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1. Underwater Criminal Investigation (
Underwater criminal investigation Worldwide underwater criminal investigations and instruction. recovery methods, including the be used to complete conviction or destroy the case. When
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Online Course Application This web site is dedicated to the professional and courageous volunteer divers who enter the dark, inhospitable and sometime frigid waters in search of victims, weapons, vehicles and other evidence in furtherance of an investigation. Often their dedication, efforts, and advice go unnoticed or are ignored. These divers are instrumental in the recovery of evidence that otherwise would not be available to the investigator. Their successes were known only to a few, until now. Expand your knowledge and training with chosen professionals in the Public Service Dive Industry. The Instructors are certified educators, well trained, highly experienced, and extremely qualified. They are currently active in the field of Law Enforcement, Rescue, Search and Recovery. Teaching clear, descriptive, step by step procedures, techniques, principles and operational procedures for specific search and recovery operations. Teaching is the process that provides specific tasks and related skills to be applied to the occupation.

2. FY 2001 Annual Report, IRS-Criminal Investigation
will be used to evaluate management effectiveness. criminal investigation has formulated groups; especially the methods used to fund their 76 million upon conviction of tax evasion
FY 2001
ANNUAL REPORT Internal Revenue Service
Criminal Investigation Table of Contents Chief’s Message Statistics
FY 2001–By Program
FY 2001–By United States Code–Title and Section
Strategies Compliance Strategy
Performance Management


Electronic Crimes Program
International Strategy
Program Fraud General Fraud
Foreign and Domestic Trusts

Return Preparer Program (RPP)
Questionable Refund Program (QRP) ... E-Commerce Techniques Asset Forfeiture Undercover Organizational Map Glossary Chief's Message – Mark Matthews 2001 can best be described as a year of transition, triumph and tragedy for Criminal Investigation (CI). The events of September 11 seem at first glance to overshadow all else that occurred during the fiscal year but in reflection, CI rose to the challenges it faced throughout the year. Having completed the initial stages of our reorganization, CI continued its role as the premier financial investigative organization in federal law enforcement. Top leadership was in place in our newly formed field offices, and we moved ahead with our strategy to focus our investigative efforts on legal income tax cases. The efforts of our field leadership along with the continued pursuit of high quality tax investigations by the field agents continued the shift to our tax administration mission. Our focus on a consistent tax administration message was the driving force in our efforts to complete the rollout of our Lead Development Centers (LDC). By year-end, nearly every LDC was in business and contributing to the success of our case development and tax administration investigative efforts. The CI Interim Compliance Strategy guided our investigative efforts toward our primary mission yet enabled us to initiate and complete outstanding investigations in each of the three program areas, Legal, Illegal and Narcotics.

3. Newark NJ :: Criminal Enforcement :: HIDTA
Secret new law enforcement methods and weapons are the focus of this compelling online novel set in Newark, New Jersey. Federal criminal investigation he endured used remotely on suspects? Why, that would enable criminal investigators to close cases faster, and improve conviction methods used on him
Criminal Enforcement
Does the HIDTA and its drug task forces endanger the lives of innocent people? In this revealing law enforcement novel set in Newark, New Jersey, we see what happens when justice is perverted by the use of covert technologies and cruel investigative methods that circumvent basic human rights. This novel reveals a disturbing side of law enforcement you will never see depicted in a "cops and robbers" TV drama. Return often as exciting new installments are regularly added!
Part: Surveillance Tools- Part 1 Surveillance Tools - Part 2 Surveillance Tools - Part 3 email
Part Six "Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. " - Martin Luther King, Jr. It was more than power was power perverted ...Officer Jackson's mind had drifted back to the Federal criminal investigation he endured a few years ago.The Feds were looking for evidence in a local corruption probe. Officer Greg Jackson was at that time a politically well-connected Newark Police officer whose career was on the fast-track. Because of who he knew, he became a prime target. He was not surprised. The Feds usually came through Newark every few years looking for dirty politicians, dirty money and big headlines. It was not hard to find. However, Greg realized very early in his career that if he wanted to survive in the long term, he had to remain clean. And so he did.

