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         Court Systems Attorney General:     more detail
  1. Report of the President, acting through the Attorney General, on the feasibility of establishing an environmental court system by William M Cohen, 1973
  2. The Attorney General's Page.(Justice Review Task Force appointed the Family Justice Reform Working Group to recommend changes to the family court system ... Columbia): An article from: The Advocate by Geoff Plant, 2004-11-01
  3. Cretney & Lush on Enduring Powers of Attorney by Denzil Lush, Stephen Michael Cretney, 1991-07
  4. Development of an RFP for a statewide prosecution system study, South Carolina, Office of the Attorney General by Robert Harrell, 1975
  5. Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms (Haworth Marketing Resources) (Haworth Marketing Resources)

1. Vacco, Attorney General Of New York V. Quill, 117 S.Ct. 2293, 138 L.Ed.2d (1997)
attorney general, claiming that the ban violates the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. The Federal District court removal of life support systems, and (2) that this
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certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the second circuit
No. . Argued January 8, 1997 Decided June 26, 1997 In New York, as in most States, it is a crime to aid another to commit or attempt suicide, but patients may refuse even lifesaving medical treatment. Respondent New York physicians assert that, although it would be consistent with the standards of their medical practices to prescribe lethal medication for mentally competent, terminally ill patients who are suffering great pain and desire a doctor's help in taking their own lives, they are deterred from doing so by New York's assisted suicide ban. They, and three gravely ill patients who have since died, sued the State's Attorney General, claiming that the ban violates the

2. FOIA Post (2001): New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
New attorney general FOIA Memorandum Issued FOIA when they are challenged in court. This differs from the need to protect critical systems, facilities, stockpiles, and other assets
New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued
A new statement of Administration policy on the Freedom of Information Act has been issued by Attorney General John Ashcroft and has been transmitted to all agencies across the executive branch of the federal government.
On October 12, Attorney General Ashcroft issued a memorandum to the heads of all departments and agencies that supersedes the Department of Justice FOIA policy memorandum that had been in effect since October 1993. The new Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum was effective immediately upon issuance, and the presidential statement on the FOIA that was issued in 1993 remains in effect as well.
The Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum emphasizes the Administration's commitment to full compliance with the FOIA as an important means of maintaining an open and accountable system of government. At the same time, it recognizes the importance of protecting the sensitive institutional, commercial, and personal interests that can be implicated in government records such as the need to safeguard national security, to maintain law enforcement effectiveness, to respect business confidentiality, to protect internal agency deliberations, and to preserve personal privacy.
In replacing the predecessor FOIA memorandum, the Ashcroft FOIA Memorandum establishes a new "sound legal basis" standard governing the Department of Justice's decisions on whether to defend agency actions under the FOIA when they are challenged in court. This differs from the "foreseeable harm" standard that was employed under the predecessor memorandum. Under the new standard, agencies should reach the judgment that their use of a FOIA exemption is on sound footing, both factually and legally, whenever they withhold requested information.

The District court entered judgment on the pleadings for the attorney general (respondent here), holding broadcast stations through their proprietary cable systems. The CTEA, in
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239 F.3d 372, affirmed. Syllabus

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See United States v. 200 U.S. 321 SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES
First Amendment First Amendment First Amendment v. Nation Enterprises, 471 U.S. 539 First Amendment Burrow-Giles Lithographic Co. v. Sarony, 111 U.S. 53 , 57. As early as McClurg v. Kingsland, E.g., Sony Corp. of America v.

4. Court Grants Temporary Order Sought By Attorney General, ISO To Keep Power Avail
order sought by attorney general Bill Lockyer and the California Independent systems Operator, requiring four In seeking the court order, the attorney general had argued that the
OFFICE OF THE AG PUBLICATIONS CONTACT US SEARCH ... LINKS TO STATE SITES Court Grants Temporary Order Sought by Attorney General, ISO to Keep Power Available for Purchase by California
(SACRAMENTO) – US District Judge Frank C. Damrell Jr. today extended the temporary restraining order sought by Attorney General Bill Lockyer and the California Independent Systems Operator, requiring four major power generators to continue to sell electricity to California.
Rejecting arguments advanced by the energy companies, the judge agreed to require Reliant, Dynegy, AES and Williams to sell power to California until another court hearing is held February 16. The next hearing will determine whether the temporary restraining order will be converted to a preliminary injunction, which would remain in effect until a trial is held on the merits.
In issuing his early evening decision, Judge Damrell said, "The State of California is confronting an energy crisis of catastrophic proportions."
The temporary court order was sought after the power companies would not commit to selling electricity to California. A federal Department of Energy order that required out-of-state generators to sell to California expired at midnight Tuesday.

