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         Criminal Behavior Causes:     more books (61)
  1. Community Education and Crime Prevention: Confronting Foreground and Background Causes of Criminal Behavior by Carolyn Siemens Ward, 1998-10-30
  2. Born to Crime: The Genetic Causes of Criminal Behavior (Contributions in Criminology and Penology) by Lawrence Taylor, 1984-05-23
  3. Scientific discussions of causes of criminal behavior by Carleton Simon, 1948
  4. Criminal Behavior by Elaine Cassel, Douglas A. Bernstein, 2007-04-03
  5. Human Development and Criminal Behavior: New Ways of Advancing Knowledge (Research in Criminology) by Michael H. Tonry, Lloyd E. Ohlin, et all 1991-01
  6. Mugged by reality. (sources of criminal behavior): An article from: Policy Review by Eugene J. Methwin, 1997-07-01
  7. Cross-National Longitudinal Research on Human Development and Criminal Behavior (Nato Science Series D:)
  8. Abnormal Behavior and the Criminal Justice System by Robert G. Meyer, 1992-01-28
  9. Does viewing violent media really cause criminal violence? A methodological review [An article from: Aggression and Violent Behavior] by J. Savage,
  10. Crime and Human Nature/the Definitive Study of the Causes of Crime by James Q. Wilson, Richard J. Herrnstein, 1986-08
  11. The Causes of Crime: New Biological Approaches by Sarnoff A. Mednick, Terrie E. Moffitt, et all 1987-09-01
  12. Theories Of Rape: Inquiries Into The Cause Of Sexual Aggression by Lee Ellis, 1989-06-01
  13. Asymmetrical causation and criminal desistance.: An article from: Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology by Christopher Uggen, Irving Piliavin, 1998-06-22
  14. Male Crime and Deviance: Exploring Its Causes, Dynamics and Nature by Ronald Barri Flowers, 2003

1. NCAHF - Position Paper On Diet And Criminal Behavior
on unfounded beliefs about the relationships between diet and criminal behaviorcan have of effective treatment and prevention of the true causes of aberrant
NCAHF Position Paper on Diet and Criminal Behavior The National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) believes that misinformation is presently being used to exploit some popular beliefs that are not factual. We therefore endorse the following statements:
  • Nutritionally adequate and acceptable diets should be available for all institutionalized individuals. Nutritional adequacy must be determined on the basis of accepted dietary principles. Valid evidence is lacking to support the claim that diet is an important determinant in the development of violence and criminal behavior. Valid evidence is lacking to support the hypothesis that reactive hypoglycemia is a common cause of violent behavior. Inappropriate dietary treatment based on unfounded beliefs about the relationships between diet and criminal behavior can have harmful effects.
    • It can result in nutritional deficiencies and/or excesses. It can detract from efforts toward identification of effective treatment and prevention of the true causes of aberrant behavior. It can lead to the dangerous belief that diet, rather than the individual, has control over and responsibility for his/her behavior.
  • 2. Causes Of Crime
    causes OF CRIME. These are theories that have been used to explain crime from Criminology and other Principle 1 criminal behavior is learned. criminal behavior is no different than
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Jessica's Universe
    CRJS 215 : Causes of Crime
    These are theories that have been used to explain crime from Criminology and other disciplines. The theories that we study in class are highlighted.
    THEORY CAUSE Demonology (5,000 BC-1692 AD) Demonic Influence Astrology (3500 BC-1630 AD) Zodiac/Planetary Influence Theology (1215 BC-present) God's will Medicine (3000 BC -present) Natural illness Education (1642-present) Academic underachievement/bad teachers Psychiatry (1795-present) Mental illness Psychoanalysis (1895-present) Subconscious guilt/defense mechanisms Classical School of Criminology (1690) Free will/reason/hedonism Positive School of Criminology (1840) Determinism/beyond control of individual Phrenology (1770-1875) Bumps on head Imitation (1843-1905) Mind on mind crowd influences Economics (1818-present) Poverty/economic need/consumerism Case Study Approach (1909-present) Emotional/social development Social Work (1903-present) Community/individual relations Sociology (1908-present) Social/environmental factors Castration (1907-1947) Secretion of androgen from testes Ecology (1927-present) Relation of person with environment Transexualism (1937-1969) Trapped in body of wrong sex Psychosurgery (1935-1959) Frontal lobe dysfunction/need lobotomy Culture Conflict (1938-1980) Conflict of customs from "old" country