4. Criminal Justice Resources Resources: Forensic Science
Art and Science of criminal investigation. Crime Scene and on the methods, techniques, and procedures presently used in the have resulted in the identification and conviction of at
Forensic Science Associations Reference Tools Web Sites Articles and Publications Associations and Organizations
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • American Board of Criminalistics
  • American Board of Forensic Anthropology
  • American Board of Forensic Entomology ...
  • Forensic Associations and Organizations Forensic Science Reference Tools
  • Current News Related to Forensics (Total News)
  • Forensic Science Graduate Education in the United States
  • Zeno's Forensic Science Mailing Lists
  • Locating Forensic Science Experts (Carpenter) ...
  • Forensic Toxicology Laboratories (Alan Barbour) Forensic Science Web Links
  • About.Com Crime Scene Page
  • About.Com Forensics and other Evidence Page
  • Alan Barbour's Forensic Toxicology Page
  • California Criminalistics Institute (CCI) Forensic Science Virtual Laboratory ...
  • Zeno's Forensic Page Forensic Science Articles and Publications
  • Attorney General's Report on the DNA Evidence Backlog
  • Automated DNA Typing: Method of the Future?
  • Ballistics Fingerprinting: A Life Saver
  • Ballistics : The Science of Guns ...
  • When the Lab Gets it Wrong Source Links With Annotations About.Com Crime Scene Page
  • 5. Arizona Investigations-Criminal-Civil-General-Investigation
    arizona private investigator Private investigations Investigators, Detectives, Information Research, Find or Locate People, Tenant Screening, Employment Verification and more! criminal investigation. Civil investigation. ColdCase Evaluation. Unlawful conviction Homes that were previously used for drug activity/ illegal use a various methods to gain access to
    Private Clients
    Private Customers Please Note: Recent statistics reveal over 50,000 people move to Arizona each year. These new residents come from varying backgrounds and geographic regions. Our investigative capabilities are extensive, however the depth and scope of the investigation is determined by our clients' permissible purpose. Investigations comply with all applicable GLB, IRSG, DPPA, FCRA, laws and regulations. If required, supporting documentation (judgments, court orders, releases, subpoenas, true copy legal documents etc.) may be required prior to an investigation. Personal identifying information is not released without a legal permissible purpose. Cases are screened on a case-by-case basis. SDS Inc. reserves the right to request additional information from clients in order to further evaluate the case for acceptance.
    AZ Agreement

    Locate Service Request

    Service of Process Request

    Download Asset Search Request
    Surveillance Request

  • Service of Process
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Civil Investigation
  • Cold-Case Evaluation
  • Unlawful Conviction
  • Missing Persons/Locate (level of search depends on purpose)
  • Field Investigation (rate varies $75.00-$250.00/hour or contigency)
  • 6. Welcome To AJ208
    evidence; recover stolen property; and assist in prosecution and conviction of the defendant or defendants. methods used in a criminal investigation It is Worksheets/welcome_to_aj208.htm
    Welcome to AJ208- Principles of Investigation Criminal Investigation by Wayne W. Bennett, Karen M. Hess (Contributor). Published by Wadsworth Pub Co ; or it can be obtained from Amazon.Com, Please complete the discussion question for each unit. Strict adherence to the date is mandatory. When completed please print your name:_ mail to: Rio Hondo College
    Department of Public Safety
    3600 Workman Mill Road
    Whittier, CA 90608 Attention: C. Mitchell ( Course Description: This is a study of the basic principles of all types of investigations utilized in the justice system. Coverage will include human aspects in dealing with the public, specific knowledge necessary for handling crime scenes, interviews, evidence, surveillance, follow-up, technical resources, and case preparation.
    Course Assignments
    Unit 1
    - email your instructor and acknowledge due dates for completed work and final exams. Unit 2 Introduction to Principles of Investigation. List the objectives of a criminal investigation.
    • Unit Overview: Fundamentals of an investigation.

    7. Criminal Justice Resources Resources: CyberCrime
    than 2% result in a conviction. This is primarily Courtesy of the criminal investigation Electronic Crimes Program of She outlines three methods used to counter cyberstalking, all
    Cybercrime is regarded as computer-mediated activities which are either illegal or considered illicit by certain parties and which can be conducted through global electronic networks. This web page includes resources related to cyberstalking, electronic crime, high-tech crime, internet crime, etc. Separate pages have also been created to focus on fraud and identity theft. "International estimates indicate that cybercrime costs approximately $50 billion annually. More specifically, cybercrime costs the United States more than $5 billion per year. In England, cybercrime is estimated to cost approximately 250 million pounds or $417.7 million annually..." "In fact, only about 10% of all cybercrimes committed are actually reported and fewer than 2% result in a conviction. This is primarily due to two reasons. First, businesses and financial institutions feel that they have more to lose by reporting computer security breaches. They argue that customers will lose confidence in the company if business and financial transactions are know to be insecure. Second, a majority of cybercrime victims do not report crimes against them, assuming that law enforcement will provide little or no assistance...." Web Sites Articles and Publications Telephone Hotlines Web Sites Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
    Criminal Division
    U.S. Department of Justice

