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         Court Systems Attorney General:     more detail
  1. Report of the President, acting through the Attorney General, on the feasibility of establishing an environmental court system by William M Cohen, 1973
  2. The Attorney General's Page.(Justice Review Task Force appointed the Family Justice Reform Working Group to recommend changes to the family court system ... Columbia): An article from: The Advocate by Geoff Plant, 2004-11-01
  3. Cretney & Lush on Enduring Powers of Attorney by Denzil Lush, Stephen Michael Cretney, 1991-07
  4. Development of an RFP for a statewide prosecution system study, South Carolina, Office of the Attorney General by Robert Harrell, 1975
  5. Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms (Haworth Marketing Resources) (Haworth Marketing Resources)

21. Overlawyered
Profoundly depressing A Manhattan appeals court last week one under a California private attorney general statute never realized that we have a system of law
Chronicling the high cost of our legal system
June 08, 2004
Parents yes, governments no
Fuhgeddaboudit, Bill Bennett: "grandstanding politicos seem intent on getting the government into the business of censorship. ... It has been said that when Democrats start talking about children, it's time to hide your wallet; when Republicans start talking about children, it's time to TIVO the good stuff for posterity." (Prof. Bainbridge, Jun. 4 ; Adam Thierer, National Review Online, Jun. 4 ). And another parent, this time a New Mexico resident with a 12-year-old boy, has been menaced by authorities with child abuse charges for taking his child off Ritalin, the antidepressant drug (Brian Robinson, "Pills vs. Talking: Dad Investigated for Taking Son Off Meds", ABC News, Jun. 7 ). For an earlier case along the same lines, see Jul. 26-27, 2000 . (via Wizbang Posted by Walter Olson at 12:59 AM TrackBack (0)
New York subway riders have long been familiar with the high-volume ad campaigns of with its hotlines 1-800-DIVORCE (on which see Dec. 18-19, 2000

22. Province Of British Columbia
NEW BYLAW DISPUTE SYSTEM SAVES court TIME AND MONEY, Click here for fullsize image. attorney general Geoff Plant listens to reporters questions during the
@import url(/bcgov/css/style.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/ entire site this section B.C. Home B.C. Home Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations Ministry of Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Treaty Negotiations The Minister Ministry News General Responsibilities ... 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games RELATED LINKS British Columbia Superior Courts Provincial Court of British Columbia BC Statutes and Regulations Federal Department of Justice ... Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform NEW JUDGES WELCOMED IN SURREY COURTROOM Attorney General Geoff Plant addresses the Bench during the ceremony at the Surrey Courthouse welcoming Gregory Bowden and James Wingham to the Provincial Court. On the Bench, l. to r., Judge Wingham, Judge Bowden, Chief Judge Carol Baird Ellan and Surrey Registry Administrative Judge William MacDonald. Click here for more photos from this event Minister's Photo Gallery Attorney General's Dialogue on Justice Treaty Negotiations Office Latest News June 3, 2004 PILOT TICKET PROJECT EXPANDING May 13, 2004

23. Ohio Attorney General
attorney general Jim Petro Cracks Down on Telemarketer. for Violating the Do Not Call Registry. December 16, 2003. COLUMBUS attorney general Jim Petro today announced that he filed a lawsuit against Better Home Improvements, Co. Sales Practices Act. attorney general Petro has asked the court to prohibit Better Home
Attorney General Jim Petro Cracks Down on Telemarketer for Violating the Do Not Call Registry December 16, 2003 COLUMBUS - Attorney General Jim Petro today announced that he filed a lawsuit against Better Home Improvements, Co. The complaint alleges that the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by calling numbers that Ohio consumers registered with the National Do Not Call registry. Consumers also complained that they received calls from this company after requesting to be put on the company's internal Do Not Call list. "Telemarketers need to be responsible in their business practices and honor the Do Not Call registry," said Attorney General Jim Petro. "We will take action to ensure that there is compliance with the Do Not Call laws." There were over 60 complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) between October 17, 2003 and December 12, 2003. Better Home Improvements, Co. called some consumers more than once, causing them to file multiple complaints against the business. Under the TCPA, the court may award from $500 to $1,500 in damages per violation. The Attorney General is also requesting a civil penalty of $25,000 per violation for violating the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. Attorney General Petro has asked the court to prohibit Better Home Improvements, Co. from inappropriately calling telephone numbers on the registry.