    3. CCSU Criminology And Criminal Justice
    Interdisciplinary field which studies the definition of crime, the causes and control of criminal behavior, and the operation of the criminal justice system. Internships are available with the State of Connecticut's criminal justice agencies.
    Undergraduate Program
    Graduate Program

    Internship Program

    Statistical Analysis Center
    Welcome to CCSU's Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice.
    About CCSU Academics Admissions Alumni ... Visitors
    Last Updated: March 5, 2004. Webmaster: Jessica Bottomley. E-mail at

    4. Criminal Behavior: Definitions And Causes
    Chapter 3 criminal behavior Definitions and Chapter 4 criminal Law Control Versus Liberty the sociological perspectives on causes of criminal behavior. evaluate theories of,6052,443207-,00.html
    Coming soon: there will be a noframes version.

    5. Criminal Brain
    Otherwise, the justice and penal systems will continue burgeoning growthwithout addressing potential root causes of criminal behavior.

    A significant and compelling body of scientific literature is accumulating suggesting that the concept of a "criminal brain" is viable. Mounting research indicates that deficiencies in the frontal or pre-frontal regions of the brain often correlate with various forms of violence and impulsivity that can lead to criminal acts. Deficiencies in other brain areas play a role in contributing to behaviors that are categorized as "criminal." Memory problems, perceptual disorders, and emotional difficulties all may contribute to behaviors that cannot be adequately controlled and that lead to socially unacceptable behaviors. Of course, much research in relating brain conditions and behaviors is correlational. These studies do not prove causal relationships. Certainly, all people with frontal lobe damage are not violent or criminal. And, it is likely that some people with normal frontal lobes do, indeed, exhibit criminal behavior. The thrust of correlational research is that it suggests relationships and tendencies. The research may not tell the whole picture, but it reasonably tells a significant part of it. Researchers at the University of Southern California have been studying the size of the pre-frontal lobes and the tendency for that variable to correlate with criminal behavior. Their findings indicate that men who are most prone to rage and violence have significant deficiencies in the pre-frontal lobes, the brain region that enables most people to learn moral sensibilities and exercise self-restraint.

    6. Re: Causes For Crime And/or Criminal Behavior
    Re causes for crime and/or criminal behavior. In Reply to Re causes for crimeand/or criminal behavior posted by Calvin on June 26, 1999 at 213554
    Re: Causes for crime and/or criminal behavior
    Follow Ups Post Followup WWWBoard FAQ Posted by Triggerman on October 22, 1999 at 13:26:04: In Reply to: Re: Causes for crime and/or criminal behavior posted by Calvin on June 26, 1999 at 21:35:54:
    : I believe those people who don't know how to express themselves in life are very vulnerable on taking on criminal behaviors because our society calls those individuals who act out our primitive nature a criminal. People who can't follow established orders, clumsy, disorganized, who are rebels in life are on the track of criminal patterns. Education, mannerism, religion, art and music are the clothes we're expected to buy and wear to cover our nakedness and shame. And those who convince others that they're actually sheeps and not a wild beast, are called gentlemen and intellectuals, but they're no different from individuals like Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and others who committed acts of inhumane activities because they're victims of human nature. -> My perspective on criminal behaviors.
    :U think that especially men can be rapists, murderers, and criminals? What the fuck does that mean? Women are the cause of hatred amongst the world we live in!!!! U fuckin whore bitch!

    7. The Biological Roots Of Criminal Behavior
    Biological Roots of. criminal behavior. To the Cybrary Provides research reviews and information on biological causes of. criminal, violent, and psychopathic behavior.
    Biological Roots of
    Criminal Behavior
    To the Cybrary

    Biology, Behavior, and the Criminal Law

    Report of a symposim on biology, behavior, and the criminal law. Crime and Genetics

    Chapter in the book "Reason in Revolt: Marxism and Modern Science", by Alan Woods and Ted Grant. Human Genome Project

    Access point to gain information about this effort to map human genetic information. The Mankind Quarterly
    Text of sample articles from this journa. Neuropsychological Evidence Overview of the scientific basis and practice of presenting expert evidence on neuropsychological explanations of criminal behavior. Crime Theory.Com Resources on the history, development, and teaching of criminological theory. Glossary of terms and links to crime theory sites are among the resources available.
    The Crime Times