    8. Humane Society Of Utah- Investigation- State Code
    (c), a class C misdemeanor if committed with criminal negligence. and grooming of animals, so long as the methods used are in (9), Upon conviction under this
    TITLE 76 - CHAPTER 9 - PART 3 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS 76-9-301. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS A person is guilty of cruelty to animals if the person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence: (a) fails to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal in his custody; (b) abandons an animal in the person's custody; (c) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner; (d) injures an animal; (e) causes any animal, not including a dog, to fight with another animal of like kind for amusement or gain; or (f) causes any animal, including a dog, to fight with a different kind of animal or creature for amusement or gain. A violation of Subsection (1) is: (a) a class B misdemeanor if committed intentionally or knowingly; and

    9. SOU Catalog
    process from arrest to exhaustion of postconviction remedies. and examination of the principles, procedures, and methods used in criminal investigation.

    10. 2) Accomplishments - FY 2003 Annual Business Report - Criminal Investigations (C
    criminal investigation plays an important role in combating abusive tax Schemes Program will encompass all methods used by promoters investigations Initiated.,,id=122537,00.html
    @import url("/irs/cda/common/commonStyleSheet/0,,,00.css"); Home Tax Stats About IRS Careers ... Help
    Search IRS Site for:
    Search Forms and
    Publications for:

    Tips for successful searching

    About IRS
    Taxpayer Advocate

    About IRS
    2) Accomplishments - FY 2003 Annual Business Report - Criminal Investigations (CI)
    Annual Strategies and Operational Priorities
    Criminal Investigation’s Compliance Strategy objective for FY 2003 mandated continued emphasis on legal source cases and other income tax related investigations. Criminal Investigation sustained the same level of legal and illegal source tax case initiations in FY 2003 that was achieved in FY 2002. Criminal Investigation’s overall enforcement statistics (legal, illegal, and narcotics) for FY 2003 are reflected in the charts below: CI Overall Enforcement Statistics  FY 2000 FY 2001  FY 2002  FY 2003   Investigations Initiated  Completed Investigations  Presecution Recommendations  Convictions  Incarceration Rate Number of Subject Criminal Investigations Initiated by Category  FY 2001 FY 2002  FY 2003  Increase /
    Decrease   Legal Source Tax  Illegal Source Tax  Narcotics ] Increase/decrease from FY 2002 to FY 2003 Significant increases in prosecution recommendations, indictments, and convictions were also achieved in the following program area is during FY 2003 compared to FY 2002:

    11. Trace Evidence By Katherine Ramsland
    You are in criminal MIND/FORENSICS investigation. a paint chip to a piece of glass to plant debris, there are numerous different methods used for analysis
    var openThis = 23; document.write(''); document.write ("")
    Most Notorious
    Sexual Predators Unsolved Cases Partners in Crime ... Complete Story List
    For best viewing experience, please enable Javascripts! You are in: CRIMINAL MIND/ TRACE EVIDENCE
    By Katherine Ramsland
    In 1936 the wife of an NBC executive was killed in their Manhattan brownstone. She had been strangled with her pajama top and left in the bathroom. All indications were that she had known her killer, and when there appeared to be few clues except some twine used to bind her, a chemist was brought in to examine the crime scene. In the bedroom he found only one strand, half an inch long, of stiff white hair, which he soon identified through a microscope as horsehair. Since two furniture movers had delivered a horsehair couch that morning and it was those men who reported the body, the detective in charge speculated that one of them had paid an earlier call. He identified the likely culprit and then found a connection via the piece of twine, because it had sufficiently distinctive markings to be traced to a manufacturer and distributor. It turned out that the same twine had been sold to the furniture store. Using this evidence to put pressure on the suspect, the detective got the confession he needed for conviction. This was one of the early cases where technology was used on material fragments to solve a murder.