5. Press Office, Press Release: AG Fisher Recovers $1.2 Million In U.S. Bankruptcy
who were accused of selling computer systems to 6 800 consumers nationwide without and U.S. Bankruptcy court order are available contacting the attorney general's Press Office at

6. Statement Of John Ashcroft Attorney General Of The United States Before The Unit
Statement of Tracy A. Henke Principal Heputy Assistant attorney general Office of that is comparable to that available to federal and state court systems.
Tracy A. Henke
Principal Heputy Assistant Attorney General
Office of Justice Grograms
before the
Indian Affairs Committee
United States Senate
the Justice Department's Fiscal Year 2003 Budget
to Support Initiatives in Indian Country Presented on March 5, 2002
Chairman Inouye, Vice-Chairman Campbell, and Members of the Committee: I appreciate the opportunity to appear before this Committee to discuss the Justice Department's proposed Fiscal Year 2003 budget priorities for Indian Country. As the Committee is aware, for far too long the needs of Indian tribal governments in combating crime and violence have been ignored. This Administration is committed to addressing the most serious law enforcement problems in Indian Country, including substance abuse, domestic violence, and other violent crimes and to ensuring that Indian tribes are full partners in this effort. One of the Department's primary resources for funding and other assistance in Indian Country is the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). Through OJP and its component bureaus, the Department identifies emerging criminal and juvenile justice system issues, develops new ideas and tests promising approaches, evaluates program results, collects statistics, and disseminates these findings and other information to federal, state, and local units of government, Indian tribes, and criminal justice professionals. OJP works to prevent and control crime and help crime victims by providing funding to and assisting state and local governments, Indian tribes, law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, corrections, and other service providers.

7. Pennsylvania Attorney General Discusses Legal Cooperation
The attorneys general learned the background of the Israeli then met with Israeli Supreme court President Aharon as Deputy Chief of Justice systems David Wiener
Pennsylvania Attorney General Discusses Legal Cooperation
by Shira Schoenberg
Youth violence, the death penalty, and extradition laws were just some of the issues discussed when Pennsylvania The attorneys general learned the background of the Israeli legal system from the dean of the Buckman Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University. They then met with Israeli Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, as well as Deputy Chief of Justice Systems David Wiener. According to Fisher, this was an opportunity to "learn firsthand about the Israel judicial system." Fisher said there are some similarities between the U.S. and Israeli justice systems, such as the appellate process and procedures, but there are many more differences. For example, U.S. Supreme Court decisions are based on the constitution. Israel, however, does not have a Constitution, and, being only 51 years old, is still trying to establish its laws. Another major difference is that, unlike Americans, Israeli citizens have no right to a jury trial. Decisions are made by judges who are appointed by a merit system. Also, the death penalty does not exist in Israel. The only time anyone was executed in Israel was in a special case when Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann was executed for his crimes against humanity.

8. Attorney General - Opinion Archives
the county court system, and municipal court probation employees reduced at the time the systems were merged Very truly yours, ROBERT M. SPIRE attorney general.

9. Clerk Of The Court - 15th Circuit - Palm Beach County - Administrative Services
WEST PALM BEACH, FL Florida attorney general Bob Butterworth and Intracoastal Health systems, Inc. by 15th Judicial Circuit court Judge Jorge
Documents from Good Samaritan-St. Mary's Case Attorney General Statement
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(includes signatures)
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Please Reply to:
THE CAPITOL Office of the Attorney General
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA 32399-1050 Civil Litigation
110 Southeast 6h Street, 10th Floor
Attorney General
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
(954) 712-4600; FAX (954) 712-4904 State of Florida PRESS RELEASE March 8, 2001 WEST PALM BEACH, FL - Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth and Intracoastal Health Systems, Inc. today reached an agreement that will enable St. Mary's and Good Samaritan to continue providing a full range of acute health care services to residents of Palm Beach County "Eight months ago, the community was told a financial crisis would force the closing of St. Mary's, the largest and second oldest hospital in Palm Beach County," Butterworth said. "Now, thanks to an agreement approved by 15th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Jorge LaBarga, St. Mary's will continue its historic life-saving mission." Key to the settlement agreement are offers from the Health Care Company (HCA) and Tenet to purchase and operate the two hospitals until at least 2011. Citing losses of some $2 million a month, Intracoastal Health Systems officials last June announced they would be forced to close St. Mary's, marking an end to the 460-bed hospital's seven decades as an acute health care facility.

