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         Crete Culture:     more books (19)
  1. Crete and Mycenae: The Glorious Art Heritage of Early Grecian Cultures
  2. Crete a Journey in Nature and Culture Project Terra Dias by Michalis Andrianakis, 2002
  3. The art of ancient Crete, from the earliest times to the iron age; (The earliest cultures of the Mediterranean countries) by Helmuth Theodor Bossert, 1937
  4. The Life of Greece, Being a History of Greek Civilization From the beginnings, and of Civilization in the Near East From the Death of Alexander, to the Roman Conquest; with an Introduction on the Prehistoric Culture of Crete by Will Durant, 1966
  5. The Civilization of Ancient Crete by R. F. Willetts, 1992-04
  6. Cretan Bronze Age Pithoi: Traditions and Trends in the Production and Consumption of Storage Containers in Bronze Age Crete (Prehistory Monographs) (Prehistory Monographs) by Kostandinos S. Christakis, 2006-01-18
  7. Ariadne's Brother: A Novel On The Fall Of Bronze Age Crete by John Dempsey, 1996-05-01
  8. The Norton library by Cyrus Herzl Gordon, 1967
  9. UGARIT AND MINOAN CRETE:The Bearing of Their Texts on the origins of Western Culture by Cyrus H. Gordon, 1966
  10. Ugarit and Minoan Crete: The Bearing of Their Texts on the Origins of Western Culture by Cyrus H Gordon, 1967
  11. Eastern Mediterranean: Cyprus, Dodecanese, Crete, 16th-6th cent. B.C
  12. Minos the destroyer rather than the creator of the so-called 'Minoan' culture of Cnossus, by William Ridgeway, 1910
  13. Cretan pictographs and prae-Phoenician script: With an account of a sepulchral deposit at Hagios Onuphrios near Phaestos in its relation primitive Cretan and Aegean culture, by Arthur Evans, 1895
  14. The art of Crete and early Greece;: The prelude to Greek art (Art of the world, European cultures; the historical, sociological, and religious backgrounds) by Friedrich Matz, 1962

81. Towson University Study Abroad Office: Minimester Program In Crete, Greece
Students will attend lectures on Cretan history, culture, ethnography, art, architectureand be also be opportunities to experience the modern life of crete.
Study Abroad Links Study Abroad Home Page Study Abroad Programs General Information Scholarships and Financial Aid ... TU International Education Home Page
Study Abroad Office
Minimester 2005
January 6-21, 2005
HIST 494: Crete: crossroads of Mediterranean cultures; Crete, Greece
Professor: Allaire B. Stallsmith, History
Visit the ancient island of Crete where the mysterious Snake Goddess reigned over a peaceful mercantile civilization whose innovations in plumbing and artistic home décor were not reached again until the 19th century. See the courts of the Minoan palaces where young boys and girls defied death, performing acrobatics with gigantic bulls, the earthly incarnation of the male principle of the Minoan religion. Course structure and requirements: Students will attend lectures on Cretan history, culture, ethnography, art, architecture and religion, and they will participate in field trips to archaeological sites, churches, fortresses, museums, and remote mountain villages. There will be also be opportunities to experience the modern life of Crete. Students taking the course for crdit (3 credits) will write a 7 page paper on some aspect of the history of Crete. The paper is due on the last day of the minimester. While traveling students should keep a journal with information relevant to the paper topic, gathered from reading and visits to various sites and monuments.

Wherever the Minoan peoples came from before emigrating to crete (many scholars believethey originated in Asia Minor), their culture was more Asian than Greek
New! The Orient Rome Hellas Egypt ... Site Library Library of Hellas Search Articles: Title and Summary A HISTORY OF MINOAN CULTURE Historical Article by Jot Ariston ( Articles Posted Apr 28, 2004 There is evidence that people lived on Crete as early as 6,000. After the conclusion of the Bronze Age, the archeological periods are defined by the palaces excavated thus far and are known as: Pre-palace period 2600-1900 BC First palace period 1900-1700 BC Second palace period 1700-1380 BC Post-palace period 1380-1100 BC Sub-Minoan period 1100-1000 BC Bronze Age Period, Pre-Palace Period Wherever the Minoan peoples came from before emigrating to Crete (many scholars believe they originated in Asia Minor), their culture was more Asian than Greek. But as the Minoans developed their culture and their trading - they were the best sailors of their period in the ancient world - they also developed an unusually wealthy culture, unusual in that there was apparently little poverty from the excavations done to date. This position was, in fact, particularly favorable, both for the Minoan domination of the sea, and for the growth and development of their wonderful civilization. It was the crossroads linking three continents, and the racial elements and cultural strands of Asia, Africa and Europe met and mingled here to produce a new way of life, a new philosophy of the world and an exceptionally fine art that still strikes one today with its freshness, charm, variety, and mobility.

83. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Greece
crete. Steeped in Homeric history and culture, scented by wild fennel and basil,Greece s largest island now hosts a quarter of all visitors to Greece.
Jump to: Introduction Facts for the Traveler When to Go Events ... Maps
Having exported chaos, drama, tragedy and democracy before most nations stayed up late enough to want souvlaki, Greece boasts an unrivalled legacy. But don't expect a visit there to be a sober study of the ancient world - the Greek propensity for partying dates back to Dionysus. From smoggy Athens to blindingly bright islands, ancient fragments abound - the belly button of the cosmos at Delphi, fallen columns galore on the sacred island of Delos, frescoed Minoan palaces on Crete and even, quite possibly, the remnants of Atlantis at Santorini. Greeks are fierce guardians of tradition, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun. In addition, hot sun and limpid seas conspire to make Greece a perfect place to relax. Whether you're supping in a beachside taverna , sipping coffee in a shady plateia or disco-dancing till dawn, chances are the gods already have you ensnared. Full country name: Hellenic Republic Area: 131,940 sq km

84. Doane College: Philosophy-Religion Department
PhilosophyReligion offers students the opportunity to explore deep-rooted valuesand ideals that have shaped the development of human culture, particularly in
Philosophy-Religious Studies Department
Dr. Richard Wolters
Professor of Philosophy
Phone: (402) 826-8245
Dr. Gordon Brubacher
Associate Professor of Religion
Phone: (402) 826-8229
Philosophy-Religion offers students the opportunity to explore deep-rooted values and ideals that have shaped the development of human culture, particularly in the West. Questions about the nature of being human, the nature of our private and social obligations, and faith and its relation to reason, are discussed in many of our courses. We discuss the historical dimensions of these questions, how answers to them have developed historically, and how both questions and answers have shaped the growth of our civilization. Students do this through such religion courses as Introduction to the Bible and special studies in such areas as Genesis and Revelation. In a non-religious context, they see many of the same concerns arising in such courses as Ethics or Ancient or Medieval Philosophy.
In all courses, a major emphasis is to help students develop the ability to think knowledgeably, rationally, and critically for themselves. Thus, at the end of the major, each student completes a senior thesis, in which he or she has the opportunity to work closely with one member of the department to explore in depth an issue the student chooses.

85. Terra Di Toscana :: Artistic & Culture Tours - Le Crete Senesi
, Artistic culture tours. The Siena Clay. Crossing the endless “seaof clay” which characterises the south eastern

86. Credo Semester In Crete - World Discovery - Concordia College Moorhead MN
to early May, students will study the history, religion, and culture of Western Basedin Gouves, a small village east of crete s capital and largest city
A unique opportunity to actively explore the ideas that have shaped Western civilization awaits highly motivated students who may spend a spring semester studying on the Mediterranean island of Crete. CREDO in Crete is a capstone academic experience for high-ability students participating in Concordia's intellectually rigorous honors program. CREDO is distinguished by outstanding professors, stimulating discussions and the development of intellectual and social relationships.
This optional semester abroad has been specially designed for third-year CREDO students. Accompanied by two Concordia professors, students and faculty will live in a residential, off-season resort hotel in Crete and travel to important archaeologic sites in Greece and Egypt. Students may also travel independently over a 10-day spring break and have the option of joining an archaeologic dig in Israel at the conclusion of the semester. From January to early May, students will study the history, religion, and culture of Western civilization's birthplaces. They will visit places like Aristotle's lyceum in Athens, the sacred Greek sanctuary at Delphi, the fabled Minoan ruins at Knossos, and the early Christian community of Ephesus, Turkey. Based in Gouves, a small village east of Crete's capital and largest city, Iraklion, the program collaborates with professors from the University of Crete and the Institute for Islamic Studies in Istanbul. Students use the World Wide Web, Internet and e-mail to do research and keep in touch with friends and relatives.