    8. Re: Causes For Crime And/or Criminal Behavior
    Please always consider the biological causes of criminal behaviorif a child doesnot develop a conscience by the age of five or so-he/she will not have one
    Re: Causes for crime and/or criminal behavior
    Follow Ups Post Followup WWWBoard FAQ Posted by Michelle on April 26, 1999 at 12:54:10: In Reply to: Re: Causes for crime and/or criminal behavior posted by Gina Peters on January 22, 1999 at 17:55:08:
    : It did not take long, as a probation officer, for me to realize that some people are beyond help. I have a degree in biology, and a strong interest in this topic. There are biological causes for some deviant/criminal behavior, that when influenced environmental, manifest themselves quite violently. Most research seems to be in the area of testosterone and serotonin levels. I am finally in graduate school and hope to learn alot more. Please always consider the biological causes of criminal behavior-if a child does not develop a conscience by the age of five or so-he/she will not have one-they are not crying out for help-they are looking only to serve themselves! I have just recently begun my study on the causes of criminal behaviour however what has been made very clear thus far is that biological factors do play a very important role in this development. I have come across numerous studies done in Northern Ireland which show that this point is infact true. In these studies twins were seperated at birth, they were both placed into families with no criminal backround yet still showed extreme criminal behaviour. There are many more instances which also show just how apparent biological factors are. This is my opinion on the matter.
    Follow Ups:

    9. Explenation Of Causes Of Criminal Behavior
    explenation of causes of criminal behavior. This topic submitted by at 353 am on 9/8/01. Additions were last made on Wednesday, January 30, 2002. Section Cummins. Next Article. Previous Article. Return to the Topic Menu
    explenation of causes of criminal behavior
    This topic submitted by at 3:53 am on 9/8/01. Additions were last made on Wednesday, January 30, 2002. Section: Cummins.
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    10. Aggression Types And Criminal Behavior -
    Aggression Types and criminal behavior. Author Michael Decaire for the high rates of intermale violence. Possible causes for such violence could be perceived competition for

    Forensic Psychology
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    11. CJ 3430: Patterns In Criminal And Delinquent Behavior - Chapter 3
    University of WisconsinPlatteville criminal Justice Department example of a hypothesis the moon causes crime. concepts contained within the
    CJ 3430: Patterns in Criminal and Delinquent Behavior
    Chapter 3: Research Methods and Theory Development Purpose of this chapter is to describe how criminologists make use of contemporary social scientific research methods in the development of criminological theories.
    The goal of research is the construction of theories or models that allow for a better understanding of criminal behavior that permit the development of strategies to address problems of crime
    Theory building
    definition - theory consists of a set of interrelated propositions which provide a relatively complete form of understanding.
    more light easier to see? If so, more crime in areas with no cloud cover, lower crime in cloudy areas.
    Cities show less a rise in crime than rural areas or small cities as city light would minimize the impact of lunar light.
    A complete lunar theory of crime causation would contain specific propositions about the causal nature of the phenomena involved.
    best definition of theory - is a series of interrelated propositions which attempt to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events.
    A good theory provides relatively complete understanding, and it is supported by observations and stands up to continued scrutiny.

    12. The Criminal Mind - Criminal Psychology From
    Bad to the Bone Detective Mark Gado looks at the evolution of themany theories on what causes crime and criminal behavior. Genes
    var openThis = 22; document.write(''); document.write ("")
    Most Notorious
    Sexual Predators Unsolved Cases Partners in Crime ... Complete Story List
    For best viewing experience, please enable Javascripts! You are in: CRIMINAL MIND/ CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY What Makes Them Tick:
    What the experts are saying
    Beverley Allitt:

    Attentive pediatric nurse, suffering from bizarre Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, maims and murders many babies before the hospital understands the problem.
    Robert Leroy Anderson:

    Angels of Death - The Doctors :

    Dr. Katherine Ramsland explores cases of doctors who kill and why they do it including a new new case file on Dr. Robert Bierenbaum
    Angels of Death - The Female Nurses:

    Nurses continue to murder their patients. Dr. Katherine Ramsland examines the motives and some high-profile and recent cases. Angels of Death - The Male Nurses: Evidence of nurses who murder their patients has reached epidemic proportions globally. Dr. Ramsland examines the motives and major cases. Bad to the Bone: Detective Mark Gado looks at the evolution of the many theories on what causes crime and criminal behavior. Genes, environment, or eating too many Twinkies?

