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         Crete Culture:     more books (19)
  1. Crete and Mycenae: The Glorious Art Heritage of Early Grecian Cultures
  2. Crete a Journey in Nature and Culture Project Terra Dias by Michalis Andrianakis, 2002
  3. The art of ancient Crete, from the earliest times to the iron age; (The earliest cultures of the Mediterranean countries) by Helmuth Theodor Bossert, 1937
  4. The Life of Greece, Being a History of Greek Civilization From the beginnings, and of Civilization in the Near East From the Death of Alexander, to the Roman Conquest; with an Introduction on the Prehistoric Culture of Crete by Will Durant, 1966
  5. The Civilization of Ancient Crete by R. F. Willetts, 1992-04
  6. Cretan Bronze Age Pithoi: Traditions and Trends in the Production and Consumption of Storage Containers in Bronze Age Crete (Prehistory Monographs) (Prehistory Monographs) by Kostandinos S. Christakis, 2006-01-18
  7. Ariadne's Brother: A Novel On The Fall Of Bronze Age Crete by John Dempsey, 1996-05-01
  8. The Norton library by Cyrus Herzl Gordon, 1967
  9. UGARIT AND MINOAN CRETE:The Bearing of Their Texts on the origins of Western Culture by Cyrus H. Gordon, 1966
  10. Ugarit and Minoan Crete: The Bearing of Their Texts on the Origins of Western Culture by Cyrus H Gordon, 1967
  11. Eastern Mediterranean: Cyprus, Dodecanese, Crete, 16th-6th cent. B.C
  12. Minos the destroyer rather than the creator of the so-called 'Minoan' culture of Cnossus, by William Ridgeway, 1910
  13. Cretan pictographs and prae-Phoenician script: With an account of a sepulchral deposit at Hagios Onuphrios near Phaestos in its relation primitive Cretan and Aegean culture, by Arthur Evans, 1895
  14. The art of Crete and early Greece;: The prelude to Greek art (Art of the world, European cultures; the historical, sociological, and religious backgrounds) by Friedrich Matz, 1962

41. Crete
Indeed, Knossos is haunted by ancient gods and heroes. If you are interestedin history and culture, crete is an ideal holiday destination.
@import url(; Go to booking
Choose language... Danish English Norwegian Swedish Home Search FAQ Print ... Contact Cradle of culture Walking about in the ruins at Knossos, you can almost feel how ancient history fades into the myths that are also intrinsic to this place: the legend of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth as well as King Minos and the young Daidalos, who defeated the monster and won the young princess Ariadne. Indeed, Knossos is haunted by ancient gods and heroes. Events on Crete Art and Design Natural History Museum

Several events
157, Knossou Ave
Crete Historical Museum of Crete

Several Events
7, Lysimahou Kalokarinou
Heraklion Crete Misc. Heraklion Venetian Fortress Several events 71201, Heraklion Crete St. Minas Parade Kalokarinov Street Information about events etc. has been given to Sterling by third party. Sterling will update and check information as much as possible but cannot guarantee the precision of the information Books and maps The ride goes to Creta DKK: 129,00

42. Minoan Culture
centuries BCE. The Minoan culture on crete is generally divided intothree time frames Early Minoan civilization (2500 BC to 2100 BC),; My Studies Path Activities The Minoans guided Minoan Culture tour Home About Search Oracle ... Contact View from the Cave
Digital Sketch, Matala Caves, Crete
(based on scanned photo, Magical Journeys, Greece Origins Population Architecture ... Gender "Circumstances on Crete would suggest that the Minoans lived in a matrilineal society." Matriliny in the Aegean Bronze Age Origins
  • Neolithic
    Minoan archaeology and Greek myth point to cave peoples as the predecessors of the Minoans. Indeed, the first inhabitants of Crete, in the 6th millenium BCE are pastoral/agricultural and live in caves. They probably migrated to Crete from Anatolia (Asia Minor), though there is some linguistic evidence for Saharan origins. Though no pre-Neolithic settlements have been found in Crete or in the Cycladic islands, obsidian from this area has been found on the Greek Mainland as early as the Upper Paleolithic. ( Southern Greek Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic Sequence