10. NC Attorney General S Office Goes To Court Over
PISGAH FOREST The NC attorney general s Office is asking the courts to order RFS Ecusta to properly maintain environmental systems at its now-closed plant to

11. Virginia Attorney General Opinion #1972-73 487
Virginia attorney general Opinion, 197273 487. 18-20 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to discuss the report of the Virginia court systems Study Commission and
Virginia Attorney General Opinion, 1972-73 #487 October 13, 1972 THE HONORABLE EDWARD E. WILLEY
Member, Senate of Virginia This will acknowledge receipt of your inquiry of October 6, 1972, in which you pose the following questions about the Virginia Freedom of Information Act: (1) "Is the 'Virginia Freedom of Information Act,' which is found in Chapter 21 of Title 2.1 of the Code, applicable to the Virginia Judicial Conference of Courts of Record? (2) "If so, is a voluntary conference of that body, scheduled for Oct. 18-20 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to discuss the report of the Virginia Court Systems Study Commission and pending state legislation that would implement commission recommendations, required to be open to the press and public? (3) "Are both general sessions and workshop sessions, where attendance is divided into four groups to discuss specific aspects of one or more pending court reform measures, also to be open to the press and public? And how about consideration and action on resolutions?" Contact the Virginia Coalition for Open Government

12. Time To Dissect Roger Weidner's Letter To John Ashcroft
Dear general Ashcroft I am a former attorney and public prosecutor who for the other Oregonians, against the widespread corruption in the Oregon court systems.
So Much To Ridicule, So Little Time To Do It
Sleaze Report Ruminations
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March 18, 2004
Time to dissect Roger Weidner's letter to John Ashcroft
The following is a letter to Attorney General Ashcroft from looney Roger Weidner , who is so looney he can't even communicate intelligently with people outside his cult of the really stupid I will put parts of the letter in blockquotes and my comments below the blockquotes. You can find the whole letter here Attorney General John Ashcroft United States Department of Justice Washington D.C., 20515 September 18, 2001 Dear General Ashcroft, I am a former attorney and public prosecutor who for the past 13 1/2 years has been waging a campaign, along with thousands of other Oregonians, against the widespread corruption in the Oregon Court systems. I was the l998 Oregon Reform Party candidate for Governor and am currently Vice-President of Oregon Judicial Watch, a 1000 member group of concerned citizens determined to restore Constitutional government to the citizens of Oregon. Through the internet we are connected with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other like-minded citizen groups around the country, that have formed in the past 8 to 10 years to restore constitutional government to the citizens of this country
As many people know, old crazy Roger is really one of those

13. Illinois Attorney General - Photos February 2004
attorney general Lisa Madigan Monday announced a new research collaboration with the assemble and review data from police and court systems, interview court
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February 2004 Photos
More Photos... 2/27/2004 Chicago Women in Government Relations Luncheon Attorney General Lisa Madigan Friday delivers the keynote address to the Chicago Women in Government Relations. Madigan gave an overview of what her office does and answered questions from members.
2/24/2004 Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony Attorney General Lisa Madigan Tuesday testifies before the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee on SB 2607, which would strengthen the Sex Offender Registration Act. Madigan last December convened a team of law enforcement agencies including her office to undertake a comprehensive review to fix flaws in the current registry.
2/24/2004 Illinois Farm Bureau Attorney General Lisa Madigan Tuesday delivers remarks during the Illinois Farm Bureau's Governmental Affairs Leadership Conference in Springfield. Madigan was introduced by Farm Bureau President Philip Nelson, right. This year's conference theme "Your Passion + Your Precision + Grass Roots Power." Madigan spoke about how her office works with issues that affect the agriculture community in Illinois. 2/18/2004 Illinois Nursing Association Student Political Action Day 2/18/2004 Governor's Budget Address Attorney General Lisa Madigan Wednesday talks with State Reps. Terry Parke, left, and John Millner prior to Governor Rod Blagojevich's Budget Address to the 93rd General Assembly in the Capitol in Springfield.

S. AMOS WAKO attorneygeneral OF THE REPUBLIC OF Whereas the International Criminal court should not act where there are effective national systems, it should
16 June 1998 STATEMENT DELIVERED BY HON. S. AMOS WAKO ATTORNEY-GENERAL OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA Mr. President, Allow me at the outset to join previous speakers in congratulating you on your unanimous election to preside over this important conference. On behalf of my delegation, I assure you of the support of the Government of Kenya. Let me also thank the Government of Italy for hosting this important conference. Mr. President, This historic gathering is perhaps the most important event to take place in the field of codification and progressive development of international law since the creation of the United Nations. Its successful outcome will not only pave the way for the establishment of an international criminal court but also transform international law as we know it today. My delegation wishes to express its gratitude to Adrian Bos of the Netherlands for his pioneering role as President of the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the International Criminal Court. The excellent and skilful manner in which he guided difficult negotiating session of the preparatory meetings in New York including intersessional consultations have been essential to the progress achieved so far towards preparing a widely acceptable draft statute for the establishment of the court. The fact that the Preparatory Committee was able to prepare and present to this Conference a consolidated text which will form the basis of our negotiations, is an achievement that demonstrates the willingness and determination of the international community, represented by different legal system and tradition, to overcome the many difficult and complex issues, and find ways to reach agreement on the Status of the Court.

