibliography of the hula by Amy K. Stillman in Jerry Hopkins, The Hula November 2003: The Bibliography is now organized into three sections:
  • Published Collections of Mele Repertoire (includes songbooks with notation, and collections of poetic texts)
  • Printed Sources
  • Hawaiian Musical Instruments—Histories, etc.
  • Instructional Manuals for Hawaiian Musical Instruments (slack key guitar, steel guitar, 'ukulele, etc)
  • A. Published Collections of Mele Repertoire
    (Includes songbooks with notation and collections of poetic texts) Alama, Kimo. Puke Mele Volume I. Honolulu: Kimo Alama, 1988. Beamer, Nona (ed.). Na Mele Hula: A Collection of Hawaiian Hula Chants, Volume I. La'ie: The Institute for Polynesian Studies, Brigham Young UniversityHawaii Campus, 1987.
    Reviewed by Tatar, 1988.

    77. Hawaiian Music / Waena Boyz - Get Up And Dance
    Artist Waena Boyz Title Get Up and dance Category Reggae To order Choose how many items you would like to purchase and then click on the cart button to add
    Hawaiian Books


    Hawaiian CDs



    Hawaiian Videos


    Music Videos
    Scenic Hawaii ... Artist/Title Artist : Waena Boyz Title : Get Up and Dance Category : Reggae To order Choose how many items you would like to purchase and then click on the cart button to add this item to your order. at $15.98 Catalog #: CD292 Titles Tracks with links play Real Audio and/or MP3 samples 1. Island Fever featuring "H.H.B." - 2. Hypocrisy 3. Roots Session featuring Shaneymon - 4. Summertime featuring Teomon - 5. Man Upstairs 8. Wicked and Wild featuring Marty Dread - 9. Top Of The Line - 10. Heaven Other albums of the artist(s) -or- related albums Comments : Just in time for summer... Maui's Hit Group, Waena Boys, releases a CD everyone has been waiting for! Their jacket contains Original songs popularized while touring the islands and having opened for international artists "Steel Pulse, Aswad, Lucky Dube, Mikey Dread." Humble Soul followed them on stage during their recent Hawaii tour. Reviews Home Search for Artist/Title Complete Listing Hawaii Info ... Contact Information Call Toll-Free 1-800-252-7731 -or- email

    78. Sunset: Art Of The Hula - History Of Popular Hawaiian Dance - Brief Article
    You are Here Articles Sunset April, 2001 Article. Art of the hula.(history of popular hawaiian dance)(Brief Article) Sunset, April, 2001, by David Choo.
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    YOU ARE HERE Articles Sunset April, 2001 Content provided in partnership with
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    Tell a friend Find subscription deals Art of the hula - history of popular Hawaiian dance - Brief Article
    April, 2001 by David Choo
    To understand this classic Hawaiian dance, watch the feet and hands * An old saying about hula claims "the hands tell the story." But graceful fingers tell only part of the tale, according to kumu hula (dance master) Manu Boyd. "The hands are important, but the words of the mele [chant] tell the real story," says Boyd. "Traditional hula is very verbal. We tell stories when we dance." Hula, as old as the Hawaiian culture, was once shared by all of the people. They danced to mele that expounded on every aspect of lifewarfare, death, birth, sex, even surfing. But contact with the Western world changed hula. Considered lewd by American missionaries who arrived in Hawaii in 1820, hula nearly vanished in 1896, when the Hawaiian language was abolished from local schools. The dance survived, however, and, thanks to Hollywood and a budding tourist industry, became the enduring emblem of the Islands during the 1920s and '30s. The more traditional forms have resurged since the ate 1960s, when native Hawaiians began rediscovering their historical culture.

    79. Voice Of Dance - Insights - Features
    The logistics involved in interviewing Patrick Makuakane, artistic director of Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, the hawaiian dance company, were complicated on one hand

    80. Hilton Hawaiian Village Arts Celebration
    Hilton hawaiian Village will celebrate Hawaii Arts Season with an array of free including poetry readings and storytelling, ballet and modern dance, and jazz
    Hilton Hawaiian Village Arts Celebration
    Hilton Hawaiian Village will celebrate Hawaii Arts Season with an array of free public performances April 30 through May 2 including poetry readings and story-telling, ballet and modern dance, and jazz and classical music, as well as an art fair with more than 40 local artisans selling their works. In addition to year-round activities and attractions like the Bishop Museum Collection at the Hawaii Arts and Cultural Center in Kalia Tower, the Friday evening King's Jubilee music and dance celebration, and cultural activities such as lei-making and hula lessons, visitors can also take a self-guided tour of the Village's extensive art collection, which recently won a 2004 Kahili Award from the Hawaii Tourism Authority for preservation of Hawaiian culture and includes original works by some of Hawaii's most renowned artists, including Roy Tabora and Hiroshi Tagami. Cultural performances are scheduled throughout the weekend at the Village's Shell Bar, Tapa Bar and Village Green. Among the scheduled events and performers are:
    • Art fair on the Village's Lagoon Green, will feature artisans from the Pacific Handcrafters Guild and other fine local artists whose wares range from original paintings and sculptures to carvings and Hawaiian crafts. A special gallery of works by artists with the Hawaii Watercolor Society will also be open in the ground floor of the Village's Diamond Head Tower.

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