43. Minoan Culture
crete; Civilization of Ancient crete; Cretan Cults and Festivals; and Cretan StudiesThe Mistress The Neolithic Cultures of Thessaly, crete, and the Cyclades. My Studies Path Activities guided The "Minoans" tour Home About Search Oracle ... Contact Priestess with Offerings
Digital Sketch, fresco detail, Santorini
(based on the digital photo of a Minoan fresco in Dr. J's Illustrated Guide Cycle II Activities The Matricentric Culture of the "Minoans" Pick one Matricentric culture and study its religion, language, traditions and culture. "Archaeologists but not some goddess-worshippers generally accept that Arthur Evans basically invented the popular conception of Bronze Age Crete, the 'Palace of Minos,' the Cretan Labyrinth, and so on." Bull-leapers, then and now
    • Polytheistic, matriarchal, goddess religion (no gods until later periods). Read my report on Minoan Religion, which includes info on goddesses, temples, offerings, priestesses, places of worhip, rituals, festivals, and sacred objects and symbols
    • Minoan language belongs to its own category of "Mediterranean" languages. Our knowledge of it is based on 3000 clay tablets dating from two different periods; the older is written in Linear A, the later in Linear B.

44.® - Culture Of Heraklion,Crete,Greece
Greece. It is worth pointing out that Cretan culture is consideredto be the mother of all Greek civilization originated on crete.
ADVERTISING INFORMATION Heraklion - Culture C rete's distinctive amalgam has produced a culture that remains unique even within Greece. It is worth pointing out that Cretan culture is considered to be the mother of all Greek civilization originated on Crete. C retans are considered to be very friendly and traditionally hospitable people. They have their own mindset, too. F irst they are Cretans, and then they are Greeks. For Greeks, Crete is stereotypically the last and last bastion of freedom and a repository of practices and follies long since disappeared elsewhere in the nation. To foreigners as well, Cretans (with a long "e", as opposed to "cretin") may seem to embody all of the Greek virtues and vices but in fourfold measure. M oderation is scorned; rustling, blood feuds, marriage by abduction, three - day festivals, courageous resistance against hopeless odds, and self - abnegating generosity were until very recently staples of a life that contributed to the legend of the Kritiki (Greek for Cretans) as Super - Greeks, a reputation that the islanders themselves seem loath to counter or gainsay.
L evendia - an expression difficult to translate but implying grace, eloquent wit, physical agility, musicality, high spirits in the face of adversity, and pride in self - sufficiency - is still a quality prized in men and women.

45. GreeceMonkey:- Crete, Greece. British / Culture - British In Crete
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46. Regional, Europe, Greece, Regions, Crete: Society And Culture
crete by Michele Macrakis Personal site highlighting various topicsof the Cretan cultural life, history, and photography. creternity
Top Regional Europe Greece ... Organizations Related links of interest:
  • Regional:Europe:Greece:Society and Culture A Photo Guide to Crete - Offers a poem dedicated to the island, highlighted with photos. Cookie Recipe - This Greek recipe comes from Crete. It is a filled cookie with a filling of walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, and honey. Crete Island Talk - General Cretan message board; topics include business, travel, news, and general chat. Crete by Michele Macrakis - Personal site highlighting various topics of the Cretan cultural life, history, and photography. - Offering articles on Cretan history, culture and music. Includes an interactive forum discussing local and global issues. Greek Recipes - Find out how to make several traditional Greek and Cretan dishes; also includes a photo gallery. Socio-Economic Definition of Crete - Includes population and employment statistics and diagrams pertaining to local development and the tourism industry analysis.
This category lists religious, civic, and historical sites as well as personal home pages for the island of Crete. Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.

