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         Court Systems Attorney General:     more detail
  1. Report of the President, acting through the Attorney General, on the feasibility of establishing an environmental court system by William M Cohen, 1973
  2. The Attorney General's Page.(Justice Review Task Force appointed the Family Justice Reform Working Group to recommend changes to the family court system ... Columbia): An article from: The Advocate by Geoff Plant, 2004-11-01
  3. Cretney & Lush on Enduring Powers of Attorney by Denzil Lush, Stephen Michael Cretney, 1991-07
  4. Development of an RFP for a statewide prosecution system study, South Carolina, Office of the Attorney General by Robert Harrell, 1975
  5. Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms (Haworth Marketing Resources) (Haworth Marketing Resources)

81. Alabama Attorney General: Speeches And Articles
As attorney general, I have pushed for Truth in Sentencing laws that will make more than mark the end of your commitment to the court system; it acknowledges

82. Court Services - Ministry Of Attorney General
The court system in British Columbia. The court system is shaped like a pyramid. The Provincial court is the first level in the BC court system.
The Courts of British Columbia
The court system in British Columbia
Cases before the courts

Provincial Court

Supreme Court
Court of Appeal
The court system in British Columbia The court system is shaped like a pyramid. In British Columbia, this pyramid has three levels. There are two trial courts: the Provincial Court , at the lower level, and the Supreme Court , at the higher level. At the top of the pyramid is the Court of Appeal , the province's highest court. Above that is the Supreme Court of Canada, which sits only in Ottawa.
Federal and provincial government responsibilities
Both the federal and provincial governments are involved in the B.C. court system. The federal government appoints and pays the judges of the B.C. Supreme Court and the B.C. Court of Appeal. The provincial government appoints and pays the B.C. Provincial Court judges and the masters of the Supreme Court, as well as paying for the administration of all three levels of courts.
Independence of the judiciary
Courts are independent of politics. Judges are responsible for making impartial decisions according to law.

83. Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renkes (R)
attorney general Gregg D. Renkes worked in Anchorage during law school and moved to Palmer to work for the Alaska court System after graduation in 1986.

84. British Columbia Ministry Of Attorney General And Ministry Of
between police, corrections, sheriffs, courts and the British Columbia Ministry of the attorney general and the Department brought in Sierra systems to help Services/Client Success Stories/LMS Brit

85. The Office Of The Attorney General Of Vermont: : Wagner To Succeed Ashman As Dir
Helen Wagner joins the attorney general s Office after having worked within the Vermont court system for five years, most recently as general Counsel and

86. - News - Attorney General Settles With Illegal 'Gifting Clu
DENVER attorney general Ken Salazar announced Wednesday that his office has settled last month against nine employees of Adams County court system and a

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Sign up for E-News Search Auto Shopping Dating Legal Center ... Weddings // Set DC ad position if(typeof dcadposition == 'undefined')dcadposition = 1; else dcadposition++; document.write(""); At 10 p.m. Hear the dramatic 911 calls that Granby residents made as an armored bulldozer leveled buildings in the small mountain town.
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Attorney General Settles With Illegal 'Gifting Club'
Pyramid Scheme Settlements Total More Than $100K
POSTED: 10:43 a.m. MDT May 21, 2003
DENVER Attorney General Ken Salazar announced Wednesday that his office has settled with eight of the 10 defendants who were charged with participating in two illegal pyramid schemes in Adams County. Salazar's office filed lawsuits last month against nine employees of Adams County court system and a former Adams County deputy sheriff for their alleged involvement in the promotion of two illegal pyramid schemes. The lawsuits alleged that the defendants violated the Colorado Consumer Protection Act by promoting the "Original Dinner Party" and "The Garden" pyramid schemes. The lawsuits were filed following a lengthy investigation, based on a tip from District Attorney Bob Grant. "Pyramid investment schemes are illegal. They eventually always run out of new recruits and collapse," said Salazar. "The great danger of every pyramid scheme is that the only people who make money are the initial promoters."

