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         Dance Hawaiian:     more books (37)
  1. Hawaiian Costume Making by Vicki Corona, 1989-07
  2. Hawaiian Wedding Book by Vicki Corona, 1989-09
  3. Hawaiian Implements "2" ('Uli'ulis & 'Ili'ilis) by Vicki Corona, 1989-07
  4. A pocket guide to the islands: Hula and chant by Catherine Kekoa Enomoto, 1998
  5. Hawaiian Implements (Ipus & Pu'ilis) by Vicki Corona, 1989-07
  6. Hawaiian Choreographies by Vicki Corona, 1989-08
  7. Advanced Hawaiian Dancing by Vicki Corona, 1989-08
  8. Learn Hawaiian Dancing by Vicki Corona, 1989-06
  9. Hula, dance of the Islands by Robert Wickliffe] [Miller, 1935

41. Hawaiian History
Music and dance To hawaiians, hula or hawaiian dance, is as much a celebration of life as it is a proud statement of cultural identity.
To Hawaiians, hula or Hawaiian dance, is as much a celebration of life as it is a proud statement of cultural identity. According to legend, hula originated when Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, commanded her younger sister Laka to dance. Schools were begun in honor of the goddess of the dance and temples were dedicated to her. Dancers lived on the temple grounds, subjected to strenuous training regimes and kapu (taboos) befitting the sacred art of hula. Hula was the method in which ancient Hawaiians passed along the stories and legends of their culture to subsequent generations. Hula kahiko, or ancient hula, uses dance and chanting to relate the proud and somber history, customs, ceremonies and traditions of ancient Hawaii and her people. Hula auwana, or modern hula, is the dance form most people are familiar with, combining dance and music for a more playful, joyous and spirited recounting of contemporary life in the islands. Missionaries who arrived in the islands in the 1820s thought the hula to be a little too suggestive and outlawed it as a pagan practice. However, during the reign of King David Kalakaua (1874-1891), there was a resurgeance of the old Hawaiian customs, including sports activities and hula. "Hula is the language of the heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people," he once said.

42. People Like Me Viewer's Guide: Dance Style Locator: Hawaiian Dance
Body Music •Plate Tectonics •Article A Comparison of Kathak Flamenco by Miriam Phillips (PDF download 635KB). hawaiian dance.
current year

(all styles, all years)
2004 Movement Styles:
South African: Gumboot

Bolivian/Peruvian Andes: Andean Dance

Hawaiian: Hula

North Indian: Kathak
Spanish: Flamenco

Related Topics: Body Music Plate Tectonics by Miriam Phillips (PDF download: 635KB) Hawaiian Dance Hula Hula is a sacred tradition for the Hawaiian people, going back to ancient times, when chants and body movements were first used as forms of communication with the gods. Until fairly recently, the Hawaiian language was primarily oral rather than written, with history and tradition passed down through dance and chants from generation to generation. The survival of hula is an integral part of Hawaii's past and future, having kept alive much of the culture's history, including a chronology of important events, battles fought and genealogical histories of the people. Hula has also preserved details about traditions from old Hawai'i, such as that of making leis, flower gathering, and preparing vegetation for medicinal purposes. The practice of hula continues to honor certain gods, goddesses and other deities, as well as natural elements, historical figures, and other aspects of creation. During Hawaii's missionary era in the early 1800's, most forms of native Hawaiian expression, including hula, were suppressed, and it wasn't until 70+ years later that the art form was again performed publicly. King Kalakaua, the last reigning king, once said, "Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." Hula continues to carry the history and tradition, and the spirit and strength of the Hawaiian people through the generations.

43. Hawaiian Dancing Definition Of Hawaiian Dancing. What Is Hawaiian Dancing? Meani
Definition of hawaiian dancing in the Dictionary and Thesaurus. Noun, 1. hawaiian dancing a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman dancing
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Hawaiian dancing
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Noun Hawaiian dancing - a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman hula hula-hula rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Some words with "Hawaiian dancing" in the definition: Agnes George de Mille
Aloha State

apache dance

apache devil dance
snake dance

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
(enc.) Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen (enc.) Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time Zone (enc.) Hawaii/Hawaii (enc.) Hawaii/Kauai (enc.) Hawaii/Maui (enc.) Hawaii/Niihau (enc.) Hawaiian Hawaiian (enc.) Hawaiian Acres, Hawaii (enc.) Hawaiian Airlines (enc.) Hawaiian alphabet (enc.) Hawaiian aquaculture (enc.) Hawaiian authors (enc.) Hawaiian Beach Combers (enc.) Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaii (enc.) Hawaiian capital Hawaiian Creole English (enc.) Hawaiian Crow (enc.) Hawaiian English (enc.)