47. Hellenic Museum And Cultural Center
crete Portrait of a Changing culture October 12, 2001 March 31,2002. crete Portrait of a Changing culture is a black and white


for generations
Crete: Portrait of a Changing Culture
October 12, 2001 - March 31, 2002 Crete: Portrait of a Changing Culture is a black and white photographic and oral narrative series produced during Nancy Backas' recent travels to the Greek Island of Crete. Backas, a native Illinois artist, began studying photography in college, and has seriously pursued this art form for the past six years. This interest, in addition to her twenty-years of experience as a writer, editor and researcher, have gracefully converged into this artistic undertaking. In this exhibition, Nancy Backas passionately explores the spirit of life on the Greek Island of Crete. She examines the ways in which the distant Minoan past is reflected in the simple life here. Yet, this is approached with an awareness of how, as a result of entry into the European Union, this way of life is changing and possibly vanishing. Her photographs, as well as her accompanying personal narratives, tell the story of this shifting culture. Crete
Silver Gelatin Print, 2001

48. Culture In Crete And Greece
crete Property Consultants. Greek culture. Stepping back into anothercentury. Katy Hamilaki has created a charming restaurant tucked
Crete Property Consultants
Greek Culture
Stepping back into another century
Katy Hamilaki has created a charming restaurant tucked away in the secluded village of Katalagari; only 15 minutes drive from Hiraklion. If you want to explore real Crete, then a visit to this village for a great meal and a walk among the wild flowers in Spring, winemaking in Autumn and many other local, traditional events all the year round. Katalagari, a rural village, surrounded by clean, lush countryside and pure fresh air - stunning mountain and rural views is the home to 'Logari'. Every week school children from around Crete are brought to the village to learn the basics of Cretan cooking, how to find snails and herbs and with a small screen and projector learn to enjoy some of the history of the cuisine. They are shown how to bake bread, and return home with a small loaf to bake in their own ovens at home when the dough is ready. Many plans ferment in Katy’s fertile mind. Aromatic bottles of oil, Cretan dancing lessons... the real thing again, not the presentation made for "Cretan evenings" by the tour guides nearby to the tourist resorts. Here, in Katalogari, Katy Hamilaki presents, and enjoys a return to Crete as it was not so long ago. All are welcome, single passers by, cyclists, parties for special celebrations or locals looking for a warm, relaxing meal. In winter the huge log fire blazes sending the scent of olive wood through the restaurant and in summer the big windows open onto the roof terrace with panoramic rural views spreading out before diners eyes.

southern plan of Messara the seeds of civilization that, transplanted to the differentconditions of crete, developed into the great Minoan culture, a younger
north entrance of Palace of Knossos MINOAN CRETE
AFRICAN INFLUENCED FORERUNNER OF EUROPEAN CIVILIZATIONS By RUNOKO RASHIDI "The first civilization of Europe was established on the island of Crete. It is called the Minoan Culture, after King Minos, an early legendary ruler of the island. The ancestors of the Cretans were natives of Africa, a branch of Western Ethiopians." John G. Jackson M inoan Crete, the forerunner of Greek civilization, is the earliest known European high-culture. Although modest in size (170 miles east to west, thirty-five miles north to sourth), Crete exercised immeasurable influence on the Aegean archipelago, Western Asia and the Greek mainland. Throughout Crete the vestiges of complex palaces, paved highways, aqueducts, terra-pipes for drainage, and irrigation canals provide plentiful proof of Minoan ingenuity in the areas of scientific and technical innovation. The Minoans possessed registed trademarks, uniform weights and measures, calendrical systems based on precise astronomical observations and advanced writing systems. Interestingly enough, there were few fortifications on the island. British archaeologist Arthur Evans (1851-1941), who conducted excavations on the island, was convinced of African migrations to ancient Crete and noted "the multiplicity of these connections with the old indigenous race of the opposite African coast." The late African-American cultural historian John G. Jackson (1907-1993) advocated the view the Minoan civilization was rooted in Africa, and believed that the ancestors of the Minoans "dwelt in the grasslands of North Africa before that area dried up and became a great desert. As the Saharan sands encroached on their homeland, they took to the sea, and in Crete and neighboring islands set up a maritime culture."