87. Ministry Of The Attorney General - Home
Report on Meat Inspection System. January 5, 2004 McGuinty Government Calls for Greater Judicial Role in Administration of Courts. NEW attorney general SWORN IN
central site feedback search sitemap ... DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL Location: > Home
What's New
Government Invests in Services for Victims of Sexual Violence May 31 - The McGuinty Government is giving victims of sexual assault and violence access to the help they need by investing in enhanced programs and services, Attorney General Michael Bryant announced today as part of Sexual Assault Prevention Month...
News Release
May 7, 2004:
McGuinty Government Challenges Legal Profession to Improve Access to Justice ... McGuinty Government Calls for Greater Judicial Role in Administration of Courts
Michael J. Bryant also to lead newly-created Secretariat for Democratic Renewal
Michael J. Bryant was elected to his midtown Toronto riding in 1999 and re-elected in 2003.
Mr. Bryant served as opposition critic for the attorney general and as energy co-critic. He also served on Ontario's Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy and on the official opposition sub-committee on policy.
He authored bills prohibiting dangerous weapons and improving access to justice...

88. Cite As 79 Opinions Of The Attorney General 412 (1994) RETIREMENT
1 These sections are part of Division II, Pensions, of the State Personnel and PensionsArticle, which will become effective on October 1, 1994. See Chapter 6 of the Laws of Maryland1994, Section 18 .

89. Two Telemarketers Ordered To Stop Calling, Pay Fines
Oklahoma attorney W.A.Drew Edmondson. The attorney general is charged with representing the state in all matters in which the state is a party or has an interest. business in Oklahoma, attorney

90. All About The Courts: Frequently Asked Questions
This section seeks to answer some of the most often asked questions about the court system. court of Claims, How to find an attorney.

Michigan Courts Home Page
Supreme Court Court of Appeals Administration of the Courts ... Administration of the Courts Site Map
All About the Courts
See the organizational chart of the Michigan Judicial Branch (431k PDF) This section seeks to answer some of the most often asked questions about the court system. It contains general information about court process and procedure, and is not intended to take the place of professional legal advice and counsel. If you need information about a specific case, you should call that court directly. The topics have been divided into three general groupings as follows:
  • courts, general civil, criminal, and traffic family, minors, and probate
  • Courts
    See all topics See all topics Which court do I need? Jury duty ...
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    See all topics See all topics See all topics What is a civil case? ...
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    See all topics See all topics See all topics Divorce ... What is a juvenile case?

    91. Alberta Justice Home - Alberta Justice
    directory. court decisions. court services. Jury Education learning; Justice system. Employment. Families; Organization; Alberta Justice. Alberta Solicitor general.
    Contact Us
    Location: Alberta Government Home > Alberta Justice Home
    MLA Firearms Committee critical of proposed changes to federal firearms registry

    June 02, 2004 Amendments to trespass legislation address needs of rural landowners
    June 01, 2004 Alberta's Adult Interdependent Relationships Act and you Other News ... Publications
    Just-in: March 2004 Edition

    Browse by subject - Alberta Justice

    92. Alaska Court System / Legal Research - Alaska Resources
    and you should consider consulting an attorney to assist Some of these forms are available on the court System website of the Anchorage, Kenai and Palmer courts
    Legal Research - Alaska Resources
    Administrative Code
    Alaska Justice Forum

    Alaska Law Review
    UAA Justice Center

    Alaska Statutes The Alaska Statutes are the laws of the state as passed by the legislature. The statutes (1993 - current) are available online on the Alaska Legislature's website , and the current print version is available at all Alaska Court System law libraries and many public libraries. The Anchorage Law Library has a complete historical collection of Alaska Statutes. The official publisher of the Alaska Statutes is LexisNexis . Their toll-free number is 1-800-446-3410. The 13-volume set is published biennially in October with an annual interim supplement. Alaska Statutes are cited by title, chapter and section: AS 08.66.015 (title 8, chapter 66, section 15)
    Return to top of page

    The Alaska Statutes are enacted and amended by the Alaska Legislature , which meets annually from January through May, with periodic special sessions. The Alaska Legislature's website also provides legislative history materials , including bills (1983 - current), session laws (1981 - current), House and Senate Journals (1987 - current), and committee minutes (1982 - current).