    13. CJ 3430: Patterns In Criminal And Delinquent Behavior - Chapter 7
    University of WisconsinPlatteville criminal Justice Department a number of social structure theories of criminal behavior. Identify modem-day social policy that of society contributing to low socioeconomic Status as significant causes of crime
    CJ 3430: Patterns in Criminal and Delinquent Behavior
    Chapter 7: Sociological Theories I: Social Structure Learning Objectives After reading this chapter, students should be able to:
  • Explain how the organization and structure of society may contribute to criminality
    Identify the role that cultural differences play in crime causation
    Distinguish between a number of social structure theories of criminal behavior
    Identify modem-day social policy that reflects the social structure approach
    Assess the shortcomings of the social structural approach
  • Chapter Outline Introduction
    Major Principles of Sociological Theories
    Social Structure Theories
    Types of Social Structure Theories Theories of Social Disorganization
    Strain Theory
    Culture Conflict Policy Implications of Social Structure Theories Critique of Social Structure Theories Lecture Outline I. Major Principles of Sociological Theories A. Central features of sociological theories of crime causation: Social groups, social institutions, the arrangements of society, and social rules all provide the proper focus for criminological study Group dynamics, group organization, and subgroup relationships form the causal nexus out of which crime develops

    14. Criminal Justice Resources Resources: Gangs
    criminal behavior of Gang Members and AtRisk Youths component of OJJDP's Program of Research on the causes and Correlates of Delinquency, concerning what proportion of
    Gangs This compilation of resources focuses mostly on youth gangs. For more information about adult gangs, gangsters, and international gangs, look under Organized Crime Web Sites Articles and Online Publications Web Sites Bajito Onda

    A foundation dedicated to giving Hispanic kids positive alternatives to gangs, drugs and violence through education not incarceration....Submitted by Del Hendrixson, Founder/Director of Bajito Onda, POB 270246, Dallas, TX 75227; Telephone: (214) 275-6632
    (Last checked 02/24/04) Coroner's Report

    Aimed at parents and educators, this site is an in-depth look at street gangs. Gang history, symbols, characteristics, and intervention and prevention resources and information are addressed. It is a searchable site written by an expert in gangs and includes excerpts from a monthly newsletter and an annotated list of links to other relevant sites. Courtesy of Steve Nawojczyk, former Pulaski County Coroner of Little Rock, Arkansas and currently Director of Youth Services, Mayor's Office, North Little Rock, Arkansas.
    (Last checked 02/24/04) Facts on Gangs: What Every Citizen Should Know

    15. The "Root Causes" Of Crime
    root they blame factors outside the criminal himself. not What causes crime? but What causes us not to as external and internal constraints on behavior. .
    Theoretical/Philosophical Issues Politics/Government Personal Freedom Issues Regulations ... Email login:
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    The "Root Causes" of Crime
    Robert James Bidinotto
    Criminal Justice? The Legal System Versus Individual Responsibility, edited by Mr. Bidinotto and published by FEE. Since 1960, per capita crime rates have more than tripled, while violent crime rates have nearly quintupled. By any measure, we live in a nation much less safe than that in which our parents grew up. This simply cries out for an explanation. What in our modem society could possibly account for the sudden and explosive growth in force, fraud, and coercion? Liberals typically posit socio-economic factors, such as poverty. Yet how can we attribute the rising tide of violence to rising poverty, when the periods of fastest crime growth have been during times of rapidly rising American wealth? This popular "explanation" also fails on comparative grounds. Why is the richest nation on earth experiencing increases in predatory behavior that vastly exceed crime rates in much poorer nations? Why now, at a time of relative abundance and wealth, instead of during impoverished times past say, during our Great Depression? And why after decades of dumping trillions of dollars into programs to eradicate privation, hunger, illiteracy, insecurity, disease, homelessness-the alleged "root causes" of crime?