50. Crete Information
http// Historical Museum of Cretehttp// Archaeological Museum of

51. All About Crete Links
culture Festivals. All about crete. In this page you may find useful linksabout everything concerning crete. culture - Traditional Dances and Dancing.
Constructions - Mosques and Minarets Constructions - Fountains Venetian Buildings - Venetian Arsenali Venetian Buildings - Venetian Buildings ... Geography - Location and Size CRETE-PROPERTY.COM Search This Site The Web for Get a Free Search Engine for Your Web Site
Geography - Location and Size
Geography - Prefectures and Provinces Geography - Chania Prefecture ... Culture - Festivals All about Crete In this page you may find useful links about everything concerning Crete Culture - Traditional Dances and Dancing Culture - Traditional Villages and Buildings Minoan Palaces - The Old Palace Period Minoan Palaces - The New Palace Period ... Constructions - Mosques and Minarets (see below) Allrights reserved

52. Chef Simon - Cours De Cuisine Et Culture Gastronomique
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BLANCHIMENT "BLANC" POUR CRETES DE COQ Eau, farine, acide citrique ou jus de citron et gros sel.
Une cuiller de farine
Une demie d'acide citrique
On pique pour s'assurer de la cuisson. On grattera sommairement la surface fragile
On terminera par un frottage au sel fin, entre
le pouce et l'index, avec soin et calmement.
l'emploi attendu Ici en Julienne pour une garniture de
timbale de volaille Etonnant et suprenant. hormis une texture Recettes par saisons Techniques Accueil Lexique ... Convertisseur

53. Hotels Crete Island Greece Crete Apartments, Car Rentals, Travel Agencies Map Cr
crete also cultivated a rich culture that offered us El Greco and Nikos Kazantzakis,that developed unique customs, dances and music visible even in the
The Greek island of Crete
In a varied but wonderful climate, the bridge between Europe and Africa, the crossroads of three continents, has kept inside green forests and steep gorges all that nature has to offer. This island, the largest of Greece, is a place with tall mountains, fertile valleys and clean beaches.
Crete offers many surprises in its changing nature...forests of palm trees meet tall mountains, then majestic plateaus and then the sea. But it is a sea you have never seen before. Because this one will make you feel you are a part of its hidden world, the beaches will place you on gentle waves that carry elements of ancient cultures from distant places. And then you can visit the famous gorges and the deep forests with the living wild life.
Crete also carries a long history that goes back to the 7th millennium BC. It is the island that brought us the Minoan civilization with buildings of perfect architecture, and where later came the religious Byzantium years from which many monasteries are still preserved today. Crete also cultivated a rich culture that offered us El Greco and Nikos Kazantzakis, that developed unique customs, dances and music visible even in the present modernized life.
A big part of what makes Crete a very special place is its people. The proud men and women of Crete, the hospitable locals that under romantic nights will welcome you inside a little cafe or an ouzery of a picturesque village and offer you Greek coffee or tsikoudia with meze (raki with spicy snacks).