44. Hawaiian Dancing
It’sa very colourful show with the beautiful hawaiian music most people know so The residents are always encouraged to come up and dance the last few dances
Hawaiian Dancing at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.
Lessons are held every week in the Church Hall, see the calendar . Dress requirements: slipperettes, appropriate Hawaiian dress, and maybe a bottle of water. Our teacher, Inge Nielsen A Hawaiian Luau is held for the dancers during the summer. Plans of meeting in Hawaii in the future are also in progress. The cost is $5.00 per lesson and $2.00 per tape of Hawaiian music for dancing. For more information, please contact Inge Nielsen at 604.524.3004. The Hawaiian Dancers meet in the Danish Church one evening a week to practice and learn new dances. Occasionally the teacher, Inge Nielsen Inge Nielsen and make the arrangements for the group to perform. Inge Nielsen has done this service for ten years, but I have only been performing with this group for about half a year. Mai-Tais Tiny Bubbles and Pearly Shells Lillian Christiansen, 2004 Last revised February 23rd, 2004.

45. Hawaiian Dance Books
lyrics, English translations, and background information for 14 wellknown ancient hawaiian chants, plus an appendix of hula gestures, dance steps, and
Patricia Lei Anderson - 8 1/2"x11" - 56 pages - clr photos - SC
Basic hula steps, gestures, and 8 choreographies are presented with diagrams, clear instructions, and numerous step-by-step photos. Designed for even the most inexperienced student. Hawaiian Wedding Song, Hukilau, Little Brown Gal, Lovely Hula Hands, Sweet Leilani, Keep Your Eyes on the Hands, Hawaiian Hospitality, and To You Sweetheart Aloha.
(See Dance Instruction Video Page)
Allan Seiden - 10-1/2"x10" - 120 p - clr ph - HC
In words and lots of glorious color photos; here is the story of the hula from ancient times to the present: its origins and meaning, pre- and post-contact hula, the Pele legends, the evolution of the dance, Kalakaua, accompanying implements, hula kitsch, hula art, and much more. Highly recommended.
Kim Taylor Reece - 11.5"x13.5" - 192 pages - b&w photos - HC
After a lifetime of artistic study, which included classical training in the fine arts, Kim Taylor Reece discovered the hula an became enchanted. Reece captures the power and essence of the ancient Hawaiian hula in this collection of beautiful sepia-toned images. The female dancers are caught in exacting portrayals of the settings, costumes (or lack of), poses, expressions, and sensuality of the historic hula. (partial nudity)
Mahealani Uchiyama - 8-1/2"x11" - 50 pages - SC

46. All Things Hawaiian - Hawaiian Shirts, Dresses, Beach Wear, Gifts, Art, Music
Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarch. Men as well as women dance hula, children learn when they read and color Hula Mai , a coloring book by hawaiian culture and
King David Kalakaua said, "Hula is the language of the heart, and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people." The hula is almost synonymous with Hawai`i. Anywhere one travels, as soon as people learn that Hawai`i is home, they ask, "Can you do hula?" Most of them picture the hula of the Steamer Days, "grass" skirts swaying to "Little Grass Shack" and the piercing sweetness of the steel guitar. Yes, that is hula, but it is one small part of hula. Hula is the literature of the Hawaiian people. Walk into a library. The shelves will hold books on agriculture, astronomy, religion, genealogy, and hundreds of other topics. On one shelf will be The Holy Bible. On another will be "The Little Red Hen". On another will be "Princess Diana". Hawaiians had, and still have, the same interests as everyone else. The Hula served, and still serves, the same purposes as other literature, both sacred and profane. There are ancient hula which tell of the creation of the world and its creatures. There are hula which tell stories. There are hula which tell about heros, chiefs, and chiefesses. To watch a hula is to read a book about Hawai`i.