15. WashLaw Web - State Government CONNECTICUT - INDIANA
court Rules and Procedures; court of Appeals Georgia Technology Bills; Computer systems Protection Act; attorney general; attorney general Opinions; Office of State
State Information for Connecticut - Indiana
Documents relating to state and local government and legislative information.

The plaintiff, Electronic Data systems Corporation (EDS), sought the decision of the attorney general s fair labor A judge in the Superior court affirmed the
Docket No.: SJC-08927 Parties: County: Dates: November 5, 2003. Present: Summary: Attorney General. Contract, Employment. Labor, Wages. Employment, Termination. Damages, Employment contract. 2. Discussion. The statute, G. L. c. 149, § 148, requires employers to make payment of "wages" to employees within specific time periods. For purposes of that section, "[t]he word 'wages' shall include any holiday or vacation payments due an employee under an oral or written agreement." Id. The statute further provides that "[n]o person shall by a special contract with an employee or by any other means exempt himself from this section . . . ." Id. Interpreting the parties' agreement in this fashion, Hutchins was "eligible" for vacation time as of the date that he was terminated, and nothing in the agreement would take away his entitlement to that vacation time. Where he was owed vacation time under the employment agreement, payment for that unused vacation time is a form of "wages" that must be paid pursuant to § 148. Judgment affirmed.

17. Attorney General
the rate is less than 7%. attorney general M. Jane are more than 850 youth court programs operating in districtlevel juvenile justice systems, schools and
: September 12, 2002
Local Teen Courts in Dover and Georgetown will participate
(Dover, DE): National Youth Court month is being observed this month in hundreds of communities that host teen court programs, including towns in Kent and Sussex counties in Delaware. Delaware Teen Court, Inc. in Dover became operational in late 1998 through the efforts of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary and the Attorney General's office. In Georgetown, the Sussex Teen Court has been operating for nearly one year with the help of the Auxiliary and the Attorney General's office. Both programs are non-profit agencies with local Boards of Directors.
In Delaware, the Teen Court programs were formed as a diversion program from Family Court for first-time juvenile offenders charged with misdemeanor, non-violent crimes. Juveniles voluntarily agree to participate in the diversion option and must plead guilty to the charges for which they were arrested. A jury, made up of previous offenders who are "sentenced" to jury duty, and other teenage volunteers from the community, hears the details of the case from victims, other witnesses and teens acting as prosecutor and defense attorney and decides on a sentence for the offender. Referrals to both Teen Court programs are made through the Attorney General's office.
The Teen Courts are highly effective. Since its inception in 1998, the Delaware Teen Court in Kent County reports an 11% re-offense rate. In the newer, Sussex Teen Court program, the rate is less than 7%. Attorney General M. Jane Brady commented, "This is a unique educational experience for young people to learn to make better decisions about their lives and to understand there are consequences to each decision they make. I am very pleased with the success of the program and applaud the Auxiliary, the courts, the volunteers and my staff for their effort."

18. Oklahoma Legal Research System - Public Access To Public Information
see Oklahoma Legislature; Oklahoma court Decisions; Oklahoma The system has been made available through the sponsored by the Oklahoma attorney general s Office
Oklahoma Public Legal Research System Oklahoma AG Home Announcements
Select Search Subject
The Oklahoma Public Legal Research System is designed to provide the citizens of Oklahoma access to statutes, cases and other law-related information. The system has been made available through the efforts of a group of individuals who have worked diligently to provide public access to public information. This site is sponsored by the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office. Technical Questions about this site to:
Patrick Sweeney

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19. Welcome To The Department Of Justice And Attorney-General (Queensland Government
As the name implies, the Department has two broad functions justice administration with the court system as its focus, and the attorneygeneral’s role as
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Welcome to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General website
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Queensland Government Gateway

20. Ministry Of The Attorney General - Court Services
court staff manage the jury system and provide and court interpreters required for court proceedings. service by the Ontario Ministry of the attorney general.
central site feedback search sitemap ... DEMOCRATIC RENEWAL Location: Home Court Services
Court Services
Court Services Division manages more than 250 court offices in communities across the province. These offices provide an essential public service. Court staff schedule court cases, maintain court records and files, collect fines and fees, enforce civil orders, provide justice information to the public, and facilitate the delivery of other justice services, including civil and family mediation programs, victims' services and legal aid services. Court Services also provides administrative and courtroom support to all judicial officers in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. Court staff manage the jury system and provide the courtroom clerks, court reporters, registrars and court interpreters required for court proceedings.
Court Information
Small Claims Court
Jury Duty
Court Fees

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