54. Thera Crete || ATLANTIS - The Cradle Of Mankind
civilization. Moreover, the Minoic culture on crete is equally likely tohave been hit by the tidal wave and was thus doomed to perish. Hence
Where was Atlantis? Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean On Thera or Crete In Asia ... Spain and Tartessos
Atlantis on the island of Thera – this view is mainly based upon the theories of the archaeologists Dr Angelos Galanopoulos and Dr Spiridon Marinatos. They claim that the catastrophic volcanic eruption that affected the island of Thera in 1500 BC was in fact the doom of Atlantis.
This eruption tore off a substantial part of the island which then sank in the Aegean Sea. From that point in time the island had the shape of a sickle. Thera is situated north of the island of Crete and southeast of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. This map elaborated by the Greek seismologist Dr A. Galanopoulos shows the island of Thera. He suggests that the capitol of Atlantis was located in the centre of the crater. The circular walls and channels described in the Atlantis report are clearly depicted. Consider the following excerpt from Plato‘s dialogue: “(...)First of all they bridged over the zones of sea which surrounded the ancient metropolis, making a road to and from the royal palace.(...)“

55. The Culture Of Crete
As the crossroads for several trading routes, culture of Cretebecame blended with those from empires of all directions. This
Linking People in Mutual Understanding Worldwide REQUEST INFORMATION HOW TO APPLY ARCHIVE
VOLUME 30 FOCUS ON: THE GREEK ISLAND OF CRETE Minoan Crete maintained an extensive network of trading links that brought influences drawn from Egypt and Mesopotamia to Crete. The Minoans exported pottery, grains, wines, and oils, and tended to import luxury materials such as precious metals, jewels, and ivory. Minoan culture gave rise to several great cities that featured stone buildings and provision for a water supply and drainage. The city adjacent to the great Palace of Knossos was home, at it's peak, to almost one hundred thousand people. Knossos was thus one of the first major cities in human history! In the New Palace Period the trade routes between other places and Crete increased. Minoan trading stations existed in various Aegean Islands such as Kythera, Milos, Kea, Thira, Karpathos, Rhodes as well as in Asia Minor (Miletos), in Syria, and in Egypt (Faros). As the "crossroads" for several trading routes, culture of Crete became blended with those from empires of all directions. This contributed significantly to the cosmopolitan nature of contemporary Crete. Highlights in Recent History: Self-determination became an obsession in the mid-20th century.

56. PlanetGR! > Greek News & Articles > Frontpage > Society & Culture > The Mysterio
planetGR! planetGR! Home » Greek News Articles » Frontpage » Society culture » The Mysterious Scripts of ancient crete. IN THE NEWS.
Enable Javascript to correctly view this page. planetGR! Home Frontpage The Mysterious Scripts of ancient Crete IN THE NEWS ARTICLES Front Page Athens 2004 Featured Articles In the News ... * My Articles SEARCH
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The Mysterious Scripts of ancient Crete
By: STIGMES, the magazine of Crete
Jan 24, 2003, 17:22
Perennial enigmas waiting for their solution
Ancient scripts abound in the world. They present an incredible challenge that excites human imagination over ancient civilizations and the mysteries they incorporate.
The Minoan Linear A script inscribed on the renowned Festos Disk is one such example. This script has not been deciphered yet. Let us not forget that this script gave cause to Englishman Sir Arthur Evans to come to Crete and start excavations which resulted in the uncovering of the famous palace of Knossos. This also marks the beginning of a long journey for Cretan Archaeology
The Linear A script instigated new research around the town of Gortyn and attracted the attention of Italian researchers, among them Federico Albert. In addition, it fired the imagination of other researchers from around the world who came to Crete to search for more ancient texts and tablets. This resulted in numerous excavations and a wealth of findings. Since the Renaissance and up to the 19th century, expert travelers on Crete were very interested in examining the rare documents kept in the monasteries of the island.