47. Dancers Animate Hawaiian Legends - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
spectacle and vivid stage imagery is what you crave, hawaiian Myths Legends, the current revised version of IONA Contemporary dance Theatre s retelling of
June 8, 2004 Island Life
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Back Issues Featured News Nation/World News Movie Showtimes TGIF Calendar Photo Gallery ... Columnists Customer Service Help Page Contact Us E-mail News Alerts Subscriber Services ... E-mail this story Posted on: Saturday, April 3, 2004 Dancers animate Hawaiian legends By Carol Egan Special to The Advertiser If theatrical spectacle and vivid stage imagery is what you crave, "Hawaiian Myths & Legends," the current revised version of IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre's retelling of these tales, is a must-see at the Hawai'i Theatre. Based on the adventures of Pele, Hi'iaka and other gods and goddesses, the production abounds with images of fire, smoke and ash — creation and destruction. From the beginning of the world, narrated from offstage, the curtain opens on desolate, windswept China-silk seas churning beneath three cocoon-shaped bundles suspended in midair. Gradually, the creatures inhabiting these nests come to life and descend to join other beings emerging from the sea. With frequent narration to guide us, we have little trouble following the tales presented in a variety of styles. Artistic director/choreographer Cheryl Flaharty, trained in modern dance and butoh, combines those forms, along with aerial techniques and dance theater, to create a rich, 90-minute collage of movement.

48. Belly Dance, Bellydance, Belly Dancing, And Bellydancing At Sirrom School Of Bel
Sirrom School of dance features classes and workshops in belly dancing, hawaiian dance, poi spinning, doumbek drumming, in addition to specialty classes.
Calendar Rates About Staff ... Home May is also "Moms are special" month, so bring a special mom with you to class to enjoy a free beginner belly dance, hula, pilates, or jazz class. Looking for exercise that is fun, exciting, and not the same old thing? Let Sirrom School of Dance introduce you to the wonderful world of Belly Dance and put a little shimmy into your life. Sirrom School of Dance features classes and workshops in belly dancing, Hawaiian dance, poi spinning, doumbek drumming, in addition to specialty classes. Sirrom's boutique offers unique gifts, including a large selection of belly dancing costumes, jewelry, music, zills, and videos. For special events, Sirrom School of Dance offers belly dance or hula grams to a full-length show tailored to your entertainment needs. Sirrom is located at Weslayan and Bissonnet, in the walkway between Randalls and Walgreens. Phone: (713) 621-9818 Fax: (713) 621-5738 e-mail:

49. FolkFire Groups Index
Cossack. Sahara Sand Productions hawaiian Middle Eastern Belly dance, hawaiian and Middle Eastern Belly dance classes and performances.
FolkFire Groups Index Here are 83 alphabetized group links ¡TANGO TANGO! and Tango El Compas Argentine Tango, Salsa in Soulard Aalim Middle Eastern Folk and Belly Dancing Good excercise, fun, and an interesting view of another culture Acoustic Music Jam at St. Peters Community and Arts Center Acoustic Music Jam Acoustic Music Series at the Sheldon Concert Venue Appalachain-Style Clogging Flying feet fun, like folk tap dance Arts Academy of Bharata East Indian cultural dances Ballroom Dancing at Casa Loma St Louis' most active ballroom dance floor Belly Dance Mirage Belly Dance classes and performances Brazilian Dance Brazilian Capoeira Dance (drums, bells, etc) Cajun and Zydeco It's always time to prepare for Mardi Gras Cape Friends of Old Time Music and Dance Accessible social dancing, Great fun for beginners and experts Central Illinois English Country Dancers Stately, traditional social dancing in Urbana, beginners welcome Chicago Barn Dance Company Contradance: Accessible social dancing, Great fun for beginners and experts alike Childgrove Country Dancers St Louis Contradance: There's always live music at Contradances Contra Dancing in Carbondale, IL

50. FolkFire Worldwide Ethnic Dances
com Sahara Sand Productions hawaiian Middle Eastern Belly dance Tuesdays and Sundays. Sundays 56 pm Instructor Wardah. Kirkwood
Index of All Listed Dance and Music Groups