Web site for American Atheists told Reuters news service, "All systems are under the law of God



Web Posted: August 22, 2003 he judges of the Alabama Supreme Court ruled earlier today that the state's Chief Justice must comply with a federal order to remove an unconstitutional monument of the Ten Commandments from the Judicial Building in Montgomery. Also calling for the monument to be relocated was Attorney General William Pryor, who remains the target of a filibuster in Washington, DC over his possible appointment to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Pryor has been a key supporter of Justice Moore in the past and gone on record as declaring that the Commandments are the basis of the Western legal canon. "The rule of law means that no person, including the chief justice of Alabama, is above the law," Pryor told a new conference. "When courts resolve disputes, we all must obey the orders of these courts even when we disagree with those orders." Moore, who ordered the placement of the controversial 5,280-lb granite religious monument in the foyer of the Judicial Building, has been a colorful and incendiary hero to

25. About The Alaska Court System
He was an Alaska Assistant attorney general from 1968 1969 and an Assistant District attorney from 1969 1985, chaired an Alaska court System committee that
About the Alaska Court System
  • Introduction
  • The Supreme Court
  • Supreme Court Jurisdiction
  • Supreme Court Justices ...
  • What is a Court Case?
    Introduction There are four levels of courts in the Alaska Court System, each with different powers, duties and responsibilities. Alaska has a unified, centrally administered, and totally state-funded judicial system. Municipal governments do not maintain separate court systems. The four levels of courts in the Alaska Court System are the supreme court, the court of appeals, the superior court and the district court. The supreme court and the court of appeals are appellate courts, while the superior and district courts are trial courts. Jurisdiction and responsibilities of each level of court are set out in Title 22 of the Alaska Statutes. The supreme court and the superior court were established in the Alaska Constitution. In 1959, the legislature created a district court for each judicial district and granted power to the supreme court to increase or decrease the number of district court judges. In 1980, the legislature created a court of appeals. The chief justice of the Alaska Supreme Court is the administrative head of the Alaska Court System. An administrative director is appointed by the chief justice with concurrence of the supreme court. The director supervises the administration of all courts in the state.
  • 26. Daily News Summaries Of Health Policy, HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health Issues - K
    Oklahoma attorney general Drew Edmondson (D) on Thursday announced that he would appeal a recent federal court ruling that the state's parental notification law for minors seeking an abortion is

    27. Australian Government Attorney-General's Department - Australias Legal System
    Territory, has its own independent system of courts Tribunal can be referred to the Federal court. part of the Commonwealth attorneygeneral s Department, is

    28. Canada's Court System
    The Department Minister and attorney general Consultations and Resource Centre Canadian Justice System Conferences and of Appeal The Federal court of Canada

    Introduction How the Courts are Organized Provincial Courts ... More... Last Updated: 2003-04-24 Important Notices

    29. Michigan/Laws, Regulations, And Court Decisions
    MICHIGAN GOVERNMENT Laws, Regulations, and court System. downloadable; Search engine. Michigan attorney general s Office. Searchable text
    Laws, Regulations, and Court System
    Frames Index No-Frames Version Administrative Rules Attorney General ... Regulations
    Last updated on May 18, 2004
    • Text of 1963 Constitution
    • Arranged by article; entire file downloadable
    • Search engine
    Michigan Attorney General's Office
    • Searchable text of Attorney General opinions beginning 1977 with non-searchable text, 1963-76
    • Web site also has considerable consumer protection information including Michigan statutes on automobiles, homes and rent, gifts, fraud
    • Registration guidelines for charitable organizations
    • Material for women, children, seniors
    Compilations Selected Compilations Individual Laws
    Individual Laws as Originally Passed
    • Enrolled Bills
      • Enrolled bills are the final version before becoming law
      • Text is available through the Michigan Legislature web site
      • Search by bill number or keyword
      • Links to the enrolled text are found under the bill number
    • Michigan Public and Local Acts, 1837+
      • Annual compilation of laws as passed
      • Issues for 1837-1979 in Buhr Storage; 1980+ in Documents Center as Doc. Cen. M .M62 A2
      • Michigan Legislature
        • Provides indexes of Michigan Compiled Laws and the Public Acts updating them
        • List of Public Acts with corresponding bill number, date signed, date effective and sponsor