    12. All About Fingerprints And Other Impressions By Katherine Ramsland
    Macnaghten from Scotland Yard’s criminal investigation Department (CID wanted it solved, and solved without questionable methods. a print had been used in a

    used in sections 1260-16.1 through 12-60-16.10, unlessthe context otherwise requires1." Bureau" means the bureau of criminal investigation conviction of any criminal earned

    14. Unit 4 - Capstone - 2nd Draft
    This field of science dealing with criminal investigation is known as that need to learn the methods of collecting concepts and principles are used to convict
    click to view power point presentation
    The Importance of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations By: Meg Sidebottom
    Forensic Science History
    Manson "Tate" Murders Manson - Mishandled Evidence O. J. Simpson trial ... Bibliography
    Throughout history, evidence has been used to convict criminals of the crimes that they have committed. Today’s society has improved upon the methods of the past to bring about more precise and accurate techniques. These techniques are more commonly known as the field of forensic science. Richard Saferstein writes a more specific definition than what was previously given in his book Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science , which says that forensic science is the “application of science to those criminal and civil laws that are enforced by the police agencies in a criminal justice system (Saferstein 1).” The origin of this type of science cannot be accurately pinpointed. According to H. J. Walls' article “Whither Forensic Science?” it started as a hobby of a few scientists who liked to become mixed up in the proceedings of the police and “enjoyed the kind of problems this association brought them (Walls 32).” We do not know how forensic science originated and came together or how it came to be connected to the police investigations and court rulings. According to Cowan in his article “Decision Theory in Law, Science, and Technology” “The aim of science, traditionally put, is to search out the ways in which truth may become known. Law aims at the just resolution of human conflict. Truth and justice, we might venture to say, having different aims, use different methods to achieve them. Unfortunately, this convenient account of law and science is itself neither true nor just. For law must know what the truth is within the context of the legal situation: and science finds itself ever engaged in resolving the conflicting claims of theorists putting forward their own competing brands of truth (Cowan 5).”

    15. The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council
    Component Method of criminal Defense investigation ­. This course format will be used to raise ethical issues learn defense investigation techniques and methods of uncovering
    CDITC training schedule, held on the second Thursday of each month.
    Board Certification and Advanced Training Programs 12/11/03 - Testifying 01/08/04 - Sex Crimes 02/12/04 - Blood Detection - certified CDITC course 03/11/04 - The Component Method - for Board Certification* am/pm session
    04/08/04 - Blood Spatter Analysis 05/13/04 - Forensics - Working with experts 06/10/04 - Ethics for the private investigator July - NO CLASS SCHEDULED 08/12/04 - Advanced interviewing 09/09/04 - The Component Method - for Board Certification* am/pm session 11/11/04 - Homicides 12/09/04 - Child Abuse *CDITC BOARD CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM: 8 hours of training in the Component Method of criminal defense investigation. Successful completion of this intensive 8 hour training program will satisfy the academic requirements to become a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigato r
    CDI 101 ­ The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation ­ This course presents the Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation in a comprehensive format designed to address the training needs of new or experienced investigators. The basic philosophy of criminal defense investigation and theory of investigative critical thinking are examined, as is the concept of reasonable doubt. The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation is the central focus of the course, which emphasizes practical application of the investigative techniques and theories discussed.

    16. Criminal Defense Newsletter, August - September, 2000
    a timelyfiled post-conviction motion. This exception is found in of a separate criminal investigation, held the Ninth Circuit DNA test most commonly used by Michigan State Police
    Criminal Defense
    Newsletter August - September, 2000
    Volume 23, Number 11 - 12 Features 23 Years of Proven Value
    DNA Update

    FBI Crime Lab Suit Settled

    SADO Receives Major Justice Department Grant for Defense Community
    Timing Rules for Plea Appeals