    16. BPhoenix: ADHD Causes And Treatments
    and lower the success of treatment, but these practices do not cause ADHD abuse, anda possible increase in the risk of later antisocial and criminal behavior.
    Home BPhoenix FAQ's Psychiatric Medications Symptoms of Mood Disorders ... BPhoenix Feedback
    ADHD Causes and Treatments
    ADHD Look-Alikes ADHD Symptoms Parenting Tips ADHD Home Causes of ADHD: ADHD is one of the best researched disorders in medicine, yet the exact causes of ADHD remain unclear. Some experts believe a combination of factors are responsible for the development of this disorder. Some of the possible causes of ADHD are listed below: Differences in the Brain:
    Advanced imaging techniques have detected differences in the brains of ADHD children compared to those of non-ADHD children. Research has suggested that ADHD is a disorder of the right side of the brain. One specific area on the right side, the prefrontal cortex, may be particularly important in understanding ADHD. The prefrontal cortex is thought to be the brain's command center. It regulates the brain's ability to inhibit responses. A number of imaging studies has indicated that the prefrontal cortex of the brain in ADHD may be underactive in comparison with those without ADHD. Neurotransmitters:
    Many neurotransmitters affect mental and emotional functioning and may play a role in the ADHD. Levels of dopamine, which helps regulate concentration, attention, and inhibition, might be abnormal in the brains of those with ADHD according to some studies. Deficiencies in norepinephrine, another brain chemical that is involved in the fight or flight response, may also be critical in ADHD.

    17. Title: Community Crime Prevention: Addressing Background And Foreground Causes O
    Title Community crime prevention addressing background and foregroundcauses of criminal behavior. Citation Ward, M. Carolyn. (1997). crime prevention addres
    Title : Community crime prevention: addressing background and foreground causes of criminal behavior Citation : Ward, M. Carolyn. (1997). Journal of Criminal Justice, Keywords : Crime Prevention, Urban Crime, Evaluative Studies

    18. ABC 7 News - Passenger's Behavior Causes Plane To Be Diverted
    Passenger s behavior causes Plane To Be Diverted. after the man s alleged drunken,unruly behavior caused a the trip, according to a criminal complaint filed in web by Sports News The District Virginia ... Home Page
    Which of the following describes you?
    Injured on the job or in the line of duty. Received misdiagnosis or improper care for medical condition. Creditors are demanding payments I can’t make. Need assistance with a Visa, or Green Card. ... Wrongfully terminated or sexually harassed in the workplace.
    What's Your Legal Question?
    Passenger's Behavior Causes Plane To Be Diverted Tuesday May 11, 2004 8:49am Should the Bush Administration be held accountable for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners?
    Yes No Not enough evidence/Not sure
    Signup for eNews Alerts

    ABC 7 Pulse Poll

    Whats Your Opinion?

    Printable Version
    ... Airline Pilot Dozes With Inspector Aboard Norfolk, Va. (AP) - A federal judge on Monday grounded a Florida man after the man's alleged drunken, unruly behavior caused a Southwest Airlines plane bound from Florida to New York to make an unscheduled landing in Norfolk on Saturday.
    The passenger, Ulises Baca Ariza, 44, of Miami, is accused of raising his arm to a flight attendant during the trip, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.
    Ariza was arrested by airport police and members of the Terrorism Task Force and charged with interfering with flight crew members, an offense that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

    19. - News - Florida Passenger's Behavior Causes Plane To Be Diverted
    Florida Passenger s behavior causes Plane To Be Diverted. Ariza hasno criminal record in this country, federal prosecutors said.
    Search Contact WKMG Sign up for E-News HotJobs Auto ... Summer Camps // Set DC ad position if(typeof dcadposition == 'undefined')dcadposition = 1; else dcadposition++; document.write(""); HOME News Email This Story Print This Story
    Florida Passenger's Behavior Causes Plane To Be Diverted
    44-Year-Old Man Arrested, Charged With Interfering With Flight Crew
    POSTED: 10:28 pm EDT May 10, 2004
    UPDATED: 11:35 pm EDT May 10, 2004
    NORFOLK, Va. A Florida man charged in Virginia with taking a swing at a flight attendant during a flight to New York was ordered by a federal judge Monday to stay off planes and refrain from excessive drinking. The passenger, Ulises Baca Ariza, 44, of Miami, was arrested Saturday and charged with interfering with flight crew members, an offense that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. In court Monday, Judge James E. Bradberry also set bond at $5,000 bond for Ariza. Ariza, who is employed by a Miami steel company, and a group of co-workers heading to a job in New York boarded a Southwest Flight at Fort Lauderdale on Saturday bound for Long Island. At least one passenger said Ariza "was very drunk" when he got on the plane, according to the complaint.

    20. UC Major Description
    Criminology, Law and Society focuses on the causes, manifestations, and consequencesof criminal behavior; methods of controlling criminal behavior; and the

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