87. Foucault.html
Translate this page témoigne. Il nous en parle dans cet entretien avec Nicole Brice,qui date du 31 Mai 1961, radio diffusé sur France culture. (Le
Interview de Michel Foucault primitives Il y a des civilisations culture culture classique rationalisme iconographie de la folie, c'est Bosch , c'est Bruegel hantise tellement institutionnel la famille sous sa forme bourgeoise mercantilisme , que le fou, personnage oisif asocial oisifs , tous les pauvres, tous les mendiants, tous les vagabonds, avec les libertins Nietzsche , depuis Raymond Roussel , depuis Van Gogh , depuis Artaud Roussel, Artaud Michel Foucault Vincent Van Gogh par Agent Zero Explication du texte Primitif: Civilisation Culture: Culture classique: Rationalisme: Tournant: Age baroque: Iconographie: peintre hollandais (1450-1516) qui a peint des sujets fantastiques ou symboliques. Pietr Bruegel: Hantise: S'inscrire dans: faire partie de. La famille sous sa forme bourgeoise Mercantilisme Asocial: Oisif: personne sans profession, qui ne travaille pas. Libertins: Nietzsche: philosophe allemand (1844-1900). Il a remis en question les valeurs et la morale h Raymond Roussel Van Gogh: Antonin Artaud: Dramatiquement: tragiquement. dites. Back to the medical research

88. Interkriti:Your Gateway To Crete, Hotels, Apartments, Car Rental, Travel Agencie
Home/Search Forum crete Basics Aerial Tour My List. Weather. » My List. » ChatRoom. Aerial Tour A virtual tour over crete with aerial photos and information.
Home/Search Forum Crete Basics Aerial Tour ... My List
Welcome to interkriti,
the most popular internet site for the prettiest island in the Mediderranean! Thousands of pages dedicated to the places, the history, the customs, the facilities, the treasures, the people and its marvelous friends from all over the world.
Keyword Search >>
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  • History - Archaeology
  • Select Area from the map » What's New » Currency Converter » Weather » My List ... Aerial Tour A virtual tour over Crete with aerial photos and information. The Forum Learn from Kriti experts! A popular discussion board. Stelios Jackson Walks A diary of events of the trials and tribulations of a lone walker, in his attempt to cross Crete from Kato Zakros to Kissamos... Submit Site Contact us
  • 89. ----- Exhibits From Knossos And Minoan Crete -----
    Greece. You can order them on line, and claim your free map of CretePages by Dilos Web Creations © 1996 97 All rights reserved.
    The definitive site for your visit to Greece
    Hotels Regions Holidays ...

    Click on the images for a full screen picture The north entrance of the palace at Knossos The Royal Chess, a frescoe from Knossos The dolphins, a frescoe from the Palace of Knossos Frescoe, from the Palace of Knossos, exhibited at the Iraklion Museum A colourful ceramic vase from Kamares The bees on the honey drop. A gold piece from, Malia The prince with the lillies, frescoe in the Iraklion Museum The harvesters from Agia Triada The throne of Minos, Palace of Knossos The blue birds, frescoe from Knossos The "snake goddess", statuete The Parisienne, a fresco from Knossos The vase from Kato zakros Bull's head rhyton from the Little Palace of Knossos
    list of books
    published on Greece. You can order them on line, and claim your free map of Crete
    Pages by Dilos Web Creations

    90. Crete History Resources At Questia - The Online Library Of Books And
    crete History. Questia. The World's Largest Online Library. Questia Subscribers Say Primary Navigation Skip. Home PageSearch PageRead PageWork PageHelp Page. Secondary Navigation Skip. About Questia. Subscribe. Requirements. Contact Us. Login 252 pgs. crete A Case Study of an Underdeveloped Area Late Medieval crete and Venice An Appropriation of Byzantine Heritage