57. PlanetGR! > Greek News & Articles > Frontpage > Society & Culture > Bringing The
planetGR! planetGR! Home » Greek News Articles » Frontpage » Society culture » Bringing the Kotinos from Olympia to crete. IN THE NEWS.
Enable Javascript to correctly view this page. planetGR! Home Frontpage Bringing the "Kotinos" from Olympia to Crete IN THE NEWS ARTICLES Front Page Athens 2004 Featured Articles In the News ... * My Articles SEARCH
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Bringing the "Kotinos" from Olympia to Crete
By: STIGMES, the magazine of Crete
Feb 5, 2003, 17:37
The count down to the Olympics Games of Athens in 2004 has already started. There is a widespread sense of optimism that these Games are going to actually revive the spirit of this major athletic event that originated from ancient Olympia of Greece.
Crete, the age old cross road of civilizations, the cradle of knowledge and the cornerstone of modern Europe, is awarded a leading role in the events as its major town, Heraklion, has been nominated Olympic city to host the first events of the Olympic Games. Renowned historical figures from Crete left their indelible marks in numerous ancient Olympic Games either as organizers or as athletes. Historical records provide incontestable proof that many ancient athletes from Crete returned to the island crowned with the "Kotinos", the olive branch wreath awarded to Olympic winners.
Cretans have a tradition in taking the winners' stand during Olympic Games, particularly in track events, a fact which is associated with the particular geomorphology of the Cretan terrain imposing "survival of the fittest" conditions. It is no accident that track competitors were pooled from the young and robust members of the Cretan populace. Cretan runners were distinguished for their speed and entitled to carry arms. This qualified them as military couriers who covered fast long distances on foot that were also combat ready.

58. Domain Of Culture - Cultural Events
already and the 1st Mediterranean Contemporary Dance Platform in Chania, crete isnow level and to strengthen the spirit of collaboration and cultural exchanges

59. SAIL - Member Profiles - Greece, Crete
taken shape a goal which sees crete in the year 2010 radiating its influence outwardto the wider Mediterranean area, as a centre of culture and tourism, a
HOME ABOUT SAIL WEB LINKS CONTACT US ... Links Member Profiles - Greece, Crete FIND
Newsletter 8
November 2003



Introduction to Crete
Overview of the Region
Crete is located to the southern end of Europe, it is the closest European Region to the equator and almost equidistant from mainland Europe (110 km), Asia (175 km) and Africa (300 km). These geographic characteristics of the island provide Crete with a unique chance to play a key role in the international scene.
Crete is Greece’s largest island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean basin. It covers an area of 8.336 square km, which is 6.3% of the total area of Greece. It’s population of 603.000 houses 5,5 % of the country’s people. Crete is the 13th Region of Greece and is divided into four regional councils. The two biggest cities of Crete, Heraklion and Chania , are also the two main gateways for people and trade.
The terrain of the land stamps from mountainy capacities with trace about the 50% of the total area and create inter-se fertile flats area (22.5 % of the total). However Crete has important more than the average of the country agricultural land (37.8%) and rangelands (53.1%) but a few forest .The greater part of the agricultural land is situated to the prefecture of Heraklion (44%) and the least to the prefecture of Chania (17%), which however is the second extension (28,5 % of the total land). The water potential of the Region is limited and it is of unequal parts allotted. The role of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean was particularly important in ancient times. Lying at the crossroads of three continents and many routes, it was a meeting point for different peoples, a melting pot over the centuries, for the most ancient and diverse civilisations from East and West. A Greek land, a unique amalgam of elements derived from the creative assimilation of multifarious cultural forms. A junction of the roads of civilisation, the roads followed by conquerors, merchants and travellers, the road of collision and synthesis which marked Crete’s long history and spurred the development of Europe’s oldest civilisation.

60. Grèce Europe Monde
Translate this page Sfakia crete Liens Vidéo Forum Boutique virtuelle Infos pratiques et touristiquessur la Crète histoire, culture, city guides, index des musées, galeries
Grèce Europe Monde
La Grèce a l'honneur d'organiser les jeux de 2004 à Athènes. Si vous n'êtes pas amateur de sport, visitez les îles paradisiaques ou les sites archéologiques. index ... Europe Grèce Chercher Thèmes... Météo Webcams Conseils de voyage Formalités Infos sanitaires Transports en France Restaurants en France Services publics sommaire




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