    30. Colorado Attorney General Home Page
    Responsibilities Colorado Revised Statutes attorney general Opinions Colorado Judical System For information concerning in small claims court, certain forms
    Department of Law
    Attorney General
    Ken Salazar
    1525 Sherman St. 5th floor Denver CO 80203 (303)866-4500 FAX: (303)866-5691
    Colorado Consumer Line In-State 1-800-222-4444 Denver Metro Area 303-222-4444 Out of State 303-222-4444 File A Consumer Complaint Search Press Releases Frequently Asked Questions ... May 5 - Attorney General, District Attorney, Sheriff And Pagosa Springs Police Chief Warn Consumers About Homeowner Membership Promotions National Do Not Call Registry
    If you are registered on the Colorado No-Call List you do not need to register with the national Do Not Call registry. Colorado will keep its No-Call Program and share its list with the national registry on a regular basis. Colorado will continue to enforce our No-Call Law and will work with the Federal Trade Commission to enforce federal law. Colorado consumers will have the protections of both state and federal law. For more information on the national Do Not Call law, contact the FTC at

    31. Texas Attorney General
    of county jail inmate status and court events. Automated Crime Victim Information and Notification System (Office of the attorney general) located online at
    Home Links Search Site Index ... Contact Us Crime Victim Services Child Support Consumer Protection Crime Victim Services Criminal Justice ... Texas-Mexico Border
    Crime Victim Notification
    The Crime Victim Notification (CVN) Program was created to address the 77th Texas Legislature HB 1572 to implement a Statewide Automated Victim Notification System.
    CVS Materials Order Form
    revised: 08/27/02
    Purpose of the Crime Victim Notification (CVN) Program
    Recognizing the importance of a victims' right to notification in the State of Texas, the 77th Texas legislative session passed HB 1572, which appropriated funds to the Office of the Attorney General to implement a Statewide Automated Victim Notification System. The purpose of the Crime Victim Notification Program is to address HB 1572 by providing a Statewide Automated Victim Notification Service (SAVNS) to the victims of crime and local units of government (counties) in the State of Texas. This includes the implementation of a single entry point (one toll-free statewide number) for victims to receive standard information and notification on offender status and court events in order to better meet victims' needs and enhance their safety. The CVN Program is staffed by a director, a project manager, an administrative assistant.

    32. Texas Attorney General
    health care community, and use the court system to demand justice for taxpayers and those in need who rely on our Medicaid system, said attorney general Abbott
    Home Links Search Site Index ... Texas-Mexico Border
    Wednesday, February 5, 2003
    Seven Others Indicted in Scheme to Defraud Texas, U.S. of Millions
    AUSTIN A Houston physical therapy clinic owner pleaded guilty this morning in federal court to charges of health care fraud. "This scheme amounted to fraudulent billings of millions of dollars, in concert with other clinics," said Attorney General Greg Abbott. "It also included payment of kickbacks to employees and other individuals for Medicare/Medicaid patient referrals to the clinic." Assistant U.S. Attorney Sam Louis of Houston accepted a plea of health care fraud today from Jonathan Elliott Jackson, 40. His mother, Rubylene Jackson Jones, 65, an employee of her son's Park Plaza Physical Medicine clinic at 1213 Hermann Drive, pleaded guilty Monday. Investigators for the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit initiated this case in 1998. Jones conducted medical evaluations of mostly elderly Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries at their homes, and Jackson's clinic falsely billed for physician evaluations. She also received kickbacks for patient referrals. The two entered the pleas before U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore. Sentencing is scheduled for May 12.

    33. United States Attorney's Office - District Of New Hampshire
    of the Judiciary Act of 1789; and, like the court system, it was for the federal government within their own districts, while the attorney general handled only
    HOME Our Mission
    Office History

    ... LINKS Federal/State Sites
    Crime Prevention/Victim
    Senior Resources
    Statistics EMPLOYMENT Vacancies Across Country
    Vacancies in Office

    Internship Opportunities
    ... KID'S_PAGE United States Attorney's Office
    District of New Hampshire NEWS What's New? DIVISIONS Criminal Civil Administrative Appellate PROGRAMS Project Safe Neighborhood Grant Opportunities LINKS DOJ Home USA Home
    History of the United States Attorney's Office
    Like the district and circuit court system, the Office of the United States Attorney was created with the passage of the Judiciary Act of 1789; and, like the court system, it was a product of the "federal issue." Under the Judiciary Act, the United States Attorneys were limited to handling legal matters for the federal government within their own districts, while the Attorney General handled only the litigation which went to the Supreme Court. The Attorney General was primarily counsellor to the President and department heads. Therefore, individual District Attorneys (United States Attorneys) were autonomous but isolated. This was a deliberate move by Congress and can be seen as part of the compromise that the Federalists and the Anti-federalists were trying to forge.