    93. Australian Government Attorney-General's Department - Civil Justice And Legal Se
    The Federal Civil Justice System Strategy Paper has been prepared by the attorneygeneral s Department in consultation with the courts, the legal profession and A

    94. Arkansas Judiciary
    Arkansas Judicial Council. court Structure Diagram (PDF). Arkansas Judicial Retirement System Annual Financial Report. attorneys. attorney Discipline.
    var version = 1.0; var version = 1.1; var version = 1.2; var version = 1.3; Online Services Privacy Accessibility Security ... Oral Argument Schedule General Jurisdiction Court Circuit Court Circuit Court Plans Limited Jurisdiction Courts District Courts City Courts Small Claims Information (PDF) Court Administration Administrative Office
    of the Courts
    Arkansas Court Automation
    Project (ACAP)
    ... Court Structure Diagram (PDF)
    Office of Professional Programs Office of the Committee on Professional Conduct Judges Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee Arkansas Judicial
    Retirement System Handbook
    [PDF] Arkansas Judicial Retirement System
    Annual Financial Report
    Attorneys Arkansas Bar Association Attorney Discipline Arkansas Lawyers
    Assistance Program
    Arkansas Constitutional Amendment 80 Searches Appellate Court Dockets Appellate Court Decisions Corrected Decisions Parallel Citations ... (PDF Newsletters Arkansas Supreme Court Historical Society Friends of the Court 2004 Elections Guide (PDF) Professional Resources

    95. The Basic Legal System Of Israel
    long as the courts do not rule otherwise. Although appointed by the government, the attorney general functions totally independently of the political system.
    From the 'Lectric Law Library's stacks
    The Basic Legal System Of Israel
    The Library Rotunda
    Our Central Hub, Directory and Index... plus Lots More
    The Reference Room

    The Lay People's Lounge

    The Business Peoples's Lounge

    The Legal Professional's Lounge

    Please see our GoldCard Program Info and/or Ralf's Tour about help with your
    Sorry, we're unable to assist non-members.

    96. Due Process And Courts
    National Association of Attorneys general (NAAG). California courts and Judicial System Marin County Public Defender Management JOSHUA The Florida court System
    F lorida S tate U niversity
    Criminal Justice Links
    Created and Maintained by Cecil Greek
    Last Updated PAGE INDEX State and Local Courts Due Process and Civil Liberties Courts and Technology Injustice and Court Reform State and Local Courts National Center for State Courts National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) California Courts and Judicial System
    Marin County Public Defender Management Team
    ... JOSHUA: The Florida Court System Supreme Court of Florida Florida CyberCourt Home Page Gavel To Gavel FL Court Coverage Public Defender 6th Circuit Pinellas County Florida Pinellas County Department of Justice Coordination Florida Criminal Justice System The Florida Public Defender System Association of Pretrial Professionals of Florida Broward County Clerk of Courts ... Seattle Municipal Court Due Process and Civil Liberties US Evidence Law Federal Grand Jury Criminal Justice Legal Foundation The Federal Impeachment Process ... ACLU : Find out what the "experts" on the Bill of Rights think. ACLU of Florida ACLU of Pinellas County Florida : Serves the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area. Excellent set of Civil Liberties Links The Newsletter on Civil Liberties Home Page (Canada) Civil Liberties Monitoring Project The Year in Civil Liberties, 1997