    91. SFAKIA, CRETE, GREECE: Holidays Away From Mass Tourism In Crete, Greece
    Last update May 5, 2004 News -. WELCOME TO SFAKIA - crete. Click for a quicklook of this page. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES ON crete S SOUTH - WEST COAST.
    Vritomartis Naturist Hotel and Bungalows - Chora Sfakion - Crete - Greece
    Last update: June 7, 2004 News
    Holidays away from mass tourism
    in south-west Crete, Greece
    - the most Southern part of Europe -
    This site contains pages of information about Crete
    and is recommended by
    The Rough Guide to Crete
    and Lonely Planet Crete Sfakia - Intro Picture Galleries Accommodations ...
    Summary Click for a brief description of all items in this site
    Search our site Type your query and hit Enter
    move you mouse to the left or right to scroll in the panorama Click for a quick look of this page
    ...There is a kind of flame in Crete - let us call it "soul" - something more powerful than either life or death. There is pride, obstinacy, valor, and together with these something else, inexpressible and imponderable, something which makes you rejoice that you are a human being, and at the same time tremble...
    Nikos Kazantzakis
    View of Chora Sfakion village , capital of Sfakia, Crete
    Did you know that:
    refreshes daily Current temperature and local time in Souda, Chania, Crete, the nearest observatory. Please note that the weather in Sfakia is even better!

    92. Minoan Culture,
    Minoan culture, Bronze Age culture that developed on the island of Creteprior to the coming of the Greeks. It is one of three principal
    Minoan Culture , Bronze Age culture that developed on the island of Crete prior to the coming of the Greeks. It is one of three principal cultures of Aegean civilization; the other two are the Cycladic culture, which developed in the Cyclades, and the Mycenaean, which developed on mainland Greece in late Helladic times. Minoan culture reached its height in the 2nd millennium BC at Knossos, Phaestos, Mallia, and other flourishing centers. The kings of Knossos attained their greatest power about 1600 BC, when they controlled the entire Aegean area and traded extensively with Egypt. The destruction of Knossos and the collapse of Minoan culture coincided with the beginning of the most flourishing period of Mycenaean civilization in Greece; this coincidence suggests that the warlike Mycenaeans attacked and destroyed the Minoan civilization. Excavations on Crete after 1900 revealed some 3000 clay tablets inscribed with two scripts, called Linear A and Linear B. The earlier of the two, employed by the Minoans, was Linear A and it was already flourishing about 1750 BC; it has not been deciphered. Minoans also added inked Linear A inscriptions to stone and terra-cotta vessels. A unique clay disk found at the site of Phaestos is often adduced as the earliest example of printing—that is, reproducing written text by using "letter" stamps; the disk was stamped on both sides, while still wet, with a series of sealstones comprising a set of 45 symbols. Linear B tablets were found on Crete and also at Pylos and Mycenae on the Greek mainland; the majority of tablets are dated between 1400 BC and 1150 BC. In 1952 the British architect and cryptographer Michael Ventris and John Chadwick deciphered Linear B and identified the language it transcribes as an early Greek dialect.

    93. Crete | One Day In Heraklion (Iraklion) Crete - Part1: Quick Guide By CreteTrave
    Cultural Offerings. see simple map), collects together many of the finds from Knossos,Archanes, Phaestos, Zakros and many other archeological sites in crete.
    the Crete you are looking for
    1 day in Heraklion (Iraklio)
    Where to stay
    Practical Info
    Around Heraklion ...
    How to spend one day in Heraklion
    You have a day or two to spend in Heraklion, the main city and key business centre of Crete. The city is also a major cruise destination. Beyond the crazed progress of moped riders, noisy scooters and a battered, out-of-control look to the city, there is much to do and plenty of things worth seeing. Apart from shopping and the designer clothes on Daedalou Street ("DaydAloo"), browsing the market on 1866 Street or the Saturday market - an almost kilometre long display of fruit and vegetables and sundry items near bus station 'A' at the port, what to do? This is a brief guide to some of the well known and some less well known enjoyments and rewards of Heraklion:
    Cultural Offerings
    The enormous Archaeological Museum (converted from an old power station well before the idea of using the old Battersea power station in London as an art gallery) on one corner of the central Eleftherias Square ( see simple map ), collects together many of the finds from Knossos, Archanes, Phaestos, Zakros and many other archeological sites in Crete. The museum spans a period starting several thousand years ago, through the Minoan, post-Minoan and later periods.