Send us a listing update
FolkFire Dances of Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe
Dances From Around the world Hispanic Cultural Dancers
Perform dances from Bolivia, Honduras, Panama, and other South American countries.
Call 314-837-5746 for location and schedule. Brazilian Dance
Mondays and Thursdays
Rueda de Sol, a Brazilian Capoeira Dance/Percussian Group are teachers and performers of this rich, ritual dance form which is accompanied by drums, bells, gourd, and the stringed Berimbau. Classes are open to all at the Solar Yoga Center at DePeres and Pershing from 4:30-5:45 pm.
For more info, call 726-5133 or 727-7496 Aalim Middle Eastern Folk and Belly Dancing
Call for class schedules
Aalim Dance Academy offers weekly classes in authentic Middle-Eastern folk dancing and the ancient art of belly dancing. It's a fun way to exercise and benefits both the body and the mind.Beginner through advanced classes are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
Read the Article from Sep 96 about this provocative dance form.

51. Hawaii - Kauai - Entertainment
(808) 2458270 A 560 seat theater which is a venue for hawaiian music and dance, as well as classical and jazz music, plays and foreign / independent films.
Printer Friendly Version Help us preserve the Islands. Tell our advertisers you found them on Alternative-Hawaii. ENTERTAINMENT Cinema Nightclubs/Bars Music/Theater/Dance Luaus ... Music Organizations CINEMA COCONUT MARKETPLACE CINEMAS
Coconut Marketplace
4-484 Kuhio Highway
Kapaa, Hawaii 96746
(East Side)
Tel. (808) 821-2402 (Office); (808) 821-2324 (Recording)
Wallace Theaters. A 2-plex theater.

Kong Lung Shopping Center
2490 Keneke Street Kilauea, HI 96754 (North Shore) Tel. (808) 828-0438 A one-screen movie theater. KUKUI GROVE 4 CINEMAS 4368 Kukui Grove Lihue, Hawaii 96766 (East Side) Tel. (808) 245-5055 Four cinemas. WAIMEA THEATRE Waimea, HI 96796 (West Side) Tel. (808) 338-0282 Located in a historic, newly restored building, the Waimea Theatre has seating for around 200 and is Kauai's newest venue for movies, live performances, and conferences. Top NIGHTCLUBS / BARS SPONSOR TRADEWINDS - A SOUTH SEAS BAR Coconut Marketplace 484 Kuhio Highway Kapaa, HI 96746

52. HAWAIIAN DANCING - Meaning And Definition Of The Word
hawaiian DANCING Dictionary Entry and Meaning. WordNet Dictionary. Definition n a Polynesian rain dance performed by a woman. Synonyms hula, hulahula. dancing
English Dictionary Computer Dictionary Thesaurus Dream Dictionary ... Medical Dictionary
Search Dictionary:
HAWAIIAN DANCING: Dictionary Entry and Meaning
WordNet Dictionary Definition: [n] a Polynesian rain dance ... woman Synonyms: hula hula-hula See Also: rain dance HOME ABOUT HYPERDICTIONARY

53. : Hawaiian Hula Dancers - Maui Picture Photo - Jan Kaulins
The missionaries nearly erased the ancient hawaiian forms of music and dance, but today both old and new forms of music and dance are celebrated.

[Back to Maui, Oahu, Hawaii Photo Art Picture Gallery #1]

Hawaiian Hula Dancers - Maui picture photo
by Jan Kaulins
HAWAIIAN HULA DANCERS Art Gallery Photo - Maui Hawaii hula photograph picture photo art print: This Maui photograph is a picture of four Hawaiian hula dancers performing in the historic Maui whaling town of Lahaina. In this Maui photo we see the Pacific Ocean behind the hula dancers. This is an original Fine-Art photograph taken by nationally recognized photographer Jan Kaulins. The missionaries nearly erased the ancient Hawaiian forms of music and dance, but today both old and new forms of music and dance are celebrated. This Hawaii Hula Dancers photograph in Maui captures that renaissance. (Hawaii Maui O'ahu Picture Photography Gallery)
NOT appear on actual photo that you order*
[Back to Maui, Oahu, Hawaii Photo Art Picture Gallery #1]

[Mokulua Islands - O'ahu Hawaii picture photo]
[Kahului Palms - Maui Hawaii picture photograph] [West Maui Clouds - Hawaii picture photograph] ... [Bamboo Forest - Maui Hawaii picture photograph] [Hawaiian Hula Dancers - Maui picture photo] [Hawaiian Monk Seal - Maui Hawaii picture photo] The quality of the Jan Kaulins' photographic prints is much higher than we can show within limits of this web site. Slight tonal changes and blurring around the areas of strong contrast are a result of the JPEG compression process, and are not part of the high quality originals.