    Criminal Defense Online
    Employment Opportunities

    From Other States

    In a Manner of Speaking
    ... Training Events Appellate Courts Michigan Court of Appeals
    Published Opinion Summaries
    Unpublished Opinion Summaries Michigan Supreme Court
    Leave Granted Summaries
    Opinion Summaries
    Order United States Court of Appeals
    Sixth Circuit Opinion Summaries United States District Court
    Opinion Summary United States Supreme Court
    Certiorari Granted Summaries
    Opinion Summaries Timing Rules for Plea Appeals As a SADO attorney working exclusively with plea appeals, I am often asked questions about plea appeals. While the question of the moment is whether there exists a right to assigned counsel in plea appeal cases ( People v Bulger Tessmer v Granholm ), there are always miscellaneous questions about appellate plea procedure. The court rules seem to invite confusion on this topic. Having worked with these court rules for years, I offer the following suggestions for when appellate counsel should file the plea appeal in the Court of Appeals. Most attorneys have no problem with the general twelve-month limitation, but the matter is considerably less straightforward when applying the 21-day or 42-day exceptions. Plea appeals where the offense occurred on or after 12-27-94

    17. The Law Of Confessions
    ENVIRONMENT methods used Positive incentives are then usually used in an attempt to get the suspect to feel Fundamentals of criminal investigation.
    THE LAW OF CONFESSIONS The law of confessions doesn't exist in any one place. It is a conglomeration of Constitutional Law, Federal and State statutes (legislative law), and Anglo-American tradition. This is usually expressed as the five (5) hurdles that a confession must pass in order to be considered valid: SOURCES OF THE LAW OF CONFESSIONS
    • 4th Amendment exclusionary rule - this forces a suppression hearing anytime someone claims the confession is invalid. Actually, this branch of the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule is known as the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine and is drawn from the case of Wong Sun v. U.S. 371 U.S. 471 (1963). Confessions, no matter how voluntary, are automatically fruit of the poisonous tree if a suspect's fourth amendment rights were violated.
    • 5th Amendment self-incrimination right - word-for-word it reads like this: no person...shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself . This means testimony, not physical evidence.
    • 6th Amendment right to counsel - extended to all critical pretrial phases of criminal procedure.

    18. Criminal Justice Course Description
    to the various areas of forensic science methods and techniques of Case method is used to illustrate legal requirements for arrest and criminal investigation.
    Tuesday June 08 2004 Site Menu Home Academies Advertising Agencies Airborne Amber Alerts Articles Associations Attorneys General Auxiliary Police LE Books Careers Chaplains Clipart Collections Community Police Computer Crime Dept. of Corrections Dept. of Motor Vehicles Drivers License Manuals Education Resources Equipment Facts Firearms Forensics Forums Fraud Fundamentals Gear Shop Glossary Grants History Humor Interesting Links K9 - Canine Law Enforcement Network Laws Link to Us Magazines Memorials Narcotics Newsletter Officer Websites Online Tools Parole Boards Pictures Programs Road Conditions Scanner Frequencies Sex Offenders Software Stories Suggest a Website Technology Ten Codes Training Where to Report Home Articles Educational Resources Forums ... Advertising Content Criminal Justice Course Description Introduction to Law Enforcement This course provides an introduction to the history and philosophy of law enforcement (local, state and federal) and a survey of major developments and problems in policing. The course stresses the role of police in a pluralistic society from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Introduction to Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Organization and Management The principles and objectives of management, the coordination of human resources and the external and internal influences and relations that affect the operating environment of organizations are examined.

    19. Victoria Police - Internet
    a view to applying new methods and advances Computer technology is also being used by criminals a proposal for a National criminal investigation DNA Database

    20. Welcome To Guidance Software, Inc.
    if the narrow search tools and methods proposed by are used, then it is likely that there Technology Crime Division of the criminal investigation Department of
    Home Markets Products Services ... Contact Us eStore Mainpage Downloads e-Solutions Support Videos ... Customer Alerts Customer Alerts Downloads e-Solutions Support Videos Software Support ... Message Board
    DATE: 04/02/2004
    Commonwealth Countries Continue Widespread Acceptance of EnCase
    In a victory for police computer forensics investigators, a recent Canadian case highlight the growing acceptance of EnCase® software in commonwealth jurisdictions. As in the United States, courts in countries such as Canada and Australia have continued to validate EnCase software and the evidence recovered through its use, thereby adding to a worldwide consensus that EnCase software is a reliable, widely available, thoroughly tested, and court-approved computer forensics tool.
    Regina v. D.E.W.B.
    The Court furthered elaborated regarding EnCase: "[o]ne of the things that the police were able to determine through the 'EnCase' programme were the dates that the child pornography was placed in the computer's files . . . Those images were found in files created between August, 2001 and January, 2002." Ultimately, the defendant was convicted of possession of child pornography.

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