    94. Crete | Favourite Websites -
    of information about many cultural events in Greece, including the Cultural Olympiad.A lot refers to Athens and Thessaloniki. Some events in crete listed.
    the Crete you are looking for
    Crete: useful websites, links
    The Crete useful websites list As time goes by this list expands to include more resources and varied angles of approach to information about Crete....we hope you find them useful and informative.
    • Ferries to and from Crete - flights from Athens to Crete
      Comprehensive schedules for all ferries. Offers a great service providing tickets, sent to you in advance. These are the experts on ferry travel - will also ticket domestic flights within Greece.
      URL: Mountains and climbing in Crete information
      Interesting articles about some mountains and gorges. Good photos of mountains. Tips about mountaineering and climbing in Crete. Forum.
      URL: Mountains in Greece (including Crete)
      More detailed, useful information, well presented.
      Maps, skiing, shelters, weather. European Paths (E4, E6).

    95. Crete And Greece Links
    Cooking in crete, Cooking Classes and Cultural Tours in crete hosted by prochefs and local experts. crete Travel, the crete you are looking for.
    Photo of the Day Hotels - Taverns - Services Crete Message Boards
    Links about Crete and Greece
    Visit other sites about Crete or add your own link (webmasters only). New Links Patris , the daily newspaper of Crete (in Greek only) Villas in Crete , Listing apartments, villas and aparthotels Platanias Info , travel guide for Platanias area in Chania Crete Links Agia Roumeli . About Agia Roumeli, the town at the exit of Samaria Gorge Aquaworld Aquarium . Crete' s first aquarium - showing local sealife and reptiles , rock and ice climbing in Crete Cooking in Crete , Cooking Classes and Cultural Tours in Crete hosted by pro chefs and local experts Crete Travel , the Crete you are looking for Homo Sapiens Museum , thematic Park near Lassithi Interkriti , a very informative site about Crete Jiannis , a website about Hersonissos Kreta-Impressionen - more than 1.000 photos with detailed descriptions from all over Crete (german/english) Kreta- wyspa minosow . Lot of photos from Crete, Santorini and undewater

    96. Greek Island Of Crete
    Not everybody cares about tradition or is enamoured with the cultureof crete. Some people just want to get hot, wet and drunk.
    The Island of Crete
    Sometimes people send me their desired itineraries to Greece for comment and suggestions. Many times along with their 3 days in Mykonos and two days in Santorini they want to do 2 days in Crete. My advise to them is to forget it. Unless they have at least a week to spend on Crete, I tell them to go elsewhere. Crete is simply too big and too mutli-dimensional to breeze in and out of for a couple days. It would be like stopping in New York for a couple hours. What's the point if all you will see is Times Square? But I have come to praise Crete, not to discourage those travelers who come to Greece looking for the real thing. Crete is spectacular and if you take the time to get to know it, you will probably return. Getting to Crete Getting to Crete is easy. If you are a backpacker you simply take the subway to Pireaus sometime before 6pm, decide which port in Crete you want to arrive at, buy a ticket and get on the boat. It's a 12 hour trip and if it is a warm summer night and you are in your sleeping bag under the stars on the top deck you may never want the journey to end. If you prefer a cabin then you should get your tickets in advance through a

    97. The Ellada Site - Travelling In Greece - Crete
    There is no direct evidence that humans arrived on crete before about 5000 BC butby 3000 BC, a Bronze Age culturethe Minoan civilization, named after the
    Site uses frames. Please start at for best viewing!!!
    Greek Hotels Online Reservation