54. Cultural Dance Listings Including Flamenco, Cuban, Hawaiian, And
flamenco music hawaiian dance hawaiian dance class listings featuring hawaiian hula and hawaian dance Batish Institute

55. Ethnic Dance Classes - Cultural Dancers - Ethnic Dancing - Class Listings, Event
Ethnic dance Class Calendar of Events Features Bellydance, MiddleEastern dance, Flamenco dance, hawaiian dance, Salsa dance, Egyptian dance, tribal dance
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...Ethnic Arts: The Website...





Santa Cruz Ethnic Arts Network
SCEAN's Activities

Contact Info :>>

AFRICAN DANCE ... DRUM CLASSES MORE Santa Cruz ARTS Community Bulletin Board Cultural Dance :>> LOCAL ARTS Links MUSICIAN CLASSIFIEDS SURF the World-Wide NETWORK Camps-Festivals-Tours *2003/2004*Calendar CARNIVALS-FESTIVALS TRIBAL-INDIGENOUS-NATIVE WORLD MUSIC ... TRIBAL MARKETPLACE BREAKING NEWS Support the Troops USA MESSAGE BOARD for ... to Discuss How to Build the New World COMMUNITY-POLITICS-SPIRIT POLITICAL CARTOONS PEACE GROUPS POLITICAL ACTION GROUPS / ALTERNATIVE MEDIA SAVE THE EARTH Links ... Words of Wisdom **MEGA LINKS ! ** EVERYONE's FAVORITE LINKS PAGES: A Web Surfer's Delight! INTERACTIVE POLLUTION LOCATER CLICK TO VOTE: Online Petitions :>> CLICK to Make A Free DONATION ... YOUR WEATHER FORECAST Santa Cruz Real Estate Listings Santa Cruz Real Estate Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals Cheap Snowboards ... Tattoo Galleries Kids Section Kids Games Online Furniture Teak Outdoor Furniture Teak Patio Furniture Teak Garden Furniture teak benches, teak tables, teak chairs, teak patio tables, teak wood furniture, teak garden bench, teak patio outdoor furniture

56. ThinkQuest : Library : May I Have This Dance?
The hula is a famous hawaiian dance. People dance it at luaus and other festivals. It tells a story with motions. Hula means dance in hawaiian language.
Index Dance
May I Have This Dance?
Enter this site to dance your way around the world! You will learn about the many differect dances that are a part of the cultures of different regions of the world. Visit Site 2003 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

57. - Kailua-Kona - Hawaiian Dance - Pictures, Tips And Reviews
Find the best insider tips, reviews, and pictures from locals and travelers for Kailua-Kona hawaiian dance. hawaiian dance, hawaiian dance.
Kailua-Kona Hawaiian Dance - Unbiased Hawaiian Dance Tips, Pictures, and Reviews written by locals and travelers for Kailua-Kona
Travel Guide Hotels Flights Meet Travelers Forum ... Local Customs Search for: Places Members Keywords Advanced Join For Free! Member Login VIRTUALTOURIST... Members Forum Chat Travel Tools ... Help TRAVEL RESOURCES... Hotels Flights Vacations Car Rentals ... Featured Properties Sponsored Links for Kailua-Kona Hawaii Hotels Get Away This Spring! Travelocity Specials for Your Family - Book Now Fly Hawaii Starting $139 Hawaii Taxes, fees and restrictions apply Save on Hawaii travel Plan your vacation here. Save big on flights, hotels Honolulu Hotels for Less Save on Hawaii Hotels Discount hotels KAILUA-KONA LOCAL CUSTOMS City Map Choose Your Interest TIPS BY MEMBERS - Must See Activities (66) - Restaurants (22) - General Tips (46) - Nightlife (12) - Off The Beaten Path (36) - Tourist Traps (3) - Warnings Or Dangers (10) - Transportation (15) - Local Customs (12) - Packing Lists (13) - Shopping (4) - Sports Travel (3) TOP 5 PAGES NEWEST PAGES ALL RATED PAGES FORUM (Message Board) MEMBERS LIVING HERE BROWSE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA REGIONS Find Hotel Deals City: Hotel Name: Check-In Date: Check-Out Date: Guests: powered by

58. StreetSwing's Dance History Archives - Hula Dance Page - Main1
1940 hawaiian Rhythm, $ Hula Pahu HI. Drum dances. Flamenco, Hula - hawaiian Hospitality, Hula - Song of Old Hawaii, Oriental dance.