    34. Attorney General: Ministry Of The Attorney General - Republic Of Trinidad And To
    2002, the Committee submitted a Report tot he attorney general which recommended for appropriate legislation to establish a Family court system appropriate to

    35. Attorney General As Champion Of The Public Interest
    which abolished the civil and criminal jurisdiction of the Utah Territory s probate court system and the territorial offices of attorney general and Marshall
    The Attorney General as Champion of the Public Interest Home About Office History /The Attorney General as Champion of the Public Interest
    The office of the Attorney General has its roots in fifteenth century England, where the Attorney General, as the king's attorney, was considered not only the legal representative of the crown but also the guardian of the public interest. The office of Attorney General as established by the colonies and later the States, no longer drew its authority from the king which made it even more clearly an office dedicated to the people. The highest court of Kentucky characterized the modern office in this way: When this country promulgated its Declaration of Independence, the writers of that instrument in discussing the inalienable rights of man stated: That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed....Thus, the source of authority of the Attorney General is the people who establish the government, and his primary obligation is to the people. Hancock v. Terry Elkhorn Mining Co.

    36. Judiciary Home Page
    based entirely on the English system, except for admiralty jurisdiction of the Supreme court of Gibraltar legal adviser to the Crown is the attorney general.
    The Judicial System
    Gibraltar Magistrates Court Introduction The judicial system of Gibraltar is based entirely on the English system, except for minor modifications which are required because of its peculiarities.
    There is a Magistrates' Court presided over by a Stipendiary Magistrate or, in his absence, by lay Magistrates.
    The Supreme Court of Gibraltar has a criminal jurisdiction similar to that of the English Crown Court, and a civil jurisdiction which is equivalent to that of the English High Court.
    There is also a Court of Appeal for Gibraltar, which is not resident, but holds three sessions each year. The Justices of Appeal are in the main, drawn from the English Court of Appeal.
    In the Supreme Court, criminal trials are by Jury whilst in civil cases Judges usually sit alone. There are two Judges, one of whom is the Chief Justice, and so, head of the Judiciary.
    The legally qualified Registrar of the Supreme Court also holds the office of Admiralty Marshal. The admiralty jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar is known in the shipping world internationally, and deals with a considerable volume of work. On account of the work of the Admiralty Marshal through the years, the Port of Gibraltar has a reputation as a good place at which to be arrested.

    37. Welcome To The Republic Of Ghana
    of the Fast Track court which the ruling went in fovour of the attorney general establishing the constitutionality of the Fast Track court system in Ghana.
    Home... Living... Governing... Investing... ... Site map You are viewing the section Governing... Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Ministry Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Minister Mr. Paapa Owusu-Ankomah Website Ministry of Justice and Attorney General Email Postal Address
    P.O Box M60 Accra
    Mission Statement
    The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, exist to entrench at the core of the body politic and abiding respect for the Rule of Law and a constant observance of human Rights, to ensure equality of access to Justice and treatment before the Law for all citizens, to promote by law social justice to facilitate the operations of a fair, efficient and transparent legal system and to propagate a culture of due process and legality for these purposes. The Ministry acts as the defender of the constitutional order, the guarantor of the rights and liberties of the citizens, the protector of the state legal interest, the enforcer of the criminal laws, the developer of the human resources of the legal sector and the championing of the rule of law. Objectives
    • To formulate Policies, Monitor and Evaluate for the fair and efficient operation of the legal systems.

    38. Attorney General - Opinion Archives
    While the statutes establishing the justice court system and its procedures have been repealed, the Very truly yours, ROBERT M. SPIRE attorney general.

    39. Lawlink NSW:Administering The Courts
    courts The NSW attorney general’s Department is responsible for administering the New South Wales court system. The Department

    40. KCTV5 - Attorney General Asks Kansas Supreme Court To Block Judge's School Order
    (AP) The state attorney general s office Wednesday asked the Kansas Supreme court to block a the Legislature revises the education funding system.

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