    97. Virginia's Judicial System: Forms
    Virginia s Judicial System Forms. 7/00 (PDF Version); Subpoena Duces Tecum (Civil) attorney Issued Form to delivering the form to the appropriate court or party
    Virginia's Judicial System Forms
    Supreme Court of Virginia Forms
    Application for Change in Name : This form is to be used by any Virginia licensed attorney who wishes to petition the Supreme Court for a change in the way his/her name appears in the records of the Virginia State Bar and Supreme Court of Virginia.
    Circuit Court Forms
    Download forms used by the Circuit Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    District Court Forms
    Download forms used by the District Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia
    Attorney Issued Subpoenas

    98. California Office Of The Attorney General - Criminal Justice System Victim HandB
    The Criminal Justice System. The Crime Victims' Handbook, which was written especially for California's crime victims and witnesses. If you are a victim or

    Role of Law Enforcement
    Role of Prosecutor
    Defendant's Representatives
    Criminal Offenses ... Courts
    Role of Law Enforcement
    After a crime is reported to a law enforcement agency, the officers arriving first on the scene have the duty to learn as much as possible about the crime, the suspect and all potential witnesses. They are also responsible for securing the crime scene to protect evidence. Being the victim of a crime is an emotionally-upsetting experience; however, it is important that you cooperate fully with law enforcement officers and tell them everything you know. This information may help identify and apprehend the suspect. If you would like assistance and support from a victim service agency (victim/witness, sexual assault, child abuse treatment or domestic violence), ask the officer how to contact these agencies. If such services are available in your area, you may want to call a center to have a victim advocate with you for support during any investigative interviews, medical examinations or follow-up procedures. After the initial report by the responding officers, the case may be turned over to an investigator for further work. You may be contacted and interviewed again for more information, and you may want to have a victim advocate with you for emotional support during these proceedings. Be sure to write down the name and telephone number of the officer or investigator so that you can call later to ask further questions or obtain more information. (A form for recording important information is located in appendix A.)

    99. Arizona Attorney General - Victims' Rights
    Arizona attorney general, The criminal justice system can be a very complex process which involves law enforcement, prosecutorial agencies, the courts and the
    If you are a victim in an AG-prosecuted case
    Links of interest

    Victim Compensation
    Victims of Baptist Foundation
    Sexual Assault Initiatives
    Statewide Sexual Assault Guidelines
    Sexual Assault Public Awareness Campaign

    Victim Services
    The criminal justice system can be a very complex process for victims and their families to understand if they are not familiar with the laws. The justice process, which involves law enforcement, prosecutorial agencies, the courts and the corrections system, may be quick or may take years to resolve, depending on the complexity of the individual case. WHO IS A VICTIM? A "victim" is a person against whom the criminal offense or delinquent act has been committed, or if the person is killed or incapacitated, the person's spouse, parent, child or other lawful representative, except if the person is in custody for an offense or is the accused. (A.R.S. § 13-4401.18) Criminal and juvenile justice statutes allow a victim who is physically or emotionally unable to exercise any right but is able to designate a lawful representative who is not a bona fide witness, the designated person may exercise the same rights that the victim is entitled to exercise. The victim may revoke this designation at any time and exercise the victim's rights.

    100. Maryland Attorney General - About AG Curran
    He consistently supported bills to improve the courts and the corrections system, toughen drunk As attorney general, Joe Curran has vigilantly fought to
    Home Protecting Consumers Safeguarding Children Seniors ... Search Office Overview
    About AG Curran

    About the Office

    News Releases

    Frequent Questions
    Services to the Public
    Consumer Protection



    Open Government
    Helpful Links
    About Attorney General Curran J. Joseph Curran, Jr., was first elected Attorney General of Maryland in 1986 after serving four years as Lieutenant Governor during the administration of Governor Harry Hughes. In 2002, he was elected to an unprecedented fifth consecutive term as Attorney General. Born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on July 7, 1931, he attended Baltimore parochial schools, Loyola High School, the University of Baltimore, and the University of Baltimore Law School (LL.B., 1959). Mr. Curran served in the United States Air Force during the Korean conflict, with duty in Japan and Korea. Attorney General Curran being sworn in for his fifth term by Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.

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