A B C ... XYZ Out in the Hawaiian Islands, the Hula is recognized as an expression of life and love, of the stars and seasons, it is a dance of worship. It was danced to the Shark Goddess and the gods of Wind and Fire as well as the chieftains. This ancient ritual is only danced by the young. The thump of the drum, the rattle of the gourd and the sound of the surf in the distance, the light of the Kukui torches all add to the flavor of this dance.
This dance tradition includes the hand extended at shoulder height, the head bowed, one bare foot placed at a right angle to the others instep. The "Lehua" flowers adorn the hair, while the "leis" ( flowers strung together ) hang around the shoulders. From the waist hang " Ti leaves ", partly revealing the hips, legs and knees. They sing to the music as they sway to the rhythm. Often times the hula is called Hawaiian dancing. This dance is a story told with the hands as well as the body. The Hawaiians invented ( some say Portuguese ) the Ukulele from the Portuguese guitar in 1879 with the Kings ( Kalakaua ) help, this instrument became a Hawaiian tradition.

59. Dining And Hawaiian Food - Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Maui
Watch as gifted keiki (children) and adults express the magic of extraordinary hawaiian demigods through song and dance, all woven through with exciting
Visit our sister property, The Plantation Inn . Located in the heart of historic Lahaina Town, our Maui bed and breakfast will surely delight you with its romantic charm and modern comforts. Click here to find out more. Home Dining Kupanaha
About Kanoeau Dance Academy
Keala Kukona founded Kanoeau Dance Academy with the mission to teach keiki how to dance and to imbue basic virtues in them at an early age. Formed in 1990 in Lahaina, Kanoeau Dance Academy is named after Harold Kanoeau Delatori, whom Keala worked with as a kuhina (Hawaiian cultural ambassador) at Kaanapali Beach Hotel during the 1980’s. Kanoeau means “gifted one,” and Keala discovered this meaning to be true in Harold’s character. Keala reflects, “Harold was brilliant, with common sense. He was compassionate, showed love, and everybody loved him.”
Kanoeau Dance Academy trains keiki in the art of hula, while venturing into other cultural dances. While they have fun, Keala intends her school to be a place of discipline, where kids learn direction in dance and for life while their parents are busy at work. Keala imparts her wisdom and values in the hope that these keiki grow up to live fruitful lives.
All members of Kanoeau Dance Academy featured in Kupanaha: Maui Magic for All Ages have won in competition. Ranging in age from 11 – 22, three dancers are former Miss Hula O Na Keiki; two are former Mr. Hula O Na Keiki; two are Miss Aloha Mokihana; two are Mr. Aloha Mokihana; and one individual won the state falsetto (singing) competition.

60. Dancetera: Vol_1: No_1: Hawaiian Eye
called Hokule’a, Star of Gladness, will take the form of a concert later this year telling the dramatic story using hawaiian and Tahitian dance and music. Eye.html
Vol. 1 January 1, 2001 No. 1 Hawaiian Eye
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

This greeting (Happy New Year) seems to carry more weight as we (really) enter the third millenium. We hope that your holidays were fulfilling and peaceful. Studio News
was again awarded a Multi-Cultural Entry Grant from the California Arts Council , will take the form of a concert later this year telling the dramatic story using Hawaiian and Tahitian dance and music. was good fun again this year, in spite Mahea completely loosing her voice because of a very poorly timed chest cold! Fortunately her son Hoku stepped up to help MC, and students Cherie LeDeux, Alma Buenavista, Denise Deang and Rosalie Ragasa KaUaTuahine Black Pearl . In addition to KUT, Jacque Barnes performed a stunningly beautiful prayer dance to the goddess Oshun, Kemet North African Dance Company presented an hypnotic suite of Egyptian and Nubian dances, and MUCID resident performing ensemble Hui Tama Nui premiered an excerpt of a new original Tahitian Ori composition. Ethnic Dance Festival Auditions
The annual EDF Auditions are upon us again!

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