    Crete - Kriti
    KRITI, CRETE, or KRETE, Latin CRETA, Venetian CANDIA, island in the eastern Mediterranean that is an administrative region of Greece. The center of one of the oldest and most important civilizations, the ancient Minoan civilization, the southernmost point of Europe where its name originated and to which it owes so much. The meeting point of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - and the cradle of most of what we know as classical civilization which has been so instrumental in shaping our world today. This is the legendary birthplace of Zeus, the king of the gods, and where he took his beloved Europa and where she gave birth to the later King Minoas, the mythical all-powerful king of Crete and creator of the fabulous palace of Knossos and the Minoan civilization. Crete has so much to offer and so much that people envy that at times Romans, Arabs, Venetians and Turks all envied it but, however much they tried, they never conquered it!. And this is where the most peripatetic of all Apostles, Apostle Paul, started his quest to bring Christianity to Europe. In fact, after he appointed Titus as bishop in 65AD, Gortyn became the first Christian community in Greece and Europe. Crete can boast many famous sons and daughters such as the El Greco (Diminikos Theotokopoulos), the literature laureate Odysseus Elytis, Nikos Kazantzakis, the League of Nations pioneer and later Prime Minister of Greece Eleftherios Venizelos and so many other cultural and social icons of the Greek and non-Greek world, living or dead.

    98. Eva Shaderowfsky: Online Work: The Moon Over Crete
    Ancient crete was the most recent of these cultures. Eventually this ancient Cretanculture was taken over by the Greeks and it was no longer egalitarian.

    The Moon Over Crete
    Previous Excerpt Next Excerpt
    November 14, 1995
    • Jyotsna Sreenivasan, author of The Moon Over Crete

    EvaS: Our guest tonight is Jyotsna Sreenivasan, author of "The Moon Over Crete". It's a book for 8 years and up, but I loved it. :D Jo, please tell us about the book. Would you outline the plot a bit, please?
    Jyotsnas: Sure. It's a time-travel adventure novel. Lily, the main character, goes back in time to ancient Crete, where women and men are equal. She has various adventures there and experiences for herself what true equality would feel like.
    EvaS: Why did you create this world in the first place? What did you have in mind?
    Jyotsnas: I have always been a feminist. Feminism works for equality between women and men, but I feel that many people don't understand what equality is. They can't imagine it. They think if women are "equal" it must mean women would rule over men. Because the only thing we see around us are some people on the top, and most others at the bottom. So I wanted to help children envision a world of equality. I thought children would be more amenable to influence than adults! :) No, really, I remembered how when I was a girl. I believed everything I read! So, I wanted to give kids some good egalitarian values.
    ElephasMax: I was just wondering if the choice of Crete was arbitrary or if they really were equal there back then. From what I know of Athens and Sparta, I would naturally assume Crete to be the same.

    99. Myths Of Crete And Pre-Hellenic Europe: Chapter IX. Growth Of Cretan Culture And
    THE discoveries in crete have proved conclusively that its preHellenicculture was of great antiquity and local growth. It had

    Sacred Texts
    Classics Index Previous ... Next p. 191
    Growth of Cretan Culture and Commerce
    THE discoveries in Crete have proved conclusively that its pre-Hellenic culture was of great antiquity and local growth. It had developed with unbroken continuity from Neolithic times, and so pronounced was its individual character that it could borrow from contemporary civilizations without suffering loss of identity. p. 192 and on points on the mainland and had begun to trade one with another. The Island of Melos, for instance, as we have seen, was exporting obsidian and importing in exchange apparently the products of other localities. The influence of environment was directing into new lines the common form of culture derived from the North African homeland by the predominant race. Early Minoan.
    Middle Minoan.
    Late Minoan. Each of these periods has also been divided into three stages: Early Minoan I, Early Minoan II, Early Minoan III, and so on to Late Minoan III. p. 193 able to borrow and adapt to its own use the inventions of other countries, and yet maintain the individuality of its local institutions and art products. The introduction of bronze stimulated its industries, but caused no more change in its national characteristics than has been effected in China by the introduction of electric lighting in our own day. "With the help of Egyptian synchronisms", writes Mr. H. R. Hall, "we know that the Minoan civilization was nearly, if not quite, as old as the Egyptian. . . . If we date the beginnings of Egyptian history about 3500 B.C., we have not long to wait before we find indisputable traces of connection between Egypt and Crete."

    100. CRETE GREECE NEWS, Travel To Crete Island Greece
    work The Center of Mediterranean Architecture is the Municipal Cultural institutionof would trigger the interest of the people of Chania, crete, Greece and

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